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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 12/28/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version 1.2 12/28/10
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    Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena Walkthrough
    by The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
    Copyright 2010
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    Table of Contents:
    001.  General information
    002.  Story
    003.  Characters
    004.  Walkthrough
      004a. Athens and the Scepter of Zeus
      004b. Italy and the Rose of Industry
      004c. Guatemala and the Rose of Conquest
      004d. England and the Rose of Justice
      004e. France and the Rose of Art
      004f. Tibet and the Rose of Wisdom
      004g. Japan and the Rose of Skill
      004h. The Hidden Roses of Athena 
    005. Credits
    001-General Information
    This is a walkthrough for the PC game called "Samantha 
    Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena". It's a casual, 
    hidden object point-and-click adventure game. If you want 
    to contact me about this guide, feel free to do so at 
    I have a video walkthrough for this game, available here:
    Samantha Swift is on a quest to find the hidden roses of 
    Athena. There are six of them, and they're hidden in 
    various countries in the world. Can she get all of them 
    before the villains do?
    Samantha Swift: Our heroine, Samantha Swift is an upbeat 
    archaeologist who is intent on getting the best artifacts 
    for her museum, the Museum of Secrets Lost, in New York.
    Dr. Butler: Samantha's partner, an older man who has 
    taken care of her ever since her parents disappeared. 
    He's a nice person who helps wherever he can. 
    Adam Woodson: An expert on ancient symbols, Adam is 
    called in to help decode some messages. He helps Samantha 
    out sometimes during the game.
    Ravena Stryker: A poser archaeologist who tends to let 
    her goons do all the work for her. She dislikes coming in 
    second place.
    Markus Payne: Ravena's employer, a man who wants the 
    power of Athena for himself.
    Athena: The Greek goddess of wisdom, war, and heroic 
    endeavor, among other things. The city of Athens is named 
    after her.
    004a-Athens and the Scepter of Zeus
    The game begins with Samantha Quick setting foot in 
    Athens to find the legendary Scepter of Zeus. Her friend 
    Dr. Butler is there to help out over the radio.
    Screen 1
    Of course, this game starts off with a basic introduction 
    to how the game works. You have a list of twelve 
    different things which are on the screen. Your goal is to 
    find all these objects and click on them.
    For example, one of the objects you're looking for is a 
    knife. There's a knife under the base of the tree. Click 
    on the knife, and it gets scratched off the list of items 
    to find.
    The most important item to find is the scanner (the 
    green, circular thing) in the bottom/middle of the 
    screen). The scanner will show you a silhouette of what 
    you're looking for. Try it out by clicking on the word 
    "shovel" on your "objects to find list", then click on 
    the scanner. See? A picture of the shovel shows up, which 
    should make it easier to find. (Clicking randomly too 
    often momentarily disables the scanner)
    There are also lightning bolt hints. If you find a 
    lightning bolt, click on it to add it to the hint counter 
    in the lower/right. If you're ever stuck and can't find 
    something you need to find, you can always use a hint to 
    have its location shown to you.
    Finding objects isn't all there is to this game, however; 
    you also have to solve puzzles. The blue items on the 
    "items to find" list, which is the PDA in this case, are 
    hidden by puzzles. You have to use tools to solve the 
    Go to the tool list by clicking the "tool" tab right 
    above the "items" tab to see what tools Samantha has. In 
    this case, Samantha has the knife and shovel that she 
    found on this screen. (Obviously, if you haven't found 
    the knife or shovel yet, you can't use them as tools). 
    Use the knife as a tool on the green vines on the left-
    hand side of the screen. You can tell which vines to cut, 
    because your cursor turns blue when it's over the right 
    ones. Cutting the vines reveals the PDA.
    Now that you've found all 12 items, there's a thirteenth 
    bonus item you can find! In most cases, you have to find 
    the bonus item in order to proceed in the game. Here, 
    it's the Golden Owl you have to find. Use the shovel tool 
    on the pile of dirt on the right-hand side of the screen 
    to find the Golden Owl, then use the owl on the door on 
    the left to open it. You can then go through the door to 
    enter the next room.
    Screen 2
    Just like the last screen, you have to find twelve items, 
    then the thirteenth bonus item.
    Now, you might have noticed there are about twenty or so 
    items on the screen. The twelve you have to find are 
    actually randomly picked from the list of twenty, so that 
    each time you play the game, you get a different set of 
    items to find.
    However, some items will ALWAYS be on a particular 
    screen, namely, the tools needed to solve the puzzles on 
    the screen. So I'm just going to list all the tools and 
    puzzles throughout this walkthrough, because those are 
    the items which are NOT randomized.
    Tool #1: Crowbar in the lower left.
    Tool #2: A helmet above a block, on the bottom of the 
    screen, in the center. 
    Tool #3: Water jug on the plants on the right side of the 
    Tool #4: Armor, right below the water jug.
    Tool #5: A chisel is standing upright in a groove on the 
    left, upright pillar.
    Puzzle #1: Use the water jug tool on the broken rocks in 
    the middle part of the screen, in front of the large, 
    gray stone block. This washes dust off of a rock to 
    reveal drawing of a boat.
    Puzzle #2: Use the crowbar tool on the broken pillar on 
    the left-hand side of the screen. This gets you the lance 
    Puzzle #3: Use the chisel on the large, gray stone block 
    between the two columns. Do this a few times to reveal a 
    statue. Put the helmet, armor and lance items on the 
    statue. This lets you get the broken shield, which sort 
    of looks like a broken shield Samantha has at her museum.
    Getting the shield opens a pathway further underground. 
    Go through the path to get to the next screen.
    Screen 3
    Cool, do you have the hang of things yet? Find all the 
    items, then solve puzzles as necessary. You're basically 
    going to do that throughout this entire game: finding 
    hidden objects and doing puzzle solving.
    This room features a statue of Apollo overlooking a pool.
    In this room, Dr. Butler will contact Samantha and tell 
    her that she can zoom in on a plate on the wall to get a 
    closer look at the puzzle you can't solve yet because 
    some of the levers are missing.
    Tool #1: The statuette is next to the locked door on the 
    Tool #2: A brush, at the base of the rightmost pillar on 
    the screen.
    Tool #3: The axe, which is the thirteenth item, is at the 
    base of the leftmost pillar, in easy view.
    Puzzle #1: Use the brush on the wall left of Apollo. The 
    dust that is brushed off reveals a Greek letter called 
    "alpha". Fun fact: Alpha is the first letter in the Greek 
    alphabet. In fact, it's where the world ALPHAbet comes 
    Puzzle #2: Use the axe on the broken wall on the left to 
    break through it.
    Screen 4
    This screen, I think, contains the first item which is 
    not randomized, but is also not a tool. That's the torch 
    near the entrance Samantha used to get into this room. 
    Taking the torch causes a cave-in. Oh no!
    Also in this room, near the skeleton, are notes on the 
    wall. Could they be a clue to an unsolved puzzle?
    Tool #1: A lever is sitting upside-down on a rock in the 
    mid-left part of the screen.
    Tool #2: A statue is near the pool of water, in front of 
    it. It's gray and tiny.
    Tool #3: A lever is on the leg bone of the skeleton. 
    Tool #4: The miner's pick is in the upper/left corner of 
    the screen, trying to hide as part of the background.
    Puzzle #1: Use the miner's pick on the rocks in the 
    gutter to get water flowing. This reveals a key inside 
    the gutter.
    Puzzle #2: Use the key on the door with a design in the 
    background. The design looks like the key handle.
    Screen 3 Again
    We're back in Apollo's room, but now we have levers. Zoom 
    in on the puzzle on the wall, the one that's missing 
    levers. Of course, you want to put the missing levers 
    into their proper places.
    The clue in Screen 4 has three pointing down and two 
    pointing up. So make the left three levers point down, 
    and make the right two levers point up. Tada! You solved 
    the puzzle, and the door is now opened!
    Screen 5
    There's an ornate, golden circular piece on the wall 
    here. I bet it's part of a puzzle!
    Tool #1: A statuette is leaning against the leftmost 
    pillar in the room, right near the doorway used to get 
    into the room.
    Tool #2: A hand shovel is in the middle of the screen, 
    resting against rocks and orange flowers.
    Puzzle #1: Use the shovel on the dirt in the 
    bottom/middle of the screen to dig in the dirt and find a 
    wheel hub.
    Puzzle #2: Use the wheel hub on the circular piece on the 
    Puzzle #3: There are three openings on the circular 
    design! Use the three statuettes on the openings. Each 
    opening takes a particular statuette to open it.
    First, put the statuette that fits in the innermost wheel 
    in place. Then rotate the wheel so the statue is facing 
    down. (The wheel changes color when you snap it into 
    place). Then, do the same thing with the middle wheel, 
    then the outer wheel. When all three statuettes are on 
    the wheel, and all three parts of the wheel are rotated 
    so it's facing down, something happens.
    Screen 3 Again
    Hey, it's Dancing Apollo! The Apollo statue dances out of 
    the way, leading you straight to the treasure room.
    Screen 6
    All right, a room full of gold and treasure! Looks like 
    the budget problems that Samantha's museum is having are 
    now officially OVER! Let's loot the treasure!
    Tool #1: There is a golden scoop in the middle of the 
    screen, sitting on the gold, in front of an open treasure 
    Puzzle #1: Easy enough! The only tool you have is a 
    scoop, so use it on the pile of gold in the middle of the 
    room to find a key.
    Puzzle #2: Also easy! Use the key on the locked treasure 
    chest. This gets you a sun pendant!
    Puzzle #3: Not so easy. Use the sun pendant on the little 
    knob sticking out of the treasure box containing the sun 
    pendant. You get the Scepter of Zeus.
    All right! Samantha found the Scepter of Zeus, along with 
    a bunch of artifacts and a lot of gold! This is a pretty 
    successful dig, wouldn't you say? Let's leave now.
    UH OH!!! The evil Ravena Stryker is here, waiting for 
    Samantha. Ravena and her goons steal the Scepter of Zeus.
    Oh well, at least we got some cool stuff for the museum.
    004b-Italy and the Rose of Industry
    At the Museum of Secrets Lost in New York, Samantha and 
    Dr. Butler examine the shield. Hey, the half of the 
    shield Samantha found looks almost exactly like the half 
    of the shield the museum has! In fact, when they put the 
    two halves of the shield together...
    And not just ANY shield! It's the Shield of Athena!
    Legend has it that if you have all six Roses of Athena 
    and put them on this shield, you obtain the Power of 
    Athena. I don't know what that means, but it sounds good, 
    so let's find all six roses!
    Adam Woodson is here to help. He examines the symbols on 
    the shield and deduces that the Rose of Industry is in 
    Rome. Who's in the mood for pasta?
    Screen 1
    Screen 1 is an excavation site. The excavation is 
    actually so big that it fills two whole screens. You need 
    some items from Screen 1 to solve puzzles in Screen 2, 
    and you need items from Screen 2 to solve puzzles in 
    Screen 1. So, go back and forth between the two screens 
    to get everything you need.
    What I like to do is start with Screen 2, and find the 
    items there. Then, I finish Screen 1 and return to Screen 
    Screen 2
    Tool #1: A chainsaw is in the lower/right corner, near 
    Samantha's head. Look out, Samantha!
    Tool #2: A red lever is standing upright to the right of 
    the right pillar.
    Tool #3: A magnifying glass is on top of one of the rocks 
    blocking the entrance to the temple.
    Tool #4: A hammer is in front of some rocks, just under 
    the crook of the crane.
    Tool #5: An artifact, which is a golden statue head, is 
    on the triangular piece being held up by two columns.
    Tool #6: Another golden artifact is in front of the rock 
    next to the crane. 
    Screen 1
    Tool #1: Artifact 1, which is a golden thing, is sitting 
    on top of one of the gray cases.
    Puzzle #1: Artifact 2 is inside the other gray case. Use 
    the hammer on the gray case to open it.
    Puzzle #2: Use the chainsaw on the little green tree to 
    find the blue lever.
    Screen 2 (again)
    Tool #7: Get the paper clip by using the magnifying glass 
    on the wheels of the crane. You can then go inside the 
    crane to find some puzzles.
    Puzzle #1: Use the paper clip in the keyhole to turn on 
    the crane.
    Puzzle #2: Use the blue lever on the lever spot, and the 
    red lever on the other lever spot. Pull the blue lever 
    and then pull the red lever. 
    Screen 3
    We're now inside the ruins, which have green ivy all over 
    the ceiling.
    Tool #1: A saw is on the lower left, resting on one the 
    legs of the ladder.
    Tool #2: The cane is on the rightmost side of the screen, 
    to the right of a little alcove.
    Puzzle #1: Use the cane on the shield hanging from the 
    ceiling (the one that is swaying left and right). This 
    knocks it over and reveals a jewel.
    Puzzle #2: Use the saw on the single board of wood that 
    is being propped up on the second floor. This reveals an 
    artifact piece.
    Puzzle #3: You now have five artifact pieces. See the 
    cloth on the right wall? Zoom in on the cloth and 
    reassemble the statue, using the five artifact pieces. 
    Once you put a piece on the cloth, you can rotate it 360 
    degrees, and if you put it in the right place on the 
    outline, it snaps into place so you can't move it 
    Finishing the statue opens the door.
    Screen 4
    This room has a little pool in it, and TWO exits. Let's 
    go through the first exit, then return, then go through 
    the second exit. Of course, there are puzzles blocking 
    both exits.
    Tools #1-4: Four coins are lying on the floor, in plain 
    Tool #5: A fifth coin is lying hidden behind the yellow 
    flowers near Samantha's head. It is on the left-hand edge 
    of the flowers.
    Tool #6: A crowbar is lying on the ground behind the 
    Tool #7: A chain is lying on the ground behind the pool, 
    and on the left.
    Tool #8: A chain is lying on the ground behind the pool, 
    and on the right.
    Puzzle #1: Use the crowbar on the large rock in the 
    upper/right to find a column.
    Puzzle #2: See the two loops in the ceiling? Hang the 
    chains from them. Then put the column on the chains to 
    form a battering ram. Click the column several times to 
    make it move faster, and when it moves fast enough, it 
    crashes into the debris which blocks the first exit.
    Screen 5
    This room is a messy kitchen.
    Tool #1: A coin is on top of a piggy bank on the floor.
    Tool #2: A coin is on top of a brownish pan on the floor.
    Tool #3: A fan is in the dirt near Samantha's head.
    Tool #4: A magnet is against the left-hand edge of the 
    screen, on the table.
    Tool #5: A hook is in the corner of the room, near the 
    Puzzle #1: Use the magnet on the upside-down bowl on the 
    floor to get a coin.
    Puzzle #2: Use the hook on the mouth of the fish (the one 
    over the fireplace) to get a coin.
    Puzzle #3: Use the fan on the spilled flour (from the 
    yellow pot which is spilling over) to find a coin inside 
    Screen 4 (again)
    You found ten coins in screen 4 and 5. Now put every 
    single coin inside the water jug near the statue, and a 
    new exit appears.
    Screen 6
    We have four statues in this room. The door is open only 
    when the statues are dressed properly, but some rascal 
    put the statue pieces all over the room!
    Tool #1: A sandal is on the debris in the bottom/middle 
    of the room.
    Tool #2: See the first column that is left of the door? 
    The earring is at its base.
    Tool #3: A mural block is on the debris in the 
    bottom/middle of the room.
    Tool #4: A mirror is on the torch on the right.
    Tool #5: A mural block is to the right of the rightmost 
    statue, level with the head of the statue.
    Tool #6: A spear is behind the right statue. It looks 
    like the statue is holding it, but it's not.
    Tool #7: A brush is on the ceiling, above the rightmost 
    statue's head.
    Tool #8: A helmet is part of the design on the door.
    Tool #9: A shield is part of the design on the door.
    Tool #10: A necklace is hidden on the next of the white 
    statue on the left. It's almost like the woman in this 
    statue stole the necklace from the other woman statue. 
    Puzzle #1: Use the brush on spiderwebs above the doorway, 
    the ones that are blocking the little face. This reveals 
    a crown.
    Puzzle #2: The poor woman statue needs her accessories. 
    Put the sandal, mirror, earrings, necklace and crown on 
    Puzzle #3: The poor man statue needs his accessories. Put 
    the helmet, shield and spear on him.
    Dressing up both statues makes them move aside as the 
    doorway opens.
    Screen 7
    Second-to-last room. This one has water on the ground, 
    and it looks rather bland.
    Tools #1-5: Mural blocks are scattered all over the room, 
    but they're easier to find because they're big square 
    blocks. The only one that might be hard to find is the 
    one on the rim of the fountain.
    Tool #2: A silver gear is above the fountain, on the 
    right, lying on the dirt.
    Tool #3: A bronze gear is on the leftmost pillar, hidden 
    by flowers.
    Tool #4: A hammer is on the dirt near the bottom/left 
    corner of the screen.
    Puzzle #1: Use the hammer on one of the white tiles on 
    the floor. The proper tile touches the bottom edge of the 
    screen, and it is to the right of the puddle of water. 
    Breaking this tile reveals a mural block.
    Puzzle #2: As you can guess, there's a mural puzzle on 
    the exit door. Put all the mural blocks into place to 
    form a mural of a woman, standing near a pillar and 
    roses. Just like the last "put the pieces into place" 
    puzzle, the pieces snap into place and change color when 
    you put them into the correct spot. 
    Screen 8
    This room is some kind of gear room.
    Tools #1-3: Gears are lying on the ground.
    Puzzle #1: Put the gears onto the gear spots. They are 
    color-coded. So put the gold gear on the gold spot, the 
    bronze gear on the bronze spot, etc. When all five are in 
    place, pull the lever and you get the Rose of Industry. 
    004c-Guatemala and the Rose of Conquest
    Our heroes examine the shield to learn that the next rose 
    appears to be in Guatemala, although some of the markings 
    don't fit. Dr. Butler points out that Ravena Stryker is 
    currently running a major dig in that area, so it's 
    probably the place we want to go to.
    Screen 1
    Samantha starts out in a market. This is a multi-room 
    puzzle, just like at the start of Rome. You have to go 
    back and forth between the two screens until all the 
    puzzles are solved.
    Screen 2
    Uh oh, Ravena's goons are here! We're going to have to 
    figure out how to get past them!
    Tool #1: A baseball is at the bottom of the pinata stand.
    Tool #2: A plank is near the baseball, next to a bucket.
    Tool #3: A second plank is on the road, a bit further 
    past the second goon.
    Tool #4: A scoop is against the side of the purple stand, 
    next to the broom.
    There are no puzzles you can solve here yet, but you can 
    use those tools to solve puzzles on the first screen.
    Screen 1
    Tool #1: A camera is on a mat on the left. It's just 
    below a sign pointing to the other part of the market.
    Puzzle #1: Take a picture of the parrot with the camera. 
    The parrot flies off and leaves you a feather.
    Puzzle #2: Use the baseball on the boy. He trades you his 
    marbles for the baseball.
    Puzzle #3: Use the scoop on the sack of melons to find a 
    Screen 2
    Puzzle #1: Use the marbles on the goon on the left to get 
    rid of him. You can then steal his nightstick.
    Puzzle #2: Use the feather on the little boy to take care 
    of the other goon. You can then take his watch and money.
    Puzzle #3: You can use the nightstick on the pinata to 
    get a golden mask. All puzzles in this room are now done!
    Screen 1
    Puzzle #1: Give the money to the lady in order to 
    purchase a map. Yes! The puzzles on the first two screens 
    are done!
    Screen 3
    Sam is now at the archeological site! Unfortunately, the 
    bridge is out.
    Tool #1-6: Six wooden planks are spread all over the 
    Tool #2: A carving is to the right of the stairs in the 
    Tool #3: A sonar kit is lying against a peg in the dig 
    area. It's inthe far right.
    Tool #4: A hand shovel is lying against a peg in the dig 
    area. It's in the middle/right.
    Puzzle #1: Put all the wooden planks back onto the bridge 
    to rebuild it so Sam can get across.
    Puzzle #2: Use the sonar on the dig area to see the 
    location of the underground artifacts.
    Puzzle #3: Use the shovel to dig out these artifacts. 
    Press the mouse button to dig, or hold down the mouse 
    button to dig constantly. There are nine artifacts to 
    find! Three of them are different parts of a totem pole.
    Screen 4
    You're now in the heart of Ravena's camp, with a tent and 
    goon on guard. First, you'll have to distract the guard 
    somehow so you can look at things in this area.
    Puzzle #1: Use the coins on the water cooler to knock it 
    over. The guard leaves to investigate.
    Tool #1: Scissors are on the stone shelf on the left.
    Tool #2: A stick of dynamite is against the base of the 
    statue in the upper/right.
    Tool #3: A canteen is partly hidden behind the statue in 
    the upper/right.
    Tool #4: A large stone is sitting on top of the board in 
    the upper/right part of the screen.
    Tool #5: Dynamite is on top of the green/brown case on 
    the left side.
    Puzzle #2: Use scissors on the tent to open the tent. 
    Hey, they've got a totem pole piece inside! It's 
    protected by security, though.
    Tool #6: The key is inside the tent, on the gray case (on 
    the right).
    Puzzle #3: Use the key on the locked gray case (in the 
    bottom/right corner) in order to get wire cutters.
    Puzzle #4: Use the wire cutters on the wires that lead 
    into the tent. These wires connect the tent to the 
    bottom/right corner. This disables part of the security 
    for the totem pole piece, so you can take it easily.
    Puzzle #5: Uh oh, the totem pole piece was on a pressure 
    sensor! We have to fool the sensor with an item of 
    similar weight. Put the large rock on the sensor, then 
    move on to the next area.
    Screen 5
    Aha, we're at the cave which contains the Rose of 
    Conquest! Kind of. Okay, not really. But we do need to 
    get through to the other side of the cave.
    Tool #1: A stick of dynamite is on the red case, in the 
    Tool #2: A stick of dynamite is near the crate on the 
    left, inside the opening of the tent.
    Tool #3: A metal detector is near the second stick of 
    dynamite, inside the opening of the tent on the left. The 
    end of it is sticking up out of the jar/pot.
    Puzzle #1: Use the metal detector in the patch of dirt in 
    the bottom/middle. This patch of dirt is roped off, 
    indicating that it's a good place to dig. The metal 
    detector beeps when you hold it over a key.
    Puzzle #2: Use the key on the locked blue case to get the 
    detonator (for the dynamite).
    Puzzle #3: Put the four sticks of dynamite inside the 
    four holes on the cave wall.
    Puzzle #4: Put the detonator onto the red dynamite box 
    and press it down. Kablooey! The wall explodes.
    Screen 6
    We're at a river, and there are three places here that 
    are designed to hold totem poles.
    Tools #1-8: The totem pole parts are scattered all 
    throughout this scene.
    Puzzle #1: Make three totem poles! The base has a rounded 
    bottom, the piece above the base looks like an owl, the 
    piece above that is a man with a hat, and the top piece 
    is rectangular. All three totem poles look exactly the 
    same, and if one piece doesn't fit, try another!
    Once the three totem poles are in place, they sink down. 
    The river then gets blocked with a large piece of stone, 
    and the way to go is revealed.
    Screen 7
    Tool #1: A brown flute is in the upper/middle. It's to 
    the right of the bats. Wait, bats? Oh no!
    Tool #2: The brush is on a plant in the upper/left.
    Tool #3: An ordinary gray stone is in the middle of the 
    screen. Samantha collects the oddest things sometimes... 
    Tool #4: A diamond is on the upper/middle of the screen. 
    It is hidden by the stalactites.
    Puzzle #1: Use the flute on the bats to make them go 
    away. This reveals a skull.
    Puzzle #2: Use the brush on the spider web to get a bag 
    of gold.
    Puzzle #3: Use the diamond on the white crystals in the 
    right/middle (to the right of the gray path) to get a red 
    Puzzle #4: Use the stone on the white-ish crystals on the 
    left side of the path (inside the cave). This knocks a 
    stone into the path.
    Puzzle #5: Use the bow on the pieces of wood that block 
    the exit. Samantha then starts a fire in the middle of 
    the jungle. This might not be the best idea she's ever 
    Screen 8
    This screen is very green. Oh joy.
    Tools #1-4: The chameleons are all hidden in the leaves 
    of the jungle. Two are on the left, one is on the right, 
    and one is above the path.
    Tool #5: The jaguar is hiding on the path, on the left.
    Tool #6: The machete is hiding on the path, on the left. 
    It is closer to the bottom of the screen than the jaguar 
    Tool #7: The snake is hidden in the leaves, to the right 
    of the path.
    Tool #8: The shaman staff is in the upper/right corner. 
    It is brown, with a green stone.
    Puzzle #1: Use the machete on the leaves at the end of 
    the path to open the way to the temple.
    Screen 9
    All right, we're almost done! This is the temple with the 
    rose of conquest! We just need to open the front door of 
    the temple by decorating the pair of snakes.
    Tool #1: A bat is on top of the snake to the left.
    Tool #2: Gloves are inside the green pool in the 
    middle/left. They are along the bottom edge to the pool, 
    which is near the middle of the screen.
    Tool #3: A heron is standing in the green pool. It is 
    near the corner of the temple.
    Tool #4: Snake skin is along the left side of the screen, 
    under the circular red thing.
    Tool #5: Snake skin is in the green pool, along the tree 
    Tool #6: A green snake eye is near the oar, hiding in the 
    shadows of the entrance to the temple.
    Puzzle #1: Use the two snake skins on the sides of the 
    two big snakes near the temple entrance.
    Puzzle #2: See the gray flower sticking out of the pool 
    of water in the lower/middle? Pick it with the gloves to 
    find a snake eye.
    Puzzle #3: Put the snake eyes in the eyes of the two big 
    snakes near the temple entrance.
    Tool #7: The snake tongue, which looks like a red 
    boomerang, is on top of the corner of the temple.
    Puzzle #4: Put the snake tongue in the mouth of the snake 
    on the right. The snakes are now decorated, so we can go 
    inside the temple.
    Screen 10
    Do you see the list of items to find? It's empty, except 
    for the Rose of Conquest. No hidden items! Yay!
    Puzzle #1: Put the shaman's staff in the hole in the 
    Puzzle #2: Dump Samantha's entire inventory on the altar. 
    We see a short cutscene that sets up...
    Puzzle #3: It's Jewel Quest, a game that often comes 
    bundled with this game on a CD. To solve this puzzle, 
    make matches all across the board. The trick is that you 
    have to make matches of three. When you make a match, the 
    background of that tile turns gold. Make every tile's 
    background turn gold in order to win!
    Samantha gets the Rose of Conquest, which is blue. 
    004d-England and the Rose of Justice
    The evil Markus Payne is upset that Samantha has taken 
    another rose. He discusses this with Ravena Stryker. They 
    decide to not interfere when Samantha gets the Rose of 
    Justice from London because Samantha has already beaten 
    them there.
    Screen 1
    Samantha is in Buckingham Palace! You'd think they would 
    clean this place up a bit. It's filthy! I guess it's up 
    to Samantha to get rid of the mess.
    Tool #1: The ladder is leaning against the left wall.
    Tool #2: The pencil is on the floor, partially hidden by 
    a red thing. It is left of the red stairs in the 
    bottom/middle of the room.
    Puzzle #1: Use the ladder on the two blue seats on the 
    right. The ladder pushes them down, revealing a crown and 
    a throne.
    Puzzle #2: Use the pencil on the painting of the woman in 
    red. Erase near her hands to see that she is holding a 
    rose. Looks like we're in the right place! Exit through 
    the curtains.
    Screen 2
    The plaque on the wall looks strange. If you zoom in on 
    it, Adam says it's probably some kind of code. Good work, 
    Adam. Good work.
    Tool #1: The statue of King Arthur holds a wind-up key in 
    his hands (as well as a sword).
    Tool #2: A paperweight is underneath the desk.
    Tool #3: A nail file is on the coat rack.
    Puzzle #1: The wind-up key is used on the box on the 
    table, which is under the strange plaque. This reveals a 
    Puzzle #2: Use the paperweight on the bottle on the desk 
    to get a bottle.
    Puzzle #3: Use the nail file on the box in the 
    lower/right, which is touching Samantha's face.
    Tool #4: The gavel is underneath the plaque, on the sofa.
    Puzzle #4: Zoom in on the plaque, and use the gavel on 
    it. Break the three pieces of glass to see that the code 
    reads "Follow King Arthur". And so, Samantha leaves the 
    room, through a hidden passageway behind the statue of 
    King Arthur.
    Screen 3
    Tool #1: The lance is part of a painting along the left 
    wall, under the stain glass windows. A man is holding it.
    Tool #2: The hand cart is to the right of the leftmost 
    Puzzle #1: Use the lance on the red curtains to find a 
    Puzzle #2: Use the hand cart on the statue that is second 
    from the left to move it aside and find a glass cutter.
    Puzzle #3: Use the glass cutter on the stain glass window 
    above the red curtain, in the center of the room. Put all 
    the pieces of glass into the window so that all four 
    sides of the window match. That is, the pattern repeats 
    itself. (Also, most of the missing pieces are uniquely 
    shaped, so you can only fit them in one place on the 
    screen anyway).
    Screen 4
    The stained glass window leads to a rainbow, which leads 
    to here: some dungeons.
    Tool #1: The trowel is next to the green plant, at the 
    base of a column in the middle/left.
    Puzzle #1: Use the trowel on the broken brick (on the 
    left side of the base of the archway). This gets you 
    Puzzle #2: Use the goggles anywhere to put them on. Then, 
    pick up the skeleton key, which is on the floor, near the 
    Puzzle #3: Use the key on the door.
    Screen 5
    Puzzle #1: We're in a maze! How do you get through? 
    Follow the letters on the signs. The letters spell out 
    "King Arthur". For example, at the beginning, you go 
    forward to the K, then turn left. Go forward to the I, 
    then turn right. Go forward to the N, then go forward. 
    It's pretty simple. Just take the paths that spell out 
    the words "King Arthur".
    Make sure to pick up all the statues and wall decorations 
    as you go through the maze! The proper pathway leads you 
    to all the correct statues.
    Puzzle #2: At the end of the maze is a door, with a 
    skeleton key in the corner. Grab the key and use it on 
    the door to open it.
    Screen 6
    This room has a number of statues, all gathered in a 
    circle. But wait! Six of the statues appear to be 
    Puzzle #1: Put the statues from the maze into their 
    proper places in the circle. You can't put a statue in a 
    wrong spot, and each time you place a statue, you get a 
    Puzzle #2: Use the skeleton key on the exit door.
    Screen 7
    The final room! Let's get that Rose of Justice!
    Tool #1: King Arthur has a dagger on his belt.
    Tool #2: King Arthur also has a scale on his belt.
    Tool #3: A staff is on the column in the middle, directly 
    under a cobweb.
    Tool #4: A scale is upside-down, on the flowers in the 
    Tool #5: King Arthur is holding a sword.
    Puzzle #1: Use the staff on the mouse statue to break it 
    open and get a horse.
    Puzzle #2: Use the dagger on a floor tile (in the 
    bottom/left) to get a golden crown.
    Tool #6: A blindfold is on the King Arthur statue. He's 
    using it as a wristband.
    Puzzle #3: Letters appear on the board. Of course, you 
    want to follow King Arthur. Moving in a clockwise 
    fashion, click on the letters that spell "King Arthur". 
    If you pick the right letter, it turns green.
    Puzzle #4: A statue of a woman appears. Give her a sword 
    for her right hand, a blindfold for her eyes and two 
    scales for her left hand. That way, she looks like 
    Puzzle #5: The scales of justice must be balanced with 
    the weights. Put the 1, 7 and 3 weights on one side, and 
    the 2, 4 and 5 weights on the other.
    Hooray for justice and equal weight distribution! We get 
    the purple rose of justice as a reward!
    004e-France and the Rose of Art
    Adam thinks that the Rose of Art is in France. And where 
    do you go to find great artwork in France? The Louvre! 
    Samantha goes to the Louvre after hours in search of the 
    Rose of Art.
    Samantha will find a lot of things in France, but she 
    won't keep any of them except the Rose of Art.
    Tool #1: The box cutter is in the top-left corner.
    Tool #2: The pliers are near the top of the column on the 
    left (the one supporting the archway).
    Puzzle #1: Use the box cutter on the black garbage bag, 
    near the trash can by the Employees Only door. This gives 
    you a key.
    Puzzle #2: Use the pliers on the hook that holds a rope. 
    The rope will fall, and we find a box.
    Puzzle #3: Use the key on the box to find a screwdriver.
    Puzzle #4: Use the screwdriver on the security alarm, 
    then pull the lever. This disables the security in the 
    Louvre, letting us go to the Employees Only area.
    Screen 2
    Tool #1: The vacuum cleaner is yellow and in the 
    Tool #2: Scissors are on the floor, on a tile. They're 
    below the middle/center of the room.
    Puzzle #1: Use the vacuum cleaner on the dirt in the 
    middle of the room to find tape.
    Puzzle #2: Use the scissors on the gray coat on the left, 
    hanging off of a vase. This gets you an ID badge.
    Puzzle #3: Use the ID badge on the gray box on the table 
    in the middle of the room. This gets you a key.
    Puzzle #4: Use the key on the locked box which is red and 
    in the center of the room, along the bottom edge of the 
    screen. This gets you a key card.
    Screen 3
    Tool #1: A guillotine is leaning against the exit 
    Tool #2: Gloves are on top of the open box on the right.
    Tool #3: A feather duster is posing as a tree in the 
    painting on the left.
    Puzzle #1: Use the guillotine on the cake to get a hidden 
    necklace. This must be the cake that Marie Antoinette was 
    talking about before she was beheaded.
    Puzzle #2: Use the gloves on the cactus. Samantha picks 
    up the cactus to find a crowbar. Crowbars are always 
    Puzzle #3: Use the crowbar on the crate in the 
    lower/right to find a gray box.
    Puzzle #4: Use the key card on the gray box to get a 
    black light.
    Screen 4
    We're out of the Employees Only area, and now we're in 
    the Egyptian room. We still haven't found anything that 
    relates to the Rose of Art, though.
    Tool #1: The Tut Mask is in the middle of the room.
    Tool #2: The staff is along a column, standing up and 
    down. It is to the left of the Tut Mask.
    Tool #3: A sail is on the base of the table in the upper-
    Tool #4: A green jar is on a platform on the right. This 
    platform is intended for the yellow jar.
    Puzzle #1: Use the Tut Mask on the Sphinx-like statue to 
    get a yellow jar.
    Puzzle #2: Use the staff on the hole in the ground to get 
    a blue jar.
    Puzzle #3: Use the sail on the ship in the lower/left to 
    get a red jar.
    Puzzle #4: On the right, there are four platforms. One is 
    red, one is yellow, one is blue, and one is green. Put 
    the green jar on the green platform, the yellow jar on 
    the yellow platform, the red jar on the red platform, and 
    the blue jar on the blue platform.
    Puzzle #5: A hieroglyph puzzle appears. Spin the 
    hieroglyph wheels so that the glyphs on the top of the 
    screen match the ones on the bottom.
    Puzzle #6: A second hieroglyph puzzle appears, but you 
    can't see the glyphs. Use the feather duster to clean up 
    the wall, so you can see them properly. Then, spin the 
    wheels so the glyphs match, and you get the date scroll.
    Screen 5
    The date scroll will help us solve the painting puzzle. 
    As you can see, there are a number of paintings in this 
    Puzzle #1: Use the date scroll on the paintings. A 
    picture of how the paintings should be arranged appears. 
    Put the paintings where they belong, according to the 
    Puzzle #2: Use the black light on the paintings to see a 
    picture of a centaur.
    Screen 1
    Samantha returns to the first room, which has a centaur 
    Puzzle #1: Spin the statue's shield to reveal a hidden 
    Screen 6
    Since this passageway is unknown, Samantha feels free to 
    take whatever she wants here. Samantha, you're just 
    filling your museum up with artifacts stolen from other 
    Tool #1: A mallet is on top of the stairs, against the 
    wall of a wine barrel rack.
    Tool #2: Vinegar is on the wine rack on the right, in 
    front of the green wine bottles.
    Tool #3: A Tudor Rose is on the wall, in the top/middle 
    of the screen.
    Tool #4: A broken wine bottle is on the floor, to the 
    left of the rack of green wine bottles.
    Puzzle #1: Use the mallet on the closed barrel in the 
    lower/right to get a statue of Joan of Arc.
    Puzzle #2: Use the rose on the door to find several 
    Puzzle #3: Use the wine glass on the blanket in the 
    lower/left wine barrel that is open. This gets you some 
    Puzzle #4: Use the mortar on the broken ceiling tile in 
    the upper/left to get a jewel box.
    Puzzle #5: Use the vinegar on the closed wine barrel 
    along the lower edge of the screen. This gets you a sun 
    god symbol.
    Puzzle #6: Use the sun god symbol on the door to find a 
    throne room.
    Screen 7
    All right, we're here at the Rose of Art!
    Tool #1: A bludgeon is hanging near the top of the 
    leftmost column.
    Puzzle #1: You can zoom in on the panels in the back 
    wall. This is a matching puzzle. Click on a rose, then 
    click on the rose which matches it perfectly. Do this 
    with both panels to get a throne leg and glasses.
    Puzzle #2: Use the glasses on the wall, underneath the 
    panel puzzle you just solved. This reveals an X.
    Puzzle #3: Bludgeon the wall at the X to get a crown.
    Puzzle #4: Use the throne leg on the throne to get a 
    Puzzle #5: Use the crown on the indentation in the 
    rightmost column. The crown spins and reveals the red 
    rose of art.
    004f-Tibet and the Rose of Wisdom
    The next rose is in Tibet! Inside some ancient mountain 
    caves, to be specific. Let's go!
    Screen 1
    Tool #1: The picture is sticking out of the right side of 
    the brochure rack.
    Samantha then has to solve a "find the fourteen 
    differences between the two pictures" puzzle. If you ever 
    get stuck with this puzzle, just abuse the hints button, 
    as this puzzle comes with infinite hints.
    Screen 2
    Now we're at the cave in the mountains.
    Tool #1: A coffee pot is inside the green tent, partially 
    covered by the left tent flap.
    Tool #2: A lighter is behind the brown book, in the 
    middle of the screen, touching the bottom edge.
    Tool #3: A miner's pick is lying on the rocks on the 
    left, above the green tent.
    Tool #4: A green canteen is in the center of the screen, 
    behind a brown rock.
    Puzzle #1: Samantha wants coffee. Use the coffee pot on 
    the stove outside the tent, put the canteen water in the 
    pot, then light it with the lighter.
    Puzzle #2: Use hot coffee on the frozen door to melt it.
    Puzzle #3: Use the pick to move rocks out of the way so 
    there is a clear path to the door.
    Screen 3
    Tool #1: An ice pick is hiding behind the left wall.
    Tool #2: The green canteen is hiding on the right, inside 
    some rocks. It is on the upper half of the screen.
    Tool #3: A broom is behind the pile of ice in the middle 
    of the room. It is leaning against the left pillar.
    Puzzle #1: Sweep away snow on the rocks on the right to 
    find an idol.
    Puzzle #2: Use the pick on the ice to find a key 
    indentation. Use the canteen on the indentation to get 
    the key.
    Puzzle #3: Use the key on the door to leave the room.
    Screen 4
    Tool #1: The lion tile is on the corner of the ceiling, 
    in the middle of the room.
    Tool #2: The tiger tile is against the left-hand side of 
    the screen, behind a statue.
    Tool #3: The dragon tile is to the right of the brown 
    altar on the left.
    Tool #4: The red guarda tile (guarda?) is to the right of 
    the statue in the middle of the room.
    Tool #5: See the thing in the middle of the room, which 
    has upside-down stairs that leads to the ceiling? On the 
    middle stair, on the left, you can find chimes.
    Tool #6: A bell is hanging from the middle stair, on the 
    Tool #7: A drum is hiding behind the statue in the middle 
    of the room.
    Tool #8: The padded stick is above the brown altar on the 
    Puzzle #1: Put the three instruments (chimes, drum and 
    bell) onto the pictures of the chimes, drum and bell on 
    the brown altar on the left.
    Puzzle #2: Play the instruments in the right order. The 
    exit door shows that the order is drum, chimes, then 
    bell. Use the padded stick on the drum picture on the 
    altar, then the chimes picture, then the bell picture.
    Screen 5
    It looks like we have an elemental cube and a multi-room 
    puzzle! There are four rooms: a fire room, a water room, 
    an ice room, and a wind room. You're going to have to go 
    back and forth between the various rooms until you get a 
    medallion from each one.
    First, though, open the doors to the four rooms.
    Puzzle #1: Put the tiles above the doorways. The dragon 
    tile goes above the door with a dragon painted on it.
    Now all four rooms are open. From left to right, you have 
    the room of fire, water, wind and earth.
    Earth Room
    Tools #1-8: The colored tiles are lying around the room, 
    in various places. 
    Puzzle #1: Zoom in on the mandala, and put the tiles 
    where they belong. You have to rotate some tiles in place 
    (the tiles you found in the room don't need to be 
    rotated). Tiles on the top are red, tiles on the left are 
    blue, tiles on the right are green, and tiles on the 
    bottom are yellow. Solving the tile puzzle gets you the 
    earth medallion.
    Tool #2: Flint is on the rock on the left, which juts out 
    from the wall.
    Tool #3: A plank of wood is behind the rock in the 
    lower/right part of the screen.
    Tool #4: A bowl is on the altar.
    Tool #5: A knife is on the ground on the right.
    Wind Room
    Tool #1: A plank of wood is on the right, hiding behind 
    the base of the altar/fountain thing.
    Tool #2: A bottle is on the ground, on the left. It is in 
    plain sight.
    Water Room
    Tool #1: A plank of wood is hiding behind the 
    altar/fountain thing here, too. It's on the right.
    Fire Room
    Tool #1: A plank of wood is on the left side of the 
    Tool #2: A water bag is against the edge of the red 
    rocks, on the right.
    Puzzle #1: Use all four planks of wood (one from each 
    room) on the bowl of the fire altar. Then use flint and 
    the knife under the fire to start the fire. This reveals 
    the fire medallion.
    Tool #3: Grab the urn that is currently on fire.
    Water Room
    Tool #1: A shell is on the ground, to the left of the 
    Puzzle #1: Use water from the shell on the altar. Use 
    water from the water bag in the fire room on the altar. 
    Use water from the bowl in the earth room on the altar. 
    Use the bottle from the wind room on the altar. The altar 
    is now full of water, which reveals the water medallion.
    Tool #2: Grab the water urn that is now full.
    Wind Room
    Puzzle #1: Put the fire on the bottom of the altar, then 
    put the water above it. Fire + Water = Steam, which is 
    hot air. This reveals the wind medallion.
    Screen 5
    Puzzle #1: Put all the medallions into the container in 
    the middle of the room. This reveals a painting puzzle.
    Tool #1: Grab the paint brush along the right wall.
    Puzzle #2: Paint the wheels! When all three wheels are 
    painted, they spin. If a wheel is green when it spins, 
    that wheel is the right color. Use the process of 
    elimination to determine what color all three wheels 
    should be painted. This gets you the green Rose of 
    004g-Japan and the Rose of Skill
    One more rose to go! This one is in Japan, near an area 
    where people go pearl diving. This time, Samantha brings 
    her friend Adam along to find the rose. You have to 
    switch back and forth between the two of them to solve 
    the puzzles here at the start.
    Screen 1
    You need only one item from Samantha's screen here, so 
    it's easier just to get it now at the start.
    Screen 2
    Tool #1: Fish food is hidden in the reeds at the edge of 
    the pond. It's in a red can.
    Screen 1
    Tool #1: Chimes are hanging from the tree on the left.
    Tool #2: A net is lying in front of the bridge.
    Tool #3: Shears are near the base of the column by the 
    riverside. It is partially obscured by plants.
    Puzzle #1: Use fish food on the water to get the Koi 
    Tool #4: The Yin symbol is hidden on a lily pad that is 
    floating on the river.
    Screen 2
    Tool #1: A rake is resting against the red lamp thingy, 
    on the left.
    Puzzle #1: Use the chimes on the butterflies (sitting on 
    the pink flowers). You can then catch the butterflies 
    with the net.
    Puzzle #2: Use the scissors on a tree in the background 
    to find a horse. This tree is touching the middle red 
    Puzzle #3: Use the rake on the dirt that is between the 
    two red lamps. This uncovers the Yang symbol.
    Puzzle #3: Use the Yin and Yang symbols on the door to 
    get it to open.
    Screen 3
    Tool #1 and 2: Grab the rake and map which are in plain 
    Puzzle #1: Duplicate the picture on the map by putting 
    rocks where they belong, then raking around all the rocks 
    and the land.
    Screen 4
    We're in a smuggling hideout.
    Tool #1: A hand rake is at the bottom of the screen, 
    along the edge of the water.
    Tool #2: A paint scraper is resting against the base of 
    the leftmost column.
    Tool #3: See the thing that connects the top of the two 
    columns on the left-hand side? The crowbar rests along 
    Tool #4: A knife is in the bottom/right corner, lying on 
    a pile of sand.
    Puzzle #1: Use the crowbar on the box (on the far side of 
    the pool) to get a statue.
    Puzzle #2: Use the scraper against the bricks along the 
    right wall to find a rose symbol. Looks like we're on the 
    right track!
    Screen 5
    Adam and Samantha are doing some underwater diving now. 
    There are no tools to find in this scene! Well...you 
    still have to find things, but none of them are tools.
    Puzzle #1: Use the knife on the clam to get a pearl.
    Puzzle #2: Use the hand rake on the sand on the right to 
    find a blowtorch.
    Puzzle #3: Use the blowtorch on both exits to access 
    them. Adam takes the left one, and Samantha takes the 
    right one. Pick either pathway.
    Samantha's Screen
    Puzzle #1: Click on the diver to get a key. 
    Tool #1: A katana is resting on the metallic tunnel you 
    used to reach this screen.
    Tool #2: A paint scraper is resting below a treasure 
    chest on the left.
    Puzzle #2: Use the key on the treasure chest to find 
    Puzzle #3: Use the scraper on the sand below and to the 
    right of the treasure chest to get the helmet.
    Adam's Screen
    Tool #1: A spear is near the left edge of the screen.
    Tool #2: A bow is lying across the sand pathway.
    Tool #3: A ninja star is near the bottom edge of the 
    screen, near the middle.
    Tool #4: A hammer is at the base of the blue rocks.
    Tool #5: A spear gun is in the bottom/right corner, along 
    the right edge of the screen.
    Puzzle #1: Use the hammer on a clam to get gold coins.
    Puzzle #2: Use the spear gun near the red plant in the 
    lower/right to get a dragon buckle.
    Screen 6
    Once Adam and Samantha finish with their screens, you get 
    taken to Screen 6. This is the last screen! Only some 
    door puzzles lie between us and the rose of skill!
    Tool #1: A flashlight is resting on a rock left of the 
    door, level with the top of the door.
    Tool #2: A quiver is against the right edge of the 
    screen, and it's almost too dark to see.
    Tool #3: A flute rests on the green/gray rock on the 
    right of the steps. It is level with the waterfall on the 
    Puzzle #1: See the waterfall on the right, at the bottom 
    edge of the screen? Use the flashlight there to get a 
    Puzzle #2: Use the flute on the rat, near the waterfall 
    on the right to get a door pull.
    Puzzle #3: Zoom in on the door. Click on a door piece to 
    rotate it, and rotate all six pieces so they form a rose. 
    When you get a piece correct, it changes color. 
    Puzzle #4: Use the door pull as a key handle to open the 
    Puzzle #5: More doors? Match the symbols on the two 
    moveable walls with the symbols on a door. The symbols 
    turn yellow when a row/column matches. Match both walls 
    with a door symbol to break that part of the door. Do 
    this four times in a row to get the gong hammer.
    Puzzle #6: Use the gong hammer on the gong to finally get 
    rid of the door.
    Puzzle #7: Dress up the samurai statue. Put the katana in 
    his right hand, the helmet on his head, the dragon buckle 
    on his belt, the quiver on his right shoulder, the bow on 
    his left shoulder, the spear on his left hand, and the 
    star on his chest.
    This gives us the Rose of Skill, which is...wait, what? 
    That's not the Rose of Skill! It's a PDA with a message 
    for Samantha.
    004h-The Hidden Roses of Athena
    Oh no! Markus Payne has kidnapped Dr. Butler! Dr. Butler 
    is being held hostage at Payne's museum, and the ransom 
    price is five roses of Athena. Payne, you fiend!
    Puzzle #1: Put the roses in place! Drag the roses across 
    the screen, but do not drag any rose over a laser beam. 
    Put the Rose of Art in France, the Rose of Industry 
    inside Rome, the Rose of Justice in England, the Rose of 
    Conquest in Guatemala, and the Rose of Wisdom in Tibet.
    Puzzle #2: Use the scarf in Japan. Most of the lasers 
    Puzzle #3: Use the shield on the lasers on the left. This 
    gives us access the dumbwaiter, which has Dr. Butler 
    inside. Hooray, Dr. Butler is safe! Payne then invites 
    Samantha to see the shield completed.
    Puzzle #4: Pick up the shield and use it on the lasers in 
    front of the exit doorway. Go through the exit to meet up 
    with Payne. Payne puts the final Rose of Athena on the 
    Shield of Athena in a brief cutscene. Athena herself 
    appears and favors Samantha over Payne. 
    It's time to leave this place, but not before robbing 
    Payne blind. Find all the items on the list, ending 
    Tool #1: The Scepter of Zeus, which was stolen from us at 
    Athens, has just been found. It's in the display case on 
    the left.
    Our heroes then escape from the museum, which is on an 
    island with a volcano, and they watch the clouds.
    This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2010.  If you 
    want to put my guide on your website or something like 
    that, you should probably ask permission first 
    (instructions under general information).

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