Ward jump?

  1. As Lee Sin, is ward jump > safeguard supposed to be basically instant? When I try it I can easily put the ward down and cast safeguard on it but instead of dashing to it he just shields himself... I always have to wait a split sec after I put the ward down before I can jump to it... Just wondering if this is normal or it's my computer/internet, seems kinda sluggish...

    User Info: XBL_Kozuka

    XBL_Kozuka - 3 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You probably aren't smart-casting. If you set your abilities to smart cast, your abilities will cast immediately to wherever your mouse is pointing. You can also set your item slots to do the same thing. This means you can place a ward and then immediately safeguard to it. This is how most lee sin players seem to be able to ward jump instantly.

    You should go to a custom game and try changing your button settings to smart-cast to test this out.

    It's also possible that you have your settings for your Safeguard set to smart-cast + auto-cast. This could explain why you are casting safeguard on yourself accidentally. Smart-cast + auto-cast will automatically cast a targeted spell that can aid you on yourself if your mouse isn't over anything in particular. So, if your mouse is over the ground and you press W, you'll cast it on yourself.

    The final thing I can think of is that your ping is high. If your ping is over 250, I could see how you would barely move after trying the ward jump combo.

    User Info: Zerothma

    Zerothma - 3 years ago 0 0

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