How do I get blue essence?

  1. So I have 2 master tokens for Jhin and Cait each and I want to get them to level 6. I guess you need you need blues essence to get them so how do I get blue essence?

    User Info: ClabLoL

    ClabLoL - 10 months ago

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  1. I've seen some people do it this way. You play enough games to get 1700 IP and then go buy a Champion Shard from the store. The shard will give some random champ shard and some Blue Essence. IMHO, this is a waste of money and time but some people say it works.

    Good Luck.

    User Info: KitoDono

    KitoDono - 9 months ago 1 0


  1. There are many ways to get blue essence.. You may get it from a chest, shards, disenchanting champs, etc.

    You can check out this forum:
    http : //

    User Info: yokov

    yokov - 10 months ago 0 1
  2. You get blue essence (Champion Essence) by disenchanting Champion shards and permanent champions.

    User Info: Reidog

    Reidog - 10 months ago 1 1

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