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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by remanemporor

    Version: 0.67 | Updated: 03/20/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ~~~ League of Legends ~~~~
    Created by: Remanemporor
    Version: 0.67
    Date Started: 7/22/10
    Date Updated: 3/20/11
    Contact me for ANYTHING that you think should be added, removed, 
    expanded, contracted, replaced, transposed, inverted, or changed in any 
    way (I'm lonely enough that I will respond to almost anything). If you 
    see any typos, tell me. Any bad info, tell me. I will give you credit.
    GameFAQs.com is guaranteed to have the latest version of this guide.
    Also, if you have a guide/build for a champ that you think is particularly
    awesome, send it in! The more variation the better.
    Contact: Remanemporor2@live.com
    Table of Contents
    [1] Introduction
       [1.1] The Game
       [1.2] The Successor of DotA
       [1.3] Terms and Abbreviations
    [2] Basic Elements
       [2.1] A Basic Rundown
       [2.2] Controls
       [2.3] The Roles
       [2.4] Attributes
       [2.5] Recommended Items
       [2.6] Champion Statistics
    [3] Early Game Strategies
       [3.1] Lane Compilation
       [3.2] Before the Minions
       [3.3] Top and Bottom
       [3.4] Middle Lane
       [3.5] A Junglers Guide
       [3.6] The Transition
    [4] Late Game Strategies
       [4.1] Ganking
       [4.2] Team Fighting
       [4.3] Exit Strategies
       [4.4] Warding and the Jungle
       [4.5] Backdooring
       [4.6] Timing
    [5] General Info
       [5.1] The Map
       [5.2] Is it a Gank?
       [5.3] Being a Team Player
       [5.4] Minions and Buildings
       [5.5] Neutrals
       [5.6] Items
         [5.6.1] Consumables
         [5.6.2] Basic Items
         [5.6.3] Advanced Items
         [5.6.4] Legendary Items
       [5.7] General Tips
    [6] Outside Preparation
       [6.1] Summoner Level
       [6.2] Influence Points and Riot Points
       [6.3] Runes
         [6.3.1] Quintessences
         [6.3.2] Marks
         [6.3.3] Glyphs
         [6.3.4] Seals
       [6.4] Masteries
         [6.4.1] Offense
         [6.4.2] Defense
         [6.4.3] Utility
    [7] Character Info
    [8] Other Stuff
       [8.1] The Summoner's Code
       [8.2] The Forums
       [8.3] Backslash (/) Commands
       [8.4] The Language Filter
       [8.5] Lore and City States
       [8.6] Leaving
       [8.7] Acknowledgements
    [9] Version History
    [10] Copyright
    *As of now, chapters 1-6, part of 7, 9, and 10 are done.
    the rest of 7, and 8 to go.
    [1] Introduction
    This guide provides background on League of Legends from your first 
    attempts all the way to some of the higher level concepts of the game. It
    assumes that you already know how to log in to the LoL Client (the name of
    the main menu). If you don't, there is a guide on GameFAQs by randomsome1
    that explains this. 
    This is my second attempt at writing a FAQ. I picked League of Legends 
    (abbreviated LoL) because I have been playing it A LOT recently, so it 
    seemed like a good candidate. I was also shocked at the lack of other 
    complete guides (there are hundreds of guides on character building, but 
    these don't give tips on the game in general).
    [1.1] The Game
    League of Legends is one of the first self proclaimed "MOBA" (massive 
    online battle arena), and is available free for download off the internet.
    It has some RPG elements, but is primarily a RTS with a heavy emphasis on
    teamwork. It has been out for about a year now (since the start of this 
    guide), and has a playerbase in America of almost one million.
    [1.2] The Successor of DotA
    If you've ever played Warcraft 3, you've probably heard about its most 
    popular mod, DotA (Defense of the Ancients). The mod was so successful 
    that it spawned its own lineage of game. The other two main ones that I 
    can think of are Heroes of Newerth (HoN) and Demigod. As of now, LoL is 
    the only one of them that is free to play, so it was the one I chose.
    If you are coming from DotA you'll notice a few changes. The addition of 
    brush allows you to become invisible to surrounding enemies, unless they 
    enter the brush themselves. This is useful for launching ganks, as you 
    can have the first strike. The other main difference is that you can no 
    longer deny. This can be annoying sometimes when their Heimerdinger gets 
    over 300 minion kills by the 30 minute mark, but overall its not such a 
    big deal. It allows for a last hitting strategy, where you only attack for
    the killing blow, ensuring that you get the kill and gold, rather than 
    your minions. Other than these two major changes, the rest has remained 
    relatively the same.
    [1.3] Terms and Abbreviations
    You will hear many terms in the game, forums, and on this guide that you 
    may not know. Here is a compilation of some of the most popular. This is 
    by no means a complete list, but at least it will get you started.
    ability: each champion has 3 abilities and 1 ultimate that usually do 
           magic damage
    AD:    attack damage; increased by leveling up and by items, this helps 
           normal right-click attacks to do more damage
    AFK:   away from keyboard; when people are not playing at all, they are 
           considered AFK (this is highly shunned in the LoL community)
    AP:    ability power; used for casters to help their spells do more damage
    aura:  some items give an aura that allow you AND your nearby allies to 
           receive benefits
    b:     back; used to signal that a teammate should retreat
    backdoor: when a champ attempts to take out a turret or inhibitor without
           the help of minions, usually when the enemy team is away 
    baron: baron nashor; the huge worm in Summoners Rift that, if killed, 
           grants large bonuses to everyone on the team
    basic attacks: each champion has the ability to simply right click on an
           enemy to do physical damage, but can be augmented by passive 
           abilities or magical items (such as sheen)
    beefy: champs that have a lot of health
    bg:    bad game
    blind: a move that makes an enemy champion unable to use normal attacks,
           but still able to use abilities
    bot:   referring to the bottom lane in Summoners Rift
    bruiser: high HP champ (although not as high as a dedicated tank) that can 
            still do a fair amount of damage
    brush: an area of grass where you become invisible except when an enemy 
           enters it
    buff:  a temporary increase to some stat, can be received through allies,
           items, or slaying certain neutrals
           also, it can be referred to as a permanent increase of a stat or 
           ability by the developers of the game, if they see that some 
           champion or item is underperforming
    build: the items on a champ
    care:  careful; used to tell your allies that they are in danger, can be 
           accompanied by pings or someones name, such as "care pantheon"
    carry: these champs (if played correctly) will be the deciding factor in 
           the late game fights; the generally start off weak but will become
           very powerful later on
    cc:    crowd control; general term that describes an ability that would
           hinder a champions ability to fight, stuns, blinds, and silences 
           are the most common
    cd:    cooldown; all spells have a certain time before they can be used
    CDR:   cooldown reduction
    champ: champion
    creeps: minions spawned by each nexus
    cs:    creep score; the amount of minions you have slain
    d:     defend
    dc:    a player who disconnects from the game before it is over
    debuff: a temporary ailment cause by enemies; can be anything from slows
           to damage over time
    DoT:   damage over time, spells where damage is dealt over a period of 
           time rather than all at once, examples are ignite and Teemo's 
    DotA:  Defense of the Ancients; the game that inspired LoL
    DPS:   damage per second; these champs are specialized to do the most 
           damage possible
    Elo:   in a very small nutshell, how good a player is
    farm:  to kill a large amount of creeps or neutrals to get experience and
    FB:    first blood; the first kill in the game grants 400 gold instead of
    fear:  an ability that causes the target to run around like an idiot 
           for a period of time, making them unable to attack or move where 
           they want to go
    feed:  when someone constantly dies, they are said to be feeding the 
           other team, when a player has many kills they are said to be fed
    focus: target a specific player, generally low HP ones
    gank:  ambush
    gg:    good game
    gj:    good job
    global: able to affect any/every character on the map, like Karthus' ult;
           in another context, the Baron Nashor and Dragon give global gold 
           and XP, which means it is granted to you and everyone on your team
    harass: hit the enemy with non lethal bursts of damage to force them to 
           go back and heal
    inc:   incoming; a variation of omw, but can also be used to say that an 
           ult is coming, such as saying "pantheon ult inc"
    jungle: in between lanes is typically called the "jungle"
    lane:  referring to the top, mid, or bottom lane in Summoners Rift
    leaver: a player that quits a game before it ends 
    lol:   League of Legends or laugh out loud, depending on context
    mage:  (aka magic DPS) a champ that is built to kill others by using their
    mia:   missing in action; used to alert allies that a certain enemy is 
           away from their lane, and may be trying to gank
    mid:   referring to the middle lane in Summoners Rift
    nerf:  making something worse, done by the developers of the game if they
           see one champion or item is performing better than others
    neutrals: referring to the AI controlled monsters in the jungle
    omw:   on my way; used when you are moving to a certain location
    oom:   out of mana; used when you or an enemy is out of mana, and is 
           vulnerable because of it
    physical DPS: a champion that is built to kill other champs by using their
           basic attack
    pot:   potion; for instance a health pot would be a health potion
    push:  when you gather with allies and minions and try to destroy enemy 
           towers and/or inhibitors
    ragequit: to quit a game because of anger
    re:    if someone calls an mia, but realize that they weren't mia, the 
           would just say "re", for instance, "nidalee mia..... re"
    Riot:  the developer of the game
    silence: a move that makes an enemy champion unable to use abilities, but 
           still able to use normal attacks
    skillshot: most abilities are auto aimed and always hit the target, but 
           skillshots are aimed manually and can miss
    slow:  a move that slows the movement speed of a target or group of 
    snare: a move that immobilizes a champion, but allows them to attack
    squishy: a champ with low health and armor that can easily be killed if 
           they are alone
    SR:    the Summoners Rift map
    stack: referring to snowball items like Mejai's Soulstealer where a 
           "stack" is awarded every time the player gets a kill or assist
    stun:  completely immobilizes a champion or group of champions, making 
           them unable to move or attack, but usually lasts for a shorter time 
           than slows
    support: these champs are based solely on helping their allies through 
           buffs, heals, and disrupting the enemy
    tank:  the primary goal of these champs is to keep their allies alive by 
           absorbing incoming fire, usually aided by health and armor items
    taunt: a move that forces the targeted champ to attack the champ that used
           the taunt
    top:   referring to the top lane in Summoners Rift
    ult:   ultimate; the defining move a character
    unique: some items say "UNIQUE passive" which means that if you buy 2 of 
           the same item, the passive doesn't stack
    YP:    An acronymn I use in this guide (it isn't used in game) that stands
           for "you pick" and is used for champ builds when I really don't 
           have a suggestion, so you choose what goes there
    [2] Basic Elements
    Here is a guide to the most basic elements of the game. If you have 
    played the game at all, you'll probably know most of this. You should know
    that each champ has 1 innate ability (also called passive because it can't
    be activated), 3 regular abilities, and 1 ult (except Udyr).
    [2.1] A Basic Rundown
    League of Legends starts off with each champ buying their starting items.
    This can give a first glance into their playing style, but isn't always
    a foolproof method (an AD Master Yi could easily start out with mana 
    regen too). Once everyone has their items, they head out, 2 to the top 
    lane, 2 to the bottom, and 1 mid (unless there's a dc, jungler, early 
    game gank, etc.). Top and bottom lanes fight their enemies for control of
    the brush at the corners of the map, and many first bloods occur before
    the first minion has even spawned.
    Once the minion armies come, the first 15 minutes or so is termed the 
    "laning phase" where each champ tries to kill as many minions as possible
    to get gold. Champs are always harassing each other to try and make their
    enemies go back to heal and lose valuable gold and experience, but this
    happens to an extreme level in the middle lane. It is truly a war of 
    attrition at mid, and even going back to heal once is considered a small
    After the laning phase ends, most champs head mid to help out in 
    team fights. Both teams try to push their enemies towers, while some 
    champs may go to the top or bottom lanes to farm or backdoor the other 
    towers. Eventually a team fight ensues. Usually there is a clear-cut 
    winner, and if they are a good team, they will attempt to push some 
    turrets. Bad teams may get lucky and win a team fight, but if they don't 
    destroy some towers, it is a very shallow win.
    At the 20 minute mark teams are allowed to surrender. Because of this, 
    many games simply end here. If it is a good game, however, it can take as
    long as 45 minutes or more (my longest was a 72 minute game). It will boil
    down to not only which team wins team fights, but also who can push the 
    best. Many games are won where one team loses every team fight up until the
    50 minute mark, finally wins one, and pushes so well that they end up 
    destroying the nexus.
    [2.2] Controls
    Here is a list of all the controls in the game. All of them can be rebound
    Q =           cast spell 1
    W =           cast spell 2
    E =           cast spell 3
    R =           cast spell 4
    ctrl + Q =    level up spell 1
    ctrl + W =    level up spell 2
    ctrl + E =    level up spell 3
    ctrl + R =    level up spell 4
    D =           summoner spell 1
    F =           summoner spell 2
    alt + Q =     smart cast spell 1
    alt + W =     smart cast spell 2
    alt + E =     smart cast spell 3
    alt + R =     smart cast spell 4
    space = c     enter camera on champion
    F1 =          select self
    F2 =          select ally 1
    F3 =          select ally 2
    F4 =          select ally 3
    F5 =          select ally 4
    Y =           camera lock
    up =          scroll up
    down =        scroll down
    left =        scroll left
    right =       scroll right
    mouse wheel = zoom in/out
    C =           show character names
    O =           score board
    Z =           chat history
    P =           shop
    1 =           use item in slot 1
    2 =           use item in slot 2
    3 =           use item in slot 3
    4 =           use item in slot 4
    5 =           use item in slot 5
    6 =           use item in slot 6
    B =           teleport to base
    shift + L =   show health bars
    H =           minion health bars
    shift + K =   summoner names
    G =           ping
    F5 =          draw hud
    ctrl + F =    toggle FPS display
    alt + click = control pet
    [2.3] The Roles
    There are 3 general roles in this game, as well as hybrids (magetank). The
    3 roles are tank, physical dps, and the mage.
    As a tank, it is your sole responsibility to make sure that your allies 
    stay alive, even if that means sacrificing yourself. To do this, you'll 
    want to make yourself as annoying as possible, such as by stunning the 
    enemy team, or taunting them, forcing them to attack you. You need to have
    items that prolong your life to absorb as much damage as possible before
    you die, enabling you to protect your team longer. You will be focusing 
    health, magic resist, armor, or a combination of these. 
    As a physical DPS, your main goal is to deal physical damage to the enemy 
    team by using your basic attack. You'll want to get items that boost your
    attack damage, attack speed, and critical chance to help you. Usually you 
    are weak on health, so you should ALWAYS be protected by a tank in team 
    fights. Usually, you'll only want to attack the enemy with the lowest 
    health (don't focus the tank).
    As a mage, you can have 2 goals. Some mages such as Soraka and Zilean are 
    supports, and they help their team by giving health, aura buffs, escapes,
    etc. Your main job is to keep your team fighting fit. The other mage type
    is the offensive caster, otherwise known as the magical DPS. These guys 
    (such as Annie and Fiddlesticks) use their ability power to strengthen 
    their spells, which they use to kill enemies. Both types of magic users 
    need to stay behind tanks whenever they can.
    Finally, the bruiser is a champ that is best built tanky, but can also do 
    some damage. Characters like Mundo, Garen, and Mordekaiser all fall under 
    this category. You want to have as much health as you can, but still do 
    enough damage to the carries to force them to either focus you, or retreat. 
    This covers up the hole that tanks bring, where they can CC people, but 
    once their spells are gone they can be simply ignored because their damage
    output is too low.
    [2.4] Attributes
    Riot has given each of the champions certain "attributes". These do 
    nothing in the game, but can help you to discern what kind of character 
    you are looking at. Are they a carry? Can they farm well? Here is a list 
    of all of the attributes and what they mean.
    Assassin: These guys can kill enemies quickly, and usually have some skill
       to make them invisible or close distance with an enemy quickly
    Carry: Champs that are carries are the ones who will win late game team 
       fights, and although they start off weaker (on average), they scale 
       well into the late game
    Disabler: A champ that interfere with a summoners ability to control their
       champ, such as a fear or stun
    Farmer: These champs have skills that allow to farm with efficiency,
       usually they have AoE skills
    Fighter: A champ that performs best in team fights
    Flee: A champ that possesses a skill that allows it to escape from fights
    Haste: A champ that can speed itself up, or an ally
    Heal: A champ that can heal itself, or an ally
    Mage: AP based champs
    Melee: A champ that has to be next to an enemy to use their basic attack
    Ninja: A champ that uses energy instead of mana
    Nuke: Usually AP champs that have the ability to do a large amount of 
       damage in a wide radius in a short time. They don't scale well, however
    Pet: A champ that can create a pet, sometimes controllable by using the 
       alt key
    Pusher: Good for destroying towers and, to some extent, minions
    Ranged: The opposite of a melee, these can use their basic attack from a 
    Silence: A champ that can silence enemies
    Snare: A champ that can immobilize enemies for a short time
    Slow: A champ that can slow enemies
    Stealth: A champ that can become invisible
    Stun: A champ that can stun
    Support: Usually AP champs that help their allies
    Tank: Champs that are designed to get killed to save their allies
    Teleport: Champs that can teleport to the target location
    Tough: A champ that is harder to kill than most
    [2.5] Recommended Items
    At the top of the shop menu there is a list called recommended items. It 
    is different for each champ, and it is what Riot says would be a good 
    build if it is your first time as that character. 
    Should you use it? If you have only played a few games, then yes you 
    should. They at least get you in the right direction for playing the 
    character. If you are a newcomer, you might try an AD Annie, or AP Twitch.
    After a few games, you should switch a few items up for a build that makes
    a bit more sense (I cringe when Riot recommends a guardian angel for a DPS
    character). After a while, you should have a good strategy going, and you
    can completely forget recommended items.
    [2.6] Champion Statistics
    Here is a rundown of what makes up a champion
    HP: How much health a champion has, and how much damage they can take
    HP Regen: How fast champions regenerate health
    Attack: How much damage your physical attacks do
    Armor Pen: If a champ had 100 armor and you had 20 armor pen, your attacks
       would treat that champ as if he only had 80 armor
    Lifesteal: How much your physical attacks heal you. If you had 10% 
       lifesteal and attacked for 150 damage after armor and whatnot, you 
       would gain 15 HP. This is good for staying out in the field longer
    Attack Speed: How many times per second your champ attacks
    Crit Chance: How likely your champ is to deal double damage
    Range: How far your champ can attack
    Speed: How fast your champ moves
    Mana: All spells cost mana (for most champs), and this is how large your
       mana pool is
    Mana Regen: Like health regen, only for mana
    Ability Power: How much ability power your champion has, which affects how
       much their abilities do
    Spell Penetration: Like armor penetration, only for magic resistance
    Cooldown Reduction: How much percent shorter your cooldowns are
    Dodge: How likely you are to dodge physical attacks, and take no damage 
       from them
    Armor: How resistant to physical attacks you are
    Magic Resistance: How resistant to magical attacks you are
    [3] Early Game Strategies
    The Laning phase occupies approximately the first 15 minutes of every game
    on Summoners Rift. It is critical not to make many mistakes here, because
    they snowball into huge problems by the late game.
    [3.1] Lane Compilation
    Which champions go in which lane can have a huge impact on your entire 
    game. Generally, you'll want someone capable to handle mid, due to its 
    attrition like nature (I detail which champs are best for mid in the 
    champion section). For the other two lanes, you'll usually want to have at
    least one ranged champ in each, be it a physical dps or a mage. 
    If your team is running low on ranged champs, you can always substitute 
    some in. Gangplank can make a suitable ranged because of his Parrrley 
    ability. Chogath can also fill in, due to his ability to harass with his
    Sometimes though, you'll just get a bad team combo, or a team that won't 
    listen to where they should go. If this happens, just sit by your tower 
    and snipe minion kills when you get the chance. An easy way to do this is
    for the tower to hit melee minions twice, then you strike. For caster 
    minions, strike them, have your turret hit them, then you hit them again 
    for another kill. Doing this can allow you to stay competitive in the game.
    [3.2] Before the Minions
    In the minute and 30 seconds before minions spawn, there is quite a bit to
    accomplish. First you'll want to get your starting items, then you need to 
    decide which lane to go in, and finally try and grab the brush before your
    enemy can.
    So which starting item should you get? Doran's items (shield, ring, and
    sword) are always good, especially with a health potion. If you are a 
    ranged character, you could go with the Vampiric Scepter, but this isn't
    recommended if you are a melee. If you want speed quickly you could go for
    boots and a few health potions, but only try this if you have been playing
    for a while. Also, some champs have good starting items that don't build
    into their overall strategy. An example would be Master Yi getting a Meki
    Pendant for mana regen. Even if he didn't become an AP character later on,
    his Meditate and Alpha Strike skills are vital enough that extra mana is 
    viable in the early game.
    Once you have your items, set out for your lane. If it is the middle lane,
    just get to your tower and sit there until your minions come. If you are
    top or bottom, you can rush into the brush and try to get a first blood by
    killing your enemies if they come into your side of the grass. Don't try
    too hard (AKA don't turret dive), and if you are injured even a little bit,
    you should go back and heal. Its better to start the laning phase at full
    health rather than get a few seconds of killing minions.
    [3.3] Top and Bottom
    The top lane and bottom lane play pretty much the say, due to the map 
    being somewhat symmetrical. You start out by rushing to the brush that is
    in the corners of the map. If you arrive too late, however, don't bother
    going in. The enemy has probably already arrived and you trying to get 
    into the grass is just a way to die quickly. If you can, get there before 
    the enemy team can, and try to kill them before they can escape. 
    When the minions come you should try a strategy called "last hitting". 
    Since you only get gold for the finishing kill, it only makes sense to 
    save your strikes for the last hit of a unit. This way you can control who
    you kill and hopefully get the maximum amount of gold.
    If you can, you should harass your enemies. Obviously some champs do this
    better than others, but you should still try to make them go back to heal.
    If you can do it a lot, you can prevent them from getting experience and
    gold, drastically increasing how long they have to farm.
    Every once in a while, or at the request of a team mate, you should gather
    with your allies and try to gank a lane for a few easy kills. To do this, 
    have the people in the lane go back as far as they can to your turret, 
    then have everyone else come out and attack them all at once. If you do it 
    well, you'll get a kill and/or assist.
    The general rule of thumb if you are on the side lanes is that you should
    try to harass the enemy while getting kills of your own. How you perform 
    now will have a significant impact on the rest of the game.
    [3.4] Middle Lane
    The middle lane plays much differently than the top and bottom. You start
    off by running to your tower, and usually just sitting there for a while 
    until the minions come. Since there is no brush to fight over (at least 
    for now), not many first bloods occur in the middle lane.
    Once the battle begins, you'll have to contend with many obstacles. For 
    one, your enemy will always be trying to harass you. Recalling while in 
    the middle lane isn't a good thing to do a lot, because your enemy can 
    easily destroy your tower while you are away.
    You'll also have to deal with ganks. Hopefully your allies will call MIAs,
    but you always have to have an eagle eye on the minimap. If you see a 
    champ missing from their lanes, and you're far away from one of your 
    towers, you have a huge risk of being ganked, so back up a little and try
    to play it safe. The worst thing you could do is die because you were too
    aggressive. Also, some champs (Teemo for example) can place traps that 
    give a line of sight into the grass, which helps to prevent surprise 
    attacks. If you want, you could buy some sight wards to help you.
    While this is going on, you also need to be worried about getting the last
    hit on minion kills. If you can, you should also try to harass your 
    opponent and try to make them recall. If you can do that, you will get a 
    slight experience and gold advantage over them that can last through the 
    entire game.
    Although you have to contend with lots of different aspects at the same 
    time when you are mid, it does have its benefits. You will get gold and 
    experience faster (as long as you don't go back and heal too often), and
    you can build your champion faster. You can also launch ganks on the two
    lanes beside you as long as your tower doesn't fall while you're doing it.
    [3.5] A Junglers Guide
    Jungling can be an entertaining way to start off the game if you prefer 
    not to be put under the stress of the laning phase. Instead of going into
    a lane and helping an ally, you will go in between the lanes and kill the
    neutrals to gain gold and experience. The positive is that you won't have
    to try to last hit, because there aren't any minions/towers/team mates to
    worry about. One of your allies will gain experience and gold faster too,
    because you aren't there to steal it. The negative is that one of your 
    lanes will be 2v1, and the turret and champ are incredibly vulnerable 
    because of this. Some team compilations simply can't afford this (if your
    team is all melee, its not advised to jungle).
    To start out with, you'll need the right champion to jungle with. The 
    four best (in my opinion) are Warwick, Amumu, Udyr, and Shaco. Others can
    try, but these four can simply do it more efficiently. As for summoners 
    spells, Smite is a great option to help you kill most neutrals in 1 hit 
    and take a large chunk out of the golem and lizard. The downside is that 
    after the laning phase, Smite is less effective than other spells. Also, a
    Warwick with Smite almost always indicates a jungler, and your enemies may
    try to gank you even before the minions spawn. If you want, you could also
    bring along Heal or Clairvoyance to help you stay out in the field longer.
    Starting items for each character differs greatly, but at least a few 
    health potions are advised. Warwick could just skip these and go right for
    the Vampiric Scepter, but this would be harder for the others. 
    To start out, Warwick and Amumu should go to either the wolf/mini golem 
    camp or to the wraith camp. Udyr can attempt to kill the big golem to get 
    the buff. Shaco can pop as many Jack in the Box's as he can around the 
    big Lizard to get the red buff. After level two, jungling becomes much 
    easier as you can bounce around to any of the neutral camps. If you need 
    mana, take down the golem. If you need more damage, take out the lizard. 
    If you don't need either than go kill the mini golems/wolves/wraiths. When
    you get to level 5 (or higher), you can try to take on the dragon. Be sure
    to have good enough stats before you try it, and make sure to watch your
    MIAs. Rinse and repeat until you are around level 6. 
    Once you get your ultimate, you should immediately try to gank the lane 
    that your enemies have pushed in the furthest. About 50 percent of the 
    time you'll be able to land a kill, and you can use this to try and take 
    down a turret. You can also gank or help out another allied lane if they 
    are having trouble, but getting kills before level 6 is much harder.
    Once you see that the laning phase is over, you should stop jungling and 
    help out your teammates. Don't fall into the trap of "I'll just kill one 
    more golem" and miss out on a team fight. It could just cost you the game.
    [3.6] The Transition
    One of the toughest concepts for new players to understand is when to make
    the transition from the laning phase into the team fight phase. It can be
    very tempting to keep on farming minions to gain gold and experience at a 
    steady rate, but you are hurting your team and your chances of winning 
    drop astronomically.
    There is no definite way to know when to make the transition. Generally, I
    have found that it is around level 6 or 7 on the side lanes and about 10 
    or 11 in the middle lane. This can vary immensely, though, and factors in 
    game will have a dramatic effect on it. If it is a fast paced game with 
    ganks left and right, it can be several levels lower. If it is a slow game
    where there are few ambushes and people seem content to continue laning,
    than it can be several levels higher. In some rare instances, the laning
    phase can end when players reach the shockingly low levels of 2 or 3.
    What makes this tough for new players is that it varies so widely. You 
    can't put a tag on it and simply say that "laning phase always ends at the
    15 minute mark" or "when mid hits level 9". If you see the rest of your 
    team grouping up, then it would be wise to join them. Some peoples 
    strategies revolve around them farming all the time and not helping their 
    team until the 45 minute mark or later. I strongly recommend against this
    as I have seen victory rate of teams who have one diehard farmer drop from
    50 percent to around 20 percent.
    The bottom line is that help your team when the time arises, but gather 
    gold and experience until then. As you play more and more games, you will
    be able to more easily recognize when the time comes. It is a skill that 
    often goes unmentioned, but is actually fairly important.
    [4] Late Game Strategies
    After the laning phase comes a time of team fights, pushing, and ambushes.
    Although the initial parts of the game have all of these, they really only
    become widespread after the first 15 minutes or so.
    And as for the title, "Late Game Strategies" doesn't really refer to the 
    latter half of the game, but refers more to everything after the laning 
    phase. So if you find that your team just doesn't want to go by the rules
    and jumps into team fights right away, you might not use the beginning 
    strategies at all.
    [4.1] Ganking
    A critical skill that you must be good at, ganking is when you (and your
    allies most likely) ambush an enemy or group of enemies. Even if you do 
    have less of a capable team, the element of suprise should help you win.
    Brush is your friend when trying to gank. Hide in it until the enemy has
    pushed far into your territory, then pop out, lay down some crowd control
    (slows or stuns) and pick up a kill. 
    If you can, you always want to fight at an advantage. Don't try to gank 
    unless you have the numerical advantage or you know that you are so much 
    better than they are that you can take on multiple foes. The element of 
    suprise is pretty good in itself but don't rely on it to carry the day.
    When trying to gank try to cover all of the escape routes. Station one 
    person in the side brush, one person coming up from the front, and one 
    one from behind. If you have one, use a global ult to cover the quickest 
    way back to their base. If the enemy has 3 routes to escape by with one 
    being through brush where you have 2 allies, another being towards your 
    base where you have another ally, and the final being back towards their
    base with Gangplank/Pantheon's ult to go through makes it almost 
    impossible for them to get away. Pop a few slows/stuns on and triple or 
    quadra kills can ensue.
    [4.2] Team Fighting
    The single biggest factor in deciding the outcome of a match is how well 
    people can coordinate a team fight. A 7/4/4 Master Yi that jungles or 
    lanes until the 35 minute mark may initially seem good, because he can run
    out and solo just about anyone. The reality is that he is probably the 
    worst player on a team, because he has left his allies to fight 4 v 5 for
    thirty five mintues, he has cost the team many kills and assists. 
    Even if you have a good enough team that you COULD legitimately get away
    with doing this, if you help your allies anyway, you will find that you 
    can beat the enemy by an even larger margin.
    I really cannot stress the fact that you MUST support your team to be 
    successful. Just because you end up with a positive K/D/A ratio doesn't 
    mean that you did well. Also, when it is late in the game, don't abandon
    your team like I sometimes se my allies do. Stick with the group till 
    Now as for how to actually conduct a proper fight. Focus the squishies is
    the one rule that resounds throughout every single fight you will ever 
    participate in. Kill those who hurt the team the hardest. Protect your 
    squishies at all times. If you see an assassin such as Poppy or Twisted 
    Fate running through your allies to get to another champ, stop him if at 
    all possible.
    You'll want to split the enemy if you can. Ashe is a lot less powerful if 
    she has no allies around her to take the damage, and will fall quickly. 
    Once she is out of the way, the enemy cannot do nearly as much damage, and
    you will eventually. A good way to proceed in team fights is with this 
    1 Never fight a battle without all of your allies unless there is a lone 
      enemy or two that you know you can neutralize quickly.
    2 Be wary of enemy reinforcements. Just because you see Soraka strolling 
      about the forest unprotected, don't immediately jump on her. If you are
      in enemy lands, she could just be bait.
    3 Commit to a battle only when you know your allies will jump in to help 
      you. There is no worse feeling when you charge into the fray only to see
      the rest of your team flee. Ranged DPS and mages have an easier time 
    4 Coordinate your attacks with your allies to kill enemies in the 
      following order: 
       1 Enemy squishy carry (ie Ashe, Master Yi, Tristana, Karthus)
       2 Enemy squishy support (ie Soraka, Janna)
       3 Enemy beefy carry (ie Jax, Sion)
       4 Enemy beefy support (ie Taric)
       5 Enemy Tank (ie Malaphite, Allistar, Amumu)
    5A Flee if the battle isn't going well or
    5B Chase down those who remain if you won.
    By following these steps you should be able to come out on top in the 
    majority of team fights.
    [4.3] Exit Strategies
    But what if you don't win? What if you suddenly see what started out as a 
    2 v 1 fight in your favor suddenly turns into a 2 v 5? The answer is 
    usualy simple: RUN.
    Many champions have abilities that can slow/stun you or immediately catch
    up to you. How do you prevent them from being able to use these? clever
    strategies and map awareness are the answer. 
    There are three summoner spells that can help you in escape: Flash (being
    able to teleport 
    If you can, it is easiest to just teleport behind a wall. This is easiest 
    in the jungle where the walls are relatively thin. Some champs have 
    abilites that can help them do this (like Shaco) but others will have to 
    have the summoner spell Flash to do this. 
    Brush is your friend when you are trying to escape. It can sometimes 
    confuse your enemies for just long enough to escape through teleport. You 
    can also go into the brush and stay in there until your enemy comes to 
    investigate. When they do, stun/slow them and run out. I've used this 
    strategy so many times because they always click further into the brush, 
    allowing you to bolt right past them.
    [4.4] Warding and the Jungle
    Wards. Many people swear by them, and for good reason. They allow you to 
    glimpse at what the enemy is doing, and where they are going. For just 90
    gold they can prevent a gank, possibly saving lives and several hundred 
    gold. They also give you reassurance that the enemy isn't trying to take 
    your team's Golem or Lizard.
    There are two major types of wards. Sight wards are your general purpose 
    ones. They cost a mere 90 gold and last an entire three minutes (they were
    just nerfed in the patch, before they lasted 4.5 minutes!). 
    Place them around the map in key areas such as by the dragon and in 
    between the lanes so you know if somebody is ganking. If you see a group 
    of enemies near the dragon, be prepared with your allies to launch a gank, 
    and if one of you has smite, to steal the dragon kill for your team.
    The other ward is the vision ward. The major difference between it and the
    sight ward is that it can see invisible units. This can be used if you 
    have a Twitch in your lane and you want to keep tabs on him, or if you 
    have an enemy Evelynn trying to gank you every two seconds. These can also
    be used if you think the enemy has placed their own ward down, allowing 
    you to see and destroy it. This lasts 3 minutes and costs 150 gold.
    The final item that gives line of sight is Wriggles Lantern. Think of it 
    as basically a sight ward that recharges every 3 minutes. If you are a 
    very ward based person, than you might want to give this item a try.
    Some newer players may not understand why people would give up some of 
    their precious gold for an item that simply dissapears after a few minutes.
    The fact is that dying one time gives about 450 gold to the enemy team 
    (300 to the person that actually killed you and 150 total to any allies 
    that helped). You have given the enemy the cost of about 5 wards just 
    because you died once. It quickly becomes apparent that these items are 
    far more valuable than the 90 gold you pay for them. 
    This becomes even more pronounced once the late game roles around. Being 
    able to spot out where the enemy is heading allows for efficient ganking 
    and allows your team to get into position. Your carries won't accidentaly
    run straight into the enemy team, and your tank will be out front. This 
    will prove a decisive factor in team fights again and again. 
    Just keep in mind that wards are usefull in any game, no matter the 
    [4.5] Backdooring
    Backdooring is generally defined as a champion or champions attacking an 
    enemy turret without the support of friendly minions. Because turrets do 
    larger amounts of damage with every consecutive attack on a champ and take 
    50 percent less damage when the backdoorers minions are not around, it is 
    very risky and can only be done towards the end of the game. 
    Many people are divided about the usefulness of backdooring. Some say that
    the permanent destruction of a turret outweighs the risks and drawbacks. 
    Others point out that it removes a champion from the team for a few 
    minutes (or seconds if they really know what they are doing). This may not
    seem like a long time, but if a large team fight happens, that 4 v 5 
    battle could be enough to turn the tide of the game. As for me, I take the
    side that it can be useful ***when under the right circumstances***.
    Champs with global teleportation ults or with the Teleport summoner spell 
    work best for this. Start off by planting a few wards around the jungle 
    and be ready to run if you see enemies coming. Too often players die 
    because they are not paying attention or cannot see because of the fog of
    war and are swiftly ganked. Do not be one of these players.
    Next, make sure you have enough health and damage to take down the turret.
    Don't make EXECUTED pop up on everyone's screens because you miscalculated.
    You'll want to be at full health and have a huge damage output to do this,
    or have a few allies around to help.
    Finally, make sure your enemies are reasonably distracted. Still, be ready
    for especially if they have a global teleport. Doing all of these things 
    should help you pull of a backdoor.
    [4.6] Timing
    One of the biggest failures of the lower ELO community is the simple 
    inability to know when to do things. This is a crucial skill and easily 
    decides games time and time again. 
    Good timing is just generally knowing when to gank, when to farm, and when
    to group together for a team fight. If you are out trying to kill some 
    minions while your team is grouping up and engage in a team fight, you are
    being just as destructive to your team as the person who has 3 kills and 
    14 deaths. Your presence could give your allies just the nudge they needed
    to win the fight, gaining many kills, gold, and experience as a result. 
    You should focus on farming for about the first fifteen minutes of the 
    game, unless you see your allies ganking or in need of a gank. Once one 
    tower has been destroyed, go mid and help out your allies. You should 
    stick with them until everyone disperses. Go out to the jungle and kill a 
    few neutrals, but stay close enough to the majority of your team that you 
    could help in a moments notice. 
    Do not go for the baron nashor when all of your enemies are out and about.
    It is an easy place to gank, and many teams often leave wards to see if 
    the opportunity presents itself. The best times to try and kill it are 
    when you have recently killed most of your foes (at least three, hopefully
    four or five), or have just destroyed an inhibitor or two. Make sure they
    are pinned down killing super minions before you jump in, and don't 
    hesitate to plop a few wards down.
    [5] General Info
    Tips here don't fall into a chronological order, and usually apply over 
    the duration of the game.
    [5.1] The Map
    Currently, there are two(ish) maps which you can play matchmade games on 
    (by the time you've read this, there will probably be more). For now, they 
    are Summoner's Rift (SR) and Twisted Treeline (TT) (and maybe The Proving 
    Summoner's is the oldest map in LoL, and generally considered the "classic"
    way to play. There are two teams of 5 v 5, and the object is to destroy 
    the enemy nexus. There are three lanes, and usually two people go on the 
    sides and one goes through the middle. In each lane there are 3 towers, 
    then the inhibitor. When the inhibitor is destroyed, super minions are 
    created. After this, there are two more towers guarding the nexus.
    In the bottom left is the blue team. The top left side lies purple team. 
    In each sides jungle, there are two camps of golems/wolves, a camp of 
    a wraith and 3 lesser wraiths, a camp for the elder lizard and two smaller
    lizards, and a camp for the ancient golem and two smaller lizards. By the
    river in between the two bases, there is the dragon and the Baron Nashor.
    Because this map is the most popular, there are two versions of it. The 
    classic summer version, and the winter version. Either one can appear 
    randomly in matchmade games, and the only difference is their appearance.
    Brush, turrets, monsters, and minions are all still in the same place.
    The other map is the Twisted Treeline. The objective is the same as the 
    Summoner's Rift, but it is on a smaller scale. This time there are two
    teams of 3 and only 2 turrets that separate your enemies and your 
    inhibitors. Gold and experience accumulation is also slightly faster. Some
    people also state that tanky champions do better on this map. Decide for 
    yourself if this is true or not.
    In this the two teams face off against each other in a horizontal style. 
    In the jungle there are camps for wolves, a camp for a lizard, young
    lizard, and golem OR a wraith and three lesser wraiths, a camp for a rabid
    wolf and two giant wolves OR a ghast and two wraiths, a camp for Grez the 
    Lizard Elder, and a camp for Ebonmaw, the Terror of Zaun.
    In this map the basic strategy is to have two people go in the bottom lane
    and have one go to the top. This allows the one on top to level quicker 
    and be much more efficient at ganking. Beware though, because laning 
    shouldn't last anywhere near as long as it does on Summoner's Rift.
    Finally, the thirdish map is The Proving Grounds. It is where the tutorial
    takes place, and isn't a map that can be played with anyone else (yet). 
    There are some rumors, however, that Riot will eventually make this a 1v1
    map, but there is no evidence of this ever happening. 
    [5.2] Is it a Gank?
    Knowing whether or not you are about to be ambushed or not is a critical 
    skill if you want to be successful. 
    In a perfect world your allies will plop down several wards amongst the 
    jungle in key brush positions. Many times this won't happen however, and 
    you'll have to use good judgement to stay alive.
    Always be glancing at your minimap. Taking a look to see that your enemies
    are coming for you takes only half a second, and can save your life many
    times. If you see that an enemy lane is unoccupied, and you have pressed 
    up almost to the enemies tower, then a gank may be coming. In general, if 
    you don't see most of your enemies on your minimap, look to see if you are
    in an exposed position. If you are trying to blow up their inhibitor alone,
    you are in a very bad position and should either kill it as quickly as you
    can (if you are trying to backdoor) or just run.
    If the enemy has any junglers you should be extra careful during the 
    laning phase. They can appear at any time, and often will (if they are 
    good players). Also, be very careful when there is an enemy with mobile
    stealth on their team (ie Twitch or Evelynn). A gank can appear at any 
    time with these guys, so backdooring is not recommended. Also, be careful
    because 1v1 fights can quickly become 1v2. If you can afford it, vision
    wards or an oracle's elixir is highly recommended.
    [5.3] Being a Team Player
    Why does one team lose? AFKs appear top on the list, with teammates that 
    intentionally feed following close behind. But what would make an evenly 
    matched team who all TRIED to win but eventually lost? The answer is 
    teamwork. You could have a slew of terrible champs on your team, and you
    could all be bad players in general. But if you have teamwork on your side,
    you can be almost impossible to beat.
    It starts off in the laning phase. If you are on one of the side lanes, it
    is your job to support your ally. If you see them constantly horassing one 
    particular champ, harass that one too. There will probably come a time 
    when the four of you get into a fight, and if your team mate is running 
    away because they have low health, use some slow/stuns on your enemies. If
    you do end up attacking your enemies, focus whichever one your ally 
    focuses (unless there is good reason not to).
    When the laning phase is over, team work becomes even more important. You
    really shouldn't ever miss a team fight unless you are dead. Many people 
    will disagree with me here but from my experience it is far better to 
    always help your allies and die a few times than go and farm minions for
    30 minutes. Sure you will become powerful over time but your team will 
    likely lose many more fights because you weren't there. When you finally
    do come around and start helping out, it will be too late as your enemies
    are too powerful.
    Also under this category is dealing with your team mates. Remember that it
    isn't your allies jobs to call out MIAs. It's your job to watch the 
    minimap and make intelligent descisions. Don't get mad when you don't get 
    an MIA and you end up dying because you didn't look at the minimap. It 
    wasn't your allies fault. 
    Don't rage at your team mates for doing stupid things either. Every once 
    in a while we ALL make stupid mistakes (I've been killed by a wolf when I
    walked past it with low health and a Sunfire Cape on). If you see that 
    someone on your team is being stupid constantly, don't rage at them. Try 
    to offer constructive critisism (as hard as that may be). If they get mad
    at you, don't get mad back. One of the worst things you can do is rage at 
    your team mates. I've seen it turn the tide of many games. At best you'll
    get someone who just mutes you if you rage, costing you team coordination
    later down the line. At worst you could get someone who reports you, 
    quits, or intentionally feeds the enemy. There really is no reason to ever
    flame anyone. EVER!
    [5.4] Minions and Buildings
    As you are progressing through the game, you will encounter two types of 
    characters. For one, there are the champs which I have gone in to great 
    detail of how to combat them. The other type has been a bit neglected...
    until now. Minions, neutrals, and towers do their assigned task to the death.
    Indeed, a huge part of this game is based around manipulating these things
    to best suit your needs.
    First off we have the minions. They pop out of the nexus and suicidally 
    charge the other team's base. You need to be able to last hit them to get 
    the most amount of gold possible and therfore be successful. You also have
    to use them as meat shields to prevent taking damage during the laning 
    There are 4 types of minions. There are the caster minions who can do more
    damage but have less health and give less gold per kill. There are melee
    minions who deal less damage but have more health and give more gold. 
    The siege minions spawn every third wave and are much stronger than the 
    other two basic types of minions in both attack and defense. They also 
    have a buff that makes them take 50 percent less damage from towers. This
    makes them an ideal wave to push and try to destroy an enemy tower with. 
    Finally, there are the super minions. These guys only spawn when an 
    inhibitor is destroyed. They are extremely powerful in both attacking 
    power and health.
    Here is some in-depth info on the minions. All of this data was collected
    by me on Summoner's Rift (it may be different on Twisted Treeline)
    Melee Minion
    Health: 445(~3.3 added per wave)
    Damage: 12
    Armor:  0  (~.33 added per wave)
    Magic Resist: 0 (~.10 added per wave)
    Attack Speed: 1.25
    Movement Speed: 325
    Experience: 64 (~2 added every time your champion gains a level)
    Gold:   25
    Caster Minion
    Health: 280 (~2.5 added per wave)
    Mana:   150
    Damage: 25
    Armor:  0   (~.1 added per wave)
    Magic Resist: 0 (~0.33 added per wave)
    Attack Speed: 0.67
    Movement Speed: 325
    Experience: 32 (~2 added every time your champion gains a level)
    Gold: 18
    Siege Minion
    Health: 700 (~15 added per spawn)
    Damage: 40
    Armor:  17 (~1.5 added per spawn)
    Magic Resist: 2 (~1 added per spawn)
    Attack Speed: 1.00
    Movement Speed: 325
    Experience: 100 (~2.5 added every time your champion gains a level)
    Gold: Varies, around 32ish
    Extra Notes: Was tought to calculate because they only came every 3 waves
    Super Minion
    Health: 2300
    Damage: 190
    Armor:  30
    Magic Resist: 30
    Attack Speed: 0.694
    Movement Speed:325
    Extra Notes: 2 spawn in each lane if all of one teams inhibitors are down,
    very tought to calculate because I don't know if they gain stats as time
    goes on or if it's based on how many time the inhibitor is destroyed.
    The next thing we need to discuss are the buildings. Specifically, there
    are 3 different types. There are also 2 "buildings" that don't have health
    so can never be destroyed. I'll start out with those two first.
    The shop is simply where you go to the giant pig and buy your items and 
    junk. Both teams have one and it can never be destroyed or used by the 
    enemy team. The other "building" is the spawning fountain. This is where
    you start the game and if you stand here, you will quickly regain health
    and mana. Whenever you recall (via the B button or by clicking it manually)
    you will return here. This is also where you respawn if you die.
    Now on to the 3 others. The nexus is easiest to describe. It is where your
    minions spawn and is your most heavily defended structure. It can only be
    damaged if both of the defending turrets have been destroyed, and at least
    one of the inhibitors is knocked out of commission. If your's is destroyed,
    you lose the game. Note that it will slowly regenerate health if it is 
    Inhibitors are the next topic. These are the little flower shaped 
    buildings that each team has. They will regenerate health if damaged, but
    once they are destroyed, they will have to wait 5 minutes to respawn at 
    full health. Once knocked out of commission, the other team will begin 
    spawning one super minion with every creep wave, or two if all three enemy
    inhibitors are down (presumably to end the game). 
    Finally, the turrets. Also named towers (to prevent confusion from 
    Heimerdinger's turrets), these structures act as roadblocks to your 
    enemies advance. As you try to destroy them, each layer becomes more and 
    more difficult. Each time you destroy one, your entire team is granted 
    experience and 100 gold. Any buildings behind the turret cannot be harmed
    until the tower is destroyed. For example, you cannot destroy the 
    inhibitor without destroying the inhibitor turret. You cannot destroy the
    nexus without destroying both nexus turrets, and so on.
    On Summoner's Rift, there are 4 layers of turrets. The Outer Turret, 
    guarding the furthest reach of your lane; the Inner Turret, guarding right
    before the steps to your base; the Inhibitor Turret, guarding your 
    inhibitor; and the Nexus Turret, guarding (you guessed it!) the nexus. On
    the Twisted Treeline, there are only 3 layers. 
    Every turret and minion in the game follows some rules about how to pick a
    target. Every few seconds, they scan the area around them for something to
    attack. Every time something is attacked it gives off a "call for help".
    Minions and turrets prioritize targets in this order:
    1 An enemy champion designated by a call for help from an allied champion.
    2 An enemy minion designated by a call for help from an allied champion.
    3 An enemy minion designated by a call for help from an allied minion.
    4 An enemy turret designated by a call for help from an allied minion.
    5 An enemy champion designated by a call for help from an allied minion.
    6 The closest enemy minion.
    7 The closest enemy champion. 
    As you can see, AI controlled things won't automatically attack you. If 
    you start to attack an allied champion, however, everything will start 
    swarming over you, so be ready to take it. Towers will NOT attack you if 
    there are some of your allied minions around and you attack either the 
    enemy minions or the turret itself, but enemy towers WILL ALWAYS attempt 
    to attack you if you hit an enemy champion. Champions stay close to the 
    turret to try to stay alive while the tower attacks an enemy, it is known
    as "hugging" the turret. When someone tries to attack the enemy champ 
    while in range of the turret, they are said to be "tower diving". There
    are some special things about this strategy.
    Generally, only do it if the enemy is very low health (1-3 hits from 
    death). Each successive attack that a turret lands on you will make its 
    next attack increase in damage. With this being true, going along with an
    ally can be helpful because you can "juggle" the tower to make sure only 
    the minimum damage is inflicted. Simply take turns shooting the enemy, and
    the turret will keep bouncing back and forth between the two of you, 
    negating the attack damage bonus. And before attempting any of this, make
    sure you have some sort of get away mechanism (flash is the best).
    As a final note, almost the only way to damage turrets is with auto attack
    (mages have a percentage of their AP added to their attack). A very select
    set of spells can damage turrets (Rammus' ultimate and Nasus' Siphoning
    Strike are ones that come to me right off the bat). Janna's shield can 
    help to protect turrets but the only way (as of right now) to heal turrets
    is to have Heimerdinger close by (by using his passive). I have also heard
    of some aura items affecting turrets, but haven't found any yet. 
    I should also include the fact that there is one turret behind the 
    spawning fountain that does ridiculous damage in a short amount of time, 
    so don't try and dive into an enemies respawn area.
    [5.5] Neutrals
    These are the monsters that appear in the jungles of Summoner's Rift and
    the Twisted Treeline. They will all grant the champion who does the 
    killing blow some gold and experience. I have alphabetized a list so you
    can see what is what. I haven't taken a huge amount of time on these guys,
    so there is only some basic info.
    Ancient Golem
    Appears on:   Summoner's Rift
    Health:       1450 (+175 per minute)
    Damage:       110
    Armor:        24
    Magic Resist: -34
    Attack Speed: 0.613
    Movement Speed: 200
    First Spawn:  1:55
    Respawn:      5:00
    Gold:         60
    Experience:   220
    Buff:         Crest of the Ancient Golem (lasts for 150 seconds, 
                  transferred to any champ that slays an enemy with this, 
                  causing the timer to restart).
                  This unit regens 1.5% mana (or energy) per second and has 
                  24.00% cooldown reduction on their abilities. If slain, this
                  buff transfers to the killer. 
    Additional Notes: This guy holds a very coveted buff that allows almost 
                  any champ to spam their abilities as much as the like 
                  without having to worry about mana. Some characters can kill
                  this at level one, allowing them to horass more or jungle
                  easier. Also, this creep has negative magic resistance, 
                  making him more vulnerable to spells.
    Baron Nashor
    Description:  This is a very powerful hostile monster, approach with 
                  caution! Killing this monster will yield great monetary and 
                  magical rewards to the team, but it should not be confronted 
    Appears on:   Summoner's Rift
    Health:       8852 (+125 per minute)
    Damage:       550
    Armor:        120
    Magic Resist: 35
    Attack Speed: 0.208
    Movement Speed: immobile
    First Spawn:  15:00
    Respawn:      7:00
    Gold:         250 (global)
    Experience:   900 (global)
    Buff:         Exalted with Baron Nashor (lasts 8 minutes, is removed if 
                  the champ dies)
                  This unit's health and mana are regenerating and he enjoys 
                  increased attack damage and ability power.
                  In other words, +40 AP, +40 Attack Damage, +3% to heatlh 
                  regenerationg, +1% to mana regeneration
    Additional Notes: The most powerful neutral that grants a buff that can 
                  turn the tide of the game. Be careful when you confront it
                  because you'll soon find that your enemy likes to put a ward
                  nearby and many team fights will erupt. I have killed this 
                  solo as Jax and Warwick, but I'm sure others can do it too.
    Appears on:   Summoner's Rift
    Health:       3910
    Damage:       190
    Armor:        21
    Magic Resist: 0
    Attack Speed: 0.658
    Movement Speed: 330
    First Spawn:  2:30
    Respawn:      5:00
    Gold:         25 (130 global)
    Experience:   200 (global)
    Additional Notes: Try to kill this whenever you can because the added gold
                  and experience really can add up over the course of a game.
    Giant Wolf
    Description:  A monster that has a high chance to score a critical hit.
    Appears on:   Summoner's Rift, Twisted Treeline
    Health:       550
    Damage:       26
    Armor:        9
    Magic Resist: -20
    Attack Speed: 0.679
    Movement Speed: 510
    Gold:         25
    Experience:   90
    Additional Notes: These guys can't do much to harm you, but do remember 
                  that they will attack if you have a sunfire cape on.
    Appears on:   Summoner's Rift, Twisted Treeline
    Health:       800
    Damage:       65
    Armor:        12
    Magic Resist: -20
    Attack Speed: 0.613
    Movement Speed: 200
    Gold:         30
    Experience    140
    Additional Notes: Two of these can replace the wolf camp from time to time.
    Lesser Wraith
    Appears on:   Summoner's Rift, Twisted Treeline
    Health:       220
    Damage:       35
    Armor:        30
    Magic Resist: 0
    Attack Speed: 0.638
    Movement Speed: 330
    Gold:         12
    Experience:   20
    Additional Notes: Three of these appear along with a wraith in the camp.
    Lizard Elder
    Appears on:   Summoner's Rift
    Health:       1625
    Damage:       35
    Armor:        24
    Magic Resist: -30
    Attack Speed: 0.625
    Movement Speed: 330
    First Spawn:  1:55
    Respawn:      5:00
    Gold:         60
    Experience:   200
    Buff:         Blessing of the Lizard Elder (lasts for 150 seconds, 
                  transferred to any champ that slays an enemy with this, 
                  causing the timer to restart).
                  This unit's physical attacks slow the target's movement 
                  speed and deal damage based on their level. If the buff 
                  holder is slain, this buff is transferred to their killer.
    Additional Notes: This guy holds a buff that is great for DPS because it 
                  makes your physical attacks not only slow but deal damage 
                  over time.
    Appears on:   Summoner's Rift, Twisted Treeline
    Health:       400
    Armor:        6
    Magic Resist: 0
    Attack Speed: 0.679
    Movement Speed: 510
    Gold:         16
    Experience:   50
    Additional Notes: The largest of the three wolves that appears at the 
                  camps in Summoner's Rift.
    Appears on:   Summoner's Rift, Twisted Treeline
    Health:       350
    Armor:        35
    Magic Resist: 0
    Attack Speed: 0.638
    Movement Speed: 330
    Gold:         35
    Experience:   120
    Additional Notes: The largest of the four wraiths that appears at the 
                  camps in Summoner's Rift.
    Young Lizard
    Appears on:   Summoner's Rift, Twisted Treeline
    Health:       350
    Armor:        8
    Magic Resist: 0
    Attack Speed: 0.679
    Movement Speed: 330
    Gold:         10
    Experience:   30
    Additional Notes: Two of these come along with the Ancient Golem and 
                  Lizard Elder camps in Summoner's Rift.
    [5.6] Items
    Items are what makes up your "build". They greatly affect what and how
    much your character will do in the game. They are bought from the hooded
    pig just outside your respawn area (called the "fountain").
    Because they have recently changed around the item menu, I will be listing
    the items in alphabetical order, instead of the order they appear in the 
    menu. I'll also list my opinion on the item, from what I've seen in game.
    You'll need to know some info on items before you go buying them. First 
    off, if you see UNIQUE passive or UNIQUE active, it means that the passive
    or active doesn't stack if you get two of the same item. For instance, if 
    you buy 2 Madred's Bloodrazor, you'll only do 4% of their max health on 
    strike instead of 8%, but you still stack the other effects. So with one
    Bloodrazor you'd get +35 AD, +40% attack speed, +30 armor, and deal 4% of
    the targets max health on strike. With two of them, you'd get +70 AD, +80%
    attack speed, +60 armor, and deal 4% of the targets max health on strike.
    If you see an item with a passive that doesn't have UNIQUE, then you can
    buy two of them and they will stack (for example, the Rod of Ages).
    Secondly, we have boots. Enhanced movement 1 will give you +50 move speed,
    enhanced movement 2 will give you +70 move speed, enhanced movement speed 
    3 will give you +90 movespeed, and so on. Having more than one pair of 
    boots does NOT stack, so having Ninja Tabi and the Boots of Swiftness will
    not give you enhanced movement speed +5, but you'll still get the effects 
    of both, which will grant you +25 armor and 12% dodge. The game 
    automatically applies the movespeed from the boots that best benefits you.
    Say for example you have Boots of Mobility and Boots of Swiftness. Since 
    Boots of Mobility gives you +5 move speed when you are out of combat, the
    game will apply that when you aren't being attacked. As soon as you are 
    hit, however, they go down to +2 move speed. BUT because you have Boots of
    Swiftness, the game will now give you their move speed, because it is +3.
    As soon as you go out of combat for a while, the Boots of Swiftness revert
    back to +5, so the game then has you use them again.
    But we're not done. Some items like Phantom Dancer give you a percentage 
    added to your base movement speed. Percentages DO stack with each other, 
    so a Phantom Dancer's +15% move speed would stack with Zeal's +8% to give 
    you a grand total of +23%. You apply this to your base move speed before 
    applying the direct bonus of boots.
    But there's more to come in the puzzling calculation. You get diminishing 
    returns with your total movement speed. Anything over 415 is reduced by 
    20% and anything over 490 is reduced by 50%. You can add all of this up to
    get your grand total.
    Third, we have armor. It's equation is "damage reduction = total armor / 
    (100 + total armor)" For instance a champ with 76 armor would have about 
    43% reduced damage from attacks. But now we need to throw in armor 
    penetration. Armor pen 30 would knock off 30 points of armor, so our champ
    with 76 armor would actually have 46 when hit, so damage would be reduced
    by about 32%. But this is still too simple. True damage is a tricky one. 
    800 true damage is supposed to knock through all armor and whatnot to do
    exactly 800 damage, but it doesn't. It goes through all armor and magic 
    penetration in the game, but not OUTSIDE of the game, which is your 
    masteries and runes. If you have a little bit of magic resist in your 
    runes, then this 800 would be reduced.
    So magic resist is calculated in the same way as armor, but magic 
    penetration can be a bit different. Some items like Void Staff give you a 
    percentage magic penetration, as well as there being the normal magic
    penetration. The percentages do stack, but do so at a reduced rate, so a
    Void Staff which gives 40% penetration and Archaic Knowledge (a mastery) 
    that gives +15%, the total comes out to be 49% instead of 55%. The flat 
    penetration is applied to the enemies magic resist before percentages so
    a champ with 40 flat penetration and 40 percent penetration using a spell
    against an enemy with 100 magic resist, the enemy would be treated as if 
    they had 36 magic resist.
    Moving on to attack speed, to find your total you can simply use the 
    equation "attack speed = base speed + (base speed * bonus speed from items/
    masteries/runes/etc.) + (level * attack speed gained per level)". For 
    instance a level 4 Twitch (who has a base attack speed of 0.68 and gains 
    3.2% per level) with a dagger (+15%) and no other runes/masteries/etc. 
    increasing attack speed, the equation would be "attack speed = 0.68 + 
    (0.68 * 0.15) + (4 * 0.032) to come out with a grand total of 0.91 attacks
    a second. Note that attack speed caps at 2.5 attacks per second.
    Cooldown reduction is peculiar. It is unique among the same item, but not
    among different items. For instance if you have 2 Deathfire Grasp (+15%),
    you'll only get a total of +15%. However if you have a Deathfire Grasp 
    (+15%) and a Fiendish Codex (+10%), you'll get a grand total of +25%. 
    Cooldown reduction caps at 40%.
    Dodge is how likely you are to avoid a physical attack from your enemy. 
    You can have 2 of the same item that gives dodge chance (or two different
    items) and you'll still receive dodge chance from both of them, but with 
    each point you get, the less each point counts for.
    Spell vamp and lifesteal each convert a percentage of damage done to the 
    enemy into health for you. Spell vamp is for magic damage, while lifesteal
    is for physical damage. The percentage is applied after magic resistance/
    Now that we have all of that useless knowledge with us, we can look at the
    items themselves.
    [5.6.1] Consumables
    These items are used once, then they disappear from your inventory forever.
    Item                Price   Stats     
    Elixir of Agility    250   Grants +12-22% Attack Speed, based on champion 
                               level, and 8% Critical Strike for 4 minutes.
    -This can be great if your build relies on critical strike, because it 
     gives this and attack speed. You should usually save this for the latter
     phases of the game when your build is more complete to get its full 
     benefits. It can also be used if you are losing the game, because its stat
     to gold ratio is excellent, even if it only lasts for 4 minutes
    Elixir of Brilliance 250   Grants +20-40 ability power, based on champion
                               level, and reduces cooldowns by 10% for 4 
    -If you are a caster, this item is great at any point in the game.
    Elixir of Fortitude  250    +140-235 health and 10 attack damage, based
                                on champion level, for 4 minutes
    -This item can be switched out for your starting item, because it can be 
     used like heal in the early game, instantly restoring health to you in a
     situation where you would otherwise die. It also gives massive attack and
     health benefits to anyone who uses it in the laning phase, which can help
     them gank others. But despite all of its uses, remember that it only 
     lasts for 4 minutes, then it is gone forever.
    Health Potion        35     Restores 200 health over 20 seconds
    -Mostly used at the start of the game to sustain a champions health, this
     is almost ubiquitous during the laning phase.
    Mana Potion          40     Restores 100 mana over 20 seconds
    -Again, the mana potion is mostly used in the early game to help champs 
     who run low on mana
    Oracle's Elixir      400    Stealth detection to champion until death
    -This is great if you are facing off against Twitch, Evelynn, Shaco, Teemo,
     or if the enemy is spamming sight wards. Be careful, though, because when
     a stealthy character sees you with this, they will hunt you to the end of
     the earth.
    Sight Ward           75     Places an invisible ward with 1100 range. 
                                Lasts 3 minutes, max: 3 stacks.
    -This is a truly great item. It only costs 90 gold, and can prevent you
     from being ganked time and time again. Place these in between the middle
     lane and your side lane to prevent any surprises from your enemies, and 
     place them throughout the jungle when the laning phase ends, so you know
     what your enemy is doing.
    Vision Ward          125    Places an invisible ward with 1000 range 
                                magical sight (can see invisible units), lasts
                                3 minutes, max: 3 stacks.
    -These are like Sight Wards, but use these when you are going up against 
     champs that can go invisible.
    [5.6.2] Basic Items
    These items are used to build into other items, and are the start of the 
    Item                Price   Stats               Builds
    Amplifying Tome      435    +20 Ability Power   Fiendish Codex, Kage's 
                                                    Lucky Pick, Mejai's 
                                                    Soulstealer, Rylai's 
                                                    Crystal Scepter, Sheen, 
                                                    Haunting Guise, Hextech
                                                    Revolver, Void Staff, Will
                                                    of the Ancients
    -A possible starting item that builds into many more useful items.
    B. F. Sword         1850    +50 Attack Damage   Infinity Edge, The Black
                                                    Cleaver, The Bloodthirster
    -The most expensive basic item, this gives a whopping +50 AD and builds 
     into other high AD items. Great if you are a physical DPS.
    Blasting Wand        860    +40 Ability Power   Abyssal Scepter, 
                                                    Archangel's Staff, 
                                                    Guinsoo's Rageblade, Lich
                                                    Bane, Rod of Ages, Rylai's
                                                    Crystal Scepter, Zhonya's
                                                    Ring, Void Staff
    -Pretty much the same as the Amplifying Tome, but doubled.
    Boots of Speed       350    Enhanced Movement +1 Berserker's Greaves, Boots
                                                    of Mobility, Boots of 
                                                    Swiftness, Mercury's 
                                                    Treads, Ninja Tabi, 
                                                    Sorcerer's Shoes
    -The default boot that builds every other one. You could try to have this
     as your starting item along with a few potions.
    Brawler's Gloves     400    +8% Critical Strike Avarice Blade, 
                                                    Executioner's Calling, 
    -Some champs relying on critical chance (Gangplank, Tryndamere) can try 
     having this as their starting item.
    Chain Vest           700    +40 Armor           Atma's Impaler, Frozen 
                                                    Heart, Guardian Angel, 
                                                    Sunfire Cape, Thornmail,
                                                    Warden's Mail
    -This is a step on to building some of the best tanky items such as 
     Guardian Angel, Sunfire Cape, and Thornmail.
    Cloak of Agility     880    +18% Critical Strike Atma's Impaler, Infinity
                                                    Edge, Phantom Dancer
    -Known for building the Infinity Edge and the Phantom Dancer.
    Cloth Armor          300    +18 Armor           Aegis of the Legion, 
                                                    Frozen Heart, Guardian 
                                                    Angel, Heart of Gold,
                                                    Madred's Razors, Ninja 
                                                    Tabi, Thornmail
    -This combined with 5 Health Potions makes up the basis of most jungler 
     builds, as it can build into Madred's Razors.
    Dagger               420    +15% Attack Speed   Berserker's Greaves, 
                                                    Malady, Phantom Dancer,
                                                    Stinger, Zeal, Sword of 
                                                    the Divine
    -Some physical DPS could try this as a starting item with potions.
    Doran's Blade        475    +100 Health,       
                                +9 Damage, 
                                +3% Life Steal
    -Doran's items are a good way to start out the game, as they offer a nice 
     damage boost for last hitting minions. Even with the 100 health, you'll 
     still be vulnerable to harassment, however.
    Doran's Ring         475    +100 Health,
                                +5 Mana Regen/5 sec
                                +15 Ability Power
    -The Doran's item for casters
    Doran's Shield       475    +120 Health
                                +10 Armor
                                +8 Health Regen/5 sec
    -Doran's item for tanks, but it can be used for DPS as well
    Faerie Charm         180    +3 Mana Regen/5 sec Mana Manipulator, Tear of 
                                                    the Goddess, Tiamat
    -The cheapest non-consumable item in the game, this can still be valuable
     to casters
    Giants Belt         1100    +430 Health         Frozen Mallet, Rylai's 
                                                    Crystal Scepter, Soul 
                                                    Shroud, Sunfire Cape
                                                    Warmog's Armor
    -Adds a hefty amount of health to any champion.
    Long Sword           415    +10 Attack Damage   Last Whisper, Madred's 
                                                    Razors, Phage, Tiamat, 
                                                    The Black Cleaver, The 
    -Could be used as a starting item, and is also used to build many higher 
     level AD weapons.
    Meki Pendant         390    +7 Mana Regen/5 Sec Chalice of Harmony, 
                                                    Fiendish Codex, 
                                                    Philosopher's Stone
    -If your champ runs low on mana early-game, this is where you should turn.
     Some mana potions can also be included.
    Needlessly Large Rod 1600   +80 Ability Power   Zhonya's Ring
    -Adds a huge amount of AP and always builds into the mighty Zhonya's
    Negatron Cloak       740    +48 Magic Resistance Abyssal Scepter,
                                                    Banshee's Veil, Force of 
                                                    Nature, Quicksilver Sash
    -Usually bought on the way to higher level items.
    Null Magic Mantle    400    +24 Magic Resistance Aegis of the Legion, 
                                                    Chalice of Harmony, 
                                                    Guardian Angel, Mercury's 
                                                    Treads, Spirit Visage,
                                                    Wit's End, Lich Bane
    -Again, usually bought on the way to higher tier items.
    Pickaxe              975    +25 Attack Damage   Bilgewater Cutlass, 
                                                    Guinsoo's Rageblade, 
                                                    Infinity Edge, Madred's
                                                    Bloodrazor, Tiamat
    -Critical for a number of higher tier items.
    Recurve Bow         1075    +40% Attack Speed   Last Whisper, Madred's 
                                                    Bloodrazor, Sword of the 
                                                    Divine, Stark's Fervor,
                                                    Wit's End
    -A very powerful item that will drastically increase your attack speed.
    Regrowth Pendant     475    +15 Health Regen/5 sec Philosopher's Stone, 
                                                    Force of Nature, Warmog's
    -A very popular starting item, this will allow you to endure all but the 
     most dedicated harassers. You won't be able to buy any health potions at
     the start of the match, though.
    Rejuvenation Bead    250    +8 Health Regen/5 sec Emblem of Valour, Spirit
                                                    Visage, Tiamat, Warden's 
    -If you want health regen AND some health potions, you could take this 
     instead of a Regrowth Pendant. Alternatively, you could take the Faerie 
     Charm as well if you need mana.
    Ruby Crystal         475    +180 Health         Aegis of the Legion, 
                                                    Catalyst the Protector,
                                                    Haunting Guise, Heart of
                                                    Gold, Leviathan, Phage,
                                                    Warmog's Armor
    -Dedicated tanks can take this as their first item.
    Sapphire Crystal     400    200 Mana            Sheen, Tear of the 
                                                    Goddess, Catalyst the 
                                                    Protector, Glacial Shroud
    -If your champion needs a large amount of mana at the start of the game 
     (for example: Veigar, Signed), you can get this to start out with.
    Vampiric Scepter     450    +12% Life Steal     Bilgewater Cutlass, Emblem
                                                    of Valour, Executioner's 
                                                    Calling, Malady, The 
                                                    Bloodthirster, Wriggle's 
    -The start of every other lifesteal item, although it is possible to buy 
     this from the start, you may want to consider other options first.
    [5.6.3] Advanced Items
    An advanced item is one that can be built out of some arrangement of basic
    items. Most of them have some sort of passive or active (you have to click
    on the item to use an active). Some of them can go on to build legendary
    items, which provide even better stats.
    Item              Price   Stats       Ability        Builds     Recipe
    Abyssal Scepter   2650    +70 Ability UNIQUE Aura -             Blasting
                              Power, +60  Reduces the               Wand,
                              Magic       Magic                     Negatron
                              Resistance  Resistance of             Cloak
                                          nearby enemy              
                                          champions by 
    -Because it grants ability power and magic resistance, it is exceptional
     on any mage-tank hybrid, especially against a team of casters.
    Aegis of the Legion 1925  +270 Health, UNIQUE Aura -            Ruby 
                              +18 Armor,  +12 Armor, +24            Crystal,
                              +24 Magic   Magic Resist,             Null-Magic
                              Resistance  +8 Attack                 Mantle,
                                          Damage to                 Cloth Armor
                                          nearby allied
    -This is essential to any support champ that wants to help their team 
     survive, like Soraka.
    Atma's Impaler    2405    +50 Armor,  UNIQUE Passive -          Cloak of
                              +18%        Your physical             Agility,
                              Critical    damage is                 Chain Vest
                              Strike      increased by 
                                          2% of your 
                                          maximum health
    -High health champs get the most benefit out of this, and if you see your
     enemies not focusing you when you are a tank, you could take this to make
     yourself more threatening. 
    Avarice Blade     750     +12%        Gain an        Youmuu's   Brawler's
                              Critical    additional 5   Ghostblade Gloves
                              Strike      gold every 10
    -Many people like these kinds of items because of the extra gold they give.
     Generally speaking, you should only have 1-2 of these max, because 
     anything else would be a waste (because you have to sell them back to get
     slots available for better items). This pays for itself every 25 minutes.
    Berserker's Greaves 920   +25% Attack UNIQUE - Enhanced         Dagger,
                              Speed       movement 2                Boots of 
    -These boots are best on physical DPS because of the attack speed they 
    Bilgewater Cutlass 1900   +35 Attack  UNIQUE Active-   Hextech  Pickaxe,
                              Damage, +15% Deals 200 magic Gunblade Vampiric
                              Life Steal  damage and slows          Scepter
                                          the target
                                          champion for 2
                                          seconds (400
                                          range). 60 
                                          second cooldown
    -This is usually just an item that AP/AD hybrids buy when going for the 
     Hextech Gunblade.
    Boots of Mobility 1000                UNIQUE -                  Boots of
                                          Enhanced                  Speed
                                          movement 2.
                                          When out of 
                                          combat for 5
                                          seconds the 
                                          effect of these
                                          boots is 
                                          increased to 
                                          movement 5
    -Great if you need to gank a lot or you have a very slow character. Watch
     out though, because once you are attacked, your movespeed will drop 
    Boots of Swiftness 1000               UNIQUE -                  Boots of
                                          Enhaced                   Speed
                                          movement 3
    -If you have a slow champ (310 movespeed or less), then these are a must
     to escape deadly situations.
    Catalyst the      1325    +290 Health, Restores 300  Banshee's   Ruby 
    Protector                 +325 Mana   Health and 250 Veil,       Crystal,
                                          mana upon      Innervating Sapphire
                                          leveling up    Locket, Rod Crystal
                                                         of Ages
    -If you see one of these early on in the game, it almost always means that
     the champ will get a Rod of Ages.
    Chalice of Harmony 890    +30 Magic   UNIQUE Passive -          Meki
                              Resistance, Increases your            Pendant,
                              +7.5 Mana   Mana Regen by             Null-Magic
                              Regen/5     1% per 1% you             Mantle
                              sec         are missing
    -For a low price, this item has a great unique ability. When you are 
     completely out of mana, your mana regen is doubled. This helps champs 
     that need some mana but aren't going AP (Master Yi, for example).
    Emblem of Valour   800    +17% Life   UNIQUE Aura -  Stark's    Vampiric
                              Steal       Nearby allied  Fervor     Scepter,
                                          champions gain            Rejuvenation
                                          10 Health                 Bead
                                          Regen 5/sec
    -This is great for laning and is still effective during the latter parts 
     of the game, when you have bought Starks Fervor, of course.
    Executioner's     1600    +18%        UNIQUE Passive -          Brawler's
    Calling                   Life Steal, On hit, you               Gloves,
                              +15%        cause 4 damage            Vampiric
                              Critical    per second for            Scepter
                              Strike      8 seconds.
                                          UNIQUE Active -
                                          Attacks inflict
                                          enemy with 
                                          Grievious Wounds,
                                          causing 50% 
                                          reduced healing
                                          for 8 seconds. 
                                          20 second 
    -If you need critical strike and lifesteal (Tryndamere perhaps), than this
     item is for you.
    Fiendish Codex    1245    +30 Ability UNIQUE Passive- Deathfire Meki 
                              Power, +7   10% cooldown   Grasp,     Pendant,
                              Mana Regen/5 reduction     Nashor's   Amplifying
                              sec                        Tooth      Tome
    -A good item to get the first time you go back to the shop because it 
     grants additional ability power as well as mana regen AND builds into two
     good items.
    Force of Nature   2690    +76 Magic   UNIQUE Passive-           Regrowth
                              Resistance, Restores 0.35%            Pendant,
                              +40 HP      of your                   Regrowth
                              Regen/5 sec, champions                Pendant,
                              +8% Movement maximum health           Negatron
                              Speed       every second              Cloak
    -If you are a HP stacking tank who needs health regen, look no further.
     This is especially useful if you are going up against a team of mages.
    Glacial Shroud    1675    +425 Mana,  UNIQUE Passive-  Frozen   Sapphire
                              +45 Armor   Reduces ability  Heart    Crystal,
                                          cooldowns by              Chain Vest
    -Best for mage/tanks such as Nunu, Sion, or Singed.
    Guardian Angel    2600    +68 Armor,  UNIQUE Passive-           Null-Magic
                              +40 Magic   Revives your              Mantle, 
                              Resistance  champion upon             Cloth
                                          death, restoring          Armor,
                                          40% of their              Chain Vest
                                          Health and Mana.
                                          This effect can
                                          only occur once
                                          every 5 minutes.
    -This is VERY useful for tanks because it not only makes them more 
     resistant to damage, but also alows them to charge right into the middle
     of battle without fear of dying (so long as they can get away with 40% of
     their health).
    Guinsoo's Rageblade 2235  +35 Attack  Passive - On attack,      Pickaxe,
                              Damage, +45 increases your            Blasting
                              Ability     Attack Speed by           Wand
                              Power       4% and Ability
                                          Power by 6.
                                          Lasts 5 seconds
                                          (stacks up to
                                          8 times).
    -There are a number of things that make this item unique. First off, its 
     named after the designer of the game (Steve "Guinsoo"). Secondly, it is
     one of only 3 items that gives ability power and attack damage. Finally,
     it is the only item that stacks with every attack. Because it gives AP
     and attack speed, it is ideal for AP/AD hybrids, such as Jax and Akali.
    Haunting Guise    1485    +200 Health, UNIQUE Passive-          Ruby 
                              +25 Ability  +20 Magic                Crystal,
                              Power        Penetration              Amplifying
    -Good if you are a mage in need of more health.
    Heart of Gold      975    +200 Health, Generates 5   Randuin's  Ruby
                              +27 Armor    Gold every 10 Omen       Crystal,
                                           Seconds                  Cloth
    -Because tanks don't get many kills, many will be tempted to add 1 or 2 of
     these onto their champion builds. Just keep in mind that you should never
     get more than two of these during one game, as you'll be at a net loss of
     gold when you have to sell these for better items. This pays for itself 
     in 32 and a half minutes, or 16 minutes and 16 seconds if you plan to 
     sell it off.
    Hexdrinker        1800    +35 Attack   UNIQUE Passive-          Long
                              Damage, +30  If you would             Sword,
                              Magic        take damage              Long
                              Resistance   which would              Sword,
                                           leave you with           Null-
                                           less than 30%            Magic
                                           of your maximum          Mantle
                                           Health, you 
                                           first gain a 
                                           shield which
                                           absorbs 300 
                                           magic damage
                                           for 4 seconds.
                                           60 second
    -A mid game item than can help physical damage dealers if they are in a 
     game with a bunch of burst AP mages.
    Hextech Revolver  1200    +40 Ability                Hextech    Amplifying
                              Power, +10%                Gunblade   Tome,
                              Spell Vamp                            Amplifying
    -This is good for mages but will build into a AP/AD hybrid item, so it is 
     best for those types of champs.
    Infinity Edge     4080    +80 Attack  UNIQUE Passive-           BF Sword,
                              Damage,     Critical hits             Pickaxe,
                              +20%        now deal 250%             Cloak of
                              Critical    damage instead            Agility
                              Strike      of 200%
    -Even though its only an advanced item (because its made out of all basic
     items), this is the most expensive thing in the game, and for good reason.
     It gives the highest attack boost of any item (the Bloodthirster gives 
     more, but only with its passive). It also grants a larger chance of 
     getting a critical hit, and makes them 50% more damaging. This is 
     essential for any champ or build focusing on getting critical hits (you'll
     almost always see this on Tryndamere, and often times on ranged physical
    Ionian Boots of    1050               UNIQUE Passive-           Boots of 
    Lucidity                              Enhanced                  Speed
                                          Movement Speed 2,
                                          15% Cooldown 
    -Good on champs that need a fair amount of cooldown reduction but don't 
     rely too heavily on their boots to escape.
    Kage's Lucky Pick  765    +25 Ability Passive -      Deathfire  Amplifying
                              Power       Generates 5    Grasp      Tome
                                          Gold every
                                          10 seconds
    -The gold generating item for mages. As always, don't get more than two 
     (although only one is advised). This takes 25 minutes and 30 seconds to
     pay for itself, or 12 minutes and 46 seconds if you plan to sell it.
    Kindlegem         850     +200 Health UNIQUE Passive- Shurelya's Ruby Crystal
                                          10% Cooldown    Reverie,
                                          Reduction       Soul Shroud,
                                                          Spirit Visage
    -Good on tanks who need cooldown reduction.
    Last Whisper      1965    +10 Attack  UNIQUE Passive-           Long Sword,
                              Damage,     Attacks penetrate         Recurve 
                              +40% Attack 40% of the                Bow
                              Speed       defender's armor
    -Because of the 40% armor penetration, this is good if you are going up
     against a beefy team of tanks. Combined it with Madreds Bloodrazor to 
     maximize efficiency.
    Leviathan         1275    +180 Health UNIQUE Passive-           Ruby 
                                          Your champion             Crystal
                                          gains 32 health
                                          per stack, 
                                          receiving 2 
                                          stacks for a 
                                          kill and 1 stack
                                          for an assist. 
                                          This effect can
                                          stack up to 20
                                          times; you lose
                                          a third of your
                                          stacks if you 
                                          die. At 20 
                                          stacks, your 
                                          champion takes
                                          15% less damage.
    -The snowball item for tanks, be careful if you decide to use it. Since
     tanks "usually" don't get many kills, you may have to get stacks entirely
     from assists. While this will make your champion have more health, it can
     have the effect of making you more cautious to preserve your stacks, and
     tanks simply cannot afford that luxury.
    Madred's Razors   1000    +15 Attack  UNIQUE Passive- Madred's    Long
                              Damage, +23 15% chance on   Bloodrazor, Sword,
                              Armor       attack to deal  Wriggle's   Cloth
                                          500 damage to a Lantern     Armor
    -This is good if you plan to jungle, because of the extra damage to 
     minions and neutrals.
    Malady            1825    +25 Ability UNIQUE Passive-           Dagger,
                              Power,      Your physical             Dagger,
                              +50% Attack attacks shred             Amplifying
                              Speed       your target,              Tome
                                          doing 20 magic 
                                          damage and 
                                          reducing their 
                                          magic resistance
                                          by 6 for 8
                                          seconds. Stacks
                                          up to 4 Times
    -Good for AP/AD hybrids.
    Mana Manipulator   475                UNIQUE Aura -  Innervating Faerie
                                          +7.2 mana      Locket,     Charm,
                                          regen (per 5)  Soul Shroud Faerie
                                          to nearby                  Charm
    -If you are a support champion laning with a mage, this item can help
     sustain your pushes.
    Mejai's Soulstealer 1235  +20 Ability UNIQUE Passive-           Amplifying
                              Power       Your champion             Tome
                                          gains 8 ability
                                          power per stack,
                                          receiving 2 
                                          stacks for a kill
                                          or 1 stack for an
                                          assist. This 
                                          effect can stack
                                          20 times; you lose
                                          a third of your 
                                          stacks if you die.
                                          At 20 stacks,
                                          your champions 
                                          cooldowns are 
                                          reduced by 15%
    -The snowball item for mages. Just be careful that you don't die too many
     times for this to be effective.
    Mercury's Treads  1200    +25 Magic   UNIQUE -                  Boots of
                              Resistance  Enhanced Movement         Speed,
                                          2. UNIQUE                 Null-
                                          Passive -                 Magic
                                          Reduces the               Mantle
                                          duration of 
                                          stuns, slows,
                                          taunts, fears,
                                          snares, sleeps,
                                          and immobilizers
                                          bt 35%
    -If you see that your enemy has lots of stuns (or CC of any kind) than 
     these are absolutely essential if you wish to survive.
    Ninja Tabi         850    +25 Armor,  UNIQUE -                  Boots of
                              +12% Dodge  Enhanced                  Speed,
                                          movement 2                Cloth 
    -These are essentially the boots of tanks (although Jax always has them 
    Phage             1315    +225 Health, 25% chance on Frozen     Ruby 
                              +18 Attack   hit to reduce Mallet,    Crystal,
                              Damage       your target's Trinity    Long Sword
                                           movement      Force
                                           speed by 30%
                                           for 2.5 
    -If you are a tank/AD hybrid, this is for you. This is also good for tanks
     who simply wish to slow their enemies.
    Philosopher's     1090    +10 Mana     Gain an                  Regrowth
    Stone                     Regen/5 sec, additional               Pendant,
                              +22.5 Health 5 gold every             Meki
                              Regen/5 sec  10 seconds               Pendant
    -Another gold over time item. This one features health and mana regen, so
     it is a good option to go for as soon as you have enough gold. You should
     only buy 1 of these, because the regen is good during the laning phase,
     but is worth less during the team fight portion. This pays for itself in
     37 minutes and 10 seconds, or 18 minutes and 36 seconds if you sell it.
    Quicksilver Sash  1440    +48 Magic   Active - Removes          Negatron
                              Resistance  all debuffs from          Cloak
                                          your character.
                                          120 second 
    -The only item to have a non unique passive, this was added after the nerf
     of the summoner spell Cleanse. This will remove ALL debuffs, including CC
     and damage over time.
    Rulai's Crystal   3105    +550 Health, Passive -                Amplifying
    Scepter                   +80 Ability Your spell                Tome, 
                              Power       damage slows              Blasting
                                          the target's              Wand,
                                          movement speed            Giant's 
                                          by 35% for 1.5            Belt
                                          seconds (15%
                                          for multi-
                                          target spells)
    -Great for mages because it not only gives AP and a huge amount of health,
     but your spells slow your targets, making it much more difficult for 
     them to run away.
    Sheen             1260    +250 Mana,  UNIQUE Passive
                              +25 Ability Every time you 
                              Power       use an ability,
                                          your next 
                                          physical attack
                                          deals 80% extra
                                          base damage
    -This can be good for AP/AD hybrids... to an extent. Note that the passive
     does not stack with Trinity Force or Lich Bane.
    Sorcerer's Shoes  1100    +20 Magic   UNIQUE -                  Boots of
                              Penetration Enhanced                  Speed
                                          Movement 2
    -These boots are primarily used for mages.
    Stinger           1140    +40% Attack UNIQUE Passive- Nashor's  Dagger,
                              Speed       10% cooldown    Tooth     Dagger
    -This is good if you plan on being an AD/AP hybrid, because of the 
     increased attack speed and cooldown reduction
    Sunfire Cape      2510    +450 Health UNIQUE passive-           Chain Vest,
                              +45 Armor   40 magic damage           Giant's 
                                          a second to               Belt
                                          nearby enemies
    -A very common item. It is great on tanks because it lets them charge into
     the middle of combat and do 40 damage to all enemies every second. 
    Sword of the      2170    +55% Attack UNIQUE Passive-           Recurve
    Divine                    Speed       Every fourth              Bow,
                                          attack deals              Dagger
                                          100 extra 
                                          Magic Damage.
                                          UNIQUE Active-
                                          Your attacks 
                                          cannot be dodged
                                          and you gain 30
                                          armor penetration
                                          for 8 seconds (40
                                          second cooldown).
    -An item best suited for physical DPS. This an effective counter against
     enemies that seem to be dodging your attacks a lot (Jax). 
    Sword of the      1369    +10 Attack  UNIQUE Passive-           Long Sword
    Occult                    Damage      your champion
                                          gains +5 damage
                                          per stack, 
                                          receiving two
                                          stacks for a kill
                                          or one stack for
                                          an assist. You
                                          lose a third of 
                                          your stacks if 
                                          you die. At 20
                                          stacks, your 
                                          movement speed is
                                          increased by 15%
    -The final edition in a trio of snowball items. Once again, this is great
     if you can get enough kills but be careful about buying it if you seem
     to be dying a lot.
    Tear of the        980    +350 Mana,  UNIQUE Passive- Archangel's Faerie
    Goddess                   +5 mana     Each time your  Staff       Charm,
                              regen/5 sec champion uses               Sapphire
                                          an ability                  Crystal
                                          their maximum
                                          mana will 
                                          increase by 4
                                          mana. This 
                                          effect has a 3
                                          second cooldown.
                                          Bonus caps at
                                          1000 mana
    -Perfect for any mage that runs low on mana. This can be built into the 
     mighty Archangel's for tons of ability power.
    The Black Cleaver 3065    +75 Attack  Physical attacks          Dagger,
                              Damage      reduce your               BF Sword
                                          target's armor
                                          by 15 for 5
                                          seconds (maximum
                                          3 stacks)
    -Offers a huge amount of damage and armor reduction. Good for physical DPS
     who need damage to counter a tanky team.
    The Bloodthirster 3200    +60 Attack  Passive - Gain an         Vampiric
                              +15% Life   additional 1              Scepter,
                              Steal       physical damage           BF Sword
                                          and 0.25% life
                                          steal per kill.
                                          Maximum of +40
                                          damage and +10%
                                          life steal. 
                                          Bonuses are lost
                                          upon death
    -Because you get +1 attack for every minion you kill, the maximum stats
     of this item is +100 attack and +25% life steal. This essentially makes 
     this item give more attack than any other item in the game. It also gives
     a hefty amount of life steal, which allows you to stay out in the field 
     longer. Best on physical DPS.
    The Brutalizer    1337    +25 Attack  UNIQUE Passive- Youmuu's   Long Sword,
                              Damage      Reduces ability Ghostblade Long Sword
                                          cooldowns by 
                                          10% and +15
                                          armor penetration
    -Usually bought on the way to Youmuu's, good if you use abilities a lot 
     but are primarily a DPS.
    Thornmail         2000    +100 Armor  UNIQUE Passive-           Cloth
                                          On being hit by           Armor,
                                          standard attacks,         Chain Vest
                                          returns 30% of 
                                          damage taken as
                                          magic damage. A
                                          minimum of 15 
                                          damage must be
    -The best counter for a team of physical DPS. This is great on tanks or 
     anyone who is soaking up a lot of damage.
    Tiamat            2070    +42 Attack  Passive - Your            Pickaxe,
                              Damage, +15 attacks splash,           Long Sword,
                              HP regen/5  dealing physical          Faerie
                              sec, +4     damage in a small         Charm,
                              mana regen  area around the           Rejuvenation
                              5/sec       target                    Bead
    -The Tiamat is a weird little item. It deals 50% splash for melee attacks
     and 33% for ranged. It is good on physical DPS but also helps mages with
     its mana regen. It's passive stacks, so multiple Tiamats can lead to some
     interesting results.
    Void Staff        2295    +70 Ability UNIQUE Passive-           Amplifying
                              Power       40% magic                 Tome,
                                          penetration               Blasting
    -This is especially good for mages who have to deal with magic resistance
     stacking tanks.
    Warden's Mail     1350    +60 Armor,  Passive - 20%  Randuin's  Chain Vest,
                              +25 HP      chance to      Omen       Rejuvenation
                              regen/5 sec reduce physical           Bead
                                          movement and
                                          attack speed
                                          by 35% for 3
    -A tank item that can hinder the attack and escape mechanisms of physical
    Warmog's Armor    3150    +770 Health,Passive -                 Giant's
                              +30 Health  Permanently gain          Belt,
                              Regen/5 sec 3.6 health and            Ruby 
                                          .5 health regen           Crystal,
                                          per 5 sec per             Regrowth
                                          minion kill.              Pendant
                                          Champion kills
                                          grant 36 health
                                          and 5 health 
                                          regen per 5 sec.
                                          Bonuses cap at
                                          +450 health and
                                          +62.5 health regen
                                          per 5
    -An item that is good for tanks who need lots of health and can farm creeps
     quickly... I really can't think of one though.
    Wit's End         2150    +40% Attack UNIQUE Passive-           Recurve 
                              Speed, +30  Physical attacks          Bow, Null-
                              Magic       remove up to 42           Magic 
                              Resistance  mana from the             Mantle
                                          target and deal
                                          additional damage
                                          equal to the 
                                          amount of mana 
    -If you are a physical DPS facing off against mages, this is the item for
    Zeal              1195    +20% Attack                Phantom    Dagger,
                              Speed, +10%                Dancer,    Brawler's 
                              Critical                   Trinity    Gloves
                              Strike, +8%                Force
    -This not only increases your chance to get a critical strike, but also
     makes you move and attack faster. Great if you have a champion build that
     uses critical strike.
    Zhonya's          3300    +50 Armor,   UNIQUE Active-           Chain Vest,
    Hourglass                 +100 Ability Places your              Needlessly
                              Power        champion into            Large Rod
                                           stasis for 2 
                                           rendering you
                                           and unable to 
                                           take any action.
                                           90 second 
    -An extremely powerful item in the right hands, several champion's 
     abilities, such as Fiddlestick's and Kennen's Ult will still do damage 
     while the active is engaged
    [5.6.4] Legendary Items
    A legendary item is something that is built out of 1 or more advanced 
    items, and can also be made up of basic items. These are the final tier
    and usually offer the best effects. These are the epitome of any build, 
    and can radically alter how useful your champion is in the game.
    Item         Price   Stats            Ability                 Recipe
    Archangel's  2840    +400 Mana, +25    Passive - 3% of your   Tear of the
    Staff                Mana Regen/5 sec, max mana is converted  Goddess,
                         +45 Ability Power into ability power     Blasting
                                          UNIQUE Passive - Each   Wand
                                          time your champion 
                                          uses an ability their
                                          maximum mana will
                                          increase by 4 mana
                                          (capped at 1000). This
                                          effect has a 3 second
    -A great choice for all mages because it will be quite difficult to run 
     out of mana. It also gives a nice sized chunk of AP too.
    Banshee's    2715    +450 Health,     UNIQUE Passive - Blocks Negatron 
    Veil                 +400 Mana, +57   one negative spell      Cloak, 
                         Magic Resistance every 45 seconds        Catalyst the
    -Counters burst-mages extremely well, and gives some awesome health and 
     mana, making it an extremely valuable item.
    Deathfire    2610    +60 Ability      UNIQUE Passive - 15%    Kage's Lucky
    Grasp                Power, +15 Mana  cooldown reduction      Pick,
                         Regen/5 sec      UNIQUE Active - Deals   Fiendish
                                          magic damage to target  Codex
                                          champion equal to 30%
                                          of their current health
                                          (+3.5% per 100 ability
                                          power) with a minimum
                                          of 200 damage. 1 minute
    -This is great on champions with a high amount of AP (due to the active),
     such as Veigar.
    Frozen Heart 2800    +99 Armor, +500  UNIQUE Passive- Reduces Cloth Armor,
                         Mana             cooldowns by 20% and    Cloth Armor,
                                          reduces the attack      Glacial
                                          speed of nearby enemies Shroud
                                          by 20%
    -Another good item for mage/tanks, this time featuring armor, mana, and an
     aura that reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies.
    Frozen Mallet 3290   +700 Health, +20 UNIQUE Passive-Physical Phage, 
                         Attack Damage    attacks slow enemy's    Giant's Belt
                                          movement speed by 30%
                                          for 2.25 seconds
    -A rare find because it is not only good for tanks but also for physical 
     DPS. It adds a good deal of survivability to melee physical DPS, and 
     helps slow so your enemy cannot escape. Similar to Rylai's.
    Hextech      3700    +60 Attack       UNIQUE Active - Deals   Hextech 
    Gunblade             Damage, +75      300 magic damage and    Revolver,
                         Ability Power,   slows the target        Bilgewater
                         +15% Life Steal, champion by 50% for 3   Cutlass
                         +13% Spell Vamp  seconds (700 range).
                                          60 second cooldown.
    -Besides Guinsoo's this is the best item for AP/AD hybrids. This one 
     almost seems to be custom made for Akali
    Innervating  2650    +475 Health,     UNIQUE Aura - Restores  Mana 
    Locket               +450 Mana        9 mana to nearby allies Manipulator,
                                          every 5 seconds         Catalyst the
                                          UNIQUE Passive - Using  Protector
                                          an ability buffs 
                                          surrounding champions
                                          to restore 50 health
                                          and 20 mana over 2 
                                          seconds. This effect has
                                          a 4 second cooldown
    -Good for any tank or support who stays around their allies.
    Lich Bane    3470    +350 Mana, +80   UNIQUE - When you use   Sheen, Null-
                         Ability Power,   an ability, your next   Magic Mantle,
                         +30 Magic        physical attack deals   Blasting
                         Resistance, +7%  an additional 100% of   Wand
                         Movement Speed   your ability power in 
                                          damage. This effect has
                                          a 3 second cooldown
    -This can allow hybrid builds for champions with high AP ratios, such as 
     Ezreal or Master Yi. Note that this passive does not stack with Sheen or
     Trinity Force.
    Madred's     3800    +35 Attack       UNIQUE Passive - On hit, Madred's
    Bloodrazor           Damage, +40      deals magic damage       Razors,
                         Attack Speed,    equal to 4% of the       Pickaxe,
                         +30 Armor        target's maximum health  Recurve Bow
    -The best counter against a team of tanks. This becomes devastating if 
     a champion uses this with high attack speed.
    Manamune     2110    +350 Mana,       UNIQUE Passive - 2% of   Tear of the 
                         +7 Mana Regen/   your max Mana is         Goddess,
                         5 sec, +20       converted to Attack      Long Sword
                         Attack Damage    Damage
                                          UNIQUE Passive - Each
                                          time you attack, you 
                                          gain one maximum mana
                                          (3 second cooldown).
                                          Each time you use an 
                                          ability, you gain four
                                          maximum mana. Bonuses 
                                          cap at 1000 mana.
    -The physical equivalent of the Archmage's Staff, this is perfect for 
     physical champs that need large amounts of mana to be effective.
    Morello's    2350    +75 Ability      UNIQUE Passive - +20%   Fiendish 
    Evil Tome            Power, +12       Cooldown Reduction      Codex, 
                         Mana regen/                              Blasting Wand
                         5 sec
    -Very similar to Deathfire Grasp, this item sacrifices the active to gain 
     slightly superior stats. 
    Nashor's     2885    +50% Attack      UNIQUE Passive - +25%   Stinger, 
    Tooth                Speed, +55       Cooldown Reduction      Fiendish
                         Ability Power,                           Codex
                         +10 Mana Regen/
                         5 sec
    -This lets you attack faster with both attack speed and cooldown reduction.
     It is similar to Guinsoo's Rageblade.
    Phantom      3395    +45% Attack                              Zeal, Dagger,
    Dancer               Speed, +30%                              Cloak of 
                         Critical Strike,                         Agility
                         +20% Dodge, +15%
                         Movement Speed
    -A purely stat-boosting item that is best on physical DPS who wish to 
     make a critical strike build.
    Randuin's    2925    +300 Health, +90 UNIQUE Passive - 5%    Warden's 
    Omen                 Armor, +25       cooldown reduction and  Mail, Heart
                         Health Regen/    20% chance on being hit of Gold
                         5 sec            to slow the attacker's
                                          movement and attack 
                                          speed by 35% for 3
                                          UNIQUE Active - Slows
                                          movement speed and 
                                          attack speed of 
                                          surrounding units by 
                                          35% for 2 second +0.5
                                          seconds for each 100
                                          armor and magic resist.
                                          60 second cooldown
    -Tank item that is great in use for team fights.
    Rod of Ages  3035    +450 Health,     Passive - Your champion Catalyst the
                         +525 Mana, +60   gains 18 health, 20     Protector,
                         Ability Power    mana, and 2 ability     Blasting Wand
                                          power every 1 min. 
                                          Bonuses cap at +180
                                          health, +200 mana, and
                                          +20 ability power
    -A popular mage item that's useful because it gives all important health 
     while still contributing to mana and ability power. If you plan on 
     getting it, it should be your 1st or 2nd purchase, as the passive takes
     10 minutes to develop.
    Shurelya's   2200    +330 Health,     UNIQUE Active - Nearby  Kindlegem,
    Reverie              +30 Health       champions Movement      Philosopher's
                         Regen/5 sec,     Speed is increased by   Stone
                         +15 Mana Regen/  40% for 3 seconds. 
                         per 5 sec        60 second cooldown
                                          UNIQUE Passive - 
                                          Reduces ability 
                                          cooldowns by 15%
    -Good on tanks because the passive can be activated to save your allies.
    Spirit       1550    +30 Magic        UNIQUE Passive -        Null - Magic
    Visage               Resistance,      Cooldowns are           Mantle,
                         +250 Health      reduced by 10% and      Kindlegem
                                          increases your 
                                          healing and 
                                          regeneration on 
                                          yourself by 15%
    Soul Shroud  2325    +520 Health      UNIQUE Aura - Gives     Mana 
                                          nearby champions 12     Manipulator,
                                          mana per 5 seconds and  Giant's 
                                          15% reduced cooldowns   Belt
    -If you are a support and you see that your allies are mostly mages, then
     this is the item for you.
    Stark's      2550    +20% Attack      UNIQUE Aura - Gives     Emblem of 
    Fervor               Speed            nearby allied champions Valour,
                                          20% life steal, 20%     Recurve Bow
                                          attack speed, and 30
                                          health regen per 5. 
                                          Reduces the armor of 
                                          nearby champions by 20
    -The sister item of Malady, this is probably the better choice if you plan
     to be team fighting.
    Trinity      4070    +20 Attack       UNIQUE Passive - 25%    Sheen, Phage,
    Force                Damage, +30      chance on hit to slow   Zeal
                         Ability Power,   the target by 35% for
                         +25% Attack      2.5 seconds; on cast,
                         Speed, +12%      increases your base 
                         Critical Strike, attack damage by 130%
                         +12% Movement    for one attack
                         Speed, +300 Health,
                         +300 Mana
    -Obviously the most versatile item in the game. It isn't seen much, 
     however, as many builds rely on building a few particular stats, rather 
     than a general improvement of the champion. Note that this passive does 
     not stack with Sheen or Lich Bane.
    Will of the  2400    +40 Ability      UNIQUE Aura - Gives     Hextech
    Ancients             Power            nearby allied champions Revolver,
                                          +30 ability power and   Amplifying
                                          +15% spell vamp         Tome
    -One of the few items to give spell vamp, this is best used if your team
     has a lot of mages.
    Wriggle's    1525    +23 Attack       UNIQUE Passive - 20%    Madred's
    Lantern              Damage, +30      chance on attack to     Razors,
                         Armor, +14%      deal 500 damage to a    Vampiric
                         Life Steal       minion                  Scepter
                                          UNIQUE Active - Places
                                          an invisible ward with
                                          1100 range sight and
                                          lasts for 3 minutes.
                                          3 minute cooldown
    -A very cost efficient item, if you find that your team doesn't place many
     wards around and your team is being ganked a lot, than this might be your
    Youmuu's     2687    +30 Attack       UNIQUE Passive -        Avarice 
    Ghostblade           Damage, +15%     Reduces cooldowns by    Blade, The
                         Critical Strike  15% and +20 armor       Brutalizer
                                          UNIQUE Active - Gives 
                                          20% movement speed and
                                          +50% attack speed for 4
                                          seconds. Attacking 
                                          enemy units with melee
                                          attacks increases the 
                                          duration by 2 to a 
                                          maximum of 8 seconds. 60
                                          second cooldown
    -A great item for any DPS champion, and in particular, one that is getting
     attack speed.
    [5.7] General Tips
    Here is a random assortment of tips and tricks that I have found through 
    my play through the game.
    -Leaving one neutral alive in a camp keeps it from respawning. This is 
     particularly useful when clearing out the enemies Ancient Golem and 
     Lizard Elder camps.
    -DO NOT get cocky after you have won a string of team fights and go off by
     yourself. If the enemy is intelligent, they will group up and only fight 
     on uneven terms (1 v 5 for example). I have seen too many games thrown 
     away to ever go off by myself after the laning phase is over.
    -The ping feature (hotkey: G) is your friend when alerting your allies of 
     a potential gank.
    -If you ping an enemy, they will get crosshairs above them. The last time 
     I checked, you can use this on Shaco before he uses his clone and you can
     tell which one is the real deal.
    -Continue watching your champ until they have fully teleported back to 
     base. You would be amazed at how many kills have happened when someone 
     just walks up to a ranged carry and starts destroying them. By the time
     they know whats going on, its usually too late.
    -Go in brushes if you can to teleport back to base.
    -Be careful about teleporting if you have low health. Enemies can snipe 
     you out from under towers, brushes, and allies.
    -It's YOUR job to watch the minimap, not your allies job to call out MIAs.
    -An extension from the tip above, don't yell at your allies if you make a 
     stupid mistake. It's not their fault that you didn't watch the minimap 
     and died. It's not their job to call out MIAs.
    -Don't yell at your allies if they make a stupid mistake either. We all 
     make stupid mistakes. Raging will only get you reported, an AFK, or 
     a team mate that intentionally feeds.
    -You cannot be reported for offering "constructive" comments to your 
     allies. You also cannot be reported for being a bad player, so long as 
     you don't intentionally feed (i.e. taking Pantheon and jumping into the 
     enemies spawning pool and dying to the fountain turret)
    [6] Outside Preparation
    One of the biggest attractions about this game is the fact that you gain 
    levels OUTSIDE of the game as well. You can also buy various runes and 
    champions, and attain new summoner spells as well. Although it does take 
    quite a few games to unlock a new champion, the feeling of accomplishment
    is well worth it. 
    [6.1] Summoner Level
    Every time you complete a game, you earn both IP and XP. Experience goes 
    towards leveling up your 'summoner', or your profile out of game. Each 
    time you level up, you are granted access to new, more powerful runes, and 
    a larger array of summoner spells.
    To maximize your XP rate, there are a few things you can do. Winning games
    will generally give you about 150 XP while losing a game will give you 
    around 80. The game rewards you for winning quickly or losing slowly, so 
    even if you know you won't win, stretching out the game can net you a few
    more XP. Experience per game is also affected by how many towers you 
    destroyed, champions killed, assists, etc. Unfortunately, the exact 
    formula isn't know. 
    Level   XP Needed   Rewards
      1         0       none; default level; begin with one Mark rune slot 
                        available, one mastery available, and summoner spells
                        Exhaust, Ghost, Heal, Revive, Smite, and Teleport
      2         90      first Seal slot in runeboook, another mastery, 
                        summoner spell Cleanse
      3         98      first Glyph slot in runebook, another mastery
      4         105     another Mark slot, another mastery, summoner spell
      5         113     another Seal slot, another mastery
      6         448     another Glyph slot, another mastery, summoner spell
      7         476     another Mark slot, another mastery, summoner spell 
      8         504     another Seal slot, another mastery, summoner spell 
      9         532     another Glyph slot, another mastery
      10        560     first Quintessence slot in runebook, another mastery,
                        summoner spell Clairvoyance, ability to buy tier two 
      11        1050    another Mark slot, another mastery
      12        1100    another Seal slot, another mastery, summoner spell
      13        1150    another Glyph slot, another mastery
      14        1200    another Mark slot, another mastery
      15        1250    another Seal slot, another mastery
      16        1300    another Glyph slot, another mastery
      17        1350    another Mark slot, another mastery
      18        1400    another Seal slot, another mastery
      19        1450    another Glyph slot, another mastery
      20        1500    another Quintessence slot, another mastery, ability to
                        buy tier three runes
      21        2131    another Mark slot, another mastery
      22        2200    another Seal slot, another mastery
      23        2269    another Glyph slot, another mastery
      24        2338    another Mark slot, another mastery
      25        2406    another Seal slot, another mastery
      26        2475    another Glyph slot, another mastery
      27        2544    another Mark slot, another mastery
      28        2613    another Seal slot, another mastery
      29        2681    another Glyph slot, another mastery
      30        2750    another Quintessence slot, another mastery, ability to
                        participate in ranked games
    [6.2] Influence Points and Riot Points
    As you play through the game, you will want to unlock new champions, runes,
    and maybe skins. To do this, there are two types of currency: Influence 
    POints (IP) and Riot Points (RP). 
    IP is gained every time you complete a match. Bonuses are given in a 
    similar way that XP is given. Winning quickly or losing slowly gets you 
    extra, as do how many kills you have, kills of enemy team, etc. You also 
    get more every time you don't leave a match before it is over. This 
    snowballs into +19 every game, so it is a wise idea not to leave, or you 
    will lose this bonus. You also get 150 extra for a win every 22 hours 
    (known as First Win of the Day).
    You can buy most things with IP, such as champions, runes, and rune pages. 
    You can increase your IP per match by purchasing a boost. It doubles your 
    amount for X number of wins, or X number of matches, or X number of days, 
    whichever you buy. But to get a boost, you must spend Riot POints.
    Riot Points are purchased with real money, and can be used to buy most of
    the things IP can buy (with the exception of runes). RP is the only way to 
    buy skins however, so if you want to make your Ashe look pretty you'll have
    to spend money you made in the real world. Also, there is usually a sale 
    going on for skins, so watch for the ones you want to buy. 
    [6.3] Runes
    Essential for any character, runes offer bonuses in many different areas.
    They are purchased with IP only so you'll have to play a few games before 
    buying a couple of these. There are three tiers of runes, and you start 
    out only being able to buy tier one. Once you hit level 10 you can buy tier
    two and level 20 tier three. Runes you buy can be used on as many different
    rune pages as you want.
    There is also something called the Rune Combiner. If you take two same tier 
    runes and put them together, you'll get a different rune of the same tier.
    If you you put five runes of the same tier together, you'll get a random 
    rune of a higher tier. This is a very inefficent way to get high tier runes
    so it is best to wait until you hit level 20 to start getting you tier 
    There are four different types of runes: Quintessence, Mark, Glyph, and 
    Seal. On any given rune page, you can have three Quintessences and 9 of the
    other groups. Each rune type has their own discipline of benefit. Marks 
    give attack, Glyphs give magic, and Seals give health/survivability. You 
    can purchase runes that are not of their discipline (for example, buying a
    Glyph that gives attack damage) but they will be less powerful than they 
    normally would.
    [6.3.1] Quintessences
    These are your major runes. They convey the largest benefits, although you 
    can only have three of them. They can grant many niche bonuses, like an 
    increased gold income, increased movement speed, or even increased 
    experience gained.
    Name                                 Tier  Cost  Stats      
    Lesser Quintessence of Strength       1     80   1.25 Attack Damage
    Lesser Quintessence of Desolation     1     80   1.85 Armor Penetration
    Lesser Quintessence of Warding        1     80   2.5 Magic Resist
    Lesser Quintessence of Focus          1     165  -0.91% Cooldowns
    Lesser Quintessence of Knowledge      1     40   2.31 Mana per level (41.58
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Lesser Quintessence of Might          1     40   0.14 Attack Damage per 
                                                     level (2.52 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Lesser Quintessence of Fortitude      1     165  18 Health
    Lesser Quintessence of Shielding      1     80   0.21 Magic Resist per 
                                                     level (3.78 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Lesser Quintessence of Celerity       1     80   -0.07% Cooldowns per level
                                                     (-1.26% at champion level 
    Lesser Quintessence of Replenishment  1     80   0.69 Mana Regen / 5 sec
    Lesser Quintessence of Alacrity       1     80   1.89% Attack Speed
    Lesser Quintessence of Vitality       1     165  1.5 Health per level (27 
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Lesser Quintessence of Vigor          1     165  1.5 Health Regen / 5 sec
    Lesser Quintessence of Potency        1     80   2.75 Ability Power
    Lesser Quintessence of Clarity        1     80   0.14 Mana Regen / 5 sec 
                                                     per level (2.52 at 
                                                     champion level 18)
    Lesser Quintessence of Furor          1     80   2.48% Critical Damage
    Lesser Quintessence of Resilience     1     80   2.37 Armor
    Lesser Quintessence of Regeneration   1     165  0.16 Health Regen / 5 sec
                                                     per level (2.88 at 
                                                     champion level 18)
    Lesser Quintessence of Force          1     80   0.24 Ability Power per 
                                                     level (4.32 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Lesser Quintessence of Insight        1     80   1.05 Magic Penetration
    Lesser Quintessence of Malice         1     80   1.03% Critical Chance
    Lesser Quintessence of Defense        1     80   0.21 Armor per level (3.78
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Lesser Quintessence of Evasion        1     165  0.83% Dodge
    Lesser Quintessence of Intellect      1     80   20.83 Mana
    Lesser Quintessence of Swiftness      1     165  0.83% Movement Speed
    Quintessence of Strength              2     410  1.75 Attack Damage
    Quintessence of Desolation            2     410  2.59 Armor Penetration
    Quintessence of Warding               2     410  3.5 Magic Resist
    Quintessence of Focus                 2     820  -1.27% Cooldowns
    Quintessence of Knowledge             2     820  3.24 Mana per level (58.32
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Quintessence of Might                 2     205  0.19 Attack Damage per 
                                                     level (3.42 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Quintessence of Fortitude             2     820  25.2 Health
    Quintessence of Shielding             2     410  0.29 Magic Resist per 
                                                     level (5.22 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Quintessence of Celerity              2     410  -0.1% Cooldowns per level
                                                     (-1.8% at champion level 
    Quintessence of Replenishment         2     410  0.97 Mana Regen / 5 sec
    Quintessence of Alacrity              2     410  2.64% Attack Speed
    Quintessence of Vitality              2     820  2.1 Health per level (37.8 
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Quintessence of Vigor                 2     820  2.1 Health Regen / 5 sec
    Quintessence of Potency               2     410  3.85 Ability Power
    Quintessence of Clarity               2     410  0.19 Mana Regen / 5 sec 
                                                     per level (3.42 at 
                                                     champion level 18)
    Quintessence of Furor                 2     410  3.47% Critical Damage
    Quintessence of Resilience            2     410  3.32 Armor
    Quintessence of Regeneration          2     820  0.22 Health Regen / 5 sec
                                                     per level (3.96 at 
                                                     champion level 18)
    Quintessence of Force                 2     410  0.34 Ability Power per 
                                                     level (6.12 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Quintessence of Insight               2     410  1.47 Magic Penetration
    Quintessence of Malice                2     410  1.44% Critical Chance
    Quintessence of Defense               2     410  0.29 Armor per level (5.22
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Quintessence of Evasion               2     820  1.17% Dodge
    Quintessence of Intellect             2     410  29.17 Mana
    Quintessence of Swiftness             2     820  1.17% Movement Speed
    Greater Quintessence of Strength      3     1025 2.25 Attack Damage
    Greater Quintessence of Desolation    3     1025 3.33 Armor Penetration
    Greater Quintessence of Warding       3     1025 4.5 Magic Resist
    Greater Quintessence of Focus         3     2050 -1.64% Cooldowns
    Greater Quintessence of Knowledge     3     515  4.17 Mana per level (75.06
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Greater Quintessence of Revival       3     1025 -5% Time Dead
    Greater Quintessence of Might         3     515  0.25 Attack Damage per 
                                                     level (4.5 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude     3     2050 32.4 Health
    Greater Quintessence of Shielding     3     1025 0.37 Magic Resist per 
                                                     level (6.66 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Greater Quintessence of Celerity      3     1025 -0.13% Cooldowns per level
                                                     (-2.34% at champion level 
    Greater Quintessence of Replenishment 3     1025 1.25 Mana Regen / 5 sec
    Greater Quintessence of Avarice       3     515  1 Gold / 10 sec
    Greater Quintessence of Alacrity      3     1025 3.4% Attack Speed
    Greater Quintessence of Vitality      3     2050 2.7 Health per level (48.6
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Greater Quintessence of Vigor         3     2050 2.7 Health Regen / 5 sec
    Greater Quintessence of Potency       3     1025 4.95 Ability Power
    Greater Quintessence of Clarity       3     1025 0.24 Mana Regen / 5 sec 
                                                     per level (4.32 at 
                                                     champion level 18)
    Greater Quintessence of Wisdom        3     2050 2% Experience Gained
    Greater Quintessence of Furor         3     1025 4.46% Critical Damage
    Greater Quintessence of Resilience    3     1025 4.26 Armor
    Greater Quintessence of Regeneration  3     2050 0.28 Health Regen / 5 sec
                                                     per level (5.04 at 
                                                     champion level 18)
    Greater Quintessence of Force         3     1025 0.43 Ability Power per 
                                                     level (7.74 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Greater Quintessence of Insight       3     1025 1.89 Magic Penetration
    Greater Quintessence of Meditation    3     2050 1.575 Energy Regen / 5 sec
    Greater Quintessence of Malice        3     1025 1.86% Critical Chance
    Greater Quintessence of Defense       3     1025 0.38 Armor per level (6.84
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Greater Quintessence of Evasion       3     2050 1.5% Dodge
    Greater Quintessence of Intellect     3     1025 37.5 Mana
    Greater Quintessence of Swiftness     3     2050 1.5% Movement Speed
    Greater Quintessence of Acumen        3     1025 5.4 Energy
    [6.3.2] Marks
    Marks are your red runes that give the biggest benefits in physical attack
    damage areas, such as attack speed, critical strike, critical damage, and 
    basic attack damage.
    Name                                 Tier  Cost  Stats    
    Lesser Mark of Strength                1    15   0.53 Attack Damage
    Lesser Mark of Furor                   1    65   1.24% Critical Damage
    Lesser Mark of Fortitude               1    30   1.93 Health
    Lesser Mark of Warding                 1    15   0.54 Magic Resist
    Lesser Mark of Potency                 1    30   0.33 Ability Power
    Lesser Mark of Knowledge               1    30   0.65 Mana per level (11.7
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Lesser Mark of Might                   1    30   0.08 Attack Damage per 
                                                     level (1.53 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Lesser Mark of Malice                  1    30   0.52% Critical Chance
    Lesser Mark of Vitality                1    65   0.3 Health per level (5.4
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Lesser Mark of Shielding               1    15   0.04 Magic Resist per 
                                                     level (0.72 at champion
                                                     level 18)
    Lesser Mark of Force                   1    30   0.06 Ability Power per 
                                                     level (1.08 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Lesser Mark of Replenishment           1    15   0.15 Mana regen / 5 sec
    Lesser Mark of Alacrity                1    30   0.94% Attack Speed
    Lesser Mark of Desolation              1    30   0.93 Armor Penetration
    Lesser Mark of Resilience              1    15   0.51 Armor
    Lesser Mark of Focus                   1    30   -0.09% Cooldowns
    Lesser Mark of Intellect               1    30   3.28 Mana
    Lesser Mark of Insight                 1    30   0.53 Magic Penetration
    Mark of Strength                       2    80   0.74 Attack Damage
    Mark of Furor                          2    330  1.74% Critical Damage
    Mark of Fortitude                      2    165  2.7  Health
    Mark of Warding                        2    80   0.75 Magic Resist
    Mark of Potency                        2    165  0.46 Ability Power
    Mark of Knowledge                      2    165  0.91 Mana per level (16.38
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Mark of Might                          2    165  0.1 Attack Damage per 
                                                     level (1.89 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Mark of Malice                         2    165  0.72% Critical Chance
    Mark of Vitality                       2    330  0.42 Health per level (7.56
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Mark of Shielding                      2    80   0.06 Magic Resist per 
                                                     level (1.44 at champion
                                                     level 18)
    Mark of Force                          2    165  0.2 Ability Power per 
                                                     level (1.44 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Mark of Replenishment                  2    80   0.2 Mana regen / 5 sec
    Mark of Alacrity                       2    165  1.32% Attack Speed
    Mark of Desolation                     2    165  1.29 Armor Penetration
    Mark of Resilience                     2    80   0.71 Armor
    Mark of Focus                          2    165  -0.13% Cooldowns
    Mark of Intellect                      2    165  4.59 Mana
    Mark of Insight                        2    165  0.74 Magic Penetration
    Greater Mark of Strength               3    205  0.95 Attack Damage
    Greater Mark of Furor                  3    820  2.23% Critical Damage
    Greater Mark of Fortitude              3    410  3.47 Health
    Greater Mark of Warding                3    205  0.97 Magic Resist
    Greater Mark of Potency                3    410  0.59 Ability Power
    Greater Mark of Knowledge              3    410  1.17 Mana per level (21.06
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Greater Mark of Might                  3    410  0.14 Attack Damage per 
                                                     level (2.43 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Greater Mark of Malice                 3    410  0.93% Critical Chance
    Greater Mark of Vitality               3    820  0.54 Health per level (9.72
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Greater Mark of Shielding              3    205  0.07 Magic Resist per 
                                                     level (1.26 at champion
                                                     level 18)
    Greater Mark of Force                  3    410  0.1 Ability Power per 
                                                     level (1.8 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Greater Mark of Replenishment          3    205  0.26 Mana regen / 5 sec
    Greater Mark of Alacrity               3    410  1.7% Attack Speed
    Greater Mark of Desolation             3    410  1.66 Armor Penetration
    Greater Mark of Resilience             3    205  0.91 Armor
    Greater Mark of Focus                  3    410  -0.16% Cooldowns
    Greater Mark of Intellect              3    410  5.91 Mana
    Greater Mark of Insight                3    410  0.95 Magic Penetration
    [6.3.3] Glyphs
    These are your blue runes that give the biggest bonuses in magical areas,
    and are therefore most useful for spellcasters. It isn't unusual to see 
    carries take a few magic regen per level runes from this area, while tanks
    usually take magic resist.
    Name                                 Tier  Cost  Stats    
    Lesser Glyph of Strength               1    15   0.16 Attack Damage
    Lesser Glyph of Malice                 1    30   0.15% Critical Chance
    Lesser Glyph of Warding                1    15   0.83 Magic Resist
    Lesser Glyph of Celerity               1    30   -0.03% Cooldowns per level
                                                     (-0.54% at champion level
    Lesser Glyph of Knowledge              1    30   0.79 Mana per level (14.22
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Lesser Glyph of Might                  1    15   0.02 Attack Damage per 
                                                     level (0.36 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Lesser Glyph of Fortitude              1    30   1.49 Health
    Lesser Glyph of Shielding              1    15   0.08 Magic Resist per 
                                                     level (1.44 at champion
                                                     level 18)
    Lesser Glyph of Potency                1    30   0.55 Ability Power
    Lesser Glyph of Replenishment          1    30   0.17 Mana Regen / 5 sec
    Lesser Glyph of Alacrity               1    30   0.35% Attack Speed
    Lesser Glyph of Vitality               1    65   0.3 Health per level (5.4
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Lesser Glyph of Vigor                  1    65   0.15 Health Regen / 5 sec
    Lesser Glyph of Force                  1    30   0.1 Ability Power per 
                                                     level (1.8 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Lesser Glyph of Clarity                1    15   0.04 Mana Regen / 5 sec
                                                     per level (0.72 at 
                                                     champion level 18)
    Lesser Glyph of Furor                  1    65   0.31% Critical Damage
    Lesser Glyph of Resilience             1    15   0.39 Armor
    Lesser Glyph of Focus                  1    65   -0.36% Cooldowns
    Lesser Glyph of Intellect              1    30   6.25 Mana
    Lesser Glyph of Insight                1    30   0.32 Magic Penetration
    Glyph of Strength                      2    80   0.22 Attack Damage
    Glyph of Malice                        2    165  0.22% Critical Chance
    Glyph of Warding                       2    80   1.16 Magic Resist
    Glyph of Celerity                      2    165  -0.04% Cooldowns per level
                                                     (-0.72% at champion level
    Glyph of Knowledge                     2    165  1.1 Mana per level (19.8
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Glyph of Might                         2    80   0.03 Attack Damage per 
                                                     level (0.57 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Glyph of Fortitude                     2    165  2.08 Health
    Glyph of Shielding                     2    80   0.12 Magic Resist per 
                                                     level (2.16 at champion
                                                     level 18)
    Glyph of Potency                       2    165  0.77 Ability Power
    Glyph of Replenishment                 2    165  0.24 Mana Regen / 5 sec
    Glyph of Alacrity                      2    165  0.5% Attack Speed
    Glyph of Vitality                      2    330  0.42 Health per level (7.56
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Glyph of Vigor                         2    330  0.21 Health Regen / 5 sec
    Glyph of Force                         2    165  0.13 Ability Power per 
                                                     level (2.34 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Glyph of Clarity                       2    80   0.06 Mana Regen / 5 sec
                                                     per level (1.08 at 
                                                     champion level 18)
    Glyph of Furor                         2    330  0.43% Critical Damage
    Glyph of Resilience                    2    80   0.55 Armor
    Glyph of Focus                         2    330  -0.51% Cooldowns
    Glyph of Intellect                     2    165  8.75 Mana
    Glyph of Insight                       2    165  0.44 Magic Penetration
    Greater Glyph of Strength              3    205  0.28 Attack Damage
    Greater Glyph of Malice                3    410  0.28% Critical Chance
    Greater Glyph of Warding               3    205  1.49 Magic Resist
    Greater Glyph of Celerity              3    410  -0.05% Cooldowns per level
                                                     (-0.9% at champion level
    Greater Glyph of Knowledge             3    410  1.42 Mana per level (25.56
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Greater Glyph of Acumen                3    820  2.2 Energy
    Greater Glyph of Might                 3    205  0.04 Attack Damage per 
                                                     level (0.73 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Greater Glyph of Fortitude             3    410  2.67 Health
    Greater Glyph of Shielding             3    205  0.15 Magic Resist per 
                                                     level (2.7 at champion
                                                     level 18)
    Greater Glyph of Potency               3    410  0.99 Ability Power
    Greater Glyph of Replenishment         3    410  0.31 Mana Regen / 5 sec
    Greater Glyph of Sapience              3    820  0.161 Energy / Level (2.9
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Greater Glyph of Alacrity              3    410  0.64% Attack Speed
    Greater Glyph of Vitality              3    820  0.54 Health per level (9.72
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Greater Glyph of Vigor                 3    820  0.27 Health Regen / 5 sec
    Greater Glyph of Force                 3    410  0.17 Ability Power per 
                                                     level (3.06 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Greater Glyph of Clarity               3    205  0.08 Mana Regen / 5 sec
                                                     per level (1.44 at 
                                                     champion level 18)
    Greater Glyph of Furor                 3    820  0.56% Critical Damage
    Greater Glyph of Resilience            3    205  0.7 Armor
    Greater Glyph of Focus                 3    820  -0.65% Cooldowns
    Greater Glyph of Intellect             3    410  11.25 Mana
    Greater Glyph of Insight               3    410  0.57 Magic Penetration
    [6.3.4] Seals
    Your yellow runes pack the most benefits in physical defense, and are 
    therefore useful for tanks.
    Name                                 Tier  Cost  Stats    
    Lesser Seal of Strength                1    15   0.24 Attack Damage
    Lesser Seal of Malice                  1    30   0.23% Critical Chance
    Lesser Seal of Defense                 1    30   0.08 Armor per level (1.44
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Lesser Seal of Regeneration            1    30   0.06 Ability Power per 
                                                     level (1.08 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Lesser Seal of Force                   1    30   0.06 Ability Power per 
                                                     level (1.08 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Lesser Seal of Clarity                 1    15   0.05 Mana Regen / 5 sec 
                                                     per level (0.9 at champion
                                                     level 18)
    Lesser Seal of Might                   1    15   0.03 Attack Damage per 
                                                     level (0.61 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Lesser Seal of Fortitude               1    65   2.97 Health 
    Lesser Seal of Warding                 1    15   0.41 Magic Resist
    Lesser Seal of Evasion                 1    65   0.42% Dodge
    Lesser Seal of Intellect               1    30   3.83 Mana
    Lesser Seal of Alacrity                1    30   0.42% Attack Speed
    Lesser Seal of Vitality                1    30   0.6 Health per Level (10.8
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Lesser Seal of Shielding               1    30   0.05 Magic Resit per level
                                                     (0.9 at champion level 18)
    Lesser Seal of Focus                   1    30   -0.16% Cooldowns
    Lesser Seal of Knowledge               1    30   0.65 Mana per Level (11.7
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Lesser Seal of Furor                   1    65   0.43% Critical Damage
    Lesser Seal of Resilience              1    15   0.78 Armor
    Lesser Seal of Vigor                   1    65   0.24 Health Regen / 5 sec
    Lesser Seal of Potency                 1    30   0.33 Ability Power
    Lesser Seal of Replenishment           1    15   0.23 Mana Regen / 5 sec
    Seal of Strength                       2    80   0.33 Attack Damage
    Seal of Malice                         2    165  0.32% Critical Chance
    Seal of Defense                        2    165  0.12 Armor per level (2.16
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Seal of Regeneration                   2    165  0.09 Ability Power per 
                                                     level (1.62 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Seal of Force                          2    165  0.08 Ability Power per 
                                                     level (1.44 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Seal of Clarity                        2    80   0.08 Mana Regen / 5 sec 
                                                     per level (1.44 at champion
                                                     level 18)
    Seal of Might                          2    80   0.05 Attack Damage per 
                                                     level (0.85 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Seal of Fortitude                      2    330  4.16 Health 
    Seal of Warding                        2    80   0.58 Magic Resist
    Seal of Evasion                        2    330  0.58% Dodge
    Seal of Intellect                      2    165  5.36 Mana
    Seal of Alacrity                       2    165  0.59% Attack Speed
    Seal of Vitality                       2    165  0.84 Health per Level (15.12
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Seal of Shielding                      2    165  0.08 Magic Resit per level
                                                     (1.44 at champion level 18)
    Seal of Focus                          2    165  -0.23% Cooldowns
    Seal of Knowledge                      2    165  0.91 Mana per Level (16.38
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Seal of Furor                          2    330  0.61% Critical Damage
    Seal of Resilience                     2    80   1.09 Armor
    Seal of Vigor                          2    330  0.34 Health Regen / 5 sec
    Seal of Potency                        2    165  0.46 Ability Power
    Seal of Replenishment                  2    80   0.32 Mana Regen / 5 sec
    Greater Seal of Strength               3    205  0.43 Attack Damage
    Greater Seal of Malice                 3    410  0.78% Critical Chance
    Greater Seal of Defense                3    410  1.08 Armor per level (19.44
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Greater Seal of Regeneration           3    410  0.1 Ability Power per 
                                                     level (1.8 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Greater Seal of Force                  3    410  0.1 Ability Power per 
                                                     level (1.8 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Greater Seal of Lucidity               3    820  0.064 Energy Regen / 5 sec
                                                     per level (1.15 at 
                                                     champion level 18)
    Greater Seal of Clarity                3    205  0.1 Mana Regen / 5 sec 
                                                     per level (1.8 at champion
                                                     level 18)
    Greater Seal of Might                  3    205  1.09 Attack Damage per 
                                                     level (0.61 at champion 
                                                     level 18)
    Greater Seal of Fortitude              3    820  5.35 Health 
    Greater Seal of Warding                3    205  0.74 Magic Resist
    Greater Seal of Evasion                3    820  0.75% Dodge
    Greater Seal of Intellect              3    410  6.89 Mana
    Greater Seal of Meditation             3    820  0.63 Energy Regen / 5 sec
    Greater Seal of Alacrity               3    410  0.76% Attack Speed
    Greater Seal of Vitality               3    410  1.8 Health per Level (19.44
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Greater Seal of Shielding              3    410  0.1 Magic Resit per level
                                                     (1.8 at champion level 18)
    Greater Seal of Focus                  3    410  -0.29% Cooldowns
    Greater Seal of Knowledge              3    410  1.17 Mana per Level (21.06
                                                     at champion level 18)
    Greater Seal of Furor                  3    820  0.78% Critical Damage
    Greater Seal of Resilience             3    205  1.41 Armor
    Greater Seal of Vigor                  3    820  0.43 Health Regen / 5 sec
    Greater Seal of Potency                3    410  0.59 Ability Power
    Greater Seal of Replenishment          3    205  0.41 Mana Regen / 5 sec
    [6.4] Masteries
    You can have a total of thirty masteries in any game at level 30, and they
    can be changed between games/champions. They provide very small bonuses, 
    but that might make all the difference.
    [6.4.1] Offense
    Name              Requirements          Bonuses
    Deadliness        None                  Increases your champions critical 
                                            strike chance by 0.66/1.33/2%
    Cripple           None                  Improves your Exhaust spell to 
                                            also reduce the targets armor and
                                            magic resistance by 10 for the 
                                            duration, and increases the 
                                            duration by 0.5 seconds
    Plentiful Bounty  None                  Improves your Smite Smite spell to 
                                            reward a bonus 5 gold when used, 
                                            and reduces its cooldown by 5 
    Archmage's Savvy  None                  Increases your ability power by 
                                            0.20/0.40/0.60 per champion level
    Sorcery           4 points in offense   Reduces the cooldown of your 
                                            champion's abilities by 0.75/1.50/
    Alacrity          4 points in offense   Increases your champion's attack 
                                            speed by 1/2/3/4%
    Burning Embers    8 points in offense   When your Ignite spell is on 
                                            cooldown, your champion gains 10 AP
    Archaic Knowledge 8 points in offense   Your magical spells penetrate 15% 
                      4 points in sorcery   of the target's magic resistance
    Sunder            8 points in offense   Your physical attacks pierce 2/4/6%
                                            of the target's armor
    Offensive Mastery 8 points in offense   Increases the damage you do to 
                                            minions by 2/4
    Brute Force       12 points in offense  Increases your champion's attack 
                                            damage by 1/2/3
    Lethality         16 points in offense  Increases your champion's critical
                                            strike damage by 3.33/6.66/10.00%
    Improved Rally    16 points in offense  Improves your Rally spell to also 
                                            increase ability power by 20-70,
                                            and increases its duration by 5 
    Havoc             20 points in offense  Increases your physical and magical
                                            damage by 5%
    [6.4.2] Defense
    Name              Requirements          Bonuses
    Mender's Faith    None                  Reduces the cooldown of your Heal
                                            spell by 30 seconds
    Resistance        None                  Increases your champion's magic 
                                            resist by 2/4/6
    Preservation      None                  Increases your health by 400 for
                                            120 seconds after casting you 
                                            Revive spell, and reduces its 
                                            cooldown by 20 seconds
    Hardiness         None                  Increases your champion's armor by
    Strength of Spirit 4 points in defense  Increases your championo's health 
                      3 points in resistance and regeneration by 0.1/0.2/0.3%
                                            of your maximum mana
    Evasion           4 points in defense   Increases dodge chance by 0.5/1.0/
    Defensive Mastery 8 points in defense   Your champion takes 1/2 less damage
                                            from minions and monsters
    Nimbleness        8 points in defense   Increases your champion's movement
                      4 points in evasion   speed by 10% after dodging an 
    Hardened Skin     8 points in defense   Blocks 1/1.5/2 physical damage
                      3 points in hardiness
    Veteran's Scars   12 points in defense  Increases your champion's health by
    Willpower         12 points in defense  Reduces the recharge time of 
                                            Cleanse by 20 seconds
    Ardor             16 points in defense  Increases your champion's ability 
                                            power and attack speed by 0.66/1.33/
                                            2.00%, and an increasing amount 
                                            summing to an additional 0.66/1.33/
                                            2.00% at level 18
    Reinforce         16 points in defense  Your Fortify spell causes your 
                                            turrets to deal 50% splash damage
    Tenacity          20 points in defense  Decreases all damage dealt to your
                                            champion by 4%
    [6.4.3] Utility
    Name              Requirements          Bonuses
    Spatial Accuracy  None                  Reduces the delay on your Teleport
                                            spell by 0.5 seconds, and decreases
                                            its cooldwon by 5 seconds
    Good Hands        None                  Reduces time spent dead by 3.33/
    Perseverance      None                  Increases total health and mana 
                                            regeneration by 2/3/4%
    Haste             None                  Increases the movement speed of 
                                            your Ghost spell by 6% and its 
                                            duration by 1.5 seconds
    Awareness         4 points in utility   Increases the amount of experience
                                            your champion gains by 1.25/2.50/
    Expanded Mind     4 points in utility   Increases your champion's mana by
                                            1.25/2.50/3.75/5.00% of your 
                                            maximum mana
    Greed             8 points in utility   Generates 1 gold every 10 seconds
    Meditation        8 points in utility   Increases mana regeneration by 
                                            0.33/0.66/1.00 every second
    Utility Mastery   8 points in utility   Increases the duration of neutral 
                                            monster buffs by 15/30%
    Insight           8 points in utility   Your clarity spell will now grant
                                            the same amount of mana to your 
                                            allies as your champion receives
    Quickness         12 points in utility  Increases your base movement speed
                                            by 1/2/3%
    Blink of an Eye   12 points in utility  Reduces the cooldown of your Flash
                                            spell by 15 seconds
    Intelligence      16 points in utility  Reduces your champion's cooldowns 
                                            by 2/4/6%
    Mystical Vision   16 points in utility  Increases the duration of your 
                                            Clairvoyance spell by 4 seconds, 
                                            and reduces its cooldown by 5 
    Presence of the  20 points in Utility   Reduces the recharge time of 
    Master                                  your summoner spells by 15%
    [7] Character Info
    Here is a list of all the characters in League of Legends, as well as an
    overview of all the lore, stats, abilities, and viable builds that go with
    each one. 
    I have purposefully left out masteries and runes that go along with each 
    build, because there are several varations from person to person. Also, the 
    builds just get you to the mid-game, and late game items should be based on 
    your enemies team composition.
    Alistar The Minotaur
    Cost: 1350 IP; 585 RP
    Attributes: Melee, Pusher, Tank 
    Health:     ********** (10)
    Spells:     ******     (6)
    Attack:     ****       (4)
    Difficulty: ****       (4)
    Lore: The mightiest warrior ever to emerge from the minotaur tribes of the 
    Great Barrier, Alistar defended his tribe from all of Valoran's many 
    dangers; that is, until the coming of the Noxian army. Alistar was lured 
    from his village by the machinations of Keiran Darkwill, Baron Darkwill's 
    youngest son, and commander of the Noxian expeditionary force. When 
    Alistar returned home, he found his village burning and his family slain. 
    Bellowing with rage, he charged an entire regiment of Noxus's elite, 
    slaughtering them by the hundreds. Only the intervention of some of Noxus's 
    most skilled summoners checked Alistar's rage. Brought in chains to Noxus, 
    Alistar spent the intervening years as a gladiator pitted in endless 
    battle for the entertainment of Noxus's wealthy leaders. Alistar's once 
    noble soul slowly twisted, and he would have been lost to insanity if not 
    for Ayelia, a young servant girl who befriended him and eventually 
    arranged for his escape. Suddenly free, Alistar joined the newly-formed 
    Institute of War as a champion, hoping to one day visit his final 
    vengeance against Noxus and to find the girl who once again gave him hope.
    If you intend to grab the bull by the horns as a summoner, Alistar might 
    have something to say about that. 
    Health:       468 (+114) 	
    Mana:         192 (+33)
    Damage:       59.53 (+3.375) 
    Attack Speed: 0.571 (+0.010) 	
    Range:        125 
    Armor:        14.5 (+3.5)
    Magic Resist: 30 	
    Health Regen: 7.25 (+0.85)
    Mana Regen:   3.95 (+0.25) 
    Move Speed:   300 
    Colossal Strength: (Passive) Alistar deals 20/40/60% additional damage to 
    Pulverize: (Active) Alistar smashes the ground, dealing 80 / 125 / 170 / 
              220 / 270 (+1 per Ability Power)  magic damage and tossing all 
              nearby enemies into the air, stunning them for 2 seconds.
              * Cost: 70 / 85 / 100 / 115 / 130 Mana 
              * Cooldown: 15 seconds 
    Headbutt: (Active) Alistar charges at an enemy and rams them, dealing 90 / 
              140 / 190 / 245 / 300 (+1 per Ability Power) damage and knocking 
              them back (does not stun). 
              * Cost: 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 mana 
              * Cooldown: 12 seconds 
              * Range: 650 
    Triumphant Roar: (Active) Alistar lets out a commanding war cry, instantly 
              restoring 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 (+0.4 per Ability Power) 
              health to himself and nearby friendly units for half the amount. 
              The cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds each time a nearby enemy 
              unit dies. 
              * Cost: 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 Mana 
              * Cooldown: 12 seconds 
    Unbreakable Will: (Active): Alistar lets out a wild roar, gaining 60 / 75 / 
              90 bonus physical damage. He also removes all crowd control 
              effects from himself and takes 75% reduced physical and magic 
              damage for 6 / 7 / 8 seconds. 
              * Cost: 150 Mana
              * Cooldown: 120 / 100 / 80 seconds 
    Build One: Tank
       -great at initiating
       -makes use of his enormous health
       -his ult plus decent armor and magic resist will make him almost 
       -early game is complete trash
       -long cooldown spells makes it so you can only use them once or twice in
        a team fight
       -very little damage
    Summoner Spells: Flash, Other
    Beginning Items: Doran's Shield
    Mid Game items: Boots of Swiftness, Soul Shroud, then:
         If enemy team is mostly AP: Banshee's Veil, Force of Nature
         If enemy team is mostly Physical: Frozen Heart, Thornmail
         If enemy team is a mixture: Banshee's Veil, Frozen Heart
    As tank Alistar, your main goal is to cause as much havoc as you can, 
    hopefully towards the back of the enemy formation. You want to stun and 
    bash the enemy carry out, either forcing them to flee or be cut down by 
    your teammates. 
    You want to start out with a Doran's Shield to give yourself sustainability
    in the lane. Alternatively, you could grab a Meki Pendant and 2 Health 
    Potions, then max out Triumphant Roar. Your early game is terrible, and 
    Alistar is probably the worst farmer in the entire game, but last hit where
    you can. Don't use your Pulverize or Headbutt on minions because it doesn't
    do enough damage to justify the mana cost. 
    The cow really starts to shine in the mid-late game. The Pulverize + 
    Headbutt combo is truely spectacular, and allows you to easily drag the 
    enemy carry away from their supports. If you can initiate a team fight with
    it, it will almost always go decidedly in your favor. If you see an enemy 
    using a channeled ult (ie Nunu's ult, Katarina's ult, Fiddlestick's Ult),
    be sure to knock them away from your team as fast as possible.
    Build Two: Roaming Gank-Tank
       -avoids his trash early game
       -if you can pull of a few kills, it will greatly help your late game
       -rather speedy build will help you position for your combo
       -keeps your enemies off-guard
       -another solo lane can help your allies get experience and gold
       -very risky: if you dont get at least a few kills in the early game, you
        will be far behind everyone else because you didn't farm minions
       -easily countered by wards
       -susceptible to idiotic allies; you cant gank if your team pushes their
        lanes, and you don't do enough damage to kill an opponent by yourself
       -not as much health and resistances than a pure tank Alistar
    Summoner Spells: Flash, Ghost
    Beginning Items: Boots of Speed, 2 Health Potions, 1 Mana Potion
    Mid Game Items: Boots of Mobility, Shurelya's Reverie, Force of Nature, 
         If enemy team is mostly AP: Banshee's Veil
         If enemy team is mostly Physical: Thornmail
         If enemy team is a mixture: Aegis of the Legion
    Since Alistar's laning phase is so terrible, some people devised a new 
    strategy that would bypass the farming phase of the game altogether. 
    Instead of being locked in a lane farming creeps for the first 15 minutes, 
    this build specializes in ganking almost all the time.
    You want to start out with boots to help you with speed. The potions will 
    help you with sustainability issues so you don't have to recall to your 
    fountain constantly. Your first priority should be to get to level two as 
    fast as you can. Kill a few minions, and make sure to level up Pulverize 
    and Headbutt as your first two skills. 
    Once you are at level two, go looking for a chance to ambush someone. You 
    want to get the lane where the enemies are as far away from their towers as
    possible. Also take their escapability into acount. Once you are in 
    position, ping so your ally knows what is going on, use Ghost, Flash, and 
    Pulverize your opponent who is at the lowest health (if there is two of 
    them). Headbutt them into your allies for good measure, and you should net
    a kill. 
    When the late game comes, you want to shift into a more tankey approach, 
    but you should still try to gank whenever possible. 
    Build Three: Mage
       -two of Alistar's skills have 1:1 AP ratios
       -at 300 AP, the Headbutt + Pulverize combo can do almost 1000 damage to 
        an someone with low magic resist
       -at 300 AP, he can heal himself for 300 HP every 12 seconds (less if 
        enemies around him are dying)
       -probably not the best build for this cow
       -other mages burst for more damage, and more frequently
       -long cooldowns force you to max out cooldown reduction
       -much, much less health than tank Alistar
    Summoner Spells: Flash, Other
    Beginning Items: Meki Pendant, 2 Health Potions
    Mid Game Items: Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Shurelya's Reverie OR Morello's 
     Evil Tome OR Deathfire Grasp, Rabadon's Deathcap
    Taking the Meki Pendant first allows you to use Triumphant Roar much more 
    often. Combine this with the Health Potions and you should have no trouble
    in the laning phase. Again, focus on last hitting creeps, but don't use 
    Headbutt or Pulverize on them, because it does too little damage to justify
    the mana cost. 
    When the mid game rolls around you'll want to grab the Ionian Boots of 
    Lucidity to aid you in cooldown reduction. If your team is doing well, buy 
    a Morello's Evil Tome or a Deathfire Grasp to get more AP and mana regen. 
    If your team is doing poorly, get a Shurelya's Reverie for the Health and
    Speed bonuses it provides (all three items give mana regen and cooldown 
    Aim to be towards the middle of your allies in a team fight formation. When
    the fight breaks out, use flash into the enemy carry, and do your Pulverize
    + Headbutt combo and smash them into your team. Your superior damage should
    knock them down to half health (if they have low magic resit). Then run 
    back to your team, using your ult and Triumphant Roar if you need to.
    General Summary:
    Allistar is a very archetypal tank. He has high health, low damage, and 
    wide range of abilities to help his allies.
    His Pulverize + Headbutt combo is essential. Mastering it should be the 
    first priority for any potential Alistar player. Also, Unbreakable Will 
    should be used when you are at about 1/5th health. Enemies will see his low
    HP bar and will instinctively focus him, which is what AListar wants. 
    Overall, Alistar is a good tank, focusing on picking off enemy carries. He
    doesn't do enough damage to be focused inately, so he really has to force 
    his foes to attack him
    Tips for Playing Against Him:
    He will almost always take flash, so be very careful when you are near him.
    He can be quite far away from you one second, then right in your face the 
    next, and after you are stunned from Pulverized, you better hope the enemy 
    team isn't there to finish you off.
    In teamfights, just wait for him to blow his CC before you get close to him.
    Once he has done this, he can be ignored almost entirely, as his cooldowns
    are quite long and his auto attacks do laughably small damage. 
    DO NOT focus Alistar when he has his ultimate on, unless he is the only 
    enemy around. He may only have 300 HP left, but with his armor, magic 
    resist, and Unbreakable Will, he may take another 4-5 seconds to kill, time
    the rest of his team can use to destroy you.
    [8] Other Stuff
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                  understanding of each champ. Therfore, I have modified the 
                  champion chapter to go much more in depth, and propose 
                  different builds.
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