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    Kayle Champion Guide by deadlyaces777

    Version: 1.0.1 | Updated: 08/24/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    KKK      KKK         AAA          YYY   YYY    LLL         EEEEEEEE
    KKK     KKK        AAA AAA        YYY   YYY    LLL         EEEEEEEE
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    KKKK  KKK        AAA     AAA      YYY   YYY    LLL         EEE
    KKKKKKK         AAA       AAA      YYY YYY     LLL         EEEEEEEE
    KKKKKKK         AAA       AAA       YYYYY      LLL         EEEEEEEE
    KKKKKKKK       AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA       YYY       LLL         EEE
    KKKK  KKK      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA       YYY       LLL         EEE
    KKK    KKK     AAA         AAA       YYY       LLL         EEE
    KKK     KKK    AAA         AAA       YYY       LLLLLLLL    EEEEEEEEEEEE
    KKK      KKK   AAA         AAA       YYY       LLLLLLLL    EEEEEEEEEEEE
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                          LLLLLLLL ..   OOOOO   LLLLLLLL ..
    A Kayle Guide for the Game League of Legends By Riot Games
    By Deadlyaces777
    Version: 1.0.1
    Updated the Terminology Section & Edited some Spelling Errors.
    Last Updated: 8/24/2011
    ====Table of Contents====
    I. About
       A. This FAQ
       B. Copyright Info
       C. The Author
    II. Introduction
       A. League of Legends the Game
          1. The Mechanics of LoL
           a. Terminology
           b. Key concepts to Know
          2. How to play efficiently
       B. Your Summoner
         1. Champions
         2. Summoner Spells
         3. Summoner Masteries
         4. Summoner Runes
    III. General Things to Consider/Know about Kayle
        A. The Pros & Cons of Kayle
        B. The Hard Numbers
        C. The Skills
    IV. Playing the Game with Kayle
        A. Your first few Minutes of Battle
           1. Early Game Scenarios
        B. The Items
        c. Mid Game Strategy
        D. Late Game
           1. Final Push
           2. Your Last Stand
    V.  Conclusion
    ::                                                                           ::
    ::                               I. About                                    ::
    ::                                                                           ::
    A. This FAQ
    Within a short period of time, the massively successful MOBA(Massive Online
    Battle Arena) Game known as League of Legends became a huge success becoming a
    rival to that of the DotA and other MOBA. One of these reasons is the vast 
    amount of customization of champions to choose from and do battle with.
    Currently there are 79 champions to select ranging from powerful mages, to 
    deadly warriors, to cunning assassins. This FAQ guide was written to help 
    guide you and play with the champion Kayle. 
    Kayle is a support melee champion who assists her allies through her angelic
    abilities. Mind you, this champion shouldn't be used to go out into the open 
    and do battle against whatever she sees. Instead Kayle is best played as a 
    champion who works with others to achieve a common goal. More of this will be
    explained within this guide.
    B. Copyright Info
    All of the contents within this guide was written and copyright (C) 2011
    Robert Rago As known as DeadlyAces777. League of Legends and all other
    related material is copyright (C) Riot Games Inc. Additionally, anything
    quoted will be sourced and credited to their original owners.
    This guide may NOT be copied, reproduced, republished, or redistributed
    unless following this rules.
        o No profit can be directly made from reproducing this guide
        o You must provide proper credit to DeadlyAces777
        o You do NOT call/claim this guide to be your own.
    C. The Author
    Hi, I'm Deadlyaces777, and this is currently my first guide ever for GameFAQS!
    I recently got into LoL, and fell in love with it. I'm the type of person who
    doesn't necessary love to do all the killing, either by Melee, or Ranged, 
    therefore I chose the support class to try out. I Tried Vanna first, but sadly
    she was too fragile for my tastes, although I still can use her pretty darn 
    well. I then chose Kayle to main. So far I have no regrets of it yet.
    I noticed there are no really up to date guides on Kayle, so I decided to make
    one. As of yet, I am not fully level 30, so this is a basic guide to start off
    using Kayle. Once I reach 30, I'll be sure to make an expert build/guide for
    her. I hope you enjoy playing and using Kayle as much as I do. 
    ::                                                                           ::
    ::                               II. Introduction                            ::
    ::                                                                           ::
    A. League of Legends the Game
    As stated earlier, league of legends, aka LoL is a MOBA, and should be played
    as such. LoL is a 100% free to play game, however you can spend money to
    purchase more champions(explained later), skins, runes, or boosts.
    To start off, vist http://na.leagueoflegends.com/ and download the clinet.
    After, or during the download you can create your summoner account. This
    account serves as a "base" in which you can choose to select different 
    champions to play with, upgrade them with runes or masteries as well. 
    Once you Download and update the LoL clinet, you can immediately jump into a
    game and play other human players, or bots. However it is suggested to play
    the tutorials first.
    1. The Mechanics of LoL
    LoL puts players against players, or players against bots in a designated arena
    to fight it out to defeat the opposing team's Nexus. To start off, you must
    select a champion to do battle with. Each Champion has 4 Active Skills that 
    they can learn, and master and 1 Passive Skill that is always in play. Each
    Champion can cap out at 18 levels. Additionally, if getting the "killing 
    Strike" on any minion, or monster that champion earns gold in which they can
    spend at the shop to purchase items to increase their Stats. Furthermore,
    earning the killing strike on an enemy champion/turret will earn that champion
    further gold. 
    After every game, all players left playing will earn IP, and Exp Points. IP are
    used to purchase permanent champions, and runes. Exp Points raise your summoner
    level allowing for more Summoner spells, more powerful runes, and more 
    a. Terminology
    AD- Attack Damage. You can increase this through Items, and leveling up
    AFK- Away From Keyboard. It's best to warn allies when you go afk. People 
         assume you are AFK if you are idle for to long
    AP- Ability Power. Increases spell damage, or effects. 
    B- Back, Recall, Retreat. Typically means to recall "B"ack to base. 
    BG- Bad Game. Usually stated after post game if players feel like it was
        simply a bad game.
    Bot- Bot(computer), or Bottom. When used in context, it can mean bottom.
         Ie; Annie and Tratic will go bot. 
    Brush- Area in which you become invisible until you leave it, or an enemy
           steps into it. It also reveals the whole brush to you when you enter it
    Care- Typically means to be careful, and don't act hasty. Enemys can be around
    CC- Crowd Control. Any ability that stuns, or prohibits enemy(s) from moving
    CDs- Cool Down. Time period in which you can not use spells
    CS- Creep Score. The amount of minions and monsters you have killed.
    DPS- Damage Per Second. The amount of Damage you do over 1 second
    feed- When a player constantly dies to an enemy, resulting in "feeding" them
          Gold and Exp.
    Gank- Ambush, usually an ally or enemy hides in the brush, to ambush a foe
          Resulting in a helpful kill, or assist.
    GG- Good Game. Usually stated after post game if player feel like it was
        a good game
    GJ- Good Job.
    Jungle- Area inbetween lanes that house Monsters. Usually a player is called
            Jungle because they can gain exp. and gold simply by staying in the
            jungle slaying the monsters on their own.
    Push- When the team attempts to destroy remaining turrets or inhibitors.
    SR- Summoners Rift. One of the current maps for LoL
    Top- Refers to the top, or leftmost lane in Summoners Rift
    Ult-Ultimate. The "last" ability for most champions. Usually the (R) Spell
    b. Key Concepts to Know
    To start off with, one should learn the hotkeys.
    Pressing the (Q) key will initially activate your first ability. Such as
    pressing the (W) key will initially activate your second ability, just as
    hitting the (E), and (R) Key. To instantly use your ability on yourself,
    simply hold the (alt) key + the key for the ability you want to use
    Another use for the (alt) key, is simply holding the key, and selecting 
    anywhere on the map to "ping" that location. This is used to alert your 
    teammates that you need help in a location, to be wary of enemies near that 
    location, or to simply target an enemy. You can always "ping" anywhere on the
    map, by simply selecting the top left corner of the mini map, and selecting
    a location on the mini-map to "ping".
    Another concept is DPS. DPS works similar to area. Having high attack, and low
    attack speed creates low DPS. Just as having low attack, and high attack speed 
    always creates low DPS. For example; say you can do 15 damage per second, or 1 
    damage per 1/15 of a second. You still do 1 damage per second regardless.
    However if you can do 6 damage per 1/6 of a second, you can do 36 total damage
    per second. 
    A simple trick to this, is just to think of area.
    (Length(Attack))*(Width(Hits per Second))=(Area(DPS))
    Example 1:
           1        *       19            =     19
           19       *       1             =     19
           8        *       8             =     64
    Notice that if I add both my length and width I obtain a total of 20 units
    (1+19=20). And if I multiply my length and width, I only yield 19 units
    (1*19=19). However, the last part of my example when I add both my length
    and width I get a total of 16 units (8+8=16). But once I multiply my length *
    Width, I get a much higher number. (8*8=64). I can spend less on my total units
    yet yield a much higher area as compared to "maxing out" one side over another.
    Example 2:
           2        *        12           =     24
           4        *        10           =     40
           6        *        8            =     42
           7        *        7            =     49
           8        *        6            =     42
           10       *        4            =     40
           12       *        2            =     24 
    This example further demonstrates this formula. All my values add up to 14, 
    however notice having two 7s yield in a much higher area than a 2 and a 12. 
    Obviously as I come closer and closer to an equal match in Length, and Width
    my area becomes much larger. This is your typical DPS theory. Try to exploit
    this as much as possible. 
    Therefore as we have learned from this two examples, it is always better to
    maintain an even balance and ratio between your Attack Damage, and your Attack
    Speed for your champions.
    Most beginners, fight until they die. Which is a risk unto itself. However, one
    expert and very beneficial technique/skill is using the recall, and knowing
    when to recall. Hitting recall stops all movement, and charges for 8 seconds
    before teleporting you back to your home base. If you are hit in any matter,
    recall immediately stops working. I can not stress enough to use/abuse your .
    recall. If you don't recall and stay in battle for too long you run into the
    risk of getting flanked, ganked, and raped. Obviously, this is a big no-no. Not
    only do you have a death timer you have to sit through before you can respawn
    on the map, but you just gave the enemy team a trifold advantage. First, they
    have one less champion to worry about, they score more gold, as well as a nice 
    experience boost making them potentially stronger. It is never advised to fight
    to your death, unless you play as bait. And even then you shouldn't be dying to
    do that.
    Some tips to using your recall:
    -the hotkey for recall is the (b) key.
    -always recall behind your minions and turrets if possible
    -if in a heated battle, let your ally know so they are prepared to play more
    -If out in the open, at least find some brush to recall in
    -it is not advised to recall within enemy line of sight
    Knowing when to recall is a user discretion, and is very conditional.
    If you are pushing through to enemy turrets, however you don't have enough
    Mana or health to make the final push, it is "acceptable" to recall. Chances
    are you'll regain your health and Mana and be able to make it back to the fight
    before the enemy can get a strong advantage over you. Also, if you are in an
    major uphill battle, and are struggling to keep enemy champions at bay, it
    could be advised to take a small hit; in the sense of running away, to regroup
    and possibly purchase new items to get a better edge. Obviously if the enemy is
    baiting you closer and closer to their turrets, they could be waiting for you
    to slip up and make a lethal mistake. In that situation, you have to assess
    how you are. There could be other enemy champions waiting in brush to gank you,
    or even barely out of line of sight. Maybe it is better to simply back off, and
    recall, or just simply stop taking the bait. 
    Recall is a very simple skill to learn, and it can potentially save lives as
    2. How to play efficiently
    There are always clear differences between good players, and bad players.
    It is known, that good players play efficiently, and use all their skills and
    shortcuts whenever possible. As compared to bad players simply don't understand
    what game mechanics are available to them, and never truly exploit the true
    power of those mechanics.
    One small tip I have learned over the years of playing RTS games, and even
    competitive games in general, is that the aggressive "cat" > the defensive
    cat. This is a small rule of thumb, but it has its many exceptions. 
    Playing aggressively means you are doing damage. This means that the more you
    attack the less you have to defend, and the more time the enemy has to recover.
    Obviously, in RTS games, this means raids. And guerrilla warfare. Doing small
    annoying kills to weaken the enemy’s supplies, while your supplies remain 
    unharmed give you the edge. In any game, and any real life battle, you can
    never will playing defensively. The only hope of winning, or even surviving
    is the enemy making a mistake, or slipping up, or stop attacking. The Americans
    could not have won their revolution if they constantly defended themselves.
    Instead, they had to make decisive and smart tactics to bring the British on
    the defensive. Only then did they have a chance of winning. The same can be
    applied to this game. You can not win the game simply by defending your nexus.
    The whole point of the game is to destroy your enemies. Therefore, don't be 
    afraid to play aggressive and make the enemy turn around and defend themselves.
    This does not mean, however to simply waltz in their base and hoping you can
    do damage all by yourself. You will die and it will be pointless. It is known
    that a lot expert players LOVE to harass and toy with their enemies. This is an
    aggressive tactic that can result in wins. 
    Always, always hot key your abilities. Dragging your mouse away from the battle
    can result in crucial seconds and the lose of your life. You have a second hand
    for a reason. Your left hand should be resting on the left side of the keyboard
    with your pinky/ring finger resting on the (Q) and (W) keys, while your middle
    and index finger resting on your (E), and (R) keys. You thumb should be
    hovering over your (alt) key. This might feel awkward at first, and it will
    result in a lot of mistakes at first. This is natural, but overtime your hand
    will adjust to that position and you'll become a much better player.
    Secondly, communicate. But sparingly. It's nice when you and your allies talk,
    and agree. If your ally is playing to risky, simply tell them to "b". Remember
    to "ping' if you need help, or if the enemy is missing. Attempt to be courteous
    to your teammates. Nothing is an easier win, that when a team that cooperates
    is facing a disorderly and broken team that argues with each other. Try not to
    let your anger get the best of you, because it is a proven fact that when you
    are angry, you are more careless and risk taking. As well, you might get your
    teammates angry at you and they might not help when you need them to. However,
    with every good comes a bad. In a middle of a heated fight, don't try to make
    small talk. If simple quick talk can send the message, don't try to type out
    the full message. 
    Adjust your playing style if necessary. If there are 4/5 enemy champions that
    do a lot of physical damage, as compared to magic damage, chances are you might
    want to invest in some more armor. If you are jungle and your team is severely
    losing their own battles, it might be time to temporally stop jungle, and start
    helping them out in the battles. 
    Don't be afraid to get some quick gold and experience by killing off the weaker
    monsters if an opportunity presents itself. 
    Always aim for the final strike. You can damage all the enemies in the world,
    but if you never actually kill them chances are you'll be hurting for some
    gold. Let your minions soften up the other minions and wait for when they are
    very low on health to strike. Learning how to final strike with your champion
    can result in a lot of better items faster. Every champion has a different
    DPS, so try to learn when to hit the enemy.
    Try to avoid face checking. If you know an enemy is in the area, there are
    good chances that they could be hiding in the brush. Instead of waltz up to the
    brush unprepared to see if they are truly lurking there, shot a quick ranged
    ability into the brush. You could hit them, and give you the edge instead of
    the other way around. However, don't always use your abilities to do this, 
    because you could be wasting precious Mana. If you know the area is clear,
    don't bother wasting the Mana. 
    Finally, Use runes, and masteries. You might scoff at the misely .2% chance
    of bonus critical strike, or the wimpy bonus 3 health, but every bit adds up.
    Anything that can go into your favor, use it. The less you invest in your
    champion, the more the enemy has an edge over you to kill you. There is a 
    reason why runes, and masteries exist. So don't be afraid to invest in them.
    B. Your Summoner
    Every player of LoL has a summoner which acts as an overall entity. This
    summoner can take forms of all the champions that are either apart of the
    "free champions of the week", or the champions that are currently purchased.
    Your summoner also has various spells, in which two can be selected during
    the battle. The Summoner also has 2 sets of masteries that are passive 
    attributions that can slightly increase your champions stats, spells, or 
    other attributes that can contribute to winning. Finally your summoner has 
    2 initial pages of runes to slight increase your Stats even more.
    1. Champions
    There are 7 champions that are always free to play every week to give a basic
    feel for the game as well as experiment with that champion. Each champion is 
    different, and have specific roles that they play.
    There are several "classes" or roles of each champion to break them down.
    |  Assassin  | Usually have High DPS, and are known for their quick kills and |
    |            | even quicker escapes                                           |
    |  Fighter   | These are your typical "sword in hand" champions that can deal |
    |            | high amount of damage and like to be in and doing the action   |
    |  Tank      | Tanks, are champions that can walk in, soak up the damage and  |
    |            | dish it right back. The should be in the front lines ideally.  |
    |  Mage      | Contrary to the latter, mages love to cast spells and do magic |
    |            | damage, typically from afar and away from harm.                |
    |  Support   | Support champions are a mixture of everything. They can heal,  |
    |            | do damage, generally support other champions in doing their job|
    That is the typical break down, with further categories of, stealth, range, 
    melee, pusher, and carry.
    League of Legends attributes "guideline stats" to each champion to give a feel
    of how they look.
    When selecting, or viewing a champion, LoL will list 4 characteristics:
    Health, Attack, Spells, Difficulty. Which range from: Weak, Average, and Strong;
    as well as Easy to Medium and Hard for the difficulties.
    Obviously it is best to try out the free to play summoners before going out and
    buying summoners because they do cost IP, and it is scaled. Ranging from 450 IP
    to 6300 IP. There is the alternative to purchasing them by using RP, but
    against it is not necessary.
    2. Summoner Spells
    After selecting your champion before the game starts, you have the choice to 
    Select two summoner spells to aid your champion in battle.
    There are 13 Summoner spells that can either make or break fights between other
    champions, or lethal monsters. That being said, some spells have long cool
    downs. So be cautious and smart when selecting your two summoner spells and
    using them.
    The summoner spells are as followed:
    |  Name       |  Summoner  |  Description                                     |
    |             | Lvl Needed |                                                  |
    | Exhaust     |     1      | Reduce Target's Movement by 40% and Damage by 70%|
    |             |            | and ability and item damage by 35% for 3 seconds |
    | Ghost       |     1      | Ignore Unit collision and move 27% faster for 10 |
    |             |            | seconds                                          |
    | Heal        |     1      | Heal 140 + 20 x Level Health and 50% of that to  |
    |             |            | other champions nearby                           |
    | Revive      |     1      | Instantly Revive Champion and gain a speed boost |
    |             |            | that decreases over time                         |
    | Smite       |     1      | deal 420 + 25 x Level True Damage to enemy minion|
    |             |            | or pet                                           |
    | Teleport    |     1      | After 4 seconds teleport to any friendly minion  |
    |             |            | or turret                                        |
    | Cleanse     |     2      | Removes any Debuffs and decreases any new ones by|
    |             |            | 65% for 3 seconds                                |
    | Fortify     |     4      | Invulnerability to all ally turrets, grant 100%  |
    |             |            | Attack Speed. You deal 9 bonus damage to minions |
    | Clarity     |     6      | Restores 160 + 30 x Level Mana and 50% of that   |
    |             |            | to other champions nearby                        |
    | Ignite      |     8      | Deal 50 true damage + 20 Damage x Level over 5   |
    |             |            | seconds, and reduce healing by 50%               |
    | Rally       |     8      | Summons a beacon with 200 + 25 x Level Health for|
    |             |            | for 15 seconds. Increase Attack Damage by 10-35  |
    | Clairvoyance|     10     | Reveals an area of the map for 6 seconds,        |
    |             |            | castable anywhere                                |
    | Flash       |     12     | Teleports your champion to cursor location       |
    |             |            |                                                  |
    3. Summoner Masteries
    Summoner Masteries are passive skills that slightly increase your overall 
    champion's stats, or other attributes. They might seem useless and weak, but
    they can be a game changer, or even a tie break between champions. 
    There are three categories that break down the Masteries: Offense, Defense, and
    Ideally, once you have a Summoner Level of 30 you typically have 9 masteries
    in 1 category, and 21 in another. However, it is flexible and at lower levels
    you should focus on what you need. 
    4. Summoner Runes
    Summoner Runes have to be purchased by using your IP. They are broken down by
    four categories, and three different tiers. The four categories are; Marks, 
    Seals, Glyphs, and Quintessences. Marks generally focus on Damage, Glyphs focus
    on Ability Points, and Mana, Seals focus on Replenishing, and other Stats, 
    while Quintessences any of the above, but much more potent.
    The Three tiers, just refer to the potency of their increases. Obviously, a
    tier 3 rune is going to be stronger than a tier 1, but in the same respect it
    will cost more IP to purchase. Furthermore, you can not just go out and buy
    tier 2, or 3 unless you have a high enough summoner level. Tier 2 requires 10+
    while tier 3 requires 20+. 
    ::                                                                           ::
    ::                III. General Things to Consider/Know about Kayle           ::
    ::                                                                           ::
    This is the whole reason why you probably visited this guide in the first
    place. Why in the world would I consider to use the Judicator; Kayle. Well for
    starters, she is an excellent support melee champion that can become a ranged
    champion for a short duration. This alone, can create some interesting
    strategies to used coupled with other champions. 
    Now before you continue, please notice:
    kayle is a SUPPORT champion. I repeat, a Support Champion. Therefore she should
    Be played as such. Again, A SUPPORT. I have seen plenty of people play Kayle
    as an all out fighter and fail to do so. I seen plenty of people play Kayle as 
    a jungle champion, and fail to do so. Be prepared to sit back, and heal your
    other champions and yourself. Be prepared to not have a high Kill Count. 
    Now that is out of the way, We can continue on with the guide.
    A. The Pros & Cons of Kayle
    o Support Character that can heal herself and allies
    o Unique Ability to grant her 400 range of attack for 10 seconds with splash
    o Very easy support Character to play
    o Has relatively high Health
    o Average Attack and Spells (Can focus on either one, or do both easily)
    o Is very cheap to buy, only being 450IP, or 260RP
    o Can be a pseudo ranger for a small cost
    o shouldn't be left alone
    o Intervention is short and doesn't grant immunity to stuns.
    o Has a "slow" Start
    o Is not a pure ranger
    B. The Hard Numbers
    The following is Kayle's stats and abilities at Level 1, and her final
    stats and abilities at level 18. (Numbers in parenthesis' show per level)
    Health:       418 (+53)  2092         Damage:      53.3 (+3)   107.3
    Mana:         255 (+40)  975          Armor:       17   (+3.5) 80
    Movement:     310 (+0)   310          Spell Block: 30   (+.75) 43.5
    Health Regen: 1.4 (+.15) 4.1          Mana Regen:  1.38 (.105) 3.27
    Obviously, that Health is a nice amount to have, as well as that damage isn't
    to terribly low. The Mana although is nearly at 975, chances are, you won't be
    running low in to many instances if you play Kayle smart. Although I have 
    run into times in which I invest another 100-200 Mana to just play it safe,
    and you will understand later as to why. 
    C. The Skills
    Passive: This skill is always in play, and will never need to be activated to
    Holy Fervor: When Kayle attacks a champion, they lose 2% Armor and Magic
    Resistance for 5 seconds. This Stacks for 5 times. 
    Now I know what you're thinking. What a useless passive. But remember what
    I imbedded into your head early. Kayle is a support champion, and so long
    as she hits another champion, your allies job becomes that much easier because
    your target takes more damage now. This can stack up to 5 times, which is a 
    whole 10%. So long as you hit them within those 5 seconds. 
    Active: How the Active skills are listed, is the letter before the skill name 
    is the hotkey to press to instantly use, or select to use. Obviously, you are
    going to want your left hand hovering over these keys at all times, with the
    thumb resting near the alt key. Holding the alt key then pressing any key will
    instantly use the skill upon yourself, saving you precious seconds that can
    truly make and break a fight. Remember this. Additionally, the skills listed
    with #/#/#/#/# represents that skill level's number. Ie: Reckoning Blast
    at Level 3 will do 160 damage, have a 25% slow, and cost 90 Mana. The number 
    in the parenthesis represents the bonus number per Ability Point your 
    champion has.
    (Q) Reckoning: Blasts an enemy dealing 60/110/160/210/260 (+.8) magic damage
    and slowing movement speed by 25/25/25/25/25% for 4 seconds.
    Cost:  80/85/90/95/100 Mana
    Range: 525
    Cool down Time: 8 seconds
    This ability not only damages, but slows your target for 4 seconds. You can
    pair this ability with Divine Blessing to get close and personal with your
    enemy champion, or have your ally get closer to them to do some serious
    damage to them. 
    This ability, although fun, isn’t one you are going to be using much. Even
    if it has a range of 650, it is still hard to hit running targets, or even
    ranged champions with, from safety. I personally usually get this ability when
    there is no other ability to level.
    (W) Divine Blessing: blesses a friendly target to heal them for 
    +45/85/125/170/205 (+.5) Health, and increasing their speed for
    15/17/19/21/23% for 2.5 seconds.
    Cost: 60/65/70/75/80 Mana
    Range: 1000
    Cool down Time: 16 seconds
    This is a great skill to keep you, and your allies in the fight longer. 
    Obviously you can choose to to heal, resulting in prolonging battles. Ontop of
    that, this skill increases movement speed to help get you closer to the
    battle, or enemy in which you need to slay. This should be the second skill
    you want to master because of the nice health bonus you get. This should
    be used over heal in almost all cases.
    Divine Blessing also is a nice ability to spam while trying to evade, or run
    away from enemy champions. Although, high chances are, they will be able
    to catch up through use of stuns and ranged attacks. So be wary of that.
    Furthermore, although 60-80 Mana is not "a lot", it will eat up your Mana 
    quite quickly if you keep spamming it to heal yourself, while using
    righteous fury with it. Thus when I stated early that getting an item that
    gives 100-200 Mana is a nice thing to have. The last thing you want to happen
    is needing to heal yourself, but you are clear out of Mana to do it. Remember,
    you only start off with 255 Mana, which means after 2-3 Divine Blessings, or
    Righteous Fury's you will be out of Mana!
    (E) Righteous Fury: Kayle's sword is engulfed in flames and a flaming halo
    appears over her head. This grants Kayle ranged splash attack, bonus magic
    damage. Kayle's Attack range becomes 400 for 10 seconds granting her splash
    damage to nearby targets. Nearby units take 20/25/30/35/40% Damage plus
    magic damage. The total magic damage is 20/30/40/50/60 (+.3) Damage.
    Cost: 45 Mana
    Range 20
    Cool down Time: 16 Seconds
    This skill is a godsend. Literally you want to max this skill ASAP. This
    allows you to battle ranged champions at a fair advantage for a short while. 
    Additionally you do splash damage. This can be used to kill off several minions
    at once within 2-3 hits. I can not stress enough how amazing this skill is to
    Remember that one disclaimer I gave earlier about how Kayle is only a 
    support? Well because of Righteous Fury, and Divine Blessing I was able to
    go 25/5/3, on my own. Only 3 times did my allies come and help me and that
    was during a team fight. I was able to handle 2v1 with ease because of this
    ability alone. I can not stress this enough.
    Learn to master using this ability, because it will make you fall in love with
    Kayle. The only downfall to this ability, is within the first 10 minutes of the
    game, in which the recharge time for this skill is a whomping 16 seconds,
    meaning, those 6 last seconds you lose the ability and have to be a normal 
    melee champion. Be sure to get cool down items and whatnot to shorten it. But
    that will be explained later.
    One thing of note is that the splash damage, if your target is a turret, nexus,
    or what not, goes away. Meaning nearby enemies do not get harmed, only the 
    turret, or nexus does. 
    (R) Intervention: Kayle shields herself or an ally for 2/2.5/3 seconds. Grants
    all damage immunities
    Cost: 100/75/50 Mana
    Range: 1200
    Cool down Time: 90/75/60 Seconds
    A very nice Skill to have in a quick pinch. Use this is the battle is going to
    be a close one, and you need a few more seconds to do that final hit. Obviously
    you can use this skill to run away, however this skill only stops damage, and
    not stuns, slowdowns, or other tactics the enemy has up their sleeves to kill
    ::                                                                           ::
    ::                   IV. Playing the Game with Kayle                         ::
    ::                                                                           ::
    A. Your first few Minutes of Battle
    First, assess your team members' champions, and your enemy champions. Are there
    more ranged, than melee? Who covers who/who goes where. Typically Kayle will
    not go Mid, nor be alone. She is support and needs to play her part. This
    decision of where to go should be made during the loading of the game, and the
    first 5 seconds of the game. Next, you should quick purchase either the Dorian
    Ring, or Dagger. Now when I say either, you have to make a commitment. Kayle
    can be used as a strong DPS as a normal melee, or ranged melee. But you have
    to commit to one. Purchase the ring if you are going to go melee, and then
    level up your Righteous Fury. If you are going to buy the Dagger, make a choice
    or Righteous Fury, or Divine Blessing. Usually you should do Righteous Fury, 
    but if you'd rather have that option of health, go Divine Blessing.
    Once this has been done, head out to your outermost turret. If there is Brush,
    hide in it, and wait for the minions to spawn. Occasionally you can attack and
    do some damage to other champions prior to minions spawning, but you should
    never initiate the attack because Kayle doesn't have the strength alone to make
    a kill happen within the first minute or so. 
    When the Minions have spawned, you should rely on Righteous Fury to hit them
    from afar insuring you don't take damage, while keeping the enemy champions at
    bay from you. That is Righteous Fury's selling point. You can damage enemy
    champions while killing minions. However, always, always remember to target
    your attacks on the weakest minion, aka the one with the lowest health. This
    can give you a better chance to score more gold and earn better items to help
    When you Hit level 2, make sure you level up Divine Blessing, then alternate 
    between Divine Blessing, and Righteous Fury. Get Intervention if you feel like
    you are going to have a close call soon, but only select it over a Divine 
    Blessing Level up. 
    Some things to note, is there is a major difference of how you will fight based
    on the champions you will be going against in your lane.
    1. Early Game scenarios
    ======Scenario 1======
    Kayle + Melee Vs 2 Melee
    In this situation. Simply harass their champions with Righteous Fury, and keep
    healing your ally champion when his health gets low. You can/should push them
    back to their turret while staying out of it's range. Additionally since you
    can play range, you'll be able to still farm gold/exp while keeping safe 
    distance. But don't be afraid to head back to the your own turret if you get
    ======Scenario 2======
    Kayle + Range Vs 2 Melee
    This scenario is very similar, but be warned, although you are ranged,
    you might be more defendant on your skills thus both your mana can deplete
    fast. Take turns returning back to base to recharge and buy items.
    Continue to harass their champions while netting kills on their minions.
    Always have an escape route ready though.
    ======Scenario 3======
    Kayle + Melee Vs 2 Range
    This is going to somewhat of an uphill battle depending on champions. You can
    act as a range, harassing their range back to their turret, but you only have
    10 seconds to do so. Always keep hitting E to ensure you don't go from ranged
    attack, to having to walk up to them to hit them, because they can easily out
    damage you that way. 
    If worst comes to worst, hug your turret for safety and exp. It might be 
    considered "nooby", but it's better to be alive and well than constantly 
    feeding their champions easy kills.
    ======Scenario 4======
    Kayle + Range Vs 2 Range
    This scenario, you'll need to play a lot of pseudo range to keep in the game
    for longer periods of time. But remember to watch out for when your Righteous
    Fury run's out of power. Those 6 seconds means you are vulnerable to getting
    hit while you have to move towards the enemy. Ideally, you should heal yourself
    or your ally during your downtime of Righteous Fury, and them go back into 
    battle once you can. Never get too Cocky against 2 Rangers. 
    ======Scenario 5======
    Kayle + Melee Vs 1 Melee & 1 Range
    Make sure you target their Melee when they get too close to you, or your ally.
    A lot of the time, you will be healing your ally than yourself in this 
    situation, so make sure you have plenty of mana/heal ready. However, don't
    be afraid to go after their ranged champion if they are scoring too many kills.
    ======Scenario 6======
    Kayle + Range Vs 1 Melee & 1 Range
    It's ok to still act as a pseudo range in this scenario. Make sure you have
    plenty of health, and Divine Blessing on hand. Harass them until they are
    backed into their turret, then retreat a bit so the turret doesn't score
    easy kills for them to gain exp over you. But watch your range. The turret
    can hit you before you can hit it if you are not careful.
    Depending on how to first 5 minutes play out ie; whether you slain an enemy
    champion, or got slain, make sure it's safe to recall back to base(hit b on
    your keyboard to recall) and purchase Ionian Boots of Lucidity; if you can not
    afford it, head out and find some quick kills from the monsters; killing the
    wraiths are easier and net more gold than the wolves. One Righteous Fury should
    do, and then Divine Blessing yourself to rid of the Damage.
    Chances are, as time goes on, you'll have to learn to macro the Alt+ W, E, R.
    Obviously, E doesn't need the alt prior to pressing, but get in the habit of
    using the keys over moving the mouse to select the spells. 
    Many of times you'll be in the heat of battle and you'll have to constantly 
    heal yourself and cast righteous Fury. Your Mana is going to run dry, and run
    dry fast. You have a max of 975 Base Mana at level 18. This isn't a lot
    for a battle that can last over 2 minutes. Thus, be sparing, but not too
    sparing. Using Intervention at the right time can save you unnecessary Divine
    Blessing use. 
    B. The Items
    As for order of the items, it depends on how your build is made, and what job
    you want to do. But it is noted, that Ability Points should be a higher 
    priority over damage.
    Usually I go (start)Dorrian Ring---Ionion Boots of Lucidity---Blasting Wand/
    Stinger---Stinger/Blasting wand(Which either you didn't choose)---
    Fiendish Codex--- Nashor's Tooth--- Sapphire Crystal--- Sheen--- Hextech
    Although, that is very dependent on how many kills you can score. This build
    allows for increased damage with Righteous Fury, and a slight boost in
    health regain in Divine Blessing. 
    I have given a fairly basic build, do not be afraid to accommodate for
    change in strategy. Typically one shouldn't worry too much about getting a lot
    of armor, or magic resistance because Kayle shouldn't be played as a tank. But 
    there are times in which it is beneficial to yourself and your allies if you go
    and grab a defensive item for yourself. Also, Keep in mind you Attack Speed. 
    Righteous Fury hits like any normal attack. Therefore you can increase the 
    amount of damage and splash by having a higher attack speed, which allows for 
    more hits within the 10 second time frame.
    Some things to note, is you should have at least 2 items that 
    reduce your cool down time for your abilities. Like stated earlier, there is
    always that awkward 6 seconds of non range for Righteous Fury to recharge, or 
    even worse, not being able to heal quickly enough. Ideally, you want to be able
    to activate a Righteous Fury right after your first one wears out after 10 
    seconds. Having around 25%-35% Reduced cool time will take off 4-5.6 seconds of
    your 16 initial seconds. Leaving you a 2-.4 second gap, which is enough time to
    react and activate a new Righteous Fury. Therefore it is possible to have a
    10% cool down reduction and a 25% cool down reduction. Some Ideal items of note
    for this, are the Fiendish Codex with 10%, Ionian Boots of Lucidity with 15%,
    Kindlegem with 10%, Nashor's Tooth with 25%, Spirit Visage with 10%, Stinger
    with 10%, The Brutalizer with 10%, and Youmuu's Ghostblade with 15%
    C. Mid Game Strategy
    Typically, depending on how things are going, you can start to help out other
    players where it is needed. Kayle is an strong champion for team battles 
    through her various skills. Ideally, if low on gold, you can venture out and
    fight wraiths, golems, and wolves. Although don't spend too much time out
    alone. Always assume the enemy fights in packs and are ready to strike.
    Keep an eye out for where the enemies are, and if any are MIA(missing in
    action) aka not in their typical lane. You should be at the point of
    getting assists to help keep your gold flow high. 
    Always remember your role as a support. If your team is under a lot of pressure
    don't be afraid to speak up and mention about fighting as a unit. There is a
    higher chance of winning a fight with the more allies around. Especially as a
    Ideally, at 10-20 Minutes you should have 1-2 if not all the outmost enemy 
    turrets destroyed. If not, keep pushing foward and wait for the minions to
    get in the way of the turret fire, hit E, and spam that turret with attacks.
    Another note, is Kayle can be excel in ganking IF DONE PROPERLY. This means
    makes sure you don't initiate the attack, and hide in the brush. Instantly
    invoke the Righteous Fury and hit them hard, then quickly cast the Divine
    Blessing on your ally to heal them and make them catch up to the enemy.
    D. Late Game
    As the game continue, there becomes a small rift between two teams. Usually 
    the stronger team will make some highly beneficial strikes, and the rift will
    continue to widen. I will try to provide some tips to gain the final edge
    over your enemy, or help lessen the rift against the opposing team if you are
    1. Final Push
    DUring the end of the game, you should be nearing, or be at level 18. If you
    are not spend some time, participating in team fights or killing those minions
    or monsters. You should be having some strong items that boost your cool down
    reduction as well as ability points to strength your abilities. You should be
    cooridinating tactics and destroying your enemy's turrets as a team, making 
    destroying them much easier and faster. This will put your enemies at a 
    disadvantage because they will have to concentrate on defending more. Also, I
    can not stresss destroying atleast one inhibitor to gain super minions.
    Those guys have a huge 3900 health, and take a few seconds to destroy. They 
    also can do serious damage on their own. Work as a team to destroy their last
    few turrets and nexus with the support of minions. Abuse righteous fury to 
    target the weak minions that spawn in groups. This is very helpful for the team
    because minions provide excellent meat shields that your enemy can use to their
    advantage. Also try to stay behind your minions when striking the last 2 
    turrets. Nothing is more frustrating that dying to turret fire and having to
    wait a long time to respawn and walk back to their base. You should be at the
    point where you can simply alt (W), (E), and (R) yourself without having to
    worry about mana. Don't forget your (Q) which can lead to the final strike
    on weakened enemy champions.
    If the enemy is gaining an upper hand defending, retreat, and regroup. If you
    and your allies act alone, you can become easy targets to the enemy champions
    and their minions that spawn and can fight a lot quicker because of the
    relative distance to their own base. If attacking is becoming harder to do,
    simply do it in harassing waves. Destroy one turret and inhibitor, retreat,
    and repeat. This can be a much easier tactic than trying to do it all at one
    sitting within their base. Although it is nice to have a dead enemy champion, 
    it is nice to not have an enemy turret that is constantly firing at you because
    the enemy champion is simply stalling, and baiting you to your death.
    Finally, you should be working as a team, or be with your team. Don't go out 
    and try to farm kills against enemy minions or monsters while your team is
    fighting a team battle. You play a vital role within team battles because
    of your abilities. Working as a team grants you a much easier time in winning.
    Eventaully you'll scare off weaken enemies or score an ace, and begin to do
    serious hurt as they sit waiting to respawn.
    2. Your Last Stand
    For one reason or another, you and your allies have your backs against the
    wall, and your enemy is at the gates, or worse, inside your base. This is a 
    crucial time to pull out all the stops and do everything in your power to
    stay alive. Always confront the enemy within turret fire, and bait them further
    into your base. Have them earn their kills, and die trying. 
    Always defend your inhibitors. If those things are destoryed, you will be
    seeing a lot of super minions watlz into your base and having them do serious
    damage to your base. Like I said earlier, these things are beasts, and take
    time to kill.
    This is also an instant in which you have to work as a team. Using Intervention
    at proper times can be a major game changer when you are fighting within your
    I played a game, where we were down one man, lost all of our inhibitors and
    struggling to stay alive. However we fought all the enemy champions, as a unit,
    dealing as much damage as we could, and making them second guess their attack.
    It took a lot of luck and skill to pull through, but we pushed their champions
    out of our base and simply had to defend against their minions/super minions.
    Shortly after we continued to push as I would constantly either Divine 
    Blessinged my allies or used Intervention on them so they can score the kills.
    We eventually pushed them back to their base, and proceeded to win.
    Obviously, not all games will this happen. Like I said, a lot of luck and skill
    went into that match. Sometimes you and your allies can be playing your best,
    and still lose. Don't give up faith. Instead, learn from those mistakes and 
    promise yourself you won't make them again. The only real advice that can be
    given is make sure to work as a team in the last moments of the battle. If they
    score an ace it is 99.9999% guaranteed that they have won the game.
    ::                                                                           ::
    ::                           V. Conclusion                                   ::
    ::                                                                           ::
    The one thing to remember is that Kayle is a support character, can she can 
    bring a lot to the table for your team. I hope you enjoyed reading this guide
    and pray that you can atleast apprerciate Kayle for who she is, and what she
    can do. Good luck gaming, and have fun when you play. Remember that this is
    only a game, and a fun one at that. Again, thank you for reading and I hope
    we can do some matches sometime. 
    If you have any further infomation, ideas, suggestions, or questions, you can
    contact me on my email: ace60148(at)Hotmail.com. Replace the (at) with @
    Just include within the Subject Title: Kayle Guide

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