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    Ezreal Champion Guide by exorchids

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    [About Me]
    My name is Victor and my ingame name is Orchids. I am a gold division I player 
    and I play with platinum and diamond players, meaning I have a good 
    understanding of how this game works and how the meta functions. I also 
    theorycraft a lot and spend a lot of time teaching summoners in the 
    /r/summmonerschool subreddit.
    I have been playing Ezreal since season 2 when he was considered “trash.” Now, 
    he is considered one of the top picks in the game, and though his popularity 
    has fallen due to recent nerfs, he remains a strong champion for solo-queue 
    where his ability to snowball unbelievably out of control makes him a great 
    champion for soloqueue.
    This guide is written for Level 30s with Tier 1 runes and a full mastery page. 
    I assume you already have a basic understanding of how this game works.
    [Champion overview]
    Ezreal used to be considered weak because of his late game power and short 
    autoattack range meant that he was easily outscaled. However, there are 
    several caveats to this.
    First, the League of Legends meta has shifted towards early game dominance and 
    taking towers. Winning your lane hard and getting kills, then pushing down 
    towers as fast as possible has become a new, popular, strategy as favored by 
    the Koreans and relies on a strong early game. Ezreal’s early and midgame is 
    where he shines allowing him to snowball and take these towers early makes him 
    a good choice. His free escape mechanism forgives many mistakes and he 
    extremely fun to play. Finally, season 3 also gave Ezreal several buffs to 
    itemization with many items that proc on-hit effects.
    Play Ezreal if you like
    -mobile AD carries with high amounts of skillshots
    -an ultimate that can snipe people off the map
    -a snowballing champion that can rack up kills with an aggressive support
    -slowing your enemies every 3 seconds with phage or frozen gauntlet
    Passive: Rising Spell Force
    INNATE: Hitting a target with any of Ezreal's abilities increases his own 
    attack speed by 10%. This effect lasts for 5 seconds and stacks up to 5 times.
    Explanation: This is why Ezreal can get by without building berserker greaves 
    for a little bit. It’s also why you need to practice landing skillshots with 
    Ezreal. Every time you hit someone with a skillshot, your attack speed 
    increases, until it hits a 50% atk speed increase with 5 stacks. You can also 
    use your ultimate to proc all 5 stacks at the beginning of a teamfight, making 
    this a highly important passive to master.
    Q: Mystic Shot
    RANGE: 1100
    COOLDOWN: 6 / 5.5 / 5 / 4.5 / 4
    COST: 28 / 31 / 34 / 37 / 40 mana
    This skill NEEDS to be smartcasted. Smartcasting is where you press q and it 
    moves in the direction of your cursor without having to click. It takes a bit 
    of practice, but you’ll see your damage improve significantly, as that one 
    second it takes to not click or click can save your life or get that kill.
    This is an amazing skill for laning. Landing a few of these can instantly 
    force your opponent out of the lane. It has a long range and high damage – 
    it’s difficult for your opponent to respond and you can slowly whittle down 
    their HP over time. You can also use it to reduce the cooldown on your E. By 
    spamming it, you’ll have arcane shift up earlier. Just be careful, because it 
    costs a bit of mana, so make every shot count.
    W: Essence Flux
    COST: 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 mana
    ACTIVE: Ezreal fires a wave of energy in a line. Any enemy champions it passes 
    through are dealt magic damage, while any allied champions it travels through 
    have their attack speed increased for 5 seconds.
    MAGIC DAMAGE: 70 / 115 / 160 / 205 / 250 (+ 80% AP)
    ATTACK SPEED BONUS: 20% / 25% / 30% / 35% / 40%
    I put one point in this at level 4 just to have it, but it’s really not that 
    useful until teamfights. In team fights, you want to hit as many teammates as 
    possible with this skill to give yourself the atkspeed buff from your passive 
    as well as boosting your teammates attack speeds. This skill used to be pretty 
    OP because it’d reduce your opponent’s atkspeed but it doesn’t do that anymore
    Arcane Shift
    COOLDOWN: 19 / 17 / 15 / 13 / 11
    COST: 90 mana
    ACTIVE: Ezreal instantly teleports to a nearby target location and fires a 
    homing arrow at the nearest enemy unit, dealing magic damage to it.
    MAGIC DAMAGE: 75 / 125 / 175 / 225 / 275 (+ 75% AP)
    ARROW RANGE: 750
    This is Ezreal’s free flash. Combined with summoner flash, it means you have 
    potentially two escapes that you can use per fight. It’s pretty short, with an 
    11 second CD, but that seems forever in fights. As an AD Carry, you have to be 
    careful when using it. If you use it too aggressively, you can easily get 
    caught and die. Ezreal is very squishy. In general, I tend to use it to escape 
    from bruisers who try to jump and burst me down.
    Trueshot Barrage
    RANGE: Global
    COOLDOWN: 80COST: 100 mana
    ACTIVE: Ezreal charges for 1 second to fire a powerful broad energy missile 
    that travels in a line across the whole map, dealing magic damage to each 
    enemy unit it passes through. It will deal 10% less damage for each subsequent 
    target hit, down to a minimum of 30% damage dealt.
    MAGIC DAMAGE: 350 / 500 / 650 (+ 100% Bonus AD) (+ 90% AP)
    MINIMUM MAGIC DAMAGE: 105 / 150 / 195 (+ 30% Bonus AD) (+ 27% AP)
    It’s a strong ult that you should use in two situations. The first is when you 
    start a team fight. You should immediately ult in order to get five stacks on 
    Ezreal’s passive. The second is to snipe low hp enemies. Try to aim behind 
    enemy towers because people usually aren’t paying attention when they recall 
    and you can pick up some easy kills that way. 
    Skill Order
    Q, E, Q, W, Q, R, Q, E, Q, E, R, E, E, W, W, R, W, W
    The justification for taking W at level 4 is if you can hit your jungler and 
    support with W, you’ll get a 20% atk speed buff to start off ganks, making it 
    pretty useful. Or, you can hold off taking the W until later. It’s completely 
    up to you. Maxing Q is important for the poke in lane and we max E next to get 
    the cooldown lower. Maxing R is obvious, because your ultimate is extremely 
    [Runes, masteries, summoners]
    Summoner Spells:
    Flash is OP. Enough said. Having two flashes lets you play highly aggressively 
    ( flash twice to get in range to kill low hp enemies), or defensive (escape 
    from the Irelia jumping on you, dodge skillshots, etc)
    Ignite is good for highly burst lanes and for countering healers like Soraka. 
    Get it if you’re going to be highly aggressive or if you don’t need cleanse or 
    Always pick up cleanse if they have two stuns or more. The free CC cleanse is 
    OP and helps you escape from really bad situations. I will always pick up 
    cleanse if bot lane is a taric or someone with a targeted stun. It is great 
    for escaping from ganks.
    Exhaust is great if they have multiple divers like Vi or Jarvan. If you’re 
    worried about assassins like Akali or Kha’six bursting you down, grab exhaust 
    and drop it on them and laugh. Then kill them.
    My new favorite spell, barrier creates a small shield that can easily bait 
    your enemies into diving you or staying too long to fight. Make sure not to 
    activate it too late because the duration is short and if you don’t use it 
    early enough, you might die. It’s great against burst comps or lanes like 
    graves that do a high amount of damage in a short time.
    For Quintessences, you’re going to want one of two things. Attack damage 
    Quints foe easier last hitting or Life-steal quints for more sustain in lane. 
    Life steal quints are personally, what I prefer, since you can trade with the 
    opponent AD carry then heal right back up.
    AD marks, flat AD. Ezreal scales so much off flat AD, that there is really n 
    reason not to use these.
    Armor Seals – these are not an option. When trading with an enemy AD, you need 
    to reduce the damage they do through armor seals. Otherwise you’ll lose every 
    trade. Ezreal doesn’t need mana regen yellows or anything else because if you 
    play correctly, you won’t run out of mana.
    Two options – scaling magic resist or flat magic. I’d take flat magic if you 
    anticipate a bot lane with a high amount of burst magic damage such as lulu or 
    their mid likes to roam. If they have a late game AP carry, I would take 
    scaling magic resist instead.
    Masteries really aren’t that important. They’re really up to summoner 
    preference. However, on Ezreal, I tend to go 21/0/9. The 9 points in utility 
    go to 
    -improved summoner flash: flash on a lower cd is good
    -3 in meditation – Ezreal has mana issues, this fixes them
    -3 in mastermind – more cd on flash good
    -1 in improved recall – need it for the last point
    -1 in runic affinity – having longer red and buff times is good
    For the offense tree, just pick the AD masteries and the ones that sound good 
    to you. I tend to put
    -4 in Fury for attack speed
    -4 deadliness – atk damage is good
    -1 in weapon expertise – armor pen is amazing
    -3 in havoc – incrases your damage
    -2 in lethality – crit strike damage good
    -1 in frenzy – atk speed is good
    -3 in armor sunder – armor penetration is one of the best stats in the game
    -1 in executioner – the damage it gives is amazing
    NOTE! For itemization, don’t treat my word as set in stone. If you’re ahead, 
    feel free to build all offensive items. However if you’re behind, think about 
    what kind of damage they have that is owning you. AP carry getting fed? Think 
    about getting that MR defensive item early. Bruiser killing your team? Maybe a 
    chain vest is good. Don’t forget that you don’t have to build everything into 
    something at once. You can buy the negatron cloak and just sit on it until 
    later, if you need the magic resistance immediately. Better that you do less 
    damage because you bought some resists, than zero damage at all because you’re 
    Boots, x3 HP potion
    It’s ok if you need sustain or are facing another Ezreal in a mirror match. 
    It’s not that great anymore because you can’t win trades against other AD 
    carries and it’s a really safe build, but Ezreal is an aggressive champion. I 
    wouldn’t recommend it.
    Cloth Armor, x5 HP potions.
    Start this way if you hate playing against Caitlyn. It helps heal back some of 
    the ridiculous harass that she has and the cloth armor means that you take a 
    lot less damage from her, since she’s all AD.
    Longsword, x2 HP potions
    A more popular start these days. It’s a quick rush into a lifesteal scepter, 
    which also gives a pretty big damage bonus at level 1 with 2 hp for healing up 
    Doran’s blade
    My favorite start, I use this on almost every AD carry. It requires you to 
    know the limits of your champion though, because if you take too much damage, 
    you’ll automatically lose lane, since you don’t have potions. If you run this 
    start with life steal quints you should be fine.
    Berserker Greaves
    -best option for Ezreal. He needs attack speed especially after all his attack 
    speed nerfs
    -No doubt about it, this is THE best item for AD Ezreal. All your skills scale 
    off attack damage and bloodthirster give you a HUGE amount of lifesteal. I 
    usually don't recall from lane until I can get my BF sword. BT is the first 
    big item I usually get on Ezreal.
    Statik Shiv
    -This item is amazing because it boosts your crit chance, procs with your q, 
    and shoots lightning bolts. Every time it gets a hundred stacks (it gets 
    stacks when you move or attack or use a skill) it shoots out a bolt of 
    lightning THAT CAN CRIT. The reason that this item is so amazing on Ezreal is 
    that when your q lands, it also hits them with the lightning. You should buy 
    the avarice blade part first, since it’s a GP/5 item, then finish the zeal and 
    buy Shiv.
    Iceborne Gauntlet OR Trinity Force
    -Trinity force used to be the must have item on Ezreal because of its slow, 
    but continually nerfs mean that it’s not as popular. However, it’s still good 
    and it has its place, but I don’t like it as much anymore. Ezreal benefits 
    from every stat, so if you’re ahead, feel free to pick it up. If you get 
    Tforce, get the phage component first.
    -Iceborne Gauntlet is the new Tforce. What is does is slow every time you cast 
    a skill, and that slow is an onhit effect, meaning hitting someone with a Q 
    will slow them and people in a small area around them. This is THE best kiting 
    item for AD ezreal and will let you run circles around people.
    -Last Whisper
    No choice, you have to buy this item if you want to kill tanks. If they have a 
    lot of armor, this is the only way you can do damage to them.
    Merc Treads
    -get these if they have way too many stuns on their team and you need the 
    tenacity. Shouldn’t buy these in general though and never for just the magic 
    -Black cleaver
    A rather selfish buy, it’s OK if you want to pick up an early brutalizer to 
    snowball your lane, but I much prefer last whisper
    -Blade of the ruined king
    Get this item if they’re stacking HP. If they don’t have any armor but a lot 
    of HP, this item will SHRED them. It does a ton of damage and has a great 
    active that can peel bruisers off you since it does percent damage while 
    slowing them.
    -Infinity Edge:
    Probably your last offensive item. It’s pretty good, but requires good 
    positioning. Get it if you aren’t dying much/are murdering everything.
    [Defensive Items]
    Warmogs – Warmogs is really popular after the Koreans bought it on EVERYONE. 
    It’s good because it gives you a lot of HP to survive burst and allows you to 
    stay in fights longer lifestealing. The only problem is that you don’t have 
    any resistances, meaning mages pretty much one shot you. 
    Banshee’s Veil – A good item to buy if they have Blitzcrank or Karthus. 
    Otherwise, I wouldn’t really recommend it.
    Quicksilver sash – my favorite defensive item. When activated, it’s a free 
    cleanse. You should get it if they have stuns or suppresses like Amumu or 
    Guardian’s Angel – it’s ok after nerfs. Get it in conjunction with another 
    defensive item like warmogs and you’ll be unkillable, but your damage output 
    will suffer. If it’s reaching late game, as soon as the passive is down, I’d 
    sell the GA for something like Warmogs since the passive is really the only 
    reason to even have this item.
    Zhonyas – HUEHUHEUHEUEHUH. No, but seriously, you can get this item if you 
    have a retarded team/they don’t peel for you. They have a malphite that dives 
    you and bursts you down every fight? Just use zhonyas and negate all their 
    burst. They might laugh at you for building AP, but it’s the active that’s 
    important. It also gives a nice amount of armor.
    [Tips against AD carries]
    Varus – Pretty easy matchup. It’s easy to dodge his arrow. Just don’t let him 
    get three hits on you and proc his passive. Think of him as a Vayne with a 
    strong early game but weak late game.
    Caitlyn – good caitlyn’s will make your life hell. She has the longest range 
    AD carry in the game and good caitlyns will autoattack you at max range 
    without giving you the ability to respond. Call for ganks and try to poke at 
    max range with Q.
    Miss Fortune – never fight a miss fortune, her w stacks up quickly and allows 
    her to do a ton of damage early. Her ult is aoe and can catch you offguard so 
    keep that in mind when dueling. Poke her at maximum range with you q and 
    you’ll be fine, since her attack range is pretty short.
    Graves – 525 attack range and he has to be up close and personal to do damage. 
    Our favorite type of ad carry to fight as Ezreal. Abuse your q and just poke 
    him out of lane. He’ll have a hard time responding.
    Tristana – win early and win hard. Tristana can put out a ton of early game 
    damage so it’s a contest of skill. Make sure to dodge her W, or you’ll get 
    slowed. She has a surprising amount of burst so don’t get caught off guard. 
    Don’t let this monster carry get to late game or you’ll lose.
    Vayne – Surprisingly, Vayne is extremely hard for Ezreal to kill. She’ll beat 
    you in trades with her passive W and proc for true damage. If you get 
    condemned against a wall, you’re probably dead. Be careful and whittle her 
    health down.
    Ashe – one of the easiest matchups, spam a few Qs, and Ashe will be poked out 
    of lane. She has no mobility so ganking her is really easy too.
    Sivir – Pretty easy to kite and harass. She’s really fast, so be careful, and 
    she has a spellshield that can block one of your qs. Otherwise, she’s nothing 
    Corki – high mana costs, force him to Valkyrie once or twice and you’ve won 
    lane. You can abuse Corki horribly, especially after his nerfs.
    Quinn – Quinn’s a real lane bully. Don’t let her proc her passive when it’s up, 
    and don’t get blinded. Otherwise, you’ll probably be able to win trades with 
    her pretty easily.
    [Tips for support]
    Taric – 90% of people in solo queue only know how to play taric. Knowing how 
    to deal with him is important. Take cleanse, and bait him into using stun. In 
    general, don’t bother cleansing if he stuns you too far away for their ad 
    carry to follow up. One way to separate good tarics from bad is when he stuns. 
    If he wastes his mana stunning you far away from his ad carry or under tower, 
    just let him waste mana. When fighting a taric and his carry, ignore the taric 
    because of his ridiculous armor and focus on killing their carry.
    Zyra/Lux – Highly aggressive supports. They are great to have on your team and 
    hard to play against. You have to dodge their snares or they’ll follow up with 
    a full combo and since Ezreal is really squishy, it hurts. They’re pretty easy 
    to kill though, so if you hit them a few times, they’ll be forced to go back.
    Nunu – Don’t get hit by snowball, it really hurts because Ez has low attack 
    speed to begin with. Spam Qs and he’ll be forced to leave lane or consume a 
    minion. He has no response to ranged harass. Ezreal doesn’t really work well 
    with Nunu since Nunu is a rather poor support after nerfs.
    Nami – most important thing is to dodge her Q. It stuns you for a ridiculous 
    time but it’s also really slow. When playing with a name, when she buffs you, 
    be sure to harass. Her buff is really powerful.
    Leona – The snowballing support champion. She goes in balls deep and is great 
    to have when playing as Ezreal. She has so much CC, it’s really easy to kill 
    other champions, so follow up on her intiations. When playing against her, you 
    need to take barrier or cleanse. Barrier to shield her burst or cleanse if 
    you’re bad at dodging stuns. If she doesn’t get kills in the laning phase, 
    she’s really easy to kill.
    Soraka – extremely boring lane. You actually might have a difficult time if 
    you don’t pick a bursty support like taric or Leona. The important thing is to 
    kill her early before she can give her carry infinite mana and HP. Shut this 
    lane down and she’ll be useless for the rest of laning phase. Sorakas love 
    passive lanes. Don’t give her one.
    Janna – Her AD shield is amazing and is great for poking. Her knockups can 
    keep aggressive supports like Leona off you and her W is great for slowing. 
    When playing against Janna, you can poke her out of lane pretty easily. Just 
    dodge the tornado and don’t forget her ult is a huge knockback and heal. Don’t 
    get knocked into tower.
    [Stages of the game]
    Goals as Ezreal
    -Kill the opposing laner
    -Get farmed up so you can carry the game
    -Take the opposing tower as quickly as possible then push down towers around 
    the map
    -secure dragons
    [Early Game]
    Focus on farming. There’s no point in getting kills, if your CS is terrible, 
    and they can still theoretically win lane if you focus too much on getting 
    kills. You should whittle down their HP through poking them with Q, then 
    finish them off. CS should not come at the expense of harass. Be sure to watch 
    your minimap to make sure you know where their jungler is.
    Help your team take objectives. Push down all the inner and outer towers. Take 
    dragons. BUY WARDS. Now’s the time you start grouping up and winning 
    teamfights, which will hopefully secure you your late game advantage.
    Buy a few wards. You are one of your teams primary sources of damage, if you 
    get caught, the game’s probably over. Try to engage after your tanks go in, 
    and stay close to them. Have them stun whoever is trying to kill you. Whether 
    you picked Trinity Force or Iceborn Gauntlet, ABUSE IT. Use it to kite 
    endlessly whoever is trying to kill you. Spam it in fights and keep your 
    stacks up on your ultimate. Realise that sometimes it’s better to hit a tank 
    and whittle down his hp, then suicide and try to kill their AD carry and just 
    die, which usually gets your team aced. Just try to do as much damage as 
    possible while staying alive. You can’t do damage if you’re dead.
    Good luck wrecking people with Prodigal Explorer on the Fields of Justice! If 
    you liked this gudie, or want to drop an email, you can email me at orchids AT 
    -Akali guide for layout and formatting

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