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Reviewed: 09/15/10

League of Legends, destroyer of free games

League of Legends is a DOTA clone that started off rough. Through the beta and a little while after it, things hadn't been worked out yet, but now? Season 1 has launched, tournaments are all over the place, new champions are released every couple weeks, and balance is trying to be achieved, though some champions are still garbage (We're all looking at you, Evelynn). You DO have the option of spending real money on this game, but I only did so after 4 months of playing, meaning unless your REALLY dedicated to this game, you don't have to.

Gameplay 10/10:
Well, why would you play a game nonstop for so long? Obviously, the gameplay has to be incredible, and it is. It's more addicting than World of Warcraft and I'm back on it almost every day. It's not that I feel inclined to play it every day due to the fact that I paid money for it (Hi WoW), it's just that it is genuinely fun. Basically, this IS a copy of DOTA with a spread of new champions. You can't deny enemies exp anymore, however several new features were added. Many patches of brush make the whole experience a bit easier, among other things. The game has a bit of a learning curve, too. Starting off can be rough. Where do I find this ruby crystal and whats an infinitys edge? Well after you play for about a week, you will start to learn the mechanics of things like harassing your lane, when to chase an enemy champion, or when will turrets attack you. The community can be a pain to deal with, but even right here you can find more people to play with.

Story 10/10:
I added this small section to tell you that if your into lore and stuff like that, each character comes with a long description of where they came from, and there is a newspaper that you can read in the LoL client.

Sound & Graphics 8/10:
The graphics? Not the best around, sure, but they aren't bad either. League of Legends is soon acquiring a complete graphic overhaul, but for now, I can admit that other games graphics are better. The sounds are fairly good. You can't not play with sound. It's just not right. I find myself turning on music and then the next time I throw a shuriken I wonder why I can't hear it, and end up either turning my music off, or the volume in-game up. If your computer can handle very high graphics, you will love this game even more. The shadows are detailed, as are the textures. Overall, this games sounds and graphics are great.

Servers 8/10:
The servers for this game have gotten WAY better. Even if they're not perfect, not a single online game is. They will be up the majority of the time you want to play, and despite what some people say, the servers are constantly being worked on. Just expect them to be down on Tuesdays and you'll be fine. Weekly maintenance is common.

Final Recommendation:
Get out there and buy the game. Oh, wait, it's free. But if you want to spend money on it, it's available at your local video game store. I highly recommend this game to anybody who enjoyed DOTA, or even if you're new to the series

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: League of Legends (US, 10/27/09)

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