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"Gameplay, moba-style game"

Introduction - League of Legends (LoL) is a moba-style (massive online battle arena) game by Riot, quite possibly DotA (Defense of the Ancients) inspired. As a moba-style game, it has RPG and RTS elements with a lot of patience involved.

Gameplay 10/10 -

You want a PvP-orientated game with great customizations? LoL couldn't be a better choice for you. With over 70 different champions (character/hero) of different characteristics, you can pick up one that suit your tastes. Fighters, mages, tanks, support, and hybrids. Heavy dps, light dps, heavy burst or light. Tanky or super tank.

League of Legends is a moba-style game so every single game, every player starts anew, at Lv1. With no items and all. Only the carries is the rune and masteries that you have been using.

League of Legends has a rune and mastery system which can change quite a lot in a single champion. Take a character called Master Yi. He is listed as a fighter carry with heavy growth in ATK. However, using the mastery and rune system, you can make him AP (Ability Power) and do heavy burst damage with his skills early game and then late game switch his items to heavy dps. Or using the rune and mastery system to give Yi heavy dps early game with critical hits, armor penetration, plain raw power, or everything.

Aside from in-game champion levels, there is also Summoner Levels which is basically your account's level. You gain Summoner EXP after game. Winning a game gives more than losing naturally. Summoner Levels unlike more rune slots in rune pages, more Mastery points and Summoner Spells. These Summoner Spells is an addition that no other moba-style game has and these spells really help curb a battle. For instance, the spell Exhaust reduces the enemy target champion's damage by 70%, movement by 60%, and ability and item damage by 35% for 3 seconds. Basically making the enemy Lv1 while you're Lv18 for 3 seconds.

Winning a game or losing a game grants each team an amount of IP (influence points) which is in-game money for players to buy new champions with or runes. Winning team gets more of course.

There are two maps in this game for players to play in, actually more but they're just same maps of different seasons like winter or autumn. Summoner's Rift (5vs5) and Twisted Treeline (3vs3). Summoner's Rift is the generic DotA map where there's two lanes and the middle front road. Twisted Treeline has two lanes, top and bot.

In Summoner's Rift, each lane and middle has 2 towers, outer and inner, before the enemy reaches the inhibitor turret which protects a very valuable building, the inhibitor. There are three inhibitors, one top, bottom and middle. When a inhibitor is destroyed, the team that destroyed it will be granted super minions on that lane in which the inhibitor is destroyed. (E.G. middle lane inhibitor destroyed, opposing team starts spawning a super minion along with the normal string of minions on middle lane) LoL added a new feature to this however, when one team loses all three inhibitors, the opposing team spawns TWO super minions on each lane and they are almost twice as beefy as the normal super minions. Super SUPER minions.

Inhibitors do respawn after a certain amount of time after being destroyed.

The Nexus is what each team is trying to destroy to win a game, besides the opposing team surrendering. In order to destroy the Nexus, the team must destroy at least one inhibitor and both turrets protecting the Nexus. As long as all three inhibitors are up, no Nexus turrets nor the Nexus can be destroyed.

Twisted Treeline is basically the same as Summoner's Rift but it has one less turret. Just a outer turret, base turret, and Nexus turret. Two inhibitors.

League of Legends praises players that play smart in game. Because of the fast-paced gameplay, dying less is always the way to go. Diving, a term in which you rush into a turret's line of fire (which does a lot of damage to those who are low Lvl and/or very low on armor) is usually not a good idea if you are not sure that you can make the kill and get out safely. Those who die are under a timer before they respawn, from 10 seconds all the way to a minute and a half. This MAY seem like a short time but in that 10 seconds, you can probably get over 100g and a fair amount of EXP. Do not forget the time it takes to walk from the respawn area to the battlefront. So if someone dies a lot, he/she will not be of a threat in the near future. Play smart, get all the EXP you can for levels and gold. Do not hesitate to hug your tower, it saves lives and grants kills as well.

The items in this game is what really defines each player's champion. There is a very large variety of items in this game and it would take a while for anyone to master it all. Luckily, the game gives a list of suggested items for what that champion should have, a template if you will. The item shop is really easy to use, it has categorizations like under Defense is Health, Armor, Magic Resist and Health Regen and each item you select, if it can be used as a material for a better item, it shows the possibilities.

Forgot this but towers will target the first enemy entering its field of fire and will continue to attack it til it is dead. However, if an enemy champion attacks a ally champion while in the field of fire of the tower, the tower will switch its target to the enemy champion.

Community - 5/10

It's a free-to-play game... The community can go either ways. Losers crying, whining, annoying insults, you name it. Winners... many arrogant brats and what's worse? 20+ years old taunting teens. Way to go brah.

Graphics - 6/10

While this game does offer a lot of options to customize the game graphics, even at full blast, it is still just... A bit lackluster. However, the game art, like character skins, are really beautiful. This is a recent thing with the newer character skins but some skins actually change some certain things with that character. (E.G. Annie is a mage that uses fire. Her most recent new skin, Frostfire Annie, changes her fire to blue-ice fire and her ultimate skills, which summons Tibbers, a giant bear, also gets a skin uplift) Some other changes would be dialogue or miniscule stuff. Gho'gath, who has a skin called Gentleman Cho'gath and his attack dialogues all change.

Sound - 2/10

Can't say much about the sound... it's just really lacking. The battle effects are actually good though.

Play Time - 8/10

Games usually lasts from 30-50 minutes. Shortest games would be 20 since that's when teams are given the option to surrender. This happens a lot when a team does amazingly good within those 20 minutes, say 10 kills to 0 deaths or worse. The bad games are actually those that last over an hour because both teams are doing really big mistakes and failing to top the enemy. Really though, this game is easy to jump into, have fun if you can ignore the bad community and go out.

Replayability -10/10

I would definitely go back and play this game whenever possibly. With all the customizations available and champion selection, there is no reason for anyone to play the same champion 24/7 in the same way. Besides, there's always someone better than you... Have fun guys!

Final Recommendation - 8/10

I wish I could gives this game a higher recommendation score but sadly I can't. Due to some updates to certain champions, some champions are ridiculously overpowered although these are getting fixed and new champions need a re-vamp already. Not to mention the occasional bad server outrages. Usually after updates, there's always a problem with the lag... The chat system sometimes die just like that.

However, League of Legends is one of the very few games in which if you send a email for technical or any problems, they will go ahead and fix it and they do it fast, usually within 24 hours.

Game is fast-paced, fun, easy to just jump into, have fun. I have to say though, the game's learning curve at the very beginning of the game, say from Lv1 - 20, is VERY steep. From there on, it's quite low but there is still things to learn to do.

League of Legends, fast paced with over 100-200 possibilities of gameplay. Go nuts.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/27/11

Game Release: League of Legends (US, 10/27/09)

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