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Reviewed: 03/14/12

League of Legends - A Great FREE Game

I've been playing League of Legends (commonly abbreviated LoL) for about 18 months now, and I have come to appreciate the variance nuances of the game, from the complexity of certain champions to the simplicity of others. Recently I have also become more interested in the competitive scene, which is apparently quite advanced and intricate in it of itself. The game starts off great, when people don't care so much about winning and legitimately want to just have fun. However, this community quickly becomes too competitive to enjoy without being part of a team to ensure the continuing enjoyment with minimal "troll" encounters.

Audio 6/10:
Overall, this game's audio is decent, but it isn't very memorable. However, the music for the draft pick mode is quite exciting to hear before playing a big game. Most of the time, however, you can just play the game muted and not notice any real difference.

Graphics 7/10:
Once again, not very memorable. The style is similar to WoW, but it can vary from far more serious to far more toony (there is an aquatic character in the game that people say is stolen from Disney, I don't explicitly disagree) than it. However, if you have the computer to handle it, the graphics can be pretty impressive, and the splash art for the champions is very nice.

Gameplay 10/10:
When not plagued by certain (however unlikely) glitches that can range from extremely minor to devastating, the gameplay is simply fantastic, and has an extremely high replay value. This great gameplay also extends to an intricate system of Runes and Masteries, which allow you to affect all of your heroes, regardless of which ones you play. There is also a wide range of champions to choose from, each with different combinations of abilities and of course different abilities altogether. This variety is a great thing, but unfortunately you don't have much access to it at the beginning, save for 10 free champions that rotate every week. But this is minor, considering most of the gameplay is after you reach the rather low max level.

Community 3/10:
The community is bad, not much to say about that, but there's not much the company can do about it. If you ever plan on playing the game beyond the very early levels, get a team of people you like to play with and only play with them. It makes it a lot easier if the team understands about someone counter-picking you or how you have a poor internet connection. There are some examples of good sports out there, but there are far too many trolls to find the community actually enjoyable.

Staff Interaction 8/10:
The main failing of the staff here is the ability to simply say "no" and give reasons why. They listen, but perhaps too well, and either end up looking like they just completely ignored an issue due to a lack of a response or they go along with what the players say. However, they try and that certainly matters.

Servers 2/10:
I personally despise the servers they use in this game. I feel it is the single worst aspect of this game BY FAR. If you don't have an excellent internet connection (and sometimes even if you do), the game may simply randomly disconnect you in the middle of a game, leading to a sometimes lengthy reconnect process (also often getting killed during the disconnect if you are not in an optimal spot), and a far greater likelihood of glitches such as "illusion" minions (minions that appear but can't be attacked by anyone or seen by anyone but you) and sometimes champions simply disappearing completely (but they of course can still deal damage). If it wasn't for these servers, this game would be by far my favorite game, online or not, free or paid for.

Other factors that must be considered:
This game is free should you choose it to be. Simply stay away from purchasing their special "Riot Points" (which aren't necessarily a bad deal, just optional), and the game is completely free to play. No other person will gain an advantage by purchasing anything, because nothing that influences gameplay can be bought with real-world money or its in-game equivalent. In other words, the champion bought with RP is exactly the same as the one bought with IP (the free currency gotten from playing games, called Influence Points).

Overall 7/10:
Once again, I emphasize this game is excellent, but has some flaws. The server stability and community being the only prominent ones I can think of. However, I would definitely recommend anyone looking into this game to try it out. It's free anyway, so the only thing you have to lose is a bit of time. I personally have found it very enjoyable, and I hope you might try it out and see what you think yourself. Thank you for your time.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: League of Legends (US, 10/27/09)

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