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    Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by starlin17

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                          Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm FAQ                      
                                      For the PC
                          Guide by Starlin (Matthew Pumphrey)
                                     Version 1.00
                   Contact the author via e-mail: mtp1717@yahoo.com
                   This guide is Copyright (c)2013 Matthew Pumphrey
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           |                       Table of Contents                       |
           |							       |
           |     I... Introduction...........................[01.Intr]     |
           |							       |
           |     II.. Walkthrough............................[02.Walk]     |
           |							       |
           |              Heart of the Swarm (Zerg Campaign)               |
           |							       |
           |       A. Umoja Missions				       |
           |         1. Lab Rat					       |
           |         2. Back in the Saddle				       |
           |         3. Rendezvous					       |
           |							       |
           |       B. Char Missions 				       |
           |         1. Domination					       |
           |         2. Fire in the Sky				       |
           |         3. Old Soldiers				       |
           |							       |
           |       C. Kaldir Missions				       |
           |         1. Harvest of Screams				       |
           |         2. Shoot the Messenger				       |
           |         3. Enemy Within				       |
           |							       |
           |       D. Zerus Missions				       |
           |         1. Waking the Ancient				       |
           |         2. The Crucible				       |
           |         3. Supreme					       |
           |							       |
           |       E. Skygeirr Missions				       |
           |         1. Infested					       |
           |         2. Hand of Darkness				       |
           |         3. Phantoms of the Void			       |
           |							       |
           |       F. Dominion Space Missions			       |
           |         1. With Friends Like These...			       |
           |         2. Conviction			 		       |
           |							       |
           |       G. Final Missions				       |
           |         1. Planetfall					       |
           |         2. Death from Above				       |
           |         3. The Reckoning				       |
           |							       |
           |     III. Hive Cluster Overview..................[03.Hive]     |
           |       A. Basic Mutation				       |
           |       B. Advanced Mutation				       |
           |							       |
           |     IV.. Unit Overviews.........................[04.Unit]     |
           |             Zerg Units					       |
           |       A. Ground Units 					       |
           |       B. Flying Units 					       |
           |							       |
           |     V... Evolution Pit..........................[05.EvoP]     |
           |       A. Mutations                                            |
           |       B. Evolutions                                           |
           |							       |
           |     VI.. Kerrigan Level Progression.............[06.Keri]     |
           |							       |
    |                                                                             |
    |                    Chapter I - Introduction - [01.Intr]                     |
    |                                                                             |
    My very first FAQ/Guide was for Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty.  It only makes
    sense that I write a guide for the Heart of the Swarm Expansion Pack.  This is
    a complete step by step guide through the campaign missions.  Everything you 
    need to finish every objective in the game is here.  As with all of my guides,
    I attempt to make these as spoiler free as possible.  This means that sometimes
    there will be sections that just say 'cut scene'.  As with the first guide, I 
    will not be covering the player versus player portion of the game.  Strategy
    is constantly changing in the online arena matches.  What is best today could
    be at the bottom of the pool tomorrow.  I hope you find everything you're
    looking for here.  Enjoy the game and good luck!
    |                                                                             |
    |  Chapter II - Walkthrough - Heart of the Swarm (Zerg Campaign) - [02.Walk]  |
    |                                                                             |
    This walkthrough is intended to help you make your way from the very beginning 
    of the Zerg Campaign, Heart of the Swarm, to their final confrontation.  In it
    you will find everything you need to know to successfully complete each 
    mission.  At the beginning of each mission there will be an overview.  It will
    show you all of the primary, secondary, and bonus objectives for that mission.
    It will also list the rewards for completing primary and bonus objectives, 
    consisting of unlocking evolutions, units, and Kerrigan levels.  
    At this time no Story elements that exist outside the mission will be
    overviewed.  The missions will be listed in the order that their achievements
    are listed.  You do not have to do each planet in the exact order that this
    guide lists.  Each mission in this guide gives you strategies that you can use
    regardless of which planet path you took.
    Notably this walkthrough is only one way to complete the game.  While many may 
    have alternate strategies, each mission listed below will still give you all 
    the information you need to complete it even if you choose to use an 
    alternative strategy.  With that being said, let's begin!
    	/                             \
    	| Umoja - Mission 1 - Lab Rat |
    Unit Unlocked: Zergling
    In Mission Objectives
    .....Select Drone
    .....Mutate Hatchery
    .....Harvest Minerals [300/300]
    .....Morph Overlord
    .....Mutate Spawning Pool
    .....Morph Zerglings [6/6]
    .....Destroy the Eradicator
    .....Destroy Gas Turrets [3/3]
    Bonus Objectives
    .....Release Zerglings from Pens [3/3]
    The first mission in heart of the swarm is really almost a tutorial mission.
    You begin by selecting a drone.  Order the drone to mutate into a hatchery at
    the targeted location.  Once the Hatchery is complete, you will gain six more
    drones.  Set them to gathering the minerals nearby.  You'll be asked to morph
    more drones but in order to do that you'll need an Overlord.  Select your
    Hatchery and create an Overlord.  Once the Overlord is morphed, you're asked
    to mutate a drone into a spawning pool.  Do so at the nearby targeted location.
    Afterwards you'll be asked to morph some zerglings.
    Once the zerglings are complete you'll have more access to the area.  The first
    thing you are required to do is destroy the Eradicator in the next room.  Send
    your small zergling group in to take care of it.  Once the Eradicator and it's 
    four Sentry Bot companions are defeated, you'll gain control of an additional 
    dozen zerglings.
    At this point you'll be directed to free more zerglings from the three holding
    pens on the map.  Take your zergling mini swarm to the southeast.  Destroy the
    first Sentry Bot at the intersection.  Then move southwest to destroy the 
    three Sentry Bots defending the first Holding Pen.  Once they are removed, 
    destroy the generator nearby to release another dozen zerglings.
    Move to the northeast destroying the two Sentry Bots at the next intersection.
    In the next room, you'll face off against three Sentry Bots before clearing a
    fourth.  Once the room is clear, destroy the nearby Umojan Security Barracks.
    Cross the bridge to the northwest.  Be prepared to face two more Sentry Bots as
    well as two defense turrets that are hiding under the floor.  In the next room,
    you'll need to destroy the three Gas Turrets before opening the containment 
    door that leads to the second holding pen.
    At this point, you can move to the northeast to destroy the Eradicator.  Before
    doing so, head southeast from the gas chamber to reach the second holding pen.
    There will be three pairs of Sentry Bots protecting this pens generator.  The
    first pair can be tackled without engaging the rest of the bots.  If you move
    along the southern wall you can engage each pair separately.  Once the room is
    clear, destroy the generator to gain another eleven zerglings.
    Move back to the gas chamber.  Head through the northwest door to confront two
    Sentry Bots.  Once they are destroyed, move to the northwest and destroy the
    four Sentry Bots holding ground.  Next, take out the three Sentry Bots to the
    west of the third holding pens generator.  Finally, destroy the four Sentry
    Bots that are scattered to the east and southeast of the generators room.  
    Destroy the generator to unleash the final group of zerglings.  This time
    you'll gain twenty-one zerglings.
    Take your zergling swarm to the northeast to confront the Eradicator.  Once you
    trigger the Eradicators room, four Sentry Bots and the Eradicator will all move
    in to attack you.  Try to quickly destroy the Sentry Bots before the Eradicator
    comes into range.  Once they are destroyed unleash your zergling swarm on the
    Eradicator.  If your swarm isn't large enough, the two nearby barracks will
    send out more Sentry Bots.  Not to worry, continue to concentrate your fire on
    the Eradicator.  Once it is down the mission will be over.
    	/                                        \
    	| Umoja - Mission 2 - Back in the Saddle |
    Primary Mission Objective: Depart with Raynor
    In Mission Objectives
    .....Get to the Sublevel Door
    .....Defend Sublevel Door
    .....Escape the Sublevel
    .....Defend the Tram Engines
    .....Reach the Spaceport
    .....Destroy the Archangel
    .....Kerrigan Must Survive
    You'll begin this mission controlling only Kerrigan although Jim Rayner will be
    by your side.  Your goal for this mission is to escape the compound.  After
    following the path you'll come across a marauder.  Use Kerrigans kinetic blast
    ability to take him out.  When you do, three more marines will appear
    immediately to the southeast.  Take them out as well.  Move along the bridges
    to the northwest.  You'll come across three friendly marines.  When you do,
    a pair of marines and ghosts will immediately attack from the northwest.  Kill
    them and continue along the path that the marines appeared from.  Use the 
    Recovery Terminal inside the door if needed.  Circle around to the northeast
    to spot five marines and another marauder.  Use Kerrigans Crushing Grip ability
    to weaken and lock them.  Finish them off while they are locked.
    Once you pass by this group, drop pods will begin falling in the next area.
    The first pod contains four marines.  The second pod contains two marines and a
    ghost.  Past the next bridge a third drop pod will deposit two marines and a
    marauder.  Kill all of these troops as you continue to make your way to the
    shuttle bay.  After you pass the third drop pod, you'll reach a green ring
    check point.  From here you'll need to defend the Sublevel Door.  The northwest
    door will open to unleash a few dozen zerglings.  Use the Crushing Grip ability
    again to lock up nearly half of the zerglings.  Finish them off to move to the
    second section of this mission.
    You'll now have three minutes to escape the second portion of the compound. 
    Make your way to the south killing the two firebats and six marines you find
    there.  There is also a wave of zerglings fighting them from the opposite side.
    Once you clear this group there will be a recovery station just past the ramp
    leading down.  You will then face off against a Hydralisk, a Zergling, a 
    Firebat, and a Marauder.  Quickly kill the zerg then follow up with a Crushing
    Grip on the Terrans.
    Move to the next green checkpoint.  There will again be a recovery console
    nearby.  The door behind you will close.  You'll face four zerglings in the 
    next area.  A few steps down the path and you will find two more zerglings.
    When you see those two, be prepared for a Ultralisk to appear.  Use Kerrigans
    Kinetic Blast ability to weaken it by two-thirds of its health before finishing
    it off.  Clear the debris before using the recovery console on the other side.
    Around the next corner you'll find a Marauder, a Ghost, and a Marine.  Use
    Crushing grip and then finish them off.  Another restoration charge will be
    available past this group.  Another group of Zerglings will attempt to attack
    you in this room but they, like the Ultralisk, will have debris blocking them
    from reaching you.  Behind the Zerglings is a Hydralisk.  Kill it quickly 
    before moving on.  Move to the next recovery console and green checkpoint.
    Destroy the next debris as you reach the end of this map.  You'll find two 
    Marines and two Marauders awaiting you at the final checkpoint.  Use your
    Crushing Grip to capture three of the four units.  Clear the area and proceed
    to the next checkpoint.
    Here you'll be given a choice to use the gas defense or release more zerg.  If
    you use the gas defense you will kill all of the marines while leaving the 
    Siege Tank and two Goliaths to deal with.  Use your Crushing Grip to lock them
    in place.  Quickly finish the tank with a Kinetic Blast before dealing with the
    two Goliaths.  Use the recovery console before heading up the next ramp to deal
    with four Marines.  If you release the zerg, they should kill everything
    except two Marines and a Goliath.  Once they are dealt with, move towards the
    green checkpoint.  Use a Kinetic Blast to quickly kill the Marauder here then
    finish the single Marine that was with him.  Step on the checkpoint to move to
    the third and final portion of this mission the Tram Ride.
    There are two recovery consoles on the Tram.  After you use them they will
    slowly recharge over time.  A single Viking will approach the Tram first from
    the west.  The next target will be a two Vikings that come from the northeast.
    Use your Crushing Grip while they are still close to one another to quickly
    kill them.  A single Wraith will then approach from the southeast.  Soon after
    a Medivac with four marines and another viking will approach.  Use your 
    Kinetic Blast to quickly kill the viking while saving your Crushing Grip for
    the Marines and the Medivac.  Another Viking comes in from the southwest
    followed by two more Wraiths that appear from the west.  Use a Kinetic Blast to
    quickly take out one of the Wraiths then finish the other will regular shots.
    At this point, the Tram will exit the tunnels leading from the labs.  A Medivac
    will approach from the northeast.  Catch it with a Kinetic Blast before it can
    unload its Marines.  A pair of Wraiths will come next, one from the northeast
    and one from the southwest both at the same time.  Next will be a single Viking
    from the southeast.  Two Wraiths will again approach from opposite directions,
    this time from the east and the west.  They will both be moving to the same
    engine so it should be easier to take them out quickly this time.
    The third wave begins when Kerrigan can "See the Bay."  A Medivac will appear 
    from the northwest.  Take it out quickly with a Kinetic Blast before it can
    land.  Then move fast to the southeast to deal with another Medivac carrying a
    Siege Tank.  If you work fast enough, your Kinetic Blast cooldown will be up
    right as the tank lands.  Use it again on the tank to quickly take it out.
    Shortly after you'll reach a checkpoint and exit the Tram.
    The final portion of this mission beings now as you run from the Tram to the 
    Shuttle Bay.  Nearby to the west is a Marine with two Ghosts.  Kill them to
    move on.  A drop pod will drop two Firebats and three Marines.  Use crushing
    Grip and Kinetic Blast to move past them with ease.  Hit the checkpoint and 
    watch the cut scene.
    The Archangel will shoot with its miniguns in a sweeping motion.  If you are 
    going for the Brutal Legend Achievement this is the most likely spot where you
    will take damage.  Quickly hit the Archangel with a Kinetic Blast then move to
    the northwest away from the Marines.  Once your Kinetic Blast timer is up, hit
    it again to make it fly away.  If you are too slow you might see some red rings
    light up on the landing pad.  Simply avoid the rings to avoid getting hit by 
    the missile barrage.  When the Archangel flies off, a droppod will appear with
    three marines.  Use your Crushing Grip and clear them out quickly.  The longer
    your friendly Marines survive the better.  You'll need them as targets for the
    Archangel to attack.  Also avoid the red arrows on the ground.  They show the
    path of an incoming carpet bomb attack from a Viking.  
    The Archangel will return from the southwest side.  This time around it will
    cover a large area with red rings that indicate a missile barrage.  Be prepared
    by moving to the southeast before it lands.  Hit it with a Kinetic Blast the
    instant it drops.  The first missile barrage should always target the northwest
    part of the landing pad.  Dodge the first and second wave or rings/missiles
    until you can hit it with a second Kinetic Blast.  This should make it fly away
    When it flies away, two more drop pods will drop, in turn, holding Marines as
    well as two more Viking carpet bomb runs.  Each drop pod will have a carpet
    bomb coming at the same time as the pod.  The Archangel will land a final time
    in the center of the landing area.  Stay out of its front facing arc to be able
    to easily avoid the missile barrages this time around.  Finish it off with a 
    few Kinetic Blasts to finish the mission.
    	/                                \
    	| Umoja - Mission 3 - Rendezvous |
    Primary Mission Objective: Destroy the Drakken Pulse Cannon
    Unit Unlocked: Swarm Queen
    In Mission Objectives
    .....Hold out for reinforcements
    .....Destroy the Drakken Pulse Cannon
    Bonus Objectives
    .....Rescue Trapped Swarm Queens [3/3]
    You'll start this mission, as with most missions in the game, controlling
    Kerrigan.  You'll also have a Hatchery, an Evolution Chamber, eight Drones, and
    four Zerglings.  As Kerrigan suggests, you'll want to create a Spawning Pool.
    Set your Hatchery to make two more Drones.  Take one of the current Drones to
    morph into a Spawning Pool.  Take Kerrigan to the Northeast to scout the area.
    You'll discover a Terran group setup nearby.  It consists of a Bunker filled
    with Marines, a Siege Tank, and two Marauders.  Do not engage them yet.  You'll
    just trigger an attack that you may not be ready for.  To the southeast you'll
    find another group of Terrans as well as some minerals ready for pickup.  
    Quickly grab the two sets of minerals.  Have your Hatchery begin building
    Zerglings and send them to the three infested Terrans buildings just to the
    northeast of your Hive Cluster.  You'll need them to hold off the first wave as
    you free the Zerglings from the cave.  Once you have the minerals, pull back
    to the infested Terran buildings to hold off the first wave of seven Marines.
    Head back to the southeast.  Take out the first group of five marines bit by
    bit.  Then move into the compound to kill the Marauder with three more Marines.
    Then take out the Firebat and single Marine that are attacking the cave.  
    You'll now gain control of a Swarm Queen and ten Zerglings.  Move them back to
    the Infested Terran buildings to prepare for the next six Marines to come.
    By now you should be ready to morph a Vespene Extractor.  You should also start
    taking some Drones and morphing them into Spine Crawlers near the northeast
    edge of your Hive Cluster by the infested Terran buildings.  This will help
    with the Marines groups that will constantly attack you.  This would also be a 
    good time to scout the northwest entrance to your cluster.  Before doing so,
    make sure you make a second Swarm Queen.  You will soon be attacked by a pair
    of Wraiths at the northeast Hive Entrance.  The only ranged attacks you have
    are Kerrigan and your Swarm Queens.  Make sure they are ready to take out the
    Send Kerrigan by herself to the northwest.  You'll find a bunker full of
    Marines, three Marines, and a Goliath waiting for you here.  Slip up on the
    right side staying out of range of the bunker.  Hit the Goliath with a Kinetic
    Blast.  This will trigger the three Marines to attack you.  Take them out.
    Wait for Kerrigans Kinetic Blast to be ready again then hit the bunker with it.
    When the bunker is destroyed, use Crushing Grip on the Marines to easily pick
    them off.  Grab the nearby mineral pickup.  If you have more than 10:00 on the
    clock, head quickly up the ramp to the northwest.  Clear the three Marines, one
    Marauder, and one Firebat to free another dozen Zerglings and another Swarm
    Queen.  By now a pack of four Hellions should be attacking and you can attack
    them from the rear with this force.  If you had less than 10:00, just wait for
    the Hellions to attack, destroy them, and then free the zerg pack trapped in
    the cave.
    Further north past the western cave is another group of Terrans.  This is one 
    of the spawning points for the attack waves.  To the south edge of this group
    you will encounter a Marine filled bunker, a Hellion, two Marines, and a
    Firebat, and a Goliath.  Past them you will find three Bunkers, an Armory, a 
    few more Marines, a Ghost, and another Goliath.  Scout the area, but keep this
    group in mind for later.  Be sure to burrow a Zergling here so you can have
    advance notice of groups launching from here.
    If you have been growing your army, you should be ready to take on the group
    to the northeast of your base.  Have Kerrigan slowly use Kinetic Blast until
    the Barracks and the Siege Tank is destroyed.  Then send in your northeast
    swarm to clear the area.  Once it is clear, continue to the northeast.  There
    are two small areas to the east and west that will have bunkers guarding them.
    First you'll engage the four Marines, single Firebat, and Single Marauder that
    seem to be guarding the middle of the path while ignoring those side areas for
    the moment.  To the far north you'll find another group of six Marines at what
    looks like a possible landing point.  Clear them out as well.  Now head back 
    slightly south to where the side groups with bunkers are.
    We'll first hit the bunker area to the left of this path.  This is not the
    group to the far west, just slightly west off the northern central path.  There
    is a bunker, a Goliath, a Marauder, and several Marines.  You should now have a
    force large enough to swarm them, but remember to make use of Kerrigans
    abilities so you don't lose more troops than you must.  There are two grounded
    Vikings, two Marines, and a Firebat attacking the cave.  Clear them out to free
    the third and final group of trapped Zerglings and their Swarm Queens.  Be very
    careful not to overextend your troops to the north.  This cave area shares 
    space with the northern Terran spawn point.
    At this point you can just sit back and defend until the timer runs out.  Or
    you can continue on the offensive.  Taking out the bases will help slow down
    the attacks coming into your base.  From this point out that's what we'll be
    From here we'll return to the far western Terran group.  It is actually just
    a western entrance to the area next to the third cave, but it's much easier to
    attack from this western entrance.  Clear out the first group and then tear 
    into the three barracks and the armory that you find here.  They will keep 
    sending a few troops in to stop you so don't just mindlessly attack the 
    buildings.  You WILL lose troops here, so be sure that the Hatchery is 
    constantly building Zerglings and sending them to you.  Keep pushing the attack
    slowly making your way in a clockwise direction to clear out this large area.
    Constantly be on the watch for Wraiths.  When they appear pull your Queens and
    Kerrigan off whatever target they are on to kill the Wraiths.  If you've
    managed to make it this far, all you have to do is keep pushing in while
    resupplying any lost troops until the area is clear.  Clearing at least fifteen
    of these structures before the timer runs out will earn you the First Strike
    achievement.  Freeing all of the trapped Zerglings and Queens before the timer
    runs out will earn you the Zerg save the Queen achievement.
    When the timer runs out you'll be reinforced by an entire Zerg Brood.  Clear 
    up any remaining outposts on the map before heading to the cannon.  Once you 
    reach the base guarding the cannon a final Nidus Worm will spawn to reinforce 
    your swarm.  Take out the cannon to complete the mission.
    /                                                                             \
    | At this point in the campaign, you can select to do either missions on Char |
    | or on Kaldir.  This guide will lead you first through Char, but you can     |
    | start on either planet.                                                     |
    	/                               \
    	| Char - Mission 1 - Domination |
    Primary Mission Objective: Defeat Zagara
    Unit Unlocked: Baneling
    Main Objectives Reward: +5 Kerrigan Levels
    Bonus Objectives Reward: +2 Kerrigan Levels
    In Mission Objectives
    .....Collect 100 eggs [100/100]
    .....Zagara can't collect 100 eggs [0/100]
    .....Destroy Zagara's Base
    Bonus Objectives
    .....Destroy Infested Command Centers [2/2]
         +1 Kerrigan Level each
    You'll start this mission, as with most missions in the game, controlling
    Kerrigan.  You'll also have a Hatchery, an Evolution Chamber, Extractor, 
    Spawning Pool, Baneling Nest, six Drones, and four Zerglings.  Start scouting
    with Kerrigan.  The first egg will be just north of the ramp leading out from
    your Hatchery.  Zagara will very shortly arrive at your cluster.  Some feral
    Banelings arrive and attack her.  She tunnels back to her base to recover.
    This shows you the expected path in this mission.  Fight off Zagara to send her
    running each time she shows up.
    The second egg is to the southeast of the ramp.  Further southeast, you will 
    find three Hydralisks guarding a possible second hatchery location.  Keep 
    morphing Drones until your production ramps up.  Then start putting out some
    Zerglings and Crawlers.  Slightly to the east you will find some Zerglings in
    an acid pit.  A nest of eggs is just north of them.  Clear them out to safely
    collect the eggs.  Have your Zerglings morph into Banelings.  Move slight
    Once you have a decent start, begin gathering Zerglings and moving north up the
    center of the map.  Zaraga should have respawned by now.  You want to head in
    her general location.  Shortly into her area, you'll want to use Kerrigans
    Kinetic Blast to take out the Crawler.  Move forward start collecting the eggs
    on the west side of this central path.  Bring some Banelings with you.  Have
    them burrow near the center of this area.  When Zagara returns, hit her with a
    Kinetic Blast and some Banelings.  Once she flees, continue collecting as many
    eggs in this central corridor as possible.  While gathering these eggs, send
    a drone to the second hatchery position you cleared earlier.  Morph your second
    Hatchery to speed up your gathering.  This will help you build a stronger army
    faster.  Keep building our drones at your Hatcher, but make sure you make a few
    Overlords and a few dozen Zerglings.  Morph at least a dozen Banelings.  Have
    them burrowed near the entrance to Zagaras cluster.
    Your next move, after clearing the eggs on the west of the central path, is to
    head to the east side of the central path to take out the first Infested
    Command Center.  There are four Hydralisks protecting it as well as a crawler.
    Pick off the Hydralisks one at a time.  Make sure you have a Kinetic Blast
    ready when you move in on the Crawler.  Gather the eggs, minerals, and gas left
    behind once the Command Center is destroyed.  
    By now Zagara should have spawned for the third time.  If you have your 
    Banelings positioned in the center, wait for her to approach them.  Also keep
    Kerrigan nearby.  Use Kerrigans Kinetic Blast to take out one of the three
    Hydralisks that travel with Zagara.  This will open a path to let the Banelings
    charge in to explode.  This time when Zagara dies a two minute timer will 
    appear at the top of the screen.  Make sure the first thing you do after Zagara
    dies each time is to get another dozen Banelings in place for her next spawn.
    At this point, you should send Kerrigan with some Zerglings further north to 
    the edge of Zagaras cluster.  You'll encounter a few Zerglings with two
    Hydralisk.  Take them out.  Move your Banelings up to this area to be closer to
    Zagaras spawn.  You could optionally keep them further away letting her stay
    alive longer between spawns, but with our second Hatchery up and running this
    is not necessary.
    If you have time, begin clearing your way to the second Infested Command
    Center.  You can reach it by heading west once you are far to the north near 
    Zagaras Cluster.  Keep an eye on the timer so you can be prepared to have 
    Kerrigan handy to Kinetic Blast a Hydralisk again.
    Just to the north of the second infected Command Center, you'll find a Baneling
    Nest ready to hatch.  There are a few crawlers with some Infested Marines.
    Lure the Marines away at range with Kerrigan to kill them.  Then attack the
    Crawlers with Kinetic Blasts.  Do all of this while your Zerglings handles the
    now undefended Infected Command Center.  You should be expecting an attack from
    Zagaras troops soon, so make sure you have some defense setup in midfield other
    than your burrowed Banelings.  The next wave that will hit you will be a 
    dozen Zerglings with two Roaches.  Roaches are heavily armored zergs so you may
    wish to use a Baneling or two on them.  If not use Kerrigans Kinetic Blast.
    While Zagara respawns for the fourth time and Kerrigan is clearing the first
    Baneling Nest, start diversifying your army.  Have each Hatchery morph two
    Swarm Queens apiece while spawning more Zerglings.  Make sure to use the 
    Evolution Chamber to upgrade your units as well.  Morph an Evolution Chamber
    now if you have not yet.  
    At this point in time we have cleared the entire central path up to Zagaras
    Cluster.  We keep Banelings keeping vigilance over that entrance to slay
    Zagara when she spawns.  We've also cleared the first patch of eggs to the
    west of the entrance.  Let's return to the area that held the first Infected
    Command Center.  Once we clear the area to the east of it and collect all of 
    those eggs it will be almost impossible for Zagara to collect anymore eggs at
    all.  There is a large group of Infested Terrans as well as two Infested
    Bunkers.  Bring a few extra Banelings with your Kerrigan, Zergling, Swarm Queen
    army.  Send them in first to thin out the Infested Terran groups as well as
    weaken the bunkers.  Move in, mop up, and collect the eggs.  Slightly to the
    northwest is a third Baneling Nest ready to hatch.  Collect it and regroup in
    the center of the map.  Zagaras fifth spawn should be approaching.  Once again,
    wait until she is on top of your burrowed Banelings to unleash them on her.
    Also remember to replenish those Banelings for her next respawn.
    Now that we've effectively cut off Zagara from all the outlying eggs you can
    go one of two paths from here.  You can collect the eggs yourself to continue
    the mission immediately or you can track down the other four Baneling Nests.
    For now we'll assume you are going for the nests.  Head south from the second
    Baneling nest until you find another Infect Bunker.  There will be a fourth
    Baneling Nest to the east of it.
    You'll find the fifth Baneling Nest directly to the west of the center of the
    map.  There will only be a few Infested Terrans guarding this one.  The sixth
    and final Baneling Nest is directly north of our second Hatchery almost but 
    not quiet to the center of the map.  Unlocking all six Banling Nests before
    collecting 100 eggs will gain you the Poached Eggs achievement.  Finish
    collecting the 100 eggs now.  If you have kept Zagara from not getting a single
    egg then you will earn the No Egg For You achievement.
    Once you've collected all 100 eggs, you will be granted over 150 Banelings.
    Make your move and finish off Zagara for good.
    	/                                    \
    	| Char - Mission 2 - Fire in the Sky |
    Primary Mission Objective: Destroy the Terran Fleet
    Main Objectives Reward: Zergling Evolution Mission
    Bonus Objectives Reward: +3 Kerrigan Levels
    In Mission Objectives
    .....Destroy Gorgon Battlecruisers [7/7]
    .....Awaken Scourge Nests [7/7]
    Bonus Objectives
    .....Find Zerg Biomass [3/3]
         +1 Kerrigan Level each
    You'll start this mission, as with most missions in the game, controlling
    Kerrigan.  You'll also have a Hatchery, Extractor, Spawning Pool, six Drones,
    and four Zerglings, and six Banelings.  This mission starts off with several
    instructions.  The first of which is to spread your creep to the nearby Scourge
    unit to awaken it.  Second, move Kerrigan south of your hatchery to collect the
    minerals and vespene gas that is there.  Finally, you'll need to start 
    morphing at least two Overlords immediately as you are already near your 
    maximum troop allowance.  After you have the Overlords morphing, build the rest
    of your larva as Drones.
    Start scouting to the east with Kerrigan.  You'll quickly come across four
    Marines.  Either while fighting them or shortly after, you will uncover a zerg
    biomass to the east.  Move Kerrigan to it to collect the first of three
    biomasses that constitute the Bonus Objective of this mission.  Three more
    Marines await you at the top of the ramp to the north guarding the second
    sleeping Scourge.  Clear them out and begin moving your creep up to it.
    East from this Scourge is a bunker.  Hit it with a Kinetic Blast to weaken it,
    but allow it to burn out on its own.  Head back down the path to the southeast.
    Here you'll find two Firebats trapping a group of five Banelings and five 
    Zerglings.  Slay the Firebats to free them then move southeast to collect some
    more minerals and vespene gas.  With these materials, begin making two Swarm
    Queens so you have some air defense and healing power for your troops.  Also,
    send your ground troopers back to where the first bunker you found was.  It 
    should now be burned down.  Kill the Marines and Marauder that you find there.
    Back up a little on the path and move south.  There will be two Vikings with 
    three Marines.  Take one of the Vikings out with a Kinetic Blast.  If you come
    from the right angle the other Viking wont attack yet.  Use your Crushing Blow
    to stun the three Marines.  Once they are dead, Kinetic Blast the second
    Viking.  Further down this side branch you will find two more Firebats.  
    Killing them will unleash six Zerglings and two Banelings.  To the southeast of
    the Firebats is a Command Center guarded by seven Marines.  To the southwest of
    the Firebats are four Hellions guarding a pair of bunkers.  First take out the
    Marines guarding the Command Center then destroy the Command Center and head
    west.  If you have time, move to the west to confront the other stragglers, but
    it is not necessary.  If you do, there are two bunkers, a handful of Marines, a
    Siege Tank, as well as a Factory, Barracks, and some free minerals.
    By now, however, the second Gorgon should be out.  With the second Scourge used
    we'll need to clear our way to the north and the third Scourge.
    Head northeast of the second Scourge to collect some minerals.  Then move to 
    the northwest towards the third Scourge.  You'll find two Marauder, three
    Marines, a grounded Viking, and a missile turret here.  Shortly after landing,
    two more Marauders, two Marines, and a Medic will be drop podded into the fray.
    Have Kerrigan Kinetic Blast a Marauder.  Wait for the Kinetic blast to be
    available again before moving in.  Use the second Kinetic Blast on the grounded
    Viking before using Crushing Grip on the remaining ground troops.  Move fast
    enough and the troops that join in the drop pods will be all alone.  Once the 
    area is clear, move to the back to kill two Firebats.
    Northeast of here you will find two grounded Vikings (they will land as you
    approach) guarding a bunker.  Try to lure the Vikings out before approaching
    the bunker and the two Goliaths guarding it.  Keep that creep crawling towards
    the third Scourge because the third Gorgon should be coming in anytime.
    From the third Scourge, there is a bunker guarded by two Marauders to the
    northwest.  Past them you will find three Firebats.  This time when you slay
    the Firebats you'll free four Zerglings and four Banelings.  Beyond the
    Firebats, to the east, you'll come upon a ramp.  Up the ramp is another bunker
    this time guarded by a two Hellions.  Beyond this group is a Command Center,
    two Missile Turrets, and some more free minerals and vespene gas.
    Head back east to the ramp that leads to the fourth Scourge.  Up the ramp
    you'll find a Thor with five Marines and a missile turret.  Now would be a good
    time to sacrifice some of those Banelings to weaken or outright kill the Thor.
    Clean up the rest before moving east.  You'll find a Siege Tank and six Marines
    guarding the fourth Scourge.  Take out the Siege Tank with a well-timed Kinetic
    Blast.  Follow it up with a Crushing Blow on the now grouped up Marines.
    Southeast, heading towards the fifth Scourge, you will meet a few Firebats 
    before hitting a bunker with a missile turret.  This spot will be a tougher
    fight.  Once you engage the bunker, close enough, three Ghosts will come from
    the north as well as a Marauder, Goliath, and two Vikings from the east.  Play
    it easy as you move forward so you don't get overwhelmed by all of them at
    once.  Near the Scourge Nest itself you will find ten Marines.  Move Kerrigan
    in alone to shoot the nearest Marine.  Run back to your group as the Marines
    get closer to each other.  Use Crushing Grip as the Marines bunch up in the
    trap.  Beyond the Scourge are two Vikings that you'll have to clear before the
    area is safe.  Grab the few minerals that are beyond the Vikings.
    You should have time to do some more exploring before you need to head north
    to the Sixth Scourge Nest.  Head southeast from here to confront a group of
    nine Marines with a Medic.  To the northeast of these Marines you'll find a 
    second Zerg Biomass.  Now head back to the southwest.  You'll see a ramp.  Up
    this ramp is a Viking and two Goliaths guarding the currently unmarked seventh
    Scourge Nest.  Clear the area while you're already this far south then head 
    back north to the marked sixth Scourge Nest.
    At the sixth Scourge Nest you will find a Siege Tank and a Thor guarding it.
    Nearby behind them are three Firebats as well.  The Firebats are busy burning
    so they won't join the fight until you attack them.  There's also a missile
    turret.  After the area is clear you can also collect some minerals and vespene
    gas from this spot.  You should now have all seven Scourge Nests clear. If you
    did good enough on time you should have destroyed only five of the Gorgons.
    You've also collected two of the three needed Biomasses for the Bonus
    Objective.  From the sixth Scourge Nest, head up the ramp and to the northeast.
    You won't have to go far before you see two bunkers guarded by a few Marines.
    Hit a bunker with a Kinetic Blast then pull back.  The marines should follow 
    you.  Use your Crushing Blow to stun them while your troops tear them apart.
    Move back in and hit the opposite bunker with a Kinetic Blast.  Now both
    bunkers should be burning.  Send your swarm in to finish them.  Destroy the
    missile turret behind them.  Now have Kerrigan claim the third and final 
    Biomass that we need.
    Continue to build your creep to reach both the sixth and seventh Scourge Nests.
    Move your forward troops, those with Kerrigan, to the southeast.  When you get
    near the seventh Gorgon drop pods will fall.  They will have a few second delay
    between each pod.  A few Marines and what looks like a mini Thor will come out
    from the pods.  Clear them up and then, while we wait on the final Gorgon and
    our creep to reach the seventh Scourge Nest, we'll head southeast for some last
    minute kills.  This is an all-out slaughterfest.  Send everything you have in.
    Use Kerrigans abilities careful to remove bunkers.  Once past the defense, you
    will find the third Command Center.  Once it is destroyed, and you have already
    destroyed the previous two, you will earn the Conquer & Command achievement.
    If you need more time to complete this achievement, just put a creep out of
    range of the seventh Scourge Nest.  Let the creep grow until it touches the
    nest and then wait to place the final creep until the final Gorgon is almost
    to your base.  Once the last creep is placed and the final Gorgon is destroyed
    the mission will be over.
    	/                                 \
    	| Char - Mission 3 - Old Soldiers |
    Primary Mission Objective: Destroy Warfield's Fortress
    Unit Unlocked: Aberration
    Main Objectives Reward: Baneling Evolution Mission
    Bonus Objectives Reward: +2 Kerrigan Levels
    In Mission Objectives
    .....Destroy Forces Before the Nuclear Strike
    .....Breach the Tactical Operations Center
    Bonus Objectives
    .....Destroy the Science Facilities [2/2]
    You'll begin this mission with control of Kerrigan, fifty Banelings, and a
    hundred Zerglings.  Your goal here is to do as much damage as possible before
    Warfield starts firing off Nuclear Strikes.  There's not much strategy at this
    point.  Use the troops to move in and cause as much destruction as possible.
    Each time you take out an area you will gain reinforcements.  Do this for as
    much as you can within the two minute time limit.  Try to at least take out the
    southeastern Command Center.  This will expose a forward position with minerals
    and vespene gas that you can quickly move into later.  Afterwards you'll gain 
    control of Zagaras Hive Cluster.
    You'll begin control of the cluster with a Lair, Hatchery, Spawning Pool, 
    Evolution Chamber, nine Drones, three new Aberrations, ten Zerglings, a Swarm
    Queen, and of course Kerrigan.  Start off by moving your offensive forces, 
    along with Kerrigan, to the southeastern area that you opened up in the first
    phase.  Have your other two bases start pumping out a few Overlords and plenty
    of Drones.  Get all three vespene gas Extractors up and running.
    After a minute or so into the mission, you will be attacked by a wave of three
    Vikings and two Medivacs.  If your troops are at the forward position this 
    wave will fly right over them.  The vikings will land to attack, but the 
    Medivacs will try to fly on once they have no defense.  After the attack, 
    return your troops to the forward position.  Start working your way to the 
    Science Facility in the east clearing the Terran troops along the way.  Start
    watching for nuclear launches.  Shortly after the first wave a nuclear strike
    will occur.  If you have the forward base it will occur there first.
    As you move east past the forward base, you will encounter a bunker with a 
    Siege Tank and some defenders.  Use a Kinetic Blast to take out the tank and 
    then a second one to weaken the bunker.  When you reach the eastern Science
    Facility there will be a Siege Tank, two Marauders, two Firebats and five
    Marines.  Take out the tank with a Kinetic Blast then move your forces in to
    finish the rest.  Be careful, as there is a second Siege Tank behind these
    forces.  Once the troops are gone, destroy the Science Facility along with the
    nearby Missile Turrets.
    Make your way back across the bridge and to the northwest.  Use Kerrigan to 
    Kinetic Blast the bunkers you see there to weaken them.  When you hit the 
    bunker further to the west all the ground troops will come at you.  You should
    see a second nuclear strike sometime around now.  It should target your forward
    troops.  Clear the area of buildings once you have eliminated all opposition.
    Begin moving to the west from this platform.
    By now you should be building your second offensive group.  Keep them
    positioned at the intersection into the fortress.  This is the very first area
    that you hit during the initial slaughter.  Be careful, as they will both be
    a guarding force protecting you from rear attacks as well as bait.  Nuclear
    Strikes will target them instead of your actual bases as long as they are not
    in combat.
    Back to your main force, move Kerrigan across the bridge.  Be ready to use
    Kinetic Blast on the Siege tank you will find there.  This will start the
    troops charging.  As usual keep your troops in reserve, run Kerrigan back to
    them, as you get close charge your troops in while Kerrigan uses Crushing 
    Grasp to stun the enemy.  Move back in and use Kinetic Blast on the bunker that
    remained behind.  Move past the bunker to engage a few more ground troops and
    another Siege Tank.  This will also bring you in range of a Barracks and
    Factory.  Once this area is clear, send Kerrigan your harder hitters back to 
    the second attack group.  We'll now use the forward group to hold the ground at
    this bend that leads to the main compound.
    Once Kerrigan and the others meet up with your forward group, start heading to
    the northwest.  If you have at least a dozen aberrations along with a few 
    Swarm Queens with your second group then just send them all into the area.  At
    this point you should be just using brute force and numbers to overpower the 
    areas.  Once this area is clear, Kerrigan will tell Zagara to send more Drones
    to the area to get minerals.  This is your que to set up a fourth base if you
    so choose.
    Move to the northeast from this point.  You'll see a bridge that leads north to
    the direction of the second Science Facility.  Have Kerrigan move forward 
    alone.  You'll find a Thor, two mini Thors, and a few Hellions.  Use Kinetic
    Blast on one of the mini Thors to draw them to you.  Run to your troops, send 
    your troops in, then use Crushing Blow.  This tactic should become second
    nature soon.  When you return, there will be another Thor further in the back
    of this little area.
    Head back across the bridge and to the east.  At the top of the next ramp will
    be two bunkers, a Thor, and several ground troops.  Rush in and gut this area.
    You'll notice that this little area is connected to where we left our first
    attack group.  It's time the two groups merged into one swarm.  Send those
    troops in as well.  Once this platform is clear you should have free reign
    over the Fortress itself.  Move in and mop up this mission.
    /                                                                             \
    | Completing the plant Char missions will unlock the planet Zerus missions.   |
    | You can either begin the planet Zerus missions or the Kaldir missions.      |
    | This guide will lead you first through Kaldir, but you can proceed on       |
    | either planet.                                                              |
    	/                                         \
    	| Kaldir - Mission 1 - Harvest of Screams |
    Primary Mission Objective: Reclaim Nefash's Brood
    Unit Unlocked: Roach
    Main Objectives Reward: +5 Kerrigan Levels
    Bonus Objectives Reward: +2 Kerrigan Levels
    In Mission Objectives
    .....Collect Ursadon Matriarch Essence
    .....Recover the Lost Brood
    .....Destroy Psi-Link Spires [3/3]
    Bonus Objectives
    .....Kill the Ursadon Matriarchs [2/2]
    You'll begin this mission with control of Kerrigan as well as four Zerglings.
    The planet Kaldir has intense flash freeze storms that freeze all living things
    except for some of the native wildlife.  Begin by moving north to attack the
    Ursadon Matriarchs.  You'll encounter an Ursadon as soon as you cross the 
    bridge.  Hit it with a Kinetic Blast so that you can keep moving quickly.
    Shortly after, you will come across a feral Roach.  It will join your group.
    Keep moving north.  As you make the turn to the north, you will run into 
    another Ursadon.  Once again hit it with a Kinetic Blast.  A few steps later
    you will acquire another feral Roach.  Just past this second Roach, you will
    encounter two Ursadons.  send your troops after the closest one while hitting
    the second one with a Kinetic Blast.  Near the end of the path leading south,
    you will recover two more Roaches.  A flash freeze will hit.  Afterwards, two
    Ursadons and the Ursadon Matriarch will appear.  Use your Kinetic Blast to kill
    one of the Ursadons then use your Crushing Blow to stun the second Ursadon 
    along with the Matriarch.  Concentrate on the second Ursadon before finishing
    off the Ursadon Matriarch.  Once she is dead collect the essence left behind.
    Head up the ramp to the east.  Make your way north to the checkpoint.
    After a cut scene, you'll gain control of the local Hive Cluster.  You'll start
    with a Hatchery, Spawning Pool, Roach Warren, and an Extractor.  You'll control
    Kerrigan, six Roaches, and seven Drones.  You are also informed that the swarm
    can grow even stronger if you can kill more Ursadon Matriarchs to collect their
    As normal, send Kerrigan north to scout the area.  To the northeast you'll
    encounter a Sentry, two Stalkers, and three Zealots.  Kinetic Blast the Sentry.
    Fall back to your troops before using Crushing Blow on them.  Send the Roaches 
    in to finish them off.  Soon a Flash Freeze will come.  During a Flash Freeze,
    all Protoss units are frozen.  Use this time to take out their units to the 
    northeast near the first Psi-Link.  You'll have 90 seconds to do so.  You
    should be able to take out all of the troops as well as the two Gateways before
    the storm passes.  With the area clear destroy the Psi-Link.  This will also
    clear the area around your first forward base.  Move a Drone to the area so you
    can build your second Hatchery.  
    Make your way to the Ursadon Matriarch marked on the map to the north.  You 
    will encounter a Matriarch as well as three Ursadons.  Once they are grouped
    up, use your Crushing Blow to stun them then use a Kinetic Blast to severely
    weaken the Matriarch.  Grab the minerals and gas in the area as well as the 
    three frozen Roaches.
    Wait until the next Flash Freeze storm to attack the entrance to the base near
    the location of the second Psi-Link.  When you attack the second group of
    enemies, four Ursadon will come.  Be sure to kill them first as only they can
    harm you during a Flash Freeze.  Make sure to pull your troops back at the 10
    second marker so that you are caught trapped inside the base.  Guard the exit 
    to their base while building up your forces.  If you completed the Char
    missions, make some Aberrations and morph some Banelings.  Otherwise just make
    more Roaches and Zerglings.  Move your offensive unit back to the Hive Cluster
    to prepare for an attack between Flash Freezes.  Once the few Zealots and 
    Stalkers who attack are dead, return to the entrance to the northern base
    guarding the Psi-Link.  By the end of this Flash Freeze you should be able to
    take out half of the remaining buildings and units.  A third Flash Freeze and
    this area will be clear.  Again, always move your troops out of the area when
    you have 10 seconds remaining on the Flash Freeze.  Also, always move your
    troops back to be able to defend against any attacks on your base after a Flash
    Once the area is clear, fall back to the intersection to protect your base 
    again.  The next time a Flash Freeze arrives, make your way through the area
    that held the base you just destroyed.  Approach the last base and Psi-Link
    from the north.  We'll first clear out the area closest to the western
    Matriarch so that when the Flash Freeze is over we can safely attack and kill
    the final Matriarch.  To your vast swarm, three Ursadons and a Matriarch will
    be nothing.  Kill them, collect the gas and minerals, and gain three more 
    At this point it's just wait for Flash Freezes before moving into the last base
    protecting the last Psi-Link.  You should have a large enough swarm to only
    need two Flash Freezes to complete the mission.
    	/                                          \
    	| Kaldir - Mission 2 - Shoot the Messenger |
    Primary Mission Objective: Intercept Protoss Shuttles
    Unit Unlocked: Hydralisk
    Bonus Objectives Reward: +3 Kerrigan Levels
    In Mission Objectives
    .....Destroy all Protoss Shuttles [8 Waves]
    .....No Shuttle Can Escape
    Bonus Objectives
    .....Destroy the Stasis Chambers [3/3]
    You'll begin this mission with a Hatchery, Spawning Pool, Hydralisk Den, 
    Evolution Chamber, and Extractor.  You'll also start with controlling Kerrigan,
    four Hydralisks, three Roaches, and six Drones.  Start off by making two extra
    Overlords and plenty of Drones.  Your starting force will be more than enough
    to take out the first shuttle that comes.  When it does, make sure to use
    Kerrigans Kinetic Blast as well as the Hydralisks.
    The second shuttle will come with an escort of two Scouts as escort.  As long
    as you've made just a few more Hydralisks and planted your spore crawlers 
    along the path, this group will drop quickly.
    Start clearing your way to the east and the first Stasis Chamber.  To the far
    southeast there is a frozen zerg Hatchery.  Reach it and clear the area to
    claim it as your own.  The nearby Stasis Chamber should also be destroyed.
    The third shuttle will come with a single Void Ray as an escort.  This isn't
    really much harder than the last shuttle escort, you just may lose a troop or
    two.  East of the new Hive is a third Warp Conduit.  You'll need to clear the
    path so that when the fourth shuttle comes you can safely reach it quickly.
    Also, just north of the eastern Warp Conduit is a second Stasis Chamber.  After
    clearing away the third Warp Conduit head north to destroy the second Stasis
    The fourth shuttle will come with a Void Ray and a Scout as an escort.  Again
    this is a fairly weak escort.  Keep building your forces of Hydralisks, 
    Aberrations/Roaches and clear the areas out.
    The Fifth and Sixth Escorts come out at the same time.  This is where things
    get slightly more interesting as you'll have to split your forces.  The Fifth
    shuttle will head to the southwest Warp Conduit.  It is escorted by two Scouts.
    The Sixth shuttle will head for the south-central Warp Conduit.  It is also
    escorted by two scouts.  Don't worry if your forces feel weaker, it takes over 
    thirty seconds for a shuttle to warp out once it reaches the Warp Conduit.
    With shuttle five and six gone, there's only two more shuttles to go.  Quickly 
    move your entire force to the far west so that you can claim the third and
    final Stasis Chamber destruction.  This final Stasis Chamber is protected by
    a Protoss Base.  The resistance will be light, but make sure to destroy the
    Gateway before concentrating on the Stasis Chamber.
    The last two waves will be similarly defended.  You sit back and do the same
    thing over for two more waves until the mission is complete.  Just before the
    last wave, the protoss will summon a Mothership.  You should be able to easily
    take it out, but make sure you do so before the shuttles come.  You wouldn't 
    want to lose to an invisible shuttle.
    If you are feeling adventurous you can now go on the offensive.
    Keep a small force of Hydralisks in reserve.  Move the rest of your offenses to
    the northeast part of the map.  You can begin attacking the protoss bases in
    earnest now.  If you manage to destroy a gateway then no more shuttles will
    launch from that base.
    	/                                   \
    	| Kaldir - Mission 3 - Enemy Within |
    Primary Mission Objective: Infest the Protoss Vessel
    Main Objectives Reward: Roach Evolution Mission
    Bonus Objectives Reward: +1 Kerrigan Level
    In Mission Objectives
    .....Gain Biosmass [100/100]
    .....Find a Safe Place
    .....Grow into a Broodmother
    .....Kill the Protoss [116]
    .....Niadra Must Survive
    .....Escape the Stasis Quadrant
    .....Destroy the Warp Drive
    .....Destroy the Escape Pods
    Bonus Objectives
    .....Infest the Giant Ursadon
    This is a rather unique mission.  You begin it controlling only a single Larva.
    You'll be stealthing around the ship building up your Biomass until you are
    strong enough to completely wipe out the ship.
    Begin by moving to the southeast.  You'll soon come across a Specimen and a
    Zealot.  Use your Parasitic Invasion ability to hide within the Specimen.  The
    Zealot will come to investigate.  When he moves on, use your Consume Host 
    ability.  Now head to the northeast.  You'll immediately be told to hide in the
    steam vents until the Sentry passes.  As you can see, Kerrigan is teaching you
    what you'll need to do to continue this stage.  
    Once the Sentry passes move northeast along the path.  You'll come across three
    Zealots and an Ursadon.  Invade the Ursadon and use it to attack the Zealots.
    You'll also have to deal with two Sentries nearby as well as the first Zealot
    and Sentry that you skipped by earlier.  Kill them all.  Afterwards, you will
    be prompted to grow into a Brood Mother.  Consume the Ursadon then crawl into
    the tunnel to the Safe Place.  Once you are there, use your ability to evolve
    into a Broodmother.  You will then be named and unleashed on the ship.
    The first thing you'll want to do is spawn some Zerglings.  This costs you 
    nothing while on the ship, although you are still very limited in the number
    of troops you can have.  Use the Zerglings to wreak havoc outside the Safe
    Place.  Kill all the animals after the room is clear so that the Broodmother 
    can collect the Biomass.
    Before entering the next chamber, turn five of your Zerglings into Banelings.
    Move your forces into the next room to find two Stalkers, two Cannons, and a
    Pylon.  Have the Banelings charge the Pylon to disable the two Cannons while
    the rest of your forces handle the Stalkers.  Kill the two Specimens in this
    room before destroying the door into the vents.  Only your Zerglings can move
    through the vents.  Have them run through it.  On the other side is a Sentry, a
    Zealot, and a Psi Broadcaster that apparently powers the shields stopping your
    Broodmother from travelling further.
    Head through the now open doorway.  In the next room you will find a Stalker,
    a Sentry, and a Zealot along with some more Specimens.  Zerg on in and kill
    everything gathering the Biomass after the room is clear.  You almost have 
    enough Biomass to grow again.  Send your Zerglings into the nearby vent.  Kill
    the two Sentries in the room.  Then swarm over the Cannon and Psi Broadcaster.
    Now that the Broodmother can enter, you can attack and destroy the Warp Drive.
    You will have a limited amount of time to reach the next checkpoint.  As soon 
    as you walk out of the Warp Drive chamber, three Stalkers will be waiting to 
    ambush you.  Three Zealots and two Sentries await you just outside the 
    check point.  Kill them all and proceed to the checkpoint.
    In the next chamber, you will face off against two Zealots.  Kill them quickly
    before the next two are released from stasis.  Then kill the Specimens in this
    room.  Once they are dead you'll have enough Biomass to grow your Broodmother.
    Do so now.  This will increase the number of zerg you can control as well as 
    allow you to spawn Roaches.  Move into the northeast room.  Here you will 
    engage four waves of Protoss as they are released from stasis.  The first two
    groups will be a single Sentry with two Zealots.  The next two waves will be
    three Zealots apiece.  Once all the Protoss troops are dead, kill all of the
    Specimens in the room to collect their Biomass.  Once the room is clear,
    proceed to the southeast.
    You'll face off against four waves of Protoss troops this time.  The first
    will be two Zealots and a Stalker.  The second wave will be two Stalkers and an
    Immortal.  The third wave will again be two Zealots and a Stalker.  The fourth
    and final wave will be two Sentries and four Zealots.  Once the room is clear, 
    destroy all of the Specimens to collect their Biomass.  You'll once again have
    enough Biomass to grow your Broodmother.  This time you unlock the ability to
    spawn Hydralisks as well as a larger number of troops available.
    In the next room you'll need to quickly kill the Zealots before they destroy
    the Giant Ursadon.  If it survives, you can infest it both to have a powerful
    unit as well as earn the Bonus Objective for this mission.  Destroy the
    Psi Broadcaster in the next room so that you can move to the southeast.
    In the next room you'll need to destroy the two Escape Pods before they launch.
    There will be a number of Zealots and Sentries, but your swarm should be large
    enough to sweep through the room with ease.  Into the next area, there will be
    three more Escape Pods to destroy.  As long as you make sure to spawn new
    zerg anytime your numbers fall, this area will be the same as the last with
    you easily overwhelming the Protoss troops.  Once the final Escape Pods are 
    destroyed, clear the last few Protoss to finish this mission.
    	/                                        \
    	| Zerus - Mission 1 - Waking the Ancient |
    Primary Mission Objective: Discover Ancient Truths
    Unit Unlocked: Mutalisk
    Bonus Objectives Reward: +3 Kerrigan Levels
    In Mission Objectives
    .....Feed the Ancient One [7/7]
    .....Brakk Can't Destroy 7 Quillgor Biomass
    .....Kill Brakk
    Bonus Objectives
    .....Absorb Primal Essence [3/3]
    You'll begin this mission with a Hatchery, Spawning Pool, Evolution Chamber,
    Extractor, and Spire.  You'll also start with controlling Kerrigan, four 
    Mutalisks, Zerglings, a Swarm Queen, and six Drones.  Start out by having
    Kerrigan scout the mineral deposits and vespene geysers to the south.  You'll
    find some Quillgors here.  Lead them back closer to the Hive Cluster before 
    you kill them.  That way your drones won't be far from home while they are 
    harvesting the meat.  
    Send Kerrigan back south along the western edge.  You'll run across another
    pack of Quillgors.  Avoid these for now and keep moving south.  Very soon 
    you'll find a few Primal Zerg.  Do not engage them, but send s Zergling down
    this path.  Once it's near the Primal Zerg, have it Burrow to act as a forward
    Move Kerrigan back to the main base.  Just before reaching the plateau that is
    your Hive Cluster, move to the east.  You'll find some more Primal Zerg.  This
    time you'll find two Roaches, two Hydralisks, and a Primal Zerg.  Send your
    forces to this location and wipe them out.  Move further to the southeast to
    encounter another pack of Primal Zerg.  Clear out these zerg then move to the
    southeast some more to kill a pack of Quillgors.
    At about this time, the Primal Zerg will begin to strike out by attacking the
    Quillgors.  They figure if they can destroy the meat you won't be able to feed
    the Ancient One.  The first force is a Zealot with two Hydralisks.  Intercept
    them to the far west.  The pack of Quillgor that we skipped.  By the time you
    get there they will have killed the Quillgor, but that's ok.  They did half the
    work for you.  Kill them and you can still harvest the carcass.  Send out some
    Drones to gather the few Quillgors that you have killed while building up your
    forces some more.
    As you escort your Drone back to the Ancient One, take Kerrigan just a few
    steps southeast of the Ancient Ones mouth.  Here you'll find a Primal Pool and 
    the object of your Bonus Objective.  The second pool will be found to the
    farthest northeast portion of the map.  The third pool is at the extreme
    opposite end, the farthest southwest portion of the map.  Collecting all three
    of these pools will complete the Bonus Objective.
    For the most part, this stage is a no brainer.  Build more and more Mutalisks
    and use them to fly over the map picking off Primal Zerg.  When you see them
    attacking a Quillgor simply send your Mutalisk flights after them.  This means
    build as many Mutalisks as you can.  This also means start spending some
    minerals and gas and the Spire to upgrade your fliers.  The primary base area
    for the Primal Zerg is at the south edge of the center of the map.
    Once you've collected all 7 of the Quillgor Biosmasses, Brakk himself will 
    appear on the map.  He'll head towards you're base with several follows.  All
    Primal versions of Hydralisks, Ultralisks, and Brood Lords.  If you have
    managed to build a flight of 25 to 30 Mutalisks you can just take him on head
    on at the first clear path he crosses.  Otherwise, just build up units as you
    wait for him to reach your Hive Cluster.  Once Brakk is dead the mission is
    	/                                  \
    	| Zerus - Mission 2 - The Crucible |
    Primary Mission Objective: Protect Kerrigan
    Unit Unlocked: Swarm Host
    Main Objectives Reward: +10 Kerrigan Levels
    Bonus Objectives Reward: +1 Kerrigan Level
    In Mission Objectives
    .....Proceed to Mysterious Pool
    .....Kerrigan Must Survive
    .....Kerrigan's Chrysalis Must Survive
    Bonus Objectives
    .....Kill the Tyrannozor
    You'll begin this mission controlling Kerrigan and five Swarm Hosts.  Move to
    the northeast to be prompted to root your Swarm Hosts.  You'll soon be attacked
    by  five Zerglings, a Roach, a Hydralisk, and an Ultralisk, all of the Primal
    variety.  When they get within range of the Swarm Hosts, use your Crushing 
    Grip to stun as many of them as you can.  Once you reach the check point at the
    pool you will be greeted with a cut scene. 
    After the cut scene, you will lose control of Kerrigan but gain control of a 
    Hive Cluster.  You'll begin with Hatchery, Spawning Pool, Extractor, Evolution
    Chamber, and an Infestation Pit.  You'll also have a Swarm Queen, five Swarm
    Hosts, and three Mutalisks.  Quickly build more drones to speed up your mineral
    gathering.  Send your Swarm Hosts to the entrance to the pool just to the
    southwest.  Root them here along with your Spine Crawlers.  Have your Mutalisks
    flying overhead.  Soon there will be a wave of Primal Zerg attacking you from
    this entrance.  They will all be ground attackers so you won't have to worry
    about watching your Mutalisks.
    Continue to build Swarm Hosts and Mutalisks.  Move your troops to the northeast
    entrance to the pool.  Root your Swarm Hosts and Spine Crawlers here.  Then
    watch as two groups of Primal Zerg fight it out to the south.  Soon, another
    group will come and attack your from the northeast entrance while the group to
    the south still battles it out.  There will be two Hydralisks in this group so
    target them first to keep your Mutalisks safe.  After the group is decimated,
    uproot and move your troops back to the northwestern entrance for the third 
    wave of attackers.  
    About the time that the third wave arrives on screen, you will get a message
    from Abathur telling you that you can use the Primal Pool to spawn Locust
    Swarms.  Press the button in the top right to do so now.  This will make the
    third wave extremely simple.  Once they are down move all your troops again to
    the northeast entrance and setup your defenses.
    There will be a single flyer in the fourth wave as well as four Hydralisks.
    Cut the flyer off with your Mutalisks, but let the Swarm Hosts handle the 
    Hydralisks this time.  By now you should have three Swarm Queens around just so
    that they can heal the Swarm Hosts.  once you have over a dozen Mutalisks and
    seven to eight Swarm Hosts, send some drones to the mineral deposits to the
    east of your main Hive Cluster.  It's time to setup a second Hatchery.  You'll
    need to slowly build some defenses for the Hatchery, but it will act as bait
    for attacks that come from the northeast side of the pool as well.
    Before the fifth wave comes, you will be given the bonus objective.  It seems
    tough that you would have to fight your way through the forces to the south 
    just to engage it, but remember the last mission.  Simply take a force of 
    Mutalisks to the south to kill the Tyrannozor while avoided the other forces.
    The fifth wave will be a pincer attack.  Attacks will come from both the 
    northeast and northwest entrance.  There will be at least one flyer on both
    sides.  Use the Locust Swarm again at this point while you fly your Mutalisks
    back to the Hive Cluster.  You should almost have enough troops to setup more
    permanent defense at each of the two entrances.  Place six Swarm Hosts each 
    with two Spine Crawlers and two Spore Crawlers.  Your Mutalisks will now be 
    your mobile defenses.
    You'll now have regular waves coming from both sides, separatly again, so just
    keep building your nearly impenetrable defense while waiting for the inevitable
    battle that will come from the southern swarms.  Slowly move your defense from
    the second Hatchery south just enough so that it supports the northeastern 
    entrance defenses.  At about the eight minute mark, send your Mutalisks to the
    southern entrance.  There will soon be a small group of Primal Zerg that will
    begin to attempt to break the stones blocking the southern entrances.  You'll
    want to keep those defenses in place as long as you can so that you can build
    them up the same as the northeastern and northwestern defenses.
    At the two minute mark the remaining swarm basically goes berserk.  You'll now
    be under constant bombardment.  Each of the northeastern and northwestern 
    entrances should have seven Swarm Hosts, three Swarm Queens for healing, and 
    ten Mutalisks.  The southern entrance should have five or six Swarm Hosts, one
    Queen, and six Mutalisks.  Save the Locust Swarm for the 30 second mark.
    Prepare to kill a LOT of Primal Zerg!  Once the timer reaches zero the mission
    will be over.  Enjoy the cut scene.
    	/                             \
    	| Zerus - Mission 3 - Supreme |
    Primary Mission Objective: Defeat the Primal Pack Leaders
    Main Objectives Reward: +5 Kerrigan Levels, Hydralisk Evolution Mission
    Bonus Objectives Reward: +4 Kerrigan Levels
    In Mission Objectives
    .....Slay the Primal Pack Leaders [3/3]
    .....Kerrigan Must Survive
    .....Kill Zurvan
    Bonus Objectives
    .....Find Xel'Naga Relics [4/4]
         +1 Kerrigan Level each
    You begin play controlling only Kerrigan.  Follow the main path to the north.
    You will soon encounter a Primal Hydralisk that is across a chasm.  You will be
    instructed to use your new ability, Leaping Strike.  Use it to kill the 
    Hydralisk.  You'll need to use it again to reach the next platform.
    On this platform you will find several smaller Primal Zerg.  You will be 
    instructed to use your second new ability, Psionic Shift, to destroy the pack
    Kill them with it.  Use your Leaping Strike to jump over the northeast gap.  On
    the other side you will find the first Xel'Naga Relic.
    Jump over the gap to the northwest.  You run into a few Roaches being attacked
    by Primal Hydralisks.  Use your Psionic Shift to charge through the pack.  Once
    the Hydralisks are dead, the Roaches will join you.  You will then be taught 
    about your Mend ability.
    You'll run into a few Primal Zergs as you make your way north.  Be sure to go 
    to the farthest northwest portion.  Jump over the gap to reach the second
    Xel'Naga Relic guarded by about twenty Primal Zerglings.  Just use your Psionic
    Shift to decimate them.  All through this stage, you should use Kerrigans 
    abilities as often as you can.  Her energy regeneration is extremely fast.
    Continue southeast until you reach the first checkpoint.
    This is where you'll fight your first Primal Boss battle against Yagdra.
    Yagdra will burrow, move to another location, and pop from the ground.  Each
    time he does this he will leave behind either a single large egg or several
    smaller eggs.  You can use Kerrigans Psionic Shift to destroy the smaller eggs
    and a Leaping Strike on the larger eggs.  When Yagdra reappears use Leaping
    Strike to get to him quickly.  Avoid the red targets that show Yagdra is about
    to breath his acid/fire breath.  Repeat this simple pattern of beating on 
    Yagdra, quickly destroying the egg(s), and leaping back to Yagdra to beat in
    him some more.  The battle won't last long.
    Move along the path to the south.  You will gain another Primal Roach and four
    Primal Hydralisks.  Leave all of your troops behind until you get close to the
    next boss.  Kerrigan alone should be able to handle everything.  Keep moving
    south.  In the next area you will want to make liberal use of Psionic Shift to
    destroy as many eggs as you can before they hatch.  After clearing four patches
    of eggs you will reach a ramp.  When you do the fog of war will lift for most
    of this area.  You can see the third Xel'Naga artifact just to the east guarded
    by three large eggs.  Before you reach it you will be confronted by four 
    Hydralisks with dozens of Zerglings.  Just keep using Psionic Shift to plow
    through the Zerglings while finishing off the weakened Hydralisks.  Take out
    the eggs before you claim the third Relic.  Just to the east are some caves
    where dozens of Zerg will come at you in two waves.  Again, use Psionic Shift
    to the extreme to make quick work of these groups.  
    Once you reach the checkpoint that starts the battle with Kraith, your Roaches
    and Hydralisks will be teleported to you.  Kraith has three main attacks.  When
    you see a purple path that resembles your Psionic Shift, expect him to charge
    forward just like Kerrigan does with her Psionic Shift.  When you see a large 
    red circle, Kraith will start spewing out acid.  He will slowly strafe a 120
    degree arc with acid.  His third ability is a leaping attack.  You can try to
    keep all of your troops healed, you can try to move all of your troops when
    Kraith charges, but you will lose troops here.  Keep Kerrigan out of the red
    rings.  Use Leaping Strike after Kraith charges to close the gap.  Sometimes
    Kraith will charge into a wall and Primal Zerglings will come out.  Use your
    Psionic Shift to quickly kill them.  Just like Yagdra, repeat this process and
    Kraith will drop easily.
    After the Kraith battle, you can move to the northeast.  You will get five 
    Roaches, four Hydralisks, and an Ultralisk, all Primal Version.  Just as before
    leave your troops behind.  Press on with Kerrigan.  When you cross a land
    bridge, be prepared for a pack of Banelings.  Hit a few of them until you see
    them start to explode then back up.  Rinse and repeat and you should clear them
    Just past the Banelings there will be a path you can leap to the northeast.
    This will lead you to the last Xel'Naga Relic.  You'll need to leap across
    several platforms, killing Primal Lavasaurs along the way.  You won't want to
    just stop when you get the relic.  Keep leaping until they are all dead.  Take
    a few seconds to renew your energy then leap your way back to where the
    Banelings were.
    You'll face off against two Lavasaurs when you round the corner.  Down the path
    you will fight a small group of Primal Zerglings before reaching a Baneling
    pit.  Use the same strategy against these Banelings as you did the previous 
    ones.  There will also be a Primal Ultralisk in the group as well as a few
    Lavasaurs on the cliff edge.  Past a second pack of Banelings you will run
    into two more Ultralisks with some Zerglings.  Clear them out to continue to 
    the checkpoint.
    The final of the three Primal Pack Leaders is Slivan.  Slivan is a Swarm Host.
    The catch here is that Slivans swarmlings are Banelings.  Try to kill as many
    as you can from the start with two quick Psionic Shifts, but expect your troops
    to perish quickly.  Slivan will continually spawn these Banelings so expect to 
    have to clear them out regularly.  He'll also lay down pools of acid that stay
    for the duration of the battle.  He'll travel slowly back and forth across the
    small island he is on.  Get into a good rhythm of Psionic Shift, Psionic Shift,
    Leaping Strike, as you clear the new Banelings and return to Slivan.  It won't
    take long until Slivan is dead.
    Once they are all down, prepare to face the final boss of this mission.  You'll
    be trapped on a crescent shaped island.  Watch for red paths that resemble
    Kerrigans Psionic Shift.  This will indicate a tentacle about to drop to crush
    you and your troops.  Occasionally a few Primal Zerglings and Hydralisks will
    drop in to join the battle.  Don't ignore them kill them the same as you would
    any other boss battle add.  When he gets below 35% health, you will start to
    see a large [one third of the crescent] sized red cone.  Obviously, do not
    stand in this as the area will be filled with lightning.  The cone will move to
    a different spot, but this is the only ability used at the end.  Once he is
    dead the mission is over.
    /                                                                             \
    | At this point in the campaign, you can select to do either missions on      |
    | Skygeirr or in Dominion Space.  This guide will lead you first through      |
    | Skygeirr, but you can begin missions in either location.                    |
    | start on either planet.                                                     |
    	/                                 \
    	| Skygeirr - Mission 1 - Infested |
    Primary Mission Objective: Neutralize Platform Defenses
    Unit Unlocked: Infestor
    Bonus Objectives Reward: +3 Kerrigan Levels
    In Mission Objectives
    .....Infect the Garrisons [3/3]
    .....Destroy the Dominion Outpost
    .....At Least One Infestor Must Survive
    .....Destroy the Lab Entrance
    Bonus Objectives
    .....Creep Science Facilities [3/3]
    You'll begin this mission with control of four infestors.  You'll begin by 
    using the Infestors Fungal Growth on the three Marines nearby.  Afterwards,
    move your Infestors to the orange circle checkpoint near the Garrison.  This 
    will infect the two nearby Terran buildings and spawn a Virophage.  As soon as
    the infected buildings spawn some Infested Terrans, move to the southeast an
    use your Parasitic Domination on the Banshee.  Now move to the next orange
    checkpoint.  Once again this will infest the two nearby buildings and spawn a
    Shortly after, two Diamond Backs will move in to attack your infested Terrans.
    Quickly use Parasitic Domination on them as well.  Once the area is clear, move
    your troops to the next orange checkpoint.  This will spawn a third Virophage
    and the two local Terran buildings will become infested.
    Once the initial infestation attack ends you will gain control of a Hive
    Cluster.  You will start with a Lair, Spawning Pool, Extractor, and an 
    Infestation Pit.  You'll also have control over Kerrigan, four Infestors, two
    Hydralisks, eight Zerglings, six Drones, and any of the Banshee or Diamondbacks
    that survived in the initial infestation wave.
    As usual, build drones from the start to speed up your harvest.  When you are
    ready to go on the offensive, move your Infestors to the northeast ramp.  The
    most important goal of this first outing is to use Parasitic Domination on the
    Science Vessel at the top of the ramp.  You can then use the Science Vessel to
    heal any other units that you capture with Parasitic Domination including the
    Banshee and Diamondbacks from the initial infestation.
    The western Virophage will be the first to be attacked.  Three Medivacs will
    drop some Firebats on the target.  If you managed to use Parasitic Domination
    on the Medivacs they will be able to heal zerg ground units.  Move Kerrigan up
    the northeast platform where you captured the Science Vessel.  Use her Kinetic
    Blast to destroy the Missile Turret to the west.  Use an Infestor to take 
    control of the Banshee.  If you take the Banshee before destroying the Missile
    Turret you will most likely lose the Banshee.  Build at least a Hydralisk Den
    and an Evolution Chamber.  Start building some Hydralisks to send to the first
    Virophage.  The next time an attack comes it will have three Vikings and a 
    Medivac.  Wait for the gas to run out so that your infested units can attack.
    When the gas runs out, send Kerrigan with your infestors up the ramp.  To the
    north of the previous Missile Turret is a Siege Tank.  Use the infestors to 
    take control of it.  Slowly clear the few defenses heading directly north to
    claim the next Virophage checkpoint.  Continue north past it and you will run
    into a Terran Command Center.  Again use an Infestor to take control of the
    Siege Tank that is next to the Command Center.  Then send you troops in to
    clear out this area.  By now the gas should be almost ready to return.  Build
    some more anti-air defenses while send your creep out over the map.  Prepare
    some Spore Crawlers so that you can move them into defensive positions against
    air strikes as you spread out.  The third attack should go to the fourth
    Virophage, the first one you took control of after gaining the Hive Cluster.
    A single Medivac will attack with a few Firebats.  Keep taking control of the
    Medivacs with your Infestors to have healers for your defenses.  The gas will
    recede soon.  Have Kerrigan start scouting down the ramp southwest of the
    Terran Command Center that you destroyed in the northeast.  If you move west
    and destroy the missile turret you find there you should trigger a Vulture and
    a Thor to attack you.  Use an Infestor to take control of the Thor.  Use the 
    enemy units, Thor, Diamondbacks, Banshees, etc, to move your attack forward
    while keeping your own Hydralisks and Mutalisks in reserve for Defense.
    Move in to where the Thor was camped.  Clear out the few bunkers and Barracks
    that you find here while your Infested Terrans work their way through this
    area.  Follow the infested up the ramp northwest of this area.  Take out the
    missile turret and then move in with your dominated units.  You'll be able to
    dominate another Thor to the west at the top of this ramp.  Soon you'll also
    have a Battlecruiser attack along the Infested Terran line in this area.
    Dominate it as well to have its Yamato Cannon for precision strikes.  Notice
    that we have not yet taken over anymore checkpoints to plant new Virophages
    yet.  This makes it easier to defend just the four that we have for now.
    This would be a good time to build a second Hatchery to the north, though.
    If you still have the Thors and Battlecruiser leave them right in the area that
    you captured them at.  This will allow you to intercept the next wave of
    attackers.  They will come with two Medivacs and two Vikings.  Move at least
    half of your Hydralisks to this platform area just southeast of the Lab
    Entrance.  Now, while the gas is up and you have a good offensive defense group
    setup to intercept the attackers, start building your second hive, capture the
    other Garrison that you already cleared, and finish sending your creep to the
    first Science Facility.
    The next time the gas recedes, start clearing the area to the west of the 
    central Science Facility.  You'll first need to take out the missile turret at
    the top of the ramp.  Clear this ramp area out to reveal two more Garrisons.
    Be careful approaching the Science Facility to the west, there are two Thors
    guarding it.  You can either go in with cloaked Banshees or control them both
    through Parasitic Domination.
    Move to the north central part of the map.  You'll clear this area out quickly.
    There are four Missile Turrets, a few Terran robocats, two Ghosts, and two
    Medics.  From here it's just the last few defenses to the east of the Lab
    Entrance and the Lab Entrance itself.  Destroy everything in the areas with
    the full might of your troops, then destroy the entrance to end the mission.
    	/                                         \
    	| Skygeirr - Mission 2 - Hand of Darkness |
    Primary Mission Objective: Destroy the Hybrid Lab
    Main Objectives Reward: Mutalisk Evolution Mission
    Bonus Objectives Reward: +2 Kerrigan Levels
    In Mission Objectives
    .....Destroy All Hybrid [8]
    .....Kerrigans Life Cannot Be Drained.
    Bonus Objectives
    .....Rescue Brutalisks [2/2]
    Even though you are inside a Lab this will be a base building mission.  You 
    begin the mission with a Lair, a Spawning Pool, and an Extractor.  You'll also
    have control of Kerrigan, two Roaches, an Aberration, eight Zerglings, and six
    The first Hybrid is to the northwest of your Hive Cluster.  Send Kerrigan out
    alone to attack and kill the Hybrid.  You will need to use her Kinetic Blast
    and other abilities to take it out quickly.  Move Kerrigan to the southwest.
    Use her Psionic Blast to weakened the two bunkers there as well as take out the
    Marines and Marauders defending the position.  By this point you should have
    enough resources to build every building in your list.  Get them all up and 
    running.  Afterwards start pumping out Hydralisks.
    The next Hybrid will begin to attack Kerrigan psionically.  Send her to the
    southwest to deal with it as she did the previous one.  This is why we cleared
    the bunkers from this area.  After Kerrigan deals with this second Hybrid, 
    make a small army of Zerglings to send out with Kerrigan as she scouts to the
    north in the direction of the next Hybrid.  You'll come across a few bunkers
    protected by grounded Vikings.  Clear the entrance to this area before moving
    inside to clear the remaining Marines and the Barracks.  This is where we will
    place our second Hive as there are Mineral and Vespene Gas deposits here.
    Continue to the northwest, killing the four Hellions that will attack you from 
    here.  You'll soon get a trigger from Kerrigan about the Dominion capturing a
    Brutalisk.  There are four Firebats protecting the Brutalisk as well as a few
    mineral and gas pickups.  Move in and clear them out to recover the Brutalisk.
    Send Kerrigan, the Brutalisk, and the remaining Zerglings to the northeast to
    eliminate the Marines and Turrets that are there guarding the entrance to the
    next Hybrid.  Be ready for the Hybrid to attack.  When it does send in Kerrigan
    with the Brutalisk, leaving the Zerglings safely behind.
    once the third Hybrid is defeated, make your way to the west of the Hive
    Cluster.  Use Kinetic Blast to quickly take out the Siege Tank there while the
    Zerglings and Brutalisk overpower the ground troops.  Move up the ramp,
    letting the Brutalisk take the brunt of the attacks. There will be a few
    grounded Vikings as well as two more Siege Tanks.  Use Kinetic Blast to 
    strategically take out these heavy hitters while the Zerglings and Brutalisk
    kill everything else in the area.  At this point you will have cleared
    everything that can attack you from the southwest ramp leading into your Hive
    Cluster.  Return all of your troops to the first Hive.  Regroup, resupply your
    troops and prepare to move out to the east of your Hive Cluster.  When you have
    time, send some Drones to the area you just cleared to make a third Hatchery.
    Take the Brutalisk, Zerglings, and Kerrigan to the southeast in the direction
    of the fourth Hybrid.  Immediately southeast of the ramp will be a bunker with
    three grounded Vikings.  Heading into the area before the Hybrid, you will 
    encounter tougher resistance.  Another bunker, a Thor, three more grounded
    Vikings, as well as Marauders and Marines.  Keep sending in the Brutalisk first
    with the Zerglings and Kerrigan swarming behind.  Keep using Kinetic Blast to
    strategically take out larger units starting with the Bunker and the Thor.
    Take out the Hybrid in this area.  Then move to the west where you will find
    the second Brutalisk.  Free him and start moving out to the east.
    If you have a large enough group of Mutalisks send them to the second Hive.
    Move to the northeast to attack a Hybrid while it is still in stasis.  Send
    your other troops to the northeast of the last Hybrid.  This will be a small
    base with no major resistance besides a Thor and a few grounded Vikings.  While
    your ground troops handle this area, you should be finishing the other Hybrid
    with your Mutalisks.  This will leave just two more Hybrids in the far 
    northeast of the map.
    If you cleared the entire area around the previous Hybrid taken out by your 
    ground troops, the only opposition will be a Thor with some ground troops and a
    single Missile Turret.  Send your Mutalisks all the way north then all the way
    east to circle around behind the hybrids.  Once everyone is in place, launch
    your all out attack on the last two Hybrids.  You should overwhelm the first of
    the two Hybrids within seconds.  You'll lose some troops but the final Hybrid 
    will be easy with its partner dead.
    	/                                             \
    	| Skygeirr - Mission 3 - Phantoms of the Void |
    Primary Mission Objective: Kill Narud
    Unit Unlocked: Ultralisk
    Main Objectives Reward: +4 Kerrigan Levels
    Bonus Objectives Reward: +3 Kerrigan Levels
    In Mission Objectives
    .....Deactivate the Temples[5/5]
    .....Kerrigan Must Survive
    Bonus Objectives
    .....Destroy Xel'Naga Crystals [3/3]
         +1 Kerrigan Level Each
    You'll begin this mission with control of Kerrigan, Alexei Stukov, two 
    Hydralisks, and two Ultralisks.  Take your force forward killing the four
    Zealots who attempt to intercept you.  Make your way up the next ramp.  You'll
    find two Cannons, a Pylon, four Zealots, and a Stalker.  Take out the Pylon 
    first with Kerrigans Kinetic Blast weakening it.  Then finish off the troops.
    Clear the area of Protoss structures.
    After a cut scene, you will gain control of a Hive Cluster.  You'll begin with
    a Lair, Spawning Pool, Extractor, and an Ultralisk Cavern.  You'll also have
    control of Alexei Stukov, a Hydralisk, two Ultralisks, and nine Drones.  You'll
    also begin with a second set of Minerals and Vespene Gas to your east.  Once
    you have enough drones running your first Hive, begin work on a second hive to
    the east.
    Move your two Ultralisks with Stukov to the first marked Temple.  Use Stukov's
    Corrosive Blast to weaken the Pylons before sending in the Ultralisks.  Destroy
    the Pylons first to disable the Cannons.  Clear the area and then deactivate 
    the Temple.  As soon as you can, morph a third Ultralisk and a Swarm Queen and
    send them to the temple.  You can still use Stukov's Corrosive Blast while he
    is deactivating the temple.  You will have two waves of attackers while
    deactivating this temple.  The first wave will be two Zealots with two
    Stalkers.  The second attack will be a single Hybrid.
    Move to the southeast with your force to reach the second temple.  Use Stukov
    to destroy the Cannons from range with his Corrosive Blast before sending your
    troops in to clear the area.  Do not being deactivating the temple yet.  Send
    your troops back towards the second Hatchery location.  Just to the east of
    here you will find the first Xel'Naga Crystal.  Destroy it when you find it.
    Move your troops along the path to the north of the first temple.  You will
    come across a small Protoss force.  Take them out as well as the Warpgate,
    Pylons, and Cannons you find here.  After you are done, return to the second
    Temple to Deactivate it.
    The first wave of attackers will consist of four Zealots, a Stalker, a Scout,
    and a Hybrid.  The second wave will have three Zealots, two Stalkers, and a
    Sentry.  Once the second Temple is deactivated, send your offensive troops
    back to the path leading to the third Temple.  Approach the third temple 
    platform to reveal two Colossi along with the normal Zealots/Cannons/Pylons
    that defend the temples.  Clear the area, but reinforce your troops before you
    begin to deactivate the Temple.
    The first wave of attacks on the third Temple will consist of two Zealots, two
    Sentries, and two Scouts followed shortly by the second wave consisting of a
    Hybrid with a few Zealots.  Once the third Temple is deactivated head back to
    the main Hive Cluster.  
    Take your troops along the path to the northwest.  Just before you arrive at
    the fourth Temple, you will face off against a group of four Zealots guarding a
    Pylon, Cannon, and a Gateway.  Once you clear them out move on to the Temple
    platform.  At each of the three entry points there will be two Zealots, a 
    Stalker, a Pylon, and a Cannon.  Clear this area before deactivating the 
    The first wave at the fourth Temple will consist of Zealots, two Stalkers, and
    a Hybrid.  A second Hybrid with two Stalkers will approach from the opposite
    side.  This Temple will be easier than the one we chose to take out Third.  
    Once the Temple is deactivated, move your troops northwest to the entrance to
    the final Temple.  Instead of approaching the temple, head west to find the 
    second Xel'Naga Artifact.  It will be guarded by a Pylon/Cannon combo, three
    Zealots, and a Stalker.  Clear them out and destroy the Artifact.  Next, move
    your troops to the northeast of the fourth Temple.  Here you will find two
    Cannons and a Colossus guarding the third and final Xel'Naga Artifact.  Once 
    you clear the defenders and start attacking the Artifact, three Void Rays will
    warp in to defend it.
    The fifth and final Temple will be guarded by two Cannons, two Sentries, two 
    Stalkers, and two Archons.  Once you begin deactivating this temple, the first
    wave will consist of four Zealots, two Scouts, and a Colossus, with a Hybrid
    and two Stalkers coming in at the end of the wave.  Shortly behind them will
    be a second and third Hybrid each with their own pair of Stalkers.
    With the last Temple deactivated, Kerrigan will gain the upper hand.  Her power
    bar will fill completely.  This will end the mission as well as your work on 
    	/                                                         \
    	| Dominion Space - Mission 1 - With Friends Like These... |
    Primary Mission Objective: Rescue Orlan from Mira Han
    In Mission Objectives
    .....Clear out Miras Fleet
    .....The Hyperion Must Survive
    Bonus Objectives
    .....Harvest Mineral Clusters [3/3]
    .....Destroy the Pirate Capital Ship
    You'll begin this mission controlling only the Hyperion.  Move to the northeast
    and you'll be given the micro tutorial on the Hyperions first ability, Jump.  
    Use it to get through the debris field.  Move forward killing a few of the 
    small attack fighters.  Soon you will reach a group of six fighters.  At this
    time you will gain your second ability, Fighter Strike.  Use this to summon
    six fighters of your own almost like a Protoss Carrier.  When you approach the
    first Ordinance Tower you will gain the Yamato ability.  Use it to destroy the
    Tower quickly.  Just past the Tower is a Repair Drone.  Grab it to heal the
    Hyperion and replenish your fighters.  Take out the next Tower and it's
    fighters to move on to the next area of this mission.
    Now that you have your own Tower, you will start to send fighters out to attack
    Miras base.  These will act like the waves of Infested Terrans from the 
    Infested mission on Skygeirr.  You can also collect minerals to upgrade the
    Hyperion.  The first batch of minerals is just to the northeast of the Tower.
    Move northeast to destroy the first Tower in this area.  Then gather all the 
    minerals that are around.  This should be enough to raise the Hyperions level
    to two.  Watch out for the Magmines.  You can either move out of their way or
    Jump away, as they only move in a straight line.  When you are done, move to
    the southeast where you will be prompted about the Kel'Morian pirates.  Move
    into the area taking out the fighters as you go.  When the mines are triggered
    just keep moving past them.  Get into range of the Tower to destroy it with the
    Yamato cannon.  Take out the last fighters nearby before engaging the pirate
    capital ship.  If needed use the nearby Repair Drone.  There are two in this
    area, use them as needed while fighting the Capital Ship.  It won't be a
    difficult battle.  Once you defeat it, you will gain the Electric Field
    generator ability.
    Move back to the first Tower you destroyed.  Now head northeast to destroy 
    another Tower.  Further to the northeast is a pair of Towers guarded by a 
    Battlecruiser.  There is also a Starport here.  Clear this area then gather the
    minerals in the direct vicinity.  Valerian's Space Station will now teleport 
    into this area.  It will also now launch both Wraiths and Vikings.  Move to the
    northeast and Jump through the debris to reach the second Mineral Cluster.
    Once inside you'll have to fight off only a few fighters, but there will be
    eight Magmines that you must dodge.  Afterwards, collect all the minerals
    before Jumping back to your second fighter platform.  If you've collected every
    mineral possible up to this point, the Hyperion will grow to Level three.
    Move to the northwest gathering minerals along the way.  Your next opposition
    will consist of two Towers, a Battlecruiser, numerous small fighters, four
    Magmines, and two Starports.  Clear the area using the same tactics.  Once the
    area is clear, Valerian's Space Station will again teleport to you.  From here
    the Space Station will launch Wraiths, Vikings, and even Battlecruisers.  Jump
    through the debris to the northwest to reach the third and final Mineral 
    Cluster.  There will be three fighters and ten Magmines to deal with in this
    Cluster area.  Once they are clear, gather all the minerals and head back to
    Valeria's Space Station.
    Make your way to the northeast.  Along the way you will destroy a few fighters
    and at least one Battlecruiser.  When you reach the next combat area, you will
    have to destroy dozens of fighters, three Battlecruiser, and two Towers.  Keep
    moving forward clearing even more Towers, Battlecruisers, fighters, and 
    Magmines.  Once the entire end area is clear, Mira's Marauders battle station
    will release eight Magmines.  The base will continue to release Magmines in 
    groups of eight as well as fighters and Battlecruisers.  Try to take out the
    fighters and Battlecruisers as you can between hitting the battle station and
    dodging the Magmines.  It won't take long for the station to fall.  When it
    does, the mission is over.
    	/                                         \
    	| Dominion Space - Mission 2 - Conviction |
    Primary Mission Objective: Rescue Jim Rayner from the Dominion
    Main Objectives Reward: +9 Kerrigan Levels, Swarm Host Evolution Mission
    Bonus Objectives Reward: +2 Kerrigan Levels
    In Mission Objectives
    .....Kerrigan Must Survive
    .....Rescue Jim
    Bonus Objectives
    .....Find Secret Documents [2/2]
         +1 Kerrigan Level each
    You'll begin this infiltration mission in control of a lone Kerrigan.  Move
    northeast into the ship.  When you move forward to engage the first group of
    Terrans, a worm will burst through the wall releasing a dozen Zerglings and
    three Hydralisks.  Keep moving down the hall.  At the next group of enemies,
    another worm will burst through delivering two Roaches and a Swarm Queen.  Move
    forward to take out eight Marines with four Marauders.  Further into the base
    you will find five Marines, three Ghosts, and two Medics.  Once they area 
    defeated, a worm will burst through the wall delivering an Aberration and two
    more Hydralisks.  Three Hellions will move in to attack you.
    Keep moving through the ship.  The next conflict will contain a Siege Tank, 
    two Medics, with two Marines and Marauders.  This time the worm will bring you
    two Infestors.  So far the path has been very linear.  In the next area, use
    your infestors to take over the Thor letting it take the brunt of the attack
    of the Marines, Medics, and Bunkers.  When you reach the check point, you will
    need to guard Kerrigan while she breaks through a bulkhead.  
    You'll once again be reinforced.  Immediately morph your Hydralisks into
    whichever Evolution you've chosen.  The ability to keep them safely protected
    while burrowed yet at the same time able to attack will prove invaluable for
    this portion.  With them morphed and burrowed you'll just have to sit back and
    wait for Kerrigan to finish the bulkhead.  I would suggest that you use
    Parasitic Domination on the two Siege Tanks that come from the third door.
    The fourth door will have a Thor, but in the tight confines of this mission and
    the lack of flying attackers, the Tanks will be more useful.
    With the Bulkhead destroyed, set your tanks and hydralisks at the doorway.
    Scout forward with Kerrigan, luring back the attackers on the other side.  To
    the Northwest you will find three Ghosts guarding the first of the Secret 
    Down the hallway you will come to a large room filled with Terrans.  Clear the
    first entry area.  Plant your Siege Tanks in siege mode at the edge of the pit
    directly by you so they can start taking out the bunkers across the way. 
    Meanwhile, send Kerrigan around to the four checkpoint to grow Virophages.
    Once they are planted and producing Infested Terrans, rush your troops to the
    north to clear the area in front of the next door.  When the area is clear, 
    the door will be blown open and more Terran troops will enter.  Your tanks 
    should be in siege mode here and your Hydralisks buried.
    Move into the final room with your entire force.  Have your tanks and 
    and Hydralisks plant themselves as soon as possible.  Your first focus should 
    be on the Thor that is about to blow the prisoners off the ship.  After he is 
    destroyed, mop up the area.
    In the second half of this mission, you'll be limited to 5:00.  Move your
    entire swarm as one.  Target and eliminate the Thor over the first bridge with
    Kerrigan while the swarm clears up the rest of the area.  Move to the northwest
    to meet the next group of Terrans.  Use Kerrigans Psionic Blast to destroy the
    Siege Tank saving your Infestors for dominating the Goliaths.  Destroy the gate
    leading to the northwest to continue.
    Follow the main path until you reach the next group of Terrans.  Again, target
    the Siege Tank with Kerrigan while the rest of the swarm mops until the 
    infantry.  Keep moving southeast.  When the Reapers appear, burrow your
    Hydralisks and dig in.  You'll come to an intersection to the southwest.  It 
    will either allow you to move forward some to the southwest then the northwest,
    or you can go to the southeast.  Move down the southeast corridor to find the
    second Secret Document.  
    Return to the main path and follow it to the northwest.  Take out the troops
    trying to fight their way INTO the door.  Once they are dead, finish their job
    of destroying the door.  Plant your Siege Tanks in side mode on either side of
    the door.  Then burry your Hydralisks between the tanks.  Once the tanks attack
    the bunkers the ground troops will rush themselves to death on your Hydralisks.
    When your tanks start taking damage, rush into the area with the rest of your
    troops.  A final worm will burst in releasing two Ultralisks as well as a few
    more zerg.  When the room is clear the mission is over.
    	/                                \
    	| Final - Mission 1 - Planetfall |
    Primary Mission Objective: Defend the Bile Launchers
    Main Objectives Reward: Ultralisk Evolution Mission
    In Mission Objectives
    .....Defend Bile Launchers [5/5]
    .....Don't Lose three Bile Launchers
    Bonus Objectives
    .....Destroy Augustgrad Gates [3/3]
    You'll begin this mission with a Lair, Extractor, Spawning Pool, and Evolution
    Chamber.  You'll also command Kerrigan, two Hydralisks, two Roaches, three
    Mutalisks, and seven Drones.  You'll be shown where the first Bile Launcher
    will land.  Move all of your forces to that location.  Start scouting further
    north with Kerrigan.  You'll quickly see a force of four Marines with a
    Marauder.  Kill them quickly.  Then deal with the bunker that you find in the
    same area.  Keep moving along the path to find a bunker on the southeast side
    of the path.  Hit it with a Kinetic Blast to draw two Firebats out to Kerrigan.
    Finish them and the finish off the bunker.  A few Marines with a Marauder is
    also very close and may come with the Firebats.  If not they will attack when 
    you move in on the bunkers Marines.  Further in is a second bunker with another
    Firebat.  Destroy these as well.  Continue moving southeast to reach the east
    entrance to your Hive Cluster.  The next Bile Launcher will land here.
    Move Kerrigan northeast away from the second Bile Launcher landing platform.
    Go up the first ramp you see.  Remember this location, you'll want to be here
    as soon as Kerrigan's Super Ability becomes available.  You will clear this
    area to start your second Hive.  If you have not yet earned Kerrigan's final
    ability, then clear it out slowly with hit and run tactics.
    By now the second Bile Launcher should have landed.  A small group of Hellions
    will move in to attack it.  Be sure to take them out with ranged units or 
    Zergling swarms.  Once the Hellions are defeated, move Kerrigan and your 
    disposable attackers to the first gate northeast from the second Bile Launchers
    landing platform.  Clear the Bunker, Barracks, and meager defenses here.  Then
    destroy the Gate.  Take Kerrigan to the southeast to clear out the final Terran
    force that is near you Hive Cluster.  Begin building your second Hatchery near
    the cleared area with Minerals and Vespene Gas deposits.
    The third Bile launcher should have now landed.  Make sure your forces are
    there to protect it.  Three Siege Tanks will move in to attack this Bile
    Launcher.  Two Ultralisks will be dropped with it.  Make sure to move on the
    Tanks as quick as you can before they enter Siege mode.  When the Launcher is
    defended, the location of the fourth Bile Launcher will be shown.  Send either
    some flyers or disposable Zerglings in to scout the Terran base that you are 
    warned is near the Bile Launcher platform.
    Move into the area and clear it of the Terrans.  Then move Kerrigan to the
    north.  Start using Kerrigan and your troops to clear the road north of the
    fourth Bile Launchers location.  Keep moving along the road until you come to
    the bend in the road where it starts moving southeast.  Go up the nearby ramp
    to the northeast to use Kerrigans super power on this base.  Fall back to the
    fourth Bile Launcher platform to defend it.
    The fifth and final Bile Launcher will land just outside your second Hatchery,
    assuming you built it in the location as directed.  Keep your strongest 
    anti-air troops to the north at the bend in the road we cleared.  An elite team
    of Vikings and Banshees will come through here just before the fifth Bile 
    Launcher lands.  Once they are defeated, fall back to the fifth Bile Launcher
    platform.  The final assault group that will hit your fifth Bile Launcher will
    consist of two Vikings, a Thor, and a Battlecruiser.  Be sure to use Kerrigan's
    abilities to quickly destroy the Battlecruiser. 
    Once this group is dispatched, move all of your units to the northeast across
    the bridge that the previous attack group came from.  It's time to mop up the 
    rest of the map.  Leave no Terran alive.  Once they are all dead and destroyed,
    the mission will end.
    	/                                      \
    	| Final - Mission 2 - Death from Above |
    Primary Mission Objective: Disable the Dominion Weapon
    In Mission Objectives
    .....Destroy the Power Link
    .....Disable the Psi Destroyer
    You'll begin this mission controlling Dehaka.  There won't be much strategy to
    this portion of the mission.  Move Dehaka forward killing groups as you go.
    The first group is three Marines.  Next, you will learn that Dehaka can leap.
    Jump up and destroy the Siege Tank.  Next move on to the Psi Link killing the
    four Marines and two Marauders guarding it.  Be sure to heal Dehaka while 
    fighting this group.  When they are dead, destroy the Power Link.
    With the Disruptor field down, you will gain control of a Hive Cluster.  You 
    will start with two Lairs, a Spawning Pool, an Evolution Chamber, and an
    Extractor.  You'll also gain control of Kerrigan, a Swarm Queen, two Roaches, 
    two Aberrations, six Zerglings, and seven Drones.  Quickly produce more Drones
    to gather minerals and gas.  Move Kerrigan forward to destroy the closest 
    Bunker then deal with the Marines.  Once this is clear, move all of your forces
    forward to start destroying buildings.  Take out the three Siege Tanks in the
    area with Kerrigan while the rest of your swarm handles the infantry.  
    Have your Hatcheries produce enough Overlords to cover at least 80 units.  Then
    start sending massive waves of Zerglings to your front lines.  Once the entire
    first row is clear of Terrans, head southeast.  Clear out the base you find 
    here.  Use Kerrigan again to quickly destroy the Siege Tank you find here.  At
    this point you should earn the achievement "Terran Up the Sky" for destroying
    twenty buildings before the second Psi Destroyer activates.
    Move back to the northwest.  Begin making your way up the northeast path
    clearing out the Bunkers, Vikings, and Goliaths with Kerrigan.  Start building
    up a Mutalisk force back at the Hive Cluster.  Pull back when the Wraiths
    arrive.  Let Kerrigan and the Swarm Queen deal with them.  Then send your
    troops in again.  Once you reach a point near the ramp that leads up into the
    larger base you will be attacked with a nuclear strike.  You are probably
    nearing the point that the second Psi Destroyer will be deployed, so send all
    of your offensive troops back to the Hive Cluster except Kerrigan.  It's time 
    to do what we started this strategy for.  Move Kerrigan up the ramp and use
    whatever superpower you have for her, then withdraw Kerrigan back to the Hive
    Cluster as well.  This way the cooldown on her power can work while the Psi
    Destroyer prevents you from attacking.
    Once the Psi Destroyer is back online, you will once again gain control of
    Dehaka.  He will also come with six Roaches.  This time, however, you can
    switch back and forth between Dehaka and your Hive Cluster.  Grab the nearby 
    Vespene Gas before moving Dehaka forward.  Dehaka can drop down to destroy a
    few of the Siege Tanks.  Keep the Roaches above so that they can attack the 
    Tanks without taking damage.  Once this area is clear, move Dehaka and his
    Roaches northeast.  Use the Roaches to take out the Marines and Missile 
    Turrets.  Use Dehaka's Drag to pull any Siege Tanks close to him.  Clear the
    way to the Power Link and destroy it.  Jump Dehaka to the northwest to grab the
    extra minerals and vespene gas.
    Once the Power Link is destroyed, you will have another five minutes to wreak
    havok on the Terrans.  Head back to the eastern path that we left off at.  The
    buildings should still be damaged and Kerrigans super power should be available
    again.  Move in, use her power, then let your swarm clear the area.  This
    would also be a good time to build a third Hatchery to the southeast of your
    Hive Cluster.  Once the area is clear, move to the northwest to finish clearing
    out the entire central area.  Go down the northwest ramp, then move southwest, 
    killing everything you see.  This will leave the entire central portion of the
    map clear.  You may have a little time before the next Power Link goes up.
    Spend it sending your troops back to their protective hives as well as 
    managing your Hive Cluster.
    When the third Power Link comes online, you will once again gain control of
    Dehaka.  Use his Generate Swarm ability on the Marines nearby.  Then move
    forward to receive his troops, six Roaches, eight Zerglings, six Hydralisks, 
    and an Ultralisk, all of the Primal type.  Follow the path leading into the 
    Psi Destroyer field.  Use Dehaka to Grip the Siege Tank, the Roaches to tear
    through the Bunker, and the Hydralisks to take out the air forces.  Keep moving
    along the path, pulling Siege Tanks down when they are out of reach.  Halfway
    along the path an additional six Hydralisks and six Roaches will arrive.
    You'll need the extra Hydralisks for the Banshees guarding the Power Link.
    Once all the Terrans are clear, destroy the Power Link.
    It's time to make the final push.  Send all of your troops to the northeast,
    just outside of the base holding the Psi Destroyer.  Move Kerrigan in first, 
    Have Keriggan use her super power to clear the central portion of the defenses.
    This will allow you to attack from one side without drawing in too many Terrans
    onto you.  Pick left or right and send all of your troops in.
    	/                                   \
    	| Final - Mission 3 - The Reckoning |
    Primary Mission Objective: Assault Mengsk's Palace
    In Mission Objectives
    .....Destroy the Palace Gate
    .....The Hyperion Must Survive
    Bonus Objectives
    .....Clear Entrenched Positions [3/3]
    This is what it's all been leading up to since almost the beginning of the 
    first Starcraft game.  You'll begin this final mission of Heart of the Swarm
    with a Hive Cluster that has a Lair, Extractor, Spawning Pool, and Evolution
    Chamber.  You'll also have control of Kerrigan, a Swarm Queen, three
    Hydralisks, three Roaches, two Aberrations, twelve Zerglings, and nine Drones.
    Begin by building enough Drones to harvest the minerals and vespene gas from
    the nearby nodes.  You'll immediately be set upon by four Marines to the 
    northwest.  Another group of three Marines will attack from the southeast.
    Once they are dead, begin sending Kerrigan out to do her scouting duty.
    Move Kerrigan first to the north from the western entrance to the Hive Cluster.
    You'll soon see a group of bunkers.  After a short cut scene, the area will be
    cleared.  Terran reinforcements will start moving out from this area to aid 
    in your battle.  Keep scouting to the northeast from here.  Once you hit out
    the Bunker, pull back.  Handle the infantry that follows you.  Afterwards,
    return to the Hive Cluster.  Your western flank is now protected.
    Back at the Hive Cluster, you should now have enough resources to build all of
    the structures you will need for your swarm.  You should also make three to
    four more Overlords.  After that start spawning Zerglings until you get more
    Vespene gas saved up for Hydralisks and Mutalisks.
    Take your attack forces to the southeast.  You'll need to clear the area to the
    east for your next Hatchery.  You will most likely lose at least half of your
    attackers, but you will also prevent much of the early attacks from the east
    side of your Hive Cluster.  Beware a group of Marines and Medics that will hit
    your Hive from the northeast entrance.  Send all our Zerglings back here when
    that happens.
    Once things settle down, start rebuilding your offensive force.  Move Kerrigan
    to the northeast of the future Hatchery location to use her super power on the
    buildings north of that location.  Move your weakened offensive group into the
    area to finish off the now defenseless two Barracks and two Starports.  We're
    sacrificing a lot early on, but we're also weakening the attacks that will come
    at us.  Start building your second Hatchery now.  Keep your offensive group 
    here, except for the Zerglings guarding your northeastern entrance.
    Have Kerrigan continue to scout to the east of your new Hive.  Follow the road
    until it comes to a T-intersection defended by two mini Thors.  You will now
    get a prompt about the swarms.  Send your offensive units to the southwest of
    the T-intersection to get the first swarm to join you.
    The Terran forces assisting you will soon ask for help themselves.  You will
    hear that a team of sky troops are being sent out.  Two Banshees and twelve
    Vikings will launch themselves at the Terrans.  You don't have to destroy them
    all, just send enough troops to assist with the take downs.
    By now the southern swarm reinforcements should have cut a nice path up the
    eastern side of the map.  If you did not free the southeastern swarm, do so
    now.  Have Kerrigan move to the base just north of this first swarm forces
    spawning point and use her super power on the base there.  send in the Zergling
    forces to clean it up.
    Once again, the Terrans should be needing your help as Mengsk has called for
    Alpha squadron to attack.  It will all be broadcast so you'll know when it's 
    coming.  Alpha squadron consists of two super Battlecruisers, four Siege Tanks,
    and a few Marines.  It will take almost twenty Mutalisks to take out the 
    super Battlecruisers and Marines.  Once that is done they can safely mop up the
    Siege Tanks with how ever many Mutalisks are remaining.
    From where we left Kerrigan, have her and your offensive forces cross the
    bridge to the northwest following the zerg swam from the first Entrenched
    Position.  When you come to a T-intersection, leading northwest and northeast,
    go to the northeast.  Bury your troops if need be.  Slowly pick apart the 
    Siege Tank and Bunker.  Once you've cleared them out, move your offensive units
    in to clean up the area in front of the ramp.  Then send Kerrigan in solo to 
    use her super power on the area.
    The third time the Terrans will call for help is when Mengsk sends out the
    Odin.  If you didn't play Wings of Liberty, the Obin is a gigantic super omega
    Thor.  Send in any units that can attack while burrowed as well as anything 
    strong against massive armored units.
    It may take some time to clear up the base at the second Entrenched Position,
    but once you do the swarm will start clearing another path closer to the
    Palace Entrance.  Follow the swarm with your offensive pack to the northwest.
    Eventually you will go up a ramp and the road will curve to the southwest.  
    Keep moving so you can finally clear the area northeast of your Terran allies.
    We've kept them waiting long enough, but they've been a wonderful backdoor 
    defense.  Follow the road to the southwest.  Cross the first bridge leading to
    the northwest.  If you wait for the next Terran allied attack you can hit this
    base from both sides at once.  Swarm in from the north while your allies 
    overtake the south side.  This will free up the third and final Entrenched
    Position so that your swarms can come in.
    So far the only thing we've left untouched, besides the Palace, is a small 
    group in the very center of the map.  Head here to clear out four Factories.
    Once this area is clear, the only thing left is to overtake the Palace
    entrance.  Send everything you have at it!  Once the area is clear, Mengsk will
    continue to try and defend the Palace Entrance.  Drop pods will fall containing
    Marines, Marauders, Siege Tanks, and more.  Once the Palace Entrance is
    destroyed, however, the mission is over no matter what else Mengsk can send at
    you.  Enjoy the hard fought ending.
    |                                                                             |
    |               Chapter III - Hive Cluster Overview [03.Hive]                 |
    |                                                                             |
    		     /                   \
    		     | A. Basic Mutation |
    /                                                            \
    |                          Hatchery                          |
    | Cost to Build | 300 / 0 | Life    | 1500                   |
    | Time to Build | 60 secs | Armor   |   1                    |
    | Upgrades to   |  Lair   | Enables | Larva, Drone           |
    | The Hatchery is your primary headquarters.  At the         |
    | Hatchery you will morph all of you troops except those     |
    | that morph from other troops directly.  This is also where |
    | your minerals and vespene gas will be deposited.           |
    /                                                            \
    |                            Lair                            |
    | Cost to Build | 150 / 100 | Life    | 2000                 |
    | Time to Build |  60 secs  | Armor   |  1                   |
    | Upgrades to   | Hive      | Enables | Larva, Drone         |
    | The Lair is the first evolution of the Hatchery.  It       |
    | allows you to build more mutations and zerg.               |
    /                                                            \
    |                            Hive                            |
    | Cost to Build | 200 / 150 | Life  | 2500                   |
    | Time to Build |  60 secs  | Armor |  1                     |
    | Enables       | Larva, Drone                               |
    | The Hive is the final evolution of the Hatchery.  It       |
    | allows you to build all the mutations and zerg available   |
    | to the Hive Cluster.                                       |
    /                                                            \
    |                         Extractor                          |
    | Cost to Build |   25 / 0  | Life  | 500                    |
    | Time to Build |  30 secs  | Armor |  1                     |
    | This mutation is placed over a Vespene Geyser so that your |
    | Drones can gather Vespene Gas.  You can have up to three   |
    | Drones at a time gathering gas from each Extractor.        |
    /                                                            \
    |                       Spawning Pool                        |
    | Cost to Build |  300 / 0  | Life  | 1000                   |
    | Time to Build |  60 secs  | Armor | 1                      |
    | Enables | Swarm Queen, Zerglings, Spine Crawlers           |
    | The Spawning Pool is necessary to build your earliest      |
    | attack units.                                              |
    /                                                            \
    |                      Evolution Chamber                     |
    | Cost to Build |  75 / 0   | Life  | 750                    |
    | Time to Build |  40 secs  | Armor | 1                      |
    | Enables       | Spore Crawler, Aberration                  |
    | Not only does the Evolution Chamber allow you to create    |
    | Spore Crawlers and Aberrations, it is also the location    |
    | where you will upgrade all of your ground units.  You can  |
    | upgrade their melee attacks, ranged attacks, and armor.    |
    /                                                            \
    |                         Roach Warren                       |
    | Cost to Build |  150 / 0  | Life  | 850                    |
    | Time to Build |  40 secs  | Armor | 1                      |
    | Enables       | Roach                                      |
    | The Roach Warren allows you to spawn Roaches at the Hive.  |
    /                                                            \
    |                       Baneling Nest                        |
    | Cost to Build |  100 / 50  | Life  | 850                   |
    | Time to Build |   30 secs  | Armor | 1                     |
    | Enables       | Zerglings to upgrade to Banelings          |
    | The Baneling nest gives your Zerglings the ability to      |
    | morph into Banelings.                                      |
    /                                                            \
    |                        Spine Crawler                       |
    | Cost to Build |   100 / 0  | Life  | 300                   |
    | Time to Build |   30 secs  | Armor | 2                     |
    |                  Weapon - Impaler Tentacle                 |
    | Target        | Ground                                     |
    | Range         | 7                                          |
    | Speed         | Normal                                     |
    | Type          | Normal                                     |
    | Damage        | 25                                         |
    | Bonus         | Armored +5                                 |
    | The Spine crawler is a defensive unit.  Plant it on your   |
    | creep to allow it to attack ground units that pass within  |
    | it's range.  Once it is planter, it can uproot itself and  |
    | move to another location.                                  |
    /                                                            \
    |                        Spore Crawler                       |
    | Cost to Build |    75 / 0   | Life  | 400                  |
    | Time to Build |   30 secs   | Armor | 1                    |
    |                  Weapon - Impaler Tentacle                 |
    | Target        | Air                                        |
    | Range         | 7                                          |
    | Speed         | Normal                                     |
    | Type          | Normal                                     |
    | Damage        | 15                                         |
    | The Spore crawler is a defensive unit.  Plant it on your   |
    | creep to allow it to attack air units that pass within     |
    | it's range.  Once it is planter, it can uproot itself and  |
    | move to another location.                                  |
    		  /                      \
    		  | B. Advanced Mutation |
    /                                                            \
    |                        Hydralisk Den                       |
    | Cost to Build |  100 / 100  | Life    | 850                |
    | Time to Build |   40 secs   | Armor   |  1                 |
    | Upgrades to   | Impaler Den | Enables | Hydralisks         |
    | The Hydralisk Den allows you to spawn Hydralisks at the    |
    | Hive.  It can be upgraded to the Impaler Den.              |
    /                                                            \
    |                         Impaler Den                        |
    | Cost to Build | 125 / 50 | Life  | 850                     |
    | Time to Build | 30 secs  | Armor |  1                      |
    | Enables       | Hydralisks, Impalers                       |
    | When you upgrade the Hydralisk Den to the Impaler Den,     |
    | you give your Hydralisks the ability to morph into         |
    | Impalers.                                                  |
    /                                                            \
    |                      Infestation Pit                       |
    | Cost to Build | 100 / 100 | Life  | 850                    |
    | Time to Build |  40 secs  | Armor |  1                     |
    | Enables       | Infestors, Swarm Hosts                     |
    | The Infestation Pit allows you to spawn Infestors and      |
    | Swarm Hosts at the Hive.                                   |
    /                                                            \
    |                           Spire                            |
    | Cost to Build | 200 / 200 | Life  | 850                    |
    | Time to Build |  40 secs  | Armor |  1                     |
    | Upgrades to   | Greater Spire     | Enables | Mutalisks    |
    | The Spire allows you to spawn Mutalisks at the Hive.  The  |
    | Spire and the Greater Spire also allow you to upgrade your |
    | flying units the same way that the Evolution Chamber       |
    | allows you to upgrade your ground units.                   |
    /                                                            \
    |                        Greater Spire                       |
    | Cost to Build | 100 / 150 | Life  | 1000                   |
    | Time to Build |  30 secs  | Armor |  1                     |
    | Enables       | Mutalisk, Brood Lord                       |
    | When you upgrade the Spire to a Greater Spire, you give    |
    | your Mutalisks the ability to morph into Brood Lords.      |
    /                                                            \
    |                      Ultralisk Cavern                      |
    | Cost to Build | 150 / 200 | Life  | 850                    |
    | Time to Build |  50 secs  | Armor |  1                     |
    | Enables       | Ultralisks                                 |
    | The Ultralisk Cavern allows you to spawn Ultralisks at the |
    | Hive.                                                      |
    |                                                                             |
    |                     Chapter IV - Unit Overview [04.Unit]                    |
    |                                                                             |
    In Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm, you control the Zerg.  I've devided the 
    zerg unit section into ground troops and flying troops.  Every troop you morph,
    regardless of what building is needed to make it, comes from your Hatchery.
    Larva are used to morph everything from Zerglings, to Overlords, to Ultralisks.
    /               |           |            |                   \
    | Race          | Zerg      | Producer   | None              |
    | Life          | 25        | Hotkey     | None              |
    | Armor         | 10        | Cost       | 0 / 0             |
    | Movement      | Very Slow | Supply     | 0                 |
    | Cargo Size    |           | Build Time | 0                 |
    | Attributes    | Light - Biological                         |
    /               |           |            |                   \
    | Race          | Zerg      | Producer   | Larva             |
    | Life          | 40        | Hotkey     | D                 |
    | Armor         | 0         | Cost       | 50 / 0            |
    | Movement      | Fast      | Supply     | 1                 |
    | Cargo Size    | 1         | Build Time | 17                |
    | Attributes    | Light - Biological                         |
    | Abilities     | Gather - Burrow                            |
    |                    Weapon - Claws                          |
    | Target        | Ground                                     |
    | Range         | Melee                                      |
    | Speed         | Normal                                     |
    | Type          | Normal                                     |
    | Damage        | 5                                          |
    /               |           |            |                   \
    | Race          | Zerg      | Producer   | Larva             |
    | Life          | 35        | Hotkey     | Z                 |
    | Armor         | 0         | Cost       | 50 / 0            |
    | Movement      | Fast      | Supply     | 1                 |
    | Cargo Size    | 1         | Build Time | 24                |
    | Attributes    | Light - Biological                         |
    | Abilities     | Burrow                                     |
    |                    Weapon - Claws                          |
    | Target        | Ground                                     |
    | Range         | Melee                                      |
    | Speed         | Fast                                       |
    | Type          | Normal                                     |
    | Damage        | 5                                          |
    | Strong Versus | Marauder, Hydralisk, Stalker               |
    | Weak Versus   | Hellion, Baneling, Colossus                |
    /               |           |            |                   \
    | Race          | Zerg      | Producer   | Zergling          |
    | Life          | 30        | Hotkey     | E                 |
    | Armor         | 0         | Cost       | 25 / 15           |
    | Movement      | Normal    | Supply     | 0                 |
    | Cargo Size    | 2         | Build Time | 10                |
    | Attributes    | Biological                                 |
    | Abilities     | Burrow, Explode, Enable Building Attack    |
    | Strong Versus | Marine, Zergling, Zealot                   |
    | Weak Versus   | Marauder, Roach, Stalker                   |
    /               |           |            |                   \
    | Race          | Zerg      | Producer   | Larva             |
    | Life          | 145       | Hotkey     | R                 |
    | Armor         | 1         | Cost       | 75 / 25           |
    | Movement      | Normal    | Supply     | 2                 |
    | Cargo Size    | 2         | Build Time | 27                |
    | Attributes    | Armored  - Biological                      |
    | Abilities     | Burrow - Rapid Regeneration                |
    |                  Weapon - Acid Saliva                      |
    | Target        | Ground                                     |
    | Range         | 4                                          |
    | Speed         | Slow                                       |
    | Type          | Disintegrate                               |
    | Damage        | 16                                         |
    | Strong Versus | Hellion, Zergling, Zealot                  |
    | Weak Versus   | Marauder, Ultralisk, Immortal              |
    /               |           |            |                   \
    | Race          | Zerg      | Producer   | Larva             |
    | Life          | 80        | Hotkey     | H                 |
    | Armor         | 0         | Cost       | 100 / 50          |
    | Movement      | Normal    | Supply     | 2                 |
    | Cargo Size    | 2         | Build Time | 33                |
    | Attributes    | Light - Biological                         |
    | Abilities     | Burrow                                     |
    |              Weapon - Needle Spines                        |
    | Target        | Any                                        |
    | Range         | 5                                          |
    | Speed         | Fast                                       |
    | Type          | Normal                                     |
    | Damage        | 12                                         |
    | Strong Versus | Banshee, Mutalisk, Void Ray                |
    | Weak Versus   | Siege Tank, Zergling, Colossus             |
    .....Swarm Queen
    /               |           |            |                   \
    | Race          | Zerg      | Producer   | Hatchery          |
    | Life          | 175       | Hotkey     | Q                 |
    | Energy        | 200       | Cost       | 150 / 0           |
    | Armor         | 1         | Supply     | 2                 |
    | Movement      | Very Slow | Build Time | 50                |
    | Cargo Size    | 2         |            |                   |
    | Attributes    | Biological - Psionic                       |
    | Abilities     | Burrow - Spawn Larvae - Transfusion        |
    |                 Weapon - Acid Spines                       |
    | Target        | Air                                        |
    | Range         | 7                                          |
    | Speed         | Normal                                     |
    | Type          | Normal                                     |
    | Damage        | 9                                          |
    |                    Weapon - Talons                         |
    | Target        | Ground                                     |
    | Range         | 5                                          |
    | Speed         | Normal                                     |
    | Type          | Normal                                     |
    | Damage        | 4                                          |
    | Strong Versus | Hellion, Mutalisk, Void Ray                |
    | Weak Versus   | Marine, Zergling, Zealot                   |
    .....Swarm Host
    /               |           |            |                   \
    | Race          | Zerg      | Producer   | Infestation Pit   |
    | Life          | 160       | Hotkey     | A                 |
    | Armor         | 1         | Cost       | 200 / 100         |
    | Movement      | Normal    | Supply     | 3                 |
    | Cargo Size    | 4         | Build Time | 40                |
    | Attributes    | Armored - Biological                       |
    | Abilities     | Burrow - Spawn Locusts                     |
    | Strong Versus | Marine, Stalker, Roach                     |
    | Weak Versus   | Baneling, Hellion, Archon                  |
    /               |           |            |                   \
    | Race          | Zerg      | Producer   | Larva             |
    | Life          | 90        | Hotkey     | F                 |
    | Energy        | 200       | Cost       | 100 / 150         |
    | Armor         | 0         | Supply     | 2                 |
    | Movement      | Normal    | Build Time | 50                |
    | Cargo Size    | 2         |            |                   |
    | Attributes    | Armored - Biological - Psionic             |
    | Abilities     | Burrow - Neural Parasite -                 |
    |               | Fungal Growth - Infested Terran            |
    | Strong Versus | Marine, Mutalisk, Immortal                 |
    | Weak Versus   | Ghost, Ultralisk, High Templar             |
    /               |           |            |                   \
    | Race          | Zerg      | Producer   | Larva             |
    | Life          | 275       | Hotkey     | B                 |
    | Armor         | 2         | Cost       | 200 / 75          |
    | Movement      | Normal    | Supply     | 3                 |
    | Cargo Size    | 4         | Build Time | 30                |
    | Attributes    | Massive - Biological                       |
    | Abilities     | Towering - Burrow                          |
    |                 Weapon - Pustulant Smash                   |
    | Target        | Ground                                     |
    | Range         | 1.5                                        |
    | Speed         | Normal                                     |
    | Type          | Normal                                     |
    | Damage        | 20                                         |
    | Bonus         | Armored +20                                |
    /               |           |            |                   \
    | Race          | Zerg      | Producer   | Larva             |
    | Life          | 500       | Hotkey     | U                 |
    | Armor         | 1         | Cost       | 300 / 200         |
    | Movement      | Fast      | Supply     | 6                 |
    | Cargo Size    | 8         | Build Time | 55                |
    | Attributes    | Armored - Biological - Massive             |
    | Abilities     | Burrow - Frenzied                          |
    |              Weapon - Kaiser Blades                        |
    | Target        | Ground                                     |
    | Range         | 1                                          |
    | Speed         | Fast                                       |
    | Type          | Eviscerate                                 |
    | Damage        | 15                                         |
    | Bonus         | Armored +20                                |
    | Strong Versus | Marauder, Roach, Stalker                   |
    | Weak Versus   | Banshee, Mutalisk, Void Ray                |
    /               |           |            |                   \
    | Race          | Zerg      | Producer   | Larva             |
    | Life          | 200       | Hotkey     | V                 |
    | Armor         | 0         | Cost       | 100 / 0           |
    | Movement      | Very Slow | Supply     | 0                 |
    |               |           | Build Time | 25                |
    | Attributes    | Armored - Biological                       |
    | Abilities     | Morph to Overseer - Generate Creep         |
    /               |           |            |                   \
    | Race          | Zerg      | Producer   | Larva             |
    | Life          | 120       | Hotkey     | T                 |
    | Armor         | 0         | Cost       | 100 / 100         |
    | Movement      | Fast      | Supply     | 2                 |
    |               |           | Build Time | 33                |
    | Attributes    | Light - Biological                         |
    |                    Weapon - Glave Wurm                     |
    | Target        | Any                                        |
    | Range         | 3                                          |
    | Speed         | Normal                                     |
    | Type          | Normal                                     |
    | Damage        | 9                                          |
    | Strong Versus | Viking, Brood Lord, Void Ray               |
    | Weak Versus   | Thor, Corruptor, Phoenix                   |
    .....Brood Lord
    /               |           |            |                   \
    | Race          | Zerg      | Producer   | Corruptor         |
    | Life          | 225       | Hotkey     | B                 |
    | Armor         | 1         | Cost       | 150 / 150         |
    | Movement      | Very Slow | Supply     | 2                 |
    |               |           | Build Time | 34                |
    | Attributes    | Armored - Biological - Massive             |
    | Abilities     | Swarm Seeds                                |
    |              Weapon - Broodling Strike                     |
    | Target        | Ground                                     |
    | Range         | 9.5                                        |
    | Speed         | Very Slow                                  |
    | Type          | Normal                                     |
    | Damage        | 20                                         |
    | Strong Versus | Marine, Hydralisk, Stalker                 |
    | Weak Versus   | Viking, Corruptor, Void Ray                |
    |                                                                             |
    |                    Chapter V - Evolution Pit [05.EvoP]                      |
    |                                                                             |
    Heart of the Swarm is changing things up a little from the customization of
    units that we found in the Wings of Liberty Campaign.  As you progress through
    the story mode of Heart of the Swarm, you are awarded Mutations and Evolutions
    by completing Primary Objectives within most missions.  These are split into
    the two groups listed above.
    			/              \
    			| B. Mutations |
    Mutations are unlocked by completing primary missions.  Each of the seven units
    that can mutate have three mutations each.  These mutations are not set in
    stone.  Once you have unlocked the mutations, they are available for the rest 
    of the campaign.  You can freely change the mutations between missions, but
    not while on a mission.  The walkthrough will not make any assumptions on which
    mutations that you choose as some of them can be very strategically different.
    This guide will make suggestions on mutations that will help with the
    strategies used in the guide.
    /                                                            \
    |                          Zergling                          |
    | Mutation            | Benefits of Mutation                 |
    | Hardened Carapace   | Gains +10 Maximum life, an Increase  |
    |                     | of 30%.                              |
    | Adrenal Overload    | Attack speed Increased by 50%        |
    | Metabolic Boost     | Movement speed Increased by 60%.     |
    | Unlocks : After Umoja - Mission 3 - Rendezvous             |
    | Suggested Mutation: Early on the extra life of Hardened    |
    | Carapace can be very valuable.  Later in the game, when    |
    | your Zerglings are used as cannon fodder, Adrenal Overload |
    | is the preferred choice so the Zerglings can do as much    |
    | damage as possible before dying.                           |  
    /                                                            \
    |                          Baneling                          |
    | Mutation            | Benefits of Mutation                 |
    | Corrosive Acid      | Increases base attack damage dealt   |
    |                     | to primary target by 100%.           |
    |                     | Splash damage remains the same.      |
    | Rupture             | Blast radius increased by 50%.       |
    | Regenerative Acid   | In addition to dealing damage,       |
    |                     | Baneling explosions heal nearby      |
    |                     | friendly units and structures.       |
    | Unlocks : After Baneling is acquired                       |
    | Suggested Mutation: Banelings aren't used much through     |
    | the strategies presented in this guide.  Even so, the      |
    | increased damage of Corrosive Acid would be best when      |
    | using Banelings against high health targets.               |
    /                                                            \
    |                           Roach                            |
    | Mutation            | Benefits of Mutation                 |
    | Hydriodic Bile      | Gains +8 damage vs. light units, an  |
    |                     | increase of 50%.                     |
    | Adaptive Plating    | Gains +3 armor when Roach's life is  |
    |                     | under 50%.                           |
    | Tunneling Claws     | Roach can move at full speed while   |
    |                     | burrowed.                            |
    |                     | Life regeneration rate increased by  |
    |                     | 100% while burrowed.                 |
    | Unlocks : After Roach is acquired                          |
    | Suggested Mutation: Absolutely Tunneling Claws.  The       |
    | moving while burrowed is very nice for stealthing into an  |
    | area and if they are seen and damaged while attacking,     |
    | they can burrow to heal twice as fast and get back on the  |
    | offensive.                                                 |
    /                                                            \
    |                         Hydralisk                          |
    | Mutation            | Benefits of Mutation                 |
    | Frenzy              | When Frenzy is activated, the        |
    |                     | Hydralisk gains +50% attack speed    |
    |                     | for 15 seconds.                      |
    |                     | Cooldown: 30 seconds.                |
    | Ancillary Carapace  | Gains +20 maximum life, an increase  |
    |                     | of 25%.                              |
    | Grooved Spines      | Attack range increased to 6, an      |
    |                     | increase of 20%.                     |
    | Unlocks : After Hydralisk is acquired                      |
    | Suggested Mutation: Passive abilities are preferred in     |
    | this guide.  We'll use Ancillary Carapace to stay alive    |
    | longer, although attacking from farther would deal more    |
    | damage before the enemy was in range.  Either is a good    |
    | choice.                                                    |
    /                                                            \
    |                          Mutalisk                          |
    | Mutation            | Benefits of Mutation                 |
    | Vicious Glave       | Mutalisk's attacks bounce three more |
    |                     | times, hitting up to six targets.    |
    |                     | Bounces deal increased damage and    |
    |                     | travel farther.                      |
    | Rapid Regeneration  | Mutalisk regenerates 10 life per     |
    |                     | second while out of combat.          |
    |                     | Must remain out of combat for        |
    |                     | 5 seconds.                           |
    | Sundering Glave     | Gains +9 damage vs. armored targets, |
    |                     | an increase of 100%.                 |
    |                     | Attacks no longer bounce to          |
    |                     | additional targets.                  |
    | Unlocks : After Mutalisk is acquired                       |
    | Suggested Mutation: Considering our hit and run tactics in |
    | this guide, Rapid Regeneration is not so much a choice as  |
    | a must have.                                               |
    /                                                            \
    |                         Swarm Host                         |
    | Mutation            | Benefits of Mutation                 |
    | Burrow              | Allows Swarm Hosts to burrow.        |
    |                     | While burrowed, Swam Hosts cannot be |
    |                     | seen by enemies without detection.   |
    |                     | Able to Spawn Locusts while          |
    |                     | burrowed.                            |
    | Rapid Incubation    | Locusts spawn 20% faster.            |
    | Pressurized Glands  | Locusts can attack both ground and   |
    |                     | air units.                           |
    | Unlocks : After Swarm Host is acquired                     |
    | Suggested Mutation: Burrow is an optimal choice.  It       |
    | allows you to attack without worry of losing your Swarm    |
    | Host unless there is a detector nearby.  Most missions     |
    | only use Missile Turrets for detectors.                    |
    /                                                            \
    |                         Ultralisk                          |
    | Mutation            | Benefits of Mutation                 |
    | Burrow Charge       | Ultralisk burrows and charges toward |
    |                     | a unit.                              |
    |                     | When the Ultralisk unburrows, all    |
    |                     | enemy units nearby are knocked back  |
    |                     | and stunned for 2 seconds.           |
    |                     | Cooldown: 10 seconds.                |
    | Tissue Assimilation | Gain life equal to 40% of all damage |
    |                     | dealt from normal attacks.           |
    | Monarch Blades      | Gains +20 splash damage, an increase |
    |                     | of 400%, causing attacks to deal 25  |
    |                     | damage to both primary and secondary |
    |                     | targets.                             |
    | Unlocks : After Ultralisk is acquired                      |
    | Suggested Mutation: Again, our hit and run tactics are     |
    | best when our units can survive longer, heal faster, or    |
    | deal damage quicker.  You would think Monarch Blades, but  |
    | honestly things get too bunched up to be of use.  Tissue   |
    | Assimilation is the best choice here.  When paired up with |
    | the Tarrasque evolution, Ultralisks become near immortal.  |
    			/               \
    			| B. Evolutions |
    When Evolution Missions are unlocked, you will need to complete the mission in
    order to gain the Evolution for each unit type.  These missions are barely even
    tutorials for each of the two types of Evolutions that you can choose for the
    given unit.  There are seven units that you can gain evolutions for.  Each 
    unit lets you choose between one of two evolutions.  Please note that you can 
    only choose one evolution per unit and once you have chosen your evolution you
    cannot undo it.  The evolution is permanent for the given playthrough of the
    campaign.  The walkthrough will not make any assumptions on which evolutions
    that you choose as some of them can be very strategically different.  This 
    guide will make suggestions on evolutions that will help with the strategies
    used in the guide.
    /                                                            \
    |                    Zergling Evolutions                     |
    | Raptor              | Leaps over obstacles and onto        |
    |                     | targets from range.                  |
    |                     | Gains +2 damage, an increase of 40%. |
    |                     | Can jump up and down cliffs.         |
    | Swarmling           | Spawns in groups of three.           |
    |                     | Morphs almost instantly              |
    | Unlocks After : Char - Mission 2 - Fire in the Sky         |
    | Suggested Evolution: Swarmling                             |
    | While it might sound like fun to have zerg Reapers, we     |
    | must remember that Evolutions are permanent.  For campaign |
    | mode purposes, Swarmlings are much more valuable.  If all  |
    | of your forces are away and attacking, or if you defenses  |
    | get overrun, the ability to instantly spawn a swarm of     |
    | Zerglings is priceless.                                    |
    /                                                            \
    |                    Baneling Evolutions                     |
    | Splitter            | Splits into two Baneling Spawn on    |
    |                     | Death.                               |
    |                     | Baneling Spawn deal less damage.     |
    | Hunter              | Leaps over obstacles and onto        |
    |                     | targets from long range.             |
    |                     | Can jump up and down cliffs.         |
    | Unlocks After : Char - Mission 3 - Old Soldiers            |
    | Suggested Evolution: Hunter                                |
    | Here we take almost the opposite approach to the           |
    | Zerglings.  If we send Banelings in with Zerglings in      |
    | front of them to take any initial blasts, we can use       |
    | Hunter Banelings to leap over the Zerglings once they are  |
    | in range of their target.                                  |
    /                                                            \
    |                     Roach Evolutions                       |
    | Corpser             | Enemies damaged by the Roach will    |
    |                     | spawn two Roachlings if killed       |
    |                     | quickly.                             |
    | Vile                | Attacks slow enemy movement and      |
    |                     | attack speeds by 75%.                |
    |                     | Heroic unit movement and attack      |
    |                     | speeds are slowed by 20%.            |
    | Unlocks After : Kaldir - Mission 3 - Enemy Within          |
    | Suggested Evolution: Vile                                  |
    | The choice here is really a 50/50.  Take Vile to slow the  |
    | targets movements and attacks or take Corpser so that the  |
    | Roachlings form a barrier between the targets and your not |
    | so expendable troops?  Vile wins out by a small margin     |
    | since it also slows attack speeds, making it easier to     |
    | heal a zerg with a Swarm Queen or other healer.            |
    /                                                            \
    |                   Hydralisk Evolutions                     |
    | Impaler             | Can Morph into an Impaler:           |
    |                     | Attacks single targets while it is   |
    |                     | burrowed.                            |
    |                     | Effective against armored units.     |
    | Lurker              | Can Morph into a Lurker:             |
    |                     | Attacks multiple enemies while it is | 
    |                     | burrowed.                            |
    |                     | Effective against light ground       |
    |                     | units.                               |
    | Unlocks After : Zerus - Mission 3 - Supreme                |
    | Suggested Evolution: Impaler                               |
    | Both evolutions effectively do the same thing.  They allow |
    | your Hydralisks to attack at range while burrowed.  They   |
    | can only attack ground units when morphed this way.  The   |
    | question comes down to effectiveness.  Light ground units  |
    | or armored units.  In this case we want effectiveness      |
    | against armored units for the campaign.  Our Swarmlings    |
    | are good enough for light units attacking the base.  We'll |
    | use these more for offense than defense and tackling       |
    | structures.                                                |
    /                                                            \
    |                    Mutalisk Evolutions                     |
    | Brood Lord          | Can morph into a Brood Lord:         |
    |                     | Besieges ground targets from long    |
    |                     | range.                               |
    |                     | Attacks spawn Broodlings.            |
    | Viper               | Can morph into a Viper:              |
    |                     | Pulls units to new locations,        |
    |                     | Enemies will be stunned for 1        |
    |                     | second.                              |
    |                     | Slows enemy ground units and         |
    |                     | prevents them from attacking.        |
    |                     | Drains life from allied units to     |
    |                     | restore energy.                      |
    |                     | Can attack air units.                |
    | Unlocks After : Skygeirr - Mission 2 - Hand of Darkness    |
    | Suggested Evolution: Brood Lord                            |
    | The Viper can be a very tactical unit if used properly.    |
    | For simplicities sack, take the Brood Lord.  It will tear  |
    | apart ground units and can even attack Missile Turrets     |
    | from outside their range, letting your Mutalisks roam safe |
    | and free.                                                  |
    /                                                            \
    |                    Swarm Host Evolutions                   |
    | Carrion             | Spawns flying Locusts that can       |
    |                     | attack ground targets.               |
    |                     | Flying Locusts are faster and deal   |
    |                     | 50% more damage than ground locusts, |
    |                     | but they have 25% less life.         |
    | Creeper             | Generates creep while burrowed or    |
    |                     | rooted.                              |
    |                     | Can travel quickly to any location   |
    |                     | with creep by using Deep Tunnel.     |
    |                     | Deep Tunnel cooldown: 10 seconds.    |
    | Unlocks After : Dominion Space - Mission 2 - Conviction    |
    | Suggested Evolution: Creeper                               |
    | I'm not really a big fan of Carrion.  I think it actually  |
    | makes the Swarm Host weaker.  When the Locusts are flying, |
    | they can't act as expendable troops to block attackers     |
    | from hitting the Swarm Host.  For this reason we'll take   |
    | the Creeper.                                               |
    /                                                            \
    |                    Ultralisk Evolutions                    |
    | Noxious             | Emits Noxious Cloud that deals 5     |
    |                     | damage per second to enemy ground    |
    |                     | units.                               |
    |                     | Toxic Blast deals 20 damage to       |
    |                     | enemy ground units and structures.   |
    |                     | Toxic Blast cooldown: 10 seconds.    |
    | Torrasque           | Enters a Chrysalis when killed.      |
    |                     | After a short period, is reborn as a |
    |                     | new Ultralisk.                       |
    |                     | Rebirth cooldown: 60 seconds.        |
    | Unlocks After : Final - Mission 1 - Planetfall             |
    | Suggested Evolution: Torrasque                             |
    | Sadly, the range on the Noxious abilities is so small that |
    | if you have more than two or three the ability won't even  |
    | reach enemy troops.  We're it a wider range it would be    |
    | more valuable.  So instead we'll use the immortal          |
    | Torrasque.  Who doesn't like an Ultralisk that comes back  |
    | life with full health after it dies?  Just remember the 60 |
    | second cooldown on the resurrection.  If your Torrasque    |
    | dies during this time it's still gone for good.            |
    |                                                                             |
    |            VI.. Kerrigan Level Progression.............[06.Keri]            |
    |                                                                             |
    As you progress through the storyline, Kerrigan will gain levels.  These levels
    then increase her Life, Damage, Energy, and Armor.  These levels sometimes come
    in bulk, such as your first level gain for her.  Because of this, it is 
    impossible to track every level gained.  For instance, the very first time you
    complete a mission that can give Kerrigan Levels, she will gain a minimum of
    five levels.  Kerrigan can raise from level 0 to level 70 through the course of
    the game.  At certain level points, Kerrigan will also gain abilities.  These
    abilities are just like the zerg Mutations.  They can be changed between 
    missions.  For the purposes of this guide, Kerrigan will always have the
    Kinetic Blast ability enabled to quickly take out or weaken large targets.
    /                                                             \
    |          Tier I Abilities  - Unlocked at Level 0            |
    |                                                             |
    |  Abilities marked with an * are unlocked after completing   |
    |                the Zerus Planet Missions.                   |
    |                                                             |
    | Kinetic Blast           | Kerrigan deals 300 damage to a    |
    |                         | target unit or structure from     |
    |                         | long range.                       |
    |                         | Cost: 50 Energy - Cooldown: 10    |
    |                         |                                   |
    | Heroic Fortitude        | Kerrigan gains +200 Maximum Life. |
    |                         | Life-regeneration rate increased  |
    |                         | by 100%. [Passive Ability]        |
    |                         |                                   |
    | Leaping Strike*         | Kerrigan leaps at her target and  |
    |                         | deals 150 damage to it.  Can be   |
    |                         | used without a target to travel   |
    |                         | quickly.                          |
    |                         | Cost: 50 - Cooldown: None         |
    |                         | [Passive] - Kerrigan gains +10    |
    |                         |             damage.               |
    |                         | [Passive] - Attack range reduced  |
    |                         |             by 3.                 |
    |                         |                                   |
    | Crushing Grip           | Enemies in target area are        |
    |                         | stunned for 3 seconds and take 30 |
    |                         | damage over time.                 |
    |                         | Cost: 50 - Cooldown: 10           |
    |                         | Does not stun heroic units.       |
    |                         |                                   |
    | Chain Reaction          | Kerrigan's attacks deal normal    |
    |                         | damage to her target, then jump   |
    |                         | to additional nearby enemies.     |
    |                         | Deals 10 damage to up to four     |
    |                         | secondary targets.                |
    |                         | [Passive Ability]                 |
    |                         |                                   |
    | Psionic Shift*          | Kerrigan dashes through enemies,  |
    |                         | dealing 50 damage to all enemies  |
    |                         | in her path.                      |
    |                         | [Passive] - Movement speed        |
    |                         |             increased by 30%.     |
    |                         |                                   |
    |         Tier II Abilities - Unlocked at Level 10            |
    | Zergling Reconstitution | Killed Zerglings respawn from     |
    |                         | your primary Hatchery at no cost. |
    |                         | Respawns up to 10 Zerglings every |
    |                         | 30 seconds until all Zerglings    |
    |                         | have returned to life             |
    |                         | Cooldown: 30                      |
    |                         | [Passive Ability]                 |
    |                         |                                   |
    | Improved Overlords      | Overlords morph instantly and     |
    |                         | provide 50% more supply.          |
    |                         | [Passive Ability]                 |
    |                         |                                   |
    | Automated Extractors*   | Extractors automatically extract  |
    |                         | vespene gas without Drones.       |
    |                         | [Passive Ability]                 |
    |                         |                                   |
    |        Tier III Abilities - Unlocked at Level 20            |
    | Wild Mutation           | Friendly zerg units in the target |
    |                         | area gain +200 maximum life and   |
    |                         | 100% increased attack speed for   |
    |                         | 10 seconds.                       |
    |                         | Cost: 50 - Cooldown: 25           |
    |                         | Does not affect heroic units.     |
    |                         |                                   | 
    | Spawn Banelings         | Kerrigan spawns six Banelings     |
    |                         | with timed life.                  |
    |                         | Cost: 50 - Cooldown: 30           |
    |                         |                                   | 
    | Mend*                   | Heals Kerrigan for 150 life and   |
    |                         | friendly biological units nearby  |
    |                         | for 50 life.  An additional 50%   |
    |                         | of the amount healed regenerates  |
    |                         | over 15 seconds.                  |
    |                         | Cost: 30 - Cooldown: 8            |
    |                         |                                   |
    |         Tier IV Abilities - Unlocked at Level 35            |
    | Twin Drones             | Drones morph in groups of two at  |
    |                         | no additional cost and require    |
    |                         | less supply.                      |
    |                         | [Passive Ability]                 |
    |                         |                                   | 
    | Malignant Creep         | Your units and structures gain    |
    |                         | increased life regeneration and   |
    |                         | 30% increased attack speed on     |
    |                         | creep.  Creep Tumors spread       |
    |                         | faster and farther.               |
    |                         | [Passive Ability]                 |
    |                         |                                   | 
    | Vespene Efficiency*     | Vespene gas harvesting efficiency |
    |                         | increased by 25%.                 |
    |                         | [Passive Ability]                 |
    |                         |                                   |
    |          Tier V Abilities - Unlocked at Level 50            |
    | Infest Broodlings       | Enemies damaged by Kerrigan       |
    |                         | become infested and spawn two     |
    |                         | Broodlings with timed life if     |
    |                         | killed quickly                    |
    |                         | [Passive Ability]                 |
    |                         |                                   | 
    | Fury                    | Each attack temporarily increases |
    |                         | Kerrigan's attack speed by 15%.   |
    |                         | Can stack up to 75% increased     |
    |                         | attack speed                      |
    |                         | [Passive Ability]                 |
    |                         |                                   | 
    | Ability Efficiency*     | Kerrigan's abilities have their   |
    |                         | cooldown and energy cost reduced  |
    |                         | by 20%.                           |
    |                         | [Passive Ability]                 |
    |                         |                                   |
    |         Tier VI Abilities - Unlocked at Level 60            |
    | Apocalypse              | [This Ability starts on Cooldown] |
    |                         | Deals 300 damage to enemy units   |
    |                         | and 700 damage to enemy           |
    |                         | structures in a large area.       |
    |                         | Cost: 100 - Cooldown: 300         |
    |                         | 3 second cast time.               |
    |                         |                                   | 
    | Spawn Leviathan         | [This Ability starts on Cooldown] |
    |                         | Summons a mighty flying Leviathan |
    |                         | with timed life.  Deals massive   |
    |                         | damage and has energy-based       |
    |                         | abilities.                        |
    |                         | Cost: 100 - Cooldown: 300         |
    |                         | Can attack ground and air units.  |
    |                         |                                   |
    | Drop-Pods*              | [This Ability starts on Cooldown] |
    |                         | Delivers Primal Zerg with timed   |
    |                         | life to the battlefield.          |
    |                         | Drop-Pods contain 40 Zerglings,   |
    |                         | 5 Roaches, and 5 Hydralisks.      |
    |                         | Cost: 100 - Cooldown: 300         |
    |                         |                                   |
    |                                                                             |
    | This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,  |
    | private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed  |
    | publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other |
    | web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a   |
    | violation of copyright.                                                     |
    |                                                                             |

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