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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Super Slash

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    StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm FAQ/Walkthrough for PC

    By: Super Slash

    Version: 1.0

    E-Mail: ganonpuppet(at)yahoo(dot)com


    StarCraft is a real-time strategy (RTS) game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It's one of their most popular franchises, and several years after the original StarCraft was released, they finally released the sequel, which is to span three expansions. The first one, Heart of the Swarm, was just released this year (as of 2013). The StarCraft series is all about building up an army and using it to attack your opponents' base(s). However, it's not quite that simple, because there's a lot of deep strategies involved. There are several different maps to play on, including custom ones, and many things to do in the game overall. This is a worthy successor to the original StarCraft, and if you're interested in strategy games, I recommend giving this game a shot (you need Wings of Liberty to play Heart of the Swarm, however). I would rather not mention the story in this section since it continues from where Wings of Liberty left off, so naturally you'd get spoilers. With that being said, I hope you enjoy the latest installment in the StarCraft II series!

    Version History

    • V1.0 - Finished the guide and submitted it. I included everything to the best of my ability (an achievement list will probably not be included, because there's just too many and it seems unnecessary). I'll probably also not include a list of single player-exclusive units, because I doubt anyone really cares enough to see their stats and whatnot. I also forgot to add the Detector ability to the Spore Crawler and Photon Cannon in the Structure Database section, and the Auto Turret, Point Defense Drone, and Seeker Missile in the Multiplayer Unit Database section. By the time I remembered, I already had most of the images uploaded, so these will just be included in an update.

    Game Basics

    This is the place to look if you want some information on what some of the things are in the game. If you're new to the franchise, then I suggest checking out this section. Let's get started.

    NOTE: I only listed the most important aspects of gameplay; things like the controls and such can be found in the Help section of the game itself (press F12 during a match).

    Gathering Resources

    Your primary objective in any StarCraft game is to gather many resources, which are required to produce extra buildings and troops. There are two types of resources:

    • Minerals: Blue crystal-like objects that act as your main "currency" in the series. They're gathered from Mineral Fields, or in the case of the single player campaign, can also be found lying around in crates (in most cases, they're worth 100). Harvesting from a mineral field requires an SCV, Drone, or Probe. The maximum amount of harvesters for one set of mineral fields in a base is usually 24 (this isn't the maximum allowed, but it's optimal). The mineral pickups can be grabbed by any unit that touches it. You harvest 5 minerals per harvest on normal Mineral Fields. For Rich Mineral Fields, you harvest 7. To optimize your harvest per mineral field, make sure three harvesters are on each. Once a mineral field runs out of minerals, the field disappears.
    • Vespene Gas: The secondary resource, which is used primarily for upgrades, Advanced Structures, and the more advanced units. These can be harvested from a Vespene Geyser, but first you must make a Refinery (with Terran), Extractor (with Zerg), or an Assimilator (with Protoss). The optimal amount of harvesters per vespene geyser is 3. You harvest 4 units of gas per harvest, and there's no such thing as a Rich Vespene Geyser! Also, when a vespene geyser runs out of gas, it becomes Depleted and can no longer be harvested from.

    To make your workers harvest resources, click on them and either click Gather, press G, or right-click onto the mineral field/vespene geyser you want to harvest. A good, steady economy is one of the most important factors in winning a match in StarCraft II, so make sure you keep up worker production at all times!

    Supplies and the Supply Limit

    You can't just get slap-happy and make as many units as you please; you have a Supply Limit. You start off with a maximum of 9 supply with Zerg and Protoss, and 10 with Terran. Once you reach the supply limit, you must produce either a Supply Depot (Terran), Overlord (Zerg), or Pylon (Protoss). Each of these increase your supply limit by 8, and Zerg is the only race where their supply source is a unit instead of a structure. Worker-producing structures (Command Center, Hatchery, and Nexus) also increase your maximum supply limit. Each unit is also worth a certain amount of supply, so choose your units wisely! For more information, check the Races section of this guide. The maximum supply limit by default is 200, although it can be increased through the Map Editor.

    What Is Micro and Macro?

    Just to get this out of the way, Micro is the term for controlling your units strategically. For example, while in a battle, if a Zealot takes a lot of damage in the midst of the rest of your army, move it to the very back of the army to keep it alive longer, thus dishing out more damage overall. Micro can be a lot harder than it sounds to pull off properly, though.

    Macro is the term used for massing. Basically, any time you build up a huge army and send them to attack your opponent, that's an example of macro. Another example of macroing is pressuring your opponent with a constant barrage of units. Both micro and macro play an important role in the SC2 competitive scene (and multiplayer in general, actually).

    About The Three Races

    StarCraft II has three selectable races to play as: Terran, Zerg, and Protoss. Terrans are humans, Zerg are basically bugs, and the Protoss are mysterious alien-like creatures with psionic powers. Each race plays differently. Allow me to explain.

    • Terran: Terran is more about defensive and micro-oriented play, and they can use multiple SCVs to build several structures at once. You can order an SCV to stop construction at any time if the need arises, which the other two races cannot do. They use infantry and machinery units, and can lift off their structures to move them to other locations.
    • Zerg: The Zerg use Drones as their harvesters. They produce units from Larva, which is produced (three at a time) from a Hatchery, Lair, or Hive. They can only mutate their structures on creep, a sticky grey-like substance that certain structures generate. They rely more on macro and somewhat of a defensive playstyle.
    • Protoss: The Protoss can warp in structures and units. Unlike the other two races, you can use a single Probe to warp in as many structures as you want at one time. However, they require the power fields generated from Pylons to power up and build their structures. Without these power fields, their structures will not function (they'll function as if you never built them). They are the most newb-friendly race in my opinion, but they're also the most expensive.

    Overall, all three races have their advantages and disadvantages. Try out all three of them and see which one suits you best, or you can even play all of them randomly if that's what you'd prefer.

    Xel'Naga Towers

    You'll see these in most one-on-one maps. Put a unit next to them to activate them, which increases your vision for that area by a wide margin. This is useful if you pay attention to the Minimap often, because you'll be able to see where enemy forces are coming from faster.

    Fog of War

    The Fog of War is simple: it's basically what you cannot see outside of your structures/units' line of vision, but it's not the pitch black darkness (in other words, whatever parts of the map you've uncovered become part of the Fog of War once you get out of its line of vision). Enemy units cannot be seen through it, but structures can (and only what you last saw of them before your vision disappeared).

    Resource Display

    During a map, at the top-right corner of the screen, you can see how many resources you have (Minerals, Vespene Gas, and your Supply/Supply Limit). The first icon is for minerals, the second is for gas, and the third is for your supply. On your supply, the left number displays your current supply, while the right number is your current maximum (as stated above, by default, the max you can increase it to is 200).

    Unit/Command Card

    When you select a unit, you will get all kinds of information about it on the Unit Card below the unit. This displays the name of the unit, a polygonal-like display of the unit itself, its health, and other such information including its weapon(s) and the damage it will deal at its current level.

    To the right of that is the Command Card, which is where you issue all of your units' commands. By default, the Command Card is set to Simplified (and it can be changed in Options, under Gameplay), where you'll see a mouse icon with one of the clickers highlighted, showing you how to quickly move your units and/or have them gather resources. The Build icons remain, however.


    The Minimap is one of the most vital aspects in StarCraft II. It is displayed to the left of the Unit/Command Card, and has two buttons displayed above it by default: Idle Worker (F1) and Select Army Units (F2). It also displays how much of the map you've revealed thus far, and indicates allies/foes by color. Bright green is always your color on the minimap, while your opponents and/or allies are displayed by their races' color. Pay attention to the minimap often so you can see oncoming enemy units!

    Walkthrough (Heart of the Swarm)

    The campaign starts off with a pretty-looking pre-rendered FMV. Enjoy it! It was just a dream, however; Kerrigan abruptly wakes up from her "nightmare", and after the scene, you begin your first mission (on a side note, I wrote this walkthrough while playing on Normal).

    Main Objectives:

    • Select Drone
    • Mutate Hatchery
    • Harvest Minerals (300)
    • Morph Overlord
    • Mutate Spawning Pool
    • Morph Zerglings (6)
    • Destroy the Eradicator
    • Destroy Gas Turrets (3)

    Bonus Objectives:

    • Release Zerglings from Pens (3)

    When you start, Valerian will ask you to select that Drone and mutate it into a Hatchery. To do so, click it, then click the highlighted Build icon on the command card (at the bottom-right), then click Hatchery (or, alternately, use the hotkeys). Build it in the center; the game will point out the spot you're supposed to build it in. After that, he'll send six more Drones into the chamber. Drag a box over them with your mouse to select them all, then right-click one of the Mineral Fields. They'll each split up and start mining off of each patch of minerals. Now you have to gather a maximum of 300 minerals (spending those minerals doesn't decrease the count). Since you're over your supply limit, Valerian will ask you to create an Overlord. To do this, select your Hatchery, then click the Larvae icon, and click Overlord. Now you can make (slightly) more units. After you gather 300 minerals, you'll have to create a Spawning Pool. Do this the same way you made the Hatchery, but click the Spawning Pool icon instead. Place it where you're told to, and once it's built, Kerrigan will get the idea to morph some of the larvae into Zerglings. Create some (each egg creates 2, so you only really need to use three larvae, but use as much as you can), and once that objective is complete, you'll be able to move through the rest of the facility with your zerglings. Now we have to destroy the Eradicator. Begin by sending your zerglings down to the Sentry Bots ahead. Don't worry if most/all of your zerglings die, because you'll get several more from the holding pens surrounding the room. They're now yours to command, too.

    After you take care of the sentry bots, the bonus objective (Release Zerglings from Pens) will be added. All three pen locations will be marked on the minimap. Let's free them, shall we? Continue onward and head south at the path split, destroying all of the sentry bots nearby. Then, attack the Generator by right-clicking it with your zerglings selected. When it's destroyed, you'll free another swarm of zerglings for you to command. By the way, if you want to group them all together into one "team", select them all and hold Ctrl and press a number. Then you can press that number to select them all immediately. Anyway, follow the path north and take care of the enemies and the Factory you'll come across, then keep going and you'll be attacked by some Sentry Guns, as well as the usual bots. Take care of them all and head up the nearby ramp. You'll be locked in and some gas turrets will be activated. Have your zerglings destroy all three of them and the doors will unlock. First take the eastern path to find the next generator. Once you destroy it, more zerglings will be freed. Now head back to the gas turret room and take the western path this time. At the split, head downwards to the Sentry Bots and clear them out, then take out the last Generator and you'll free the last set of zerglings. At this point you should have a crapload of them. Yay! Now go back and head east to reach a Checkpoint, and the Eradicator. It isn't difficult to destroy. Once you do so, you've finished the first mission!

    AchievementsHow To ObtainScore
    Lab RatComplete the mission10
    Mighty MouseDestroy 35 Sentry Bots10
    Rat RaceComplete the mission in under 10 minutes on Normal10

    Main Objectives:

    • Get to the Sublevel Door
    • Defend Sublevel Door
    • Escape the Sublevel
    • Defend Tram Engines
    • Destroy the Archangel
    • Kerrigan Must Survive

    For this mission, we can now directly control Kerrigan. Jim Raynor has tagged along as well, but he follows you and is AI-controlled. Follow the straightforward path and you'll be forced to stop near a Marauder. Kerrigan says she can take it out using her Kinetic Blast ability. Click it (or press Q) and use it on the Marauder to blow him up instantly. Nice. Take care of the Marines that will ambush you from the right, then head left. You'll be attacked by some Ghosts, but three Umojan Marines will help you out this time. Once they're killed, continue onward and move Kerrigan to the Restoration Terminal. The restoration cube will restore her health and energy to full; you'll be seeing a lot of these throughout the mission, so don't be afraid to "waste" your energy on Kinetic Blasts. You will soon come across some Marines and Marauders on the Dominion side fighting against Umojan forces. As Kerrigan suggests, use Crushing Grip (or press W) on the group of Dominion forces (use it in the center of them). This will take care of them quickly. As you proceed forward, some pods will land into the ground and more enemy troops will emerge from them (Marines, Ghosts, and Marauders to be exact). Kill them with Crushing Grip and by simply shooting them down. Soon you'll come to a green mark on the floor, which is your destination. You will also reach a Checkpoint. First grab the restoration cube, then stand into the Beacon to start the next "section" of the mission. The door behind you will close and you'll have to defend the sublevel door in front of you.

    Now you'll have to defend yourself against a swarm of zerglings. It's easy enough, though; just use Crushing Grip to kill a handful of them. Once they're dead, you'll get another Checkpoint, and Jim and Kerrigan will take the elevator down to the sublevel. You have to escape this room in 2 minutes and 50 seconds. It's pretty straightforward, so just make your way through the room while defeating the Dominion forces and the feral zerglings. Use the restoration cube on the way. Once you reach the beacon on the map, the timer stops...and another one starts. We have to escape the sublevel in 2 minutes and 30 seconds now. Go forward and take care of all the zerg along the way. You'll come to some destructible debris, and an Ultralisk will attempt to break through it. While it's distracted with the debris, hit it with a Kinetic Blast. You'll possibly finish it off before you can use another one, but either way, once you kill it, destroy the debris blocking your path. You'll come to some more Dominion forces and feral zerg. Make your way through the rest of the facility while destroying any debris blocking your way. Once you reach the next beacon, take care of the enemies and use the restoration cube. Stand on the beacon and Kerrigan and Raynor will use a terminal, and you'll be able to choose how you want to deal with the Dominion in the next room: you can send out a swarm of zerglings or gas the room. The gas one is more amusing because apparently it's explosive, since the marines "blow up" when they die. Yeah, makes sense, right?

    Anyway, choose whichever one you want. Either way, there'll be a couple stray units you'll have to take care of. Once you've cleared the room, continue and use the beacon. You'll get a Checkpoint and Raynor and Kerrigan will get on the tram, which takes off, beginning the next section of the mission. Now you have to defend the six Tram Engines until you reach your destination. It's not too hard to do, since there are two Restoration Terminals you can use (which, if you didn't notice before, are reuseable after a certain amount of time). You'll mostly have to take care of some Vikings, Wraiths, and Medivacs, and eventually a Siege Tank and some Marines too. Spam Kerrigan's abilities like there's no tomorrow to make quick work of them (especially Kinetic Blast). After a few minutes of doing this, the tram will finally reach its destination and you'll get a Checkpoint. Now we have to get to the shuttle bay.

    Go forward and take care of the enemy units with Crushing Grip, then use the beacon and a cutscene will start (you'll also get yet another Checkpoint). Raynor will be left behind and you'll have to use Kerrigan to take out an Archangel enemy unit. Umojan forces will be helping you as well. If you defeat this thing without taking damage from it once (on Normal or higher only), you can get an achievement. The best way to do it is to get out of its range to avoid its machine gun, and also, make sure you stay out of the red beacons that appear on the ground (that's where he'll shoot missiles at you). When he flies into the air, watch out for the red marks, because he'll drop bombs in that location. Pods will also randomly fall into the area, releasing some Marines. Avoid its bombs until it comes back down. The easiest way to kill it is, of course, Kinetic Blast. Watch out for the many red beacons that will appear at once, because it'll fire a barrage of missiles at all of these locations. Get out of the way if you can; this makes getting the achievement kind of difficult. Once you kill it, the mission ends.

    AchievementsHow To ObtainScore
    Back in the SaddleComplete the mission10
    Full ThrottleDon't let a Tram Engine get destroyed10
    Brutal LegendDefeat the Archangel without taking damage from it on Normal or higher10

    Main Objectives:

    • Hold Out for Reinforcements
    • Destroy the Drakken Pulse Cannon

    Bonus Objectives:

    • Rescue trapped Swarm Queens (3)

    NEW UNIT: Swarm Queen

    Support unit. Spawns Creep Tumors and heals friendly zerg units using Rapid Transfusion.

    This is the first mission where you actually make use of a full base. You can still control Kerrigan however, and she's pretty useful. You start with 8 Drones mining and a few zerglings, as well as an Evolution Chamber, which can be used to upgrade your ground units to make them stronger. It also enables you to create Spore Crawlers, which are anti-air defense structures. Strategies vary from person to person, so throughout these types of missions, I'll be giving you my strategies. They aren't necessarily the best or anything, it's just the ones I used.

    You have to defend your base (and Kerrigan) for 15 minutes until reinforcements arrive. First off, make a Spawning Pool (I took one of my drones off of minerals and created one, but it's up to you). Make a few more drones for mineral harvesting, because you'll need more than eight (or seven)! Once your Spawning Pool comes out, make a Swarm Queen from your Hatchery. These things can create Creep Tumors, which spawn more creep (and zerg units move much faster on creep, so this is really helpful). From there, the tumor can spawn another tumor, and so on until you basically have creep everywhere. They can be destroyed however. Anyway, it also works decently as an anti-air unit for this mission. You'll want to create some extra zerglings, of course, to help defend yourself (you can set a rally point, which is where non-Drone units will go when they're created, by clicking on your Hatchery and right-clicking anywhere on the map, but preferably near your Spine Crawlers and other zerglings). If you want extra minerals, there's some scattered throughout the map, but be careful and try not to engage the Dominion forces, because you won't be able to handle them without building up a sufficent army first.

    Around a minute after the mission starts, the Dominion will send some of their army after you. Make sure you have a bunch of zerglings, then send them out to attack (or lure them to your Spine Crawler(s), then attack). Don't forget to make use of Kerrigan; Crushing Grip in particular will be very useful here. She will then suggest making some more Spine Crawlers. Do so, although it doesn't have to be in the exact spot she suggests. Make some for both the left and right sides of your base for some extra defense. Soon after, Naktul will tell you that there are some of her broods in the caves, which are Swarm Queens. Their cave nests are being attacked by the Dominion. The location of the first one will be marked on your map, but first, make an Extractor on the vespene geyser by your mineral field. Click on your Hatchery and right-click onto the Extractor when it's done to set your worker rally point to it. Then, create three Drones and they'll harvest it. After that, rally back onto a mineral patch. When you have around 11 minutes left, you'll get a Checkpoint.

    Don't forget to make some more Overlords, because by this point you probably need them. When you have around 10 minutes left, Naktul will show you the location of the second trapped Swarm Queen. Once you have a decent amount of zerglings, send them all (along with Kerrigan) out to the first one (the one on the right). If you didn't earlier, take the extra minerals lying in crates along the way (100 for each). Make some more zerglings at your base and keep them there, in case you get attacked while your other units are away. The first cave is guarded by a few Marines, a Marauder, and a Firebat. It's easy enough. After you kill the units attacking the cave, you'll rescue the first Swarm Queen and a hoard of zerglings. Take all of your units, including the Swarm Queen and zerglings, back to your base. You'll eventually be attacked by a group of Hellbats; these things will tear your zerglings a new one, so pair them up with a Swarm Queen or two and your Spine Crawlers to kill them. Or you can just take the easier route and use Crushing Grip with Kerrigan, then let the zerglings finish them off. Don't forget to use your Evolution Chamber to upgrade! I usually upgrade in the same order the icons appear in.

    When you feel you're ready, head to the left and towards the second Swarm Queen's nest. It's guarded by a Bunker with some Marines inside, and also some scattered Marines, Marauders, and Hellbats. Use Crushing Grip to make things much easier on yourself, especially against the Hellbats. Once you kill all the units, take your new units back to your base. Two down and one to go! Eventually, when you have about 5 minutes left, you'll be shown the location of the third Swarm Queen nest; it's east-ish of the second one. As usual, take a bunch of Zerglings, some Swarm Queens, and Kerrigan to it. On the way you'll have to take out a small Terran base, which has Hellbats, Marines, and Marauders. Once you take care of the base, go to the nest. You'll have to take care of a variety of units, so make sure to bring in some extra zerglings and make good use of Crushing Grip. There's a Bunker or two as well. Once you take care of that base and rescue the last Swarm Queen, retreat back to yours for now.

    Now you'll have to let the reinforcements arrive, and at this point it should only be a couple or so minutes away. Keep making zerglings and/or Swarm Queens, and when the time is up, Naktul will send you a bunch of zerglings and Swarm Queens from the Great Nydus Worms. At this point, you should have more than enough units to finish the mission. Go to the Drakken Pulse Cannon marked on the map; on the way, you'll get several reinforcements from more Greater Nydus Worms, so in addition to your current army, you should have no problems tearing apart the Terrans. Once you destroy the cannon, the mission ends.

    AchievementsHow To ObtainScore
    RendezvousComplete the mission10
    First StrikeDestroy 15 enemy structures before Naktul's reinforcements arrive10
    Zerg Save the QueenRescue all trapped Swarm Queens before Naktul's reinforcements arrive10

    NOTE: At this point, you have the choice of traveling to one of two planets: Kaldir and Char. I went to Kaldir first, so that'll be next in the walkthrough.


    • Roach: Assault unit. Regenerates life quickly while burrowed. Attacks ground targets.
    • Hydralisk: High-damage ranged unit. Attacks ground and air targets.


    This will be the ship Kerrigan uses throughout the game. There are four options:

    • Mission: Start the next mission.
    • Evolution Pit: Converse with Abathur and upgrade fellow Zerg units.
    • Kerrigan: Check Kerrigan's current level and upgrade her with new abilities, replacing old ones (currently unavailable).
    • Archives: Replay previous missions (currently unavailable).

    You can also have a conversation with in the lobby. Check out the Hatchery in the background too. Next, go to the Evolution Pit and watch the cutscene, then see Abathur's conversation.


    Hardened CarapaceGrants +10 extra health
    Adrenal OverloadIncreases attack speed by 50%
    Metabolic BoostIncreases movement speed by 60%

    The choice on what to get is really up to you, because it can be changed at any time. I personally don't think the Hardened Carapace is worth it, though.

    Main Objectives Reward: +5 Kerrigan Levels

    Bonus Objectives Reward: +2 Kerrigan Levels

    NEW UNIT: Roach

    • Assault unit. Regenerates life quickly while burrowed. Attacks ground targets.

    Main Objectives:

    • Collect Ursadon Matriarch Essence
    • Recover the Lost Brood
    • Destroy Psi-Link Spires (3)

    Bonus Objectives:

    • Kill the Ursadon Matriarchs (2)

    You start the mission off with Kerrigan and four Zerglings. We have to get an Ursadon Matriarch essence. Follow the path forward and kill the Ursadon you come across. Keep going and you'll find some Roaches encased in ice, which will be yours to control. They're damaged, but you can recover their health quickly by burrowing them. Anyway, eventually you'll come to a wall of ice and all of your troops will be frozen due to the flash freeze. The Ursadon Matriarch will break through the ice wall and around this point, you'll be able to move again. Use Crushing Grip and Kinetic Blast to take care of these enemies quickly. Once you kill them, you'll get the essence you need, making your zerg swarm immune to being frozen. It's time to find Nafash's hive cluster. Go to the beacon located on the map and step on it to reach a Checkpoint. Kerrigan will make this base available for you to use.

    You have six Drones, a Roach Warren, an Extractor with one Drone mining on it, a Spawning Pool, and a Spine Crawler. Abathur will let you know that there are other Matriarch essences to be collected, and each time you collect one, your troops become more and more capable of fighting during flash freezes. Kerrigan will also gain an extra level for each Matriarch you kill, so it's nice to complete these bonus objectives. Soon the Protoss army will attack you with a swarm of Zealots, but almost immediately be frozen. This flash freeze lasts a minute and a half, more than enough for Kerrigan and your Roaches to take them out. Izsha will let you know when a flash freeze is about to hit, and when it's about to end (you can also check the timer at the top of the screen). Now let's focus more on getting our base built up.

    The key to winning this mission is to take advantage of flash freezes. Attack the Protoss bases during a flash freeze, and retreat right before it ends. The problem is that the flash freezes gradually get shorter the longer you take in this mission, so you should be wary of that. Make several Drones for harvesting minerals; I'd suggest around 15 for now. Don't forget to make two extra ones for your Extractor, too. Make a Swarm Queen or two, and also take advantage of the Creep Tumor in your base. Make another Hatchery for faster unit production if you think it's worth the cost. At this point you'll probably need more Overlords, so make three or so, then focus on getting some more Roaches and Zerglings. Make sure you use your Swarm Queen(s) to make a Creep Tumor on the right side, while using the one in your base to create some from the left side, so you'll have creep extending out on both sides of your base, making your units move faster.

    Once you see some Protoss units in range of your Creep Tumor though, stop tumor production until the next flash freeze. Make a couple Evolution Chambers so you can upgrade your units, as well. Once the next flash freeze arrives, you should have a number of Roaches and a few Zerglings, so send them over to the right about 5 seconds before the flash freeze. If you created some Creep Tumors along this path, you'll tear through the Protoss base more easily. You should be able to destroy the first Psi-Link Spire without much trouble. For each spire you destroy, you get a Checkpoint. Once it's destroyed, the locations of the other two will be marked on your map. Kerrigan will then tell Izsha to drop a Hatchery at the place where the first Psi-Link Spire was. You'll get a new Hatchery and an uprooted Spine Crawler; burrow it somewhere or it won't attack anything.

    Begin creating Drones to harvest resources at your new base, and send your units up to the first Ursadon Matriarch (top-right). You'll be able to kill it pretty easily. Once you do so, you'll have more visibility during flash freezes. Bring your army back to your main base to defend yourself from any Protoss attackers. Don't forget to upgrade at your Evolution Chambers, and make plenty of Overlords before you reach your supply cap. As usual, when the flash freeze is about to take place, send your army towards the next Psi-Link Spire (the one on the middle-left-ish). It will probably take two flash freezes to destroy this next base. Either way, once it's destroyed, we only have one to go. After that, go for the last Ursadon Matriarch, and don't stop your unit production (my supply limit was maxed by the time I destroyed two of the spires).

    Tackle the last base when you feel you're ready, although it's armed with a bunch of Colossus and Immortals, so be careful if you go in when there's not a flash freeze. As soon as you destroy the third and final Psi-Link Spire, the mission is over.

    AchievementsHow To ObtainScore
    Harvest of ScreamsComplete the mission10
    Ice BreakerDestroy 20 unfrozen enemy structures10
    Storm ChaserComplete the mission in 15 minutes or less on Normal or higher10


    Hydriodic BileGrants +8 damage to light units
    Adaptive PlatingGrants +3 armor when Roach's health is under 50%
    Tunneling ClawsBurrowed Roaches move at full speed. Health regeneration increased by 100%

    In addition, you can now upgrade Kerrigan and use the Archives.

    Main Objectives Reward: Zergling Evolution Mission

    Bonus Objectives Reward: +3 Kerrigan Levels

    NEW UNIT: Hydralisk

    • High-damage ranged unit. Attacks ground and air targets.

    Main Objectives:

    • Destroy All Protoss Shuttles (8 Waves)
    • No Shuttle Can Escape

    Bonus Objectives:

    • Destroy the Stasis Chambers (3)

    This mission starts you off with 6 Drones, 3 Roaches, and 4 Hydralisks. One of your Spore Crawlers are uprooted, so burrow it somewhere on your creep. I suggest using what little supply you have remaining to make more Drones to harvest minerals, since 5 obviously isn't very much. Make a couple Overlords after that. Izsha will mark the location of where the Protoss shuttles will be coming from on your map, and a pathway to the Warp Conduit in your base will also be shown. The objective is to destroy these shuttles with Hydralisks before they can reach the warp conduit. As the shuttle moves forward, make a couple extra Hydralisks and bring them and Kerrigan up a bit. Don't forget to utilize the two Creep Tumors in your base to spread creep on both sides constantly. Anyway, once the shuttle reaches your base, fire off a Kinetic Blast with Kerrigan if you still have it, and let the Hydralisks finish it off. It won't be too hard to destroy even without Kinetic Blast. Once that's taken care of, work on getting another Extractor and making sure three Drones are mining from each.

    You will occasionally be attacked directly by the Protoss, so make sure you keep building up your army, and a few Spine and Spore Crawlers couldn't hurt either. Make sure you make another Evolution Chamber or two and upgrade with them, too! Soon, Izsha will tell you about the three Stasis Chambers, which will be added to your objective list as bonus objectives. The next shuttle will be accompanied by two Scouts; I suggest destroying one Scout and then focusing solely on the shuttle. After the second wave, you will get a Checkpoint. You will be attacked by another wave of Protoss units, this time some Zealots and Stalkers, from the right side. Take care of them, then send your army to the first nearby Stasis Chamber. Take out the units guarding it and destroy it, then head back to your base.

    The third shuttle will take a different path from the other two, and is accompanied by a Void Ray. They'll activate two more Warp Conduits, and this shuttle will fly towards the southernmost one. You will also be ambushed by more Scouts and the like, but you can take care of them quickly with your Hydralisks. When the shuttle draws near, make sure you take care of the Void Ray first. Once the second wave is gone, make sure you keep up unit production (an extra Hatchery helps) and keep those units in your base, while you send your primary army towards the next Stasis Chamber, north of the southernmost Warp Conduit. You should be able to take care of the Protoss units there, as well as the chamber itself, before the next wave arrives.

    The fourth wave is from a second shuttle base, and it's aiming southeast, to the third Warp Conduit. It is accompanied by a Void Ray and a Scout. Bring your main army over there to stop them, of course. After the fourth wave, you get another Checkpoint. Now you should have two Stasis Chambers destroyed, so go for the last one marked on your map. This one is more heavily guarded than the other two, but it's still easy; you have to destroy an entire base, with some Sentries and other such units. Destroy the third and final Stasis Chamber to complete the bonus objective! Yay. At this point, there's...not much to do, other than keeping up unit production until the next wave arrives.

    Wave five will consist of two shuttles at once! They're both accompanied by two Scouts. One will head for the first Warp Conduit (the one in your base), while the second one will go for the second. They're both easy to take care of, though; if you have two seperate armies, then there you go. Just use one to take of each. Easy. Now there's three waves left. The sixth wave has two more shuttles, and one has two Void Rays with it, while the other has one Void Ray and one Scout. They both end up relatively close to each other, so it's even easier to take these out. You will get another Checkpoint after you destroy them. Wave seven will have two more shuttles, with a Carrier and Scout accompanying each. Finally, the final wave will have three shuttles at once! One will have a Carrier with it, and one will have two Scouts. The other one...is cloaked by a Mothership. Your only option is to destroy the Mothership first, so that you'll reveal the shuttle. Once the eighth and final wave has been taken care of, you've beaten the mission.

    AchievementsHow To ObtainScore
    Shoot the MessengerComplete the mission10
    Warp In PeaceDon't let a shuttle begin Warping Out10
    Extreme NexismDestroy 2 enemy Nexuses on Normal or higher10


    FrenzyWhen active, gain 50% attack speed for 15 seconds. Cooldown 30 seconds
    Ancillary CarapaceGrants +20 maximum health
    Grooved SpinesIncreases attack range to 6

    In addition, you can now play Evolution Missions (the Zergling one, to be exact), although they're optional (but useful). I won't bother writing a walkthrough for them since they're extremely straightforward and are basically just demonstration missions. Once you finish it, you can choose between either the Raptor Strain or the Swarm Strain. It is permanent, so choose wisely!

    Raptor StrainLeaps onto obstacles and units, leaps up and down cliffs, and gains an additional 2 damage
    Swarmling StrainSpawns in groups of three, and morphs almost instantly

    Main Objectives Reward: Roach Evolution Mission

    Bonus Objectives Reward: +1 Kerrigan Level

    Main Objectives:

    • Gain Biomass (100)
    • Find a Safe Place
    • Grow Into a Broodmother
    • Kill the Protoss (116)
    • Niadra Must Survive
    • Escape the Stasis Quadrant
    • Destroy the Warp Drive
    • Destroy the Escape Pods

    Bonus Objectives:

    • Infest the Giant Ursadon

    In this mission, you control a larva (not the normal hatchery larva, mind you). You have one ability, Parasatic Invasion, which we'll have to make use of. Begin by following the path until Kerrigan stops you and tells you to use Parasatic Invasion on that Kyote. Do so to distract the nearby Zealot. When it leaves, consume the host to destroy it and gain 5 Biomass. Now continue onwards and follow more of Kerrigan's instructions; move into the steam vents until the Sentry passes, then go north and you'll come to a Giant Ursadon. Infest it and you'll be able to control it; use it to destroy the Zealots nearby and the patrolling Sentry. You can also use its Leap ability near the enemies to stun them temporarily. Once they're taken care of, continue following the path and defeat the next two Sentries. Now consume the host and you'll gain 75 Biomass. Go to the beacon on the map and Kerrigan will tell you to morph into a Broodmother. Use the Grow ability to do this, creating Niadra. She can crap out a bunch of zerglings too, so make sure you do that. Destroy the vent obstruction and continue into the next room. Kill all of the specimens and the Protoss in here; the specimens award extra biomass.

    The room ahead has some more Protoss units such as Stalkers. Make sure you kill them all, because we need to kill 116 units in total (buildings aren't counted). Wipe out all of the specimens as well, then destroy the vent access blocking the way forward; the other two paths are blocked off by forcefields. Niadra can't fit through the vent, so put your zerglings through and have them kill the Zealot and Sentry in the following room. Destroy the Psi Broadcaster with them as well, to disable the eastern forcefield in the previous room, allowing Niadra to continue progressing through the facility. She will point out a Warp Drive that we need to get rid of. Rejoin with your fellow zerglings (and create more if you need to), then keep going along the path to some more Protoss. Kill them and the specimens nearby, then put your zerglings through the vent. You will reach a room with a couple Sentries and Photon Cannons. Kill them, then destroy the next Psi Distributor.

    Now Niadra can access that room, so bring her there and have her attack the Warp Drive until you destroy it. You will get a Checkpoint. Now the Protoss are even more aware of your presence; head back to the previous room and kill the Stalkers. Go towards the beacon on the map and you'll be attacked by Zealots, Stalkers, and Sentries. Once they're gone, the Sentry's force field will be removed. Put Niadra on the beacon and you'll get another Checkpoint. In the next room, defeat the Zealots and the specimens. Eventually the other two Zealots will come out of stasis, so defeat them as well. Kerrigan will tell you to mutate Niadra again, so use Grow and she'll be able to give birth to Roaches now. Your supply limit will also increase to compensate for this. Yay! Make as many as you can and continue onward.

    The next two rooms have a bunch of Protoss units in stasis, so wait it out and defeat them all. Don't forget the specimens too. Destroy the obstruction to get access to the next room, where you'll find even more Protoss units. They're attacking the specimens; defeat them quickly, and as Niadra tells you, don't let them kill the Giant Ursadon! When they're wiped out, use Parasatic Invasion on the ursadon to complete the bonus objective. It is now yours to command. Mutate Niadra again and you'll be able to create Hydralisks, in addition to the zerglings and roaches! Make a mix of all three units and continue onto the next room. Destroy the Psi Broadcaster here and you'll get a Checkpoint, then keep going and you'll be attacked by a swarm of zealots and other Protoss units. It's getting a bit hectic now! After taking care of them, your next objective is to destroy the escape pods.

    After about two or so minutes, they will launch. Follow the marks on your map and destroy them, and the other Protoss units along the way. There are five in total. After they're all destroyed, there should only be a couple Protoss units remaining. Take care of them and this mission is over!

    AchievementsHow To ObtainScore
    Enemy WithinComplete the mission10
    Biomass EffectCollect 450 Biomass10
    Failure to LaunchDon't let an Escape Pod reach less than 20 seconds on Normal or higher10


    Corpser StrainEnemies killed quickly by Roaches will spawn two Roachlings from their corpse
    Vile StrainEnemy attack and movement speed slowed by 75% (20% for hero units)

    You will probably agree that the Vile Strain is a much better deal here. They're extremely useful.


    • Baneling: Suicide unit. Explodes to deal damage over a small area. Morphs from Zerglings.
    • Abberation: Heavy front-line assault unit. Deals extra damage to armored foes. Can walk over smaller units.

    Main Objectives Reward: +5 Kerrigan Levels

    Bonus Objectives Reward: +2 Kerrigan Levels

    NEW UNIT: Baneling

    • Suicide unit. Explodes to deal damage over a small area. Morphs from Zerglings.

    Main Objectives:

    • Collect 100 Eggs
    • Zagara Can't Collect Eggs (100)
    • Destroy Zagara's Base

    Bonus Objectives:

    • Destroy Infested Command Centers

    You start out with 6 Drones and 4 Zerglings, as well as a few structures (including a Baneling Nest, which allows you to create Banelings). Begin by making a few more Drones to harvest minerals, and when you have around 12, start making some Zerglings. Soon you'll see Zagara and her brood of Zerglings approaching. Take your army along with Kerrigan to kill her (she will respawn, but you have to make sure she doesn't get to the eggs), then go to the marker with Kerrigan to collect an egg. Don't worry, only 99 more to go! The locations of some eggs will be shown on the map, but they are being guarded by more of Zagara's brood. Morph as many Zerglings as you can into Banelings, then bring them and Kerrigan to the eggs on the middle-left part of the map. Only Kerrigan can pick up the eggs (by the way, they're the white dots on the map, so they're pretty easy to identify).

    Defeat the Zerg brood here; it shouldn't be too hard if you have a mixture of Zerglings and Banelings. Get some of the mineral pickups, too. You will find a few more eggs (in packs of threes) in this area. Also check out the unusual-looking Baneling Nest to get a free set of extra Banelings. At this point, Zagara will have probably respawned, and soon she'll begin to move. When this happens, run up to her quickly and use Kinetic Blast to take care of her quickly (I hope you still have it!), along with your Zerglings and Banelings. Once she's taken care of, bring everyone back to your base and keep producing Zerglings, and Overlords when the need arises. Don't wait too long, though; after you build a few more Zerglings, go to the east of your base and pick up a few eggs there. A few minutes into the mission, Izsha will point out two Infested Command Centers that you can destroy should you get the chance. These increase Kerrigan's levels when destroyed, so I don't recommend ignoring them! Once Zagara has been revived, begin attacking the base to the north (near where her base is), collecting all the eggs in it. One Infested Command Center down and one to go!

    If you did the Kaldir missions first (like I did on my playthrough, and in this walkthrough), then you'll have access to Roaches, so if that's the case, I suggest making another Extractor, putting three Drones on each, and making a Roach Warren, followed by a bunch of Roaches. Vile Roaches in particular will be very useful. In any case, it won't make much of a difference if you don't have them. Make an extra Hatchery for faster unit production, and a couple (or just three) Evolution Chambers for upgrades. This mission is relatively easy, so there's not much for me to say. When you feel you're ready, attack the second base with the Infested Command Center. There's a crapload of eggs around this area, too (by the way, you get a Checkpoint for every 50 eggs collected). You'll probably get the rest of the remaining eggs here, or very close. Before you do this, however, I recommend going to the various egg locations throughout the map and hatching all of the Baneling Nests if you care about the achievement. Otherwise, don't worry about it. Once you have 100 eggs, they will all be placed in the birth pool by your base and hatch into what looks like thousands of Banelings!

    Your next objective is to destroy Zagara's base. With all these Banelings, combined with the rest of your army, this isn't a problem. Send everything you've got at her base and blow everything to pieces. When her base is destroyed, the mission is finished.

    AchievementsHow To ObtainScore
    DominationComplete the mission10
    Poached EggsHatch all 8 Baneling Nests before collecting 100 eggs10
    No Egg For YouDon't let Zagara collect any eggs on Normal or higher10


    Corrosive AcidIncreases base damage dealt to primary target by 100%
    RuptureIncreases blast radius by 50%
    Regenerative AcidBaneling explosions heal nearby friendly units and structures

    Main Objectives Reward: Zergling Evolution Mission

    Bonus Objectives Reward: +3 Kerrigan Levels

    Main Objectives:

    • Destroy Gorgon Battlecruisers (7)
    • Awaken Scourge Nests (7)

    Bonus Objectives:

    • Find Zerg Biomass (3)

    As usual, you start off with 6 Drones and a few units (3 Banelings and 4 Zerglings). Produce a few more Drones to harvest minerals. Almost immediately after starting the mission, Warfield will send out a Gorgon Battlecruiser. Only Scourges can destroy them, and to use those, we have to "activate" the Scourge Nests. Use the Creep Tumor in your base to plant another tumor next to the nest, and it will be activated. The Scourges will then blow up the first Gorgon Battlecruiser. Still have six more to go, however. Pump out a few more Drones for minerals, then some Zerglings. Head right and kill all of the Marines near the second Scourge Nest. Now use the Creep Tumor to advance the creep further. Abathur will also point out some charred bones; bring Kerrigan over there to collect one biomass. We need two more. Keep up the unit production and get some workers for gas as well (don't forget your usual upgrades, too). Sooner or later, Warfield will begin deploying another Gorgon Battlecruiser. You'll want to keep advancing the creep with your Creep Tumors until you activate the second Scourge Nest. However, put some of your forces near it as well, because you might get attacked by some Marines and Marauders before you can get a chance to place the next tumor.

    Once you destroy the second battlecruiser, bring Kerrigan and your army to where the first biomass was. To the east and south are some Terran forces and a small base for you to take care of, as well as some mineral and gas pickups. This also prevents them from ambushing you from these sides. Continue onward from where the second Scourge Nest is and take out the Terran forces guarding the next nest. You will rescue a Swarm Queen, which Kerrigan suggests keeping on the front lines for additional creep tumors. Continue spreading creep until you activate the third nest; at this point, the next battlecruiser should be deployed, which of course the Scourges will take care of. However, the fourth battlecruiser will be deployed immediately after the third! Keep up your unit production (Banelings work well, so make sure to build a Baneling Nest) and keep pressuring the Terrans as you advance to the next Scourge Nest. Once all the Terrans are cleared out, keep spawning creep tumors as usual. You will also rescue another Swarm Queen; what you want to do is spawn a creep tumor on the patch of creep the Swarm Queen came out of.

    You will want to hurry in activating this Scourge Nest, because it got about half way to my base before I was able to do so. Once the third cruiser is destroyed, Warfield will again deploy another one immediately. Now there will be two more nests marked on your map. Things will start getting a bit hectic, so you'll want to constantly keep up your unit production while also spawning additional creep tumors. You can also go out of your way to take out the Terran bases on the various sides of the map, but make sure you have two seperate armies (one for advancing the front lines, and the other for taking out the other bases). Also be sure to make a few Swarm Queens, because you're gonna need them. The other two biomasses are located northeast-ish, by some Bunkers and Marines/Marauders, as well as a Missile Turret, and at the southern part of the map at the Terran base (to the east of one of the Scourge Nests). Basically, all you need to do is constantly send units to attack the Terran forces so you can reach all of the Scourge Nests, then activate them with creep tumors. If you manage to destroy all of the Orbital Commands in this mission, then you'll get an achievement. Yay.

    The Gorgon Battlecruisers can attack, so be careful when/if you pass under them. If you lose 5 or more units, you won't get one of the achievements for this mission. Be sure to at least collect all the biomass with Kerrigan if you can, however. After seven waves of battlecruisers, you finish the mission.

    AchievementsHow To ObtainScore
    Fire in the SkyComplete the mission10
    Red AlertDon't let 5 units die to a Gorgon Battlecruiser10
    Conquer & CommandDestroy 3 Orbital Command structures on Normal or higher10