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    Tactical Guide by Brkthru

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    				Iron Grip: Warlord
    				Tactical FAQ v1.0
    	The computer controlled enemy units follow waypoints along a number of
    different paths.  The normal enemies stay on the roads and follow one of two 
    different 'columns' depending on which of the spawn points they came from.  The
    elite enemies will pass through buildings or underground passages.  Officers,
    along with an escorting force of elites will camp out in several different
    locations throughout the map.  Vehicles follow the columns and are always at the
     rear of the infantry.  
    			====Infantry - normal====
    	The mook of this game, Conscripts have few hitpoints and the weakest
    weapons.  Conscripts are equipped with either a musket like your starting rifle
     or the LMG.  They are still dangerous if you get spotted because the sheer
    number of bullets coming at you is sure to score at least a few hits.
    	Grenadiers are much tougher and appear in all the maps after Spiral.
    Grenadiers have a autofire weapon similar be weaker than the Minigun and a
    grenade launcher.  The grenades send you flying when they hit and Grenadiers
    fire them at a relatively high rate.  Ambush them at very close range so they
    don't fire grenades or attack from very far away out of range of the grenades
    for best results.
    			====Infantry - Elites====
    		Pyroneer (flamer)
    	Armed with a flamethrower.  Probably the most common elite, flamers do
    the most damage to turrets and set you on fire when they hit you.  Counter them
    by knocking them down before they get in range or use your own flamethrower to
    stun them.  Flamers will blow up if killed from behind, so target them first if
    you get the drop on a group of elites.
    		Bombardier (rockets or rocketmen)
    	Armed with a rocket launcher that fires much faster than the RTE.
    Rockets do a lot more damage than grenadiers and can fire from much further
    away.  They backpedal aggressively if you try to attack them, but if you can
    get close enough they will not fire.  Herd them into corners for easy kills.
    		Riot Shield (official name not known)
    	Armed with a pistol and carrying a large shield.  They take no damage
    from bullets that hit the shield, so it is difficult to kill them with a musket
    or sniper rifle.  Shoot them in the legs or use flames and explosives to get
    around the shield.
    		Machinegunner (official name not known)
    	Armed with a automatic rifle similar to your MG.  They don't have a
    grenade launcher but they do throw hand grenades.  The grenades are not much
    of a threat unless you can't move.
    		Shotgunner (official name not known)
    	Armed with a shotgun.  Shotgunners can do a good amount of damage at
    close range, but you can ignore them at long range.  They throw grenades like
    the Machinegunner.  Like most elites, the Flamethrower works well against them.
    		Fanatic (suicide bomber)
    	A contender for the most annoying enemy.  The Fanatic fights like a
    Riot Shield at first, pelting away with a pistol until their hitpoints fall
    below 50%.  Then they start running super fast and if they touch you they blow
    up for about 280 points of damage.  Fanatics will also rush up to and damage
    turrets in a wide area.  You must have your health upgraded to the maximum of
    300 to survive a Fanatic detonation.  Trip Mines and landmines are good ways
    to keep them away from your turrets.  Also, the Fanatic will not chase you if
    his hitpoints are above half.  Sometimes its best to take a few pistol rounds
    and let him pass you by.
    			====Infantry - Officer====
    	Officers are armed with the minigun and a sword.  The minigun does tons
    of damage to both you and your turrets.  The sword inflicts enormous damage that
    is usually a instant kill.  The officer is the only infantry target not stunned
    by the flamethrower.  Officers will also have 6-12 elites following them
    around.  Generally weapons that do a lot of damage in a short period of time
    are the best to use against an officer.  It is also possible to maneuver into a
    range where the officer will draw his sword to slash you yet be out of range to
    actually hit you.
    		S54 Scarab (roller)
    	An armored car with a powerful machinegun.  Ironically, the high fire
    rate of the machinegun makes it faster at killing your turrets than the Ontos
    tank.  Rollers are the weakest vehicles, dying in just one or two RTE Rounds,
    or as few as eight landmines.
    		S75 Ontos (tank)
    	A generic steampunk tank with a generic cannon and machinegun turrets
    on each side.  It takes three or four RTE's to knock it down.  The cannon does
    a lot of damage but fires very slowly.
    		S75 Ontos Hellfire variant (still called tank)
    	The Hellfire has a eight barrel rocket launcher instead of a cannon.
    The eight rockets are fired in salvos and do enough damage to kill multiple
    turrets.  The rockets are relatively easy to dodge and the reload time is
    enormous, so the Hellfire isn't quite as dangerous to you personally.  The
    turret resets to facing straight ahead when no target is in sight.  You can
    take advantage of that by popping in and out of sight so that the turret is too
    busy going back and forth to ever actually shoot you.
    		ST35 Recluse (walker)
    	Faster, tougher, and with better weapons than the tanks, walkers can be
    a real pain.  The Recluse has the deadly time delay mortar, which has a large
    area of effect and will flat out kill anything besides a level 3 AT turret at
    max health.  The mortar will bounce off of roofs and will be blocked if the
    walker is under a bridge when it fires.
    		ST38 Warweaver (boss)
    	Big six-legged walker that only appears in the Boss level.  It can take
    on the order of 15-20 RTE's to take it out, and the number of landmines or
    grenades doesn't bear thinking about.  The boss walker has a even more deadly
    double mortar.  The double mortar explodes on impact and leads you based on your
    movement at the moment of launch.  Thankfully, the Boss level has many windows
    and other covered areas to fire on the Warweaver while being sheltered from
    Cost: starting weapon
    Damage: low vs infantry
    Fire Rate: medium
    Reload: fast
    Secondary Fire: none
    	The pistol technically does more damage over time than the musket.
    However, that assumes that every shot hits and you fire at maximum fire rate.
    Better than a musket or a knife if you have to get into close combat before you
    can afford a different weapon.
    Cost: starting weapon
    Damage: high vs infantry
    Fire Rate: single shot
    Reload: very slow
    Secondary Fire: brace (small damage bonus)
    	The cyclic fire rate is simply too low to rely on this as a primary 
    weapon.  However, if you are the turret master for the team and can't spend any
    energy on weapons you can at least pick off 2 or 3 of them with powerful single
    shots.  True long range sniper shots are rather rare in this game, so you can
    use the musket instead of investing in the sniper rifle for the occasional
    through-the-window headshot as well.
    Cost: starting weapon
    Damage: high damage but tiny AoE against infantry, tiny damage to vehicles
    Fire Rate: single shot, 2 second delay before throwing
    Reload: fast
    Secondary Fire: none
    	The primary advantage of the Molotov is that you can throw it over an
    obstruction without exposing yourself to the enemy.  Chuck them blindly off of
    overpasses for a few free kills.  The Molotov has a very long delay while the
    fuse is lit.  Attacking vehicles with this is a very difficult way to go about
    Cost: starting weapon
    Damage: medium vs infantry
    Fire Rate: medium
    Reload: N/A
    Secondary Fire: right to left swing
    	The lowest of the low.  But hey, dying while damaging an enemy is
    better than just dying.  
    cost: starting weapon
    	Not actually a weapon, but you select it like a weapon.  Hold down
    primary fire to continually repair damaged buildings, including the stronghold.
    cost: starting weapon
    	Another non-weapon in the weapon list.  It displays the same information
    as the minimap, only north is always orientated up.  It is of very limited use.
    I have on occasion told someone else to select their map so that I could give
    directions in terms of compass points.
    		Light Machinegun (LMG)
    Cost: 130
    Damage: low vs infantry
    Fire Rate: fast
    Reload: fastest
    Secondary Fire: brace (movement speed reduction, accuracy and damage bonus)
    	This gun will appear to be worthless when you first try it.  Lightning
    fast reload and crouching or bracing to fix the accuracy will win you over if
    you give it the chance.  Of course, if you are defending a stationary position
    or sniping at long range there are better options.
    		Machinegun (MG)
    Cost: 375
    Damage: medium vs infantry
    Fire Rate: fast
    Reload: slow
    Secondary Fire: grenade launcher
    	More punch than a LMG and more reach than a shotgun.  The grenade
    launcher puts this on the short list of ranged anti-tank weapons.  The middle
    of the road choice that can do a little bit of everything.  The downside is that
    you must use every ounce of the weapon well to get your power's worth.  The slow
    reload punishes poor timing and the grenades have a small radius that must land
    right where you need it to pay off.
    Cost: 350
    Damage: high if all pellets hit
    Fire Rate: medium
    Reload: slow, but can be interrupted to fire the partial magazine
    Secondary Fire: short range flame shot
    	Hits harder than a LMG and reaches farther than a Flamethrower.
    Perfectly capable of being a early weapon or a close combat powerhouse.  On top
    of that, the secondary fire will pass through walls and enemies, perfect for
    getting the drop on the officer and his escort.  As you might expect, slow
    reload and poor long range performance are its weaknesses.
    		Sniper Rifle
    Cost: 360
    Damage: high vs infantry
    Fire Rate: medium
    Reload: fast
    Secondary Fire: zoom
    	The shots from this rifle pierce through multiple enemies.  Crouch to
    cancel its high recoil and engage from ground level to cut down infantry.  With
    practice you can rival the HMG for clearing ability while still being able to
    move and fire.  Of course, it is also the best weapon for sniping an officer
    through a distant window.  Unfortunately, its small ammunition supply will keep
    you running home for more ammo.
    		Flamethrower (FT)
    Cost: 550
    Damage: high vs infantry
    Fire Rate: constant stream
    Reload: N/A, all ammo is in a single magazine
    Secondary Fire: leave pools on the ground that can be ignited by weapon fire
    	The last word in close combat.  Not only does it do a lot of damage,
    enemies don't shoot while they are on fire.  The 'stun' effect ironically makes
    the flamethrower the best way to fight enemy flamers.  The secondary attack is
    awkward to use as you must lay pools, ignite them, and then get enemies to step
    into the flames before they burn out, but it will immolate even the toughest
    officers.  Expensive and unable to damage vehicles, you should buy this later
    for hunting officers in the underground passages or make sure your teammates
    know that you won't be able to help against vehicles if you start with this.
    Cost: 460
    Damage: the best anti-tank weapon
    Fire Rate: single shot
    Reload: slowest
    Secondary Fire: set up (reduces movement speed, must be set up to fire)
    	The only ranged weapon that can kill vehicles without an ammo refill.
    It is theoretically possible to get by with other means of killing vehicles,
    but generally things will be easier for everyone involved if someone takes the
    RTE early.  As for wielding the RTE, there are three basic ways.  From behind
    the vehicle, where there are few infantry to get in the way.  From windows or
    covered elevated places, where the turret has trouble hitting you and the roof
    protects you from mortar weapons.  From in front, using turrets to protect you
    from the incoming fire.  The mortar is easily the single most dangerous attack
    the Confederates will throw at you, so keeping a roof over your head is
    generally the best way.
    		Heavy Machinegun (HMG)
    Cost: 380
    Damage: high vs infantry
    Fire Rate: very fast
    Reload: painfully slow
    Secondary Fire: set up (can't move while set up, must be set up to fire or 
    	The standard choice for eliminating large numbers of infantry.  Works
    best around a corner where only a few enemies can appear at a time.  Also good
    at long range from a window or other source of partial cover.  The disadvantage
    is that the lack of mobility makes it hard to avoid enemy rockets and grenades.
    Also be aware that once a reload starts, you cannot move until it finishes.
    Cost: 150
    Damage: Kills one or two infantry at a time, does small damage to vehicles
    Fire Rate: single shot, 2 second delay before mine will arm
    Reload: fast
    Secondary Fire: none
    	Cheap and better than Molotovs for destroying vehicles.  Most maps also
    have places where elites come through an alley or door that can't be covered
    with turrets.  Landmines can kill the pesky suicide bombers before they get to
    something important.
    		Satchel Charge
    Cost: 750
    Damage: high damage and large AoE against all target types
    Fire Rate: single shot, must detonate first charge before laying second
    Reload: fast
    Secondary Fire: none
    	Delivers a big, powerful blast that you can control the timing of.  Use
    it to soften up walkers and officers or clear out a whole lot of lesser enemies
    all at once.  Not quite strong enough to destroy a walker by itself.  Also note
    that the remote detonator has a limited range, make sure the lights are green
    when you intend to detonate.
    Cost: pick up only
    Damage: similar to but somewhat less than a satchel charge
    Fire Rate: single shot, 2 second delay before throw
    Reload: fast
    Secondary Fire: none
    	Dynamite bounces about for a few seconds, then goes up in a big
    explosion.  Better yet, the big explosion releases six single sticks of
    dynamite that scatter and create little explosions.  The two sets of explosions
    are great for killing large numbers of infantry, and the big explosion does
    respectable damage to vehicles.  Every map has at least two places where
    dynamite will spawn.  Unlike satchels, you have to time the throw to get the
    desired effect.  Note that dynamite, like all weapons that must be picked up,
    cannot be refilled by a support station.
    		IPE Device (Suicide Bomb)
    Cost: pick up only
    Damage: high? You die when you use it so it is hard to tell
    Fire Rate: 3 second delay before detonation
    Reload: N/A
    Secondary Fire: none
    	The blast radius is actually kind of small.  I've never been able to
    time the delay well enough to damage a vehicle with this.  Dynamite or even
    landmines will probably inflict more damage in a suicide run, and you might
    survive that way.
    Cost: pick up only (dropped by officers)
    Damage: medium vs infantry
    Fire Rate: very fast
    Reload: N/A, only one magazine
    Secondary Fire: none
    	Like a HMG with move and fire capability, the minigun is an excellent
    all-round weapon.  There really isn't anything not to like about this gun,
    though the HMG will do more damage with better accuracy at long range.
    		Med Kit
    Cost: 300
    Damage: heals about 1hp per second, modified by firepower upgrade
    Fire Rate: hold down fire button for continuous healing
    Reload: N/A
    Secondary Fire: none
    	Technically in the upgrade section of the buy menu, this item is
    accessed through through the weapon interface so it goes here.  The med kit
    heals yourself and everyone else in a small radius all around you.  Use it to
    patch yourself up when you're far away from the supply station, or follow
    someone else around so they can fight on the run with high speed health
    Cost: 150, 250, 350, 500
    	Increases your maximum health in increments of 25 up to a maximum of
    300 health.  This allows you to survive and potentially recover from things
    that would have killed in one hit otherwise.  Very helpful against suicide
    bombers and valuable in general for Hard mode or above.
    Cost: 150, 250, 350, 500
    	More damage AND faster reload.  You just can't go wrong with firepower.
    The only exception is that turrets and traps are unaffected.
    Cost: 450
    	Health regeneration and faster repair speed with the wrench.  Excellent
    addition to almost any strategy.
    Cost: 500
    	Makes the respawn timer shorter.  Much more valuable at high skill
    levels where dying occasionally is inevitable.
    Cost: 350
    	Increases movement speed.  Useful on the maps with multiple strongholds,
    in combination with the FT, or any time you want to get from one place to
    another faster.
    		Machinegun Turret (MGT)
    Cost: 250, upgrades for 150, 250, 350
    	The Machinegun Turret is kind of like a HMG that never stops to reload
    and has laser-precise accuracy.  The level 3 upgrade is a very large jump in
    damage from levels 1 and 2.  The level 4 upgrade only really adds hitpoints and
    is often not necessary.  Multiple MGT's usually target the same target and both
    track it until it dies.  Because of that, three or more MGT's is generally not
    any better than having just two.
    		Anti-tank Turret (AT)
    Cost: 450, upgrades for 250, 350
    	In the big scheme of things, AT > MGT.  The AT will kill elites in a
    single hit and can fight off vehicles if properly prepared.  The Anti-tank
    Turret also has far more hit points than the Machinegun Turret.  Three level 3
    AT's that can shoot the same target will defeat anything that comes at them in
    medium mode or easy mode.  Four is enough for hard mode and brute mode can
    require as many as six.
    		Fuel Bomb
    Cost: 75
    	The fuel bomb releases a two-stage explosion when you or allies shoot
    it.  The first stage is like a landmine explosion, then clouds of vaporized fuel
    are dispersed that detonate in a huge explosion that is about three times the
    radius and damage of a Satchel Charge.  Obviously, the Fuel Bomb is capable of
    decimating huge numbers of infantry or even multiple vehicles.  Unfortunately,
    you must make sure the first stage detonation happens well before a vehicle gets
    to it because the bomb will disappear and inflict no damage when it gets within
    a range of the vehicle that is not even touching.  While difficult to use
    against approaching vehicles, the Fuel Bomb is the  best way to clear a
    stronghold that has been overrun.
    		Poison Trap
    Cost: 100
    	The Poison Trap is a landmine that releases poison gas for about 2
    minutes when triggered.  The poison slows and inflicts damage over time on all
    infantry that move through it.  The trap is strong enough to kill conscripts,
    especially if placed at a turn so that the infantry spend more time in the
    		Trip Mine
    Cost: 50
    	The single cheapest *anything* in the game.  It effectively kills
    infantry in a fair radius.  The tripwire makes it much more reliable at
    detonating than a landmine.  If you think a reliable landmine is the best
    defense possible against suicide bombers, you are absolutely correct.  A Trip
    Mine explosion will touch off a Fuel Bomb, making remote detonation possible.
    Trip Mines can also be built on slopes, while most buildings cannot.
    		Support Station (supply)
    Cost: 150
    	It doesn't shoot and it doesn't blow up, but it is still one of the most
    useful buildings.  The Support Station heals 100 hp and refills about 1/3 of
    your ammo every 4 seconds or so.  Setting up a HMG inside the station's radius
    is both legitimate and effective.  I do not know if multiple Support Stations
    are supposed to stack, as sometimes it seems to work and sometimes it clearly
    does not.
    		Stronghold (sh)
    Cost: 150
    	If the Stronghold is destroyed, you can rebuild it with hotkey 7 while
    in RTS mode.  Replace lost Strongholds as fast as possible.
    			====Buildings - Using Turrets====
    		Long Line of Sight + Shoots Both Columns = Gutsy Turret Spot
    	Every map has sweet spots where turrets are especially effective.
    Turrets have high accuracy and will shoot over long distances, so the further,
    the better.  A turret that can shoot at both columns does the same damage at
    half the cost of putting two turrets that each cover one column.
    	Sometimes the gutsy spot is just too exposed to build turrets on and
    keep them alive at the beginning of the round.  When that happens, you can
    instead place the turrets to block elites, which use different paths than the
    columns, or turret one column and personally handle the other.  About half of
    the maps have a tunnel entrance that allows elites to emerge very close to the
    stronghold, so blocking them from coming up behind you can save a lot of
    			====Buildings - Using Traps====
    		To Be Added Later
    	My mastery of traps isn't yet good enough to really give advice on.  I
    have witnessed Trap Masters that need no turrets or even really weapons of
    their own.  I hope to find one and ask him for info for this section.
    		Last Stand
    		This Guide
    	This is my first FAQ for gamefaqs.  It isn't totally comprehensive, but
    I hope to fill in the blanks with feedback and ongoing experience in IG:Warlord.
    		The Author
    	I am Breakthrough the Legendary Non-Lamer.  Most people call me
    Breakthrough or Break.  I can be emailed at Breakthroughspam@yahoo.com , or PM
    me on the forums for RaiRO, Mud and Blood, or IG:Warlord.
    			====Copyright and Permitted Use====
    	Copyright 2009 Troy Bill Humphrey.  www.gamefaqs.com and www.isotx.com
    are permitted to place this guide on their respective websites.  This may not
    be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may
    not be placed on any other web site or otherwise distributed publicly without
    advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a
    part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

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