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    FAQ/Walkthrough by mdav2

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    {                                 THE SABOTEUR                                 }
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    {                          Walkthrough By Mark Davies                          }
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    {                                 (c) May 2010                                 }
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    {                                  Version 1                                   }
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    {                                  Contents                                    }
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    02 - BUGS
    03 - PERKS
    04 - UPDGRADES
    05 - WEAPONS
         06.01 - Scenic Spots
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    {                              01 - INTRODUCTION                               }
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    This is a guide to the "The Saboteur" game.  I do not intend on rehashing the 
    manual so you should refer to it if you are unsure of controls etc.  
    This is meant to be a both a guide and a walkthrough of the missions.  This 
    guide has been written by me after some long painstaking effort so please 
    do not rip my walkthrough off.  Finally it will contain SPOILERS so only read 
    if you are really stuck.  
    ASCII art header created using:          http://www.network-science.de/ascii/
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    {                                  02 - BUGS                                   }
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    Every game has some kind of bugs, some that can be exploited to make the game 
    easier others that make it harder. I have found two bugs that can stop you 
    progressing the main storyline and hence completing the game.  I think it's 
    worth pointing this out earlier so you don't lose a week of your life in having 
    to start from scratch.  My advice is to save often in several slots in case you 
    have to go back and do some missions again.
    The two bugs I have found are:
    1) After completing the "A1.005 - Grand Theft Limo" mission the slaughterhouse 
       the game should remove the barricade between the bit near the door and the 
       room at the back when it becomes a HQ.  However, I found that the partition 
       was removed but the boxes in front remained.  It is therefore impossible to 
       get to the back of the room where several of the main story missions are 
       started.  If this happens you should re-load the mission and see if it does 
       it again.  I had to restart the game.  
    2) DO NOT complete any of Dr Kwong's optional missions until you have completed 
       the "A2.024 - Needs Of The Few... Or The One" mission.  The reason being 
       once you complete Kwong's first mission he then moves to Chinatown and 
       remains there even when you have completed his missions.  Towards the end of 
       the "A2.024 - Needs Of The Few... Or The One" mission when you escape Notre 
       Dame Kwong will spawn in Chinatown and will be killed by the Germans.  When 
       he dies you will fail the mission.  Its impossible to save him and so you 
       will have load to save before you did the first Kwong mission.
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    {                                  03 - PERKS                                  }
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    Perks give you a big advantage in allowing access to new weapons and attacks.  
    You need to complete the required conditions in order to unlock them.  This 
    section will list all the perks and what to do to unlock them.  There are 
    several ways of doing some perks and these are just my suggestions.  You may 
    find easier ways of doing these so if you do then do it your way.
    1) Fightin' Irish
       Requirement: Knockout two Nazi's
       Reward:      Unlock the Haymaker Punch
       You just need to beat up two Naziís in a fight to unlock this perk.  You can 
       then charge up your punch attack using "F".  You'll unlock this in the 
       Prologue mission "Spark one up".
    2) Sucker Punch
       Requirement: Stealth Kill 10 Nazi's
       Reward:      Unlock Sucker Punch Attack
       Sneak up behind any Nazi using control.  When you get close enough to them 
       you can stealth kill them with "E" or "Z".  Rack up 10 of these and you'll 
       unlock the sucker punch attack.  This lets you walk up to Nazi's from the 
       front and kill them with one punch by pressing "E".
    3) Grim Reaper
       Requirement: Stealth Kill 5 Generals
       Reward:      Unlock Touch Of Death Attack
       You need to use a stealth kill on 5 Generals.  Generals are usually guarded 
       by two soldiers so you have to kill them first.  You can use a silenced or 
       alternatively kill the guards using any other approach then run away and 
       hide.  Come back after the alarm has ended and hope they haven't respawned.
       Sneak up behind the General and press "E" to stealth kill them.  Rack up 5 
       to unlock the Grim Reaper attack.  This allows you to use a knife to 
       stealthy and silently kill enemies from behind.  
    1) Gunslinger
       Requirement: Kill 5 Nazi's Using Bullets
       Reward:      Reduced Recoil For Automatic Weapons
       Just shoot and kill 5 Nazis with any gun to unlock this perk.  
    2) War On Terror
       Requirement: Kill 5 Terror Squad Nazis
       Reward:      Unlock .44 Pistol In The Shop
       You need to start an alarm and get it up to level 3 then the terror 
       squad Nazis turn up.  You'll know these guys because they're very hard to 
       kill and without using cover they'll kill you.  Kill 5 of these bad boys 
       and you'll unlock the .44 pistol in the shop.  Towards the end of the game 
       you'll encounter more and more of these so will eventually unlock the perk 
       through missions.
    3) Paint The Town Red
       Requirement: Destroy A Zeppelin And Wulf Tank During The Same Nazi Alarm
       Reward:      Unlock The Panzershrek In The Shop
       There is a Wulf tank unmanned in the south east of Bourgogne.  Head 
       directly west from Bercy to find it.  What you need to do to get this 
       perk is start at your base and set a waypoint for the wulf tank.  Follow 
       the path to the check point get out and climb up to the AA gun nearby.  
       Start an alarm and use the AA gun to take down a zeppelin.  Keep the alarm 
       active and climb down the building and into a car.  Go through the 
       checkpoint and to the location of the Wulf tank.  Use some explosives to 
       destroy it.  Then run away to cancel the alarm.
    1) Marksman
       Requirement: Kill 5 Nazi's Using A Sniper Scope
       Reward:      Reduced Drift When Using A Scoped Rifle
       The first thing you need to do is acquire a sniper rifle.  If you want to 
       get one early go to the base north west of the Champagne Ardenne.  On the 
       eastern side around the base of the cliff is a platform with a Nazi who 
       has a sniper rifle.  You then just need to kill 5 Nazis with it.  
       If you wait until you complete "A1.008 - Doppelganger" mission you'll get a 
       sniper rifle.  Eventually you can buy one from the black market.
    2) Eagle Eye
       Requirement: Score 15 Headshots Using A Sniper Scope
       Reward:      Reduced Recoil While Using A Scoped Rifle
       Just get 15 headshots with the scoped rifle.
    3) Longshot
       Requirement: Score 10 'Double Kills' Using A Sniper Scope
       Reward:      Unlock Terror Scoped Rifle In The Shop
       You need to line up 2 Nazi's and kill them with one shot.  There are 
       locations where the guards are stationary, eg the gate of the courtyard 
       where you got General Lutz's car just west of the Belle.  Just keep 
       repeating until you unlock this perk.  
    1) Cheap Thrill
       Requirement: Kill 10 Nazi's With Grenades
       Reward:      Carry Additional Grenades
       You need to use grenades by pressing "Q" to kill 10 Nazi's (not all at the 
       same time).  When you rack up enough kills you can carry twice as many 
    2) More Bank For Your Buck
       Requirement: Kill 5 Nazis In One Explosion
       Reward:      All Explosives Half Price
       You need to find somewhere that either has lots of Nazi's knocking around 
       or trigger an alarm and use either grenades or explosives.
    3) A Real Hellion
       Requirement: Kill 10 Nazi's In 10 Seconds With RDX Or Dynamite
       Reward:      No knockdown From Explosions
       To the west of the Belle is an AA gun.  Clear all the other freeplay 
       targets around here.  on the road outside  where the arched walkway is 
       between two buildings plant loads of RDX and Dynamite (no fuse).  
       Climb up the building and start an alarm.  Use the AA gun to shoot 
       Zeppelins, take out some troops and eventually the road will be swarming 
       with soldiers.  Detonate the RDX and with some luck you'll kill enough to 
       unlock this.
    1) A Nasty Surprise
       Requirement: Blow Up 3 Nazi Vehicles Using Dynamite
       Reward:      Unlock Trap Functionality For Dynamite
       Another easy perk.  When you have some dynamite walk up to any Nazi vehicles 
       and equip your dynamite (press "3").  Then plant it on the vehicle and 
       retire to a safe distance.  Repeat 3 times to unlock the trap function.  
       The trap function allow you to trap cars with dynamite.  Hold "Q" in a car 
       and you can plant a bomb.  Drive it into a target and it'll explode.  Make 
       sure you bail first though  
    2) Mad Bomber
       Requirement: Destroy 5 Nazi Vehicles In 300 Seconds
       Reward:      Unlock RDX In The Shop
       You have basically destroy 5 Nazi vehicles in 300 Seconds.  Easiest way to 
       do this is to go to your garage and get the vehicles.  You can then blow 
       them up easily.
    3) Block Buster
       Requirement: Destroy 3 Wulf Tanks With RDX Or Dynamite
       Reward:      Unlock Super RDX Upgrade
       You can find and destroy 3 wulf tanks as part of the free play targets.  
       - There is 1 in a shed north west of the "Gare De L'Est"
       - If you set the path from the slaughterhouse to Saarbrucken you'll go 
         past two more on route.
       Just place some dynamite on the side and run away.
    1) Short Fuse
       Requirement: Destroy 2 Nazi Installations
       Reward:      Improved Planting Speed For Explosives
       Find any Nazi installation (towers, propaganda speakers etc) and blow them 
       up with dynamite.  Completing this means you can now plant explosives 
    2) I Fell Towers
       Requirement: Destroy 10 Nazi Towers
       Reward:      Carry Additional Explosives
       Nice and easy just use dynamite to take out 10 Nazi towers.  You can then 
       carry double the amount of dynamite (16 instead of 8).
    3) Urban Renewal
       Requirement: Destroy 4 Nazi Train Bridges
       Reward:      Planting Explosives Wile Disguised Is Not Suspicious
       You can't do this mission until (A2.008 - Rolling Thunder) has been 
       completed.  Then you can buy a bridge killer kit.  To use a kit you place 
       4 RDX charges as normal.  Then the fifth charge you have to stand over the 
       spot and press the left mouse button.
       Bridge 1 - Part of rolling thunder mission
       Bridge 2 - Second bridge to the north of bridge 1.  Small brick bridge, not 
                  heavily guarded.  Charges go on the arches.  3 guards guarding 
                  the south side of bridge.  2 guards on top of the bridge.
       Bridge 3 - Champagne Arden west bridge.  Again put 1 charges on each of the 
                  four arches.  There are no guards around the base of the bridge.
                  Main charge is on west side of bridge.  You need to take out the 
                  3 machine gunners.  The Gestapo agent and solitary soldier will 
                  investigate and they can then be easily killed.
       Bridge 4 - Champagne Arden west bridge.  No guards under the bridge, however 
                  you need to avoid being spotted at the north end by patrolling 
                  guards.  The track charge has to be placed on the south end of 
                  the bridge.  There is a Gestapo officer in the middle of the 
                  bridge and two patrolling soldiers, one at each end.  You should 
                  be able to avoid these and place the last bomb.
       Bridge 5 - South east of Lorraine.  1 stationary and 1 patrolling guard 
                  under the bridge that you'll need to take out first.  Plant the 
                  4 bombs on the arches as with the other brick bridges.  There 
                  is one patrolling guard on top who can dodge to lay the tracks.
    1) Throwing A Party
       Requirement: Throw 5 Nazis To Their Death
       Reward:      Unlock "Crowd Clearer" Throw
       When fist fighting any Nazi up high (watchtower or roof) grab them with the 
       right mouse button the move the mouse and release the button to throw them.  
       Kill 5 Nazis like this to unlock the "crowd clear" throw.  The crowd clear 
       throw allow you to press "F" while you have an enemy in a grapple and 
       you'll headbutt them a few times.
    2) Road Rage
       Requirement: Run Over 20 Nazi's With A Vehicle
       Reward:      Unlock Aurora Nitrous Upgrade
       You need to get a car and run over 20 Nazi's (not at the same time) to 
       unlock this perk.  You won't be able to do much with it until you get 
       the Aurora though.  
    3) The Right Of Way
       Requirement: Destroy 20 Nazi Vehicles With One Vehicle
       Reward:      Unlock Aurora Machine Gun
       You need to get a tank and destroy 20 vehicles.  Unfortunately you can 
       get them from your garage and keep destroying them because the count 
       keeps reset to 1 every time you call another car.  The way I did it was 
       to head out of town towards Saarbrucken from the Belle.  On the road on 
       the way just outside the town is an AR33.  Get into that and get to the 
       border with Saarbrucken.  when you get there kill the guy in the tower 
       and destroy the two motorcycles and the sturmwagen.  By the gate is 
       another Sturmwagen so kill the three guys guarding the gate and then 
       the Sturmwagen.  Head away from the border up the road a short way then 
       turn back around to the border.  The soldiers and cars will have 
       respawned.  Repeat the same thing again and again until you get 20.  
       If the alarm sounds no other Nazis seem to arrive so its nice and easy.
    1) Lead Foot
       Requirement: Win The Time Trial
       Reward:      Unlock Silver Claw In The Garage
       You need to beat the 1:20 time in the On Your Marks... Get Set... mission.
       This is the hardest mission in the game because you have to complete the 
       race perfectly without any crashes.  I used the Aurora with the nitro to 
       complete this.  
    2) Speed Demon
       Requirement: Complete the "A2.020 - Back In The Saddle" mission
       Reward:      Unlock Skylar Drake Custom In The Garage
       You need to complete the Back In The Saddle mission against other racers.
    3) Godspeed
       Requirement: complete the "A3.002 - Blazing Saddles" mission
       Reward:      Unlock silver Claw Mk. II In The Garage
       You need to complete the blazing saddles missions against other racers.
    1) Joyrider
       Requirement: Collect 5 Different Civilian Vehicles
       Reward:      Unlock A Race Car In The Garage
       Once you have completed the "grand theft limo" mission you can start this 
       perk.  Simply find and take 5 cars back to the garage.  If you speak to the 
       guy by any garage then they will give you a list of the cars you've 
       collected and those you haven't.  
    2) Hijacker
       Requirement: Collect Every Nazi Vehicle
       Reward:      Free Repairs In The Garage
       Nazi vehicles are difficult to get hold of because if you're spotted in 
       one you can generate suspicion and an alarm.  To make collection of 
       these easier wear a Nazi uniform.  
       Where can I find them:
       1  - Kaiser
            On the south side of a large dark grey rectangular building south of 
            the word "Gare Saint Lazarre".  There's a Kaiser Convertible next to it.
       2  - Kaiser Bulletproof
            Look for the text "Trocadero" in the south west of the map.  Its in the 
            first side street just to the north east of the word.
       3  - Kaiser Convertible
            On the south side of a large dark grey rectangular building south of 
            the word "Gare Saint Lazarre".  There is a Kaiser next to it.
       4  - ZP750
            This can be found at the checkpoint to the west of the slaughterhouse.
       5  - Armed ZP750
            Trigger a level 1 alarm and these turn up so just grab one and flee 
            the alarm.
       6  - Sturmwagen
            Trigger a level 1 alarm and these turn up so just grab one and flee 
            the alarm.  
       7  - Armed Sturmwagen
            Trigger an alarm level 2 and you should get one of these.
       8  - Bauer
            You can usually find one of these at any fuel station freeplay targets.
            Alternatively trigger an alarm and they'll start circling the map.
            Closest to your garage is the fuel dump west of the garage at the Belle.
       9  - Armed Bauer
            Find the word Picardie and go west until you find the grey square 
            marked on the map.  Its inside this Nazi compound.
       10 - Bauer Fuel Truck
            This can be found in the wrecked compound of the very first firm 
            mission "Spark One Up".  
       11 - Gestapo GS
            Literally just above the "G" in Gare Saint Lazarre.
       12 - Gestapo Cruiser
            Get a level 3 alarm and they'll turn up.  Grab one and flee the alarm.
    3) Wheelman
       Requirement: Collect And Store All Civilian, Race And Nazi Vehicles
       Reward:      Garages Can Collect And Store APCs And Tanks
       You need to find 38 vehicles to complete this task:
       - Civilian (18)
       You can find all the civilian vehicles in town with the exception of the 
       tractor.  You can find the tractor in the countryside.  Look for the text 
       "Champagne Ardenne" and its in the eastern building of the two directly 
       south.  There is also the Palomine Sedenca which can only be won at the 
       Belle.  The Dugati and Gutmann can be found around zone 2 of Paris.
       Go into the Belle and in the corner of the room you'll spot a bouncer by a 
       door.  Go through the door and down into an underground area.  You'll need 
       to play a wheel of fortune game to win the Palomine Sedenca.  You have 5 
       knives and need to hit 3 stars to win.  Each time you throw a dagger the 
       wheel will get quicker so aim for the smaller stars first.  If you hit 
       three drinks its game over.  This is available when you have unlocked the 
       - Race (9)
       You get the Altair when you complete the Joy Rider perk.  
       The Silver Dart is in a compound to the north west of the text "Champagne 
       The Beta Romero, Beta Romero 12C and Delgado can all be found in the 
       pits at the Saarbrucken race track (just under the word "Saarbrucken").  
       To get them kill the Nazi's guarding the entrance press the button to open 
       the gate.  Get the car and return to the gate.  Climb the large structure 
       on the east side of the gate jump onto the roof outside then drop to the 
       ground.  Kill the guards and open the gate then drive the car back to your 
       The Silver Claw, Silver Claw MK. II and Skylar's Drake are unlock by 
       completing the three racing missions.
       - Nazi (12)
       You already have all the Nazi vehicles.
       Early in the game you can get 35 cars but will need to progress to the race 
       missions before you can get these vehicles.
       - Tanks/APC's
       1 - Halftrack
           From the AR 33 continue along the road north and take the first road 
           left.  You should see it on the right hand side of the road.
       2 - AR 33
           Go to the belle garage and set your marker to head for the German 
           border.  When you get north of the church it's visible on the left 
           hand side of the road on this route.
       3 - Foucalt
           Just under the "i" in Normandie.
       4 - Flammwagen
           Head directly north from the "Ch" in Champs-Elysees outside the city 
           until you see the river.  Its just to the right of the river near some 
           ruined buildings.
       5 - Panther Mk. III
           From the AR 33 go back south along the road towards the church before 
           you turn right you'll see it behind a wall to your left.
       6 - Wulf
           Far south east of Bercy near some Nazi installations.
    1) Fugitive
       Requirement: Escape From A Level 2 Alarm 5 Times
       Reward:      Unlock Getaway Strike
       Basically trigger a level 2 alarm 5 times and escape them.  
    2) Escape Artist
       Requirement: Escape From A Level 3 Alarm
       Reward:      Ability To Select Getaway Car At Any Garage
       You need to escape a level 3 alarm.  
    3) Europe's Most Wanted
       Requirement: Escape A Level 5 Alarm
       Reward:      You Can Use Hiding Places At Alarm Levels 4 And 5
       You really can't do this early in the game.  I didn't do it until the start 
       of act 2.  It might be possible but without a rocket launcher you just can't 
       do it, in my opinion.
       The best place to get it is the AA gun on the building near the Belle.  
       Clear the guards and then start an alarm.  Keep shooting zeppelins and 
       soldiers and you'll get to level 4 eventually.  User a panzersherk to 
       destroy some Nazi vehicles and you'll hit level 5.  I destroyed just 1 and 
       started the alarm.  When you hit the level 5 alarm planes will strafe you 
       so try to avoid these.  Grab one of the Nazi uniforms from the AA gun OR 
       drop down and knock out the single Nazi  who spawns below the AA gun.  You 
       have only 2 hiding spots; the Eiffel Tower or a well in a small hamlet near 
       Lorainne.  With the disguise in a car you're difficult to spot.  Head out 
       of town avoiding the checkpoint and go to the well
    {                                                                              }
    {                                04 - UPDGRADES                                }
    {                                                                              }
    The black market sells upgrades that allow you to carry more ammo, improve 
    explosives etc.  Buy these whenever they become available and as soon as you 
    can afford them.
    1)  Spray 'N' Pray
        Increase machine gun ammunition capacity.
    2)  New Sheriff
        Increase pistol ammunition capacity.
    3)  Longshot
        Increase rifle ammunition capacity.
    4)  Close 'N' Personal
        Increase shotgun ammunition capacity.
    5)  Block Buster
        Increased rocket capacity.
    6)  The Devil's Due
        Increased flamethrower capacity.
    7)  Splash Damage
        Upgrade grenade blast.
    8)  Mad Bomber
        Upgrade sabotage blast.    
    9)  Upgrade Resistance Guns (3 levels)
        You can upgrade the resistance weapons to level 3.
    10) Upgrade Resistance Health (3 levels)
        You can upgrade the health of resistance members to level 3.
    11) Backup Strike Spawns Allies (4 allies maximum)
        A backup strike will summon up to 4 resistance members to help you.
    12) Special Delivery
        When you call a getaway car you can buy black market goods from the driver.
    13) Luck O The Irish
        Buy this to upgrade any silver (level 2) perk.
    14) Saint Patty Day
        Buy this perk to upgrade any gold (level 3) perk.
    You can buy one upgrade from the garage:
    1) Reinforced Ride (vehicle armour, 2 levels)
       This will make vehicles more sturdy and resistant.
    {                                                                              }
    {                                 05 - WEAPONS                                 }
    {                                                                              }
    You can get a variety of weapons in the game which are available for purchase 
    from the black market.  When you first go to the black market only some of the 
    weapons are available.  Others become available as the game progresses.  Below 
    is a list of the weapons you can use:
    Kruger Pistol
    Silenced Pistol
    Raum Pistol
    .44 Pistol
    Executioner Pistol
    Machine Guns
    MP40 SMG
    MP44 MG
    Tommy MG
    Viper SMG
    Terror MP60
    Double Shotgun
    Terror Shotgun
    Hunting Rifle
    Carbine Rifle
    Steiner Rifle
    Scoped Carbine Rifle
    Scoped Steiner Rifle
    Terror Scoped Rifle
    Special Weapons
    Siegfaust Mk2
    Terror Flammenwerfer
    When you have purchased a weapon you can then swap them around for free.  
    Early in the game I use the Silenced Pistol and the Terror Scoped Rifle.  When 
    the Viper SMG becomes available I use that instead of the silenced pistol.  
    Towards the end of the game I use the Terror MP60 and Terror Scoped Rifle.  
    {                                                                              }
    {                          06 - FREE PLAY OBJECTIVES                           }
    {                                                                              }
    There are hundreds of freeplay objectives around the map to destroy.  These 
    range from searchlights to AA Guns.  For each one destroyed you will be paid a 
    small amount of contraband.  Contraband is required to buy weapons and 
    ammunition.  You need to buy maps to show you where all the targets are.  
    You can complete the free play objectives at anytime even during missions.  
    06.01 - Scenic Spots
    I have listed how to get some of the scenic spots that I found tricky to get 
    and how to get to them.  The way you get up them on each building look for the 
    yellow lights they usually mark the way.  
    Scenic Spots (Paris 1)
    1) Top of building in La Halles
       You need to climb up to the western side. On the triangle roof face south 
       and run jump up the wall.  Alternatively just climb the ladder around the 
       corner.  You can climb to the top easily from here.
    2) Top of circular building in La Halles
       When you get the one on the bigger building use the wire to slide across to 
       the other.
    3) top of building in La Bourse
       Climb up the drainpipe in the southeast corner of the building.  About 
       halfway up Jump off onto the platforms to the left.  Face south and running 
       jump away from the building and you'll grab some planks.  Pull yourself up.
       Go along planks and up the ladder.  Jump up to the next set of planks.  
       Grab the ledge at the top of the building pull yourself up twice and you'll 
       be on the roof.
    4) Building In Opera District
       Use the wire on the building to the west to slide over.  Move right 
       slightly then climb up.  Face away from the building jump away from the 
       building then quickly back and you'll be on the roof.  This bit can be 
       tricky but once you've done it then it plain sailing.
    1) Climb the pipe near the door up to the roof   
    Champagne Ardenne
    1) Climb on top of house and face tower.  Jump at the window on the tower and 
       climb up.
    Le Harve
    1) Top Of Lighthouse - use the windows to head up in an clockwise circle.
    2) Top of castle - climb up inner bell tower in courtyard in the middle of the 
       castle in the far north west of the map.  Once inside the bell tower climb 
       up the inside wall in the north east of the tower to get to the top.
    Paris 2
    1) South of Champs Elysees, climb up the ladder on the south west corner of 
       the "D" shaped building.  Jump up and shimmy right and you should be able 
       to climb up to the walkway on your right.  Climb up the small ladder again 
       and its near the guard tower.
    2) South of Champs Elysees, use zipline from roof of 2 above.  Climb one of 
       the square structure on the corner of the building and running jump 
       towards the arch.  You should be able to run up to the platform and climb up.
    3) Trocadero - use the scaffolding and windows to climb to the roof.  Ascend 
       a big ladder then turn around and climb a massive drainpipe.  Jump across 
       to ledge then climb up.
    4) "A" shaped building south of opera district text.  Approach from the north 
        and you should be able to climb the outside easily.  Once on roof head to 
        the spot in the centre of the building.
    5) Big coliseum style building just south of the Gare Saint Lazarre.  Look 
       for the wire from the building to the west.  Climb that building and cross 
       the wire.  Drop and press right to grab the walkway and then pull yourself 
       up.  Jump up to the ladder and you're on the roof.
    6) Isle De La Cite (east building) - Grab a Nazi uniform and swim in from Paris 
       zone 3.  Climb up the ladder and enter the area.  Go to the north side of 
       the big building.  Climb up the small scaffolding then onto the pointed roof.
       Ascend the drainpipe and climb up onto a platform before climbing up another 
       drainpipe.  Pull yourself up to the roof and you're there.
    7) Gare Saint Lazarre - on the building behind is a connecting walkway you 
       need to use that to cross to the building with the spot.  Use the small 
       ledges along the station building.  The last jump up can be tricky you 
       have to do a running jump up the building then press right to grab the 
       ledge near the walkway.  Pull yourself up on the roof and its easy from here.
    Paris 3
    1) Isle De La Cite (west building) - along the inside northern wall is some 
       scaffolding, use this to climb up.  Then climb the wall and its on the roof.
    2) Isle De La Cite (west building) - along the outside corner of the wall there 
       is a row of lights.  Climb up the post on the corner and up to the ledge.  
       Pull yourself up then climb up the window and the wall to the roof.  Climb 
       up the small scaffolding on the roof to the scenic spot.
    3) Montparnasse far north near check point.  Go around the back of the building 
       and climb up the door in the bit sticking out.  Climb onto to the main 
       building and shimmer left or right to the corner then pull yourself up.
    4) Montparnasse far north near check point.  Climb up the build building.  
       Locate the scaffolding on the west side of the building.  Climb up the 
       first short ladder.  Make your way up the scaffolding to the spot on the 
       top of the building.
    5) Top of building near Paris Saint Germain.  Use the ladder on the south side 
       of building to get to the first roof.  Head west and climb up the next 
       ladder.  Go to the north side of the building and there is another ladder 
       up to the next roof.  Then there is a final set of scaffolding to climb.  
       Jump up and pull yourself up inside the dome.  
    6) Top of the Eiffel Tower.  You need to use the lift to get to the first level.
       A second lift will take you to the next level.  You then need to use the 
       stairs and ladders to get to the summit.
    7) Church north of Saint Germain.  Climb up the low roof of the north side.  
       Go all the way around to the south side and climb up on the outcropping 
       stone.  Pull yourself up to the roof.  Follow the roof to the scaffolding 
       and climb the ladder.  Jump to the next platform with a ladder up and climb 
    8) Big building south west of Latin quarter.  Climb up the scaffolding on the 
       south side of building.  Jump to the drainpipe and pull yourself up.  
       Shimmer right along ledge and pull yourself up.  Climb ladder to roof.  Now 
       climb up the ladder by the scaffolding in front of you.  Then climb up the 
       next set of scaffolding you see.  Climb up to the ledge and pull yourself 
       up.  Follow the walkway left.  Climb the ladder to the very big gun at the 
       top.	Climb up little ladder to get on the gun.  Climb up the ladder at the 
       side of the gun.  Climb up the next two ladders to the spot.
    9) Building north east of Eiffel Tower.  Look on the east side of the building 
       for some lights and climb up the windows to the roof.  Running jump east to 
       the planks opposite.  Follow the ledge around to the scaffolding and climb 
       the ladder.  Climb up to the next level then use the window to get to the 
       plank in the corner of the building.  Do a running jump up the wall then 
       pull yourself up onto the roof.  Look for the window with the wooden ramp 
       in front.  Climb onto the ledge then use the left hand side of the window 
       to climb up.  Grab the top of the window.  Shimmer across to the ladder and 
       climb up.  Then jump up and climb up the remaining wall to get to the top 
       of the building.  Spot is on the south side.  
    10) Directly east of Eiffel Tower.  On the south side of the building you'll 
        see a light.  You should be able to climb up the middle of the door.  
        Shimmy left and pull yourself up.  Climb up the wall to the left and pull 
        yourself up onto the wooden walkway.  Make your way to the one to the west.
        Drop down and cling to the ledge.  Jump and shimmy around the stone then 
        pull yourself up to the next wooden walkway.  Then climb to the next 
        wooden walkway and up onto the roof.  You should see the spot to the east 
        along the roof.
    11) This in on the big ferris wheel in the fairground.  You can use the outer 
        leg to run up to the centre of the ferris wheel.  Jump out and grab one of 
        the spokes of the wheel.  Climb and pull yourself up until you can't go any 
        higher.  Then you can make your way along the edge other wheel so you can 
        make your way up to the top.  When you get there hang on the outside and 
        jump up and you'll pull yourself level with the final spot inside the car.  
    {                                                                              }
    {                               07 - WALKTHROUGH                               }
    {                                                                              }
    To complete the game you need to complete all the main story missions spread 
    across the 4 acts.  You don't need to complete any of the optional missions any 
    you don't complete will be available after you complete the final mission.
    I would recommend you complete the main story missions up to the 
    "A1.005 - Grand Theft Limo" mission.  Then I would complete all the freeplay 
    objectives available before continuing on with the main missions.  I would also 
    try and get as many of the perks completed as possible.  This will make the 
    game much easier when taking on the story missions.
                                    07.01 - Prologue
    Watch the opening scene in the Belle and when you get control of your character 
    you begin your first mission.  
    P001 - Spark One Up
    > Objective: Exit the Belle
      Head to the door marked with a yellow pin on the map.  
    > Objective: Rendezvous With Luc
      Once outside head right along the street and then right again to met up with 
      Luc.  Press "E" to talk to him.  
    > Objective: Get In A Car
      After the cutscene go and get in the car and wait for Luc to get in.
    > Objective: Go To The Supply Depot
      You need to drive to the supply depot marked on the map, pull up outside.  
    > Objective: Stop The Harassment
      Get out the car and got and beat up the two Nazis.  At this point you'll 
      unlock the "fightin' Irish" perk. 
    > Objective: Rendezvous With Luc
      Head in the alley and speak with Luc again.
    > Objective: Climb Up The Building
      You need to run up to the wall of the building and jump holding up.  Then use 
      space and up to climb the building.   
    > Objective: Throw The Lookout Off The Roof
      At the top head to the lookout and take him out.  Good opportunity for a 
      throw kill towards one of your perks.  You can kill him anyway you like it 
      doesn't matter.  
    > Objective: Climb down To The Courtyard
      Climb down the ladder and kill the other two Nazi's fighting Luc. 
    > Objective: Get Dynamite From Crates
      when the fight is over go over and kick the red crates to get some dynamite
    > Objective: Get Back In The Vehicle
      Go back to the road and get in the car.
    > Objective: Go To The Fuel Depot
      Drive to the fuel depot marked on the map.  
    > Objective: Climb Up The Building
      When you arrive you'll have to climb the building.  
    > Objective: Get In Position
      When you get to the top get ready by the line and wait for Luc to set up a 
    > Objective: Take The Zip Line Into The Depot
      When the bomb goes of jump onto the line and get into the fuel depot.  
    > Objective: Sabotage The Fuel Conduit
      When the guards have moved away select your dynamite and then place it on the 
      spot shown.  
    > Objective: Get Back In The Vehicle
      Run out the compound and get in the car.  Wait for Luc to get in.
    > Objective: Escape The Nazi's
      Run to a car and drive through the gates.  Pick Luc up and head away from the 
      alarm.  Eventually when you clear the alarm zone you'll need to drive back 
      to the Belle.
    > Objective: Drive Luc Back To The Belle
      Drive back to the Belle and drop Luc off.  
    > Objective: Enter The Belle
      Head inside the club.
    > Objective: Head To Your Room
      Head into the back of the club, go through the secret door.
    > Objective: Lay Down For A Rest
      Go to your bed at the back of the room.  This completes this mission.  
    P002 - Better Days
    After a cutscene going back 3 months you'll be at Vittore's farm.  
    > Objective: Enter Truck
      Vittore will tell you to get in the truck so get in.  
    > Objective: Drive To Germany
      You then have to drive all the way to Germany, just follow the map and enjoy 
      the drive.  
    > Objective: Get Past The Border Checkpoint
      When you get to the border go up to the big gate and wait for the German to 
      check your papers.  
    > Objective: Drive To The Red Ox Bar
      When you are past the border drive trough town and park up the truck.  This 
      will complete this mission
    P003 - Old Friends, New Enemies
    > Objective: Meet Vittore At The Bar
      Head down the street and into the bar marked on the map.
    > Objective: Fight
      Watch the cutscene then a bar brawl begins.  Once you knock one guy out the 
      objective will change.  
    > Objective: Finish Off Doppelsieg Goons
      The object will switch to knock out the 6 goons.  
    > Objective: Leave
      When the goons have been dealt with leave through the door.  This completes 
      this mission.
    P004 - La Femme St Claire
    > Objective: Escape The Nazi's
      Watch the cutscene when Skylar appears then you have to escape the Nazis.
      This car is quick so head right then left onto the race track and you 
      should easily lose them.
    > Objective: Get To The Hotel
      When you have lost the Nazi's head back into town to the hotel in town.
      Watch the cutscene.  
    > Objective: Take Jules To The Race Track
      The next day you'll be outside with Jules, you need to get him and 
      yourself to the track.  You can run or take a car.  When you get to the 
      track you'll complete this mission.
    P005 - Pole Position
    Watch the cutscene then the race begins!  Basically you have to get first place 
    so race until you catch Dierker and watch the cutscene.  
    P006 - A Sunday Drive
    > Objective: Get In The Car
      Get in the car ready to tail Dierker.  
    > Objective: Tail Deirker
      Follow Dierker at a safe distance so as not to spook him.  If you get too 
      close you'll arouse his suspicion and fail the mission.  He's heading up 
      to the car factory as long as you don't get too far from him you'll be OK. 
    > Objective: Meet Jules By The Wall
      When you get to the car factory follow Jules to the wall.  He'll jump over 
      you then need to follow him.
    > Objective: Get In Dierkers Car
      When you have got over the wall head up to the car.  Get in and head towards 
      the cliff.  
    > Objective: Launch Dierker's Car Off The Cliff
      Before you get to the cliff edge jump out using "E" whilst moving to bail.  
      Watch it fly over.  You'll be captured by the SS and a rather long cutscene 
      will trigger.
    P007 - The Darkest Night
    > Objective: Escape Factory
      When you regain control you need to escape the factory.  Follow the hallway 
      around to the first Nazi.  Kill him and grab his weapon.   Continue down the 
      hallway and you'll end up outside.  
    > Objective: Climb Sign
      You need to take out the Nazi and then climb up the sign.  Kill The Nazi at 
      the top.  
    > Objective: Climb Down The Ladder
      At the right end of the walkway is a ladder head down.
    > Objective: Escape Factory
      Follow the hallway again down another ladder.
    > Objective: Exit Factory
      Grab the machine gun off the desk and take out the two Nazi's.  From this 
      point onwards You'll need to use your guns to get out (give or take one or 
      two Naziís).  Head down the hallway and take out the two Nazis that appear.  
      Keep going and take out another two Germans.  Just before you get back to 
      ground level 4 more will move up the hall to intercept.  Kill them all and 
      head into the main room.  Grab the grenades and kill the guy behind the 
      counter and his friend on the left of the room.  You'll then have to take 
      out a tougher SS soldier that enters.  Proceed onwards and kill the next 2 
      SS soldiers.  Carry on forward to the steps and take out another 2 SS 
      soldiers by the stairs.  Go up the stairs into the next room and kill 
      another SS soldier.  
    > Objective: Steal Car
      The object will change and you need to steal a car.  Head outside and 
      kill two more soldiers near the car.  Instead of getting into the car 
      head to the cliff where you drove Diekers car over.  You should be able 
      to escape the alarm.  This will make it easier to get back to the border.
    > Objective:  Escape Germany
      With the alarm off you can make your way over the wall and take a leisurely 
      stroll back to the border.  The Germans won't bother you unless you provoke 
    P008 - Out of The Frying Pan
    > Objective:  Escape Germany
      When you get to the gate you'll need a car so grab your car from the pits on 
      the race course.  When you get to the bridge you'll need to use the car to 
      jump it.
    P009 - Into The Fire
    > Objective: Escape To The Morini Farm
      When you've jumped the bridge follow the road back to the farm.  You'll 
      trigger an alarm unless you avoid the roads but the Nazis don't attack you 
      that much so just take the road back to the farm.  
    > Objective: Find Vittore
      when you get to the farm you'll need to find Vittore.  A cutscene will 
      show him being held captive, you have to rescue him.  
    > Objective: Rescue Vittore
      The Germans are torching the barn so you have to be quick and save him.  
      Head around the barn to the opposite side and kill the German holding 
      Vitorre.  Ignore the other Germans and head inside.  
    > Objective: Talk To Vitorre
      When you rescue Vittore he'll tell you they have Veronique inside.  
      Head into the barn.  
    > Objective: Find Veronique
      You need to rescue Veronique next.  Kill the two Germans inside the barn 
      and follow the path around inside.  Kill two more Germans and head through 
      the doorway.  Kill the German behind the desk and head to the door.  When 
      it blows up go through and you'll find her.
    > Objective: Rescue Veronique
      Kill the 2 Germans guarding Veronique.  
    > Objective: Get To Veronique
      Go and speak with her to trigger a long cutscene which ends the prologue.
                                      07.02 - Act 1
    A1.001 - The Slaughterhouse
    > Objective: Meet Luc Upstairs
      You'll be in the Belle.  Head up to the second floor and speak with Luc.  
      Veronique will interrupt to tell you Vittore has been taken to the 
      slaughterhouse and will be shot along with other prisoners.  
    > Objective: Exit The Belle
      leave the Belle
    > Objective: Take Luc To The Canal
      Luc will give you a pistol outside.  Put it away before the German calls the 
      alarm then grab a car and drive over to the slaughterhouse.  
    > Objective: Meet Up With Luc
      Get out the car and follow Luc.  he'll tell you to get a Nazi uniform and 
      sneak into the base.  
    > Objective: Obtain A Disguise
      Head over the canal and knock out the guard patrolling.  Take his uniform 
      then walk slowly towards the base.  
    > Objective: enter the sewer
      Go into the sewer as marked on the map.  
    > Objective: Infiltrate La Villette
      Stealth kill the German and walk into the base.  
    > Objective: Infiltrate The Slaughterhouse
      You need to get into the big building in the centre.  The best approach 
      is walk straight along the eastern side.  Use the ladder to climb up to the 
      ledge with the second spotlight then you can run inside.  
    > Objective: Pick Up the Cell Key
      Kill the Nazi inside and pick up the key from the body (press "E").  
    > Objective: Open Prison Cell Doors
      Use it on the door on the west wall where the prisoners are.  
    > Objective: Rescue Vittore
      A cutscene will trigger when you rescue Vittore and Luc will turn up.    
    > Objective: Go Underground
      The bombers will soon be here so run across the far side and into the door 
      at the end.
    A1.002 - Bottle Shock
    > Objective: Check On Luc
      Go and speak with Luc and then speak with Santos to start this mission.  
    > Objective: Find The Bottle
      Head outside and follow the map to the location marked.  
    > Objective: Steal The Champagne
      When you get to the spot marked you'll spot a Gestapo officer outside.  
      Head the south west corner of the building and climb to the roof.  
      There is a hiding spot here that comes in useful.  Use a pistol to kill 
      the Germans using the hiding spot if needed.  When they're dead, climb 
      down the wall and grab the champagne.  
    > Objective: Escape The Nazi's
      You'll need to use the hiding spot to cancel the alarm before heading back 
      to Santos.  
    > Objective: Return Champagne To Santos
      Once the alarm has been cancelled return the champagne to Santos at the 
    > Objective: Take The Medicine To Luc
      Head inside to speak with Luc, he's on the bed in the back.  
    > Objective: Talk To Veronique
      Speak with Veronique instead to complete the mission.  You can now choose 
      your next mission or complete some of the free play targets.  
    A1.003 - Thirty Pieces Of Lead
    Speak with Vittore at the Belle to start this mission.  Seems we have a 
    snitch to deal with.  
    > Objective: Find General Kleib
      Head to the point marked on the map to find the general.  He's talking 
      with a prostitute so wait for him to finish.  
    > Objective: Trail General Kleib
      You have to follow him without raising suspicion until he meets the contact.  
    > Objective: Kill The Traitor
      When the general has finished talking with the traitor kill the him to 
      complete the mission.  You should also take the opportunity to stealth kill 
      the general towards your grim reaper perk.  
    A1.004 - the Black Market
    Speak with Santos to start this mission. 
    > Objective: Get Explosives At Shop
      After Speaking With Santos go and grab some free grenades and dynamite.  
    > Objective: Sabotage The Tower
      You need to use the dynamite to blow up the tower
    > Objective: Kill The General
      Lure the generals two soldiers away then you can stealth kill him towards 
      the Grim Reaper perk.  
    > Objective: Destroy The Armoured Car
      Use the dynamite to blow up the armoured car.  
    > Objective: Return To Santos  
      Return to Santos to complete the mission.
    A1.005 - Grand Theft Limo
    Speak to Santos to start this mission.  You have to steal a generals car and 
    deliver it to the slaughterhouse.  
    > Objective: Find Lutz's Car
      If you head to the position on the map you'll find it in a small compound 
      that's off limit.  Climb up the building, avoiding being seen.  Go across the 
      rooftop and you'll spot several soldiers inside the courtyard.  The objective 
      will then update.
    > Objective: Steel Lutz's Car
      If you have the silenced pistol use that to shoot the officer then take out 
      the other soldiers.  If you don't shoot the officer he'll make off in the car 
      and you'll fail the mission (eventually).  When the yard is clear you can get 
      in the car and drive it outside.  You'll probably sound the alarm but you can 
      outrun it or get out the car and clear the alarm.  
    > Objective: Take The Car To The Garage
      Once you are in the car just take it to the slaughterhouse and the checkpoint 
      outside the garage.  
    > Objective: Talk To Santos
      Talk to Santos to complete the mission.  This opens up the garage to you 
      where you can store cars.  
    A1.006 - Liberty Or Death
    Talk to Luc at the Slaughterhouse to start this mission.  
    > Objective: Get To the Holding Cells
      Follow the map to area shown on the map.
    > Objective: Unlock Crochet's Cage
      When you get there you need to unlock the leader Crochets cage.  If you 
      haven't done already you should take out all the sniper nests around the area.
      Inside the "prison" there are a 4 guards and 2 Gestapo agents.  You should be 
      able to pick off the single patrolling guard and Gestapo agent near Crochet's 
      cell.  You can then take out the other Gestapo agent and the final 3 guards.
      If you set the alarm off you can use the alarm point in the west or just run 
      and come back.  Now go to Crochet's cage and open the door.
    > Objective: Unlock The Other Cages
      Unlock the three other cages to complete the mission.  When you go back and 
      talk to Luc you can unlock the backup strike (F3 then left mouse button on 
      the road)
    A1.007 - Belly Of The Beast (optional Mission)
    Talk to Le Crochet in the slaughterhouse to start this side mission.  He wants 
    you to kill the general that took his hand and killed his men.  
    > Objective: Go To The Red Light District
      Head on over to the red light district as marked on the map.
    > Objective: Deliver The Message To Gower
      You need to get near enough to Gower to deliver Crochet's message.  You 
      should take out his 3 guards which will most likely trigger the alarm.  Use 
      one of the brothels to cancel it.  When he's all alone use the rooftops to 
      sneak up on him, when you get close enough you'll deliver the message.
    > Objective: Kill Colonel Gower
      You now have to kill Gower quickly before he sounds the alarm.  
    A1.008 - Doppelganger (optional Mission)
    Talk to Crochet again at Les Halles.  He wants you to kill a Libyan diplomat.  
    > Objective: Meet Legion Contact
      Head to the place marked on the map to meet your contact.  Speak to Katz and 
      watch the cutscene.
    > Objective: Get The Sniper Rifle
      After speaking to Katz you need to grab the sniper rifle behind Katz.
    > Objective: Go To The Place Des Vosges
      Once you have the sniper rifle head to target on the map.
    > Objective: Reach The Vantage Point
      You need to climb to the roof on the north side of the well guarded area.  If 
      you raise the alarm before the target arrives you'll fail mission.  You will 
      see several targets.  the one you want has a red armband, thatís your target. 
      kill him.  However you still need to take out the 3 others to be sure.  I 
      would suggest taking out the 4 corner tower guards before shooting any of the 
    > Objective: Escape The Nazi's
      When you kill him you will raise the alarm so escape the alarm to complete 
      the mission.  You should use the telephone wires to help your escape.  
    A1.009 - Unforgiving Sins (optional mission)
    Go to the Belle and speak with father Dennis inside.  He'll ask you to kill a 
    Gestapo informant at his church.  
    > Objective: Go To St. Eustache Church
      Head to the church marked on the map.
    > Objective: Sneak To The Vantage Point
      You need to climb up the south side of the church.  To do this climb the 
      buildings north of the church and use the wire to cross to the upper part 
      then make your way around to the south side of the church.
    > Objective: Watch For Denis's Signal
      When you get to the place a cutscene will happen.  You can pick up the 
      sniper rifle on you left if you need it.  Zoom in near to father Dennis and 
      wait for his sign.  
    > Objective: Kill The Informant
      After 3 waves of men come up one will have a red marker over his head.  Shoot 
      him.  Alternatively you can make your way down to the front of the church 
      and follow the informant then kill him quietly.
    > Objective: Escape Nazi Retribution
      If you're caught you'll have to escape the alarm.  
      NOTE: If you're like me and looking to kill no civilians don't do this 
            mission because the informant is classed as an civilian.
    A1.010 - Wrath Of God (optional mission)
    Meet Father Dennis inside the church north of Montmarte to start this mission.
    he wants you to kill a Gestapo officer.  
    > Objective: Get in a car
      Dennis asks you to get a car, a fast car if possible.  Head to your garage 
      and get the Altair (you'll need a two seater car).
    > Objective: Bring Dennis To The Embassy
      Drive Dennis to the embassy marked on the map in Belleville.
    > Objective: Drop Off Dennis Outside The Embassy
      You need to drive him inside the courtyard and he'll get out and go inside 
      the building.  
    > Objective: Prepare To Escape
      While Dennis is inside turn the car around ready to escape.
    > Objective: Escape the Nazis
      When Dennis comes out the building will explode so you need to get out of 
      there as quickly as possible then evade the alarm.
    > Objective: Drop Off Dennis
      When you have lost the Nazi's drop off Dennis at the point shown on the map.
    A1.011 - Red Wedding (optional mission)
    Meet Father Dennis inside the church north of Montmarte to start this mission.
    He wants you to kill the Gestapo officer who escape the bomb blast,
    > Objective: Go To The Wedding Location
      Drive to the wedding as marked on the map.  It's in the Parc Des Buttes 
    > Objective: Cross The Bridge
      When you arrive at the park your next objective is to cross the bridge, just 
      run across.  
    > Objective: Choose A Hiding Spot
      When you get to the other side of the bridge you need to choose a hiding spot.
      Best spot is behind the small gazebo.  Before hiding make some preparations:
      - on the left side of the gazebo near the pillar is where the Nazi 
        congregation will sit.  Plant 1 RDX here.
      - on the bridge you came in on plant a couple of RDX charges, this is for 
        the Nazis that will rush along the bridge. 
    > Objective: Kill The Nazi's
      You need to kill the Gestapo agent and the 6 other Naziís on the left side 
      of the congregation.  Use the RDX to kill the Nazis in the congregation.  If 
      Father Dennis doesn't kill the Gestapo guy help him out.  You'll get some 
      colour back to the are for completing this.  
    > Objective: Escape The Nazi Retribution
      Several Nazi's will arrive over the bridge, you need to escape the alarm.  I 
      like to help out father Dennis so run towards the bridge and use the RDX to 
      kill the Naziís coming over.  Kill the other Naziís that came over the 
      smaller footbridge then escape the alarm.
    A1.012 - Special Delivery
    Speak with Veronique in the slaughterhouse to start this mission.  She want 
    you to drive her whilst she delivers a package.  
    > Objective: Get In A Car
      Get the Altair from your garage.
    > Objective: Pick Up The Package
      Drive to the place marked on the map
    > Objective: Wait For Veronique
      Wait outside for Veronique
    > Objective: Deliver Veroniqueís Package
      When Veronique gets back into the car you need to drive to the next spot 
      marked on the map.  
    > Objective: Wait For Veronique
      Wait outside for Veronique
    > Objective: Escape The Nazis
      The bomb will cause an alarm and unless you're lucky you'll need to escape it.
    > Objective: Bring Veronique To La Villette
      When you've lost the Nazi's you need to drop off Veronique back at the 
    > Objective: Have Words With Luc
      Go inside the slaughterhouse and talk with Luc.
    A1.013 - Slipped Me A Mickey
    Head over to Le Harve to meet Skylar, you'll watch a long cutscene where you 
    will meet a British agent called Bishop.  You'll agree to help him.  Nothing 
    else needs to be done to complete this mission,
    A1.014 - Legio Pasria Nostra (optional mission)
    Meet Crochet again.  He wants you to destroy a zeppelin and some supplies 
    bound for the Germans in north Africa.
    > Objective: Go To Palias Royal
      Head to the Palias Royal marked on the map.
    > Objective: Destroy The Palias Royal
      You'll have several objectives marked on the map that you need to destroy
      - Nazi Fuelling Satiation (x3)
      - Small Zeppelin          (x4)
      - Nazi Rocket            (x1)
      - Large Zeppelin          (x1)
      The small zeppelins can be shot with the sniper rifle.  The large zeppelin 
      needs to be blown up using RDX or dynamite.  The fuelling stations can be 
      grenaded and the Nazi rocket will need to be blown up.  You'll have to kill 
      all the guards inside to get to the targets.  When everything is destroyed 
      you'll complete the mission.  
    A1.015 - Buried Secrets
    Meet Skylar outside the cemetery.
    > Objective: Investigate The Mausoleum
      Go through the hole in the wall to sneak inside.  Wait for the Nazi's to stop 
      talking then stealth kill them.  Grab a uniform off one of the bodies then 
      head east north along the north wall.  You need to take out single patrolling 
      guard then the two guards in the far corner.  You should also take out the 
      guard in the tower here too.  
      Now head to the mausoleum along its northern side.  Stealth kill the two 
      guards near the fire and then the guard in the tower if there is one.  
      Some more guards may turn up to investigate the bodies so avoid these.  
      Wait for the them to return to their positions at the front of the mausoleum.
      Go around the south side near the second tower and stealth kill a single Nazi 
      by the fire.
      Go back to the fire along the northern side and use a silenced pistol to kill 
      the two soldiers in the sturmwagen.  You can now sneak in disguised and find 
      the open crypt.  
    > Objective: Go To The Underground
      When you get inside the building your objective will change to go underground.
    > Objective: Go Deeper Into The Crypt
      Climb down the ladder in the open crypt and follow the tunnels down.
    > Objective: Kill The Nazi's In The Crypt
      After overhearing the conversation you'll need to kill all 8 Naziís marked 
      on the map.  
    > Objective: Approach The Box
      Go into the crypt and to the box marked on the map.  This will trigger a 
    > Objective: Get In The Truck
      You'll appear outside the mausoleum with Skylar and need to escape in the 
    > Objective: Exit The Cemetery
      You need to drive the truck out the cemetery
    > Objective: Go To The Ambush Spot
      You need to drive the truck to the ambush spot.  Get out and kill as many 
      Naziís as you can.  when enough have been killed (around 10 or so) the 
      fightback mission will succeed.  
    > Objective: Get In The Truck
      Skylar will tell you that more soldiers will arrive soon so get back in the 
    > Objective: Deliver The Box
      You then need to drive the truck (carefully) to the Belle garage marked on 
      the map.  This will complete the mission.
    A1.016 - A Trip Up The Coast
    Go into your room at the Belle and talk to Skylar to start this mission.
    > Objective: Exit the Belle
      Leave the Belle by the back entrance.  
    > Objective: Get In The Car
      Get in to Skylars the car, the Drake, just outside the garage.
    > Objective: Drive To le Harve With Skylar
      You need to drive the car to Le Harve avoiding the Nazi checkpoints.  Stop 
      at the marker to complete this easy mission.  
    A1.017 - Vive La Vengeance
    When you head into the church a cutscene will trigger the start of this mission.
    > Objective: Exit Le Harve HQ
      Exit the church.
    > Objective: Get Stolen Truck
      Outside the church Skylar will speak with you again and tell you about a 
      truck at the docks.  Go and get the truck.
    > Objective: Enter The Citadel
      Drive the truck to the citadel carefully drive up to the gate, instead of 
      blowing it up just enter through the hole in the south wall.
    > Objective: Get Past Gate
      Once inside the first gate you need to get through the next gate.  Head up 
      the stairs and walk past the sniper at the top.  Head up the stairs on the 
      south passing the guard.  Take out the sniper here and the guard.  
    > Objective: Climb Tower
      Next you need to climb the  inner bell tower.  I recommend climbing the east 
      face.  At the top use the silenced pistol to take out the German looking 
      over the courtyard.  There is another German near who you'll probably want 
      to take out too.
    > Objective: Descend Stairs
      Make your way down the stairs to the ground floor taking out two more 
      soldiers blocking your way.
    > Objective: Board Zeppelin
      You need to make your way west along the hallway, killing the two flamethrower
      Germans on the way.  In the courtyard kill the two Germans on the ground floor
      level.  Take the stairs up to the right.  There are three guards here, sneak 
      past the first and second into the fenced off room.  Using the wall as cover 
      use the silenced pistol to take out the third soldier.  You'll probably set 
      the alarm off at some point so kill the other two soldiers.  
      Next to the stairs up is a soldier on a machine gun so take him out quickly 
      along with the sniper on the top floor.  Take out 3 more Germans on the south 
      side of the first floor.  You should be able to see the top of another 
      machine gunner on the next floor.  Kill him before going to the second floor.
      Take out two guys on the second floor then proceed up the metal stairs but 
      get ready to come back down to cover.  Kill the four German infantry man and 
      the 2 snipers.
      Finally head up the stairs, kill the officer and the flamethrower German.  
      Then proceed up into the zeppelin.  
    > Objective: Search The Cockpit	
      Enter the cockpit and watch the cutscene.
    > Objective: Enter The Zeppelin Hull
      Go into the front of the cockpit then to the ladder, another small cutscene.
    > Objective: Get Dierker
      Go forward along the walkway, watch explosion and jump over the hole.  Climb 
      the ladder and keep going forward.  Another explosion leaves the way blocked.
      Jump up and you'll grab a cable, shimmy forward until you come to another 
      ladder and climb that.  Follow path and jump over hole again.  Keep going 
      until you find a big ladder and climb it.  Then jump up and use the line to 
      continue forward.  Watch the cutscene and the mission ends.  
    A1.018 - Behind The Convent Gate (optional mission)
    Talk with Wilcox in the church to start this mission.  He wants you to blow up 
    an old abbey.  
    > Objective: Go To L'Ossusaire
      Drive to L'Ossuaire, its on the other side of the map east of Lorainne.  
    > Objective: Destroy L'Ossusaire
      You need to destroy several targets marked around the abbey.  You'll want to 
      take out the guy in the tower by the gate to grab his uniform, makes sneaking 
      around inside the abbey easier.
      - Nazi Radar Emplacement (x3)
      - Nazi Radio Tower       (x6)
      - Nazi radio Controls    (x5)
      When all the targets are destroyed you'll complete the mission.
    A1.019 - Better Dying Through Chemistry (optional mission)
    Talk with Wilcox in the church to start this mission.  He wants you to 
    investigate a chemical factory in Bercy (yes another long journey)
    > Objective: Go To The Chemical Factory
      Exit the church and head to the chemical factory in Bercy, marked on the map.
    > Objective: Destroy The Chemical Factory
      You need to destroy several targets marked on your map.  Grenades and 
      Dynamite will work in taking out the targets, the bigger targets needing 
      dynamite. There are enough crates of ammo dotted around if you need any more.
      - Nazi Chemical Tank (x24)
      You should blow up any guard houses because these will spawn Germans should 
      you trigger alarms.  They won't if they've been blow up.
      I would stealth kill the machine gunner guarding the street entrance and 
      steel his uniform.  There is another machine gunner in the middle of the 
      south section so take him out too.  There is one more machine gunner outside 
      the big building looking towards the river that you will need to take out too.
      Inside the building is a machine gunner looking towards the river and another 
      looking the opposite way  on the opposite side of the building.  There are 
      also 10 patrolling guards.  You should be careful with explosions because 
      the targets are packed in groups and you can be caught in the blast if 
      you're unlucky.  
      Once you have destroyed all the tanks the mission is complete.
    A1.020 - Rare Pleasure
    Head back to the slaughterhouse to speak with Veronique, a small cutscene will 
    play and you'll complete this interlude.  
    A1.021 - Family Feud
    Head to the back of the Belle and speak to Vittore.  The interlude will complete
    after the conversation.
                                     07.03 - ACT 2
    A2.001 - A Whisper Or A Roar
    Talk to Luc at the slaughterhouse and he'll tell you that you should speak to 
    Santos to get some forged papers so you can access to the west side of the city.
    Speak to Santos and he'll offer to give you forged papers if you blow up some 
    Nazi supply trucks.
    > Objective: Get To The Convoy
      Go to the point marked on the map to find the convoy, it not far in the Canal 
      St. Martin.  When you arrive you'll trigger a small cutscene.  
    > Objective: Destroy The Supply Truck (0/3)
      Your objective is to destroy the 3 supply trucks.  You have a couple of 
      - Use the AA guns
      - Grab a German disguise and plant some bombs
      - Use a Bauer fuel truck, pack it with RDX explosives and explode it from a 
      I choose the stealthy way.  Grab a uniform and walk around the back of the 
      hut.  You can plant an RDX on the truck furthest south without being seen.  
      Grab a vehicle and set an RDX charge on the side then drive it the one at 
      the northern end and park it.  Your suspicion will go up but you can walk 
      away with triggering the alarm.  Get in position, lose the uniform and 
      trigger the remote.  
    A2.002 - Papiere Bitte
    Go back and speak with Santos.  He'll tell you he wants more money for the 
    papers.  If you don't have any contraband you'll need to go and do some 
    freeplay targets.  He wants 250 give it to him for the papers.  You now have 
    access to Paris zone 2
    A2.003 - Jailbreak
    After talking to Luc he'll ask you to meet with the another resistance leader, 
    Margot.  Head over and talk to her.  She won't trust you unless you break one 
    of her men out of prison.  
    > Objective: Approach The Holding Area
      Head to the area marked on the map
    > Objective: Free Bryman From Cell
      Bryman is being held in a cell in the middle of the D shaped building in the 
      Champs Elyesse.  Go around to the south west side of the building to the 
      small scaffolding is.  Climb up the ladder and jump across to the wall on the 
      right.  Climb up onto the walkway, you may have to go left at the top of the 
      roof to avoid being seen.  Stealth kill the sniper on the walkway and grab 
      his uniform.  There are 3 more snipers around the outer edge, one on each 
      There are six guards patrolling the upper walls, you'll need to take these 
      guys out.  Take the ones out on the top walkways then the next level down.  
      You'll also want to take out the two sniper towers.  When you've cleared the 
      roof you can go to the east side and snipe the Gestapo guy, two machine 
      gunners and 2 soldiers.  There are two flamethrower soldiers in the inner 
      courtyard that need to be killed.  This should clear a path out.  
      Make your way down via the ladders into the courtyard via one of the ladders.
      Open the door to Brymans cell.
    > Objective: Escape the Nazi's
      If you have an alarm then you have to escape the Naziís, if you have a 
      uniform just grab a car and drive clear of the alarm.  
    > Objective: Get Bryman Back To Boulogne
      Go through the east exit and use the switch on the door to open the gate.  
      Grab a car and lose the disguise then drive Bryman back to the target shown 
      on the map to complete the mission.
    A2.004 - Fahrenheit Four Fifty (optional mission)
    Talk to Margot to start this mission.  She wants you to kill General Loder who 
    is burning books.  
    > Objective: Get To The Arc De Triomphe
      Make your way to the spot marked on the map.
    > Objective: Kill General Loder  
      The general is in a fire tank and there are loads of Nazis around.  The 
      easiest way to kill him is to grab a vehicle and put some RDX on it.  Launch 
      it at the tank and jump out of the vehicle.  Et voilla, one dead general.
      If you 're having trouble any of the rocket launching weapons will do the 
    A2.005 - Bulletproof (optional mission)
    Margot wants you to kill Herr Boeckman of the Reichs ministry.  He's been 
    smuggling art out of France.  
    > Objective: Go To The Grand Palais
      Head to the spot marked on the map
    > Objective: Take The Elevator To The Roof
      Go to the building and get on the lift and use it to get to the roof.  If 
      you mess this up like I did you can use the ladders and scaffolding next to 
      it to get to the roof.  
    > Objective: use The Radio
      Make your way to the radio but watch out because there is a soldier 
      patrolling near to the radio.  Stealth kill him If you haven't got one 
      already pick up the panzershrek before using the radio.
    > Objective: Kill general Boeckman
      When his car passes in front of you use the panzershrek to blow it up.  One 
      shot should do it.  
    > Objective: Escape The Nazi's
      This will trigger a base alarm, no problems because there is an alarm disable 
      box close on the way back to the lift.  Use it and the mission will complete.
    A2.006 - Symphony Of Destruction (optional mission)
    Margot will ask you to destroy a tower that has been polluting the airways with 
    fascist drivel.  
    > Objective: Get To The Louvre
      Make your way to the point marked on the map.  
    > Objective: Destroy Transmission Tower
      The transmission tower is in the back of courtyard at ground level.  You'll 
      need to grab a uniform because you'll be trespassing.  There is a tank 
      patrolling the area to and that'll make short work of you if you're spotted.  
      There are also several guards armed with panzershreks.  You should walk into 
      the courtyard and trap the fuel truck.  Drive this to the tower and park up.
      Get a safe distance away and blow it up to complete the mission.
    A2.007 - The Big Gun
    Go meet Luc in the Opera District.  He'll tell you about some resistance men 
    that Dierker captured and killed.  He'll then tell you to speak with Bryman.
    He'll give you some RDX if you don't have any and tell you must destroy 
    the gun.  
    > Objective: Get To The Cannon Courtyard
      Enter the little alley just behind you to start the mission.  You have a 
      couple of choices:
      - Go through the enemies and take them out as you encounter them
      - Grab a uniform and sneak past most of them
      - My sneaky method
    > Objective: Sabotage The Cannon
      A countdown will begin and you must destroy the cannon before it runs out.
      You have plenty of time and can kill the cannon operator to stop the 
      countdown.  My method is to climb the building and follow it around to the 
      right.  Stay on the edge of the building out of the trespassing area as 
      possible.  When you can see the operator in the white coat near the cannon 
      use a sniper rifle to kill him.  This will trigger an alarm.  Climb down 
      the building and run away until the alarm ends.  Now go to the corner of 
      the building where the cannon is.  Climb the side not facing the 
      checkpoint.  When you get to the top you can climb over the rail and 
      plant 1 RDX charge.  Climb down the building and detonate the charge.  
      Destroying the gun triggers a level 4 alarm.  If you stay out the city you 
      can out run it fairly easily.  The mission will complete the alarm will 
      remain until you die or get rid of it.
    A2.008 - Rolling Thunder
    Go speak with Bishop and then with Skylar.  She'll tell you that you're 
    going to rescue someone from a train then put the train over a cliff.  
    > Objective: Drive Skylar To Bridge
      After you have spoken with Skylar get in her car and drive to the bridge 
      marked on the map.  
    > Objective: Go To The Bridge
      When you arrive Skylar will tell you to plant the explosive in the weak 
      spots on the bridge and then the last on the track.  Before heading to 
      the bridge secure a Nazi uniform.  There is a truck and a single guard 
      you can take one from.  This will be useful because you'll be trespassing.
      Head to the bridge.
    > Objective: Plant Explosives On Struts (0/4)
      You'll need to place an RDX bomb on each strut marked on the map.  There 
      are several Germans guarding the bridge.  Take out the first guy with a 
      stealth kill.  Climb up the ladder and place the first RDX charge.
      Climb over the beam to the other side, drop down behind the next patrolling 
      guard and stealth kill him.  Select the RDX, jump up and shimmy along the 
      structure to place the next bomb.
      Drop down and proceed all the way to the end.  Stealth kill the furthest 
      guard.  That should leave one more guard under the bridge in this area 
      so stealth kill him too.  You can now lay the third charges without 
      anyone bothering you.
      Jump across and up the walkway.  You'll see more 5 guards in this upper 
      level. Wait a bit and they'll all become stationary apart from one guard.  
      Climb up the beam so you can cross to the other side of the bridge.  Wait 
      for the guard to pass then follow him to the outer corner and stealth kill 
      him.  Annoyingly you may get a couple more guards form above.  make your 
      way to the top of the bridge and kill them with the pistol from above.  
      You should be able to stealth kill the others.  Finally when bridge is 
      clear plant the last charge.  
    > Objective: Plant Trigger On Tracks
      Go up to the tracks and stealth kill any guards, might be 1 or two max.
      Place the charge on the tracks where marked.
    > Objective: Rendezvous With Skylar
      Go back and meet up with Skylar.
    > Objective: Rendezvous With Wilcox
      Get in car and drive to the station to met up with Wilcox.
    > Objective: Talk To Wilcox
      Go up to Wilcox and he'll explain the plan further.  You need to cut 
      communications on the train then rescue Kessler.
    > Objective: Enter The Train Yard
      Before you head to the marker get a uniform of the lone patrolling guard on 
      the edge of the train yard.  Go into the train yard to the trains thatís just 
      pulled in.
    > Objective: Get On Train
      You need to get onto the train marked on the map.  This will be trespassing 
      so be careful.  Climb on the train three cars out the station.  The train 
      will start moving.
    > Objective: Sabotage The Radio Car
      Place an RDX charge on the radio car.
      Now you can do the next bit in one of two ways:
      - Work your way along the train killing people as you go
      - Jump off the train and outside the trespass zone.  Eventually you'll catch 
        it up.  
    > Objective: Get To The Next Carriage  
      Jump to the car in front and start to work your way down the train.  If you 
      choose this option
    > Objective: Go To The Engine Car
      You now need to make your way to the front of the train and get on the engine 
      car.  I am assuming you're running alongside the train.  You should be able 
      to make it to the first bridge before the train does.  Get ready using the 
      yellow pin as a guide and drop onto the engine car.  
    > Objective: Kill Conductor
      Get your silenced pistol and kill the guard then the conductor (the conductor 
      is unarmed).
    > Objective: Jam The Throttle
      Before doing this you have unlimited time in which to complete the mission 
      so get off the train, climb up behind the two guys in the car behind and 
      stealth kill them.  Then use the sniper rifle to take out the 3-4 guards 
      another two cars back.  
      Use the throttle lever to star the train again.  Then run back two cars and 
      drop down to the door.  
    > Objective: Enter The Prison Car
      Enter the door and watch the cutscene.
    > Objective: Meet Up With Skylar
      Go over and talk to Skylar.
    > Objective: Go To Slaughterhouse HQ
      After talking with Skylar you suggest a place to stay and will drive all 
      three back to slaughterhouse HQ.
    > Objective: Enter Slaughterhouse HQ
      Go into the slaughterhouse and watch the cutscene to complete the mission.
    A2.009 - Set Up Us The Bomb (optional mission)
    Get this mission from Wilcox in the church HQ in La Harve.  he wants you to 
    head to Chateau Chambord and take out a rocket site.
    > Objective: Go to Chateau De Chambord
      Head over to the chateau marked on the map.
    > Objective: Destroy Chateau De Chambord
      When you arrive your targets will be shown with the yellow pegs:
      - Nazi Power Converter (x12)
      I would take out the soldier on the west side first and grab his uniform.
      I would suggest you take out the guards first before destroying the power 
      structures because more guards will spawn from guard huts on the upper south 
      east and west walkways.  
      The 3 generators around the west and north side only have a single guard.  
      There are 3 near the east generator but you can easily stealth kill these 
      Now to the two upper walkways to the south.  The one in the south east corner 
      has 3 guards.  The south west has a single guard.  There is a guard hose near 
      the south west generator.
      The inner courtyard west has three guards.  The inner courtyard east has 2 
      guards and a guard house.
      The four on top of the house all have no guards, with the exception of one 
      guard on the north roof.  
      When you have taken all the guards out lay remote bombs on each then detonate 
      from in the middle of the front courtyard.  You'll have to move near the 
      front of the house to trigger those bombs.  
      Finally to the rocket.  There are only two guards patrolling on the rocket 
      and a guard house  close to the western wall .  You can sneak in and plant 
      a bomb or just take these last two out with the silenced pistol.  
    A2.010 - Pft Pft Pft
    Talk to Veronique for this interlude.
    A2.011 - Hard Bargain
    Speak to Luc and he'll ask you to speak with Santos to get some papers to get 
    you into zone 3.  Pay him 500 contraband and you now have access to all 
    checkpoints on the map.  
    A2.012 - South Of The Seine
    Go back and speak with Shaun, He'll accompany you to see a guy called Duval 
    > Objective: Get In A Car
      Go outside and grab a two seater, wait for Luc to get in.
    > Objective: Take Luc To The Meeting
      Drive Luc to the meeting marked on the map.
    > Objective: Meet With Mingo And Bonnaire
      Get out the car and go to the meeting with Luc
    > Objective: Talk To Mingo And Bonnaire
      Speak with Mingo and Bonnaire	
    > Objective: Fend Off The Ambush
      During the conversation you'll be ambushed by Germans.  Kill them.  
    > Objective: Get Back In Car
      When you have kill the Germans get in a four seater car.
    > Objective: Pick Up The Resistance Leaders
      Get in the four seater conveniently parked by the park.
    > Objective: Escape The Nazi's
      You now need to evade the alarm.  
    > Objective: Take The Leaders To The Catacombs
      When you have evaded the alarm drive them to the catacombs marked on the map.
      This completes the mission and opens up a new HQ.  
    A2.013 - Loose Lips (optional mission)
    To Mingo and he'll tell you about his ex girlfriend Francine and how she is 
    an informant for the Naziís.  She's a singer and will be performing at an 
    outdoor concert.  He wants her dead and his locket back.
    > Objective: Find Francine
      You need to head to the place on the map not far away.  When you get anywhere 
      near the courtyard a cutscene will play and Francine will appear.
    > Objective: Kill Francine
      Approach over the southwest and stealth kill the single patrolling guard.
      Grab his uniform.  Beware if you trip the alarm Francine will escape.
      Take out the second patrolling guard up here.  Kill her with a silenced 
      weapon, the new viper in the shop is good for this.  
    > Objective: Recover Francine's Locket
      You need to go and retrieve the locket from the body.  First thing is to 
      turn off the alarm.  Even if you're not scene and you have your uniform it 
      will be going off so use one of the alarm boxes.  Drop into the courtyard, 
      be careful to avoid triggering too much suspicion.  Walk to the stage and 
      pick up the locket.
    > Objective: Return The Locket To Mingo
      Walk back to the ladder and upto the roof then return to Mingo.  Talk to 
      him and this completes the mission
    A2.014 - The Hunter Or The Hunted
    Speak to Mingo again and he now wants you to kill Francine's German lover 
    known as the "wolf".  He has dispatched a team to kill him and he wants you 
    to join them.
    > Objective: Talk To The Resistance Commander
      Head to the commander marked on the map.  Speak to him and an alarm will 
      be triggered.
    > Objective: Kill The Snipers
      You need to kill the 3 Nazi snipers.  Climb up the building on the corner 
      and make your way to the trapdoor to get rid of the alarm.  The resistance 
      will kill some of the snipers so take out the ones they don't kill.
    > Objective: Kill The Nazi General
      The general will come out of a door and be guarded by a machine gunner.
      You can slot him with the sniper rifle from a distance.
    > Objective: Escape The Nazi's
      You now need to escape the alarm, head to any of the hiding places 
      marked on the rooftops to complete the mission.
    A2.015 - The Bavarian Candidate (optional mission)
    Speak with Kwong in the catacombs HQ and he'll tell you about a Nazi he 
    has conditioned into assassinating a Gestapo officer called "Bauer".  You 
    have to drive him and make sure he completes the job.  
    > Objective: Meet Up With The Nazi
      Exit the catacombs.
    > Objective: Get In A Car
      Grab a two seater car.
    > Objective: Pick Up The Brainwashed Nazi
      Drive to the Naziís location, literally just around the corner and pick him 
    > Objective: Drop Off The Brainwashed Nazi
      Driver Colonel Spitz to the HQ marked on the map.
    > Objective: Wait For The Brainwashed Nazi
      Wait in the car for the Nazi.  
    > Objective: Kill Bauer
      As usual its gone "tits up" as Sean would say and you need to kill Bauer 
      yourself.  Get out the car and run to the brothel just north to cancel the 
      alarm.  Now grab a uniform and climb up onto the roof via the drainpipe.
      Make your way to the building at the back and kill the general from the roof.
    > Objective: Escape The Nazi's
      If your trigger the alarm you'll need to evade it to complete the mission.
    A2.016 - Guardian Angel (optional mission)
    Go and speak with Kwong again in Chinatown.  he's attending a meeting but 
    expects two Gestapo assassins will try and kill him.  He wants you to watch 
    for them and kill them before they kill him.
    > Objective: Go To St. Sulpice
      Head to the spot marked on the map.
    > Objective: Climb To The Terrace
      You need to climb up to the roof of the building.  Take the drainpipe on the 
      south side to lower roof.  Head west and climb ladder to next level.  Head 
      north and then east and take the ladder up to the next part of the roof.
      Take out the two Nazi snipers here.
    > Objective: Give The Radio Signals
      Use the radio in the corner of the roof to signal Kwong
    > Objective: Keep An Eye On Kwong
      Kwong will cross the square to meet his contact, wait for the spotter to 
      report anything suspicious.  
    > Objective: Kill The First Assassin
      Take out the first sniper who appears on the building to the left.  
    > Objective: Kill The Second Assassin
      Another sniper will appear on the building to the right so take him out too.  
    > Objective: Protect Kwong's Escape
      Then 3 more agents will run across the square to kill him.  take these out as 
      well to complete the mission.  
    A2.017 - Deutschland uber Phallus (optional mission)
    Go to Chinatown and speak to Kwong.  He wants you to destroy the massive AA 
    gun in the Pantheon dome.
    > Objective: Go To Pantheon
      Follow the marker on the map to get to the Pantheon.
    > Objective: Enter The Pantheon
      You need to grab a Nazi uniform in case you're spotted trespassing.  Head 
      over the point marked on the map and enter the building.
    > Objective: Reach The Top Of The Pantheon
      Avoid the patrolling guard and head into the map room.  Make your way to 
      the right and behind the single Nazi you need to circle back around and use 
      the lift on the left side to ascend to the upper level.
      Make your way to the opposite side of the walkway and stand on the big 
      square lift and use it to ascend.  If you mess this up like I did you can 
      walk up the ladder near the guard.  You won't cause and alarm provided you 
      don't run.  
      Head right and onto the next lift and use it to head upto the next level.
    > Objective: Destroy The Uber Gun
      Climb up the ladder under the giant clockwork gear.  Head around to climb up 
      another ladder then a third ladder to get to the gun.  Stealth kill the 3 
      guards and then climb up the ladder.  Plant a couple of RDX charges on the 
      gun by the marker and detonate them to complete the mission.  
      You can use the zip line to escape to the lower roof if you want.
    A2.018 - Repo Man
    Speak to Vittore to start this mission.  He tells you that Eckhart has the 
    Aurora so you are going to steel it back.
    > Objective: Approach The Chateau
      Drive to the Chateau marked on the map.
    > Objective: Find A Way In
      The easiest way in is along the western side.  you can simply hop over the 
    > Objective: Blow Up The Entrance
      There are loads of Naziís wandering around the courtyard so take them all 
      out.  Then plant some dynamite on the secret entrance.  
    > Objective: Find The Aurora
      Throw a grenade in the new stairs downwards to kill the two guards.  Kill 
      two more that come up the stairs and continue downwards.  Kill The remaining 
      guards in the wine cellar.  A cutscene will play when you get close enough 
      to the car.
    > Objective: Lower The Car Lift
      There are several more Nazis in the garage.  Kill them then use the switch 
      to lower the car.  
    > Objective: Escape With The Aurora
      Get in the car and escape the chateau.
    > Objective: Escape The Nazi's
      The final thing to do is to get rid of any alarm you may have.
    > Objective: Bring The Aurora To Vittore
      Drop the Aurora off with Vittore.
    A2.019 - On Your Marks...Get Set... (optional mission)
    You'll get a message from Skylar that Horst is running some races.  Go to the 
    flag on the map and talk to Horst to start the first time trial race.  
    > Objective: Find A Suitable car To Race In
      If you have collected all the race cars grab your choice from the garage.  I 
      chose the Aurora with the nitrous because it quite possibly impossible to 
      beat this without the nitrous boost.  
    > Objective: Enter The City To Start
      You have to beat the time of 1:20 and travel through the city including 
      running a road block.  
    A2.020 - Back In The Saddle (optional mission)
    Speak to Adler in the far south east of the map.
    > Objective: Find A Suitable car To Race In
      You need to turn up in the car you wish to race or call it in.  There is a 
      Beta Romero you could use.  
    > Objective: Head To The Starting Line
      The start line is west of Adler, you'll have to start at the back.   You have 
      to do 2 laps of a figure of 8 course that mostly runs through the country 
      with a small section running through Chinatown.  Just beat the other cars.  
    A2.021 - Boiling Point
    Speak to Bryman.  He has information on Maria Kessler's whereabouts.  She's 
    been held in a Hotel De Ville just south west of Bryman.  
    > Objective: get To Gestapo HQ
      Follow the map to the hotel, when you get close enough the objective will 
      You can go in all guns blazing or be more stealthy by using the telephone 
      wires from the building just north of the hotel.  I am going for the stealthy 
      method.  Grab a German uniform before entering the trespass area.
    > Objective: Enter Gestapo HQ
      Climb the building and use the telephone wires to get to the front of the 
      hotel.  Then climb upto the window and use it to get inside.
    > Objective: Search The Library
      Go forward out the room upto the Gestapo agent by the radio.  Stealth kill 
      him.  Follow the hallway around and kill another Gestapo agent at the top of 
      the stairs.  Go down the stairs two floors, beware because your suspicion 
      level will rise quickly if spotted.  You shot take out the guy in the 
      library and the other German in there.  Kill the Gestapo agent and other two 
      German soldiers on the floor below.  Enter the lower part of library and 
      kill the Gestapo agent.  Use the book marked yellow to open a secret passage.
      Kill the two Gestapo agents then head along the corridors and down the stairs.
      Kill the Gestapo agent and German guard at the bottom of the stairs.
    > Objective: Search The Basement
      Follow the corridor around and kill the Gestapo agent and four Germans 
      appear.  Continue along the corridor and kill the Gestapo agent in the 
      armoury.  Head into the next room and kill the Gestapo agent and 3 Germans 
      guards that appear.  The next room has a shed loads of Nazis inside.  There 
      are 1 Gestapo agent and 9 German soldiers.  
    > Objective: Kill Guards
      When you enter the prison area the door will lock and you'll have to kill 2 
      terror squad guard.  These guys are tough so use cover and then 
    > Objective: Finish Off The Guards
      You then need to kill 1 more terror squad guard that appears.
    > Objective: Escape Basement
      Head along the corridor and a resistance member will ask you to help him 
      escape by operating a level in the office.  
    > Objective: Open cell Doors
      Go into the office and use the level.
    > Objective: Enter Boiler Room
      When you enter the room you need to find a way through the door.  Germans 
      will continuously come through the door at the far end of the cells.  
    > Objective: Find Way Through Door
      Use dynamite on one of the boilers either side the door and it should blow it 
    > Objective: Escape Basement
      Go through the door and follow the hallway around.  Kill the German soldier 
      and Gestapo agent en route.  Head up the stairs.
    > Objective: Rescue Maria
      The building is burning down, you need to make your way through the next big 
      room.  Kill the 6 soldiers that come into the room and make your way slowly 
      towards the stairs.  Head up the stairs and kill 4 more soldiers that appear.
      Head around the corner and watch the small cutscene.  Kill the 4 soldiers and 
      terror squad soldier.  Make your way to the gap in the floor and kill the 
      Gestapo agent and soldier that appear.  Jump over the gap in the floor.  
      Kill the terror squad soldier that appears then continue along the hallway.
    > Objective: Call Elevator
      Use the elevator at the end to go upto the roof.  
    > Objective: Defeat The Terror Squad Soldiers
      Kill the 3 terror squad soldiers.  
    > Objective: Rescue Maria
      Go and speak with Maria.  
    > Objective: Get To The Escape Elevator
      Go to the elevator marked with the yellow marker.
    > Objective: Escape The Gestapo HQ
      Just head outside and when you're clear of the base the objective will update.
    > Objective: Take Maria To Slaughterhouse HQ
      Drive Maria back to the slaughterhouse HQ.  Before parking grab yourself a 
      panzershrek and make sure you have the terror sniper rifle.
    A2.022 - Lambs To The Slaughter
    When you get Maria back from the last mission all hell will break lose at the 
    > Objective: Exit Slaughterhouse HQ
      Exit through the door.
    > Objective: Get To The Fight
      Starting heading outside and the mission will update.
    > Objective: Clear The Slaughterhouse Interior
      Kill the 3 German soldiers inside the interior.
    > Objective: Defend Rear
      Kill the three German soldiers at the back of the building.
    > Objective: Stop the Sappers
      Get onto the machine gun and kill the sappers and other soldiers who arrive 
      in Nazi vehicles.  
    > Objective: Defend Front
      Head up to the front and up to the machine gun post on the left.  
    > Objective: Stop the Sappers
      This is more difficult you should try and use cover and pick off the sappers.
    > Objective: Defend The Sides
      Now they are attacking the west side, kill the Germans from cover.
    > Objective: Destroy Tank
      A tank will start to roll in from the east so you need to either run out and 
      plant a RDX charge near the entrance or use a panzershrek if you have one 
      left.  Watch a cutscene when it's been destroyed.
    > Objective: Get The Kesslerís
      Go and grab the four door car and Kesslerís and Skylar will get inside.  
    > Objective: Get The Resistance Members
      Wait for the Kesslerís and Skylar to get in.
    > Objective: Go To The Catacombs HQ
      Take a leisurely drive to the catacombs.  Watch the cutscene to complete the 
    A2.023 - Dark Reign
    Talk to Bryan at the catacombs and he'll ask you to place several wire taps 
    around the city before the storm ends.  
    > Objective: Locate The First Radio Box
      Climb up onto the roof where the first radio is located.  Press "E" to place 
      the tap.  
    > Objective: Bugs Planted (1/7)
      Now you have a timer and you need to use the telephone lines to get to the 
      next bug.  try and be stealthily killing the German's on the roof on the way.
      The final bug has a guy with a missile guarding it so be careful.  Once the 
      final bug has been placed the mission is complete.
    A2.024 - Needs Of The Few... Or The One
    Go and speak with Bryan in the sewers marked on the map.  He's found Veronique 
    and asks you to make your way into a zeppelin fuelling station.  You can catch 
    a ride  into where she is being held.
    > Objective: Infiltrate Fuelling Platform
      The fuelling station is in the middle of the river just south of where you 
      are.  You will be trespassing but that won't be a problem because you can 
      grab a uniform when you get to the station.
      Head down the sewer and you'll be directly north of the station.  Swim over 
      and climb up the ladder on the north side without being spotted by the 
      patrolling terror squad guard.  
    > Objective: Find Radio
      Take out the guard with your fists.  Its surprising easy with your fists.  
      Around the corner there are two more terror squad and a flamethrower guard.
      You'll need to shoot these guys.
      Head through the lower level and up the ladder to the next floor.  There is a 
      sniper on the very top of the station.  Just below him are 2 terror guards 
      and a single flamethrower guard.  Take out the sniper silently and then you 
      should be able to get lucky with a grenade at the guards.  This will 
      hopefully blow up a tank and kill them both.  The flamethrower guard should 
      be easy to take out.
      Climb up the ladder to the small hut where the sniper was standing on top off.
    > Objective: Radio Bryman
      Use the radio in the hut to speak to Bryman.
    > Objective: Board Zeppelin
      The zeppelin will be guarded by 3 terror guards.  You'll need to kill these 
      before you can board.  When they are dead go up to the platform outside and 
      go inside the zeppelin.  If you take too long you'll have to call another 
    > Objective: Go To Notre Dame
      The zeppelin will take you to Notre Dame so enjoy the ride until you arrive.
      Sneak up behind the officer just outside the zeppelin and stealth kill him 
      then steal his uniform.  Use the ladder down to the platform below.
    > Objective: Get To The Palace Of justice
      Follow the stairs down and stealth kill the sniper.  Climb down to the level 
      below and make your way to the edge of the building.
    > Objective: Stop Execution
      You will see a cutscene where the Naziís are reading out the names of those 
      they are going to hang.  Your target is marked in red, use a sniper rifle to 
      take him out before he kills Veronique.  he's a terror squad soldier so will 
      take a couple of shots to kill.
    > Objective: Protect Veronique
      You then need to kill the Germans that fill the courtyard to protect 
      Veronique.  Make your way down to the ground and after a while a resistance 
      member will break through the gates in a truck.  Get in the back of the truck.
    > Objective: Man The Gun
      Take over the machine gun.
    > Objective: Protect The Truck
      Use the gun to kill any Germans that chase you in vehicles.
    > Objective: Destroy The Roadblock
      After a while you'll come to a road block.  Shoot the vehicles to destroy 
      them so you can continue.  
    > Objective: Protect The Truck
      Continue onwards and keep killing motorcycles, sturmwagens and planes. 
      Eventually you'll pull up and get out the truck.
    > Objective: Get In A Car  
      Get in a car.
    > Objective: Escort Veronique
      Drive the short distance back to the HQ
    > Objective: Go To Catacombs HQ
      Enter Catacombs HQ.
    A2.025 - From the Ashes
    Basically this is a 2 lap race around Paris.  You need to win the race which 
    is easy enough to do unless you drive backwards.  Watch the cutscene at the 
    > Objective: Escape The Nazis
      Use the Eiffel tower as your escape.  Basically go up the first lift, then 
      the second.  Climb the stair and enter the bar.
    > Objective: Get To The Belle
      Grab the Altair by the fire and drive to the Belle.  Watch the cutscene to 
      end act 2.  
                                     07.04 - ACT 3
    Act two will merge into the first mission in act 3.
    A3.001 - C'est ici l'empire de la mort
    > Objective: Go Catacombs HQ
      At the start of act 3 you need to head to the catacombs HQ.  When you arrive 
      watch the cutscene with the resistance members outside the entrance.
    > Objective: Enter Catacombs
      You need to follow the map and sneak into the catacombs.  I would recommend 
      getting hold of a German uniform because the catacombs is crawling with 
      Germans.  There are two Germans patrolling the entrance just grab a uniform 
      from them.
    > Objective: Find the Resistance
      Head down the stairs at the bottom you'll come across a lone guard.  
      Alongside the main tunnels there are side tunnels with resistance markings 
      that you can use to bypass the patrolling guards.  If you kill any guards 
      stealthily or otherwise this will put the other guards on alert.
      Stealth kill the first lone guard and continue along the tunnel.  The 
      stealth kill the next two guards.  Continue along the tunnel and grab the 
      ammo if you need any.  When you get to the next resistance off tunnel two 
      more German soldiers will come up the tunnel so duck inside.  One of these 
      is a terror squad soldier and you can't stealth kill these guys.  Follow 
      them up the tunnel and they'll go all the way back to the entrance.  You 
      should be able to stealth kill the normal soldier then take out the terror 
      squad soldier with your fists.
      Head back down the tunnel until you come to an intersection.  On your left 
      is a terror squad soldier and a normal German soldier.  To the right are 3 
      German guards.  Sean will make a comment about planting an explosive to 
      bring down the roof.  Instead make sure you can see the explosive tanks on 
      the left but so the Germans can't see you.  Shoot the tanks to destroy the 
      tunnel on the left.  This will kill the guards there and two of the three 
      guards on the right.  Kill the remaining guard with your silenced machine 
      In the room that the 3 guards were in are 3 terror squad guards and two 
      officers.  Use your gun to blow up the tanks by the terror squad soldier 
      nearest the entrance to the room.  Use the silenced machine gun to take 
      out the two officers.  Try and use the other tanks in the room to take out 
      the remaining two terror soldiers.  Finally take out the lone guard in the 
      tunnel just outside the exit to the room.
      Continue along the tunnel and open the gate.  There is a single soldier 
      blocking your way along the tunnel and a terror squad further along the 
      tunnel and another German soldier.  You should get close to the first German 
      and use the silenced machine gun to kill him.  Quickly place an RDX charge 
      near his body and retreat back up the tunnel.  Use the RDX charge to kill 
      the terror squad solider who will come and investigate the body.  Then kill 
      the remaining soldier.
      Continue along the tunnel and it will break into two paths again; up and 
      down.  The upper part is the level above the lower part so I recommend you go 
      up.  You should be able to walk along the right hand side of the upper path 
      and the terror squad soldier won't become suspicious.  You can make your way 
      to the tunnel that heads down beyond.  Drop down.  You'll see a terror squad 
      soldier and a soldier in a little alcove ahead.  Sean will make the comment 
      again about using explosives to bring down the roof.  Ignore and continue 
      along the tunnel to the right to hit a checkpoint.
      Place an RDX charge behind the terror solider, retire to a safe distance and 
      blow him up.  Continue down the tunnel and you'll overhear some Germans 
      talking.  There is a terror squad soldier and a normal soldier in the room 
      with the fire.  You should kill the normal soldier with the silenced machine 
      gun first.  You should be able to kill the terror squad guard by throwing 
      in a grenade which will trigger the tanks to explode and then another 
      grenade to finish him off.  Kill the soldier who will appear from the tunnel 
      beyond.  Continue down the next tunnel to trigger the next checkpoint.
      You'll hear gunfire continue into a big cave.
    > Objective: Rendezvous With The Resistance
      You'll see the resistance shooting a terror squad soldier, just sit back and 
      watch as they kill him.  Follow the path down to the left and kill the two 
      soldiers who appear ahead.  Jump across to the path opposite and then follow 
      it around to the resistance guys.  You'll need to jump across to the path 
      upwards.  Climb up the wall and watch the cutscene.
    > Objective: Fend Of The Nazi's
      Several Germans, including terror squad soldiers, will appear opposite.  Use 
      your terror rifle to take them out one by one.  When the last one is dead a 
      cutscene will play.
    > Objective: Repel Terror Squad Attack
      You now have to take out several terror squad soldiers.  Take out the one on 
      the bridge first then head to the tunnel to take out the other three.  When 
      they're dead watch the cutscene to complete the mission.
    A3.002 - Blazing Saddles (optional mission)
    Head out into the country and meet Franz to start the race.
    > Objective: Get In A Suitable Car
      Get yourself a car.
    > Objective: Drive To The Start Line
      head up to the start line.
    > Objective: Win The Race
      This is a five lap short track race.  You should watch out for exploding 
      barrels hit one of these and race over.
    A3.003 - Deja Boom
    You will get a message from Skylar to meet you at an airstrip in the far south 
    of the map.  Head over there when you arrive a cutscene will start the mission.
    > Objective: Enter Doppelsieg
      When you arrive an level 4 alarm will be in effect.  Move forwards and take 
      out the 3 Germans that arrive in the Sturmwagen's.  Grab one of the 
      Sturmwagens and follow the yellow path.  Watch the cutscene when you get so 
      far then just keep driving to Doppelsieg.  Skylar will help you en route.  
      When you arrive inside the factory gate your objective updates.
    > Objective: Enter The Factory
      You need to head through the doorway and kill the terror squad solider.  
      Your objective will update again.
    > Objective: Rescue Maria Kessler
      Head to the doorway and take out the terror squad soldier from a safe 
      distance.  Your biggest problem from now on is Veronique running on ahead 
      and getting killed.  Head into the room and take out the terror squad guard.
      Kill the other 3 at the far end of the room.  Kill the 2 flamethrower terror 
      squad soldiers that enter the far side of the room.  Head through the next 
      room and to the hallway upwards.  Kill the two terror guards that appear 
      and the flamethrower terror squad soldier.  Continue upwards along the 
      hallways until you hit a checkpoint.  
      On the left the hallway continues and there are two terror squad soldiers to 
      take out.  Kill them and continue along the hall.  Two more terror squad 
      soldiers will come through the door at the end so take them out.  There is 
      another flamethrower terror squad soldier and a normal terror squad soldier 
      in the hallway beyond so take them out.  Follow the hallway around and take 
      out one more flamethrower terror squad soldier.  Continue to follow the 
      hallway and a cutscene will show when you reach the door with Veronique.
    > Objective: Find Dr. Kessler
      You back on your own now.  Enter the big room and follow the walkway to the 
    > Objective: Take Out The Nazi's
      You need to take out the 3 terror squad soldiers below.  One well placed 
      grenade will do the trick.
    > Objective: Find Dr. Kessler
      You need to get to the office next to where the Naziís were and when you get 
      close enough a cutscene will play.  
    > Objective: Locate The Cyclotron
      Follow Kessler and he'll try and open the door.  Use the boxes near him as 
      cover and take out the Germans from cover.  There will be 2 terror squad 
      soldiers and several normal soldiers.  There is also one sniper up high you 
      may want to take out to.  When Kessler has unlocked the door follow him to 
      the next room and watch the cutscene.
    > Objective: Trigger Off Sequence
      Kessler will tell you to go to the other control panel.  Flip the switch with 
      him on 3.
    > Objective: Destroy The Coils
      Head to the coil and plant some explosives.  After the explosion Kessler 
      will open the second coil and tell you to destroy that too.  Terror squad 
      soldiers will come out of the 2 doors in the lower room and the door on the 
      upper walkway too.  Kill them before trying to blow up the second coil.
    > Objective: Destroy The Core
      Your objective is to destroy the core now.  You'll need to plant 3 dynamite 
      near the spinning core in the middle of the room.  
    > Objective: Find Exit.
      Follow Kessler back into the room you were in before.  
    > Objective: Clear The Path For Kessler
      Kill the Germans then continue following Kessler.  He'll open a gate and a 
      cutscene will show which will complete the mission.
    A3.004 - Angel of Death
    > Objective: Talk To Veronique
      Speak to Veronique near the car.
    > Objective: Get To The Eiffel Tower
      Get in a car and head for the Eiffel Tower, avid the checkpoint on the way.  
      The Germans won't attack you apart from the odd plane strafing.  When you 
      get to the yellow checkpoint watch the cutscene.  Its just you and Dierker 
      now.  Head to the lift in the leg of the tower.
    > Objective: Take The Lift To The Second Level
      When you enter the lift take it up to the next level.
    > Objective: Go To The Next Elevator
      When you get to the second level exit the lift and make your way to the next 
      lift up.  Call the lift.
    > Objective: Take Lift To The Third Level
      Take the lift to the next level.
    > Objective: Go Upstairs To The Bar
      Use the walkway to get to the next level.  There are a couple of mad Gestapo 
      agent here, should be easy enough to kill.  Go inside the bar and up the 
      stairs to the next level.
    > Objective: Go To The Next Elevator
      Head out the bar and up to the next elevator.
    > Objective: Take The Lift to The Observation Deck
      Take the next lift upto the observation deck.
    > Objective: Kill Dierker
      No choice here, just use the pistol to shoot Dierker in the head.  This 
      completes mission and the game.  Watch the credits roll.
      You can now go back and complete any optional missions outstanding.
    {                                                                              }
    {                              END OF WALKTHROUGH                              }
    {                                                                              }

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