The collection contains Hearts of Iron II plus the Doomsday and Armageddon expansion packs, covering World War II and the Cold War to provide a value for money gaming experience for all war gaming enthusiasts. Hearts of Iron II - Set during World War II, Hearts of Iron II provides challenging and innovative gameplay in detailed historical accuracy. Players can command any World War II frontline as one of 175 countries, experiencing famous events such as the D-Day landing and Operation Barbarossa. As well as mastering battle tactics, combat techniques and technological research, players have access to an extensive global map and can interact with 12,500 historical military and political leaders brought to life through authentic portraits and different methods of war. Doomsday - The stand-alone expansion pack Doomsday enables players to relive a realistic depiction of the Allies and Axis conflict in the early years of the Cold War. New campaigns include a US/USSR invasion of Japan that allows players to command Cold War military elements such as attack helicopters, nuclear submarines, H-bombs, rocketry and jet aircraft. Espionage also plays an important role in the game, as strategically placed intelligence units can steal nuclear technology to provide their nation with the atomic edge. Armageddon - Booster pack Armageddon offers further campaigns, Abyss and Armageddon, while also including a -what if- scenario based on an alternative world map to what is known today. Players can take command as the US, Japan, Germany, Italy, Argentina and South Africa, providing hours of varied gameplay. Armageddon also features upgraded units, giving ships improved radar and fire control; and air raid defences new damage systems to allow them to fight for longer.

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