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    FAQ/Walkthrough by UltimaterializerX

    Version: 10.10 | Updated: 10/12/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    --- Playstation 3 Braid FAQ ---
    --- by UltimaterializerX <Ultimaterializer@gmail.com> ---
    --- Version 1.0, 10/10/10 ---
    +                              Table of Contents                              +
       I. Introduction
      II. Controls
     III. Walkthrough
           a. World 1
           b. World 2
           c. World 3
           d. World 4
           e. World 5
           f. World 6
           g. Braid and Epilogue
      IV. Trophy List
       V. Book Text
           a. World 1
           b. World 2: Time and Forgiveness
           c. World 3: Time and Mystery
           d. World 4: Time and Place
           e. World 5: Time and Decision 
           f. World 6: Hesitance
           g. 1
           h. Epilogue
      VI. 8 Hidden Stars
     VII. Credits/Special Thanks
    VIII. Disclaimer/Contact Information
    +                               I. Introduction                               +
    Hi all, and welcome to my Braid guide. It's been awhile since I've felt like 
    writing a guide thanks to the married life, but I fell in love with Braid so
    much I couldn't help it. Most people will just go to Youtube for help, but I
    feel like I should make my mark on the game in some way. Ergo, here I am.
    Braid is a short masterpiece of a game. You control a character named Tim as he
    searches for the princess, in a clear tribute to the original Mario Bros. But
    make no mistake, as this is anything but Mario Bros. It's a puzzle platformer
    that can really stump you at some points, and it has a really deep plot to 
    boot. I won't discuss the plot in the main guide, because I'm not too big on 
    spoilers. This guide is mainly to assist you with the puzzles, and I have the
    game script off in a separate section.
    Braid mostly takes place in the platformer phase, but you'll also have some 
    puzzles to do. They're each only 12 pieces, and you collect the pieces in each
    level. Since each puzzle is only 12 pieces, I trust you'll be able to do them
    without a guide's help. If you can't, you're beyond help anyway ;)
    Just as a quick note, it is *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED* you try and figure out all the
    puzzles for yourself. A guide for a game like this should only be used as an
    absolute LAST possible resort. Never stop thinking. Never stop trying. Always
    go outside the box. If you feel you've explored every possible avenue and still
    can't figure something out, then and only then should you seek help. Otherwise
    you would be doing yourself a disservice.
    +                                 II. Controls                                +
    These controls apply to the PS3 version of the game.
    D-Pad or Analog Stick: Moves Tim.
    Start: Pauses the game and takes you to the menu.
    Circle: Interact with objects. When you come across an object you can interact
            with, you'll see the Circle icon above Tim's head. This goes for all
            other buttons as well.
    X: Jump.
    Square: Rewind. When you die in this game (it only takes one hit from anything
            to kill you), there's no going back to a stupid menu. You can just 
            rewind time and try again. This is also the staple of many puzzles
            throughout the game.
    Triangle: Use ring. Not available until World 6.
    L1/R1: Rewind/fast forward faster while pressing Square. It goes as fast as 8x.
    Simple enough, right? The beauty of this game is in playing it, not fumbling
    around with complex control schemes. Speaking of which, let's jump right in.
    +                              III. Walkthrough                               +
    Just as a note, I'm not giving a million details like "go right" or "enter the
    first door on the cloud". It's common sense stuff. This guide, much like the
    game itself, will treat you like you have your own brain to use. Most people
    will only use this guide and ctrl + f to the puzzle piece they're having 
    trouble with, so I'm only going to list how to get each one. There's no need
    for all the "go right, jump on enemy, enter door" routines here.
    This will change later when you might *need* the little details, but not for
    the easy stuff.
    ___/ a. World 1 \______________________________________________________________
    The first world isn't an actual level. It serves more as your base of 
    operations hub than anything else. While walking through here, the game will
    introduce you to the very basic controls.
    Explore the house if you want, and take note of the ladder. The top is missing,
    but it will grow as you fully solve each world. Enter the first door when you're
    ready to get started.
    ___/ b. World 2 \______________________________________________________________
    World 2 is your basic intro level stuff. It's easy enough, with only a couple
    | World 2 - Door 1                                          Three Easy Pieces |
    The door's name really says it all. This is a basic intro level, and you'll get
    some nice pictures explaining how to jump and climb fences. The first piece you
    come across is over some spikes, but the jumps are very simple to do.
    Just before the second piece you'll see a picture explaining how to jump off
    enemies. Obviously, you'll need to hop off the enemy here so you can jump high
    enough to nab it.
    For the third piece right after this, you'll need to jump off both enemies in a
    row. If you mess up, the cannon off to the right will spit out more enemies for
    you to play with.
    | World 2 - Door 2                                           The Cloud Bridge |
    You can't go through the door without a key, but thankfully the key is right
    there in plain view. So is the first puzzle piece in this level. All you have
    to do is ride across the gap on a cloud to get it. On the other side, jump 
    across the backwards-moving clouds to get another puzzle piece.
    You can't get the other two pieces in this level yet, so just move on. We'll
    come back to this problem later.
    | World 2 - Door 3                                                      Hunt! |
    The door up top opens after you kill all six enemies, but don't rush to kill 
    them all or you'll find it impossible to get up top.
    The trick here is leaving the second enemy on the second floor alive, and using
    it as a springboard to jump across the big gap on the third floor. With that in
    mind, go clean house. If you mess up, you can always just rewind.
    With this puzzle piece, now you can go back to The Cloud Bridge and get the two
    you missed. The trick here is using the platform in the puzzle to get the enemy
    down. Go to the puzzle and move the platform piece to the top-left. If done
    right, the enemy will walk on it. When it does, go back into the puzzle real
    quick and move the piece down. The enemy will now be on the ground and you can
    springboard off of it to get the puzzle piece above the door.
    The fourth piece, you have to manipulate the platform bit by bit while you're
    on the puzzle. Just bear in mind Tim doesn't move while you're doing a puzzle
    and you should be able to figure it out. If you can't, you'll get another 
    puzzle piece later that extends this platform and makes for an easier time. You
    really shouldn't need it, though.
    | World 2 - Door 4                                              Leap of Faith |
    Really cool level here, and this plus the puzzle trick from before is the exact
    moment I fell completely in love with the game.
    The first puzzle piece you see obviously can't be reached normally. For this 
    one you'll need an enemy. Hit the switch at the top of the ladder to make a
    platform move right. Don't move it all the way or the enemy won't make it 
    across the pit. Hold it in stasis about an inch away from the cannon, then have
    it go left when the enemy lands on it. Follow it left and hop off to get your
    The next piece is awesome. You have to jump across the gap and land off an 
    enemy in midair after it gets fired from the cannon. Just look at the cannon's
    fuse to know when you'll have to jump, and there's always rewind if you mess 
    up. Rewind will be your best friend this game.
    The next piece is where the level gets its name from. Jump down into the pit,
    avoid the spike platform along the left wall and be about an inch away from the
    left wall afterwards. You'll land right on the piece.
    Last one is next to the big ladder you'll come across. Impossible to miss, just
    watch out for falling enemies. And yes, the plant in the pipe is a tribute to
    the plants in pipes from Mario.
    Congrats! World 2 is finished. Should have been no sweat at all for you. Don't
    forget to finish the puzzle.
    ___/ c. World 3 \______________________________________________________________
    World 3 is similar to 2 in that it doesn't throw a ton of crap at you in an
    effort you screw with you. It's mostly just the high end of basic puzzles. The
    true head games come later.
    Also in each world from here on will be a level called some variation of "The
    Pit", which comes before you get to read the books in the clouds. Though The
    Pit is only each world's intro tutorial level, I will be including it as the 
    first "door" for each world -- *not* the actual door 1, door 2, et al.
    | World 3 - Door 1                                                    The Pit |
    Nothing fancy here. Just hop down into the pit, kill the monster and grab the
    key. Then you rewind and exit. The point of this is to show you how an object
    glowing green -- the key and its door, in this case -- is unaffected by rewind.
    That's how you're able to travel backwards with it.
    | World 3 - Door 2                                       There And Back Again |
    If you try to get the key and run over to the door normally, a wall will end up
    in your way. The trick here is running up to get the key, then rewinding. 
    You'll go backwards with the key in tow, then easily be able to reach the door.
    | World 3 - Door 3                                                      Phase |
    This could be hard to notice depending on your TV, but only one of the cannons
    above you fires out clouds affected by rewind. So all you need to do is 
    manipulate time until the clouds line up for an easy path across to the puzzle
    piece. If you want to show off for your friends, do that part in midair.
    Rewinding in midair until clouds line up is also how you get the second piece
    here, by the way. The lower cannon fires slower.
    | World 3 - Door 4                                The Ground Beneath Her Feet |
    The first puzzle here can be tricky, but it's really cool. You have to hit the
    switch to make the platform move over, then rewind until the enemy comes back.
    The platform doesn't move back because it's immune, and the enemy safely scales
    the pit and grabs the key for you. From there you reward the dude's hard work
    by killing him, then you hit the switch again and grab your puzzle piece.
    The second puzzle here is also awesome. What you need to do is climb the ladder
    and go to the very right of the platform here, then go down and hit the switch.
    When the platform moves all the way left, rewind. You'll rewind right through
    the platform as if it isn't even there. Hop over, grab your piece, then rewind
    again to get back up.
    | World 3 - Door 5                                             Tight Channels |
    Prepare for the first uncute cat you'll ever meet.
    The first puzzle might seem impossible at first glance, but it's actually 
    really easy. Wait for the cannon up top to shoot out the rewind-immune enemy,
    then manipulate the rewind so he's able to walk all the way across. He'll jump
    down to where the puzzle piece is, and you can springboard off of him. You have
    to time this so that you're on the platform when he lands.
    After a long trek right, you'll come across a rewind-immune cannon firing shots
    down at you. Mess with time until you get the two shots here hitting each 
    other, which makes for just enough of a window to grab the puzzle piece at the 
    | World 3 - Door 6                                               Irreversible |
    You'll undoubtedly get stuck at the very first puzzle piece here, and the trick
    is entering the door and not rewinding at all. After awhile, a slow-moving 
    platform will go under the piece for you. If you rewind even once, the immune
    wall will block it. It's actually possible to bounce off of enough enemies to
    reach the top of the cannon, but I don't think you can reach the piece from up
    there on a jump down.
    Underground is a neat little door puzzle. Grab the first key and unlock the
    first door, then rewind. You'll get the key back, but the immune door stays
    open and you get to unlock the second one for a puzzle piece. Nifty.
    The second door puzzle is a bit trickier. Ignore the first key and drop down 
    the ladder further left to a hidden key. Use this time-immune key to open the
    first door, then grab the other key and use the trick from before to open the
    other two doors and grab the other puzzle piece down here.
    | World 3 - Door 7                                                       Lair |
    This game has two boss fights, but they're both pretty easy. But first thing's
    first: Jump down into the pit to grab your key and die, then rewind back up 
    with the key to open the door. 
    Next up is the boss. All you really need to remember here is you hit the boss 
    by dropping chandeliers on him. Rewinding makes the chandeliers come back, but
    the boss doesn't rewind himself. So right after you drop the boom on his head,
    rewind time for a fully repaired weapon. Even if he hits you, you can just 
    rewind and keep trying until he dies. 5 hits to win, if you couldn't tell by
    the big counter up top =p
    When he dies, he drops the key to the exit.
    | World 3 - Door 8                                                 A Tingling |
    One last door after the boss, with two tricky puzzle pieces in it. For order's
    sake, we'll do the left one first. But before you do anything, go get the key
    and use it. You'll have to hit that switch and move a platform to reach the 
    door you see.
    Done? Okay. The platform is now to the right. Climb all the way up and go left,
    the go down to that first floor platform and walk all the way to the right.
    This is setting up a path for yourself. Now go to the switch and hit it, then
    rewind and press L1 so you rewind as fast as possible. The platform is immune
    to time, so you'll end up zooming all the way to where you need to go well 
    before the platform arrives. Use it to get your puzzle piece, then move on.
    You'll have to hit the platform yet again, but who cares.
    The other piece you see here is actually really easy to get. All you have to do
    is work your way down to where the switch is and hit it to make a platform
    appear, then rewind to hop back on the fence, then hop on the platform and 
    rewind at full speed. You yourself are immune to time while on there, so you 
    won't go anywhere. Eventually, the wall blocking the puzzle piece will lift up 
    and you'll be more than close enough to get the piece before it drops down 
    But be quick about it, because this puzzle piece can be rewound. Meaning if you
    get there and can't get out before you're closed in, rewinding will put the 
    piece back and you'll have to go back to the time-immune platform and start all
    Once you have it, you're done World 3! Don't rush into finishing the puzzle
    here. Check out the 8 Hidden Stars section for the reason why.
    After getting your star, THEN do the puzzle. This is the only part of the main
    guide I have any kind of star help in, since you can't take a puzzle apart once
    you put it together -- arguably the game's lone design flaw.
    ___/ d. World 4 \______________________________________________________________
    Probably my least favorite world in the game. Basically, everything stays still
    unless you move. It's a cool gimmick, but this game has outstanding music and
    it too stops unless you move. Bummer. It also features the single biggest dick
    move of a puzzle in the entire game.
    | World 4 - Door 1                                                    The Pit |
    You'll immediately notice how this whole world works once you do The Pit. Don?t
    rush to hop off your little friend's head to the other side, because you need
    to walk right far enough for him to get the key for you. After that, go kill
    him and rewind back up to leave.
    | World 4 - Door 2                                                    Jumpman |
    Yep, named and modeled after the original Donkey Kong.
    This door can be a huge pain in the butt if you try and figure it out yourself,
    and I also have a weird order for getting the three puzzles pieces here. First
    off, ignore the Donkey Kong setup entirely and go right to the next climb. Go
    up the ladder, and instead of going up normally just shortcut up via the 
    platform on your left. From there, climb up the top ladder, the jump up via the
    third floor platform there all the way to the key. You'll also see an easy to
    get puzzle piece here.
    Double back left, and do NOT use the key on the right of the two doors. It's a
    trap door and only the left one works. Drop down, then go back to the Donkey
    Kong setup. If you try to climb up normally, you'll discover it's impossible.
    The trick here is jumping off the left side of the second floor and using the
    little dude's head as a big boost to the top floor, to the left of DK. It's 
    easy from here. Use the next enemy as a boost to get to the next puzzle piece,
    then use the key on the left door here for the third piece.
    As a note, you can't leave on the ground floor because you can't manipulate
    your way around the plant thing. Use the first floor.
    | World 4 - Door 3                                          Just Out Of Reach |
    This puzzle is so weird. Basically you have to hit the switch so you're able to
    reach the second floor, then hop off to the left and bounce off the enemy's
    head and kill it. This manipulates the switch into activating again so you can
    reach the puzzle piece.
    The next one is much easier. Jump off from the first puzzle piece and bounce
    off the guy's head all the way up to the top there. It looks like he's unable 
    to get the key for you, but that's fine. He'll be back. Just climb the ladder 
    and jump off the platform to the left. You're now on the top floor with the 
    little guy back alive.
    Jump right and land up top, then walk right so he fetches the key for you. From
    there.... kill him for your key. What a deceptively evil game. Use it on the
    door up top and off you go. You might have to pull some rewind tricks to get
    back up with the key, but you're used to that by now.
    | World 4 - Door 4                                                      Hunt! |
    This one is just nasty, because if you kill the enemies randomly they'll come
    back to life as you walk around. The trick here is killing from left to right,
    so you'll have to start up top. Here's a bad ASCII of the order you need to
    kill them in
    Kill 1, then bounce off 5's head (he won't die) to reach 2 without traveling 
    down below. Go right (so 1 doesn't come back to life), then down and kill 3, 
    then 4 on the normal path. The hard part is killing 5, then using him to bounce 
    up to 6. The basic idea is if he's facing the same way as you he won't die. So 
    bounce off him a couple times as a buffer, then turn around and bounce off him 
    to kill him and reach 6.
    The door mercifully stays open even if they come back after you open it.
    | World 4 - Door 5                                        Movement By Degrees |
    Right off the bat, you'll have to manipulate one of the hairy little dudes past
    three plants to fetch the key off to your left. Getting past the first one is
    easy, but then you have to get past the second without you or the middle plant
    killing him by accident. The key there is that you're able to have yourself 
    hugging the left of plant two and him the left of plant 3 without getting hit.
    When they're down, jump across until he's right of plant 1. Then go climb the
    ladder and get on the little platform to the left. As you'll notice, our little
    friend is safe next to plant 1. Jump right when he can run across and keep 
    going until you hear him grab the key. Then all you need to do is go back for
    the key yourself and open the door for puzzle piece #1.
    The second piece here is easier to time if you know exactly when the left plant
    is down. It's when you're all the way left on the platform below it. So go 
    there, then run right. Getting a dude past the first two plants is easy, but 
    then you have to fast rewind back to the magical spot to make sure he gets past
    the third. From there, getting the puzzle is easy.
    | World 4 - Door 6                                        Movement, Amplified |
    Really really fun room. As you will soon notice, getting your little friend
    beyond the double plants is impossible normally. But hop on the first row of 
    clouds and watch how fast you can make him move. Easy peasy from there. Take
    the key you'll get and go in the LEFT door up top.
    The second puzzle piece is pretty easy. Just make a leap of faith from the 
    right of the top cannon and watch what happens. Easy from there.
    | World 4 - Door 7                                           Fickle Companion |
    And here it is, the biggest dick move in the entire game. 
    Let's get the easier of the two puzzle pieces first. Take the key right and go
    open the first door, then go down and walk left under the door. The door shuts
    and the key becomes usable again. If the little hairy dude is down here, kill
    him. Eventually another will pop out and grab the key, and walk it all the way
    to you so you can open the second door for your puzzle piece. Rewind all the 
    way out.
    Now the real fun starts. Go all the way back to the beginning of the level.
    Jump over the fire pit, climb the ladder to the second floor and hit the 
    switch. The platform doesn't move unless YOU move, and it gets even better. Now
    you have to go down and kill the hairy dude without going too far left under
    the switch by accident (or it turns off). Then as the cannon fires out another
    enemy, you have to move the platform in such a way that the enemy is carried 
    over to the floor above you. Don't go too fast or too slow here, because that
    platform can move REALLY fast.
    And THEN he has to pick up the key for you and start walking left. Beeline your
    ass left and up the ladder, and you'll get there just in time. Your little 
    hairy doo-doo head friend will carry the key over. IMMEDIATELY after you steal 
    the key from him, jump. DO NOT MOVE LEFT WHILE JUMPING. You'll land on him and 
    get boosted up right in front of the door. Get your puzzle piece and get the 
    hell out of here.
    Congrats on finishing World 4 and the hardest single puzzle in the game! Now do
    the real puzzle as always.
    ___/ e. World 5 \______________________________________________________________
    World 5 is basically nickanamed "shadow world". You'll see why in a few
    | World 5 - Door 1                                                    The Pit |
    Seems easy enough, right? Just hop on down, grab your puzzle piece and rew-
    heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey wait a second...
    And then after you're back up top, your shadow goes down gets the puzzle piece
    for you anyway? The hell?
    No worries, this will all make sense in a couple puzzles when you learn how to
    control your shadow.
    | World 5 - Door 2                                                 So Distant |
    If you try and get this first puzzle piece normally, you'll find it impossible.
    The trick here, as with basically every puzzle in this world, is to have your
    shadow do it for you.
    Stand to the right of the wall that moves after you hit the switch, then go
    over and hit the switch. Rewind until you're next to the wall. Your shadow will
    run over and hit the switch, allowing you to nab the puzzle piece.
    The next one is a bit trickier, but works the same way. Jump off the enemy to
    the switch, hit it and then rewind. Your shadow will jump off the enemy, only
    kill the shadow and hit the switch for you. You then have the actual enemy to
    springboard off of and reach the puzzle piece.
    | World 5 - Door 3                                                   Nameless |
    No seriously, the door has no name.
    Two puzzle pieces here, and neither is hard. We'll do the one on the left 
    first. Climb up to the high platform above the spikes, then jump right, not 
    down, over to the big platform. Run left, drop down to grab the key, wait a few
    seconds, then suicide into the pit as far left as you can. Rewind. If you timed
    this right, you'll be able to zip to the left side of the pit before your 
    shadow jumps over with the key. You'll have to grab it out of midair, but you
    can do it. Easy puzzle piece from there.
    For the other puzzle piece, you'll have to lure out the annoying cat-rabbit 
    demon spawn one way with your shadow while you sneak behind it the other way.
    You should be able to do it without much explanation by this point. It's worth
    noting this puzzle piece is immune to time, otherwise it would be impossible to
    leave with it. You have to rewind back up.
    | World 5 - Door 4                                           Crossing The Gap |
    3 puzzle pieces here, and they're all solved the exact same way.
    Easy one first. See the piece up top? Climb all the way up to where the switch
    is, then jump down on top of fuzzy-face. Rewind and jump over so you can hop
    off the next one to get it. You'll have plenty of time, seeing as your shadow
    will kill it for you.
    The next one is also easy. Hit the switch. Jump down and kill brown-nose.
    Rewind. Hit the switch again and watch as a full bridge forms while your shadow
    kills the thing down below you. The new enemy will eventually walk over and 
    spring you to the next piece.
    The last one is hard to figure out, but has a really funny answer. Make sure 
    the switch platform is left and there's no enemy down below in the beginning
    section here. If there is, just kill it and rewind. Another enemy will pop out.
    Your job is to run way ahead of it, all the way to the end of the first floor 
    platform. About an inch off the platform on the ground, leave a shadow of 
    yourself (press Square once really quick) and climb to the top of the ladder.
    Eventually, the enemy will walk off the platform and kill your shadow, but 
    recoil straight up in the air. This is where you need to jump off and land on
    the enemy, because your jump paired with the recoil force will zoom you all the
    way over to where the third piece is. If you mess up, just rewind and try 
    | World 5 - Door 5                                      Window Of Opportunity |
    The first piece is easy to see, but it takes some work to get it. Make your way
    over to the key and steal it. Drop down to the bottom of the ladder and wait a
    few seconds, then run over and unlock the glowing door. Rewind. If you timed
    this right and started from a good position, you'll be able to open the top 
    door and use the shadow door as a platform before your shadow unlocks it. From
    there you just hit the switch and go fetch your puzzle piece.
    Next up is one of the most fun puzzles in the game. Basically, you have to have
    your shadow hit the switch in the window. But it's not so simple. 
    Here's how it's done. Start from the bottom of the ladder, run below the switch
    and count to 5. Press Circle. Rewind until you're back at the bottom of the 
    ladder. As your shadow is running right, you run up and hit the top switch
    before hopping on the platform to the right. I'm sure you can see where this is
    | World 5 - Door 6                                                       Lair |
    Even with your shadow doing all the actual damage, it's the exact same boss as
    before since you're able to rewind him. This would have been more intriguing
    had he been a shadow boss immune to time. But whatever. The real fun starts 
    after it dies, so kill it.
    You'll be tempted to take the key right, but don't. Go left, open the door and
    beeline for the switch. Count to 5 (the Circle graphic will pulse 5 times). Hit 
    the switch and immediately rewind to before the door was open, then high-tail 
    your ass right. Your shadow will go right though the locked door and hit the 
    switch for you, and you'll open that door you ignored before. The timing on 
    this needs to be nearly perfect, and if it is you'll get one of the coolest 
    puzzle pieces in the game at the end of all this.
    World 5 ain't over yet, though.
    | World 5 - Door 7                                          Fragile Companion |
    This might look hard, because wtf how can one key open two doors?
    It's actually really easy. Grab the key and jump right in a way that the door 
    will open before you land, but don't go all the way. This key is immune to time
    and you can't get it back if you mess up. The trick here obviously is to rewind
    before finishing the jump, watch as your shadow opens the first door for you,
    then gleefully open the second one like nothing ever happened. Easy stuff.
    World 5 status = finished. Don't forget your big puzzle on the wall!
    ___/ f. World 6 \______________________________________________________________
    World 6 is your last real world in this game, and the gist of it will be using
    a ring that slows down time in a radiating circular space. You'll catch on 
    pretty quick, unlike the shadow stuff from the last place.
    I won't spoil the surprise, but there's something special about each door in
    this level.
    | World 6 - Door 1                                                   The Pit? |
    Pure tutorial level. There's nothing in the pit, and the triangle icon is there
    to show you how to deploy your ring. You can only deploy the ring in one place,
    and you have to pick it up before deploying somewhere else. That's all there is
    to it.
    | World 6 - Door 2                                       There And Back Again |
    Should look familiar, right?
    This one is easy. Just put the ring left of the door. You'll have more than
    enough time to get the key and run in for your puzzle piece before the wall
    drops down. Don't rewind if it's close for whatever reason, because this puzzle
    piece can be rewound with time.
    | World 6 - Door 3                                                     Phase? |
    Unlike the last time you saw this level, there are no clouds immune from rewind
    to help you. To hop across you'll have to jump on a cloud, put the ring down,
    then pick the ring back up and jump to the next cloud and put the ring down
    again. Rinse and repeat until you have your puzzle piece.
    If you try and repeat this for the next puzzle, you'll find yourself stuck. The
    trick is putting the ring down on that flower up top. Hop on a cloud, then make
    a blind jump as far right as you can.
    | World 6 - Door 4                                                    Cascade |
    3 puzzle pieces in this room. We'll do the two easy ones first. Climb all the
    way up top and go left to where the cannon is firing out fuzzy dudes. Put your
    ring in the middle of the platform. If done right, you'll be able to jump off
    three enemies in a row to reach the puzzle piece.
    Now go all the way right, to another piece piece. Just put the ring on top of 
    the cannon over there, then use Mr. Fuzzy as a springboard. From here, time to
    do the hard part.
    Time to get the key, but grab your ring first. See the cannon up top, firing
    enemies? You just used one of them to get a puzzle piece, even. You can get the 
    height from bouncing off one enemy after the bounces to reach the platform 
    where the cannon is, so do it. From there, let an enemy go to the platform 
    below and springboard off of it to get the key.
    We'll get the hard puzzle piece next, and it's insane how you have to do it.
    Put your ring on top of the cannon to the right, and wait there. Eventually, an
    enemy will pass untouched. Right when he does, grab your ring and follow him 
    down. Wait for him to go down, and jump off of him as he bounces up a little
    after landing. If done correctly, you can land on top of the cannon. Put your
    ring on it, then head left into the first floor. Go in and hit the switch. 
    The platform blocking the last piece moves, and you'll have enough of a window 
    to get out of here with your ring on the cannon. The rest is easy.
    | World 6 - Door 5                                         Impassable Foliage |
    As soon as you enter this room, put your ring directly below the wall moving
    vertically upwards. It will slow it down enough to let the horizontal platform
    through. As you go up to get your puzzle piece, put your ring down below the
    plant's pipe so you can get past it. Easy from there.
    The next puzzle piece is tricky if you don't know what to do. Hop on over along
    the top here, and you'll see three plants killing a bunch of your little 
    friends. The enemies are immune to time, the plants are not. You'll have to
    manipulate the rewind so that two fuzzies make it through, then you have to hop
    off both of them to get the height needed for your puzzle piece. And it's not
    just any normal jump, either. Between the first and second spring board, you'll
    have to rewind a bit to get the height you need. You *could* get three enemies
    down here, but screw that. Take the easy way out.
    You can make it even easier on yourself by using the ring to sync up the three
    planets, but I personally love the more interesting way. Shrug.
    | World 6 - Door 6                                            Elevator Action |
    Arguably the biggest mindscrew in the game, but not the hardest puzzle. This
    room above all other is where I *really* recommend you figure things out 
    yourself. If you're truly stumped, read on.
    You have a door to unlock and a key to get to. Climb up is easy, so get to it.
    Going back down with the key however is not so simple. No matter where you put
    the ring in there, you won't be able to go all the way down. Only one place
    works: the elevator. Put the ring as far right in the platform as you can, then
    hit the top switch before headin' on down. You'll be able to make it, and
    getting the puzzle piece from there is easy. Make sure you grab your ring from
    under the elevator, too.
    Next up is arguably the most famous setup in the game, which is why I'm hoping
    you do this yourself. The sense of accomplishment you'll get from doing this
    alone is really something else.
    Last warning.
    I'm serious. You'll kick yourself for seeking help on this. Every fan of the 
    game will tell you the same thing.
    Okay first, do the easy part. Put your ring down under the cannon, then hit 
    the switch. Don't do this the other way around. Hop over to the right side of 
    the platform that came down vertically, then rewind. You're immune to rewind on
    this platform, and up you'll go. With your ring slowing the cannon down, you'll
    reach the puzzle piece easily. If you do the two steps backwards, your ring 
    won't be there.
    Now for the fun part. If you need help, you probably got stumped by the last
    piece here in every way possible.
    Here's how to do it, from the neutral position. Meaning no switches hit.
    1 - Put the ring on the platform below where the vertical platform comes down.
    2 - Hit the switch. The lower platform will pass under the higher one and push
        your ring off to the floor. This is what's supposed to happen.
    3 - Go pick your ring up.
    4 - Go up the newly revealed ladder and hit the second switch. The timing 
        matters a lot here. You'll want to hit the switch after the platform stops
    5 - Climb up the second ladder that just fell down on the left side.
    6 - Rewind while standing on the time-immune platform. The idea here is to make
        the ladder go back up. DO NOT REWIND TOO FAR, or the second switch will go
        back to where it was before and you'll have to go back and start some 
        things over. You'll want to rewind far enough so that the ladder is being
        held up by the platform above you.
    8 - Put your ring on the stationary platform next to you, then go back to the
        platform where you turn green.
    9 - Let the ladder fall and climb up while green.
    If you do this juuuuust right, you will BARELY be able to use the ladder to
    reach the platform where the puzzle piece is. Kudos to Jonathan Blow for this
    puzzle. It's seriously a work of art. In total, you have about 2 seconds to get
    up that ladder while green. If you're not green, you get affected by your ring
    slowing everything down. But while green, you can zoom through there full speed
    ahead. Nifty, huh?
    | World 6 - Door 7                                          In Another Castle |
    Small room with a really hard puzzle if you don't know what you're doing. It's
    actually pretty easy once you figure it out, and it obviously requires the 
    Go up to where you key is and put the ring on the platform. Wait a few seconds,
    then pick the ring up and go over to the ladder. Put the ring down and climb.
    Go over to the aura and rewind. The ring will pop back over to the platform on
    the left. Hit the switch and run over there. You'll have to catch both the ring
    and key in midair. The key comes automatically while jumping, but don't forget
    to press triangle for the ring. Now just use the ring to climb the ladder again
    and you're good to go.
    Congrats! You've now solved all the worlds! There is one more small level to
    go, but not a big world where you'll have to use everything you learned so far.
    It would be cool to have a shadow put down a shadow ring while moving his world
    forward during your moving things backwards, but let's not get greedy here.
    Braid is just fine as-is.
    Don't forget the big puzzle on the wall, as always. It'll be your last one, and
    with it finished you'll be able to enter the last level of the game.
    ___/ g. Braid and Epilogue\____________________________________________________
    I won't get too into detail here, because I want to avoid spoilers. This part
    of the game is mostly story-heavy with few puzzles, so this guide will serve
    only to explain the puzzles. After going into the last (and only) door on the
    cloud, you're given a few rooms where you solve easy puzzles before reaching
    the game's big climax.
    Door 1 - Stand where the enemies fly up out of the ground backwards after 
             dying. You'll bring them back to life, and can use one to get to the
             next door.
    Door 2 - Bring an enemy back to life and climb all the way up the ladder. 
             It'll eventually work its way back up to where you are, where you can
             then bounce off its head to cross the gap.
    Door 3 - Same room as before, only the ladder is broken. Bring two enemies 
             back to life, then go to the broken ladder. As the first enemy does 
             its backwards jump thing, jump on it and ride it up. Ride it up again
             to the higher platform. When the second enemy shows up, use it to get
             to the door.
    |                                    BRAID                                    |
    Not counting the epilogue, this is the last level of the game. I'll give you
    the spoiler-free version of how this goes.
    You're basically running right, away from the fire. The character up top will
    hit some switches to help you (often at the last possible second), but if 
    you've played any Mario or Sonic games at all you've seen the old "wall closing
    in" trick a million times before. You'll be able to handle most of what you'll
    come across.
    There are two spots in particular that might give you a problem. One is the
    seemingly impossible gap of spikes. Just wait until the last possible second
    and make a leap of faith. The platform will come up.
    The other spot that could trip you up is where your old friends the fuzzy
    face-looking dudes show up and are running backwards. Try to stay as far right
    as you can after the big gap of spikes so you get to this point with room to
    spare. Basically you'll need to wait for a fuzzy guy to come up, then ride him
    as he jumps up backwards without ever getting off. On the third jump, you'll
    have the height to reach the switch. From there, immediately go right and jump
    past the left-moving guy to go through the passage safely. Nothing else should
    bother you much.
    At the end is an aura platform you need to get to. After reaching it, hold down
    square and enjoy story-telling only made possible through video games and 
    books. Eventually, you'll have to go through another door.
    |                                   EPILOGUE                                  |
    No nasty surprises await you here, but there are two things you need to know.
    Only red books have text in them, and you'll get some hidden text if you go to
    where the angel notes are while a red book is open -- meaning you can't touch
    a green book.
    The following is how to do this for each room in the epilogue:
    1 - Easy, just open the red book and stand behind the object just right of it.
    2 - Also easy. The red book is immune to rewind, so just hop down, open it and
        rewind so you can stand behind the furniture.
    3 - This one is evil. Open the third book, then go left to read the red book.
        Leave the room and go to the next one. Stand in the aura without touching
        the green book and rewind. You'll hear the green book from the previous
        room close. Go back and stand behind the child.
    4 - Hit the switch to raise the platform, then hit it again to lower it. Stand
        where the red book is and rewind until the platform goes up, allowing you
        to go left above the green book and stand behind the rock.
    5 - No tricks here, though the green books actually have text in them this time
    +                              IV. Trophy List                                +
    Self-explanatory enough, right?
    Traversed Level 2 (Bronze) - Traversed Level 2
    Traversed Level 3 (Bronze) - Traversed Level 3
    Traversed Level 4 (Bronze) - Traversed Level 4
    Traversed Level 5 (Bronze) - Traversed Level 5
    Traversed Level 6 (Bronze) - Traversed Level 6
    Solved Level 2 (Silver) - Solved Level 2
    Solved Level 3 (Silver) - Solved Level 3
    Solved Level 4 (Silver) - Solved Level 4
    Solved Level 5 (Silver) - Solved Level 5
    Solved Level 6 (Silver) - Solved Level 6
    Solved Game (Silver) - Solved Game
    Full Speed Run (Silver) - Did some kind of speed run through the game.
    If you followed this guide, you'll get all but the last one while playing.
    "Traversed" simply means you went through a world without solving all the 
    puzzles, and "solved" means you got every puzzle piece and solved the big 
    puzzle on the wall.
    The last one is worded wrong. If you press start, you can do various speed 
    runs. The one that gives you the trophy is the full speed run in which you have
    to beat the entire game in under 45 minutes, including Braid and the Epilogue.
    It may seem daunting at first, but with practice you can beat the game in less
    than 35 minutes. You have more margin for error than you think, and it's only a
    matter of knowing what to do and putting it all together. Good luck.
    Oh and to answer the question of why there aren't more trophies or why there 
    are no gold or platinum trophies for this, Jonathan Blow doesn't believe in 
    achievement-style reward systems. We're lucky to even have trophies at all, and
    Blow gave an excellent interview on this subject and his overall viewpoints 
    when designing Braid. 
    It can be found here: 
    +                                 V. Book Text                                +
    All the books, including the hidden text in the Epilogue. I'm not including the
    instructional text, the end-of-level dialogue or the events from the final
    level. And as you've undoubtedly noticed, the books at the beginning of each
    world foreshadow the overarcing puzzle structure you'll then deal with.
    As for what it all means, the plot is ambiguous. Piece the puzzle together
    however you see fit.
    ___/ a. World 1 \______________________________________________________________
    No books.
    ___/ b. World 2: Time and Forgiveness\_________________________________________
    Book 1 - Tim is off on a search to rescue to Princess. She has been snatched by
             a horrible and evil monster.
             This happened because Tim made a mistake.
    Book 2 - Not just one. He made many mistakes during the time they spent 
             together, all those years ago. Memories of their relationship have
             become muddled, replaced wholesale, but one remains clear: the 
             Princess turning sharply away, her braid lashing at him with contempt.
    Book 3 - He knows she tried to be forgiving, but who can just shrug away a 
             guilty lie, a stab in the back? Such a mistake will change a 
             relationship irreversibly, even if we have learned from the mistake
             and would never repeat it. The Princess's eyes grew narrower. She
             became more distant.
    Book 4 - Our world, with its rules of causality, has trained us to be miserly
             with forgiveness. By forgiving too readily, we can be badly hurt. But
             if we've learned from a mistake and become better for it, shouldn't we
             be rewarded for learning, rather than punished for the mistake?
    Book 5 - What if our world worked differently? Suppose we could tell her: "I
             didn't mean what I just said," and she would say: "It's okay, I
             understand," and she would not turn away, and life would really 
             proceed as though we had never said that thing? We could remove the
             damage but still be wiser for the experience.
    Book 6 - Tim and the Princess lounge in the castle garden, laughing together,
             giving names to colorful birds. Their mistakes are hidden from each
             other, tucked away between the folds of time, safe.
    ___/ c. World 3: Time and Mystery\_____________________________________________
    Book 1 - All those years ago, Tim had left the Princess behind. He had kissed
             her on the neck, picked up his travel bag, and walked out the door. He
             regrets this, to a degree. Now he's journeying to find her again, to 
             show he knows how sad it was, but also to tell her how it was good.
    Book 2 - For a long time, he thought they had been cultivating the perfect
             relationship. He had been fiercely protective, reversing all his 
             mistakes so they would not touch her. Likewise, keeping a tight reign
             on her own mistakes, she always pleased him.
    Book 3 - But to be fully couched within the comfort of a friend is a mode of
             existence with severe implications. To please you perfectly, she must
             understand you perfectly. Thus you cannot defy her expectations or
             escape her reach. Her benevolence has circumscribed you, and your
             life's achievements will not reach beyond the map she was drawn.
    Book 4 - Tim needed to be non-manipulable. He needed a hope of transcendence. 
             He needed, sometimes, to be immune to the Princess's caring touch.
    Book 5 - Off in the distance, Tim saw a castle where the flags flutter even 
             when the wind has expired, and the bread in the kitchen is always
             warm. A little bit of magic.
    ___/ d. World 4: Time and Place\_______________________________________________
    Book 1 - Visiting his parents' home for a holiday meal, Tim felt as though he
             had regressed to those long-ago years when he lived under their roof,
             oppressed by their insistence upholding strange values which, to him,
             were meaningless. Back then, bickering would erupt over drops of gravy
             spilt onto the tablecloth.
    Book 2 - Escaping, Tim walked in the cool air toward the university he'd
             attended after moving out of his parents' home. As he distanced
             himself from the troubling house, he felt the embarrassment of
             childhood fading into the past. But now he stepped into all the
             insecurities he'd felt at the university, all the panic of walking a
             social tightrope.
    Book 3 - Tim only felt relieved after the whole visit was over, sitting back
             home in the present, steeped in contrast: he saw how he'd improved so
             much from those old days.
             This improvement, day by day, takes him ever-closer to finding the
             Princess. If she exists -- she must! -- she will transform him, and
    Book 4 - He felt on his trip that every place stirs up an emotion, and every 
             emotion invokes a memory: a time and a location. So couldn't he find
             the Princess now, tonight, just by wandering from place to place and
             noticing how he feels? A trail of feelings, of awe and inspiration,
             should lead him to that castle: in the future: her arms enclosing him,
             her scent fills him with excitement, creates a moment so strong he can
             remember it in the past.
    Book 5 - Immediately Tim walked out his door, the next morning, toward whatever
             the new day held. He felt something like optimism.
    ___/ e. World 5: Time and Decision\____________________________________________
    Book 1 - She never understood the impulses that drive him, never quite felt the
             intensity that, over time, chiseled lines into his face. She was never
             quite close enough to him -- but he held her as though she were,
             whispered into her ear words that only a soul mate should receive.
    Book 2 - Over the remnants of dinner, they both knew the time had come. He
             would have said: "I have to go find the Princess," but he didn't need
             to. Giving a final kiss, hoisting a travel bag to his shoulder, he
             walked out the door.
             Through all the nights that followed, she still loved him as though he
             had stayed, to comfort her and protect her, Princess be damned.
    ___/ f. World 6: Hesitance\____________________________________________________
    Book 1 - Perhaps in a perfect world, the ring would be a symbol of happiness.
             It's a sign of careless devotion: even if he will never find the 
             Princess, he will always be trying. He still will wear the ring.
    Book 2 - But the ring makes it presence known. It shines out to others like a 
             beacon of warning. It makes people slow to approach. Suspicion,
             distrust. Interactions are torpedoed before Tim can open his mouth.
    Book 3 - In time he learns to deal with others carefully. He matches their
             hesitant pace, tracing a soft path through their defenses. But this
             exhausts him, and it only works to a limited degree. It doesn't get
             him what he needs.
    Book 4 - Tim begins to hide the ring in his pocket. But he can hardly bear
             it -- too long tucked away, that part of him might suffocate.
    ___/ g. 1\_____________________________________________________________________
    Book 1 - At a cafe on a bright plaza, most customers sit back, feeling the
             warmth of the sun, enjoying their cold drinks. But not Tim -- he 
             barely notices the sun, doesn't really taste his coffee. For him the
             corner affords a good view of the city, and in the teeterings of the
             passers-by, in the arc of a shop-girl's hand as she displays tea to an
             interested gentleman, Tim hopes to see clues.
    Book 2 - That night at the cinema, fictitious adventurers lunge implausibly 
             across the screen. The audience here is mixed. Some are patrons of the
             cafe, now sitting excitedly in the plush chairs, eager for another new
             flavor, for distraction from the boredom of their easy lives. Other 
             seats hold fishermen and farm-workers, hoping to forget their toils 
             and rest their hands.
    Book 3 - Tim is here too, but he is scrutinizing the gloss on the lips on the
             screen, measuring the angle of the plume of a distant helicopter 
             crash. He thinks he discerns a message; when the cinema closes and
             most of the audience strolls down the plaza to the South, Tim goes
    Book 4 - People like Tim seem to live oppositely from the other residents of 
             the city. Tide and riptide, flowing against each other.
    Book 5 - Tim wants, like nothing else, to find the Princess, to know her at
             last. For Tim this would be momentous, sparking an intense light that
             embraces the world, a light that reveals the secrets long kept from 
             us, that illuminates -- or materializes! -- a final palace where we
             can exist in peace.
    Book 6 - But how would this be perceived by the other residents of the city, in
             a world that flows contrariwise? The lights would be intense and warm
             at the beginning, but then flicker down to nothing, taking the castle
             with it; it would be like burning down the place we've always called
             home, where we played so innocently as children. Destroying all hope 
             of safety, forever.
    ___/ h. Epilogue\______________________________________________________________
    I'm numbering the books here for posterity's sake, even though there is only
    one red book per room. Normal text first, then the secret text.
     Book 1 - The boy called for the girl to follow him, and he took her hand. He
              would protect her; they would make their way through this oppressive
              castle, fighting off the creatures made of smoke and doubt, escaping
              to a life of freedom.
              The boy wanted to protect the girl. He held her hand, or put his arm
              around her shoulders in a walking embrace, to help her feel supported
              and close to him amid the impersonal throngs of Manhattan. They 
              turned and made their way toward the Canal St. subway station, and he
              picked a path though the jostling crowd.
    Book 1x - His arm weighed upon her shoulders, felt constrictive around her
              neck. "You're burdening me with your ridiculous need," she said. Or,
              she said: "You're going the wrong way and you're pulling me with 
              you." In another time, another place, she said: "Stop yanking on my
              arm; you're hurting me!"
     Book 2 - He worked his ruler and compass. He inferred. He deduced. He 
              scrutinized the fall of an apple, the twisting of metal orbs hanging
              from a thread. He was searching for the Princess, and he would not
              stop until he found her, for he was hungry. He cut rats into pieces
              to examine their brains, implanted tungsten posts into the skulls of
              water-starved monkeys.
    Book 2x - Ghostly, she stood in front of him and looked into his eyes. "I am
              here," she said. "I am here. I want to touch you." She pleaded: "Look
              at me!" But he would not see her; he only knew how to look at the 
              outsides of things.
     Book 3 - He scrutinized the fall of an apple, the twisting of metal orbs
              hanging from a thread. Through these clues he would find the 
              Princess, see her face. After an especially fervent night of 
              tinkering, he kneeled behind a bunker in the desert; he held a piece
              of welder's glass up to his eyes and waited.
              On that moment hung eternity. Time stood still. Space contracted to a
              pinpoint. It was as though the earth had opened and the skies split.
              One felt as though he had been privileged to witness the Birth of the
              Someone near him said: "It worked."
              Someone else said: "Now we are all sons of bitches."
    Book 3x - She stood tall and majestic. She radiated fury. She shouted: "Who has
              disturbed me?" But then, anger expelled, she felt sadness beneath;
              she let her breath fall softly, like a sigh, like ashes floating
              gently on the wind.
              She couldn't understand why he chose to flirt so closely with the 
              death of the world.
     Book 4 - The candy store. Everything he wanted was on the opposite side of
              that pane of glass. The store was decorated in bright colors, and the
              scents wafting out drove him crazy. He tried to rush for the door, or
              just get closer to the glass, but he couldn't. She held him back with
              great strength. Why would she hold him back? How might he break free
              of her grasp? He considered violence.
    Book 4x - They had been here before on their daily walks. She didn't mind his
              screams and his shrieks, or the way he yanked painfully on her braid
              to make her stop. He was too little to know better.
              She picked him up and hugged him: "No, baby," she said. He was
              shaking. She followed his gaze toward the treats sitting on pillows
              behind the glass: the chocolate bar and the magnetic monopole, the
              It-From-Bit and the Ethical Calculus; and so many other things, 
              deeper inside. "Maybe when you're older, baby." she whispered,
              setting him back on his feet and leading him home, "Maybe when you're
              Every day thereafter, as before, she always walked on a route that
              passed in front of the candy store.
     Book 5 - He cannot say he has understood all of this. Possibly he's more 
              confused now than ever. But all these moments he's contemplated --
              something has occurred. The moments feel substantial in his mind, 
              like stones. Kneeling, reaching down toward the closest one, running
              his hand across it, he finds it smooth, and slightly cold.
     Book 6 - He tests the stone's weight; he finds he can lift it, and the others
              too. He can fit them together to create a foundation, an embankment,
              a castle.
     Book 7 - To build a castle of appropriate size, he will need a great many
              stones. But what he's got, now, feels like an acceptable start.
    +                              VI. 8 Hidden Stars                             +
    I really didn't want to write this section since it defeats the entire purpose
    of hidden items in a puzzle game, but not putting this in would make the guide
    incomplete. I also imagine many people looking at this guide came in to find
    the stars, anyway.
    Star 1 - World 2 - Door 2: The Cloud Bridge. Go to the rightmost cannon and
             stand on it for about 45 minutes. Eventually, a very slow-moving cloud
             will come into view. You have to jump off of the enemy to reach the 
             cloud and stand on it, but the jump needs to be perfect. Basically you
             need a perfect long jump that lands right on the enemy's face rather
             then on top of it. It's kinda tough to get up there, but you can do
             it. About 75 minutes later, the cloud will go all the way left and you
             can hop onto to high platform for the star. Easy star to get, but 
             nearly 2 hours of sitting around doing nothing is dumb.
    Star 2 - It's in your house, but you have to have an incomplete puzzle to get
             it. If you'll notice, two pieces have star bits on them. They form the
             bottom half, and the top half is just above the picture if you view
             the house. Line up the bottom half with the top of the picture, so it
             makes a full star. It'll appear, but you'll have to use the platform-
             moving trick from the World 2 painting to get to it.
    Star 3 - World 4 - Door 5: Movement by Degrees. Remember the trick you used to
             get the puzzle piece on the right? Stand under the puzzle piece and 
             get an enemy to where you are. Jump off of him to reach the platform
             with the puzzle piece. Stand where the puzzle piece is for a few 
             seconds, then walk right and use the trick again to get another enemy
             over there. In case you forgot, you walk to get an enemy past the
             first two plants, then rewind 8x to get him past the third plant. With
             the enemy on your level, go past it and jump to the platform right,
             and land just left of the plant. Use the enemy as a springboard to
             jump left onto a high hidden platform. Use the trick one more time to
             get an enemy to the platform below you, then bounce off him to jump
             over the first plant.
             Now for the evil part. It's impossible to jump past the next plant,
             so you need another enemy. But it's okay. Try to jump, and die. You'll
             fly right. If you fly far enough right while dying, your death will
             actually move the last plant down and let an enemy walk past. From 
             there it's easy. Just move the enemy past the second plant and bounce
             off it over to the last part. This last plant is actually easy to
             jump over, but you need to jump off two enemies in a row to reach the
             star. But if you've gotten this far, that last part should be easy for
    Star 4 - World 4 - Door 7: Fickle Companion. This bastard of a level returns,
             and it has the toughest star (of course). I'll give a step by step
             guide without explaining everything that can go wrong, since you'll
             undoubtedly see all the possible screwups yourself.
             1 - Climb to the top where the cannon is WITHOUT THE KEY and jump off
                 an enemy straight up when it pops out.
             2 - Do the mash-rewind-to-keep-yourself-in-midair thing until another
                 fuzz-face comes out, then jump off of it to reach a hidden 
             3 - Go right, drop down, and go all the way to the key. Grab it and go
                 up top with it.
             4 - Now the dumb part. Jump across the gap with the key, then walk off
                 to the left. The key should be floating to the left of the gap.
             5 - Down below, you'll have to kill an enemy, then rewind as the next
                 enemy gets fired out of a cannon. Continue rewinding and jump up
                 into the enemy to bounce it up to the secret platform you reached
                 before. If done correctly (and it will take a lot of patience),
                 the enemy will be up top with the key. This is the hardest part by
                *The enemy CAN NOT DIE from here, or you'll have to start all over*
             6 - Jump over the enemy and go to the ladder. Let it hand you the key,
                 then climb up and open the door. DON'T HIT THE SWITCH YET. Just
                 stand where the switch is.
             7 - Walk left past the ladder, and the key will go back down to the
                 lower platform. Once the enemy picks it up, rewind. You'll walk
                 back through the closed door.
             8 - Hit the switch, walk right to open that lower door down there, 
                 then walk left once Mister Fuzz passes under it.
             9 - Just repeat step 6 where you let the enemy hand you the key and
                 climb the ladder.
             The rest is easy. Enjoy getting the hardest of all the stars.
    Star 5 - World 5 - Door 4: Crossing the Gap. Getting the star here involves 
             more enemy juggling similar to the previous star, but this one is much
             easier. Climb up top and hit the switch to make the platform go left.
             Go down to kill the enemy, then rewind so you're standing back up top
             where the switch is.
             The next part is really the only toughie here. Go down left to the
             little gap and stand in the middle. Let an enemy bounce off your head,
             then rewind so you're standing on the switch. The enemy will bounce
             off your shadow, then off you. Rewind. Let the enemy bounce off your
             shadow, then jump up and bounce him right. Rewind. Let the shadow 
             jump up and bounce the enemy right, then bounce him again. Rewind.
             You get the idea. You'll get good at juggling ol' brown-nose in no
             time, but make sure you bounce him off the above platform so that he
             faces left, then continue bouncing him left. The idea is to get him
             all the way up to that high platform off to the left there. Once he's
             there, another enemy will pop out of the cannon and propel you 
             upwards. Just bounce off the enemy you guided up here, and a star
    Star 6 - World 6 - Door 5: Impassable Foliage. This star is pretty simple. Go
             under the three plants and use your ring to sync the pipes up, then 
             get some enemies off to the left. Use them to reach the platform, then
             use some more to jump up to the hidden platform. The second part may
             require some tricky rewinding, but if you let through enough enemies,
             you'll be able to get up high easily.
             When you get to where you're above a hook-shaped platform, put your
             ring down halfway across where the bottom hook lines up. The idea here
             is you need to jump off three enemies in a row as they're fired from
             the cannon, and the only way to do this is slowing down your recoil
             between each jump. You'll get it with this ring in this spot and a 
             little bit of practice. Good luck.
    Star 7 - World 6 - Door 6: Elevator Action. When you first did this level, you
             were undoubtedly thinking to yourself what the F a bunny-cat thing was
             doing guarding some meaningless switch. Here's your answer.
             Make your way to that switch, and put your ring on the elevator before
             you wake the bunny up. This is to prevent him from falling off on the
             way back up. Lure the bunny onto the elevator and go back up. On the
             top floor, play with your new pet for about 5 minutes without letting
             it jump back onto the elevator. This will make sense before long, 
             don't worry. When you're had your fill, put your ring on the elevator
             and go back down. Pick your ring back up and head over to the ladder
             Set it up like you did before, where the ladder falls down and you 
             jump on. Only instead of jumping up to the puzzle piece, take your two
             seconds of immunity and rewind the ladder at full speed. You'll go up
             with it to a hidden platform. Go left, stand in the aura and rewind
             for awhile until the bunny back on the top floor jumping around. Use 
             it to springboard left to the star. You'll have to do some fancy 
             rewinding and perhaps even ring use here if it sees you, but it'll be
             no sweat for you by this point.
    Star 8 - Braid - The last star is fittingly in the last level. You'll be unable
             to get this star before getting the first 7, so hop to it.
             With 7 stars in tow, go through the level normally. You'll notice two
             switches now have the green aura on them that makes them immune to
             rewind. Hit them both as if you're going through the level the normal
             way, then rewind to back before you hit the first one.
             The doors will now be open for the princess, and you'll be able to get
             WAY ahead of the wall of death. You'll need to, or else the plants at
             the end will screw you over. Keep going through the level until you
             get to the part where the princess climbs across a fence.
             Pay attention, because this is important. You have to jump up, ride
             the chandelier as it goes up and be on that fence before time stops.
             Best if you jump from off the higher platform from the right there.
             After the screen flashes, you'll be on the top floor and the star will
             be in the princess's bedroom. If you're too slow, you'll be stuck on
             the bottom when time stops and you'll have to start all over. After
             getting the star, you have to go left up top.
             This is the one bit of plot analysis I'm giving in this guide, too:
             When time stops here, you'll notice it sounds more like an explosion
             than something peaceful. If you paid attention to the books, you've
             noticed Tim is a scientist and the "princess" is actually the atom
             bomb. His obsession was not some fairy tale girl, but rather to 
             create a nuke. It's also heavily implied Tim leaves his wife and is
             a cheater, stalker and rapist, and the last star being in the
             princess's bedroom is kind of creepy knowing this. It's easy to say 
             the final star is an ode to Tim's obsession with atomic weapons, but
             this symbolism paired with the book texts also implies he's done this
             literally with real women. Tim being the villain in the final level
             as the princess jumps into the arms of her white knight isn't some
             accident; Tim was trying to rape her. Pay super close attention when
             time is going backwards in the final level.
    After getting all your stars, go outside the house. Pretty, isn't it? Now stand
    under it and press Up. Creepy stuff.
    +                         VII. Credits/Special Thanks                         +
    Tanya, my wife: For being my world <3
    Jonathan Blow: For designing such a great game and being smarter than I will
                   ever be.
    CJayC: For designing the best resource of gaming information on the internet.
    SBAllen: For doing an outstanding job as admin of GameFAQs once Ceej retired.
    Lucid Faia: For being the best guy ever.
    HaRRicH: For convincing me to play Braid in the first place.
    My Pets: For reminding me to push forward whenever vet school gets hard.
    And you, the Users.
    +                     VIII. Disclaimer/Contact Information                    +
    This guide is copyrighted by UltimaterializerX, with all rights reserved, and 
    can not be reproduced in any way, shape, or form without expressed written 
    consent of the author.
    This guide may only be posted at <www.gamefaqs.com> at the time of the release
    of this document.
    If you wish to e-mail me, my address is <Ultimaterializer@gmail.com>, just
    like it says at the very beginning of the document. Feel free to contact me 
    with anything relevant.
                           -Copyrighted 2010 UltimaterializerX, All Rights Reserved

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