Review by AkariBlossoms

Reviewed: 05/31/12

A unique platformer that tells it's story in a creative way.

Braid was a game I got in a humble bundle that I hadn't played until now. I had already spoiled myself with the story and with no real plans of buying it. So when I saw in my downloads, I figured I give it a try since I had already bought it. I was surprised that I still managed to have fun playing the game and piecing the story together. You will see what I mean as I talk about Braid.


This is the big thing you will hear about when people talk about this game. You probably won't understand it your first time through until you play the game again and notice how everything relates. Even then, there are still many discussions about the game story. So to not spoil things, I will tell you the premise your are given, Your trying to save the princess who has gone missing due to a mistake you made. As you go into each world's lobby, you can read books that give you more in site on the story. I personally think the story is very interesting and cleverly told through the game. It uses the world and optional books to tell the story rather then cut-scenes and dialogue.


Braid plays like a 2D side scroller with the addition element of time. You make your way through each level while collecting puzzle pieces needed to reach the ending. You can't jump really high but if you bounce off an enemy you can jump higher. All puzzles are solved using the Speed button. You can rewind or freeze movement. It sounds simple but there are object that are not affected by rewind, objects that need to be recovered using rewind, and guiding enemies using the rewind function. New mechanisms get added to each world that keeps things interesting. Most of the puzzles are simple to figure with only a few can be frustrating if you don't understand a game-play mechanic that was not explained. I did have to use a walk-through to see precisely what to do on those frustrating parts. Many of the levels are short and the game can be completed in 6 hours. I enjoyed the game play and had fun.


The graphics in braid are like a beautiful watercolor paintings. It gives the feeling you are exploring strange worlds and relates to the mood of the story. They are so detailed that you want to play this game on the biggest screen you have. The the foregrounds and character makes me think of a theater using paper puppets. Everything is animated so well that nothing feels unnatural. The art style is perfectly done. The music in Braid is relaxing and atmospheric. You can fall asleep to it and dream. It fits well with the game and the story.


Braid may seam like a simple plat former with a gorgeous atmosphere but it's much more then that. The story is surprisingly deep and deceptive at first. You will have to complete the game once or maybe twice to really understand the story. The game-play is simple and easy to get into but can get quite deep with the rewind mechanics. Most puzzles are easy to figure out but some are frustrating if you didn't figure out a game-play mechanic that was never taught. It can be bought for $10 on a online store or $20 DRM free and works on all Operating systems from the Developers website. Overall, It's a great game that you may enjoy.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Braid (US, 04/10/09)

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