Following in the success of the Atari Falcon and Atari Jaguar versions. Towers II makes its way to the Microsoft Windows and DirectX.

Towers II is the continuing saga of a band of adventurers shipwrecked on the island of Lamini. Towers II picks up several months after their initial landing. The crew is discovering that there is something very strange in the land of Lamini. There is no outside trade or information, and the locals seem only interested in the current affairs of the island.

During this time repairs have been made to the ship, which is almost complete, and the crew is more than anxious to leave the island. Unexpectedly, the new Sheriff requests your audience. Lord Daggan, one of Lamini's highest council members, appears to have gone mad. The council's elite guards and mages were sent to stop Daggan, but none have been heard from since their confrontation with him. It seems the only people that have been able to enter Daggan's tower and escape have been a small band of thieves. Several of these thieves were questioned, and their confessions were amazing. They spoke of large eyes with wings, men made out of metal, and living fire.

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