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"Red Alert 3 Upgraded."

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising is a stand-alone expansion to Red Alert 3 and available via download only. Although it features new missions, modes and units, it lacks any kind of multiplayer element like co-op co-commander mode featured in original game. But, it still offers plenty of fun to be had.

Uprising features four new mini-campaigns, one for each faction while the fourth explores the origins of the Japanese commando "Yuriko Omega", and the Commander's Challenge. The mini-campaigns follow the aftermath of the original game assuming the Allies had achieved victory over the Soviets and the Empire. The Soviets campaign focuses on the remaining resistance forces trying to stop FutureTech. The Allies campaign is about defeating the Imperial warlords and restoring peace. The Rising Sun campaign concentrates on the fight against the Soviets who attempt to conquer parts of Japan. The Yuriko campaign is the highlight of the game and it explores the origins of Yuriko, her escape from the captivity by the Allies and her mission to free her sister. The gameplay and camera of the Yuriko campaign is different from the other ones. The player has to control only Yuriko and the camera is fixed on her all the time. A new command bar at the bottom of the screen replaces the side-bar and the threat meter and Yuriko's abilities and her stats are upgraded by finding the information terminals along the way. Unfortunately, all the campaigns are very short, only last for 3-4 missions.

Uprising also features another new mode called Commander's Challenge which pits players against nine different AI commanders, some returning from old Red Alert 3 and some new ones, through 50 different scenarios with varied difficulty. Some of the missions contain units from the Red Alert 3 campaign such as Tesla Tank and the Shogun Executioner. The players have access to only basic units at first, but will unlock more advanced units as more challenges are completed. These challenges are fun enough and will offer players hours of gameplay.

There are also some new units available in Uprising. The Soviets have toxic spraying Desolator Troopers, vehicle crushing Grinders and a fast attack bike armed with Molotov cock-tails and mortars called Mortar Cycle. The Allies possess the deadly Harbinger Gunship, ice spraying Cryo Legionnaires and robotic tanks that can inflict area damage called Future Tank X-1. As for the Empire, they have Archer Maidens who can destroy both air-crafts and infantry alike; a powerful robot called Steel Ronin which uses pole-arm as a weapon and a powerful naval platform which can transform into flying samurai head that shoots laser beams. All of these new units are fun to use and they can provide additional firepower to overcome the enemies.

As for the graphics, there isn't any difference between the original Red Alert 3 and Uprising. The background environments are bright and colourful and the character models are detailed and realistic. The music in Uprising is better than the original and the voice actors did a really good job of making one-liners for each unit.

Overall, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising is a very good expansion pack. It does not support multiplayer component, but the Yuriko campaign and the Commander's Challenge more than make up for that. If you enjoy Red Alert 3 and want a little more of single player gameplay, Uprising is the game for you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/14/10

Game Release: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising (US, 03/12/09)

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