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"Is Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood what we have been waiting for?"

This game is indeed what everyone has hoped for and more, there are some minor flaws to it but they can be overlooked. Even if you don't like those minor flaws the game is worthwhile.

Now before I start describing things I will let everyone know that I did not play the first game but I know the story and played the demo.

Graphics: For the graphics I would give this game a 9/10, there is a very stunning environment throughout the campaign and it makes you feel like you are actually with the McCall Brothers in a shootout in the desert or in the woods. On medium the graphics are just as good as high so everything looks good. On low the graphics are ok but if you have a good PC you can enjoy the game the way it was meant to be seen.

Sound: Excellent sound in this game, it gets a 10/10 in my book, some parts had awesome rock music with some Mexican style mariachi band mixed into it making it even better. I have to say this games music fit really well during all the action sequences and showdowns. This music will make you fell energized yet still feels like it is a western.

Game play: the game play of this game gets an 8/10, the developers added some new things that some people do not particularly like, in my opinion it doesn't matter. During the game the concentration mode differs for each brother. it has a similar one from the first game where the 2 crosshairs meet in the middle after starting from the sides but this is only when Thomas and Ray are bursting through a door together (Called Brother Concentration Mode), the concentration mode for Ray in this game needs to be charged up after a few kills and once you earn it you have 60 seconds to use it before it goes away, but that is not a problem as you can earn it back up quickly. When Ray uses his concentration mode an eyeball type curser appears on screen and the game slows down, all you have to do is highlight the enemies by moving the curser over them (you don't even have to click) and a red target appears on them each time you pick a different body part until you have 12 targets (1 per bullet) or the time runs out, or you decide to end it early. Ray then shoots really quickly at each target you selected and bam, you killed them all. Thomas has a similar one where time slows down and he pulls out his gun and all you have to do is hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse down repeatedly, this will make Thomas go from target to target shooting them down. Now things people don't like is if your curser gets really close to an enemy, it will auto aim on them, this was meant for the consoles to make it easier to shoot but PC users have it too and no one yet knows if it can be turned off, it possibly can in a future patch. Like I said before I don't mind but it makes the game slightly easier.

The MP in CoJ: BiB gets a 9/10, yes in PC the multiplayer only allows 12 maximum per server but apart from that multiplayer works smooth and each of the different game modes are enjoyable and you will get many hours of fun playing them to beat others. The MP system is different in Call of Juarez: BiB than most games (not sure about the first game since I did not play it) in which you have a set bounty of $100, and it increases for every person you kill. Also when you kill a person you get the money of their bounty so in the end of a round you could end up with a bounty of $256 (that's how much an enemy will get if they kill you) and your wallet as they call it of around $1200. This money goes towards unlocking the other playable classes in multiplayer that you keep forever after you unlock it; this system is unique and fun. Right now some people are having issues connecting but they should be soon resolved after a patch comes out.

Single player:
Single player gets a 9/10, it is fun and interesting with an awesome story line, I think it is better than the first one since the demo level of Billy I played was dull, both Thomas and Ray are fun to play as and both have different skills that make a play through of SP different depending on who you choose. single player does have a few 'free roaming' mission where you can restock on weapons and ammo and choose to do a couple of side quests, these 'free roaming' parts were scattered at different times during SP so you can have some fun and take a break from the main storyline and can last as long as you want it too since it ends when you go to your brothers and tell them your ready. Single player took me about 6 and a half hours only because I am went through some parts pretty quickly and played on medium mode most people say it can be beat in about 7 hours but those are hours well spent in action and a whole lot of gun slinging. single player still has shootouts/ showdowns what ever you want to call them, they are different from the first in that you don't stand still and wait for a timer to tell you to shoot, what you do is you move in the opposite direction of your opponent to keep them dead center and moving your hand (which you control with your mouse) near your gun until you hear a bell chime, then you reach for your gun (with the mouse) and shoot the other guy before he shoots you. What was fun was that the game takes partial place during the Civil War and not to ruin the story but it is still felt throughout the story.

Replay Ability:
8/10, this game can be replayed because of a good multiplayer but the story mode may only be played through twice, once fully using Ray only, the other time only using Thomas. But this game will flourish with a multiplayer community within the week, when I checked at the end of the first day there was 96 people registered for multiplayer, now as of July 5 there is a little over 2500 people so there's still time for it to grow.

All in all I give Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood a 9/10, I hope you will buy this game as it is worth it.


PRO: Very easy to get used too, good story and two unique playable characters, Fun multiplayer.

CON: Bad lip syncing, most soldiers you see only have 6 different variations so they all look similar, multiplayer has some connectivity issues and some more slight problems in Single player that few people are experiencing but this can be expected as its brand new.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/06/09

Game Release: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (US, 06/30/09)

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