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"A good soccer manager with only two sounds, a scoreboard that cannot hold a score of 10-0 and huge Christmas bonusses..."

Throughout many simulation soccer managers I have played over the years, the Bundesliga Manager Professional was the first. And still from time to time I play it. Let me begin with that I played the Bundesliga Manager Professional version called The Manager without the German teams. I have the version with the English teams.

Starting the game gives you the option to pick any English team. You can choose your favourite team from the Third Division to the First Division (Nowadays: the Premier League). You can play the game up to four players and thus pick four teams, or you can play on your own with four teams.

The main screen has been put up fairly simple. There is a graph that shows your team performances, a calendar and underneath you control the team selection, train the players, upgrade the stadium and gain sponsors by clicking buttons.

The audience
When you have trained your players and put them at the right position, it is time to play your first match. This game provides only two sounds: the audience that sings a melody for about 3 seconds and then it repeats itself and when there is a goal scored. Could it be more simple? When your team creates a chance to score a goal, a screen pops up and shows a blue and a red team trying to kick a white dot into an oversized goal. These animations are graphically pretty bad, but run smoothly and are fun to watch. Funny thing is that the scoreboard cannot hold a score of 10-0, so if you are playing the best match of the season and the score is 9-0, all chances you will get shall be missed automatically!

Big business
Soccer is money. Money is business. If business is good, your team is good. The sponsors, a sold out stadium and selling players with profit. Those are the three key businesses for making money. The transfer market is a bit of a gamble. You can put up to three players on the market and when you try to buy a player, you have to be lucky that the team will accept your offer. If they don't you cannot offer a higher bit on that player for about three turns. If the other team accepts your offer, then you still have the chance the player self does not want to join your team because of your bad performances in the league. So a good performance and a bit of experience in making the right offers is necessary. Take in mind that Christmas time can be an expensive issue. A huge amount of money can be well... gone? vanished? flew away?

Making the right choices at the transfer market will gain you money, but there are more ways of being successful in making money and thus having a healthy business of expanding the stadium, sending the team to a more luxury training camp and to buy better players. At first try to contract the better sponsors. Not always are they interested, but if you have room left on one of your advertisement panels, check the sponsors after every match. Second, try to keep your stadium full of people, so keep the ticket price in mind and do not let the state and facilities get worse, because the audience will stay away. These tips will help.

The graphics do not live up the standards of today, but are good to give you a fast, solid and addictive soccer manager to play for many hours.

Graphics: 7
Sound: 5
Gameplay: 8

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/02/11

Game Release: Bundesliga Manager Professional (EU, 12/31/91)

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