Where do I hire officers/sailors for my ship?

  1. Hello.. I'm new to this game and I have difficulty in finding the person/place for hiring the officers/sailors for my ship? I'm choosing Spain as my nation, I hope that's helpful.

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    RhinoStar - 8 years ago
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  1. Sailors you can ghet from a tavern owner, just go and talk to anyone of them. Officers will be sitting at a table in the tavern. Just go talk to them. Offiers will not always be avaible when you go to a tavern.

    User Info: TRGS-4

    TRGS-4 - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. Sailors? I think you mean crew, to get crew you need to talk to the owner, behind the counter, and choose the first answer, the crew number, skills, and loyalty vary day by day, sometimes there are captain in the bar, the bar owner will say something like "everybody goes with courageous cap'n, <name>" and there will be no crew for hire , fear not because you can also get jobs from captain, or even making them into companions/officers, I got a 100 skilled cannoneer because hiring one of the captain in Bermuda, but it doesn't means you will also find the captain in Bermuda, I said it before, it's rare, you can make them your companion/officer if you choose 2nd answer if I not mistaken o_0, and be sure to save before you ask them to be your officer/companions, since sometimes they will not accepted your requests, same as asking for job, which is the 1st selection. Okay now to hire officer, is at bar/tavern, you will find someone with a unique clothes, the other one that asks gambling and drinking usually uses a, royal clothes I suppose >.<... okay to hire you need a big leadership skills, there's also items to boost/minus leadership skills, the minimum skills needed is (for me) 30, before you accept them to your crew asks them to lower their price to the lowest, by asking, "isn't that too much..." and Bla bla bla, don't bother stop asking them to lower if the reject, keep asking till they rejected about 5-6 times, I ever got a bosun priced 10000, with 70 grappling skill, medical skill, and multitasking, and I ask for reduction crazily, until he accept for 5000!!!

    Tips: The most needed officers is fighter (of course again, for me) I attack fort from land, with only three fighters, which is the maximum, and I'm invincible, but you need a stock of potions for your fighters, since I fled because my fighter is dying, you also need a great fighting skills in both you and your fighter, and you need a great investment for your officers, I give one of my men a great medium sword, cerber, it's a medium sword that attacks like heavy swords.
    I usually hire crew at Bermuda, which is particularly having a great skills (yeah you guessed it, for me) but low loyalty, since you can increase loyalty by having rum on your stock, raiding many ships, paying you ship upkeep value instantly, paying their monthly wages when they asks for it, never run out of food, which will also make them died.
    It's best to make a captain companions, and sell their ship (don't forget to "strip off" the ship) if you want them to be your officer, because you don't need to pay the first payment.

    (very sorry for the horribly, terrible, broken, crushed language)

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  3. The other way to get free officer...
    first you must go to sea with any ship
    then get into battle , you can attack any ship from other nation or bastard pirates who after you
    board one ship
    when you have good reputation or relationship or bigger and more crew, the ship will exactly surrender
    or you must fight again the crew first
    you can take the captain as prisoner, i suggest you to take the crews as slaves...
    after ending of battle go to your ship's cabin
    enter the door to cargo hold you will find the room with some prisoners there if you have any
    ask him and you can take him as your officer
    not every prisoner you can hire, usually some prisoner which the face is same as common officer is available
    but sometime unique faces is available
    for free crew speak aloud in your cabin-you can also speak ashore- enlist thes as your crew

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    kucingbulldog - 7 years ago 0 0

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