Sensitivity issues using keyboard. Anyone else have it?

  1. I have found that turning in this game is completely wrong! Press right and the car moves an inch or not at all. If right is pressed hard for just a sec, the car turns so sharply it swerves! Adjusting the sensitivity in the options has little effect at all. Playing Carbon was better, even Pro Street has cars that turn like you want it but not Shift. If anyone has a solution, advice or anything that may help, please tell. Help is appreciated.

    User Info: KhetdaNight

    KhetdaNight - 7 years ago

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  1. Steering, acceleration, and braking when controlled with a keyboard is going to be tough going. he game is designed for analog input meaning that for steering you can turn the wheel a little or all the way and anywhere in between. Same goes for the gas and brake you can give it a little bit or floor it/do a break stand. Keyboards are digital so when you press a key you turn the wheel all the way and have no way to turn it just a little and the same for the gas and break . Wen you hit the key for gas you floor it and the same for the break. I would suggest investing in an analog game pad of some type (Xbox 360 wired controllers are fairly cheap and will work just fine) if not a steering wheel setup. I personally use an old original Xbox controller modified to connect to my PC via a USB cable.

    User Info: AgentX2006

    AgentX2006 - 7 years ago 1 0


  1. I've got the same issues with you. One of the simpler methods to make your playtime more make sense is turning the dead zone off in adjust control menu and turning every bit of sensitivity to max. But this still make the gameplay somehow awkward.

    So another way i've tried is using a analog gamepad instead (those that similar with PS3).

    I've found that anyone else that REALLY enjoy this game is otherwise didn't bothered with control, or they're using a steering wheel which is technically have much more sensible control.

    User Info: one_the_sigma

    one_the_sigma - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. I have the same problem.
    but i think the real issue here is the response time of the game software itself. the player's input is not instantaneously processed -- there is almost one whole second of delay.
    for example, if you want to steer right, you press the steer right key (for keyboard), but you don't see any response. so, your tendency is either to keep pressing the key or press it again. either way, that input will be processed after about one second, and it will be translated as a hard right turn, i.e., all the way right.
    this is true even with a gamepad. the response to the joystick is delayed by the same amount.
    speaking of the joystick, i have a second issue. response time aside, acurate steering is impossible even with this analog input.. it's really difficult to give the wheel just the right amount of turn. i can't make the wheel position consistently correspond to the joystick positon. most of the time, it over-steers. and it seems that there are only two positions (on either direction) that the wheel can take -- halfway turn and full turn. tweaking with the control sensitivity and dead zone didn't help much.
    i hope there is somebody out there who knows how to solve these issues. please help!!!

    User Info: virtual_image

    virtual_image - 7 years ago 0 0

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