Xpadder or some way to use XBOX 360 Controller?

  1. I am having issues getting my 360 controller to work with this game. I have xpadder mapped to my xbox 360 controller but I am a newb when it comes to that program. I have also heard of downloading a rar file that unzips in to two files, then the instructions were pretty well gibberish to me. Any help? I just want to play this game with my 360 controller like I do all my other PC games. Thanks!

    User Info: smeagol175

    smeagol175 - 6 years ago


  1. Unfortunately no you can't use any paddle that isnt a Wired Xbox paddle. if you have one then you just plug and play... Capcom shows no interest in fixing this either adding support to ALL controllers

    User Info: Notnilc_Yelmurc

    Notnilc_Yelmurc - 6 years ago 0 0

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