Im stuck in ballet studio, what do i do so i can leave?

  1. I just started the game but i have the doll , the plank, and swab with crystals bagged up, i have all the items in my inventory, but it wont let me leave or talk to the police. It says i need to copy my evidence. I tried using the pencil and paper or the camera but it wont work. And i cant figure out how to get the fingerprint or mark on the window..
    help please.

    User Info: astrozombiies

    astrozombiies - 7 years ago


  1. Before you can get the fingerprint, you will need to collect the stapler, blank sheets of paper, and clear plastic sheets from the table drawer.

    Once you have that, you will need to get the pencil from the police officer at the door.

    With you mouse over the inventory, drag the stapler to the pencil and it will crack the pencil. Then drag the pencil lead to the blank sheet of paper.

    Then drag that to the fingerprint. Once the fingerprint is coated with the lead, use the tape to remove it from the window. Once the transfer is made it will go into your inventory. You will then need to drag the fingerprint to the blank sheet of paper.

    You have to take a picture of each piece of evidence in your inventory before you can leave the scene.

    Hope that helps. Good luck!

    User Info: carmelhottie091

    carmelhottie091 - 7 years ago 0 0

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