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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DomZ Ninja

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 04/08/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      ___      __                         ,-.
       |  |_| |_                         (  o)
       |  | | |__         _,!!!!!.    ,!!!`-'!!!.    !!!!!.   ,._
                       ,!!!!!!!!!!   !!!!!!!!!!!!!.  !!!!!!!  !!!!!!.
             _,!!!.   !!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!       !!! '!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!   !!._
          ,!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!' !!!!    /\/\/\/!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!.
         !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!   /\/########!!. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!
         !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!/\/############!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .!!################!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!#################!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!#####/\/\/\/\/\/\!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!/\/\/            !!! '!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' !!!      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
       !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! '!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
       !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!'    `!!!!!!!!!  '!!!!!!!!!! '!!!!!!!!.
      !!!!!!! !!!!!!!! '!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!'        '!!!!!!!   !!!!!!!!!   !!!!!!!!!
      !!!!!!' !!!!!!!   `!!!!'  `!!!!!'            `!!!'      `!!!!'     !!!!!!!!
     !!!!!!!   `!!!'                                                      `!!!!!!
     `!!!!'                                                                 `!!!'
                                       THE MAW
                          Copyright (c)2009-2013 DomZ Ninja
     Author: DomZ Ninja
     E-mail: domzninja[at]hotmail[dot]com
     Updated: 04/08/13
     Version: 1.3
     NOTE: This guide does contain spoilers!
                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS
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     [1] VERSION HISTORY.................................................. [0100]
     [2] CONTROLS......................................................... [0200]
     [3] WALKTHROUGH...................................................... [0300]
          Crash Site...................................................... [0301]
          Bulb Valley..................................................... [0302]
          Chaindown....................................................... [0303]
          Dirtlands....................................................... [0304]
          Looferland...................................................... [0305]
          Mesas........................................................... [0306]
          Beetull Smash!.................................................. [0307]
          Planet Maw...................................................... [0308]
     [4] DELETED SCENES................................................... [0400]
          Brute Force..................................................... [0401]
          River Redirect.................................................. [0402]
          Speeder Lane.................................................... [0403]
     [5] CREATURES........................................................ [0500]
     [6] UNLOCKABLES...................................................... [0600]
     [7] ACHIEVEMENTS..................................................... [0700]
     [8] THANKS/CREDITS................................................... [0800]
    [1] VERSION HISTORY                                                     [0100]
    FAQ/Walkthrough #37
     Version 1.0 (02/01/09) - FAQ/Walkthrough complete and submitted.
     Version 1.1 (02/19/09) - Updated the FAQ to include the Brute Force DLC.
     Version 1.2 (03/13/09) - Updated the FAQ to include the River Redirect DLC.
     Version 1.3 (05/01/09) - Updated the FAQ to include the Speeder Lane DLC.
    [2] CONTROLS                                                            [0200]
    |  D-Pad                      |  N/A                                         |
    |  Left Analog Stick          |  Move                                        |
    |  Right Analog Stick         |  Move Camera                                 |
    |  Start                      |  Pause                                       |
    |  Back                       |  N/A                                         |
    |  X Button                   |  Leash Maw, Call Maw                         |
    |  Y Button                   |  Spin (When leashed to object)               |
    |  A Button                   |  Jump                                        |
    |  B Button                   |  Leash Object                                |
    |  Right Trigger              |  N/A                                         |
    |  Left Trigger               |  N/A                                         |
    |  Right Bumper               |  View Stats Menu                             |
    |  Left Bumper                |  N/A                                         |
    [3] WALKTHROUGH                                                         [0300]
     CRASH SITE                                                             [0301]
     Creatures: Gastro, Yum
     Amount: 45
    After the opening cinema, walk across the charred landscape until you are
    stopped by two Galactic Bounty Hunters. Maw will attack one, but unfortunately
    fails. Continue stumbling towards the bounty hunter (Frank looks like he's
    more hungover than hurt) until they flee.
    After yet another attempted attack on you, follow the path towards the big 
    floating "?" just over the bend. Frank finds a galactic leash and decides to 
    use it for himself. At least you now have some way to control Maw. Press X to 
    leash Maw. Now you have at least some control over the jittery alien.
    Continue through the canyon into the large clearing. You get to witness Maw's 
    insatiable appetite first-hand as he devours a cute Yum. Leash Maw and bring 
    him into the clearing. Whenever he gets close to one of the Yums bouncing 
    around, he'll eat it. Eat all of the Yums around the tree, then continue down 
    the path to find a few more [8/45].
    After eating eight Yums, Maw will grow in size! A boulder up ahead is blocking 
    your path, but luckily your leash has more uses than you'd initially think. 
    Press B next to the rock to leash it, then drag it out of the way. Grab Maw 
    again and move on through.
    The duo will enter a large area. Ignore everything for now and cross the 
    stream towards the "?". The three plants blocking the trail will scare Maw, so 
    chase after him.
    The racket also woke up the Yums and Gastros here. Leash Maw and go after the 
    Yums nearby [18/45]. After Maw grows again, a thought bubble appears, showing 
    that the creature is intrigued by the Gastros. Cross the stream again and head 
    towards one of the Gastros. As Maw tries to snack on the fiery beast, it'll 
    burn his mouth. There must be a way to extinguish it...
    Press B next to a Gastro to leash it. Next, press Y to start spinning around 
    in a circle. Aim for the stream so when you hit Y again, the Gastro is flung 
    right into the water. It should take a few swings to land it into the water. 
    Once the Gastro's flame has been put out, quickly grab Maw and let him eat the 
    Maw will change his appearance and develop a new ability: he can breathe fire. 
    Run over to the remaining two Gastros and eat them without hesitation; they 
    cannot burn Maw anymore. After the two Gastros are dealt with, search the area 
    for any remaining Yums wandering around [27/45].
    Since Maw can now breathe fire, use his new ability to burn down the nearby 
    trees. I know it sounds like a dastardly deed, but doing so will reveal more 
    Yums. Burn down the four patches of trees and snack on the Yums [39/45].
    After eating 30 creatures, Maw will grow again and you will be able to torch 
    the pesky plants blocking the exit. You can leave if you're in a rush, but I 
    recommend staying to eat the remaining creatures here.
    There are still a few more Yums left! There are two large hills on the near 
    side of the creek. Frank must scale the platforms by himself, so let go of Maw 
    and jump up the platforms to the top of the hill. You will find some Yums up 
    here as well. Since Maw cannot reach you, press B to grab a Yum, then press X 
    to toss the poor guy right into Maw's mouth.
    The hill on the right is home to two Yums while the platform on the left holds 
    four. Feed all six to Maw [45/45]. 100% eaten!
    However, we are STILL not done with the level just yet! Cross the stream again 
    and go to the left of the plant trio. Near a patch of burnt trees should be a 
    boulder blocking a small dirt path. Pull it out of the way with B, then follow 
    it to a dead end.
    That floating creature in the center of the dead end is called a Snuffle: you 
    can find one in each level and they are merely for completion's sake. It also 
    happens to be Maw's favorite food! Eat the Snuffle [1/1] and return to the 
    plants. Fry them with Maw's flame and go past their remains to end the level. 
     BULB VALLEY                                                            [0302]
     Creatures: Bulbous, Yum
     Amount: 38
    At the start of the level, turn around and move the boulder out of the way. An 
    imprisoned Snuffle resides back here. We can't free it until the end of the 
    level, so ignore it for now.
    Instead, walk forward to be spotted by a sentry, which prompts the release of 
    two turrets. Leave Maw near the sentry as you approach the turret. As the 
    machine shoots energy balls at you, press A to dodge them, Matrix-style. Press 
    B to grab the turret, then repeatedly tap A to destroy it.
    Ignore the imprisoned Yums for now and continue towards the "?". You will find 
    an energy ball lying on the ground. Press B to grab it, then drag it back 
    towards the machine powering the gates; face it. Hit A to slam the energy ball 
    on the machine, destroying it and lowering the energy gates blocking the path 
    and imprisoning the Yums.
    Have Maw eat all the Yums [5/38] and he will grow again. Leave him be and 
    continue down the trail, eventually encountering the second turret. Destroy it 
    like you did the first and head towards the intersection up ahead.
    An exceptionally large turret lies straight ahead, and we can't mess with it 
    just yet. Instead, search through the grass to find another group of Yums. 
    Feed them to Maw [15/38] and follow the dirt path instead.
    Slam the turret in your way. Up ahead is a rock ledge inaccessible to Maw. 
    Have Frank jump up the platforms to reach the ledge, which is also home to 
    seven Yums. Grab them individually with B, then press X to feed them to Maw 
    [22/38]. Leash Maw and continue along.
    Another sentry will spot you and signal for another turret. Smash it and pass 
    by the second Yum prison to find another pair of turrets; destroy both and 
    proceed with Maw. A cutscene will start, introducing us to the Bulbous 
    species. We cannot reach the "king" yet, so head 'round the bend towards a 
    flowery field.
    Leave Maw behind and press B near a flying Bulbous to latch onto it. The 
    creature will fly above the mountainside and over a body of water. Hang on 
    tight and press B just as your ride passes a yellow Bulbous to latch onto the 
    second one. As the second one eventually heads for a waterfall, press B when 
    the blue Bulbous passes by to leash him.
    A pink Bulbous will quickly pass by not long after, so quickly grab onto it 
    instead. Just as you reach dry land again, grab onto a green Bulbous. As it 
    flies over the king's location, repeatedly tap A to let go, taking the energy 
    ball with you. Smash the nearby generator to lower the plasma gates, leaving 
    the king Bulbous quite vulnerable...
    Reunite with Maw and have him gobble up the fat Bulbous to gain it's ability 
    [23/38]. Another "?" appears behind you, but continue past the throne to a 
    dead end. Feed the five Yums to Maw [28/38] and return to the "?".
    See the little blue slime worms on the ground? Maw will use his new powers to 
    electrify them. Use them like you would an energy ball to destroy the machine 
    up ahead, opening the gate. Grab another electrified worm and drag it through 
    the opened area back to the Yum prison. Free the Yums, then spoil their joys 
    by feeding all of 'em to Maw [38/38]. 100% eaten!
    Maw will zap another batch of slime worms behind you; as you do so, a line of 
    turrets fall to the ground ahead. Instead of eliminating them individually, 
    grab an electrified worm and swing it at the sentry, destroying all hazards in
    one fell swoop!
    Return to the super turret earlier in the level. You'll find more worms here, 
    which Maw will electrocute. Leash one and hurl it right at the turret, 
    disabling it and allowing you to pass by unharmed. However, don't leave just 
    yet! We still have to find the Snuffle in this level.
    Good thing we know it's whereabouts! Remember we found it behind the rock at 
    the very start of the level? Grab an electrified worm before returning to the 
    level's entrance. Slam it on the cage to free the Snuffle, then let Maw chow 
    down [1/1]. Alright, NOW you can exit the level!
     CHAINDOWN                                                              [0303]
     Creatures: Gastro, Gloober, Yum
     Amount: 34
    Descend the hill and approach the rocky terrain to find some Gloobers. These 
    critters have a large shell not too unlike a snail, and Maw cannot ingest them 
    with their shells on. Latch onto a Gloober and slam them with A to break their 
    shell. From there, it's all game. Devour the Gloobers here as well as the ones 
    to the left of your location and on the other side of the river [11/34].
    Head up the slope to find an imprisoned giant Beetull. Ignore its cries for 
    help as well as the pair of big turrets and walk on the cliffside. Leave Maw
    behind and leap across the series of platforms. Continue traversing the 
    cliffside until you reach the top of the waterfalls in the center of the area.
    Walk around to the other side and head up to the hill to find a "?" and an 
    energy ball. Grab it and hurl it at the Gastro on the adjacent ledge. As the 
    Gastro falls down the waterfall, drop down with him and feed the poor thing to 
    Maw [12/34].
    Now that you have the Gastro's fire-breathing ability, you can torch any 
    plantlife in the area. Of course, you will find Yums hiding in the trees, so 
    it's a pretty good deal. Start off with the two batches of trees right next to 
    you. Torch 'em and eat the Yums inside [19/34].
    Don't forget to investigate the patch of trees on the far right side of the 
    area, past the island inhabited with Gloobers. You'll have to follow the 
    water's edge until you reach a small patch of land. Aside from the Yums hiding 
    in the grass, there are a few in the batch of trees [24/34].
    Even though the exit is open, it's best to eat the rest of the animals in this 
    level. Go left from the base of the hill leading up to the Beetul. Follow it 
    to a grove not only filled with more of those laughing plants from the Crash 
    Site, but also more trees! Burn 'em down and feed the last remaining Yums to 
    Maw [34/34]. 100% eaten!
    Kill the two laughing plants in the way and follow the trail to the Snuffle 
    [1/1]. Heh, that was easy.
    Return to the Beetull in captivity and use Maw to destroy the harnesses with 
    his flames. The prisoner will get his revenge by destroying the two turrets 
    and the plasma gate beyond. Proceed to the exit.
     DIRTLANDS                                                              [0304]
     Creatures: Puff-Tor, Yum
     Amount: 48
    You will find several Puff-Tors in the quarry below. They inflate and float in 
    the air before diving into the dirt in pursuit of slime worms. When you see a 
    slime worm emerge from the ground, quickly leash it and repeatedly tap A to 
    unearth it.
    Drag the slime worm to the flat rock in the center of the room and slam it a 
    few times to stun it. Use the stunned worm to bait the Puff-Tors into eating 
    it. When a Puff-Tor dives down, it'll crack its head on the rock and knock 
    itself out. Hurry and let Maw eat the Puff-Tor while it's vulnerable.
    With Maw's new ability, he will be able to float in the air for a short while. 
    However, this does not him ingest the other Puff-Tors. You will have to repeat 
    the previous strategy to feed Maw the remaining two creatures [3/48].
    Leash Maw and press A to float with him for a few seconds. Float up to the 
    side of the cliff and hit X to detach as Maw dives into the ground. Use this 
    technique to destroy the nearby generator, disabling the wall. Destroy the two 
    rock spires to your left to find some well-hidden Yums [7/48].
    Up ahead, your goal is to use Maw to leap across the rock pillars. However, 
    first destroy the small rock spires on the ground below for six more Yums 
    [13/48]. Jump across the rock pillars; the last one has a strange vent that 
    releases gusts of wind. Jump into the wind to be pushed across the chasm 
    towards a hill.
    You can destroy the giant red mushrooms with Maw's ability; they usually hold 
    Yums. Break apart the mushrooms along the slope and the group at the top to 
    find s'more Yums [20/48]. 
    To the right is another air vent that you can use to reach your destination. 
    Use the first gust of wind to land on a small rock platform. From here, go to 
    the left and use the wind to eventually reach a large platform holding a 
    Snuffle. Break its case and gobble it up [1/1].
    When you cross the body of water, destroy the two rock spires for a few more 
    tasty morsels [25/48]. Inspect the valley overhead; each of the trees here 
    hold more Yums, so navigate each air vent to reach the trees, then destroy 'em 
    and eat the food inside. There are a lot of Yums here, so be patient and 
    collect them all [44/48].
    Next up is a very tricky area. As you reach the next waterlogged area, drop 
    down to the very bottom and walk to the right. You will find a rock spire in 
    the corner. Smash it to reveal an air vent; ride it to reach a secret alcove. 
    I only say that it's tricky because it's very easy to pass by the spot 
    unnoticed. The trees here hold the final Yum [48/48]. 100% eaten!
    With that said and done, use the air vents to cross the area leading to 
    another piece of machinery. Smash it to lower the energy gate and use the four 
    air vents to reach the green ledge on the left of the cliff. Next, use the 
    giant stone plataeu in the center as a stepping stone to reach the tiny 
    platforms on the far side of the cliff.
    From here, a few jumps are needed to ultimately reach your goal. 
     LOOFERLAND                                                             [0305]
     Creatures: Bounty Hunter, Gloober, Loofer, Yum
     Amount: 92
    Walk down the path towards the source of all the commotion. That Loofer is 
    scarier than I initially thought! With Maw cowering behind a rock, pass by the 
    Loofer towards the "?". Leash the red urchin and unearth it. Toss it at the 
    Loofer with Y to burn off all its feathers, then feed the bird to Maw [1/92].
    The Loofer power is probably the coolest in the entire game. As Frank crawls 
    on top of Maw's big head, you can use him to fire laser beams by hitting A! 
    Blast everything in your sight, from rocks to pieces of the downed spaceship. 
    Also eat the dazed bounty hunters lying on the ground, including the two in 
    the crater [7/92].
    Destroy the piece of wreckage to the right of the main path; doing so reveals
    a dead end and a Snuffle. Destroy its protective casing and devour it [1/1].
    Follow the main path and destroy the rubble in the way. Continue into a 
    clearing filled with red mushrooms and generators. Blast the Mushrooms and eat 
    the Yums inside [15/92], then choose a path to take.
    I suggest going southeast from where you entered the area. Destroy the 
    generator and blast the trees to find six more Yums [21/92]. After your meal, 
    a spaceship will drop a row of turrets ahead of you. They're no match for your 
    new attack! Shoot them all. Also destroy the two Gloober shells and eat the 
    remains [23/92].
    There are a few more Yums in the trees just past the turrets [29/92]. When you 
    reach another mushroom-filled area, a ship will deploy some Bounty Hunters. 
    Before they get a chance to attack, stun them with your lasers and devour 
    Up ahead, eat the two Gloobers [36/92] and blast the turrets. Torch the trees 
    to find a few more Yums [42/92] and break the generator up ahead to reach the 
    clearing again.
    After the successful loop-around, take the southwest entrance this time. 
    S'more turrets will be shipped off from the pesky spaceship, but you should 
    wipe them out without breaking a sweat. Snack on the two Gloobers before 
    moving on.
    The spaceship will now drop off four more bounty hunters, who protect the 
    generator. Of course, their efforts go unachieved as Maw eats 'em [48/92]. 
    Don't forget to snack on the handful of Yums residing near the mushroom patch 
    Shoot the rocks and trees up ahead to find a few more Yums, then ingest the 
    two Gloobers before breaking the generator up ahead [59/92].
    The energy gate at the north end of the clearing has disappeared, so head on 
    through. A band of spaceships will deploy a few more turrets along with a 
    large platoon of bounty hunters. Dispose of the the turrets and inhale the 
    bounty hunters [69/92]. Don't forget to laser the mushrooms to find a few 
    hidden Yums [76/92].
    Blast the generator to lower the energy gate on the side and proceed through. 
    Those dang bounty hunters never rest, do they? More turrets and bounty hunters 
    reside in this large field. Destroy the turrets and gobble up the bounty 
    hunters [86/92]. Eradicate the last few Yums from their mushroomy homes to 
    finish the level [92/92]. 100% eaten!
    Head towards the arrow hologram to encounter a large turret. We won't be able 
    to attack it directly due to its homing missiles, so aim for the patch of red 
    urchins in front of the arrow hologram to set off a chain reaction, 
    obliterating the turret. Continue to the level's exit.
     MESAS                                                                  [0306]
     Creatures: Bulbous, Gloober, Puff-Tor, Yum
     Amount: 30
    After taking care of the three Gloobers behind you [3/30], descend the hill 
    and pass by the sentry. As Frank, smash the three turrets up ahead and stand 
    on the nearby platform.
    As a white Bulbous passes overhead, grab onto its energy ball and hang on 
    tight. Once it eventually nears a pink Bulbous, latch on and enjoy the right. 
    Next, latch onto the green Bulbous that eventually passes by.
    As it flies around over the Puff-Tor, tap A when prompted to steal its energy 
    ball. Use it to break the generator to the left of the Puff-Tor, which lowers 
    the gate and releases the creature.
    There are a few slime worms near the entrance of the level, so return there 
    with Maw. Leash onto a worm and bring it to the start of the level (the rocky 
    plateau). Capture a Puff-Tor using methods used in past levels and eat it.
    Now that Maw has the Puff-Tor ability, destroy the trees just below your 
    location and gobble up the Yums [8/30]. Pass by the sentry again (destroy it 
    if you're feeling mean) and ride the air vent on the right side of the canyon 
    wall. Land on the platform on the opposite side, then jump above to land on a 
    If you look across the mountaintop, you'll find another ledge containing an 
    encased Snuffle. Leap across the gap (use the air vent from below for an extra 
    boost) to reach the surface. Break the case and eat the Snuffle [1/1].
    Drop to the ground and pass by the flowery field. Just behind are a few more 
    Gloobers; feed them to Maw [12/30]. Go down the path and ignore the trees to 
    the left, instead bearing to the right to find another group of Gloobers 
    Return to the trees and destroy them to find some Yums [20/30]. Even though 
    Maw recognizes the level exit, we're far from finished here. Return to the air 
    vent near the sentry and ride it to the platform.
    Jump up to the mountain peak and ride the various air vents across the valley. 
    As you continue past four or so mountains, you will eventually reach a big 
    Bulbous. Dethrone him to get the Bulbous ability for Maw [21/30].
    Slide down the hill to the beginning of the level, then use Maw to zap a slime 
    worm. As Frank, return to where you found the Puff-Tor and use the electrified 
    worm on the nearby generator. Head up the hill to the left and use another 
    slime worm to destroy yet another generator. Treat Maw to the scared Yums 
    behind the energy gate [27/30].
    Lastly, grab another electrified worm and descent the hill. Go to the right 
    this time to find three imprisoned Gloobers. Smash the generator and feed the 
    trio to Maw [30/30]. 100% eaten!
    Backtrack to the beginning of the level, where you will find a super turret 
    across from the entrance. Shock a slime worm, then use it to dispose of the 
    turret. Exit the level.
     BEETULL SMASH!                                                         [0307]
     Creatures: Beetull, Gloober, Yum
     Amount: 52
    The Beetull we first encountered in Chaindown seemed gargantuan, but now they 
    aren't lookin' so big when compared to Maw. Regardless, it can still kick our 
    tail. Go to the left and up a small slope to find three Gloobers [3/52]. Keep 
    in mind that Maw can now ingest the Gloober entirely, shell in all. 
    Head towards the cliffside and jump up the rock spires to reach the cliff. 
    Feed the Gloobers to Maw [8/52] and reunite with your pal. There isn't 
    anywhere else to go, so head past the Beetull and towards the "?".
    As the Beetull faces Maw, grab a red urchin and throw it at the Beetull. Stand 
    in front of the energy gate; as the Beetull charges, press A to dodge as the 
    creature smashes through. Success!
    Follow the Beetull into the next area, where you will find four more Gloobers 
    [12/52]. Take another red urchin and repeat the previous strategy to destroy 
    the second energy gate.
    Spill out into the open field and head to the left towards a piece of 
    wreckage. Pick up the red urchin in front of it and use it to bait the Beetull 
    again. Stand in front of the wreckage and dodge as the Beetull collides into 
    it. The wreckage wins, as the creature is knocked unconscious. Have Maw snack 
    on the monster to gain its ability!
    By pressing A, Maw can stampede through enemies and objects. It's a little 
    difficult controlling him with the Left Analog Stick, but ram into the other 
    Beetulls with Maw and eat them. Return to the previous area and use Maw's new 
    power to smash apart the brown pods. Eat the Yums inside [18/52] and backtrack 
    to the level's entrance.
    Bulldoze through the four pods and chow down [22/52]. Return to the clearing 
    where you obtained the Beetull ability and charge at the boulder between the 
    two waterfalls. As you smash through, aim for the energy gate as well.
    You will then lose control as a cinematic begins; Maw continues ramming 
    through objects, such as turrets and more pods. The cutscene ends with you in 
    a new area.
    You cannot smash through the red energy gate, so use Frank to navigate across 
    the platforms onto the ledge. Now that you're on the other side, use an energy 
    ball and lob it across the gap at the generator. The gate will be lowered.
    Regroup and inspect the air vent. It's propelling a group of Yums in the air, 
    so we'll have to find a way to plug it up. Pass by the vent and pull the big 
    boulder onto the vent to bring the Yums back down. Feed 'em to Maw [33/52].
    Head back towards the arrow hologram and burst through the gate. More 
    cinematic carnage! In this next area, jump onto the platforms to find a red 
    urchin at the top. See the Beetull on the other side of the red gate? It is 
    conveniently aimed right at the generator. Hurl the urchin at the creature to 
    piss it off, and it'll destroy the machine and lower the gate.
    Gobble it up along with the second one not much farther away [35/52] and 
    barrel through the energy gate. Once Maw painfully drags Frank to the next 
    section of the level, reward him with more Yums and Gloobers [44/52].
    Hop up the platforms and destroy the rock with the urchin, then leap across. 
    Feed the Yums and Gloobers to Maw [51/52] and go right through the next gate. 
    Once the cutscene ends and you're in the next section of the level, aim for 
    the gray pillar in the center of the room and ram it. This will cause the 
    Snuffle to fall off [1/1]. Easy pickings! Next, use Maw to smash the humongous 
    brown boulder up against the cliff wall.
    Ram the trio of boulders just behind the pillar to reveal a series of 
    platforms that Frank can climb. When you reach the top of the cliff, walk 
    towards the gap and energy gate. As you can see, there is a rock to your right 
    on a small ledge. Leash it and drag it into the gap, crushing the generator 
    Pass through the opened gate and proceed along the cliff wall (slamming 
    turrets as you go) until you come to an energy ball. Lob it at the generator 
    to lower the red gate, then slide down and regroup with Maw. Crash through the 
    gate in front of you.
    In the next area, have Maw devour the king Yum [52/52]. 100% eaten! Maw will 
    grow to immense proportions as the level ends. 
     PLANET MAW                                                             [0308]
     Creatures: None
     Amount: 0
    The level is Maw itself as he's big enough to traverse on! The final level is 
    completely different from the others, as you have to rescue Maw from the 
    Galactic Bounty Hunters. As a ship flies overhead, press B to grab on and 
    hijack it. Frank is badass!
    Once inside the ship, fly around the edges of the area, looking for the ships 
    with the long red tethers. Press A to drop bombs; bomb the ship non-stop to 
    eventually blow it up. It's very chaotic and hard to tell when you are getting 
    attacked, but enemy ships will fire small orange pellets at your ship to hurt 
    it. If your ship is destroyed, Frank will land on top of Maw in perfect 
    condition. Simply hijack another ship.
    Maw is being held captive by eight ships in total. Destroy all eight to finish 
    the level and complete this short, but sweet game! (a little too short if you 
    ask me...)
    [4] DELETED SCENES                                                      [0400]
    Deleted scenes are levels that are separate from the main story. These levels
    are to be released as downloadable content, so this section will grow as more
    levels are released.
     BRUTE FORCE                                                            [0401]
     Creatures: Beetull, Gastro, Shock Trooper, Yum
     Amount: 70
    An enemy ship will land, deploying three Shock Troopers. These big lugs tote 
    around huge cannons and are equipped with huge electrical canisters on their 
    back. Lets not mess with them just yet.
    From the start of the level, proceed towards the three enemies and head 
    towards the small patch of grass to the left. Gobble up the two Yums here and 
    head to the right. Proceed towards the pile of red mushrooms to find a few 
    more Yums [4/70]. Do a full lap around the valley in search of any Yums hiding 
    in the grass [8/70].
    Have Flank climb up the rock pillars just to the left of the mushrooms. At the 
    top, press B to latch onto the unsuspecting Beetull. It will go into a frenzy 
    and smash through the plasma wall and beyond as Frank gets dragged along. It 
    will eventually destroy a huge boulder blocking a river, giving the valley 
    access to water. The Beetull will flee and hide in a strange plant; ignore it 
    and slide down the hill down to the valley.
    Now that the waterfall is streaming down to the valley, we can put out the 
    Gastros here. Grab a nearby Gastro and fling it into the water, then feed it 
    to Maw [9/70]. Now that Maw has the Gastro ability, feast on the other Gastros 
    wandering around [11/70].
    I'm sure you have noticed the gray metal canisters lying around in the level. 
    They can be destroyed with Maw's fire attack. Light the ones near the patch of 
    mushrooms; they will launch into the air and collide with the mushrooms. Eat 
    the Yums that were hiding in the fungi [14/70].
    Proceed to the opposite end of the valley to find a lone canister at the base 
    of a rock spire. Light it to destroy a boulder on the top, then jump up the 
    platforms as Frank. Grab the red urchin anchored in the ground and toss it at 
    the generator on the adjacent ledge (the air vent should help you).
    With the generator down, the four Yums in the corner will be freed. Their good 
    news comes to an end as Maw devours the group [18/70]. Maw can also burn down 
    those pesky laughing plants strewn across the level. Burn down the ones 
    guarding the entrance to the central plateau. With them out of the way, jump 
    to the top of the plateau and feed the Yums to Maw [24/70].
    Torch the other group of laughing plants, then head up the hill to the top of 
    the area. A "?" mark will appear above the umbrella-like plant that is 
    sheltering the Beetull. Have Maw light it up, which frees the Beetull. It 
    flies away, bashing through another pile of boulders before hiding in a second 
    umbrella plant. It's a wild goose (Beetull) chase!
    Before pursuing the Beetull, have Frank and Maw traverse the winding path back 
    towards the other side (where Frank jumped up the stone platforms to get up 
    here in the first place). Use the metal canisters to destroy the mushrooms, 
    then claim the Yums as your reward [27/70].
    Return all the way back to the Beetull's hiding spot and burn it like the 
    other. It will smash through a plasma gate and some more rocks as it runs. As 
    you chase after the rogue bug, snack on some Yums hiding in the grass past the 
    plasma gate [30/70].
    As you approach the Beetull, it has backed itself into a corner and has 
    nowhere to go. However, its much larger mother shows up, and in an attempt to 
    pulverize the two heroes, inadvertantly destroys the three Shock Troopers 
    below and opens up an entirely new portion of the level. Thanks ma!
    Before dropping down, continue chasing after the baby Beetull. Burn the 
    umbrella plant for the creature to run away onto a bridge. Destroy the nearby 
    generator to lower the bridge, sending the poor Beetull into a river. With the 
    creature unconscious and the plasma wall lowered, drop down into the river and 
    finally eat it [31/70].
    Ignore the gate in front of you, and instead use Maw's new power to destroy 
    the rock behind you. Go up the slope and ram the four boulders to free a 
    couple Yums. Eat them [33/70]. Continue along the path, destroying boulders 
    when you see 'em.
    You will come to a lowered bridge (in fact, it's the bridge that you yourself 
    lowered to capture the Beetull). Break the boulders behind the bridge to 
    locate another umbrella plant. Destroy the rock to the left of the plant to 
    open a flame vent, which burns the plant away. However, there's no Beetull 
    inside: it's the Snuggle [1/1].
    Drop down into the river and ram through the plasma gates in front of you. 
    Smash the dam as you fall down the waterfall into a new section of the level.
    Face the left and ram the two mushrooms with Maw. After eating the Yums in the 
    grass, including the two hiding in the mushrooms [41/70], bash the rock in the 
    far left corner of the field. Another flame vent will emerge from the rubble, 
    burning down the line of trees on the ledge above.
    There are a lot of burnt Yums up there, so hop up the platforms and feed every 
    last one of 'em to Maw [51/70]. Backtrack to the waterfall and go to the right 
    this time.
    Destroy all of the mushrooms along the narrow path and devour the six Yums 
    that were hiding inside [57/70]. Just past here is an intersection.
    Continue along past the level's exit on the left to reach a big boulder; eat 
    the two Yums in the grass here [59/70], then destroy the boulder with Maw's 
    Beetull ability. It will reveal an air vent that puts out the raging fire in 
    front of you.
    There are four Yums lurking in the tall grass in this new area [63/70]. Face 
    the gray rock pedestals and have Maw ram the ones on the left and right; doing 
    so smashes the rocks on top. Now you can traverse across them as Frank!
    Jump up to the ledge and hop across the gray pedestals to another plateau, 
    conveniently filled with Yums [69/70].
    As you can see, we are one creature short; don't fret! Return to the fork and
    head to the right to reach the exit. Chomp down on the downed Shock Trooper
    for a bit of revenge [70/70]. 100% eaten!
    Get a hold of the red urchin in front of you and hurl it into the air vent; it
    will conveniently push it right onto the generator behind the plasma wall,
    opening up the exit. Head on through to finish the level.
     RIVER REDIRECT                                                         [0402]
     Creatures: Gastro, Gloober, Puff-Tor, Shock Trooper, Yum
     Amount: 70
    A Shock Trooper patrols the bridge up ahead. We have to travel underneath the
    bridge to continue through the level, though the enemy's presence doesn't help
    our cause that much. Have Frank jump up the rocks to the ledge, then grab the
    energy ball and throw it at the generator. The bridge will dissipate as the
    Shock Trooper falls to the ground. Eat him [1/70].
    Proceed past the laughing plank freaks (Maw is still afraid of them, even at
    his current size) into a quarry. You will encounter a Puff-Tor and slime worms
    in the ground below. Before dealing with them, eat the Yums scattered in the
    grass; there are ten in total [11/70].
    Jump up the stones on the left side of the area and continue along the cliff
    wall until you reach a red urchin. Uproot it, then hurl it at the rock
    formation on the far side of the quarry. You will destroy the rocks, revealing
    a flat gray rock. 
    Drop down and grab a slime worm from the ground. Smash him onto the gray rock
    floor, then bait a Puff-Tor into diving right onto the solid ground. Once it's
    down, feed it to Maw to gain the Puff-Tor ability [12/70].
    Before moving to the next area, backtrack to the entrance of the level. Jump
    onto the ledge to the side of the lowered bridge. Follow the path to a dead
    end, where you'll find the Snuggle [1/1]. Return to the quarry and ride the
    air vent to the ledge.
    Ignore the lower portion of the canyon for now; lets take to the skies as we
    travel to the tall platforms strewn around. Some of the air vents here turn
    off for a few seconds, so you'll have to time your jumps. Ride the air vent to
    your right to reach the first one. Smash the trees and ingest the yummy Yums
    [14/70], then ride the next air vents to the second platform. Again, eat the
    Yums hiding in the trees [16/70].
    Take off to the next platform, where you will find three Gloobers [19/70].
    Drop down on the other side and ride the three air vents to an alcove. Eat the
    Gloobers [23/70] before riding the next gusts of air up the cliff. You'll come
    to an area with three tall platforms and a few Gloobers [26/70]. Use the first
    air vent to get onto the nearest platform. You will have to avoid the two air
    vents between the platforms, because they will push you onto the ground and
    prevent you from crossing the platforms.
    Once you reach the end, jump onto the diagonal air vent to shoot up the
    mountainside. Snack on the Gloobers wiggling around on both sides of the
    waterfall [32/70]. You will find a generator near the plasma wall blocking the
    water current. Use Maw's weight to crush the machine, lowering the wall and
    opening the water flow.
    Slide down the waterfall to the next cliff. Again, a plasma wall down here is
    blocking the water from reaching the bottom of the canyon. Devour the Gloobers
    here [35/70] before riding the air vent onto the adjascent platform. Destroy
    the generator up here to lower the wall. Now I know where the name of this
    level comes from.
    Drop down the waterfall to a similar area. After feeding on the three Gloobers
    [38/70], locate the nearest air vent. Travel across the first three air vents
    towards the fourth. As you can see, the generator is on the ledge behind the
    fourth air vent. Riding the fourth air vent drops you back down to the ground,
    so bypass it and land on the ledge instead. Smash the generator.
    The river finally reaches the canyon and fills it up with fresh water. As a
    bonus, we can now target the Gastros here. Extinguish one's flame, then eat it
    to gain a new ability [39/70]. Eat the remaining Gastros wandering around
    Even though the fire on the side of the canyon has been put out, lets focus
    away from it for now. Backtrack to where you first entered the canyon and go
    to the right. Burn down the annoying laughing plants in the way and the
    subsequent trees for food [45/70]. The Yum-filled path eventually leads back
    to the first group of laughing plants. 
    Return to the canyon and follow the river past the extinguished fire. Burn
    down the plants to gain access to a new area. Light the metal canister to your
    left to have it destroy the nearby boulder, uncovering a few Yums [48/70].
    Repeat with the three other canisters to find a whole batch of Yums just
    waiting to be eaten [53/70].
    The final canister is used to destroy the turret blocking the path. Don't
    forget to torch the trees before leaving; you can find a few more stragglers
    [58/70]. Now you can continue past the turret.
    Snack on the Gloober just past the turret's remains [59/70]; up ahead you will
    find s'more Gloobers among the Yums hiding in the grass [64/70]. To disable
    the red plasma wall to your right, approach the generator on the other side of
    the chasm. Luckily, Maw's flame can reach it.
    Head past the now-defunct wall. The group of metal canisters can be dealt with
    in a much easier fashion than one would initially think. Simply burn the one
    on the ground to set off a big chain reaction, ultimately destroying the
    generator on the far end and lowering the plasma wall. Before you go, eat the
    Gloobers on the ground [67/70].
    Proceed towards a large bridge, where you will spot another Shock Trooper
    guarding the area. Luckily, the generator is just behind a rock on your side
    of the bridge. Destroy it to lower the bridge as the Shock Trooper gets
    totally owned.
    Slide down the base of the bridge and follow the trail to a field and the
    level's exit. Before leaving, take the narrow path on the right side of the
    area to find the final three Gloobers [70/70]. 100% eaten! 
    As far as I remembered, there was a glitch in the game that featured an extra
    Gloober, giving you a total of 71/70 instead. Seems they fixed the glitch.
    Regardless, once they are out of the picture, you can finish the level.
     SPEEDER LANE                                                           [0403]
     Creatures: Bounty Hunter
     Amount: 60
    Frank stumbles upon a speeder and subsequently hijacks it from an unsuspecting 
    bounty hunter. Grand theft auto, baby!
    This will be a very different level when compared to the rest. It features a 
    top-down view as Frank rides the speeder with Maw following behind. You'll 
    mainly be destroying hazards in the way of the narrow lane as Maw eats any 
    bounty hunters along the way.
    Drive forward towards two turrets. There's no way we can get past the gunfire, 
    so instead press A when hovering above the two explosive metal canisters. You 
    will drop bombs onto them, destroying the turrets. Move forward and let Maw 
    eat the bounty hunter guarding the generator [1/60]. Bomb the generator to 
    disable the plasma wall and continue ahead.
    Up ahead, a dome will fire missiles at you. Since you cannot really get hurt 
    or die, take a hit and hover over it. Bomb it to oblivion. Even if your 
    speeder is eventually destroyed, you will be resurrected without consequence. 
    Blow up the two hexagonal buildings to stun a few bounty hunters, who can then 
    be eaten by Maw [5/60].
    Destroy the generator here to lower one of two walls surrounding the central 
    island. Fly past it to the other side to find more buildings and more missile 
    pods. Take care of them all and have Maw eat the two bounty hunters [7/60] 
    before destroying the second generator.
    By the way, since you cannot use a leash on the speeder or call to him, it may 
    seem difficult to get Maw to follow you. All you have to do is have Frank in 
    Maw's sight and he will follow. With both energy walls down, approach the 
    command center on the island and blow it to smithereens. A bunch of bounty 
    hunters will be ejected [13/60].
    Go south from the right side of the area to reach a path littered with flame 
    vents. Slowly pass each one as the flames cease to reach another generator. 
    Destroying it will turn off all the flame vents. Proceed down the trail, 
    taking down the turrets and generator in your way.
    Up ahead is a circular area with a powerful turret dead in the middle. It 
    sprays fire that radiates outwards, and the projectiles can be difficult to 
    avoid. There are metal canisters around the perimeter of the area, and bombing 
    each one causes it to damage the turret. Alternatively, you can float over the 
    turret and bomb it, but doing so means you will have to dodge plenty of red 
    projectiles. Again, you can't die in this game so it doesn't matter that much.
    When the coast is clear, you have to options to take: the eastern path or the 
    northwest path. We'll be going both ways eventually, so the order does not 
    matter. I will take us down the northwest path first.
    Use the metal canister to destroy the wall in your way and move through. Take 
    down the turret and missile along the way. Destroy the building and devour the 
    inhabitants [15/60] and continue past the floating turret. Clear the path of 
    missiles and bomb the command center and the two surrounding buildings for a 
    whole slew of food to eat [23/60].
    The energy wall near the command center will be disabled afterwards, so move 
    on. Again, take down the turrets with the canisters and the missile pods. 
    Dodge the flame vents beyond and you will find another pair of missile pods 
    along with a generator. Destroying the generator will bring you back to the 
    circular area from before.
    Now lets take the eastern path. Clear the path of the two turrets and move 
    towards another island. The floating turret here cannot be destroyed, so you 
    will have to constantly avoid the gunfire while you bomb the building nearby. 
    There are also four bounty hunters outside the building that can be eaten, so 
    group them in with the ones inside the building [31.60].
    Blow up the other two buildings [35/60] and bomb the two generators back near 
    the floating turret to gain access to the command center. Destroying that will 
    net you more grub [38/60].
    Go north, speeding past the flame vents, to find a trio of missile pods. 
    Take 'em down along with the floating turrets. Again, bomb the generator at 
    the end of the road to return to the circular area.
    An energy wall at the north end will dissipate, giving you access to a new 
    region. Bomb the missile pods and try your best to ignore/avoid the floating 
    turret ahead. Take down the two small buildings [43/60] and the big command 
    center [47/60].
    Clear the trail of missile pods and continue past the arrow sign. Bomb the two 
    turrets and drive forward. Ignore the generator on the left for now and 
    instead put your attention on the brown boulder in front of you. Destroy it 
    and the one beyond to gain access to a secret alcove containing the Snuffle 
    Return to the generator and destroy it to lower the wall, then move to the 
    left. This sector is filled with many turrets and missile pods. Navigate 
    around the energy wall and destroy the turrets and missile pods. There are a 
    few turrets that you cannot target. Before you continue, bomb the generator at 
    the north end.
    The south end of the area contains the second generator and two buildings. 
    Destroy the buildings and feast on the bounty hunters [55/60]. The southern 
    generator is hard to hit because it's in the crossfire of two turrets. There 
    is a small window where the fire ceases; fly overhead and bomb it.
    With the wall lowered and the final commanc center vulnerable, blow it to 
    pieces and have Maw ingest the remaining bounty hunters [60/60]. 100% eaten! 
    While everyone has been eaten, it doesn't mean the level is over just yet!
    Go to the left to encounter a huge wall spewing fireballs. There are also a 
    ton of turrets among some generators scattered around. To tear this defense 
    system down, we must bomb each and every generator.
    There are six generators in total. The two cannons on the wall shoot fireballs 
    that go back and forth from left to right. There is a floating turret in front 
    of each generator that fires five shots before stopping momentarily.
    The ones on the side area the easiest to take down, but the two generators in 
    the center of the area are the toughest. Again, it's not like you can die in 
    this game without consequence, so you can rush in and be as reckless as you'd 
    like. It's pointless to give strategies for a game where you cannot lose, so 
    essentially do whatever you'd like.
    The defense system does not fall even after you destroy the generators. Maw 
    will begin puking out metal canisters around the arena. Bomb each one as it 
    slightly damages the wall, and then dodge the projectiles as you wait for Maw 
    to vomit another one somewhere else.
    After six canisters are used to damage the defense system, the next wave 
    starts up. Six more generators appear, but this time there are missile pods 
    and the turrets also fire in a different pattern.
    After bombing the generators, Maw begins vomiting out more canisters. Remember 
    that you'll have to deal with the missile pods when you get near the metal 
    canisters, so you may want to take all of them out first. After using all six 
    canisters on the defense system... yeah, another stage.
    It's the same thing again, but more missile pods and more intricate turret 
    fire. Take down the missile pods first before worrying about the generators. 
    Take your time if you so please and continue targeting each generator until 
    they all are reduced to rubble. Again, Maw will ultimately barf up six more 
    metal canisters. This time, the defense system falls after all six.
    [5] CREATURES                                                           [0500]
    Description: Small, incredibly cute pink blobs
    Ability: None
    Yums are the fodder of this game. They are found in great numbers in every 
    level and pose no threat to Frank or Maw. In fact, it's not uncommon to feel 
    bad as you feed these helpless critters to Maw! Yums are shy, scared critters 
    that are often found hiding in tall grass, rocks, or trees.
    Description: Molten hot red lizard
    Ability: Breathe fire
    Gastros are volcanic lizards that are incredibly lazy, often found sleeping or 
    slowly lugging itself around. Gastros are incredibly hot and must be first 
    extinguished before ingesting. When you encounter a Gastro, use Frank's leash 
    or an energy ball to knock it into some water before feeding it to Maw.
    When Maw has the Gastro ability, he can eat other Gastros without any trouble, 
    but more noticeably, can breathe fire. Use this power to burn down trees, 
    shrubs, or those annoying screaming plants seen every so often.
    Description: Pudgy flying insects
    Ability: Electricity
    Despite their overweight appearance, Bulbous have no trouble flying through 
    the air with their multiple wings. They are calm creatures that have a very 
    scheduled life; flying back and forth, harvesting energy balls to be fed to 
    their king. Bulbous are harmless and can actually be used to hitch a ride over 
    long distances. Only the king Bulbous can be eaten by Maw.
    When Maw has the Bulbous ability, he can electrocute enemies with his strange 
    black appendages. This technique is best put to use when zapping slime worms. 
    Electrified slime worms act as forms of weapons, disabling turrets among other 
    Description: Blue and yellow slugs
    Ability: None
    Gloobers share similarities with snails or hermit crabs, since they seek 
    comfort inside of rock-hard shells. In Maw's early stages, he cannot ingest 
    the Gloober's shell. Use Frank to smash the Gloober's shell apart, then feed 
    the soft (and mortified) slug to Maw.
    Description: Long, brown winged worms
    Ability: Float and smash
    Puff-Tors are vicious snake-like monsters that prey on slime worms. They puff 
    their body up like a balloon, then deflate and dive towards the ground. They 
    can also dig through soft earth. To catch a Puff-Tor, use a slime worm as bait 
    by pulling it from the ground and placing it on solid terrain. As the Puff-Tor 
    dives down to catch the worm, it incapacitates itself and can be eaten.
    When Maw has the Puff-Tor ability, he will float in the air like a balloon. 
    When Frank jumps, he and Maw will float high in the air for a short period of 
    time. You can use this ability, as well as air vents, to travel great 
    distances. When in the air, press X for Maw to divebomb towards the ground, 
    destroying any object below.
    Description: Tall, multi-eyed bird
    Ability: Laser beams
    You only encounter one Loofer in the entire game, which is a shame. While is 
    may not look intimidating, it using tactics similar to a peacock to alarm 
    predators, including Maw. To nullify the Loofer's scare tactics, toss a red 
    urchin at it to fry its feathers off. Maw can then feed on the burnt bird.
    When Maw has the Loofer ability, you will be able to shoot lasers out of his 
    many eyes by pressing A. Frank will also be riding Maw, so you can cruise 
    through the entire level. You can destroy much of the landscape with Maw's 
    laser beams along with enemies.
    Bounty Hunter
     Description: Human-like in silver suit
     Ability: None
    You never know if the bounty hunters are human because they never remove their 
    helmets. However, they certainly act like them. Bounty hunters are only seen 
    in a few of the later levels, usually trying to put an end to your 
    shenanigans. Bounty hunters will attack Maw and Frank with their assault 
    rifles, but by this point Maw is too big to be hurt. Simply shoot them with 
    your lasers or devour them in one fell swoop.
     Description: Giant plated beetle
     Ability: Ram
    Beetulls are gigantic bugs that looks an awful lot like a rhinoceros beetles. 
    When angered, Beetuls will charge at enemies in attempt to gore them. However, 
    they aren't too intelligent and often blindly charge at anything. Use red 
    urchins to pester the Beetulls, then stand in front of an immovable object, 
    like a piece of a downed spaceship. When the Beetull runs towards you, dodge 
    as the Beetull hits it and is knocked out cold.
    When Maw has the Beetull ability, he can charge similar to Beetull itself. 
    When leashed to Maw, press A for Maw to go into a frenzy and start charging. 
    You can control him with the Left Analog Stick, but it is pretty difficult. 
    Maw can bulldoze through various things with this ability, such as pods and 
    energy gates.
    Shock Trooper
     Description: Beefed-up Bounty Hunter equipped with a large rifle
     Ability: None
    Shock Troopers are only found in the deleted scene levels. They wield large
    guns that, when paired with the large energy canisters on their back, shoot
    powerful electric beams at their foes. Maw cannot eat them on his own, but can
    snack on Shock Troopers when they are unconscious.
    [6] UNLOCKABLES                                                         [0600]
    Gamerpic 1
    Complete "Crash Site"
    Gamerpic 2
    Complete "Dirtlands"
    Dashboard Theme
    Complete the entire game
    [7] ACHIEVEMENTS                                                        [0700]
    Here are all the Achievements found in the game, in alphabetical order.
    All Growed Up (10)
    Help Maw grow for the first time
    Brute Force (15)
    Get 100% Eaten and eat the Snuffle in Brute Force
    Destroyer of Yums (10)
    Find and eat 200 Yums
    Energize (20)
    With the Bulbous power, electrify at least 50 objects and/or creatures
    Eyes of the Beloofer (20)
    With the Loofer power, laser at least 125 objects and/or creatures
    Ground and Pound (20)
    With the Puff-Tor power, smash at least 50 objects and/or creatures
    Hard-Headed (20)
    With the Beetull power, ram at least 50 objects and/or creatures
    Little Planet of Horrors (20)
    Get 100% Eaten in each level
    River Redirect (15)
    Get 100% Eaten and eat the Snuffle in River Redirect
    Six Meals a Day (20)
    Play during Maw's six meal times: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dunch, Dinner, and 
    Midnight Feast
    Speeder Lane (15)
    Get 100% Eaten and eat the Snuffle in Speeder Lane
    Tastes Like Snot (10)
    Find and eat 30 Gloobers
    That's Just Gross (10)
    Find and eat all the Snuffles
    Time for BBQ (20)
    With the Gastro power, flame at least 150 objects and/or creatures
    You're totally MAWESOME! (20)
    Complete the entire game
    [8] THANKS/CREDITS                                                      [0800]
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    a shoutout to everyone who made this FAQ possible:
     CJayC: For being an awesome host of an awesome site.
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     You: For reading this FAQ.
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    "I was wrong, you were right, and I had no choice but to say all the same
    words in an empty voice"
    - Fires of Rome
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