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    Lost Saga Guide
    By: Ghost
    Current Version: 0.10
    Table of Contents
    0.) Introduction
    	0A.) Update History
    	0B.) Legal
    1.) About Lost Saga
    2.) Hero List (incomplete)
    3.) Maps (incomplete)
    4.) Modes (incomplete)
    0.) Introduction
    This guide was created Ghost out of pure boredom and because I had
    nothing else to do at the time of writing (nothing ever happens first
    few weeks of summer). It was also created because there were no other
    in-depth guides on Lost Saga at the time.
    0A.) Update History
    Version 1 - Sent and published to GameFAQs - (June 3rd 2010)
    0B.) Legal
    I made most of this guide and would appreciate it if you don't
    steal it. This FAQ should only be posted on GameFAQ's and
    any copies anywhere else is most likely stolen.
    1.) About Lost Saga
    This part was written by Kietsu. I take no credit except
    small up to date edits with this part. This section generally
    talks about how Lost Saga works, so if you know about the
    game already, you can skip this part.
    [Arrow Keys] : Move
    Double Tap [Arrow Key] : Dash
    [A] / [Z] : Jump
    [S] / [X] : Defend
    [D] / [C] : Attack
    Combat Basics
    Depending on the weapon you are using, your attacks will vary a fair bit. 
    However, the weapons fall into four basic groups: Melee, 
    Ranged, Magic, and Special.
    In a similar fashion, all of the weapons have the same basic controls, 
    so we can group the attacks into different categories:
    Quickly Tap [Attack] : Combo Attack
    If you quickly tap the [Attack] button, you will perform a basic combo. 
    The length and power varies, but generally, melee weapons have
    the most hits, the most damage, and the shortest recovery after 
    the last hit of their combo. Ranged weapons tend to have the shortest 
    combos. Additionally, you can delay the button presses to delay the 
    hits of the attack a bit (for pressure / juggles), or just stop pressing 
    the button to stop attacking midcombo. Note that if you hit someone from 
    the front, they can usually block further attacks.
    Hold [Attack] : Heavy Attack
    This will perform a single hit alternate attack. These are usually 
    slower to start up and recover than your Combo Attack, but have 
    special properties, like launching your enemy or stunning them. You 
    can also switch to these during certain hits of your Combo Attack.
    Quickly Press [Move] Twice : Dash
    This will cause your character to start moving more quickly. You can 
    still move in any direction while dashing, but you will not be able to 
    perform your Combo or Heavy attacks. Instead, you get...
    Press [Attack] while Dashing : Dash Attack
    These are much like the Heavy Attack, in that they are a bit slow 
    and have special properties. This will also bring you to a complete 
    stop once the attack ends, effectively ending your dash.
    Press [Attack] while Jumping : Jump Attack
    This will make your character perform an attack in midair. These usually
    cause some stun, so you can perform another attack once you land.
    Hold [Attack] : Ranged Attack
    This will cause you to aim in the direction you are facing. With most ranged
    weapons, you can press a direction while aiming to change the direction you 
    are aiming in. While aiming, a crosshair will appear to show where your 
    shot will travel. If you aim towards an enemy, your crosshair will lock 
    onto them. If you hold the lock for a few moments, the crosshair will turn 
    blue. Release the [Attack] button to fire a shot towards the crosshair. 
    If the crosshair is blue, the shot will be more powerful. Note that 
    your enemy can see your crosshair if you lock onto them!
    Quickly Press [Move] Twice : Evasive Roll
    This will cause your character to perform a roll in the direction
    you pressed. The roll is faster than walking or dashing, and goes
     a specific distance. However, you cannot perform 
    any other action while performing the roll.
    Press [Attack] while Jumping : Air Shot
    This will cause your character to fire their ranged weapon in midair. 
    Much harder to hit with than your standing ranged attack.
    Hold [Block] / Hold [Attack] while ammo is depleted : Reload
    Some ranged weapons have a limited clip size, and must be 
    reloaded when that ammo runs out. You can never run out of 
    reloads, however. While reloading, your movement speed is 
    greatly reduced and you can perform no attacks or block. 
    Taking damage will cut off your reload, giving you a partial clip.
    Hold [Attack] : Aim Magic
    This will cause a magic circle to appear on the ground, which 
    you can steer using the arrow keys. Note that it does 
    have a maximum range. The circle has no purpose by 
    itself, but if you press [Block] while still holding 
    [Attack], your Weapon's skill (More on that in a bit.) 
    will attack where you are aiming.
    Quickly Press [Move] Twice : Alternate Attack
    Other than the input, these are pretty much identical to
    the Heavy Attack with Melee weapons.
    Press [Jump] after Jumping: Double Jump
    This will cause your character to jump a second time while 
    in the air, increasing your jump height and distance slightly.
    Hold [Attack] : Equip Projectile
    This will cause your character to perform the weapon's
    unique attack. There aren't really any general 
    rules for these attacks - although they do 
    tend to create an object on the battlefield.
    Quickly Press [Move] Twice : Evasive Dash
    This is pretty much identical to the Evasive Roll 
    with Ranged characters, except that 
    the distance you move is much shorter.
    Press [Attack] while Jumping : Jump Attack
    Functionally identical to the Jump Attacks of Melee weapons.
    You can block any of these attacks by holding the
    [Defend] button. However, be careful, as after a 
    few seconds your block will start to drop itself 
    every second or so, and watch out for skills, as 
    most are unblockable. (Blocking an unblockable attack 
    will cause a broken shield emote to appear above your 
    head for a moment, to let you know.)
    Magic weapons have a 360 degree block.
    Hero System + Combat
    The central feature of Lost Saga is the Hero System!
    Each Hero has a unique loadout of four different items 
    that they spawn with: A weapon, a hat, a suit, and an accessory.
    Each item has a special skill associated with it, which 
    you can activate by pressing a combination of 
    the three main keys, or a seperate key mapped to the skill:
    Accessory: Jump + Defend + Attack [A+S+D] / [Q]
    Hat: Jump + Attack [A+D] / [W]
    Suit: Jump + Defend [A+S] / [E]
    Weapon: Defend + Attack [S+D] / [R]
    Most attack skills are unblockable, and almost every skill 
    makes you invincible during startup.
    This means most skills can be used as a combo breaker.
    There is, of course, a balancing factor: Each skill has a 
    cooldown time that must expire before you can use the 
    skill again. The bottom of the HUD shows all of your items 
    and how much cooldown time is left, if any.
    Being hit by enemy attacks reduces your HP, 
    which is shown in a small bar above your head.
    Every time you take damage while your HP is at 0, 
    you will one of your items, in the following order:
    Hat -> Accessory -> Suit -> Weapon
    Taking damage while you have no items equipped will kill you, 
    but don't worry too much, as you will soon respawn with a new set of items.
    More importantly, you can pick up any items dropped by you, 
    or anyone else, by standing on top of them and 
    pressing Jump. If you already have an item of the type 
    you are trying to pick up, you will drop yours. 
    Picking up an item from a different hero will let you use 
    that item's skill. This means you can end up with combination 
    of different hero skills - many of which are actually better 
    than the combinations a hero starts with!
    Also, being knocked off of the map will cause you to lose a 
    portion of your HP, and you will randomly be placed back on the 
    map. If you don't have enough HP to survive the fall, 
    you will simply be killed.
    Last little notice: If you currently have all 4 item slots 
    filled, you can press the numbers 0-9 on your keyboard 
    to switch to whichever class you have assigned to that slot. 
    The switch takes a brief moment, but you can perform 
    more complex combos using this.
    Ranking Up + Hero Levels
    As you play the game, you will gain EXP, which is displayed 
    in a small meter at the bottom of the screen. 
    Whenever you fill the bar, your Rank will increase, and the 
    meter will empty, with a larger amount of EXP required 
    to fill it again. Your rank mainly determines which heroes 
    you are able to purchase from the shop with Peso.
    Everyone's rank is displayed in a small icon beside their name.
    As you play with your different heroes, they will also gain their own EXP. 
    Gaining enough Hero EXP will level that hero up. When you level up 
    a hero, you will be given a Peso bonus, equal to 
    100 x The Hero's New Level. Additionally, the hero 
    will be given some Skill Points, which can be spent, along 
    with some Peso, to increase the power of the hero's 
    skills, or to increase the hero's stats, such as 
    attack and defense. Your hero's level also determines which 
    accessories you can purchase for them with Peso.
    Item Shop
    As you play the game, you will earn the ingame currency, Peso.
    You can use Peso to buy items from the shop. These items fall 
    into 3 general categories: Heroes, Accessories, and Misc Items.
    Every hero can be purchased with either Peso or Astro.
    However, if you are buying the hero with Peso, you can 
    only buy the hero for 2 hours at a time, and must 
    meet the minimum Rank requirement. Buying a hero with Astro gives 
    you the option to purchase the hero for either 30 hours, or permanently.
    You cannot change your hero's clothing, as that is a vital
    component of the gameplay, but you can buy Accessories to 
    change other aspects of your hero's appearance - hair style, 
    hair color, skin tone, and face. All of these can be purchased
    permanently for either Peso or Astro, although if you 
    wish to buy them with Peso, your hero must meet a minimum 
    level requirement. Accessories are bound to the 
    hero you purchase them for.
    Misc Items include items to create guilds (Purchased using Peso), along 
    with items to rename your character, and increase the 
    rate at which you gain Peso and EXP. (Purchased using Astro.)
    There are also items you can purchase for the Fishing system, with
    the better ones being Astro.
    Also, if you wish to play as a female hero, you must first buy the 
    male hero, and then buy an item that you can equip to switch to 
    the female hero. In kLS, these items can only be purchased using Astro.
    Advanced Equipment
    A new feature in the Korean version, and not likely to appear 
    in the OGPlanet version for a while.
    There is a tab in the shop labelled Equipment, and from there 
    you can buy, wait for it... mystery boxes. There are two different kinds:
    Standard Box - 9800 Peso - Items are randomly 10 day, 30 day, or permanent.
    Golden Box - 48000 Peso - Items are always permanent.
    The items themselves are always randomly selected Advanced Equipment. 
    These items are items from various heroes, but much fancier looking, 
    and with two important changes:
    1) They have random stat boosts from +1 to +10.
    2) They can be equipped by any hero. (Except weapons)
    It should also be noted that they can only be equipped to one 
    hero at a time, and that they have a minimum hero level 
    required to be able to use them. Like I mentioned above, 
    advanced weapons can only be used by the hero that 
    uses the normal version. If you don't like your prize, 
    you can sell it back for a small amount of Peso.
    2.) Hero List (incomplete)
    Right here is the list of all the heroes that a currently in Lost Saga
    in the order of their release. Added is a list of skills, Pros and
    Cons, and a list of the most known operators of these heroes.
    This is the meat of this whole guide so I hope you enjoy.
    Shadow Assassin
    Fire Mage
    Iron Knight
    Savage Berserker
    Cyber Medic
    Tao Warrior
    Boxing Champ
    Treasure Hunter
    Ice Mage
    Viking Raider
    Robin Hood
    Crazy Sapper
    Kage Ninja
    Space Trooper
    Dark Shaman
    Grim Reaper
    Captain Hook
    Taekwon Master
    Shadow Assassin - Melee
    I have no earthly idea what era this hero possibly came
    from. I'd assume somewhere in the 900-1200 timeframe although
    that is a complete and utter guess.
    D D D D - A four hit combo with the last hit hitting twice.
    Hold D - Launches your opponent into the air. Can be juggled from.
    Dash Attack - An attack that hits three times. Can be blocked after 
    the first hit.
    Trinket: Poison 
    You drink from a pouch and then breath a
    poison gas on your foes that will cause them to move very
    slowly and be unable to run. It also makes the enemy take a
    bit of damage. Lasts for about 8 seconds.
    Can be used on people on the ground.
    Hat: Hat A Rang 
    Throws a bamboo hat over a set distance. Great for catching runners.
    Armor: Stealth
    Allows you to go invisible. Perfect for sneaking up on people.
    The only drawback is you can't run while in stealth mode, and
    your skills don't charge. Only use stealth if your skills are 
    generally ready.
    Weapon: Assassinate
    Will stack the opponent with it's set of claws. Does pretty
    nifty damage, and will stun the opponent allowing you to combo
    from it.
    Shadow Assassin is the very first hero you will ever get and
    is generally the only hero you will really see when you first 
    start off. It's really easy to pick up, but will take a lot of
    battles of practice to use it effectively.
    Stealth should generally be used to get close to opponenets.
    I would recommend using Poison on opponents who would generally
    try to run away (i.e. ranged/someone close to death.
    Assinating a player will probably be your main damage dealer
    a Hat A Rang is great for opponents trying to make a get away.
    It's also a great edging tool granted your opponent is near an
    Shadow Assassin has a few notable weak points however. It is
    meant to go behind the scenes and should never be the first to
    run in to attack. That leads to another problem.
    When you use Stealth, even if you can't be seen on the battlefield,
    you can still be seen from the map. This is generally troublesome
    when fighting teams that camp and someone not preoccupied with the
    battle at hand. 
    The best way to make Shadow Assassin shine is to use it behind the
    Notable Players
    I don't really know anyone that uses Shadow Assassin.
    Fire Mage - Magic/Mage
    Since I've never seen someone use a staff to rain down meteors
    on someone else, it's safe to say that most of the Magic
    Characters don't exist. So for Era, I'll just put, "Another Dimension".
    D D - A basic two hit attack.
    Hold D - Forms a circle on the ground that can be used to aim the weapon 
    skill. Also makes the weapon skill charge 50% faster.
    Dash Attack - Since the Fire Mage is unable to run, it's dash attack just
    simplypokes you with the staff. It's a 1 hit knockdown.
    Trinket: Fireproof
    Gves you immunity to all fire attacks (you won't take damage or be in 
    the firestun). Useful if you are fighting a team of Fire Mages.
    Hat: Teleport
    Allows you to move anywhere in a set distance. Can be used to unsuspectingly
    knock people off who are standing close to the edge.
    Armor: Flame Wave
    You smash the ground wich makes a wave a flames go in six directions. 
    Does a fair bit of damage, can be used against people on the
    ground, and causes firestun.
    Weapon: Meteor
    You use your staff to summon a large meteor that will cause damage to whoever
    is hit by it. Does a fair bit of damage, can be used against 
    people on the ground, and causes firestun.
    Fire Mage is probably the most played Magic character as you get it 
    fairly early (your third level up I think) and it does great damage.
    It can double jump, and even block from it's backside.
    It's two hit combo and dash attack are great startup points to use Flame Wave
    and Meteor, and teleport
    is a great skill for quick getaways.
    Fire Mage has a few weaknesses though. First off, both of it's major
    damaging skills are amongstthe easiest to dodge in the whole entire game.
    That's why it's knockdown is vital. That causes another weakness.
    Attempted knockdown can be easily blocked. Trying to 1v1 with a Fire Mage 
    will prove difficult when fighting an experienced player. That's why you 
    should be as craftyas possible when fighting them.
    Noteable Players
    Iron Knight - Melee
    Iron Knight is based on Knights from the middle ages
    and were generally around in Europe in the 1100-1400
    D D D D - A four hit combo. The last hit raises the opponent into the air.
    Hold D - The charge attack thrusts your sword into the opponent
    stunning them for several seconds.
    Dash Attack - One of Knight's coolests attacks (really annoying if on
    the other team) is it's dash. It has pretty decent knockback, and if
    you pair it with Haste Aura, it is really devastating.
    Trinket: Haste Aura
    Raises your speed of you and nearby team mates. Useful for catching
    that one runner. 
    Hat: Headbutt
    You will swiftly Headbutt the opponent causing some damage and
    stunning them in the standing position for a good 4-5 seconds.
    Very easy to combo from.
    Armor: Shield Sigil
    When something hits this armor, it will be knocked back slightly
    making it harder to actually hit you. Tao's are the only heroes
    that don't really suffer from this.
    Weapon: Triple Slash
    The Iron Knight will raise it's sword and slash the opponent
    three times. It does pretty good knockback.
    Iron Knight is probably one of my favorite heroes in Lost Saga
    (the only reason I didn't main it is becaue the female version
    is downright hideous without the epic knight's helmet).
    It revolves around stunning the opponent, and while it doesn't do
    too much damage, it has great defenses ensuring that it won't ever
    be the first to die in battle (unless you just plain suck).
    Shield Sigil is a great skill if you are camping (i.e. the nets
    in Boot Camp) because it knocks your opponent a fair distance that
    can lead to the edge.
    One of it's underlying weaknesses is ironically the armor
    meant to protect it. While Shield Sigil is a great benefit when
    fighting short ranged enemies, it is absolutely devastating
    when fighting enemies such as Tao Warrior and Savage Berserker.
    It is very difficult to even get close to do damage.
    Another major problem with Knight is how slow Iron Knight's
    skills recharge. You have to invest massive amounts of points
    into them to actually get them to recharge fast enough to be ready
    when actually needed.
    Even with that said, Iron Knight is one of the better heroes
    for 1v1 (unless you're fighting a Tao Warrior or Savage Berserker).
    Noteable Players
    Savage Berserker - Melee
    The two-hand sword used by the Berserker was invented in the 1100s, but 
    the exact origin of the Berserker himself is unclear. There 
    really is no recorded history of a half naked man with spiked 
    helmets, war horns and carried massive two hand swords.
    D D D - Smash down with the sword, swing up, then smash down again, does
    great damage, is quite fast, but the horizontal range is nearly none existent.
    Hold D - Guard breaking smash with the sword, looks like a normal D
    attack, but is slower.
    Dash Attack - Swing the sword in a upwards motion, good pushing ability 
    even if blocked and has decent stun.
    Jump Attack - Swing the sword overhead and down, hitting someone 
    standing with it causes stun.
    Trinket: War Horn
    Unstraps his horn from his... belt? Then moments later, blows on it, causing 
    everyone in the vicinity to be stunned for a good amount of time. 
    People in the air will be forced onto the ground. Fallen opponents 
    will get stunned as well, but they'll stay on the ground. 
    This skill has massive invincibility frames, and a rather large hit box. 
    The hit box also lasts a bit after the initial activation, so walking into
    range will cause you to get hit as well.
    Hat: Savage Slam
    After a short period of standing still, charge forward and knock over anyone 
    in your way. Great knockback and travels a good distance, allowing 
    it to be used offensively or defensively (Run from skills). 
    Hitting someone in the air with it causes massive knockback.
    Armor: Berserk
    Grow twice in size, your attacks' range increase dramatically and there's a
    slight increase in damage dealt.
    Weapon: Earth Sha-tterer
    Smash your sword into the ground before you, causing 
    a crack in the ground to travel forward. Does great damage, and 
    knocks enemies standing or on the ground into the air. 
    Giving you enough time to juggle and such. The "fissure" created by this attack 
    travels over air as well (makes absolutely no sense).
    (Will add later...)
    Noteable Players
    velvetrose (Does velvet even play anymore...?)
    Cyber Medic - Magic/Mage
    I'm going to assume the Cyber Medic comes from the distant
    D D D - A basic three hit attack.
    Hold D - Like all mages, this charges your Weapon Skill.
    Dash Attack - Pokes the enemy with your needle (that's what he said XD)
    If used twice, can cause the enemy to fall.
    Trinket: Jetpack
    You will be able to fly for a set period of time.
    Hat: Drain 
    Resets all of your opponent's skill gauge down to zero.
    Also stuns them for a couple of seconds.
    Armor: Zero-Gravity
    Will make all opponents in the AoE raise into the air.
    Can be used against opponents on the ground.
    Weapon: Heal
    You will heal an ally. The heal goes very
    slow and wears off if they are hit. Also counts as damage
    so it is fairly easy to get Maniac with a medic.
    When I first started, I generally hated Medic's. I didn't know how to use
    them very well and I thought the heal was absoltely worthless. But I
    First off, Medic has one of the best combos in the game. It can compete with
    melee characters rather well. If you happen to knock them down, you can use
    Zero-G to raise them back up. Perfect for edging foes.
    Jetpack is used it for quick getaways (or to get to an ally faster).
    Drain kills two birds with one stone. It makes all of their skills useless
    AND it stuns them. It even works on the ground.
    Heal is self explanitory. It heals your allies. The only problem is
    not much is known about it. No one is sure you can stack heals, or
    if STR affects a heal at all.
    Cyber Medic still suffers from weaknesses all Mages suffer from.
    It has terrible defense and can't run which is difficult for getaways.
    Then again, it IS a support character. 
    I'm not really sure what else to say about it.
    Noteable Players

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