It's the War Against the Machines AND the ultimate game of logic as the human Resistance faces off against Skynet's Hunter-Killers.
Based on the blockbuster movie hit, TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY CHESS WARS transforms traditional chess into a futuristic battleground.
Cyborgs, endoskeletons, explosive action and special effects merge with a phenomenally powerful computer chess program that learns as it plays. T2: CHESS WARS offers multiple skill levels, replay/review options, an opening moves library, numerous time controls and more.
Command the Resistance fighters led by the terminator "king" in the ultimate chess battle against 3-D killing machines, where every strategic move can trigger a fateful display. Revel in glory as your army destroys the opposition, or cringe at the sounds of death by lethal lasers and steel - all in full screen, Super VGA graphic confrontations erupting with spectacular digitized sound.
Will the Machines triumph or can the humans prevail? Say goodbye to "Checkmate" as the game of chess becomes an apocalyptic war-zone, where the champions cry "Hasta la vista, baby."

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