Mount and Blade Warband - Castle defense, i have no men?

  1. As much i love this game, it find i quite disturbing that i have no forces, when im defending my castle. I have 180 soldiers vs. 1943 enemies, properly im going to fail, but i will give them on hell of a fight. The problem is when the battle begins i have only 15 soldiers on the wall, while the enemy have 120 attacking!!! have is that fair!? what is the problem? please help.
    - Thanks on advance :D

    User Info: Hashhell

    Hashhell - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. It's battle advantage.
    The more units you have, the greater your advantage is, and vice versa.
    Instead of having a 1000 soldier computer raping chaos, the soldiers come in waves, and how many you get per wave depends on your advantage.
    Your battle advantage is also adjusted by your tactics skill.

    However, when up against almost 2000 soldiers with under 200 on your side, your advantage is going to be so very, very low, that you'll barely get any units per wave.

    So the problem is that you were outnumbered.
    Just run away while screaming like a little girl.
    Get lords to rally under you to even the odds a bit, and you get a fighting chance.

    User Info: Sayun

    Sayun - 7 years ago 0 0

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