How to get married?

  1. Hey i need help getting married i have thise one girl who says we need to improve our relationship what do i have to do and how do you get a king to give you more land if your a vassal and how do you raise a big army i mean i can never recruit the number of tropps i allways see on the map

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  2. Clarification Request::
    It says script error or watever

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  1. Once you've met one of the ladies and got the initial relationship from dedicating a tourney win and telling her how much you love her...just stay away from her.

    Every 7 days after your last visit with her, you'll get a message that she wants to meet you. So, meet her, then stay away for another week till you get the message again and repeat till it's high enough. I got married at around 24 relationship.

    Also, the only way I've gained more land as a vassal is to take another nations castle or city. As long as you initiated the siege you will get the first one or two you take (along with all their villages).

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  1. I'm playing the game too and havent figured that out either. I just need to point out the way you phrased your question is humorous. Dont worry about it I'm having the same issue but i just wanted to thank you for making me laugh. If i find anything out i'll let you know.

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  2. I received a quest "marry your bethroted" but i dont know how to do it.. help??

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  3. Gundies answered the first and second questions very well. As to the third the number of soldiers you can command depends on 3 factors, Leadership skill, Charisma and Renown. the math(horror) is:

    30 base
    1 per 25 renown, unlmitied boost
    5 per leadership, max 50
    1 per charisma, max 63

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  4. K so this is my first post wooo but here getting married my guy is getting married so im pretty excited but this is how it happens
    1.find girl u want for sure ( ull waste some time trying to get her)
    2.easiedt way is wait for a tournement to happen in that city shes in and make sure u WIN the tournoment if if u cheat also youl need some renown cuase she wont wanna marry a peasent or bandit i say 200 is good
    3.once you win go to the feast 99% there is a feast after a tournement go to her dedicate your victory to her
    4.she be happy like 8 dispostion then say you are her admirer
    5.if she has a dad or brother is find out who they are then ask them to consider you as a bride its in the option after you select "I WISH TO ASK YOU SOMETHING" if they say they were looking for a groom for her then your lucky just increase your relationship with the girl and her relative make sure you have permission to vist her she will send you notes like every week to vist her also learn some poems so you can increase her relationship
    6.then once she loves you eneough (for me it was lke 23 relationship) she want to marry you
    7.then you go to that relative of hers ask permission to marry her
    8.he should say yes then you have to pay a drowy for my it was like 8,000 denars i think
    9.go to her then she say they will start arranging the wedding and that they send you a note when they are ready wait for the note (I READ THAT THEY WONT ARRANGE THE WEDDING UNTILL THEIR KINDOM ISNT AT WAR WITH ANYONE)
    11.once you get to the wedding idk wat ahppens but that your MARRIED

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  5. so hello there ! i read all this texts u writed , so i have like 31 relationship with a lady and the marry question didnt appear! Help me

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  6. Are you sure she isnt married already or sometimes its diff for some girls you might have picked a picky one...

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