Right to rule and recruit lords?

  1. How do i increase the

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  1. The best way to gain right to rule is to talk to your companions and tell them that you want to be King/Queen. Then If they like you can ask them to go on a quest to tell people about how great you are. they leave your group for a short time and then come back and increase your right to Rule stat. To recruit lords when you are king, its helpful to have good relations with them and to have a lot of honor. Also good to have land available to give them. they are more likely to join if they think they will get land.

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  1. Win battles against opposing lords and capture castles.

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  2. There are a 6 ways to gain right to rule and one way to lose it. The five ways to gain right to rule are; send an NPC (talk to them and there should be an option about you becoming a ruler)(+3), you can make peace with another kingdom (there is a glitch where you ask the enemy ruler to make peace and he accepts, then you choose the second option and make peace over and over)(+3), you can get married to a noble lady/lad (+3), you can recruit a lord to your faction (+5), and the final is your companion returns with a letter from another ruler that recognizes you as a monarch. This can only be achieved by dispatching an emissary from your capital to a fellow ruler as a gesture of good will.(+10). The only way to lose right to rule, I believe, is by not completing a resolve dispute quest (-2). Also, if you are a mercenary of a dominating faction in a war and you remain at a cease-fire state, you may randomly earn right to rule. (+not sure).

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