No compromises! Fight side by side with your LAPD SWAT commandos against organised crime.
SWAT 2: Live and die in LA. Build the ultimate SWAT team or the deadliest terrorist organisation... Swat 2 is a realistic real-time police tactical simulation, based on actual SWAT call-ups such as shoot-out at LAX. Experience extreme situations in real time and fight with up to 4 players via LAN or Internet on the multiplayer mode.
SWAT 3 Elite Edition: Los Angeles, 2005. In a few days time the UN agreement for atomic proscription will be signed by representatives of all nations of the world. Radical terrorist groups have descended on the city. The city's fate is in your hands. Experience 21 intense missions--all set in real Los Angeles locations and fight with up to 5 fellow players via LAN or Internet in the cooperative and deathmatch games.

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