Can you only get aquatic plants on pool levels?

  1. I have read that you can get aquatic plants for your aquatic zen garden on survival pool and survival endless but can you get them anywhere else?

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    wileykyote5 - 8 years ago

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  1. To get the aquatic plants, you have to play a pool or fog level in Adventure (replay mode), or minigame mode. In a pool level, you may get Lily Pad or Tangle Kelp. In a fog level, you may occasionally get the Sea-Shroom.
    Survival endless is a very special level. You can get any plant while playing this level.

    User Info: Gonzafan

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  1. You can get plants in any levels - Adventure mode levels, mini-games, puzzles and survival. For specific plants, you have the best chance to get Lily Pad and Tangle Kelp in normal Pool Day levels and Sea-shroom in Pool Night/Fog levels. About Survival: Endless and the two Endless puzzles, you can get any of the available plants, including aquatic ones.

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  2. Well not really. From what I experienced, you get a zen garden plant based on the plants you got the first play through of story mode. Exp: You got Fume-shroom on level 2, and you will get that on level 2 (second play through) and the night survival level (and the hard one too, of course). But if it was the Survival: Endless, you will get all types of plants

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  4. You can get the 3rd row of plants in almanac entry (which you get in adventure, pool level).
    That means you will get lily pad, squash, threepeater, tangle kelp, jalapeno, spikeweed, torchwood, and tall-nut.
    Survival endless is an exception though: you can get any plant from it.

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  5. Actually you can get any plant in any level, but you get mostly aquatic plants in aquatic levels.
    So in a aquatic level you get like 80% water plants and 20% other plants.

    PS: You get an plant for zen garden in any survival level almost every time!

    User Info: codebracker5

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  6. You will find the plants from a specific area, (Day, Night, Pool, Fog and Roof), in the same area as you found the seed packet. Although some levels give random plants. (Puzzles, Survival Endless and so on...)
    As an examble, I played Last Stand a lot and found tons of plants all coming from the third area.

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  7. Just play survival endless, or last stand minigames, i got 3 plants from 1 play in last stand, guest that's miracle

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