What is the best strategy for The Last Stand?

  1. what plant should i use? i have collected and buyed all plants.I always died on the 4th flag pls help me.

    User Info: Xtreme_Legend

    Xtreme_Legend - 7 years ago

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    @: Empty Land
    G: Gloom-Shroom
    g: Garlic

    G G G G G G g g
    G G G G G G g g

    There. How easy is that?

    User Info: Munbeh

    Munbeh - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. Well... i used winter melons, some gatling peas n wall nuts. but sometime i use squash to.

    User Info: The_Nuclear

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  2. Note that this is a very low cost and easy bare minimum strategy (only needs SEVEN slots and only the Gloom-shroom upgrade) and can, in fact, beat the entire last stand. You will have 1650 sun left to do plant whatever you want, like marigolds.

    Make sure you choose all of the following plants:
    Lily pad
    Coffee bean

    X = Empty
    P = Empty spot with pumpkin
    L = Gloom-shroom
    G = Garlic
    M = Magnet shroom
    [ ] = enclosed with pumpkin

    X X X X X P [M] X X
    X X X X X M L [L] G
    X X X X X P P X X
    X X X X X P P X X
    X X X X X M L [L] G
    X X X X X P [M] X X

    All you need to do is to replace both garlic at the front and moderately damaged pumpkins after each flag and you will win.

    User Info: Corlist

    Corlist - 7 years ago 1 2
  3. Sorry, I got this from Youtube.

    Choose these plants below:
    Gatling Pea
    Magnet Shroom
    Gold Magnet

    GP = Gatling Pea
    ( ) = Lily pad
    (_) = Lily pad with plant on top
    M = Marigold
    RP = Repeater
    GM = Gold Magnet
    MS - Magnet Shroom
    G = Garlic
    TW = Torchwood
    0 = empty space

    GM M M M M M G G0 0 0 0 0
    GP GP TW 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
    (GP) (GP) ( TW) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
    (M) (M) (M) (M) (G) 0 0 0 (G) (G)
    GP GP TW 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
    M M M M M M M M G G 0 0 0 0

    No need for you to bring coffee bean. When you plant a Magnet Shroom that is sleeping and plant a Gold Magnet on the sleeping Magnet Shroom, the Magnet Shroom turns into a Gold Magnet and stays awake.

    User Info: Love_Struct8

    Love_Struct8 - 7 years ago 0 4
  4. Love_Struct8's strategy actually only needs 5 slots and the gattling pea. It is a cheaper and an easier way to beat the Last Stand minigame, but it is not a better build if you want to farm money.

    This is because it needs at least 15 spaces (compared with 10 in the previously posted strategy) and leaves you with 1275 sun (compared with 1650) left to build marigolds. You will be able to get 36 marigolds in the first strategy by flag 5, but only 25~27 marigolds with Love_Struct8's strategy.

    User Info: Corlist

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  5. Here's the deal hot shot
    choose these plants
    p-gatling pea
    t-torch wood
    { }-lily pad
    [ ]-pumpkin
    there you go if you want more just call me in my question "whats a wisdom tree?" later

    User Info: renecabalum

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  6. Easy: place gateling peas in 2. row and torchwoods in 3. row, then put kernel-pults and 2 magnet shrooms in 1. row.

    User Info: codebracker5

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  7. In the rows close to the pool, place 2 garlics on the very right, with 2 gloom-shrooms to the left of them. (feel free to add more.) simple as that.

    User Info: badwarman

    badwarman - 7 years ago 2 1
  8. All that you need is a row of gatling peas, a row of peashooters and finally a row of torchwood then with the sun that you collect from each flag plant tall nuts in front of the torchwood

    User Info: Xemnas999

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  9. I used mostly a similar strategy as others. Two rows of sunflowers followed by rows of four rows of upgrade gattling peas then with a row of torchwood, then a row of tall walnut plants covered with the pumpkin head. You can then used cherry bombs, jalenpeno and squash on the last row if you think there is too much zombies to handle.

    User Info: psykiong

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  10. Use these plants to win with eight slots:

    Japaleno (Chilli)
    Cherri Bomb

    Place them like this:

    ( )-Lilipad
    J-Japaleno (Chilli)
    C-Cherri Bomb
    _-Empty space

    R P P T _ _ W W _
    R P P T _ _ W W _
    (R)(P)(P)(T) _ _ (W)(W) _
    (R)(P)(P)(T) _ _ (W)(W) _
    R P P T _ _ W W _
    R P P T _ _ W W _

    Save the Cherri Bombs, Japaleno (Chilli) and Squash for emergecy needs.

    User Info: wolffighter123

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  11. This ALWAYS works. Bring these plants and others.
    Repeater - R
    Gatling Pea - G
    Torchwood - T
    Lilypad - L
    Empty - E

    It looks like this in every row.
    GL RL TL E E E E E E
    The last row however looks like this
    R R T E E E E E E
    When you get extra suns, upgrade the last row and/or replace eaten plants.

    User Info: KeNnY7799

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  12. Place spikerock on 8th column infront, and tall nut behind, equipped with pumpkin, place 2 row of lily pads, one with gatling and another with torchwood; equipped with pumpkin, just wait til it done

    Also you can use Cob cannon back there, cause there are no digger and gargant, and tall nut infront them, just shoot until it reached 5 flags

    User Info: zerojetters

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  13. When I say column I mean the whole column including the pool even if need to put a lily pad down first and put together in order listed.
    +1st column Frozen water melons. 2nd column repeaters (Not gatling).
    +5th column walnuts.
    +4th column directly behing walnuts put a magnet with coffee bean either in both pool lanes or right next to pool on top and bottom (2 magnets max) This will make any metal bearing zombies that get close easier.
    +Here's a couple of choices. Could put golden magnet in 3rd column and it will collect coins and diamonds from whole board. Or put the free purple mushrooms in all the spaces to right of walnuts. Won't shoot without coffee beans but will slow zombies down when they stop to munch. Keep putting them back in after they get munched to keep zombies eating and not walking or to delay zombies behind them..
    +3rd column will probably have to wait until get some more suns. Try to make a solid column of stars (will be low on suns at this point) either in 3rd column or next to magnets in 4th so what one star can't hit another will. Don't remember how much money left but should have enough for maybe 4-5 stars. Or could make another column of walnuts in 4th column to increase delay of zombies. Or could save the money and replace any walnuts showing severe damage before zombies can breakthrough if have patchkit. (Can put things down whenever want as long as have suns for them even during battle.) Repeaters and Frozen watermelon should slow down and eliminate the zombies before they get to the walnuts unless get a few Bucket/Cone heads are marching together. Stars should help eliminate any that get close and magnets will pull the metal off any stubborn ones that get close. Should easily take out first 2 - 3 flags. Popup zombies in pool should be on right side of walnuts which should buy enough time for repeaters and Frozen melons to take out. Also frozen melons will splash onto any zombie in row above or below target. If popups not on right of walnuts eliminate star column and move move magnets and wallnuts to left and put stars in same column as magnets. Make sure to replace any walnuts showing damage. If sufficiently damaged walnut will light up a little when hold replacement over it if have patch kit. This should keep all the zombies from getting past the walnuts except polevaulters and they should get eliminated rather quickly after landing.

    User Info: Silveron714

    Silveron714 - 7 years ago 1 3
  14. Here's another stratedgy. I'll just say what to put in rows to try to keep this shorter than last one. Garlic, Tallnuts, Melon-puts, Frozen-puts, Corn-puts essential and need to be placed. Magnets are as available.
    Key: N-Nothing, can put marigolds here later if want. M-Magnet, G-Gold Magnet, Ga-Garlic, W-Watermelon Put, F-Frozen Watermelon Put, C-Corn Put, T-Tallnut.
    Row 1: NNNNMGaGaGa
    Row 2: WFWCMT
    Row 3: FCGNT
    Row 4: FCNNT
    Row 5: WFWCMT
    Row 6: NNNNNMGaGaGa
    Try to keep about 100 Suns available so can replace Garlic when they're eaten. 3 will keep Polevaulters from vaulting 2nd and walking through if 1st gets eaten but and can't replace. This way watermelon has chance of splash damage of zombies in pool. Magnets will decrease problems with Bucketheads or Ladder Zombies. Tallnuts will block PoleVaulters and Dolphin Riders. Corn-puts will occasionally stop zombie in place. Watermelons for max damage with freezing and splashing into other lanes.

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  15. Here's another stratedgy. I'll just say what to put in rows to try to keep this shorter than last one.
    Key: N-Nothing, can put marigolds here later if want. M-Magnet+Coffee, GM-Gold Magnet, G-Garlic, W-Watermelon Put, F-Frozen Watermelon Put, C-Corn Put, T-Tallnut, S-Fume Shroom+Coffee
    Row 1: NNNNNMMGG
    Row 2: FCMNST
    Row 3: FCNST
    Row 4: MCNST
    Row 5: FCMNST
    Row 6: NNNNNMMGG
    After collecting suns put a Gold Magnet somewhere in row 1 or 6 at one of the Ns. Save other suns to replace garlic if need to. Next round put corn put in Column 1 Row 1+6 to add damage before zombies switch rows and take out any vaulters who manage to get past garlic. Then on keep least 100 suns to replace garlic, if both weepy before continue replace 1 so when other gets eaten don't get in trouble waiting for garlic to be available again. Should have enough to make melon put in Column 1 Row 4 Frozen while keeping enough suns to replace garlic after a round a or two.

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