Where can I find water plants?

  1. I have water plants in my zen garden, but cannot move them to my water garden?

    User Info: AnnaMa12

    AnnaMa12 - 6 years ago

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  1. You must grow them beyond the sprout stage before they can be shifted to the Aquarium. The pot will change to a wider one filled with water for those water plants. Water plants (Lily Pad, Tangle Kelp, Sea-Shroom, Cattail - However unobtainable under normal circumstances) can be found in Survival: Pool and Fog (Only the Sea-Shroom) or Survival Endless where all obtainable types of plants can be obtained.

    Water plants that have grown past their seedling stage can be now shifted to the Aquarium. Use the Wheelbarrow to do so. Click on the Wheelbarrow on the top row of items and then click on the water plant. Press the yellow right arrow to switch garden until you get to the Aquarium. Click the Wheelbarrow again and click the spot you wish to place the water plant.

    User Info: light_rock_zz

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  1. Maybe it's because you don't have a Wheel barrow. Well, it's the tool that moves your plants around your different Zen Gardens, so if you don't have that, get it now! ^^ Well, if that does not solve your problem, have you tried seeing if your Aqua Zen Garden is full? But I really do think the lack of a wheel-barrow is the problem. :)

    Hope this helps...

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  2. Oh, or maybe you don't have the pair of gloves that allows you to move your Zen Garden Plants. :O

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  3. If you are looking for a sea-shroom go to the fog levels if you are looking for a lily pad or a tangle kelp go to the pool levels also if you are looking for pool plants like Threepeaters and squash go to pull Levels also. Survival levels help the most for zen farming. If you have too many of the aquatic plants and have no room for them in your aquarium sell one of the plants in your aquarium (make sure it is the same kind as the one as you are selling. ie if you have a new tangle kelp sell the tangle kelp in your aquarium and replace it with the new tangle kelp. They are sold for 10000 each. No plants are rare though so keep trying. Getting the plant you want is just luck based so any plant you get from any level will be from that level but will be random. Hope this helps and good luck.

    User Info: isaiahd

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