Plant Vs Zombies(Pc)Full.How Many Levels Are There ????

  1. I Am In Level 4-7
    How Many Levels Are There In The Game Plant Vs Zombies(Pc)Full

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    aargjain - 5 years ago

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  1. In Adventure Mode, there are all together 50 levels. Each setting (Day Garden, Night Garden, Pool, Pool with Fog, and the last one I'm not telling to avoid spoilers) has 10 levels. The very final level 5-10 is a boss fight and has a gameplay pretty similar to the last level of every other setting.

    There are 20 minigames, 11 survival levels including Survival Endless, 20 puzzle levels (10 Vasebreaker levels including its endless mode and 10 I,Zombie including its endless mode)

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  1. 50 normal.
    11 survival.
    20 minigames.
    22 puzzle.
    Also, if you look at the achievements screen and scroll down, there is a lot of popcap game easter eggs, ending with zombies in china.

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