Review by UltraAirForce

Reviewed: 06/01/10

Fun and Addicting

Story: There's not much story in this game, but there needn't be. It's basically that your house is under attack by zombies, and you have to defense your house with plants. There are five stages, from the front yard to the back yard to the roof.

Gameplay: This game has a total of 49 plants (some of which are upgrades), and you start with one in adventure mode. As you advance, you unlock mini games and other modes of play. Different plants do have different functions and you unlock one plant after you beat a level. Such as attack, eating or defensing against zombies. You have a limited space of taking up to 10 plants into the battle field with you. So you'll have to plan ahead and take different plants depending on the environment and the kinds of zombies you face. There are five stages; daytime, nighttime, pool, pool with fog, and on the roof. The zombies come at greater numbers and more aggressive as time goes on, they can swim walk on land and fly in the sky. So you'll have to be on your guard and take offensive at the same time. There's also the 3 different Zen gardens for you to plant all sorts of things which you can get in Survival mode, you'll have a field day with it, also there's something called the "Tree of Wisdom" that you can keep feeding it until it grows up to a 10000 ft tall, it'll take you forever

Music: The music in this game is great. It's very soft to the ear, and the battle theme sounds strange in a good kind of way because it sounds like something awful is coming at you. The only thing that I complain about is that there are too few piece of music in the game. The plants and zombies all sound fun and realistic.

Graphics: The game looks colorful and alive. The plants all have faces. It's very cartoonist. There are no slow downs in the game unless you are running 20 other programs. All the zombies and plants are neatly crafted.

Overall: 9/10

While there are some minor faults such as the description of the plants sometimes doesn't match the actual functions, and that sometimes garden plants take too long to drop. The game is very fun and addicting, you'll find yourself trying to finish that foggy survival mode even with 3 exams ahead of you.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Plants vs. Zombies (US, 05/05/09)

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