Can i have more than one human companion?

  1. Hi,here's my companions:Ed-E,Raul.I want to recruit Lily.but i heard we just can have 1 human and 1robot companion.Is there any way to recruit more than one human companion?

    User Info: killer_puppet

    killer_puppet - 7 years ago

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  1. No... not unless you use a mod... personally i recommend

    User Info: Avous_Yelmurc

    Avous_Yelmurc - 7 years ago 1 0


  1. Yeah he's right, new vegas nexus is the best. But first u have to create a profile thats completely
    free, but that's a completey different story. And you can have one human companion and one non-human one. Happy gaming ;)

    User Info: Flaming_Steed

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  2. As long as you do not finish Veronica Persona Quest (I could make you care) you can have 6 human companion and 1 Ed-e/dog. Here are the step you must follow.

    This glitch allows you to recruit all humanoid companions. You need to do this before the quest start.

    First, you need to trigger three conversations.
    Second, when you trigger the third conversation, Veronica will ask you Hey, you got a second? then reply Not now and the conversation will end .
    Third, dismiss Veronica.
    Fourth, recruit another humanoid companion.
    Fifth, Go to 188 trading post with that companion.
    Sixth, talk to Veronica and answer her with the following order What did you want to talk about earlier? Why dont you just go back on your own? I have things I need to do. Youd better be alone. Then the game will treat you as dismiss a companion.
    Seventh, talk to her again and recruit her, now you have two humanoid companions.
    Eighth, go to next companion you want to recruit.
    Ninth, repeat the step six and recruit the third humanoid companion.
    Tenth, repeat step six again and recruit Veronica. Repeat step eight to step ten again and again will allow you to recruit all humanoid companions.

    It also try to complete other humanoid personal quest before you start veronica personal, because lily side quest make her leave the party.
    Been tested this glitch until patch 6 + Honest Heart .

    User Info: sadewa

    sadewa - 6 years ago 0 0

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