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    Walkthrough by eolsunder

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 09/04/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                  FALLOUT NEW VEGAS
      V 1.3 Completed 9-05-2011
      Written and maintained by James Friel
      Copyright @2011 James Friel (jamesfriel05@comcast.net) This FAQ is solely 
      intended for use on Gamefaq.com forum site, and may not be reproduced or
      duplicated without permission of myself. If you want to use or duplicate
      the FAQ, feel free on other sites, I really am not a greedy person, just
      make sure to credit the FAQ and myself when doing it. 
      FALLOUT NEW VEGAS is a PS3 game published by Bethesda Softworks 10/19/10.
                        Developed by Obsidian Entertainment.
      I.    Revision History
      II.   Introduction
      III.  Walkthrough
            1. Goodsprings (includes locations Goodsprings, Goodsprings Cemetery)
            2. Goodsprings Source
            3. Goodsprings Cave
            4. The Devil's Gullet
            5. Yangtze Memorial
            6. Jean Sky Diving
            7. New California Ranger (NCR) Correctional Facility
            8. Powder Ganger Camp South
            9. Powder Ganger Camp West
           10. Powder Ganger Camp North
           11. Powder Ganger Camp East
           12. Lone Wolf Radio
           13. Primm
           14. Nevada Highway Patrol Station
           15. Nipton Road Reststop
           16. Mojave Outpost
           17. Canyon Wreckage
           18. California Sunset Drive-in
           19. Ivanpah Dry Lake
           20. Ivanpah Race Tracks
           21. Nipton Road Pitstop
           22. Emergency Service Railroad
           23. The Prospectors Den
           24. Coyote Den
           25. Nipton
           26. Mojave Drive-in
           27. Bradleys Shack
           28. Wolfhorn Ranch
           29. Raided Farmstead
           30. Matthews Animal Husbandry Farm
           31. Ranger Station Charlie
           32. Novac
           33. Legion Raid Camp
           34. Old Nuclear Test Site
           35. Crashed Vertibird
           36. Mesquite Mountain Crater
           37. Mesquite Mountain Camp Site
           38. Morningstar Cavern
           39. Crescent Canyon East
           40. Crescent Canyon West
           41. Camp Searchlight
           42. Hidden Supply Cave
           43. Searchlight Airport
           44. Searchlight East Gold Mine
           45. Fireroot Cavern
           46. Cottonwood Crater
           47. Coyote Mines
           48. Searchlight North Gold Mine
           49. Broc Flower Cave
           50. Snyder Prospector Camp
           51. Wrecked Highwayman
           52. Highway 95's Viper Encampment
           53. Ranger Station Echo
           54. Repconn Test Site
           55. Clark Field
           56. Jack Rabbit Springs
           57. Walking Box Cavern
           58. Harpers Shack
           59. Dead Wind Cavern
           60. Primm Pass
           61. Gibson Scrap Yard
           62. Helios One
           63. El Dorado Gas And Service
           64. El Dorado Dry Lake
           65. 188 Trading Post
           66. Smith Mesa Prospector Camp
           67. Blue Paradise Vacation Rentals
           68. Cottonwood Overlook
           69. Sniper's Nest
           70. Cliffside Prospectors Camp
           71. Lucky Jim Mine
           72. Southern Nevada Wind Farm
           73. Cazador Nest
           74. Ranger Station Delta
           75. Black Rock Cave
           76. Ranger Station Alpha
           77. Boulder Beach Campground
           78. Mountain Shadows Campground
           79. Deserted Shack
           80. Boulder City
           81. Repconn Headquarters
           82. Sloan
           83. Hidden Valley
           84. Scorpion Gulch
           85. Cottonwood Cove
           86. Followers Outpost
           87. Lake Las Vegas
           88. Camp Golf
           89. Grub and Gulp Rest Stop
           90. Aerotech Office Park
           91. NCR Sharecroppers Field
           92. East Pump Station 
           93. Vault 34
           94. New Vegas Medical Clinic
           95. Molerat Ranch
           96. Crimson Caravan Company
           97. Field Shack
           98. Nellis Air Force Base
           99. Nellis Hangars
          100. Nellis Array
          101. Raul's Shack
          102. Bloodborne Cave
          103. Gypsum Train Yard
          104. Cap Counterfeiting Shack
          105. Fisherman's Pride Shack
          106. Scavenger Platform
          107. Callville Bay
          108. Crashed B-29
          109. Lake Mead Cave
          110. Bitter Springs Rec Area
          111. Camp Guardian
          112. Guardian Peak
          113. Camp Guardian Caves
          114. The Devil's Throat
          115. Ranger Station Bravo
          116. Gunrunners
          117. Mick & Ralph's
          118. Old Mormons Fort
          119. Neil's Shack
          120. Black Mountain
          121. Vault 11
          122. Camp McCarran
          123. Coyote Tail Ridge
          124. Bitter Springs
          125. Toxic Dump Site
          126. Nelson
          127. Techhatticup Mine
          128. Abandoned Brotherhood Of Steel Bunker
          129. Camp Forlorn Hope
          130. Quarry Junction
          131. Great Khan Encampment
          132. Makeshift Great Khan Camp
          133. Tribal Village
          134. Spring Mountain Ranch State Park
          135. Bonnie Springs
          136. Vault 19
          137. Whittaker Farmstead
          138. Hunter's Farm
          139. Junction 15 Railway Station
          140. NCR Ranger Safehouse
          141. Ant Mound
          142. Allied Technologies Offices
          143. The Basin Creek Building
          144. Samson Rock Crushing Plant
          145. West Pumping Station
          146. New Vegas Steel
          147. El Rey Motel
          148. Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters
          149. Monte Carlo Suites
          150. The Thorn
          151. Vault 22
          152. Bootjack Cavern
          153. Red Rock Canyon
          154. Red Rock Drug Lab
          155. Jacobstown
          156. Charleston Cave
          157. Westside
          158. Freeside North Gate
          159. Freeside (southside)
          160. Cassidy Caravan Wreckage
          161. Griffin Wares Sacked Caravan
          162. Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch
          163. Ruby Hill Mine
          164. Silver Peak Mine
          165. Ranger Station Foxtrot
          166. Durable Dunn's Sacked Caravan
          167. Strip North
          168. Strip Center
          169. Strip South
          170. South Vegas Ruins (east entrance)
          171. South Vegas Ruins (west entrance)
          172. Brewer's Beer Bootlegging
          173. Poseidon Gas Station
          174. Chance's Map
          175. Nopah Cave
          176. Vault 3
          177. The (Legion) Fort
          178. Horowitz Farmstead
          179. Northern Passage
          180. South Cistern
          181. H&H Tool Factory
          182. North Vegas Square
          183. Hoover Dam
          184. Cannibal Johnsons Cave
          185. Remnant's Bunker
          186. El Dorado Substation
      V. Last Words
      6/29/11 v1.0
      - Walkthrough started
      - Added Introduction
      - Added Prologue
      - Added Locations 1-95
      - Added Last Words
      7/10/11 v1.1
      - Added Locations 96-152
      - fixed minor spelling errors
      7/21/11 v1.2
      - Added locations 153-184
      - fixed minor spelling/sentence errors
      9/05/11 v1.3
      - Added in 2 locations left out of the guide
          idarakwebb@aol.co.uk pointed out Fisherman's Pride Shack and
                               the Broc Flower Cave.
      - fixed a couple spelling errors and confusing directions
      [NOTE: my revision history starts at version 1.0 and each change will be
             noted as a .1 addition, so on the 3rd revision if it gets to that
             will be version 1.3]
      Based on many fan requests I decided to make up a quick FAQ on FALLOUT NEW
    VEGAS, with a general layout similar to my FALLOUT 3 FAQ. Readers have said it
    was easy to follow and use and liked it, so why mess with a good thing.
      FALLOUT NEW VEGAS is the latest addition to the FALLOUT series, taking you
    to the wastes around the sparkling city of VEGAS to explore, maim, kill and 
    do what all your other FALLOUT characters have done. VEGAS isn't quite as good
    as FALLOUT 3, it lacks the imagination, and it basically uses the same game
    engine, so no improved graphics, which many expect for a new game. Same old
    graphics? TThhrrpt. Thankfully the FALLOUT 3 graphics were decent to begin 
    with so its not too bad, but you'd think they would have updated them at least
    a little over the years. They did adjust the game to make it more difficult to
    make up any uber character, and changed it to tailor to a few specific types
    of gameplay. 
      This Walkthrough will give you a complete walkthrough of the game, from
    beginning to end and to enjoy everything that you can get out of it. 
      Things to note. The game is a first person SHOOTER. This means that combat
    is a lot harder than with a turn based game, because you actually have to aim
    and attack things manually instead of a system where your stats affect how
    good you hit. There is an adjusted V.A.T. combat system that helps with the
    popular aiming that Fallout 1 and 2 had. Sadly they didn't extend this to all
    weapons, so guns are the only weapons you can aim at body parts. That doesn't
    make the other weapons any less fun, just not as beneficial as guns. 
      There are also FAQS which explain the combat system, stats, perks, and other
    things. I won't go over those here. I will simply tell you what to pick and 
    what to do. Saves a lot of reading.
      Some things to remember
      1) Always heal by resting if possible. 1 hours rest in a bed will heal all
         your wounds. Save your healing Stims for emergencies.
      2) Early on use melee weapons and save ammo. Save the ammo for the harder
         foes. Most weaker enemies can be beaten with melee weapons easy.
      3) Save often. FALLOUT NEW VEGAS has a lot of glitches, such as getting 
         stuck in objects, lockups, etc. SAVE OFTEN.
      4) Do not use any of the permenant skill books until you get the level 6
         Comprehension perk which gives you +1 skill per book. A must have.
      I. GOODSPRINGS  (Prologue)
      You start the game by watching the Intro. You've been shot in the head and
      left for dead. You wake up in Doc Mitchells' clinic. This starts [AIN'T THAT
      A KICK IN THE HEAD] quest.
       ) Awaken to have Doc ask your name and check your face. You can put in your
         character name and face description here. Afterwards follow the Doc to
         the Vit-O-matic where you can pick your stats. For the starting area of
         Goodsprings take the following stats, you will be able to re-do your 
         character when you leave the starting Goodspring area.
         STRENGTH:      4
         PERCEPTION:    6
         ENDURANCE:     5
         CHARISMA:     10
         INTELLIGENCE: 10
         AGILITY:       4
         LUCK:          1
       ) Now follow the Doc to his couch. Sitting on it, he will give you a quick
         test of questions. Just answer the first one each time, afterwards you
         can reset and manually pick your 3 TAG skills. Pick [BARTER, SPEECH, and
         SCIENCE]. You will then pick your 2 traits, take [GOOD NATURED] and 
       ) Go over to the door with DOC MITCHELL and talk to him, he will give you
         some items and your [PIPBOY]. You are done with him for now. Head back
         to the medic room where you woke up and click on the [CHEMIST SET] on the
         table and choose to get 5 [STIMPACKS]. Now click on the [BROKEN 9MM
         MACHINE GUN] and repair it. Open the [SASPARILLA CRATE] and loot it. You
         will be using this crate to store any items until you get your hotel 
         room later. Until then this will do fine for storing items. Loot the 
         clinic dry, and store your extra stuff in the crate. Talking to the Doc
         will get you needed info, plus pass a speech check [SPEECH:30] to get
         3 [STIMPACKS]. 
       ) Exit the hospital clinic, go straight left down the road and enter the
         Saloon. You'll encounter SUNNY. Talk to her and get some town info but 
         save the first option for last. You will get a lockpick book and info on
         picking a safe in the school house later. When finished pick the first 
         option and start the [BACK IN THE SADDLE] quest series. Follow SUNNY
         outside and around to the back of the Saloon. Approaching her, she will
         hand you a [VARMIT RIFLE] and some ammo. Kneel and shoot 3 of the bottles
         off the fence. 
       ) SUNNY will want you to continue and help her clear some Geckos from the 
         water well. Follow her until she stops and tells you to sneak left up to
         the well to kill the Geckos. Run up and shoot or punch them dead. The 
         wells have clear non-radioactive water so drink up to heal any damage.
         Report back to SUNNY who will want you to clear the other 2 wells. Agree
         then follow her and kill the Geckos at the 2nd well, then head left down
         the hill to the 3rd well, where the Geckos are attacking a Goodspring 
         settler. Save her, and talk to her afterwards to get 3 [PURIFIED WATER].
         Talk to SUNNY again for a reward and to finish the [BACK IN THE SADDLE]
         quest, and to start the [BY A CAMPFIRE ON THE TRAIL] quest. 
       ) Fast travel back to GOODSPRINGS and enter the general store. Talk to CHET
         and ask about various topics to get info. Buy a shovel. Head outside then
         northeast up the big hill towards the water tower/graveyard. On the way
         you'll probably encounter a BARK SCORPION. Kill it and continue to the
         top, and kill the BLOATFLIES that are up there. Pick the [BROC FLOWER],
         take the [SNOW GLOBE-GOODSPRINGS] and other items that are about on the
         graves. Finally dig up the various graves for misc items, you want to 
         get a couple [DISTINCTIVE CIGARETTE BUTTS] which are about near the open
         grave site.
       ) Go back to town, then head SW towards the red school building. Just out-
         side are 2 GIANT MANTIS NYMPHS. Kill them and pick the [XANDER ROOT] 
         bulbs just near the tree trunk. Fast travel to GOODSPRINGS SOURCE and go
         down and talk to SUNNY. Activate the campfire, make a [HEALING POWDER].
         Fast travel back to town and enter the Saloon. You'll see an argument
         between TRUDY and JOE COBB. Talk to TRUDY afterwards which finishes the
         [BY A CAMPFIRE ON THE TRAIL] quest. Milk her for all information, talk
         about her broken radio, then talk about how to handle JOE COBB, and you
         will start the [GHOST TOWN GUNFIGHT] quest. 
       ) Now repair the broken radio [REPAIR:20] and talk to TRUDY for a reward.
         [BARTER:20] for some extra caps. You'll level up. Raise EXPLOSIVES to 25
         and pick the SWIFT LEARNER perk. Head outside, and go to the SE building 
         where you will find JOE COBB standing. Talk to him and milk him for info,
         but DO NOT TALK ABOUT TAKING OVER THE TOWN. Pass the speech check for 
         some free exp. Once done talking to JOE, crouch and hide behind him and
         ready your 9MM MACHINE GUN (or another weapon). SAVE YOUR GAME. Now,
         while hidden enter V.A.T.S and shoot him in the head. If your reputation
         with the POWDER GANGERS drops, reload and try again. You're going to kill
         JOE anyway soon, might as well do it now. You should be able to kill him
         from stealth without any reputation change. Loot him. 
       ) Head up to the gas station near the Medical Clinic, enter and talk to 
         RINGO, and get info from him. Agree to help him against the GANGERS, then
         loot the entire gas station, making sure to pick the safe using the 
         lockpick book that SUNNY gave you. Return to the Saloon and talk to SUNNY
         who will open options to get town support for the [GHOST TOWN GUNFIGHT]
         quest. Talk to TRUDY and pass [SPEECH:25] check for supplies. Go outside
         and talk to EASY PETE pass [EXPLOSIVES:25] check for dynamite. Head into
         the supply store and talk to CHET pass [BARTER:25] check for fighting
         supplies, and finally up to DOC MITCHELL for medical supplies. Return to
         TRUDY she should talk about JOE COBB and give you some exp (strange she
         doesn't talk about this earlier). 
       ) Your all ready for the final showdown. Get what ever weapons and items
         you want and head up to the gas station and talk to RINGO to let him know
         the town is ready. Start the fight, SUNNY shows up and says the Gangers
         are on the way. Go outside and run down to the Saloon area, the POWDER 
         GANGERS are heading up the road. 
         NOTE: You can fight this battle any way you want, its not super hard, but
         there is a catch. If you kill any of the Gangers your reputation with
         them will drop all the way. We want it to only drop a little, so when you
         enter the fight, don't kill any of them, let the townspeople do it. You
         want to distract them. Equip a basic weapon (laser pistol, 9MM, etc) and
         run directly into their group. Attack them lowering their health but do
         not kill them yourself. Keep to the left so the townspeople have open
         shots. Switch foes, wounding them down to low health, they don't do any
         major damage to you, so just be the "big target". Afterwards, you'll 
         level up again. Raise LOCKPICK to 25 and BARTER to 48. Ringo will come up
         and give you some caps as a reward. 
       ) OK! Your basically done in GOODSPRINGS. Time to finish up the Prologue so
         we can head out into the wasteland. Start in the south of town, a house
         there holds a [CHINESE ARMY TRAINING MANUAL] on a shelf, but you'll have
         steal it. Do NOT use the MANUAL until you get the perk that lets you gain
         the +1 boost. Outside talk to VICTOR the robot and loot his shack. In the
         schoolhouse you'll find some more GIANT MANTIS NYMPHS to kill, some good
         temp skill books about the schoolhouse. Make sure to hack the terminal
         in the school before you pick the safe for extra exp. In the store you
         can steal a [SILENCED .22 PISTOL] off the counter, and loot various mail-
         boxes, plants and houses/ruins in town. Enter the Saloon and when you are
         alone you can steal the [357 MAGNUM] off the counter, and hack the back
         computer terminal to open the safe. Don't get caught <grin>.
       ) Finish selling, gathering and storing your items. Buy what you want from
         the store/saloon then save your game. This will be your Starting save
         point. You can start any new game from here, once you leave the area you
         can change your character before continuing on into the wild. You will
         want to make sure you have..
         A few types of weapons, decent REGULAR armor (you don't want to wear 
         clan armors unless needed), A set of Powder Ganger armor (for disguise
         later), your temp skill books, your shovel. Your .22 silenced pistol, you
         will be using this for assassination attempts in many places, get very
         attached to your little gun. 
         Your new character you want to have the following stats. 
         Strength:      5
         Perception:    6
         Endurance:     7
         Charisma:      1
         Intelligence:  10
         Agility:       5
         Luck:          6
         Level 2 raise SPEECH to 30 and SCIENCE to 32, pick INTENSE TRAINING perk
                 and raise LUCK+1 (to 7)
         Level 3 raise SCIENCE to 40, LOCKPICK to 40 and REPAIR to 27
         As you level up, you do not want to raise any skill above 64. You will
         gain +16 skill points per skill using books which will reach 80, and you
         can read temporary skill books to raise skills +20 for certain uses. Once
         you reach your cap of 64 (or 80) in all skills then you can assign points
         into raising them more. No need for that until later.
         As for perks, pick these perks at these levels.
         Lv2:  Intense Training (luck+1)
         Lv4:  Educated
         Lv6:  Comprehension
         Lv8:  Strong Back
         Lv10: Finesse
         Lv12: Sniper
         Lv14: Commando
         Lv16: Better Criticals
         Lv18: Action Boy
         Lv20: Grim Reapers Spirit
         Lv22: TAG   (Guns)
         Lv24: Silent Running
         Lv26: Action Boy (2)
         Lv28: Hand Loader
         Lv30: Nerves Of Steel
         Many items you find can be used to create other items, so i suggest that
         you try and save as many items as possible so down the road you can make
         cool new things out of them. 
         Items that you can freely sell and do not need to save..
         Ruined books of all kinds, including pre-war books
         Cigarettes and Cigarette cartons
         General utensils.. such as spoons, glasses, forks, plates, etc
         Extra weapons or clothing that you do not plan on wearing.
         Deco items like nuka-cola trucks, teddy bears, etc
         Items that you want to save for later for crafting, and other uses
         All "AID" items including food, healing, books, etc. 
         All general misc found items such as machinery, wrenches, glue, that do
             not fit into the above "sell" category" If you dont' know, then don't
             sell it.
         Glass pitchers and empty soda bottles, used for recipes. 
         Snow globes
         Weapon mod items and any ammo material (casings, powder, etc)
      ) Fast travel to GOODSPRINGS SOURCE. Various junk litters the campsite, and
        a roaming man, BARTON THORN wants you to help his girlfriend who is up on
        the hillside trapped by Geckos. Agree to help then head up the hill to
        the southwest, past the small tower. Look! Cute Geckos! Die Geckos! You'll
        run into a bunch of them, too bad they are easy to smush.
        Continue NW at the intersection and head up the hill to the top, where a
        dead prospector lies among some loot. There are 3 bear traps you can 
        disarm, along with a bed to rest in if needed. Once done, head back down
        the hill where BARTON will ambush you. Seems he's evil! Die Evil BARTON!
        (You'd think... why would he think he could kill you after you killed all
         the Geckos that he couldn't kill..guess his intelligence is below 3)
      ) Back to GOODSPRINGS SOURCE, and head due north towards the large hill in 
        the distance. Stay to the left side and you'll come upon GOODSPRINGS CAVE.
      ) This small cave has a few COYOTES outside. Take them out, and just before
        you enter the cave, there is a big rock on the right hand side. Its hollow
        so check it for some loot. Enter the cave, and there are more COYOTES 
        inside to kill. Loot the cave and the dead bodies inside. 
      ) Heading outside you want to go around or over the big hill and just north-
        east is a huge sinkhole, THE DEVIL'S GULLET.
       ) This huge hole usually has a couple more COYOTES wandering about. You can
         go down into the hole via makeshift ramp, where some minor loot can be
         found. You can find a [SUNSET SARSAPARILLA STAR BOTTLE CAP] in the bottom
         of a crate. 
       ) Look to the north/northeast you'll see a large white cross, head that way
         to find the YANGTZE MEMORIAL.
       ) This memorial gives a great view of the area, you can see NEW VEGAS not
         to far to the north, especially at night when its lit up. On the south
         side of the memorial is a hollow rock with a white peace sign. Loot it, 
         and then get the dufflebag that's on the east side right under the small
         red sign. 
       ) You can use your shovel and dig the few grave sites to get some misc 
         items from them. Look to the north and you'll see a small red metal shed,
         head there and loot the inside. 
       ) Fast travel back to GOODSPRINGS SOURCE. You want to head due east. Now is
         the time to equip your POWDER GANGER ARMOR, we are going to infiltrate
         the Powder Ganger base. Keep heading east till you find JEAN SKY DIVING.
       ) Approaching the small shack you will notice 2 "people" behind it. Skip 
         the shack for now and go around back, you'll see 2 POWDER GANGERS. Since
         you are wearing their faction armor they are neutral to you. Its time to
         start assassinating. You want to hide behind them, crouch, and bring out
         your [SILENCED .22 PISTOL]. Once you are "hidden" V.A.T.S. shoot them in
         the head for a silent kill, that results in no detection and no type of
         reputation loss. Kill both gangers. An explosive crate is wedged in the
         crack of the cliff wall that can be looted. 
       ) Enter the shack for some minor loot. On the table is the key to the 
         locked locker, plus a [SUNSET SARSAPARILLA STAR BOTTLE CAP]. Now you have
         marked on your map the location of NEW CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC CORRECTIONAL
         FACILITY to the southeast. Head there, its just over a big hill. 
       ) Approaching the main gate, you'll encounter DAWES. He will let you in if
         you pay him 100 caps. Either pay or pickpocket his key. Ignore everyone
         at this time, and head through the entrance building and exit in the back
         into the courtyard.
       ) To the left is the main admin building. Enter it, take a left and head
         upstairs to find EDDIE, the Ganger leader. Talk to him to start the [I 
         FOUGHT THE LAW] quest. He asks for you to head to the POWDER GANGER CAMP
         SOUTH to "take care" of a rival CHAVEZ. Exit the NCR Facility and head
         south to find the camp.
      ) This small camp has a few Ganger convicts, including CHAVEZ. Talk to him
        why your there and convince him [SPEECH:30] to move on. You can then sneak
        assassinate the Ganger troops with your [SILENCED .22 PISTOL] and take
        them out. Loot the basic items in the camp and return to EDDIE. 
      ) You should level up sometime soon. Raise REPAIR to 42, and take the 
        EDUCATED perk
      ) EDDIE will thank you for your help and ask you to perform a 2nd mission.
        Head over to JEAN SKY DIVING to find a suspicious merchant hanging around.
        Chat with him, passing a few skill checks [SPEECH:30] or [INT:6] to find
        out hes a bounty hunter. persuade him about paying a toll [SPEECH:30] then
        when your finished, whip out a weapon and kill him, and loot. Return to 
        EDDIE to complete this 2nd task. 
      ) You will get EDDIE'S last task, to get information from NCR about their
        plans. Ignore this for now, we are going to take out the facility POWDER
        GANGER convicts, using of course your [SILENCED .22 PISTOL]. If you run
        out of ammo restock at GOODSPRINGS, or try a hand/melee weapon. The more
        we eliminate now, the less we have to worry about later. You can kill 
        almost everyone in the compound if you want except EDDIE. Do not kill him.
        Also do not kill MEYERS in the entrance building, we will be using him in
        a quest later. It might be a little hard when killing EDDIE'S guards in
        his office, try using a [STEALTH BOY] if you have one. What i did, i stood
        in the small closet and took out SCRAMBLER first, the sitting guard 2nd,
        then i put a [CASE] and a couple dead bodies on the desk to block EDDIE'S
        sight, then took out the guard standing at the doorway.
      ) Start in the courtyard and take out any guards on the sniper towers, or
        roaming about in the courtyard, using your stealth-silencer method. Once
        all the guards are dead, enter the right Cellblock-A and Cellblock-B and
        kill anyone inside. [SCHEMATICS POWDER CHARGE] is inside a locked door in
        Cellblock-B. A [STAR BOTTLECAP] is in the entrance building on the desk.
        In the administration building on the second floor you will find a [LYING
        CONGRESSIONAL STYLE]. Again, do NOT use this book until you get the perk
        that gives +1 skill boost when reading. 
      ) With all the killing in the Facility, you should level up again. Raise 
        LOCKPICK to 50 (you can now unlock the footlocker in Cellblock-B if you 
        don't have a book) and EXPLOSIVES to 25
      ) Once the compound is cleared out of foes except for EDDIE and MEYERS, loot
        what you want, and then we will clear out the other 3 POWDER GANGERS camps
        that are about. Fast travel to JEAN SKY DIVING and head south, to find the
        POWDER GANGER CAMP WEST. Remember we will be killing POWDER GANGER troops
        while wearing Ganger armor as disguise, and in stealth/assassinate with
        the .22 silenced pistol. 
      ) Careful here, there is about 4 powder charge mines about the camp. Quickly
        disarm and take them, and take out the 2 POWDER GANGERS. After looting, if
        you head southeast, to the left of the radioactive flats you'll come to a
        irradiated hole, and down in the back near a burned car is a sneak skill
        magazine and some loot. 
      ) Fast travel back to NCR CORRECTIONAL FACILITIES then head north towards
        the next Ganger base, POWER GANGER CAMP NORTH
      ) A little bigger than the west camp, the Ganger north camp holds 3 POWDER
        GANGER troops. Again careful, there are 4 powder charge mines at each of
        the 2 entrances (8 charges total) you can disarm and pick up. Take the
        charges, kill the Gangers and loot the camp. 
      ) Fast travel to POWDER GANGER CAMP SOUTH then head due east, towards the
        last camp, POWDER GANGER CAMP EAST.
      ) Same with the other camps, careful of powder charge mines. Sneak-kill the
        Gangers with your .22 silencer, and loot the camp. To the south-southwest
        is a hollowed out rock with some misc loot. 
      ) Fast travel to GOODSPRINGS SOURCE then head southwest up the hills. Follow
        the unknown location arrow until you arrive up at an abandoned trailer, 
        LONEWOLF RADIO. You'll probably run into a gaggle of GECKOS again.
      ) This little abandoned trailer in the hills holds a [WASTELAND SURVIVAL
        GUIDE] and [STAR BOTTLE CAP] near the bed. Not much else here except a
        boatload of radio equipment. Somebody has been busy. 
      ) Head southeast, you'll be running into some regular GECKOS now, a little
        tougher than the youngsters you were playing with before, but no major
        trouble. You might also find a small watering hole with many [BROC
        FLOWERS] and others about. Continue down the hillside to the main road, 
        heading south to our next major town, PRIMM. Go ahead and put on your
        regular armor, we will encounter NCR soldiers don't want them confusing
        us for Powder Gangers hehe. 
      Break time. Eat dinner. At this point in the game you should be level 5
      and have a decent amount of loot, caps, and basic weapons and armor. Your
      skills should be close to..
              Barter: 23
      Energy weapons: 18
          Explosives: 25
            Lockpick: 50
            Medicine: 26
        Melee weapon: 16
              Repair: 42
             Science: 40
          Small guns: 16
               Sneak: 16
              Speech: 31
             Unarmed: 20
       As you can see, doing ok with minimal weapons skills, it doesn't take much
       skill to get up close to a target and shoot it in the head, or V.A.T.S 
       smack it with a melee/unarmed weapon.
       Close to this point, I leveled up to 6 approaching PRIMM (killing GECKOS).
       Raise SPEECH to 40 and BARTER to 31. Take the COMPREHENSION perk, and now
       you can read any permanent skill book you find. Go ahead and use up your
       books that you have stored up (3 i think by now). 
      13. PRIMM
      ) PRIMM is divided into 2 sections, the west side where a small group of NCR
        troops have occupied the ruins, and the east side, where main buildings
        are. (The Hotel, Casino, houses, etc). Approaching PRIMM you are greeted
        by a NCR trooper informing you of the area situation.
      ) Stay on the right (west side). You can steal from many ammo containers in
        the NCR ruin's side. Find the tent housing LIEUTENANT HAYES. You want to
        stealth and pickpocket the [MILITARY ORDERS] off him successfully. Make 
        sure to read the orders. Talk to HAYES and chat about the NCR troopers 
        retaking the NCR CORRECTIONAL FACILITY. He will let you help with the raid
        and tell you to meet up with SERGEANT LEE near the facility.
      ) Fast travel back to NCR CORRECTIONAL FACILITY and head south to meet up
        with SERGEANT LEE. Talk to him to start the assault. Good thing you have
        already cleared the complex. Run down the hill through the now blown-up
        fence hole, and proceed to the administration building. Entering it, a
        half dozen NCR troops arrive and storm upstairs to kill EDDIE. go ahead
        and rush up with them and take EDDIE down. Once hes dead, wait around for
        a few minutes for LEE to show up and talk to LEE to finish the quest. You
        can also sneak-assassinate the NCR troopers without losing reputation and
        loot them also. Wait until you talk to LEE first then assassinate away. I
        would leave LEE alive though, but the rest are just generic NCR troopers.
      ) Fast travel back to PRIMM. We are going to clear out the town first. There
        are a couple CONVICTS in the main town square, and a couple around back
        up around the rollercoaster tracks. In the town south homes there is a 
        [STAR BOTTLE CAP] in one house and a locked safe behind a bookshelf in 
        another one. The mailboxes might hold temp skill magazines. In the 
        Sheriff office shack are a [COWBOY REPEATER] rifle and ammo. 
      ) Outside the MOJAVE EXPRESS BUILDING is a dead courier with a courier note.
        Enter the building and loot what you need, there is a broken companion
        robot on the counter, ignore it for now. Exit and enter the VIKKI AND
        VANCE CASINO, and talk to JOHNSON NASH. Take a while and chat all his
        speech options, you'll get a few quests out of it [ED-E MY LOVE] and 
        [THEY WENT THAT-A-WAY]. Head out of the casino. Its time to clear out the
      ) Prepare for fighting and enter the BISON STEVE HOTEL. This is a 3 level
        building filled with CONVICTS. Clear out the first level. There is an
        elevator you can fix [REPAIR:35] but gives no exp. DEPUTY BEAGLE is a 
        prisoner in one of the back rooms, leave him for now. There are a couple
        hard locked items [LOCKPICK:75] but you can't get those yet. A [TALES OF
        A JUNKYARD VENDOR] lies on the ground next to a locked safe. [STAR BOTTLE
        CAP] on a end-table near the sofas. Head upstairs once the ground floor 
        is clear and clear it of enemies. Loot it and climb the rubble up to the
        third floor area and clean it out. 
        You should level up to 7 soon. Raise LOCKPICK to 55 and SCIENCE to 52. 
      ) Go talk to DEPUTY BEAGLE and pass a [SPEECH:40] check to get some info on
        the guys you are hunting. Release BEAGLE and pass a [SPEECH:25] check to 
        have him be a companion in the BISON STEVE HOTEL only. Head outside and
        talk to BEAGLE again, inquiring about finding a new sheriff. Go inside the
        casino and talk to JOHNSON NASH again, talk about finding a sheriff. Talk
        Talk about everything else, including the display gun. Check the display
        then tell PRIMM SLIM its missing, pass a [SCIENCE:50] check and open his
        hacked display file. 
        NOTE: You can activate the companion robot ED-E in PRIMM if you want, I do
            not simply because he can get lost during adventuring and its sometime
            a pain to get him back/find him, thus not completing his quest. But if
            you really want him you'll need to use a temp science book to pass a
            [SCIENCE: 65] check, then a [REPAIR 35]. I suggest leaving him till 
            later when we will pick him up farther along in the game. 
        NOTE: There are 3 hard locked [LOCKPICK:75] items in PRIMM that we can
            get back to later when our skill is better, for the exp. If you have
            a temp lockpick book you can get some of those now (will boost your
            lockpick from 55 to 75). If not, we will come back later, i will tell
            you when.
            1) Safe first floor BISON HOTEL
            2) Door first floor BISON HOTEL
            3) Safe VIKKI AND VANCE CASINO
      ) Exit the casino, and fast travel to NCR CORRECTIONAL FACILITY to enter the
        entrance building and talk to MEYERS about becoming the sheriff of PRIMM.
        Agree to help make him sheriff, but you need to get a pardon for him. He
        will be waiting for you in PRIMM. Fast travel back to PRIMM then head out
        the complex and continue south. You will encounter maybe a couple CONVICTS
        on the road south, and soon you'll arrive at a small building on the right
      ) Just outside this building are some JACKAL GANG members, probably a leader
        also. Take them down and loot. Heading inside the building you'll run into
        a couple more gang members, and a few GIANT MANTIS NYMPHS. Kill and loot
        the building. You'll find a [GUNS AND BULLETS] on a desk, [STAR BOTTLE
        CAP] and 100% [BRASS KNUCKLES] in the jail cell by the dead prospector.
      ) Exit the building and continue south. Youll see a broken underpass ahead,
        and if you head to the right (southwest) you'll see a gas station with a
        blue sign. There are some RADSCORPIONS about, tougher than their young
        counterparts. Head up to the NIPTON ROAD RESTSTOP once they are dead.
      ) This small reststop has some minor loot inside, a [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED]
        on a shelf, a [STAR BOTTLE CAP] on the counter, [MAYOR STEIN'S JOURNAL
        2/2] on a counter. Outside there is misc loot in the garage bay, and a 
        body lies at the bottom of the Nipton road sign with loot. 
      ) Continue travelling south along the main highway, stopping at the many
        abandoned trucks to loot a few misc items. Follow the road to the right
        (southwest) up the very steep hill with the ruined vehicles. At the very
        top you'll find the MOJAVE OUTPOST.
      ) A couple tacky giant Ranger statues mark the entrance to the outpost, you
        can't miss them. The outpost consists of 2 main buildings (barracks and
        administration). Misc crates and boxes are spread about around the 2
        buildings so clear the area then head into the administration building.
      ) Talk to MAJOR KNIGHT at the desk. Get all the info you can. He can do 100%
        repair service on items, but it costs a lot. Talk to him into pardoning
        MEYERS to become the sheriff of PRIMM [SPEECH:30].
      ) Talk to RANGER JACKSON, the NCR outpost leader. You can get various useful
        info from him. Ask about work and he will give you the [CAN YOU FIND IT
        IN YOUR HEART] quest. Search and steal any useful items you see in the
      ) Go and enter the barracks building. A few stealable items about. [DUCK AND
        COVER] below the bar, [STAR BOTTLE CAP] on the bar counter, 3 [ICE COLD
        NUKA COLAS] on a upper shelf, plus misc items in the building. Talk to 
        CASS at the bar, who you can get info from plus start the [HEARTACHE BY 
        THE NUMBERS] quest of hers. 
      ) Head to the barracks roof and talk to RANGER GHOST and get info from her.
        Ask about work and she will give you the [KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE]
        quest. Finish looting the buildings of what you want.
      ) Fast travel back to PRIMM and talk to MEYERS who is now the town sheriff.
        This finishes that quest. Wait a while, and the townsfolk will head out 
        of the Casino and back into town. You can go in and loot the Casino of 
        any items that might interest you. Head into the MOJAVE EXPRESS and now
        JOHNSON NASH will trade with you with awesome prices. You want to sell
        your items here when you can, great sale value now. 
      ) Fast travel to NIPTON ROAD RESTSTOP and make the [CAN YOU FIND IT IN YOUR
        HEART] quest active. Head east to the broken underpass and you'll have 
        to kill a half dozen or so giant ants there. Once finished, fast travel
        back to the MOJAVE OUTPOST and talk to RANGER JACKSON to finish his quest.
        You should level up to 8 sometime soon. Pick the STRONG BACK perk, and 
        raise LOCKPICK to 60, SCIENCE 55, SPEECH 50, EXPLOSIVES 28
      ) Time to do some more exploring. Sell, repair, etc then fast travel to 
        PRIMM. Head west out of the city and up the hills you'll run into a small
        playground. A [TRUE POLICE STORIES] temp book is on a picnic table and a
        [LAD'S LIFE] book is by the campfire. There will be some COYOTES about. 
        Continue up the path northwest, a semi-trailer has some crates with a 
        half dozen or so [FRAG GRENADES]. Keep going up the ill to find the 
      ) A small pile of junk and wreckage block the path up ahead. From here, head
        to the southwest hugging the right cliff and you'll find a small cleft in
        the hill where some minor loot and a NCR trooper body lies. Kill any 
        COYOTES you may encounter. 
      ) Head back down the hillside past the playground and drop down into the
      ) Not much here, and no movies playing! Darn!. You might run into some 
        radscorpions about. There are 2 [STAR BOTTLE CAPS] near the screen mixed
        in with some empty bottles. Search the various trashcans for minor loot.
      ) We will now head west-southwest out of the Drive in and up the hill, into
        ghoul territory. They are a little tougher than your basic foes you have
        encountered so far, and much faster. Make your way up the hill heading in
        the general direction of the "unknown location" marker on your radar map.
        NOTE: This next part is a bit tricky, so I'll explain it here. Read before
            you go further up the hill. Half-way up the hill towards the marker
            you will see a small camp against the rock wall, with a motorcycle. 
            This is a scripted event site. There is a [FRAG MINE] that is under-
            neath the red safety cone. A COYOTE is scripted to walk down the hill
            to your right (north) and enter this area and blow up, scattering the
            camp items all around. You want to kill the COYOTE before it gets
            close so you don't have to search around for the items.
            Since the mine is under the red cone, its very very hard to disarm and
            pick up, but its doable. Hug the rock wall on the right side, so you
            stay out of range of setting off the mine, and you'll be at the back
            of the camp near the bedding. There is a [STAR BOTTLE CAP] in the 
            small wooden box. There are 2 temp skill books, one sits on top of the
            motorcycle, and the other on the ground under some ruined books. 
            Save your game here, getting the mine is tricky and you might have to
            reload a few times. What I did was take out a gun and shoot the red
            cone to move the graphics a little bit so the mine is exposed. You 
            might also try picking up the barrel nearby and letting it roll over
            the cone. Try and quickly disarm the mine, maybe crouching, etc.
            Re-load until you get it, then loot the camp. 
       ) Do not continue up the hill, there are tougher ghouls further up and you
         aren't quite ready to fight GHOUL RAVAGERS or others. You can if you want
         but we will come back later when we are stronger. Fast travel to NEVADA
         HIGHWAY PATROL STATION and head east-southeast into the IVANPAH DRY LAKE.
      ) There is not much here except a little hill. You might run into numerous
        GIANT ANTS about the area, feel free to take them out. Continue south-
        southeast through the lake bed into the main ant territory, IVANPAH RACE
      ) This old go-cart race track has a bunch of GIANT ANTS around the area. 
        Take a little time and take out all the ants for easy experience. 
      ) There is a dufflebag just south of the finish sign flag. Continue south
        towards some distance house ruins. Careful, there will be a bunch of 
        JACKAL gang members so don't get in over your head, take your time and
        take out all the JACKAL bandits in the camp and head into the NIPTON ROAD
        PIT STOP.
      ) This small abandoned housing spot was a camp for the JACKAL gang. There is
        a grenade and mine box, and a hidden dufflebag against one of the ruin 
        walls. Some sleeping mats are here if you need to rest up. A lot of JACKAL
        bandits laired here. 
      ) Now look to the southwest, you'll see a big crashed plane not to far away.
        Those mines and grenades you just got will help, head towards the plane
        and you'll encounter a gaggle of radscorpions, including a GIANT
        RADSCORPION. These are tough armored tanks, hard to take down. My method
        was to fall back dropping the [FRAG MINES] in its path to weaken it some.
        Then since the radscorpion is about as fast as me, i just fell back and
        shot it as i went with a gun, going into V.A.T.S. as it replenished.
      ) Once all the radscorpions are dead, search the plane for a single ammo
        container (we didn't come here for this, we came for the experience from
        killing radscorpions hehe)
      ) Head east down the road heading towards NIPTON. About half way there you
        should hear and encounter a gun fight between 2 people, JACKLYN and 
        THOMAS, who are fighting over some [STAR BOTTLE CAPS].
        A) If JACKLYN wins, she will say that THOMAS attacked her. She actually 
           killed THOMAS for his 7 [STAR BOTTLE CAPS]. Search his body for his 
           note and she will attack you. Kill her and loot.
        B) If THOMAS wins he will tell you that JACKLYN was trying to rob him. You
           can make a [SPEECH:30] check and [SPEECH:50] to convince him to give
           the caps to you. 
      ) Do not continue to NIPTON. Fast travel to POWDER GANGER CAMP SOUTH. You 
        want to head south following the train tracks. You might encounter a 
        BIGHORNER herd ahead, they are excellent for both food and experience, so
        take them down. Continue SE, and you will run into a small train stop
      ) This small railstop has a few misc loot spread about, and 2 [STAR BOTTLE 
        CAPS] sit on a mattress on the platform. 
      ) Continue south, and look right up on the large hill you will see a small
        power tower. Climb up there and on the north side of the hill it sits on,
        is the body of a BRIGHT follower. Loot it, and then head east back to the
      ) Continue south, and on the right side you will see a small path heading 
        southwest/west through the hills. Follow the path and you'll run into a
        couple JACKAL gang members. Kill them, and approach THE PROSPECTORS DEN.
      ) This home of some Prospectors has been taken over by the JACKAL gang. When
        you enter the cave, there will be a couple JACKAL members standing over
        the bodies of a half dozen prospectors. Kill the JACKALS and loot all the
      ) Enter the Prospector building, and you'll encounter a few more JACKAL 
        members so take them out. Finish looting the prospector building. The
        first room has a [STAR BOTTLE CAP] on the chessboard, and the second room
        has a TUMBLERS TODAY on the floor.
        You should level up to level 9 near this point. Raise REPAIR to 55, and 
        SPEECH to 54. 
      ) Exit the cave, and head east back to the railroad tracks. Continue south
        and you'll see a empty rail cart on the right, and probably a COYOTE on 
        the tracks. Kill it and continue on, and just before the ruined truck on
        the left is a small alcove in the hill, the COYOTE DEN.
      24. COYOTE DEN
      ) This small alcove has a variety of COYOTES guarding it, probably a DEN 
        MOTHER also. After killing the COYOTES there is the body of a BRIGHT 
        follower at the back of the alcove. 
      ) Continue south and you'll see the town of NIPTON. As you approach, you'll
        see the watertower up on the ridge. You want to head to the right of the
        watertower and continue that way. There is probably another heard of 
        BIGHORN buffalo you can kill. Also a few harvestable plants. Swing around
        and you'll approach the entrance to NIPTON.
      25. NIPTON
      ) Near the entrance a nutty guy, OLIVER SWANICK will run up to you talking
        about winning the lottery. Indulge him and he'll finish and run away. 
      ) You'll enter the town on the far side of NIPTON HALL where the LEGION
        soldiers are. You will want 1 [MED-X] upon entering the town so make sure
        you have one on you. Stay away from NIPTON HALL for now, explore this
        side of town first and clear out the buildings/area.
      ) Enter the GENERAL STORE on the left and talk to BOXCAR. Giving him a
        [MED-X] and he will chat with you telling you what happened to the town,
        and starting the [BOOTED] quest. A [SALESMAN WEEKLY] is suppose to sit on
        the counter but it usually glitches under so you cannot get it. There is a
        [MILSURP REVIEW] upstairs on the big rug. 
      ) Back outside, next door is a house with sandbags outside. This house is 
        heavily trapped so be careful. There are 3 [FRAG MINES], one in each room.
        Both doorways into the 2nd and 3rd room have trip wires/gun traps. A 
        pressure plate in the 3rd room opens the scorpion cage, so go ahead and
        pick the cage before hand and kill the scorpions.
      ) Clear out the other couple buildings on this side, plus the trailer park
        behind them and mailboxes. Now we want to head to the other side of the
        town, where the LEGION soldiers await. Do not approach too close. There 
        are 4 LEGION soldiers, 2 LEGION MONGRELS and VULPES INCULTA. The street
        heading to them is lined with crucified POWDER GANGERS. We want to sneak-
        assassinate the MONGRELS and Soldiers first. Take a wide arch and get
        behind the group, near the NIPTON HALL. Sneak-kill them with your silenced
        weapon, switching sides to get the others, leaving only VULPES INCULTA. We
        don't want to kill him. Loot the dead troops.
      ) Go talk to VULPES. He will give you the [COLD, COLD HEART] quest when he
        tells you what happened to the town, and to spread the word. Make sure to
        pick option 2 or 3, praising his methods to gain reputation with the
        LEGION. VULPES will leave afterwards, we will meet him later in the game.
      ) Enter the NIPTON HOTEL nearby to find 4 dead NCR troops. Loot their bodies
        and the few items around the room.
      ) Clear out the 2 houses beside the crucified lined main street, and on the
        east side of town 2 houses, one holds a MR GUTSY robot and good loot.
      ) Finally we can clean out the NIPTON HALL. The HALL is a 3 level building
        and contains more LEGION MONGRELS. Also many areas have [FRAG MINE] traps 
        so go slow and disarm and pick them up
        1) First floor. You'll find a [WORN KEY] to the right behind the counter,
           which will unlock the basement
        2) Second floor. Not much here, more LEGION MONGRELS
        3) Top floor. [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE] on the Mayors desk, a few skill
           magazines about, and other random loot. 
        4) Basement, holds some basic loot
      ) Once you are done with the town, fast travel back to MOJAVE OUTPOST and
        talk to RANGER GHOST on the barrack roof to complete her quest. Head all
        the way north by the main locked gate and talk to SGT. KILBORN to complete
        VULPES'S quest. (I think you can actually talk to any NCR troop to do it).
        You will level up around this time to 10. Raise SURVIVAL to 41 and pick
        FINESSE perk. 
      ) Fast travel back to NIPTON, and head south out of the city. Keep going 
        southwest until you reach the MOJAVE DRIVE-IN.
      ) There is not much at the Drive-in. Some JACKAL raiders might be here, if
        they aren't they are further up the mountain. Head south out of the Drive-
        in and you'll reach some train tracks heading south up to a closed train
        tunnel. At the door of the tunnel is a [LOTTERY TICKET]. 
      ) Now head east up the hills, hugging the mountainside. After a small hike
        you will reach BRADLEYS SHACK.
      ) This small mountainside shack might have some JACKAL raiders outside. They
        tend to wander between the shack and the Drive-in. You might not even run
        into them. Enter the shack, and DO NOT MOVE once you do. There is a trip
        wire at your feet. Disarm it and the gun trap. 
      ) Loot the shack, grabbing the [STAR BOTTLE CAP] on the floor next to the
        ammo box. Exit the shack, and there is a hollowed out rock you can search
        straight ahead against the left side of the path. 
      ) Continue heading due east and you will run into another small shack, the
        CAESARS LEGION SAFEHOUSE. You cannot do anything here yet, just get it on
        your pipboy map. Fast travel back to NIPTON and now head out the town 
        heading down the east road. 
      ) As you pass the railroad crossing signs you will see a blue overturned
        trailer up ahead on the road. STOP!. There is an ambush waiting ahead, and
        a dangerous one at that. There are 4 raiders waiting ahead, one on a hill
        up on the left, one on the road past the trailer, and 2 up on the hills on
        the right. The right side is the deadly part, one raider has a grenade
      ) There is a path to the right of the blue trailer, sneak up that path and
        try and spot the raider on the left hill and on the road ahead. You might
        be able to sneak-shoot them, even at this distance. The main goal is to 
        take out the 2 raiders on the right hill. Usually this means just rushing
        them and trying to take out the grenade gunner as fast as possible. You
        probably will take some damage doing this, grenades hurt. Wipe out all 4
        raiders and loot them.
        NOTE: There are 3 orange safety cones on the road also, there is a [FRAG
             MINE] under each. If you want try and circle them to see the mine and
             try to deactivate/take them.
        In the back of the blue trailer is some loot, and a [STAR BOTTLE CAP] on
        top of the crate. Continue up the road north. 
      ) Near the top of the hill you will see a windmill up on the right hill. Go
        up the hill towards it, and you'll see a spotter position. Loot and follow
        a small bridge path northwest to a observation post, you can dig up the 
        grave here for loot. 
      ) Head northeast down into WOLFHORN RANCH.
      ) Outside you can see a few plants that can be harvested if you wish. 
      ) Inside the shack, you'll find [TUMBLERS TODAY] on the floor and a unique
        cleaver, [CHOPPER] on the stove. Loot the shack then exit.
      ) Now head southeast out of the ranch. You will go over some small hills and
        see a metal trailer ahead. Head for the RAIDED FARMSTEAD.
      ) This is a VIPER gang trap. Once you actually enter the trailer, VIPER gang
        members will start spawning and approach the camp. The easiest way to deal
        with them is to just stay in the trailer and kill them as they enter. A
        good machine gun would work, I personally used my spiked knuckles and 
        punched them as they entered, out of V.A.T.S. 
      ) Once the VIPERS are dead, loot their bodies and the trailer/farmstead. A
        [STAR BOTTLE CAP] is in the broken fridge.
      ) Leave to the south, you'll see a burned house and a couple big barns. Go
        up there to the MATTHEWS ANIMAL HUSBANDRY FARM.
      ) Head to the burned house first, to find a skeleton and a [DIARY PAGE 4].
        Just outside the house is a pickup truck, in the back is [DIARY PAGE 2].
        There are 2 graves outside the house you can dig up and search.
      ) Head up to the barns next and search them. The [DIARY PAGE 1] is on the
        steps of the Bighorn barn, and [DIARY PAGE 3] is in the Brahmin barn on 
        the top level, along with [STAR BOTTLE CAP] and [WASTELAND SURVIVAL GUIDE]
      ) Go ahead and kill all the animals about, free exp, and free food. Its not
        like anyone is taking care of them anyway. Fast travel back to WOLFHORN
        RANCH, rest if you need, then head out north towards the overpass, and 
        go due north up the road. 
      ) At the first billboard sign on the left, there is a BRIGHT follower body
        you can loot. 
      ) Continuing north, you might encounter a couple MOLERATS. At the second
        billboard sign on the right, is a VIPER raider ambush. Kill and loot them.
        Look to the west you will see a power tower and in the distance a train
        tunnel entrance. Head towards the tower and another BRIGHT follower body
        is against the rocks.
      ) Go up to the train tunnel entrance to fight a half dozen VIPER bandits. 
        When finished head back down to the road and continue north. Soon you will
        see 2 LEGION soldiers on a ledge on the right. They are up to no good!
        Probably spying on the NCR camp. We will stealth-kill them. Now, LEGION
        soldiers are a little tougher, you might not be able to stealth kill them
        so easy with silenced weapons. Instead, try basic melee or unarmed weapons
        which work good. Spiked knuckles, bladed gauntlets, power fists, etc. Once
        the 2 LEGION soldiers are dead, head down north to RANGER STATION CHARLIE.
      ) This small NCR outpost is composed of a gaggle of travel trailers with a
        few NCR rangers that occasionally scout the area. The outpost is in the
        sights of the LEGION armies, and soon will be destroyed.
      ) Inside the small building RANGER STEPINAC stands guard over 3 mis-shipped
        [MEDICAL KITS]. You can question him on them, noting that they were 
        shipped here by accident and he won't give you any. 
      ) We are going to clear out this outpost, since its going to be raided 
        anyway, we might as well get the items and experience. Start off by sneak
        assassinating all the NCR troopers, so you don't lose any reputation. Loot
        the complex making sure to steal any items out of the 3 [MEDICAL KITS]
        because the LEGION will take them. 
      ) When finished, continue up the road to the north heading towards the next
        town of NOVAC. You will notice as you are approaching, there is a huge
        dinosaur in the middle of town, obviously about to start rampaging.
      32. NOVAC
      ) AH! We are finally here, our second main base of operations. There is much
        to do, much to get ready, and NOVAC will be our home for the next part of
        the game. Lets get going! 
      ) Head towards the "big dinosaur" and at the No Vacancy sign, enter the 
        motel FRONT DESK lobby. Talk to JEANNIE MAY CRAWFORD the manager for 
        information, and to get your motel room for 100 caps. If she isn't here
        simply wait a few hours until she shows up. While here break into the 
        floor safe and get the incriminating  [BILL OF SALE]
      ) Head up to your room, the first one up the stairs. This will be your new
        safe house where you can store your items. DO NOT PUT ITEMS IN THE TRASH
        CAN or SUITCASE, but you can use any other item to store stuff. You want
        go gather up all your stuff from Goodsprings, or where ever it is and
        stash it here for easy access.
      ) Head to the DINO-BITE GIFT SHOP inside the big dinosaur. CLIFF BRISCOE
        runs the store. Chat with him and drop JEANNIE's name. When CLIFF is not
        in the store you can steal what you want from the shelves, and pick the
        storage door and take the [THAT GUN] on the shelf (or you can buy it from
        CLIFF when hes in the store)
      ) In the courtyard search CLIFF BRISCOE'S BUNGALOW, not much in it though.
        There is a trip wire in the center of the room you can disable.
        stealable on the bed and his gun locker is up on a shelf, and contains
        [TRAIL CARBINE] gun. You want to find and talk to RANGER ANDY to get info,
        and you can convince him hes still useful with a [SPEECH:30] check so he
        will teach you the RANGER TAKEDOWN ability. More conversation with ANDY
        will start the [ANDY AND CHARLIE] quest. 
      ) Fast travel to RANGER STATION CHARLIE which is now destroyed. In the main
        building are dead NCR bodies you can loot, and 2 [HOLOTAPES] near the 
        desk. Careful, there are 2 [FRAG MINES] hidden under bodies, and a trip-
        wire leading to the left room. Listen to the 2 [HOLOTAPES] and return to
        RANGER ANDY in NOVAC, who will ask what happened. Do NOT use the speech
        check option its actually less useful, just let him know what you found.
      ) Climb the stairs to the sniper next. There are 2 snipers in the town, one
        will be on duty at all times. You want to talk to both of them, they are
        either here or in their rooms.
        MANNY VARGAS. Get what info you need from him, and agree to help him,
           which starts the [COME FLY WITH ME] quest. You can find and loot MANNYS
           motel room, and make sure to use the TERMINAL in the back to progress
           your quest.
        CRAIG BOONE. Find this sniper when hes out of his room. BOONE will become
           your first traveling companion. Start talking with him and learn all
           you can get from him. A [SPEECH:41] check will get more info. He will
           ask you for help with a problem finding the person responsible for his
           wife's disappearance and gives you a [BERET]. Go find JEANNIE MAY
           CRAWFORD and lure her out in front of the dinosaur when BOONE is on
           duty, then put on the [BERET] and BOONE kills her. Go back to BOONE 
           with the [BILL OF SALE] and finish the quest. Talk to BOONE again and
           pass a [INT:6] check to have him join you as a companion.
        You should level up soon at this point to 11. Raise MEDICINE to 43.
        NOTE: CRAIG BOONE is a great companion, but you do not ever want to take
              him into areas with LEGION soldiers, as they both will become 
              instant foes no matter what your reputation is. If you encounter
              LEGION random troops while wandering and loose reputation when BOONE
              kills them, simply reload, we don't want bad reputation with them
        Now that you have BOONE, its time to do some areas that a little extra
        firepower helps in. Talk to him and exhaust all conversation choices, then
        fast travel to WOLFHORN RANCH and head northeast. Once past the overpass,
        have BOONE wait, you need to do the next part alone. Continue northeast 
        and you will find a campsite of LEGION soldiers, LEGION RAID CAMP.
      ) This Legion raiding camp has 4 tents and a half dozen LEGION soldiers on
        the 2 levels. 2 POWDER GANGER's are prisoners (Those taken from the 
        BOOTED quest). Take your time, we want to sneak-assassinate all of the
        LEGION troops so only the 2 prisoners are left. Loot the area and dead
      ) Once they are all dead, go get BOONE and bring him to the campsite with
        the prisoners. Untie and release both prisoners who run off, and BOONE
        will start talking. Talk to him, and you'll have a new conversation 
        option to get info from. Not much, but its a start. Releasing these
        prisoners progresses his storyline.
      ) Fast travel to MATTHEWS ANIMAL HUSBANDRY FARM and head southwest. We will
        be entering ghoul territory, so the extra firepower of BOONE helps 
        especially against RAVAGERS and GLOWING ONES. Continue southwest to a 
        large fenced in area by a truck, a small shack sits inside. This is the 
      ) A small shack is the only structure left in the area. Inside you can find
        [STAR BOTTLE CAP] near chemistry set, [HUNTING SHOTGUN], [NIKOLA TESLA AND
        YOU], some diary notes, and the dead body of TRASH.
      ) Clean out the site fast and exit the building. Fast travel back to NOVAC
        and find DR. STRAUS, who roams the town with a bodyguard. You will be 
        visiting DR. STRAUS often, she will cure your radiation for 100 caps, 
        very cheap especially when you are radiated at high levels, as you will
        be often.
      ) Fast travel back to MATTHEWS ANIMAL HUSBANDRY FARM and this time head
        south slowly sloping up the hill. After a little trek you will run into
        a large crater and a CRASHED VERTIBIRD.
      ) A large Vertibird has crashed into the hillside here. FAQS state that some
        different types of enemies might spawn in this area, robots, sentrys, 
        ghouls, but I have played through the game twice, i have never encountered
        any foes here the first time visiting. If there are foes, you and BOONE
        can take care of them.
      ) In the crater made by the Vertibird is the [TESLA-BEATON PROTOTYPE] energy
      ) Fast travel to CALIFORNIA SUNSET DRIVE-IN and head west-southwest out of
        the camp, up the path we went earlier in the game. Ghouls about for target
        practice. Head all the way up the hill and you will run into a radioactive
        marsh area, the MESQUITE MOUNTAIN CRATER.
      ) This small radioactive pond area is the home for a few tougher ghouls, 
        usually GHOUL REAVERS, maybe even a GLOWING ONE. Head to the back of the 
        pond area and enter the ROTSON lab shack. 
      ) Inside the shack is a CRAZED MR HANDY robot who will attack. There might
        also be a ghoul. Kill them and loot the building. [STAR BOTTLE CAP] on
        a table, a [DC JOURNAL OF MEDICINE], and the dead body has a [WASTELAND
        SURGEON OUTFIT] that gives +5 medicine bonus. 
      ) Finish up and head out, continue heading south through the hillside. You
        will come up upon a few tents in the distance, the MESQUITE MOUNTAIN CAMP
      ) We have some tough GIANT RADSCORPIONS and a few other radscorpions around
        the camp site. Take your time and take them down.
      ) One tent has a [WASTELAND SURVIVAL GUIDE] and the other a [STAR BOTTLE
        CAP] on a metal box. 
      ) Head southwest and further up the hills you will find 3 gravesites you can
        dig up for misc loot. 
      ) Fast travel to the NIPTON ROAD PIT STOP (kill any raiders that have
        respawned) and head out southwest up to the small mountain ahead. You will
        head up towards the MORNING STAR CAVERN.
      ) Just outside the cavern entrance you will run into a pack of NIGHTSTALKERS
        who will jump you. There is a hollowed-out rock nearby also you can check
        for items.
      ) Enter the cavern and you'll run into more NIGHTSTALKERS, including a DEN
        MOTHER. Kill the DEN MOTHER first and chances are the rest won't attack
        you that easy. Finish off all the NIGHTSTALKERS and loot the cave.
      ) Leave the cavern area and head south-southeast. You will come to a long
        plateau area that has a large gully on the south side. Stay up top for now
        we are entering GOLDEN GECKO area. You and your buddy BOONE can roam about
        and kill the GECKOS on the plateau. You will finish up on the far side
        of the gully. The gully is radioactive so prep ahead of time. Head south
        and enter the gully from the east, CRESCENT CANYON EAST.
      ) The Crescent Canyon runs east to west and is filled with radioactive
        barrels and GOLDEN GECKOS. At the east entrance there is a hollowed-out
        rock you can loot before you head in at the bottom of the hill. 
      ) Heading in, you'll find an armor case near 2 ruined cars. There is a
        chance to find [COMBAT ARMOR] inside. Continue west to find [ADVANCED 
        RADIATION SUIT] inside a container case by a truck. 
      ) Near the west end there is another hollowed-out rock near a overturned
        car. A [LOTTERY TICKET] lies on the ground. This west side registers as
      ) You should level up around this time, raise BARTER to 52 and pick the 
        SNIPER perk. 
      ) Since we have our nice new radiation suit, we might as well get some use
        from it right? Fast travel to the RAIDED FARMSTEAD and head east down the
        road. Make sure you have a decent supply of [RAD-X] and [RAD-AWAY], and 
        follow the road east until you come to a small NCR base near a town, the
        town of CAMP SEARCHLIGHT.
      ) You will run into a small NCR troop camp west of town, and FIRST SERGEANT
        ASTOR will meet you as you approach. The town of CAMP SEARCHLIGHT is 
        highly radiated, and you will take radiation damage each second you are
        in the town.
        NOTE: Remember that curing your radiation poisoning is as simple as 
              fast traveling to NOVAC and going west(usually) and finding the
              wandering doctor who will cure it for 100 caps. So, go ahead and get
              as radiated as you want (don't die) curing it is as simple as a 
              couple fast travels. 
      ) Talk to FIRST SERGEANT ASTOR and get all the information from him that you
        can and agree to help him finish off his old troops. This will start the
        [WE WILL ALL GO TOGETHER QUEST]. Leave BOONE at the camp, its too much of
        a pain to worry about radiation and him at the same time.
      ) Head into town and go clockwise around the outskirts of the town killing
        any ghouls you find. There are usually 2 at each checkpoint, along with a
        a gun turret. A computer terminal is near each turret that you can hack
        (except one which is 100) for exp. Do not turn on the turrets, you can
        destroy them if you want for more exp. Circle the entire town and kill all
        the ghouls and turrets.
      ) Half way around the town is the EAST CHAPEL, empty except for a trap door
        that leads down into a small room with a couple GOLDEN GECKOS. Kill them
        and take the 2 [MINI-NUKES] on the table, and [CHINESE ARMY TRAINING
        MANUAL] on the floor. 
      ) In the southern side is a home you can enter. Inside is the ghoul NCR 
        trooper PRIVATE KYLE EDWARDS. Chat with him a while, but don't worry about
        getting his dog tags we will get those later. Get all his options also
        that he has no where to go and won't leave. 
      ) Continuing all the way around, you'll get to the WEST CHAPEL which also
        has a trap door basement. Enter and meet up with LOGAN in the NCR Storage
        area. He needs you to hack his terminal to find out the location of some
        [RADIATION SUITS] that he needs. Hack it for the information and talk to
        him to get the [WHEEL OF FORTUNE] quest, pass a [SPEECH:50] to get extra
      ) Fast travel to NIPTON. There probably will be some BARK SCORPIONS and 
        CENTAURS in the street, kill any foes about. Enter the NIPTON STORE and
        talk to BOXCARS to get the info on where the radiation suits are. 
        You should level up soon to level 13. Raise SPEECH to 60, SCIENCE to 60,
        and GUNS to 32. 
      ) Fast travel to COYOTE DEN, and then its just a short run up the hill SE
        to the HIDDEN SUPPLY CAVE.
      ) Just outside the cave to the right is a hollowed-out rock with a rocket
        painted on it. 
      ) Pick the [LOCKPICK:50] lock to enter the supply cave. Inside you will find
        a [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN] on top of a box, a [LOTTERY TICKET] and a 
        [RADIATION SUIT]. In one of the footlockers is the [RADIATION SUIT BUNDLE]
        you need.
      ) Exit the cave and head up that little steep hill on the left. There is a
        small VIPER bandit camp on the other side of the mountain, swing around
        and clear it out, loot the dead VIPERS.
      ) Fast travel back to CAMP SEARCHLIGHT and go north to meet up with ASTOR. 
        You can turn in the 9 [IRRADIATED DOGTAGS] now for some exp and caps. Talk
        to him about PRIVATE EDWARDS and he will eventually tell you that there is
        a Ranger station nearby that has ghouls. Sounds like a plan. Grab BOONE
        while your here, you'll need the extra firepower.
      ) Head to the SW home and talk to PRIVATE EDWARDS, mention you want his dog
        tags and pass a [SPEECH:60] check to get them. Tell him about the Ghoul
        Ranger Station and he will thank you and run off. Loot any items in his
        house you might want.
      ) Go into the WEST CHAPEL NCR storage and talk to LOGAN to turn give him 
        the [RADIATION SUIT BUNDLE]. Freely loot the room if you want (or do it
        later). He will get ready with his men, and he will want you to loot out
        the POLICE STATION first for parts. 
      ) Head to the POLICE STATION in town in the NE. There are now enemy GHOULS
        in the town also, clear them out and enter the POLICE STATION. There are
        a few GHOULS in here also. Totally search the station, looking for "NCR"
        tagged items. They are also in desks, etc. Talk to LOGAN when finished and
      ) Entering the FIREHOUSE, we will be in a tough fight with a RADSCORPION 
        QUEEN. This is not tough for you, but you have to keep LOGAN alive and he
        isn't wearing armor. Go toe-to-toe with the Queen and try and draw her
        attention while you attack. If LOGAN dies, reload and try again. Once this
        floor is clear, grab the 2 [FIRE AXES] on the wall and head upstairs. 
        Again, look for "NCR" tagged items and parts. The unique Fire Axe [KNOCK-
        KNOCK] is in a bathroom stall behind a skeleton. A [STAR BOTTLE CAP] is
        on a table. 
      ) Talk to LOGAN again when you find all the parts, he will thank you and 
        attack. Silly since he's still not wearing armor. Kill Logan and loot. 
        Finish cleaning out the building, exit, and fast travel right back to
        CAMP SEARCHLIGHT (quickest way out). Go north and finish talking to ASTER
        and turn in your last [DOGTAG] to finish the quest. 
      ) Fast travel back to NOVAC. Take a break, rest up, sell, restock, etc. 
        While you are here, have BOONE wait in your room while you search the 3
        rooms on your motel level. The 2nd room has BRUCE ISSAC, a singer who you
        can chat with and freely loot his room. The 3rd room has DAISY WHITMAN, 
        an ex-Enclave pilot. If you have any [ATOMIC COCKTAILS] bring a few with
        you, the fire resistance will be needed.
      ) Fast travel back to CAMP SEARCHLIGHT and head south, staying out of the
        town radiation aura. You will see an airport tower in the distance to the
        southeast. Ahead is a radioactive camper ground, with a few misc loot in
        it. Pass through and enter the SEARCHLIGHT AIRPORT through the large
      Break time. Take a Nap. At this point in the game you should be level 13
      and have a decent amount of loot, caps, and basic weapons and armor. Your
      skills should be close to..
              Barter: 52
      Energy weapons: 22
          Explosives: 32
            Lockpick: 68
            Medicine: 51
        Melee weapon: 20
              Repair: 55
             Science: 60
          Small guns: 32
               Sneak: 26
              Speech: 60
             Unarmed: 22
      ) A snipers dream here, a huge flat airport tarmac with some RADSCORPIONS
        on it. Maybe a couple GIANT RADSCORPIONS. Between you and BOONE you can
        kill most of them long before they get close to you. 
      ) Not much at the airport, a couple caps boxes near the terminal and at the
        south side near an abandoned airplane a few boxes of misc loot.
      ) Exit the airport via the tunnel and head to the northeast, staying away
        from the radioactive town. You will reach some cliffs and you are looking
        for the SEARCHLIGHT EAST GOLD MINE, which is kinda hidden among the cliff
      ) The gold mine is the lair of some VIPER gang members (I thought this gang
        was suppose to be weak, they seem to be EVERYWHERE.). Be careful and use
        cover/sniping, they like to carry [GRENADE RIFLES]. 
      ) When you wipe out the first group of VIPERS in the cave, and reach the 
        back area, 4 more VIPERS spawn at the cave entrance, so be careful heading
        back. Loot their bodies. 
      ) There isn't much in the cave. Exit and head to the southeast, towards two
        "undiscovered location" arrows. We will be heading into FIRE GECKO 
        territory, so keep an eye out. They aren't much harder than GOLDEN GECKOS
        except they breathe fire when close. Snipe and kill what ever you can see
        and make your way down to a small cave entrance of FIRE ROOT CAVERN.
      ) There is a hollowed-out rock next to the path leading to the cave. This is
        a good place for one of those nice [ATOMIC COCKTAIL] for fire resistance
        against the FIRE GECKOS. 
      ) Inside the cavern is a radioactive pool pit with more FIRE GECKOS. Kill
        what you can from the ledge. There is also a LEGENDARY FIRE GECKO, who is
        about twice as strong as a regular one. Too bad the regular ones aren't
        super strong, I can kill them with my 9mm LOL. 
      ) Once the cavern is clear, search it for some loot. A dead body in the back
        of the pool area has a [COMBAT HELMET] and a dufflebag near it. At the
        T-junction leading down to the pool, under a big leave is a [EVIL GNOME].
      ) At the T-junction head right and out of the cavern into COTTONWOOD CRATER.
      ) Once you exit the cavern into COTTONWOOD CRATER, you will be attacked by
        a half dozen GOLDEN GECKOS. Kill them and loot their golden dead bodies.
      ) The only thing in the CRATER is a dead body of a prospector, who happens
        to have a [FATMAN] launcher, and maybe other good loot. NICE! And here you
        are with a couple fatman shells and no fatman to use them with. Now you 
        have one!
        NOTE: If you haven't fired a [FATMAN] before, save your game and shoot a
        couple rounds off. You won't be disappointed. Re-load and continue on.
        I leveled up around this time to level 14. Raise LOCKPICK to 75 and 
        EXPLOSIVES to 42. Take the COMMANDO perk. 
      ) Fast travel to PRIMM, we can hit the 3 [LOCKPICK:75] locked items in the
        town we missed earlier. Inside the BISON HOTEL on the right is a locked
        door with some loot behind it. The first room on the left has the locked
        safe, containing the unique revolver [LUCKY]. Finally the VIKKI and VANCE
        casino has a locked safe in the back. 
        NOTE: There is a chance a group of deserter THUGS will appear claiming to
        have taken over the casino. Convince them with a [SPEECH:30] check to give
        up their goals. Insult them and kill them and take their stuff LOL. 
      ) Fast travel back to CAMP SEARCHLIGHT and head around the north side of the
        town, heading northeast (to the left of the water tower). Continuing up
        staying on the ridgeline and you'll see a small shack ahead. A few GHOULS
        might be about. Discover the COYOTE MINES. 
      47. COYOTE MINES
      ) The COYOTE MINES are in 2 parts, the top shack and the actual mines. 
      ) Enter the shack, there is much loot to sort through. [STAR BOTTLE CAP] is
        on the table. 
      ) When done head outside, and north to the actual mine entrance and enter.
        Not much but basic loot. Head outside, and start walking southwest. Very
        shortly you will find the SEARCHLIGHT NORTH GOLD MINE down the hill.
      ) A hollowed-out rock is left of the mine entrance up on a small ledge.
      ) The mine has a few GHOULS inside, including GLOWING ONES. Left has a 
        locked gate and loot is about the mine. A [STAR BOTTLE CAP] sits on a 
        crate down the right path. Like the COYOTE MINES some [DYNAMITE] about.
      ) From the mine head northwest and up the hill a ways you will find the
      ) Outside of the cave are many [BROC FLOWERS], and a hollowed-out rock is
        at the base of the path. 
      ) Entering the cave, the left path leads to some minor loot. You'll need
        some radiation resistance about due to irridiated areas. Heading back you
        will take the right fork into the main area. Rabid Rats infest the cave.
      ) The main chamber area has a right path leading up to a encaged room, you 
        can find the [RATSLAYER] unique great Varmit Rifle. Other misc loot lie
      ) Exit the cave and head east/northeast towards some billboards where across
        the road you will find the small SNYDER PROSPECTOR CAMP.
      ) This small camp has some minor loot about, and a [STAR BOTTLE CAP] sitting
        on some books
      ) Continue northwest, you should see a BIGHORNER herd. Take them out.. 
        eating time! Might be a BLOATFLY or 2 also. 
        You should level up sometime soon to level 15. Raise SURVIVAL to 50, 
        EXPLOSIVES to 50, and GUNS to 40. 
      ) Keep going northwest to find the WRECKED HIGHWAYMAN.
      ) A small group of BLOATFLIES is about. The Highwayman has a stash of loot
        in its trunk, including a [STAR BOTTLE CAP].
      ) Keep going northwest towards a tall billboard sign. You will run into the
        raider camp HIGHWAY 95 VIPER'S ENCAMPMENT.
      ) Wow, more VIPERS? A small group of VIPER raiders will attack. Take them
        out and loot the 3 small sheds that they live in. A [STAR BOTTLE CAP] is
        in the west on the bedding.
      ) Fast travel back to COYOTE MINE and head east and then northeast around
        the hill, heading to the RANGER STATION ECHO icon location that's on your
        NOTE: Save before you head out, sometimes BOONE gets "lost" heading down
        the hill and its a pain to find him. Just check on him while heading to
      ) This small Ranger outpost has some NCR GHOUL troops, you don't see that
        every day. You should also see PRIVATE EDWARDS here if he survived his
      ) Talk to RANGER ERASMUS and COMM OFFICER GREEN for some area info. 
      ) Fast travel back to NOVAC, sell, repair, etc. We are going to search and
        clear out the town. Start and go north we will start there.
      ) Enter NO-BARK'S shack, disarm the gun on the left. Talk to NO-BARK for
        some town info. Head down to the next house which you can freely loot,
        there is a [STAR BOTTLE CAP] on the counter.
      ) The next house down is closed, but 2 graves are next to it you can dig up.
        Swing west to the next house of JEANNIE MAY CRAWFORD, items are read but
        you can take them with no karma loss. 
      ) The house next to JEANNIE's has both stealable and regular loot. The last
        house is the MCBRIDE house. Enter and talk to DUSTY and ALICE MCBRIDE to 
        start [THE SCREAMS OF BRAHMIN] quest.
      ) Exit the house. The creature killing the brahmin behind the house is a
        cloaked NIGHTKIN supermutant. During the night you can enter V.A.T.S and
        target it. During the day, you can check west of town behind a boulder
        where it might be hiding. Kill it and return to DUSTY MCBRIDE for your 
        reward, then take the food out of the refrigerator. 
      ) We are now going to do a very long quest, so rest, sell, etc and get set.
        Make the [COME FLY WITH ME] quest active and head west out of NOVAC 
        heading towards the REPCONN TEST SITE.
      ) The road leads west past some FERAL GHOULS and GLOWING ONES. A couple
        dead NIGHTKIN lie about, they were in a battle with the BRIGHT followers.
      ) You will follow the west road and it leads into the REPCONN TEST SITE
        facility valley. A cool dome is up on the mountain on the left, too bad
        you can't get there. Continue up to the large building with the rocket in
        front. There are FERAL GHOULS about the area. Around the stairways you
        can find various bodies of Ghoul BRIGHT followers to loot, including 
        numerous ammo containers. 
      ) Enter the REPCONN TEST SITE 1st floor. A dead NIGHTKIN has a [STEALTH BOY]
        next to him, you'll have to pick it up. The REPCONN building is a multi-
        level building with a ton of loot about, especially building items such
        as [WONDERGLUE], [SCRAP METAL], etc. Its also inhabited by FERAL GHOULS
        so you want to clear them out.
      ) Save the BASEMENT area for last, go ahead and clear the main and upper
        floors of the REPCONN building of GHOULS and items that you want. A voice
        from a nearby intercom tells you to come upstairs. After you have cleared
        the first couple floors you want to try and head to the northeast section
        of the building. There you'll find a large container room with metal
        stairs leading up to a locked door to the top RESEARCH LABS. 
      ) You'll encounter CHRIS HAVERSAM, who tells you to keep going through and
        talk to JASON BRIGHT. JASON will tell you why the BRIGHT followers are 
        there, and needs help cleaning the NIGHTKIN out of the BASEMENT. He gives
        you the [BASEMENT KEY]. 
      ) Head to the BASEMENT. Go through the entrance room and into the hallway
        and take a left. At the 2nd passage turn right, down a short hall and into
        a room with DAVISON. Chat with him but NOT about his Brahmin skull, agree
        to help him find shipping orders. He gives you the key to HARLANS room. 
        Leave the room without touching anything.
      ) Head out and take a right down another short hall to a door with a dead
        NIGHTKIN in front of it. Unlock it and enter to talk to HARLAN. Agree to
        help him find out what happened to his friend. Again, leave the room with-
        out touching anything. SAVE THE GAME HERE.
        NOTE: There are 4 NIGHTKIN in the basement hostile to you. You MUST leave
              one of them alive to complete DAVISON's quest. One will attack you
              near DAVISON'S room, you have to kill the NIGHTKIN JAILER, that
              leaves only 1 more you can kill. That is what the save game is for,
              so you can try again if you fail. 
      ) Head back up the hallway all the way and turn left. Follow the hallway 
        straight and down, until you get to a right turn. Turn right all the way
        down and it will take you to the NIGHTKIN JAILERS room. On the way you
        should encounter a 2nd NIGHTKIN to kill. Enter the JAILERS large room and
        kill the JAILER to get the prison key. A couple side rooms have loot, and
        the center room across the way leads down to the bottom level.
      ) At the bottom level there are some side rooms with loot, and one room in
        the second area has the body of HARLANDS friend. Search it and take the
        robe and report back up to HARLAND. He thanks you and leaves the building.
        CAREFULLY search HARLANDS area, there are many traps..
            1) BEAR TRAPS, about a half dozen.. easy to see
            2) 2 trip wire traps, 1 on the left ground floor, 1 in the back by
               fake computer terminal. 
            3) 1 jury-rigged computer terminal 1st floor, disarm it in back.
            4) Multiple disguised ground mines. VERY hard to see they are a small
               dome matching the floor. About a dozen. 
        The top level holds a computer terminal holding the information that 
        DAVISON needs. Search all options then return to DAVISON, hopefully he 
        will not be hostile and finish the quest. If he turns hostile, reload and
        try again. After the quest is finished you can kill him when he goes to
        leave for some extra exp. 
      ) Return up to the REPCONN RESEARCH LAB top level and talk to JASON who will
        move his people through the BASEMENT and into the launch facilities at the
        other side. You can steal what you want in the Lab area then head down
        through the underground passageway (past DAVISON'S room) and through the
        tunnels to the Launch room. Talk to JASON and agree to find the missing
        parts to the Rockets.
      ) Now talk to CHRIS HAVERSAM to continue with the quest. You can pass a
        [SPEECH:50] check to convince him hes human. Persuade him that hes still
        a good person and he will let the GHOULS continue with their trip. He will
        give you 2 tasks to complete. Choose the 2nd task to get Rocket Fuel. 
      ) Fast travel to HIGHWAY 95 VIPER ENCAMPMENT, probably killing the re-spawn
        VIPER raiders. Head due east across the road, and into CLARK FIELD.
      55. CLARK FIELD
      ) This small chemical plant area is slightly radioactive, so pop a [RAD-X]
        and throw on your protective gear if you want. The plant houses a group
        of GOLDEN GECKOS so first enter the plant and clear them all out. 
      ) On the north side of the plant is a body in a [RADIATION SUIT]. Loot it
        for the needed [ISOTOPE-239 IGNITING AGENT] and [MR.RADICALS JOURNAL]
      ) On the south side of the plant is a body of a dead pack Brahmin, loot it
        and any items that may be on the ground
      ) Fast travel back to REPCONN TEST SITE and head to the southwest and 
        re-enter the quick access hatch down to the launch room. Talk to CHRIS
        HAVERSAM to turn in the launch fuel, then pick the next quest choice to 
        find the [THRUST CONTROL MODULES].
      ) Fast travel to PRIMM, its time to pick up ED-E. Enter the MOJAVE OUTPOST
        and access ED-E. First use [SCIENCE:55] skill to reroute his circuits the
        [REPAIR:35] to fix him and activate him. Make him your companion, and 
        let him follow you. You now have 2 companions, ED-E and BOONE. Since we
        have a nice full party, lets hit a couple harder areas. Rest up, etc and
        get your most powerful weapons along with any mines [POWDER, FRAG, BOTTLE
        CAP] and lets head out.
        NOTE: Remember on regular game mode your companions won't be killed, they
        will just be rendered "unconscious" if "killed" and after a minute or so
        will get back up. This makes them great shields against hard foes since
        they won't die.
      ) Fast travel to THE PROSPECTOR'S DEN and take a quick run over the hills
        to the southwest into JACK RABBIT SPRINGS.
      ) This large radioactive waste dump is the home for a few CENTAUR creatures,
        along with your target foe, a SUPERMUTANT MASTER. Keep on your regular 
        armor (don't put on a radiation suit) and pop a [RAD-X]. 
      ) Find the SUPERMUTANT MASTER, who is armed usually with a heavy gun (and
        maybe backed up by other SUPERMUTANTS) and take him down. With me and my
        2 companions, he usually doesn't last long. Hunt down and kill any other
        CENTAURS in the area.
      ) Fast travel to WOLFHORN RANCH. Now start heading to the northwest across
        the main road and up into the hills. You should quickly see a group of
        red enemy arrows (ED-E gives you enhanced radar perception perk) to the
        northwest. They are a group of NIGHTSTALKERS. Kill them and proceed NW 
      ) There is a hollowed-out rock near the cavern entrance.
      ) This cave system is home to 2 groups of NIGHTSTALKERS, each in their own
        little cul-de-sac. Each area has a dufflebag you can loot for random
      ) When finished head north, and prep yourself, we are entering DEATHCLAW
        NOTE: DEATHCLAWS are hard foes, they are very fast and very deadly in 
              melee range. In a group i like to take out the small ones first 
              since even they can injure you good, and they are easier to kill. 
              When outside in the wilderness, with BOONE and ED-E you can see them
              far ahead of time, giving you a chance to sneak-snipe a little
              before you have to fight them close up. Also, a great tactic is to
              keep your companions behind, sneak ahead and drop a bunch of MINES
              to lure them into. MINES are great vs DEATHCLAWS.
      ) Still heading north you will come upon DEAD WIND CAVERN. Sometimes there
        will be DEATHCLAWS by the entrance, sometimes not. Kill them if there are.
        Do not go in the cavern yet, we will come back. Continue north and you
        will see a small shack. Go to it and discover HARPER'S SHACK.
      ) HARPER'S SHACK has a bed so is a nice place to rest up if needed. (You 
        usually need it in DEATHCLAW territory). Loot the shack, there is a [STAR
        BOTTLE CAP] on a table. 
      You should level up to 16 sometime soon. VERY IMPORTANT. 16 is the magic
      number, if you aren't 16 yet, hunt some foes in the wilderness, etc until
      you are. It gives a good boost to your fighting ability, which is needed vs
      DEATHCLAWS. Raise GUNS to 57, and pick the BETTER CRITICALS perk. Now that
      you have the great BETTER CRITICALS, head shots, head shots, head shots LOL.
      ) Fast travel back to DEAD WIND CAVERN, noting that doing so may spawn you
        in the middle of a deathclaw group. Always be prepared for combat. In
        V.A.T.S always go for the head with your strongest weapon, then switch to
        what ever you like until your AP's recover. When you are ready, enter the
      ) Combat is going to start right at the entrance. There are 2-3 DEATHCLAWS
        close by, so get ready to fight. Do not be afraid to use [STIMPACKS], or
        chemical boosts [PSYCHO, BUFFOUT, etc] since DEATHCLAWS are hard foes. If
        an ally falls, finish off the enemies in the area then wait for them to
        get back up.
      ) After clearing the initial entrance, head left into an alcove room, making
        sure all foes are cleared that direction. Now head back to the entrance
        and follow the path right. The large cavern up ahead has many DEATHCLAWS
        in it, some younger ones and regular ones. You can stay back in the hall
        and stealth-shoot them one at a time to lure them to you so they don't all
        attack together. 
      ) When ready venture into the main cavern. There are about 3 foes wandering
        the main cavern. From the main cavern, there is a small cavern to the 
        west (top left) on your map that is a small room containing a MOTHER
        DEATHCLAW and some young. Once these foes are dead, its time to hit the
        last, deadliest northeast cave.
      ) The last cave area, to the northeast on your map (top right) is the lair
        of the LEGENDARY DEATHCLAW. A small passage runs from the main cavern back
        to the northeast area. Just before the passage is a body with a dufflebag.
        In the LEGENDARY DEATHCLAW area is a BROTHERHOOD trooper body wearing
        [T-45d POWER ARMOR and HELMET]. A unique grenade launcher, [MERCY] lies
        next to him. 
        NOTE: How i finished this room. I left ED-E and BOONE in the main cavern
        and stealthed into the small passageway and laid a good minefield, so when
        I lured the DEATHCLAWS out of the room BOOM!. The LEGENDARY DEATHCLAW 
        was not able to enter the passage (bug? intended?) so with him i just
        stood there and blasted his head with a rifle until he was dead. 
      ) Exit the cavern (remembering that you might run into DEATHCLAWS outside)
        and head north-northwest up the mountain path, which will lead you to
        PRIMM PASS.
      60. PRIMM PASS
      ) This small pass is a quicker route that leads between the PRIMM wasteland
        area and the land around NOVAC. It is not intended for starting players to
        use due to the dangerous foes about.
      ) There is a BLIND DEATHCLAW guarding the Pass. In the center pass area is
        the body of a BRIGHT follower. A hollowed-out rock is on the west side of
        the pass.
      ) Fast travel back to NOVAC and release BOONE. We are done with him for a 
        while, his hatred for LEGION soldiers might mess up some quests. Head out
        of town heading north, and you'll see just north of town a small junkyard,
        this is the GIBSON SCRAP YARD.
      ) OLD LADY GIBSON usually sits on a chair just outside her house and the
        scrap yard. Go up and talk to her, and get some info on her background.
        This will activate a speech memory with ED-E. Ask to buy the [THRUST 
        CONTROLLER MODULES], and then pass a [SPEECH:30] or [BARTER:30] check to
        get them for 250 caps. 
      ) OLD LADY GIBSON also has a unique sawed-off shotgun BIG BOOMER. In order
        to get this, we need to 
        1) Pickpocket the shotgun shells off OLD LADY GIBSON
        2) Enter (or exit) her shack and back, and the BIG BOOMER will now be in
           her inventory to pickpocket. A [STEALTH BOY] always makes this easier.
      ) Fast travel to REPCONN TEST SITE and re-enter the launch facility through
        the southwest access hatch. Talk to CHRIS HAVERSAM and turn in the rest
        of the rocket parts. They now prep the rockets for final launch. 
      ) Head back to the top floor of the REPCONN facility, and exit the door 
        marked REPCONN TEST SITE. This puts you on a small viewing platform. On 
        the right are the TRAJECTORY CONTROLS. Access them and view the trajectory
        data, your [SCIENCE:55] will allow you to adjust them to make the flight
        path 12.5% more effective. Now push the launch controls and watch the 
      ) Fast travel back to GIBSON SCRAP YARD, search it if you want, only some
        basic loot around. Head north and northwest towards the large array
        towers, and find HELIOS ONE.
      62. HELIOS ONE
      ) Approaching the front door of HELIOS ONE solar plant, LT. HAGGERTLY will
        stop you. Say that you just saw the building and decided to visit, then
        lie [SPEECH:30] and that your brother was stationed here and you will be
        let through.
      ) NCR troops staff the building. Go ahead and loot through it, checking all
        the rooms. a [DC JOURNAL OF MEDICINE] is upstairs lying on a bed. Also
        scattered about are some temp skill books, even [PULSE GRENADES]. Check
        one of the computer terminals and get all its info, and a new map marker
        will be put up.
      ) In the back of the complex you will find a science lab staffed by 2 techs
        that you have to talk to. Each one will give you a PANEL CODE (you need
        both). You can also find the codes in other places. 
        NOTE: Before talking to anyone, with ED-E present wait 9 days (wait with
              your [PIPBOY] so that ED-E's 2nd recorded speech will be activated
              when you talk to IGNACIO RIVAS.
        FANTASTIC, a dumb tech. When you first meet him say that your there to 
           replace him, you can [SPEECH:25] check to get 100 caps bribe to not
           take his job. He will give you one code to the Solar tower array.
        IGNACIO RIVAS, the smart tech. Pass a [SPEECH:30] check to dissuade his
           curiosity and the reason you are there. He will suggest you turn the
           power station to help everyone, and give you the second passcode.
        You should level up sometime soon. Raise REPAIR to 60 and UNARMED to 36.
      ) Head out the nearby door into the rear mirror yard. Roam about the yard,
        there are about 5 salvageable solar panels on the ground, plus 2 terminal
        areas that you need to input the 2 codes. The west terminal area is booby
        trapped, the east one has guard dogs. Also misc loot in the NCR tents.
      ) After entering the codes enter the door to the SOLAR COLLECTION TOWER. 
        Tell ED-E to wait, go down and lure the MR GUTSY robot around to the hall
        and kill it. Run across the room through the door and stay on the right
        side. There are 4 [FRAG MINES] that you can disarm and take, plus in the
        back is a terminal that lets you turn off the 3 turrets. You only get 1xp
        for killing them so ignore them and turn them off.
      ) Go get ED-E and head downstairs in the first room to fight a SENTRY BOT. 
        Loot the area and head up and over to the next room area, down a tunnel
        and into a 2nd SENTRY BOT. Continue on to a multi-level room where another
        MR GUTSY awaits. Finally you will enter a small group of hallways where
        5 PROTECTRONS will attack. 
      ) Clear out the area, and take the elevator to the OBSERVATION LEVEL. There
        is a broken generator you can fix using 1 [SCRAP METAL], then program the
        mainframe to provide power to the FULL REGION. Do not pick the FULL REGION
        (emergency output level). Also after choosing FULL REGION, do NOT activate
        the ARCHIMEDES Plant Defense System. 
      ) Head upstairs and activate the PYTON repair robot [SCIENCE:45]. You don't
        need it, but its free exp/items so kill it once it is activated. Exit the
        nearby door onto the OBSERVATION TOWER, go down and when its full daylight
        ( 9AM-3PM ) flip the switch. The tower activates. 
      ) Head back to IGNACIO RIVAS who will reward you with a [BIG BOOK OF 
        SCIENCE] and some Followers of the Apocalypse reputation gain. Exit the 
        building when you are finished with everything. 
      ) Wait 2 days on your [PIPBOY]. You will get an incoming broadcast message
        from the BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL. A marker on your map shows up. ED-E seems
        popular for some reason.
      ) Outside you want to head due east towards the main road, and then north-
        east towards a big billboard sign. There are 3 VIPER raiders behind the
        sign, probably with grenade launchers, take them out. You can see the 
        small blue gas station just northeast. Head there to EL DORADO GAS AND
      ) This small gas station doesn't old much, some minor loot and inside a
        [STAR BOTTLE CAP] near the register.
      ) Looking to the west-northwest you can see a huge dustbowl of flatland. 
        Head into the EL DORADO DRY LAKE.
      ) ANT CITY BABY! This huge expanse is the home of a bunch of FIRE ANTS of
        various sizes. They spawn a lot, they spawn fast. This is a snipers dream
        ants are slow, view is long, killing is easy. If you want even more fun
        get a group of ants chasing you and chuck some [DYNAMITE] into them and
        watch the flames fly.
      ) There isn't really any loot about except for some harvestable plants. Head
        back east to the main road then follow it north. Just past EL DORADO DRY
        LAKE the road turns northwest, right into an overpass. Here is the 188
      65. 188 TRADING POST.
      ) AH! Our next victi... I mean companion! The 188 TRADING POST is a nice 
        little location, it has various merchants of all types, that sell weapons,
        mods, food, ammunition, repairs, and more. A great place to visit often.
      ) There is a [STAR BOTTLE CAP] on the bar where SAMUEL is at. 
      ) Here we will pick up your next companion, VERONICA SANTANGELO, a unarmed
        combat expert. She hits fast, she hits hard, and that's only with the 
        women! Chat up VERONICA, she has lots of info, background, opinions, and
        will join up with you. Always give her the best unarmed weapon, best armor
        since she will be up close and personal, and you'll love what she can do.
      ) Fast travel to SEARCHLIGHT EAST GOLD MINE, and head east down into GECKO
        territory. Clear out anything close, then continue east-southeast (do not
        head left towards the buildings, but instead right down the slope). You
        will find a small shack against the left rock face, SMITH MESA PROSPECTOR
      ) This small campsite doesn't hold much except a [STAR BOTTLE CAP] on a
        cinderblock near the radio. 
      ) Continue east towards the water and lots of red enemy arrows on your radar
        thanks to ED-E. You will be entering LAKELURK territory, so with your 2
        companions hunt them all down. Keep going over to the beach houses of
      ) Who would want to rent vacation homes in the middle of LAKELURKS? You! 
        because they give great experience and aren't too hard to kill. Wipe out
        any LAKELURK in the area. 
      ) Two of the beachhouses can be entered, a [STAR BOTTLE CAP] in each house.
      ) Head into the water heading east (the water is fresh and clear), and you
        will hit the other shore into a small lagoon. I suggest landing on the
        right part of the beach, there are LAKELURKS on the left. Clear them all
        out and loot the dufflebags and body in the small cave behind them.
        You should level up soon to 18. Raise ENERGY WEAPONS to 39 and pick the
        ACTION BOY perk.
      ) Fast travel back to SMITH MESA PROSPECTOR CAMP and head north up on the
        bluff into the small building village of COTTONWOOD OVERLOOK
      ) Nothing here but an abandoned village, you cannot enter any houses. 
      ) Fast travel to SEARCHLIGHT EAST GOLD MINE and head northeast straight up
        that big mountain cliff ahead. At the top you will find a little shack, 
        the SNIPER'S NEST.
      69. SNIPER'S NEST
      ) This great spot overlooks the LEGION camp below. Probably where BOONE was
        able to spot his captured slave wife and put her out of her misery. A
        [STAR BOTTLE CAP] sits on the bench, and a [LOCKPICK:100] very hard gun
        case lies nearby. We cannot unlock it yet, but it holds the unique
        [GOBI CAMPAIGN SCOUT RIFLE] which we will get later.
      ) Fast travel to RANGER STATION ECHO and head east down the hill. This small
        flatland has some wandering LEGION soldiers and FIRE GECKOS. Head east-
        northeast and just over the cliff face you'll find another small shack,
      ) While the SNIPERS NEST overlooks the LEGION camp, the CLIFFSIDE PROSPECTOR
        CAMP overlooks a FIRE GECKO plain. Just search the camp for a [STAR BOTTLE
      ) Fast travel back to RANGER STATION ECHO and now head down and north 
        hugging the left hillside. A small mining cart will be ahead, the bottom
        area of the LUCKY JIM MINE.
      71. LUCKY JIM MINE
      ) The LUCKY JIM MINE is actually 2 locations, the blocked up mine down the
        bottom of the cliff, and the Mine Shack up on the top. If you discover
        the location and are down below, a simple fast travel right back will drop
        you up by the shack.
      ) A hollowed-out rock is on the southwest side of the shack, and inside the
        shack is a [LYING CONGRESSIONAL STYLE] is on a shelf
      NOTE: Seems like a lot of shacks in this game. Makes you miss the huge
            explorable areas of Fallout 3.. Fallout 3 huge building, Fallout 
            New Vegas.. shack.
      ) Fast travel to GIBSON SCRAP YARD and head due east, you might start to
        encounter CAZADORS (ugly fast flying bugs) of various sizes. Continue east
        towards the windmills and find SOUTHERN NEVADA WIND FARM.
      ) Yep, another shack. Enter it to look at [DEANS ELECTRONICS] and [STAR
        BOTTLE CAP] on the tables. 
      ) Fast travel to EL DORODO GAS AND SERVICE and head east. When you get to
        the large hill ahead keep to the right side and you'll find maybe more
        CAZADORS, and the CAZADOR NEST.
      73. CAZADOR NEST. 
      ) Sometimes CAZADORS are about, sometimes not. The Nest holds some basic
        loot items. Climb the big hill here and on top is a campsite with minor
        items, and behind some rocks by the tree are some ammo containers.
      ) Continue heading east, you'll start to the the Dam to the northeast, oh
        that's gonna be fun later. Going east you'll drop down off the cliffside
      ) Not much here, some basic loot in the tent. The ruined house nearby has
        a underground cellar door on the east side. Downstairs is a hidden NCR
        base with some minor loot.
        NOTE: Keep any eye out from now on for NCR VETERAN RANGERS, they have some
            good loot/armor/weapons and are great for sneak-assassinations. 
      ) From the base head southeast past the ruined cars, there is a very steep
        cliffside leading down to the water, but if you hug the cliff walls you
        can descend without taking damage. (or you can use the jump/save method).
        At the bottom swim head across the water east, towards a sorta of big rock
      ) Across the water are some LAKELURKS guarding a couple explosive crates and
        3 LAKELURK egg clutches. Kill and gather everything. 
      ) Fast travel to EL DORADO DRY LAKES and head west across the plain, you 
        can see directly west up the hills a powerstation. That is your goal, the
        EL DORADO SUBSTATION. Just get the SUBSTATION on your map, there isn't
        anything to do here yet. One of the NCR trooper guards may run up to you
        and tell you to keep away.
      ) Keep heading south from the SUBSTATION and you will find a very small cave
        on the right. (just past a empty hollowed-out rock with a red heart). This
        is the BLACK ROCK CAVE.
      75. BLACK ROCK CAVE.
      ) A group of NIGHTKIN make this cave their home, including a NIGHTKIN MASTER
        who usually has a heavy weapon. Enter the cave and take out the Mutants.
      ) A body of a dead prospector is in the very back, who has the unique 
        weapon PALADIN TOASTER.
      ) Fast travel back to 188 TRADING POST, and head northeast towards that hill
        in the distance. Swing around the hill and on the other side you'll see
        a ranger comm tower. Go there to find RANGER STATION ALPHA.
      ) A few RANGERS and COMM people about, minor loot in the tents. Head to the
        east-southeast and you can look down upon a small campground area by the
        water. If you have a good sniping weapon you might be able to start
        shooting the LAKELURKS down there.
      ) When ready head east-southeast down to the water, to the BOULDER BEACH
      ) A half dozen or so LAKELURKS guard the water piers of this campground, so
        take them out first. There is a hollowed-out rock closer to the water-side
        down by the road at the north side (Rock has white writing on it "The sun
        is killing me"). 
      ) Fast travel back to 188 TRADING POST and head out north. Follow the road
        up the hill to the northeast and just over the hill is the MOUNTAIN 
      ) This campground is in multiple areas, the rest of the campground is at
        a lower elevation, with a few tables and items. At the top area there is
        a [STAR BOTTLE CAP] on a picnic table, and a few temp skill books lie 
      ) Head west-southwest, and cross the train tracks. On the other side is a
        small deserted shack, which interesting enough, is called DESERTED SHACK.
      ) Yes, another shack. And yes, nothing at this one either. 
      ) Fast travel to 188 TRADING POST then head east down the road, quickly 
        coming to BOULDER CITY.
      80. BOULDER CITY
      ) Not much is left of this city except for a few buildings. Follow the road
        to the right (you'll see a train car on the left). Ahead is a marble
        memorial guarded by PRIVATE KOWALSKI. Talk to him for some basic info,
        then take out a pistol and shoot the memorial. KOWALSKI gets mad but you
        can calm him down with a [SPEECH:30] check. DO NOT DO THIS AGAIN, he will
        automatically attack the 2nd time. 
      ) Enter the nearby BIG HORN SALOON and a [STAR BOTTLE CAP] sits on the first
        table on the left. Chat with IKE for information, you can steal from the
        storage room in back, plus steal the 3 [NUKA-COLA QUARTZ] and other stuff
        behind the bar if you want.
      ) Exit and search the small town for loot. There is stuff scattered all
        about, in the train station, at the train car, at the refinery, around
        the back of the RUINS. 
      ) Find LT. MONROE at the entrance to the BOULDER CITY RUINS. Talk with him
        to get some info, and ask to help broker a peace with the GREAT KHANS that
        are holding the hostages.
      ) Enter the BOULDER CITY RUINS, search about the ruined buildings for some
        misc loot (grenades, ammo, weapons, stims, etc). Head to the southwest
        building and enter the GREAT KHAN HIDEOUT where you will be confronted by
        JESSUP. Talk to him first and get some info about BENNY and the PLATINUM
        CHIP. You'll finish the [THEY WENT THAT-A-WAY] quest and start the [RING-
        A-DING-DING!] quest. Convince JESSUP to release the hostages [SPEECH:45].
        He will give you an [ENGRAVED CIGARETTE LIGHTER] and lots of exp.
      ) Exit the ruins after getting any loot you want, and talk again to LT. 
        MONROE to finish the [BOULDER CITY SHOWDOWN] quest and more exp. MONROE
        then tells you that he has orders to kill the KHANS anyway, pick the first
        option twice to convince him to morally disobey the orders. 
        You should level up to 19 near this point, raise UNARMED to 53. 
      ) Fast travel back to 188 TRADING POST, rest up and head out to the north-
        west down the road. Look on your map we are heading northwest to the 
        REPCONN HEADQUARTERS building. We are going to be facing robots so bring
        along your [PALADIN TOASTER] and plasma grenades/mines if needed. A
        science skill book would be nice also.
      ) You will bypass some abandoned buildings, and behind them is the 
        REPCONN HEADQUARTERS building.
      ) Outside of the building friendly MAINTENANCE BOTS roam the site. Go ahead
        and destroy them for some extra experience. 
      ) The Headquarters itself is a 3 story building filled with robots of 
        various types, including SENTRY BOTS. Your companions and yourself are at
        a high enough level now, they mean nothing. We have a few goals here..
        1) Loot the building 
        2) Destroy all robots for maximum experience
        3) Find the unique energy weapon
        4) Find the Brotherhood scouts we are suppose to meet here.
        NOTE: There are hidden SENTRY BOTS hidden in the walls to attack intruders
            when the alarm sounds, so we want to make sure that the alarm sounds
            on each floor, bringing them in. Do NOT pick up any security cards, ID
            cards, or printout security cards. If a robot asks you to leave, 
            ignore it. On the 3rd floor when the robot asks you for the password,
            even though you know it (Ice cream) ignore it. More to kill.
      ) First floor, [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE], [NUKA-COLA VICTORY and QUARTZ] and
        [STAR BOTTLE CAP] in the gift shop. [STAR BOTTLE CAP] on security desk. 
        [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU] and unique Plasma Rifle [Q-35 MATTER MODULATOR] 
        behind a [LOCKPICK:100]/[SCIENCE:100] locked door, you will reach that by
        going behind through the upper floors.
        NOTE: The safe in the Gift shop is actually 2 safes overlapping, open one
            then move your cursor around until you can access the 2nd one. 
      ) Second floor, [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU] on a desk, [STAR BOTTLE CAP] on a 
        desk in a room with 4 desks and keycard.
      ) Third floor. [STAR BOTTLE CAP] in the northeast room, and another in the
        room with a half-circle desk on the floor. 2 dead BROTHERHOOD scouts are
        here also, with the info to continue ED-E's quest. You can take their
        [POWER ARMOR] and give it to your hireling VERNOICA. (since you cannot use
        it yet). 
      ) Exit the building and if you have a [DEATHCLAW] egg bring it with you on
        your next leg of the trip.
      ) Fast travel to YANGTZE MEMORIAL and head east towards the road. You will
        see a red train car, and a bridge. Head under the bridge to search the
        body of a BRIGHT follower. Continue northeast down the road until you hit
      82. SLOAN
      ) This small mining camp sits at the borderland of the northern NEW VEGAS
        area. Head to the tents on the left. There is a tame MOLERAT SNUFFLES who
        is wandering about hurt. Talk to it and pass a [MEDICINE:30] check to heal
        its leg.
      ) Just outside the tents sits a bad generator. Pass a [REPAIR:35] check to
        fix it correctly.
      ) Enter the tents and loot what you need. The first worker barracks has a
      ) Enter the MESS HALL, and there is a [STAR BOTTLE CAP] on a table. Talk to
        JAS WILKINS the cook, and after getting some info she will ask you to get
        her a [DEATHCLAW EGG] to teach you her WASTELAND OMELET RECIPE. You might
        already have one at this point, if not, you can come back later.
      ) Talk to CHOMPS LEWIS who is standing up on the road. Get rewarded for 
        telling him about helping SNUFFLES and fixing the generator. Talk about
        the DEATHCLAWS and offer to help kill them. You'll be on the [CLAWS OUT]
      ) Head southeast across the road and up the hill into some rocky pathways.
        You might encounter a BARK SCORPION or 2. Still heading southeast you will
        run into a huge fenced-in bunker area filled with BARK SCORPIONS. This is
        the HIDDEN VALLEY.
      ) 4 large bunkers make up the HIDDEN VALLEY, home of a BROTHERHOOD of STEEL
        Chapter. 3 of the bunkers have a locked door at the bottom along with 
        some minor loot. The south bunker has GRENADE BOUQUETS handing from the
        ceiling on the steps, you can disarm and take them.
      ) The fourth bunker is the bunker of the BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL. Head inside
        and down, and at the bottom entrance door VERONICA will open it for you.
        PALADIN RAMOS will be waiting to greet you. Chat with him a bit.
      ) Head through the other door into level 1. The levels are actually 2 levels
        together, a "upper" and "lower" level, divided by a catwalk. Simply go
        up or down the stairs to reach the levels. Search the area completely, you
        will find some guard barracks that have footlockers where you can steal
        many laser pistols and energy cells. A [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU] is in a 
        white bin in SCHULER'S OFFICE.
      ) Find KNIGHT TORRES in the armory. Talking to her twice will reveal that
        a [LASER PISTOL] is missing. You can actually get into the armory and 
        loot the items inside. Check the "lower" door it might be open. Also you
        can simply wait and TORRES often walks out leaving the door open. Drag
        all the items behind a crate and steal them safely.
      ) Talk to the BROTHERHOOD Paladin that sits at the desk in the shooting
        range, he will tell you that INITIATE STANTON signed out the pistol last.
      ) Find INITIATE STANTON, confront him with his signout log, and he will tell
        you that he left the pistol in SCORPION GULCH.
      ) Head down to level 2, where there is much more to do. Head to the right 
        (west) and find ELDER MCNAMARA. He will ask you to perform some tasks for
        him, the first is [STILL IN THE DARK] finding 3 groups of BROTHERHOOD
        troops that are missing.
      ) Head through the other door in MCNAMARA'S room to find HEAD PALADIN HARDIN
        who you can chat with to learn he wants to overthrow MCNAMARA. You can 
        steal [T-45D POWER ARMOR and HELMET] in his room, there is a [SUPERSLEDGE]
        on his mantle and maybe some other loot. 
      ) Heading back into Level 2, you will pass through the database access 
        room with SCRIBE IBSEN. You can help fix a computer virus with him, either
        with a [SCIENCE:70] check or manually find the virus. If you manually 
        look for it, once he says "it has jumped" to start the search, save your
        game, then reload to find which it is at. Afterwards you can access the
        data base for some basic info on overthrown past Elders.
      ) Talk to PALADIN RAMOS again on the first floor who will unlock more info
        in the data terminals for you. Go back and research again, searching for
        info on [THE CHAINS THAT BIND].
      ) Continue east and at the intersection take a left into the maintenance
        room. LORENZO is here, talk with him and he will take ED-E for research
        and upgrading. We will pick ED-E up again later.
      ) Exit the bunker complex and head southeast, running into SCORPION GULCH.
      ) Like the name says lots of SCORPIONS about, except by now you can kill
        GIANT RADSCORPIONS with ease. Head into the center of the gulch and you
        will find the [LOST LASER PISTOL] on a rock. A dead body is close also. 
      ) Continue west through the pass, and up on the right side is a grave you
        can loot.
      ) Fast travel to PRIMM, and wait 2 days. You'll get a message that ED-E is
        finished and is in the MOJAVE EXPRESS building. Enter and re-hire ED-E.
        He is now upgraded with increased armor (+20).
      ) Around this time I leveled up to 20. Pick GRIM REAPERS SPIRIT and raise
        SNEAK to 43.
      ) Now that we are armored and strong, lets do some more exploring. Fast 
        travel to COTTONWOOD OVERLOOK and head north into COTTONWOOD COVE.
      ) AH! The lair of the enemy. Well, not actually the enemy yet, but soon. The
        COVE is a small LEGION outpost led by AURELIUS OF PHOENIX. As you head 
        north into the COVE, you'll drop down past COTTONWOOD SHACK (nothing in it
        so go past). 
      ) Head towards the water and down the pier, and you can pick [LOCKPICK:50]
        the lock on the MESS HALL door to get exp. Nothing inside though. Head
        back down the pier towards the 2 outhouse buildings. In the ladies rest-
        room is a [STAR BOTTLE CAP].
      ) Head towards the main building and a LEGION explorer will approach and
        challenge you. Pass an easy [SPEECH:30] check to convince him your a
        passing merchant. 
      ) Near the front tents is DECANUS SEVERUS. Talk with him for a bit, and you
        can then teach him how to make [POWDER CHARGES] based on your schematic.
        You can also [EXPLOSIVES:50] tell him how to disarm NCR mines.
      ) Talk to the CANYON RUNNER near the slave pen for info, but do not buy the
        slaves from him at this time. 
      ) Head into the COTTONWOOD COVE HQ building to find loot, and a [LEGION RAID
        PLAN] in a file cabinet.
      ) Head outside upstairs into the office of AURELIUS OF PHOENIX. You can 
        steal a [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN] off a nightstand, and steal [LEGION PATROL
        NOTES], [RECOMPENSE OF THE FALLEN] a unique unarmed weapon, and a temp 
        skill book from his desk. Talking to AURELIUS for info, you can turn in
        NCR dog tags, but better to pass a [SPEECH:35] check to turn them in for
      ) Head back to DECANUS and turn in any NCR dog tags. I think turning in 3
        for a [FRAG GRENADE] is the best deal. 
      ) Fast travel to REPCONN HEADQUARTERS and head northeast over the train 
        tracks, and you'll come upon a small train yard, the FOLLOWERS OUTPOST.
      ) This small tower has a few FOLLOWERS in it, but you cannot interact with
        them, and there isn't really any loot here. There is a hollowed-out rock
        at the base of the stairs.
      ) Head north from the outpost and there should be a heard of BIGHORNERS
        about the area. Kill them for food and experience. 
      ) Head back to the FOLLOWERS OUTPOST and go east. You'll see a large complex
        on the left, and a small lake ahead. Head to the lake, LAKE LAS VEGAS.
      87. LAKE LAS VEGAS.
      ) A tiny lake. Nothing really here, so keep going past it north, towards the
        big CAMP GOLF.
      88. CAMP GOLF.
      ) Yep. A base stationed on a old Golf course. Head up the road, passing some
        guard towers, and you will see a large building on the left side, and
        a row of about 10 tents on the right. Head towards the tents and inside
        the COMMAND TENT you can find a couple temp skill magazines.
      ) Search the row of tents, if you need the soldiers out to search easier
        just "wait" and they will perform their duties outside at certain times of
        the day. The tents hold a good amount of loot (footlockers/dufflebags)
        that you can steal, including many [POWER FISTS].
      ) Find SGT. MCCREDIE, usually in the command tent. Talk with him to chat 
        about the MISFITS and get the [FLAGS OF our FOUL-UPS] quest to train the 
      ) Enter the MISFIT tent. Talk to MAGS and get info, let her know you are 
        suppose to train the MISFITS. Do not take the troops out to the firing
        range yet. Tell her you want to talk to the others. Talk to O'HANRAHAN and
        again talk about training. Accept and then you want to talk to MAGS, RAZZ,
        and POINDEXTER normal talking, not about training, you will get one
        [SPEECH:40] check for each one. 
      ) Do not report back to O'HANRAHAN. Now talk to MAGS and take the troops 
        out to the firing range. Talk to her again to pass [GUNS:25/35/45] checks.
        Talk to her again to line them up for grenade training. pass [EXPLOSIVES:
        25/35/45], and finally talk to her one last time to complete training.
      ) Now head up to the main building. There are many items about so go steal
        what you need. About 10 temp skill magazines are spread out through the
        rooms, good gear in the Ranger barracks, 3 [STAR BOTTLE CAPS] upstairs on
        tables, and a [LUCKY 38 VIP KEYCARD] in one of the rooms.
      ) You can find CHIEF HANLON upstairs. When he is outside on the second floor
        balcony you can chat with him [SPEECH:50] he will chat about Rangers. 
        CHIEF HANLON has a TON of good info on things, enjoy the stories and talk
        about everything.
      ) Fast travel to FOLLOWER'S OUTPOST and head northwest to a little, yea I
        said it, shack. The GRUB N' GULP REST STOP.
      ) There are a couple food and drink merchants here, FITZ and LUPE, but other
        than that, just a [STAR BOTTLE CAP] on a plate on a picnic table. 
      ) Continue north up the road, we are heading into "civilized" territory now
        with actual buildings and everything. Heading up the road you can see the
        huge NEW VEGAS city area on the left. At the first major road left head
        west, and the first entrance gate on the left side is to the AEROTECH
        OFFICE PARK area.
      ) This small complex consists of a command tent just inside on the right,
        and SUITE 200 and SUITE 300. Enter the TENT. Inside is the Doctor Ghoul
        BERT GUNNARSSON (who will heal you for free).
      ) Talk to FRANK WEATHERS to start his [LEFT MY HEART QUEST] and get all the
        info out of him.
      ) Fast travel to COTTONWOOD COVE and talk to CANYON RUNNER at the slave
        pens and inquire about the slaves. Talk to MRS WEATHERS in at the cage,
        then RUNNER again to buy the slaves. Pass a [SPEECH:50] check to pay 150
        caps. (You can try to pick the cage/collars for exp, but i wasn't able to
        hide/stealth at all here, so just pay the 150 caps).
      ) Enter the cage and set the prisoners free. Fast travel back to AEROTECH
        OFFICE PARK and enter the tent, talk to FRANK WEATHERS AGAIN to tell him
        his family is free and [SPEECH: 35] convince him to stop being an abusive
      ) Talk to CAPTAIN PARKER. You can get 2 quests from him, [THE COYOTES] to
        search for missing refuges (will do that later) and he wants to uncover
        KEITHS criminal activies [KEITHS CARAVAN CHARADE]. 
      ) Head into the AEROTECH SUITE 200 building. Lots of junk loot about, and
        talk to KEITH. Pass a [BARTER:45] check to trick him into talking about
        his drug dealing, and a [SPEECH:60] check to find out he cheats at cards.
      ) Return to CAPTAIN PARKER and turn KEITH in, PARKER will ask if you want to
        come along to enforce the law, so go ahead. Go back to SUITE 200 (If
        PARKER gets stuck getting there, just "wait" a hour or 2). PARKER comes in
        and after an argument kills KEITH, finishing the quest.
      ) Enter the SUITE 300 building, some minor loot about including a couple
        temp skill books and [STAR BOTTLE CAP] on the kitchen counter.
      ) You should level up sometime near this point. Raise LOCKPICK to 80 and 
        SCIENCE to 80. Now we can open any lock or hack any terminal using a temp
        skill book, so make sure to buy plenty if you find any merchants selling.
      ) Exit the AEROTECH complex and head to the northwest, you will come to a'
        huge fenced in crop field area, NCR SHARECROPPER FIELDS.
      ) This huge growing area is fenced in, a gate on the east side has PRIVATE
        ORTEGA guarding the gate. You can chat with her and pass [SPEECH:25] and
        also get a map market location. 
      ) Talk to MORGAN BLAKE to start the [HARD LUCK BLUES] quest. 
      ) Inside the BARRACK building are a [CHINESE ARMY TRAINING MANUAL] and a 
        [STAR BOTTLE CAP] on a desk. 
      ) Head east back out the gate, continuing until you reach a medium size
        building near the overpass's, the EAST PUMP STATION. 
      ) You probably have to get real close to this building to have it register
        on your [PIPBOY]. 
      ) The side CISTERN building has minor loot, and the main building you can
        find a terminal to fix [SCIENCE:50] the network connection to continue 
        with the [HARD LUCK BLUES] quest.
      ) Head due east into the small hills past the pipeline. Stay a little south
        and you'll register CANNIBAL JOHNSON'S CAVE, but don't go there yet we 
        just want to get it on the map.
      ) Just north of JOHNSON'S CAVE, guarded by a bunch of GOLDEN GECKOS is the
        entrance to VAULT 34. Make sure you prep ahead of time for this highly
        radioactive and long Vault. Plenty of [RAD-X], [RAD-AWAY], Stims, etc. 
        Also you want to bring a Lockpick and Science temporary skill book, there
        is a [SCIENCE:100] terminal and [LOCKPICK:100] chest we want. At this time
        I had 1 lockpick book and 11 Science books. If you don't have them you 
        can come back for the chest at a later quest. 
      93. VAULT 34
      ) This Vault, like many you come across is complex, dark, and will take a
        while to go through, plus the fact its highly radioactive so you'll want
        a constant barrier of [RAD-X] up. Ghouls inhabit the Vault, so you might
        want to keep on your armor, not your radiation suit.
      ) The first level is the main hub of the Vault. Many rooms, and many GHOULS.
        Unlike some areas, GHOULS will spawn at certain times while you move 
        through the vault, so clearing an area doesn't mean it will stay clear.
      ) Thoroughly search the first level. There are 2 flooded passages, each has
        a dead GHOUL that contains a [VAULT 34 SECURITY PASSWORD] so you can
        continue through the Vault. You will find a terminal through the Clinic
        that can drain one of the flooded tunnels [SCIENCE:100]. Use it if you can
        for the extra experience. A couple [OVERSEER'S JOURNAL FRAGMENTS] might
        be found laying about.
      ) Getting the passwords allows you to drain the water and access the
        SECURITY STATION A area. Inside is a terminal that will unlock the 
        OVERSEER QUARTERS, the next area we need to enter. 
      ) In the OVERSEER QUARTERS area you will find more GHOULS, and eventually
        at the end the GHOUL OVERSEER himself, backed up by GUN TURRETS and GHOUL
        Vault Dwellers. The OVERSEER has a passcode that you can use on his
        terminal to unlock the ARMORY.
      ) Head down the passage under the OVERSEER QUARTERS stairs and you will 
        wind up at the REACTOR room. A terminal will open the main doors, and then
        go inside to access the main Reactor terminal. 
      ) You now have 2 choices based on the terminal notes. Either choice is fine,
        I just choose to free the inhabitants (humans over food I say!!!)
        1. Close the reactor vents sealing the reactor, but dooming the trapped
           Vault inhabitants (100xp and NCR fame)
        2. Reroute power to the other terminal so the trapped Vault inhabitants
           can escape. (150xp and can meet up with them in SUITE 300 AEROTECH.)
      ) Finally make your way to your prize, the ARMORY area. One direction leads
        to a small room with a reloading bench and [GUNS AND BULLETS], while the
        other goes to the main ARMORY. There is a ton of great loot here, so stock
        up. The unique [ALL-AMERICAN] Carbine is just the starts, there is a 
        [LOCKPICK:100] footlocker that holds a [PULSE GUN]. If you have no way of
         getting this yet, a later quest will bring us back. [MISSILE LAUNCHERS],
        [MINI-GUNS], [C4], [RIOT SHOTGUN] is just the start of the items in the
      ) When you are finished rest up, get your radiation cured, drop off your 
        stock in your hotel room, etc. You can head back and chat with the NCR
        SHARECROPPERS if you want, I don't think its necessary. 
        You should level up to 22 at this point. Raise SPEECH to 70, REPAIR to 70, 
        MEDICINE to 64, and pick the TAG perk, raising GUNS to 76. 
      ) On your [PIPBOY] map you now have marked just northeast of the NCR
        SHARECROPPER and northwest of EAST PUMP STATION your next goal, heading
        up to the NEW VEGAS MEDICAL CLINIC.
      ) AH! You'll like this place. Implants baby, and not the girlie kind. There
        are 3 temp skill books on the reception room tables, simply drag them in
        the back to steal them unviewed if you want.
      ) Talk to DOCTOR USANAGI, and she will let you know you can purchase medical
        implants to boost your character. You should have enough caps to get 3
        of the implants at first (if you want to buy more, feel free).
        Buy the ENDURANCE, STRENGTH, and LUCK implants for 4000 caps each (12,000
        Other implants you can buy now or later, 
        PERCEPTION and AGILITY and CHARISMA 4000 caps each
        DAMAGE THRESHOLD +4                 8000 caps
        HEALTH REGENERATION               12,000 caps
      ) Head out of the clinic and go a short distance northeast to the MOLERAT 
      ) A rabid BRAHMIN has invaded this little MOLERAT farm, usually killing them
        before you arrive. Go ahead and kill it, put it out of its misery.
      ) If you go due north from the ranch you will find the source of the rabid
        BRAHMIN, a small farm with more rabid BRAHMIN to take out. A small house
        nearby has minor loot.
      ) Heading east from the MOLERAT RANCH (southeast from the farm) in some
        ruined buildings, a Sniper next building has been set up, its the small
        building at the very northeast corner of the street. Careful, the house is
        boobytrapped. Enter it from the north door (south door is not good), 
        disarm the tripwire, take the hanging [GRENADE BOUQUET], and disarm the 2
        [FRAG MINES] at the south door. Behind the [LOCKPICK:75] locked door is
        some good loot.. [SNIPER RIFLE], and a few temp skill books about.
      ) Now head back to the NEW VEGAS MEDICAL CLINIC and go west to the large
        metal doors letting you into the CRIMSON CARAVAN COMPANY compound.
      ) This compound houses the CRIMSON CARAVAN business of New Vegas. There is
        a small supply shack in the open with various crates/kits you can lockpick
        and take. 
      ) Find RINGO, who you saved in GOODSPRINGS, who will reward you with 150
      ) BLAKE has a good stock of weapons and armor, and other wandering merchants
        might appear near the campfire area. 
      ) Enter the MAIN OFFICE. There is a [STAR BOTTLE CAP] on a Ham Radio, and 
        you can talk to ALICE MCLAFFERTY to start working for the CRIMSON CARAVANS
        with the [YOU CAN DEPEND ON ME] quests. 
      ) Fast travel to the MOLERAT RANCH and head out the road to the east. A 
        little northeast a small shack sits just north of the road at an under-
        pass. FIELD'S SHACK.
      97. FIELD'S SHACK
      ) A few ammo crates inside, along with a [STAR BOTTLE CAP] in a broken
        refrigerator, and a unique BB gun [ABILENE KID LE BB GUN].
      ) Exit the shack, and have both of your companions wait there. They might
        get killed ahead, you'll come back for them.
      ) Continue east and head up the hill left when the road starts to turn. 
        Standing on the road is GEORGE who will tell you about the BOOMERS ahead.
        You can pass [SPEECH:30] check then a [BARTER:40] check to pay 200 caps
        for info to pass the artillery instead of 300 caps. 
      ) Save your game. You are going to rush the BOOMER base, hopefully the
        artillery won't kill you. Run up the hill and just past the ruined car, 
        head to the rock wall on your left. Run straight along the rock wall 
        towards the base. Once you crest the last ridge the artillery stops, and
        you can heal up.
      ) Save again. We have to run due south back into the artillery, into the
        ruined town. There are 2 dead BROTHERHOOD soldiers in a small crater. Run
        in, search them, and run back north towards the fence and safety. Now 
        head east towards the front gate of NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE.
      ) As you approach the front gates, a guard will stop you. A superior is 
        called. Agree to enter and you will be escorted to MOTHER PEARL. 
      ) Chat with PEARL, passing a [SPEECH:20] check to have no secrets. She will
        ask you to perform some tasks for the BOOMERS to be accepted. Search her
        office, a [DUCK AND COVER] is disguised on a bookshelf. In a locked 
        cabinet you can find [INVENTORY TRANSFER ORDER] and [COL. BLACKWELLS KEY].
        NOTE: These items are for VAULT 34 with the [PULSE GUN] in the ARMORY area
              if you did not get it before. Remember the [LOCKPICK:100] chest?
      ) Head outside, fast travel to FIELD'S SHACK and get your companions and
        fast travel back. There are 3 main areas to the airfield to search, there
        is nothing really on the east side. On the west side, you have the main
        2 airplane hangars, the southwest barracks, and the west metal sheds. 
        Start searching the southwest buildings, then swing up and search the west
        metal sheds, then finally will do the 2 main airplane hangars.
      ) Starting with the southwest buildings. In the KIDS BARRACKS you can get
        a few lunchboxes which are great for making [BOTTLECAP] mines. 
      ) In the CLINIC you'll find Argyll, pass a [MEDICINE:40] check to convince
        him your knowledgeable to help his patients. Talk and heal the 3 injured
        BOOMERS on the cots. Pass [MEDICINE:40/50/60] checks then speak to ARGYLL
        again to finish.
      ) In the NELLIS WORKSHOP a [HOWITZER FIRING MECHANISM] is inside a cabinet.
      ) In the BOOMER MUSEUM make sure to have your companion VERONICA present and
        talk to PETE. Listen to PETE talk about the history of the BOOMERS, and
        when finished talk to VERONICA to open up some more dialog choices with
        her. Talk to PETE again, and pass [EXPLOSIVE:40], [SURVIVAL:40], [SPEECH:
        40], [SPEECH:55], [REPAIR:40], and [SCIENCE:35] checks for experience.
        The [NELLIS AFB SNOWGLOBE] sits on a table, plus 3 temp skill books.
      ) Find RAQUEL near the base entrance to start the [ANT MISBEHAVIN] quest.
        She will tell you to go find LOYAL at the NELLIS HANGARS. Head to the 2
        big hangar buildings.
      ) Find LOYAL, usually in the hangars, and chat with him and mention the
        HELIOS ONE array panels you have and get the [SUNSHINE BOOGIE] quest. 
        [SPEECH:50] check to get the VR Codes. RAQUEL also said LOYAL had some-
        thing for the ants, he gives you a [SONIC EMITTER]. Pass a [SCIENCE:50]
        check to understand how it works.
      ) Talk to JACK, who is usually in the hangar with LOYAL who needs scrap 
        metal [SPEECH:35]. Do not give him any you don't need to your BOOMER
        reputation will be maxed soon anyway don't waste your scrap metal.
      ) If you find your Karma/general reputation turning evil due to stealing, 
        take a break and go kill GHOULS, FIENDS, POWDER GANGERS to get it back up.
      ) Enter the main hangar building MESS HALL AND MUNITIONS STORAGE HANGAR.
        2 [STAR BOTTLE CAPS] can be found in a cap pile, and there is a great
        number of weapons and ammo you can steal from the building including a
        [MINI-NUKE] hidden in a wood box on a shelf. After this point i had 
        enough caps (12,000+) to go to the NEW VEGAS MEDICAL CLINIC and get 3 
        more implants (Perception, Agility, Charisma).
      ) When finished head to the northeast part of the base to the NELLIS ARRAY.
      100. NELLIS ARRAY
      ) Before heading inside, climb the stairs to the top of the building where
        the Array panels are. There are 5 damaged panels, each of which you can 
        fix with 1 HELIOS savaged panel [REPAIR:20].
      ) Now head inside the ARRAY building. Talk to your companions to use melee
        attacks only, any energy or explosive weapon.. not a good thing, the ants
        explode in a small nuclear blast. Cover the lower and upper floors and 
        kill any ant you see. They respawn for a while. Once you get the message
        that they are all dead, place the [SONIC EMITTER] on the large ant hole 
        and turn it on. 
      ) Finally turn the switched on the 2 large generators, and then go halfway
        up the metal stairwell and turn on the final electrical switch. Loot the
        area, finding 2 [MINI-NUKES] and a unique grenade rifle [THUMP-THUMP] 
        between 2 generators. 
      ) Return to RAQUEL at her post and complete her [ANT MISBEHAVIN'] quest, and
        she will now accept [MISSILES] to boost your BOOMER reputation, but your
        reputation is at max, so don't waste missiles on her.
        You should level up to 23 soon, Raise SURVIVAL to 69.
      ) Return to LOYAL to make sure his quests are finished also. Head in and
        talk to MOTHER PEARL to satisfy her trust in you, and she will send you 
        on another quest back to LOYAL. Before we do this, we will complete the
        [YOUNG HEARTS] quest, which requires a bit of fast traveling.
        1) Fast travel to CRIMSON CARAVAN COMPANY and inside talk to JANET. Do not
           lie, instead travel back NELLIS and talk to PEARL, pass [SPEECH:50].
        2) Go talk to JACK to get a [BOOMER OUTFIT]
        3) Go talk to JANET again. Again, do not lie
        4) Get a SPEECH or BARTER temp skill book, you will need it. Talk to ALICE
           MCLAFFERTY and convince her to let JANET go. [BARTER:65] or [SPEECH:75]
           will do it.
        5) Fast travel back to the NELLIS HANGAR and talk to JACK again. "Wait"
           a few hours and JANET will appear. After JACK and JANET talk, talk to
           JACK to finish the quest.
      ) Talk to LOYAL about the airplane. He will tell you where it is, and he
        will tell you to get a [REBREATHER] from JACK. Talk to JACK, pass a
        [SCIENCE:45] check and get the [REBREATHER]. 
      ) OK, back into the wilderness we go. Gonna be hard foes, so get your stuff
        together, Deathclaw prep 101. Fast travel to FIELD'S SHACK and head south
        following the track to the southeast. Keep to the left wall and you will
        see a small shack on the left. Head to RAUL'S SHACK.
      101. RAUL'S SHACK
      ) The shack is currently empty, it belongs to a companion you can get later.
        Inside are some misc loot, and a [GUNS AND BULLETS] in a crate.
      ) Keep heading east hugging the left cliff wall, you will run into a train
        tunnel entrance, with a [LOCKPICK:100] door. This is the back way into
        NELLIS AIRFORCE BASE. Ignore it unless you want the unlocking experience.
        There are usually a few DEATHCLAWS roaming about here also to kill.
      ) Continue east, and you will come to a small shack. Yes, another small
        shack. Again with the shacks. Can't someone actually take the time to
        design something? This is the BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL SAFEHOUSE, but we 
        cannot do anything here except get it on the map.
      ) Still going east and left, the Red Hills will appear, turning up and left
        you will encounter a bunch of FIRE GECKOS, and probably a CAZADOR or 2.
        About halfway up the hills on the left is BLOODBORNE CAVE.
      ) NIGHTSTALKERS can spawn outside the cave, so just keep an eye out. But at
        this point you should be able to handle NIGHTSTALKERS easy. There is a
        hollowed-out rock nearby.
      ) Enter the cave. Head to the right (the left just leads to a ledge) and
        you'll encounter a few roaming NIGHTSTALKERS down the corridor. There is
        a [LOCKPICK:100] gate here, the key is further in the cave. 
      ) In the very back room of the cave system is a half dozen or so of the
        NIGHTSTALKERS, plus a LEGENDARY NIGHTSTALKER. A good place to chuck a 
        [FRAG GRENADE]. Take out the creatures and loot the area. The key to the
        locked cage sits near the campfire. There is a tripwire just inside the
        cage so make sure to disarm. Misc loot awaits. 
      ) When finished exit the cave and head due southwest. You will start to 
        approach a small house and train cars. There are a mess of DEATHCLAWS 
        at the trainyard. Keep far back and try and lure them out one at a time
        and clear out the infested area. I would shoot one from far range so it
        would rush at us. Keeps the fight to only 1 at a time. 
      ) Once you have your foes dead, head into the GYPSUM TRAIN YARD.
      ) Yep this is BLIND DEATHCLAW territory, so be careful entering and exiting
        the building, and fast traveling here. After all nearby foes are dead 
        enter the lone building. 
      ) Inside are 3 GIANT ANTS to kill, and 10 ANT EGG CLUTCHES to loot. In the
        back room on the desk to the left is a [STAR BOTTLE CAP] but it gets
        glitched during the ant fight. The way to "pop" it back up so you can see
        it is to toss a [DYNAMITE] or [GRENADE] into the back room, the explosion
        will fix the glitch. Just make sure none of your companions are too near.
      ) Head away from the Yard southeast, you'll probably encounter some CAZADORS
        on the way to a shack near the water, the CAP COUNTERFEITING SHACK. 
      ) Kill any CAZADORS in the area, then enter and search the small shack.
        There is [TALES OF A JUNKTOWN VENDOR] in the basement area, and 3 [STAR
        BOTTLE CAPS] on the tables. 
      ) Exiting the shack, head due south, to the waterline. There you will find
        a LAKELURK and yes, another shack. A hollowed-out rock is just behind
        the shack. This is the FISHERMAN'S PRIDE SHACK.
      ) Enter and get the [PUGLILISM ILLUSTRATED] on the table and a [STAR BOTTLE
        CAP] on another table. 
      ) Outside the shack look out into the water to the southeast. There is some
        type of structure there. head southeast you can walk out on a raised
        shelf a little bit, and use a sniper rifle/scoped weapon to look out. 
        There is a platform with some LAKELURKS guard it. If you have the weapon
        stealth snipe the LAKELURKS from shore before heading out to the platform.
        You'll find the SCAVENGER PLATFORM in the middle of the lake.
      ) This small floating platform is the home for about 4 LAKELURKS, if you
        didn't take them out from shore you might get hit a little swimming out to
        them. Kill them all then search the platform.
      ) [WASTELAND SURVIVAL GUIDE] in the north hut area, [STAR BOTTLE CAP] on a
        shelf northeast area.
      ) If you equip the [REBREATHER] you can head west under the water to a 
        sunken truck, which contains many [SARSAPARILLA] bottles and 3 [STAR
        BOTTLE CAPS].
      ) When finished look to the northeast, there is some sort of structure 
        across the lake on the shore. Head over there, to CALLVILLE BAY.
      107. CALLVILLE BAY
      ) This boat house area consists of the boat house (has some minor loot) 
        and the store. The store has a couple GIANT RATS to annoy you.
      ) There is a [STAR BOTTLE CAP] near the register, and another on the shelf
        with some bottles. A Grenade of some sort will reveal the 2nd cap, keep
        everyone away when you toss it.
      ) You should level up to 24 near this time. Raise SNEAK to 50, MEDICINE to
        75, REPAIR to 76, and pick SILENT RUNNING perk.
      ) Its time to get that airplane! Head into the water heading southeast and
        down in the depths is the CRASHED B-29!
      108. CRASHED B-29
      ) You have to swim down and attack a floating device to the underside of
        each wing. Having the [REBREATHER] helps a lot. After you do that fast
        travel to CRASHED B-29 (note this will drop you off at CALLVILLE BAY right
        next to the harpoon winch, not at the bomber site)
      ) The [DETONATOR] will start to beep. Equip it and activate it. The airplane
        will rise to the surface where BOOMER salvage teams will start working on
        it. If it doesn't beep move closer to the harpoon winch and docking pier.
      ) While we are here, swim southeast back to the bomber site and just past it
        underwater near a small sunken boat is the LAKE MEAD CAVE.
      109. LAKE MEAD CAVE
      ) This underwater cave has 2 sections, the entrance section allows you to 
        get some air, while further in the cave is totally underwater, so having
        the [REBREATHER] helps in its exploration.
      ) Not much is in the cave except basic loot, so explore the area. SAVE YOUR
        GAME, you can get stuck in this cave so you might have to reload. 
      ) Once you are done, exit and fast travel back to NELLIS AIRFORCE BASE
        hangars and talk to LOYAL. You can pass [INT:7] check, then talk to PEARL
        in her barrack to finish the [VOLARE!] quest.
      ) Fast travel back to CALLVILLE BAY, and head just north towards the metal
        camper campsite, BITTER SPRINGS REC AREA.
      ) There are usually CAZADORS in the area so kill anything close. There is a
        small office on the west side of the area. Inside you will find 2 [STAR
        BOTTLE CAP] near the radio and a [TUMBLERS TODAY] on a desk. 
      ) Leave the REC AREA and head east. The road will swing around southeast and
        you will come up on a large bluff on the left, and a valley on the right. 
        Stay right down the valley, you might run into some COYOTES at the bottom.
        Near the bottom you'll see a small green billboard sign, on it is written
      111. CAMP GUARDIAN
      ) CAMP GUARDIAN is a confusing place, because most of the area is up on a 
        winding cliff bluff to the north. You will be at the bottom near a green
        welcome sign. There is a hollowed-out rock nearby. 
      ) Go past the green sign and follow the narrow path up the spiral walkways
        of the bluff. There are numerous GIANT RATS and RADSCORPIONS about so kill
        them as you climb. You might find some [LOG NOTES] scattered about.
      ) You will cross a wooden bridge, and on the other side are some junk loot
        and some picnic tables. From this area there are a few paths you can
        access. 2 paths (narrow one north, cliff path south-east) will take you
        to a cave entrance area to CAMP GUARDIAN CAVES. DO NOT! DO NOT! DO NOT 
        ENTER ANY OF THESE CAVES THEY ARE BUGGED! Entering one of these lower
        caves will put you in a weird dark buggy cave area that is very hard to
        get out of.
      ) Instead there should be a larger path with steps leading up, follow that 
        main path, and you will come to another wooden bridge area. On the other
        side you will find GUARDIAN PEAK.
      112. GUARDIAN PEAK
      ) This small camp area was a lookout post of the NCR to keep tabs on the
        LEGION main camp you can see across the lake. There is varied junk litter
        about the camp, along with a [STAR BOTTLE CAP] near the campfire. This
        area also has numerous GIANT RATS and RADSCORPIONS about.
      ) There is a small tent with boxes you can loot, and to the left of the tent
        is the entrance to CAMP GUARDIAN CAVES. You can take this entrance.
       NOTE: CAMP GUARDIAN CAVES is not an explorable area that appears on your
            [PIPBOY] but is still an area to explore, it just doesn't register.
      ) Enter the caves. It is a very confusing winding cave network, inhabited
        by LAKELURKS. Also dropped about in various areas are equipment and items
        from killed NCR troopers that died fighting in the area. 
      ) As you progress through the caves early on, you'll find PRIVATE HALFORD, 
        the lone surviving NCR trooper. He is injured, but [MEDICINE:50] check
        will patch up his leg. Convince him [SPEECH:50] to help you clear out the
      ) Continue through the caves and kill any foes you find, keeping an eye out
        for any misc loot (ammo, weapons, armor) that you might come across. Once
        you progress through most of the cave (or circle back to the start) then
        PRIVATE HALFORD will leave and head out. He will reward you with a
        [SCHEMATIC- DOG TAG FIST]. Not really useful, you probably have better
        unarmed weapons by this point, but still ok.
      ) The cave system is actually 2 systems that are connected. At the top north
        room, there is a passage that leads south into the LAKELURK KING room.
        The majority of the dead NCR troopers at there along with the KING and
        more LAKELURKS. In the west room there is an exit out of the caves into
        the water near CAMP GUARDIAN. Loot everything then exit. 
      ) Head back up to CAMP GUARDIAN (or fast travel) and now progress north. We
        will head through the narrow valleys between the bluffs and you'll start
        to encounter some GHOULS, GHOUL RAVAGERS, and GLOWING ONES. Kill any
        GHOULS about and keep going north north-east. 
      ) You will come to a huge radioactive waste dumping pit. You can see the
        steam rising from it from far away. Boy it must smell nice, good thing
        you can't smell in Fallout New Vegas. Head towards the pit to find THE 
      ) This is a huge toxic dumping site, highly radioactive so get your [RAD-X]
        ready. It is also inhabited by a variety of CENTAURS and EVOLVED CENTAURS
        who live in it. You can snipe them pretty good from up on the crater
      ) Head down to the truck in the pit, and search the rear area to find a dead
        prospector, wearing [COMBAT ARMOR] and nearby is the unique mini-gun
        [CZ57 AVENGER].
      ) If you go northwest from here there is a small campfire far in the
        distance you can see. There are 3 SUPERMUTANTS at the fire, so go in 
        prepared and take them down.
      ) From here, look to the southwest and head towards the ranger comm tower
        that you see. You will come upon RANGER STATION BRAVO. 
        Around this time I leveled up to 25. Raise ENERGY WEAPONS to 70.
      ) Another small Ranger camp, there isn't really much in this area except
        getting it on your map. Talk with the couple people in the camp, then
        its time to head out of the far wilderness for now and get back to some 
      ) Fast travel to NEW VEGAS MEDICAL CLINIC. You should have enough caps now
        to get your HEALTH REGENERATION implant, 12,000 caps. If you do not, just
        pick it up later when you get enough. 
      ) Head southwest from here, you will see the entrance to FREESIDE with the
        multicolor panels above it, but don't go there yet. Continue past it
        south south-west, and around the corner on the right is the GUN RUNNERS
        building and Kiosk.
      116. GUN RUNNERS
      ) The GUN RUNNERS main building is behind security fences, they do not like
        intruders or visitors, but they have a small Kiosk set up in front of 
        their property to sell items. 
      ) ISAAC stands outside the Kiosk, you can chat with him a bit but he is just
        hanging out for now. Talking to the VENDORTRON robot in the Kiosk will 
        get you some GUN RUNNER background info, plus a good inventory for buying
        weapons, mods, ammo, and other things. 
      ) Now head back and enter the FREESIDE'S EAST GATE. You may run into some
        basic THUGS while in the area, just kill them and continue on. Also, I 
        ALWAYS experience major lag/glitchy movement in here. If you do also, 
        entering and exiting the PIPBOY menu clears it up some. Also looking up
        at the sky relieves the framerate problems. Just push through it.
      ) You can look around if you want, not much in the ruins. MAX is a child
        chasing STACEY around the streets. You can talk to MAX and [BARTER:45] 
        buy his gun for 20 caps. This weapon is the awesome [EUCLID'S C-FINDER],
        but in this playthrough its just for decoration. You can set the computer
        in HELIOS ONE to power this weapon instead of powering the wasteland. For
        now just tuck it away.
      ) Enter the MICK AND RALPH'S item store.
      ) MICK and RALPH own and operate this item store. They have a bunch of basic
        items cluttered about, including 3 temp skill books if you look around for
      ) Talking to MICK you can get town info, and [SPEECH:30] you can access his
        hidden inventory, he goes to open a hidden door. You want to definitely 
        buy the [NAUGHTY NIGHTWEAR] which gives +10 speech and +1 luck.
      ) Talk to RALPH and pass a [SPEECH:50] check to access his "merchandise", 
        then pass a [BARTER:50] check to reduce the price to 375 caps. Do not buy
        any fake passports. Access his regular inventory and buy a [CONTAINER OF
        CHLORINE]. Rare item, do not sell.
      ) Exit and continue down the street, turning right and go to the large
        building walled complex. The entrance is further around the road. Now 
        enter the OLD MORMON FORT.
      ) Upon entering the compound, take an instant right and head down to the
        west tower door. Enter, go upstairs and you can get the [SNOWGLOBE- OLD
        MORMON FORT]. 
      ) Find and talk to the Ghoul BEATRIX RUSSELL. Chat with her a bit and get
        all her info. Naughty Ghoul. Now find and do the same thing with ARCADE
        GANNON. ARCADE is a future companion, but we do not need him yet so let
        him sit tight.
      ) Finally talk to JULIE FARKAS. Make sure you have VERONICA in your party
        and present during the conversation. Talk to JULIE and get all her info, 
        and ask to help. She will give you the [HIGH TIMES] quest along with
        asking for help to get medicine and set up supply lines. 
      ) After talking to JULIE wait a few seconds and VERONICA will make a 
        comment about the compound. Talk to her, and you will now activate her
        [I COULD MAKE YOU CARE] quest. She requests you go back to the HIDDEN
        VALLEY BROTHERHOOD base. Make sure to tell her to follow you again, some-
        times she goes into "wait" mode here.
      ) Before we head back to the BROTHERHOOD, we still have 1 quest open that
        we should do, and it involves SUPERMUTANTS! WHOO! Fast travel to SLOAN
        then head northeast towards the path leading up to BLACK MOUNTAIN. Once
        you reach it, head east south-east up the path, and quickly you will see
        a small shack (again with the shacks). NEIL'S SHACK.
      119. NEIL'S SHACK
      ) The SUPERMUTANT NEIL will appear when your near his shack to inform you
        of the problems on the mountain. This starts the [CRAZY,CRAZY,CRAZY] quest
        there. Convince him [SPEECH:50] to help and he will meet you further up.
      ) Wait until nightfall. There will be NIGHTKIN that venture out at night
        besides the regular guardposts. More SUPERMUTANTS, more experience. Keep
        following the path until you see a dead NCR trooper on the left. There is
        a small path leading left. About a half dozen Bear Traps are about to 
        disarm. Half way up the path a sequenced boulder will roll down, dodge it
        to the side. A ledge on the left holds some minor loot.
      ) Head back to the main path and continue up, fighting along the way. At the
        next road turn, there is a gate path straight ahead. Go through the gate
        and up the hill is a huge crater, with CENTAURS lairing in it. Kill them
        and search the body of the dead BROTHERHOOD Paladin at the bottom for the
        3rd and final [HOLOTAPE]. Head back to the road and continue up.
      ) Nearing the top, you will encounter more SUPERMUTANTS and NIGHTKIN. You
        will be near a crater in the middle of the road giving off radiation, and
        to the left will be a domed structure. You are here, the top of BLACK 
      ) Ah, the top of the mountain the base of TABITHA and her NIGHTKIN mutants.
        Up ahead at the final destination you will find a SUPERMUTANT Sniper on 
        a small tower on the right. 
        NOTE: This sniper carries the unique Rocket Launcher ANNABELLE. When you
              kill the sniper DO NOT enter or exit any areas, or fast travel 
              before you get ANNABELLE, it will not be there when you return. Get
              this weapon first thing.
      ) At the dome building, NEIL will be waiting in the back. If you have 
        already killed the SUPERMUTANTS at the top, he will comment but won't be
        needed to help you kill them of course. In the back of dome also is a
        radio transceiver. Talk in it and pass a [SPEECH:75] check to annoy 
      ) At the final 3 buildings, enter the middle STORAGE building. There is a 
        bunch of loot inside so search about. 3 locked ammo chests need TABITHA'S
        key so come back when you get it. There is a [STAR BOTTLE CAP] on a shelf
        and a [NUKA-COLA VICTORY] in the back.
      ) Check the damaged robot RHONDA and repair it [SCIENCE:60]. It will ask
        about TABITHA and agree to take it to her. Head outside, and TABITHA will
        be waiting and thank you for fixing RHONDA, and give you her key. Once
        the quest [CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY,] finishes, go ahead and kill both RHONDA
        and TABITHA for extra experience. After all, the nutty Mutant was killing
        humans right? Down with happy endings! hehe.
      ) Re-enter the STORAGE building and open the 3 ammo crates. Head into the 
        BROADCAST BUILDING and clear it of any loot. Access both terminals in the
        bottom room, then head out the back door and up to the 2nd floor. Inside
        you'll find a [SHEET MUSIC BOOK] and a repair note.
      ) Enter the prison building. Hack the computer by the prison door [SCIENCE:
        100] (use a temp skill book) for experience, then access and read the 2nd
        terminal. Take the [CUDDLES' TOY CAR] on the desk, and enter the prison 
        of the GHOUL Mechanic RAUL TEJADA. Talk to him for info, and when he asks
        say you don't need him as a companion right now and he can head home by
        You should level up around this point to 26. Raise BARTER to 66 and
        EXPLOSIVES to 69, take the perk ACTION BOY (2).
      ) Save you game. We are going to escort RAUL home anyway because we will
        want to pick him up later maybe. Fast travel to RAULS SHACK and enter, 
        "wait" 8 hours and he should appear. If he does great, if not, wait a few
        more hours, then re-load and try again.
      ) OK! we now have the BROTHERHOOD [HOLOTAPES] and its time to head back to
        our metal headed friends. Fast travel back to HIDDEN VALLEY and enter the
        bunker. First thing head to TORRES in the armory and turn in the [MISSING
        LASER PISTOL] you've been lugging about. She gives you a [TRI-BEAM LASER
        RIFLE] as a reward. Nice tradeup!
      ) Head down to the 2nd level and stand near Elder MCNAMARA. VERONICA will
        then come up and try and convince him that the BROTHERHOOD must change
        but he will refuse. Afterwards, talk to MCNAMARA and turn in your 3 [HOLO-
        TAPES] and he will then ask you to find 3 scouts and get their info.
      ) Walking out of the room VERONICA chats with you, and tells you that she
        needs to find high tech items in a database. Head out the base. On the
        way out 3 BROTHERHOOD Paladins confront you at the entrance threatening
      ) Exit the bunker and fast travel to GIBSON'S SCRAP YARD. From there head
        northwest following the directional marker, and at the hills is GIBSON'S
        SHACK. Enter the shack (GIBSON must have been a partier) and access the
        terminal, which gives VERONICA 3 options of items to find. Talk to her
        and pick finding the [PULSE GUN] since you have it already. Wait a few
        seconds and the quest will automatically update.
      ) Make sure you have the [PULSE GUN] in your inventory and return to the 
        HIDDEN VALLEY bunker and back to Elder MCNAMARA. Again stand near him and
        VERONICA will approach and talk, showing him the [PULSE GUN], but it does
        no good. Exit the room and VERONICA will talk with you to make the 
        decision to stay or leave. Convince her to stay (It doesn't matter either
        way because her choice perks don't work in the game). 
      ) Save your game. Go outside the bunker and a rogue group of BROTHERHOOD
        Paladins threaten you. Do NOT make the speech check, instead talk to them
        until they attack you. Make sure they attack first so you can wipe them
        out without loosing reputation or losing VERONICA. Afterwards her quest
        ends. We have the 3 scouts to find, we've been to those locations so it
        will be fast.
      ) Scout 1. Fast travel to NCR CORRECTIONAL FACILITY AND the scout is just
        to the east north-east near the hill. Your map and ED-E will lead you
        right to them. 
      ) Scout 2. Fast travel to COYOTE DEN, and the scout is just northeast of 
        there up on the top of the cliffs. 
      ) Scout 3. Fast travel to SOUTHERN NEVADA WIND FARM, careful CAZADORS will
        usually swarm around here. Head east and follow the marker to the scout
        sitting on top of a bluff. 
      ) Head back to HIDDEN VALLEY bunker and talk to ELDER MCNAMARA to give your
        Scout reports, and he then wants you to fix the Air Purifier in the base.
        Go talk to SENIOR KNIGHT LORENZO, who will give you the locations of 3
        VAULTS to check for the parts.
      ) Looking on your map, you can see the 3 Vault locations, but only one is
        in a location we have been near, the other 2 will have to wait. Fast
        travel to EL DORADO DRY LAKES and head north and VAULT 11 will be on the
        left. Make sure to bring some Anti-robot weaponry, such as pulse grenades
        and of course you should always have your [PULSE GUN] or [PALADIN TOASTER]
        with you against robot types.
      121. VAULT 11
      ) At the entrance to the vault is a hollowed-out rock. Head into the vault,
        the upper areas have some GIANT RATS and GIANT MANTIS, nothing to worry
        about, VERONICA and ED-E usually waste everything about while you search.
      ) Right when you enter, there are some dead skeletons and a gun. The nearby
        computer terminal will download a stored holotape message. You can listen
        and learn during your explorations on what happened to the occupants in
        the vault, the [DEMOCRACY INACTION].
      ) While traveling in the vault, keep any [VAULT 11 JUMPSUITS] you find, and
        do not repair, sell or combine them. We want to start to gather up about
        30 vault suits for a later quest. In the early LIVING QUARTERS level there
        is a [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED] lying on the floor in the WOMENS DORMS.
      ) The lower level has the OVERSEER'S office, but you have to venture into
        the bottom flooded levels to access the ATRIUM, where you can find the
        password to the OVERSEERS computer terminal. There is a cafeteria nearby
        but be careful in there, there are explosive traps along with the GIANT
      ) In an underwater passage room, there will be a locker where you can get
        the [DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE CONTROLLER], one of the 3 items needed for the
        BROTHERHOOD base. You must get this item before leaving Vault 11.
      ) Once you have the OVERSEER password, enter the office and activate the
        terminal. This will cause the center console area to rise, revealing a
        secret passageway to the SACRIFICE ROOM. Head down the long walkway, into
        the light.
      ) Have a seat and watch the movie. The movie will abruptly end and the 2
        nearby walls will retract revealing multiple GUN TURRETS and SECURITY 
        BOTS. Take them down. I usually take down the easy Turrets first then 
        smack the bots around. Exit through the new door in the back, and the 
        final room has the Vault Mainframe to access. 
      ) When you are done, its time to retire your 2 companions for a while. Make
        sure they are empty of any stored items (You can leave them their armor
        and weapons), and dismiss them. They will return home. 
      ) Its now time to pick up a temporary companion. Fast travel to RAUL'S SHACK
        and get RAUL as a hireling. You won't have him long, but I like to equip
        him with good armor and weapon anyway. Talk with him and learn all the 
        info he has.
      ) Fast travel to NOVAC, and enter RANGER ANDY'S BUNGALOW and talk to ANDY
        again and especially talk about his injury. When you leave RAUL will start
        a chat with him, talk to RAUL with his new dialog choices.
      ) Fast travel to NELLIS HANGARS and find LOYAL. Chat with him real quick.
        Again, RAUL will start a dialog, and talk with RAUL afterwards for some
        new dialog choices.
      ) Fast travel to NRC SHARECROPPERS FARM, and head south along the road then
        west. Our goal is the huge complex on the left, the entrance is around the
        left corner. CAMP MCCARRAN.
      122. CAMP MCCARRAN
      ) When you enter the main doors of the camp, you can look about the sand-
        bagged positions and the main yard for loot. You want to head towards the
        multiple tents in the center of the outpost, there are various people you
        can interact with, a lot to do here.
      ) Find LITTLE BUSTER. You can chat with him a bit, but more important you
        want to stealth-pickpocket the unique weapon [CRAM OPENER] off him.
      ) Find LIEUTENANT GOROBETS. Talking with him you can get info, plus learn
        that CORPORAL BETSY has had problems that need dealing with. Find CORPORAL
        BETSY and talk with her, telling her she needs help with her problem. Pass
        a [MEDICINE:40] check or a [SPEECH:60] check makes her agree. Talk to 
        LIEUTENANT GOROBETS again to inform him.
      ) Find CORPORAL STERLING. Talk with him with RAUL present and afterwards 
        RAUL will comment again. Talking with RAUL this 3rd time will complete his
        decision to adjust. He will either agree to be a gunslinger or decide to
        devote his time to mechanics. Make sure he stays a gunslinger, because hes
        worthless as a mechanic. 
      ) CORPORAL STERLING also carries a unique cowboy repeater [LA LONGUE
        CARABINE] that we want. First, sneak-pickpocket successfully his ammo, now
        fast travel back outside and re-enter, and find him again to pickpocket
        his CARABINE which is now in his inventory.
      ) We are done with RAUL, hes not really a good companion, his mechanic 
        ability is about useless, since you can just visit any other merchant.
        Make sure you clear his inventory (you can keep him with armor/weapons)
        and dismiss him.
      ) Fast travel back to NOVAC, and re-acquire your buddy BOONE as your next
        companion. Upgrade his items and fast travel back to CAMP MCCARRAN.
        Near this time you will level up to 27. Raise SNEAK to 67. 
      ) MAJOR DHATRI is roaming about, he can give you the [THREE CARD BOUNTY]
        quest, he wants you to kill 3 FIENDS.
      ) SGT. BITTERROOT near the tents will give some family history, [SPEECH:30]
        check to get more info.
      ) Enter the MAIN TERMINAL BUILDING, a 2 level structure with more people
        we have to question, and more quests. Head to the far left when you enter
        and find COLONEL HSU, the base leader. Talk with him a while, get all the
        info he has, and will start the [I PUT A SPELL ON YOU] quest to find the
        base spy. He also gives you info on BRYCE ANDERS and MOTOR-RUNNER the
        FIEND leader.
      ) Now head around the corner to the med lab, and talk to DR HILDERN. Hand
        over your CRIMSON CARAVAN INVOICE. Talk with DR. HILDERN a while through
        all options, and he will tell you about VAULT 22 and give [THERE STANDS
        THE GRASS QUEST]. 
      ) When finished walk out, and ANGELA WILLIAMS will stop you and ask what DR
        HILDERN asked you to do. She then tells you about finding a friend of hers
        named KEELY, and that the Doctor has more info [SPEECH:25].
      ) Return to DR. HILDERN and re-question him through all options. A [SPEECH:
        30] check gets some info on the FOLLOWERS OF THE APOCALYPSE. 
      ) Head to the right side of the Terminal area (still downstairs) and you'll
        find the room of CAPTAIN RONALD CURTIS. Talk with him about helping his
        investigation. You can steal the [SNIPER NEST LOCATION] paper on his desk.
      ) Now head upstairs and to the left. You will find LT. BOYD in the prisoner
        interrogation area. Talk to her about suspicious activity around the camp
        to get more info on the spy. Talk to her about missing people and she will
        talk about ANDERS. If you ask her about missing people again, she will 
        talk about WHITE. This starts [THE WHITE WASH] quest. 
      ) Finally we will help her interrogate the LEGION prisoner. Agree to help
        and BOYD will go in. After a minute she comes out and lets you help. Head
        into the cell and you can just pass SPEECH checks to further the interro-
        gation. BOYD will return, you will exit, and then re-enter again a 2nd 
        time. Again just pass SPEECH checks to find out all the prisoners info.
        Exit the room and talk to LT. BOYD to complete the quest. 
      ) Now, head back into the room, we are going to put the LEGION dog out of
        our misery. You will have some basic weapons still on you, so whip one out
        and kill the prisoner SILUS. One LEGION dog dead. Go ahead and leave the
        area and head to the other side and enter the CONCOURSE section.
      ) Talk with BOONE and you should get another dialog option about his wife.
        Of course he doesn't say much, but then again if he did, he wouldn't be
      ) Once through the CONCOURSE doors on the left will be CHRISTINA MORALES
        sitting on a chair. Talk with her to learn her husband is dead and agree
        to bring his body back.
      ) The main CONCOURSE circle has one side with old slot machines, one side
        housing NCR personnel (Find the locker for WHITE, and get his DIARY and
        read it), and the other side has a large kitchen. Find FARBER the cook, 
        and chatting with him will get you info that his FOOD PROCESSOR is broken,
        and that he also wants to try and get supplies for his kitchen. Put on 
        your handyman outfit (+5 repair) or use a skill book and repair his broken
      ) Finally head down the last hallway, a long slope that finally ends in the
        SUPPLY SHACK room. A [STAR BOTTLE CAP] is in a crate near SGT. CONTRERAS.
        Talk to SGT. CONTRERAS for info, you can check his inventory, and also ask
        about special gear, which he will show you if you complete some missions,
        starting the [DEALING WITH CONTRERAS] quest [SPEECH:50].
        NOTE: You can hack his computer upstairs for experience [SCIENCE:50] but
              do not read anything on it. 
      ) Now, exit the room through the back doors, which open onto the airport. 
        You can search around for some ammo cases and items, but head over to the
        large Control Tower. It has a computer terminal near it. You want to get
        far away from it, but still within visual range and hide. "wait" using 
        your "PIPBOY" until 12 midnight. 
      ) At about 12:30-1 am, CPT. CURTIS will enter the Control Tower. Head over
        once he is inside and enter (using BOYD'S key). Stand on the steps and 
        listen to the conversation upstairs. It reveals that CURTIS is the base
        spy and works for the LEGION. After the conversation is over head upstairs
        and confront him. He will attack you, so proceed to kill the LEGION spy.
      ) Loot him and exit the building, heading to the MAIN TERMINAL 2nd floor
        which has the door that leads outside to the Mono-rail. Talk to BOONE
        again, he should have a short new dialog about his wife. Exit the 2nd
        floor door onto the Mono-rail platform, and head inside. Go to the back
        making sure BOONE is with you. Examine the VENT, and deactivate the bomb
        inside [SCIENCE:45] or [EXPLOSIVES:35]. 
      ) Report back to COLONEL HSU that the spy is taken care of, and get your 
      ) Exit the building and fast travel to CRIMSON CARAVAN and talk to BLAKE
        when you enter. Pass a [SPEECH:70] check to provide food for FARBER.
      ) Fast travel to GUN RUNNERS and equip your [NAUGHTY NIGHTWEAR] to boost
        your speech if needed. Talk to ISAAC and pass [SPEECH:80] check to 
        complete CONTRERAS's task. Return to CONTRERAS for your 2nd task.
      ) Fast travel back to CRIMSON CARAVAN and talk to BLAKE again, you'll 
        notice [SCIENCE:25] something about the chemicals. Again, head back to 
        CONTRERAS to finish that task. Exit the doors nearby, "wait" 2 days then
        re-enter and talk to CONTRERAS and cover all options to get your 3rd
      ) Exit outside and fast travel to REPCONN HEADQUARTERS. You will appear
        directly in front of 2 buildings which have 4 FIEND troops on their roof.
        Go ahead and kill the FIENDS, but do not approach the buildings in the
        center. Instead, go north of REPCONN HEADQUARTERS and there is a NCR
        guardpost on the road. Tell the guard you will get the body of MORALES'S
      ) Head back to the 2 buildings. There are a few traps set up between the
        buildings, disarm them. Careful of any mines. You want to "carry" the
        body back to the NCR guardpost. Once there the NCR guard congratulates
      ) Fast travel to NEW VEGAS MEDICAL CLINIC and talk to Dr. USANAGI to finish
        the [I DON'T HURT ANYMORE] quest.
      ) Fast travel back to CAMP MCCARRAN and back at the CONCOURSE section talk
        to PVT. MORALAS to finish her quest. Then go talk to the cook FARBER and
        finish his quest (you won't get anything for doing it, but its done).
      ) ARgg the LEGION are evil! Lets satisfy BOONE'S hunger for LEGION soldiers
        for a while. Time to stir up the hornets nest and start taking on LEGION
        soldiers. Fast travel to CAMP SEARCHLIGHT and talk to ASTOR and inform
        him of the COTTONWOOD COVE LEGION camp. He will want you to gather info
        from the camp and plant a bug. 
      ) Leave BOONE at CAMP SEARCHLIGHT, he will start trouble with the LEGION.
        Fast travel to COTTONWOOD COVE and enter the HQ building. Activate the
        radio and plant the bug. Return to ASTOR. Now volunteer to wipe out the
        LEGION camp. 
      ) Have BOONE follow you again and fast travel back to COTTONWOOD COVE, and
        proceed to wipe out the LEGION soldiers there. You will get a message when
        all are dead (some might be near the cliffs). Now fast travel to COTTON-
        WOOD OVERLOOK, and click the back of the red truck to release toxic 
        barrels into the COVE, to keep out future LEGION troops.
      ) Talk with BOONE, many more conversation topics come up so get all that 
        info. After a few seconds or so, he will volunteer to head back to BITTER
        SPRINGS area to try and shake off some ghosts of the past.
      ) Fast travel to CAMP SEARCHLIGHT and talk to ASTOR to finish up the quest,
        then fast travel to BITTER SPRINGS RECREATIONAL AREA and head northeast
        into BITTER SPRINGS.
      ) As you enter BITTER SPRINGS, BOONE will relive what events happened long
        go during the messed up fighting. After he is done he wants you to travel
        southwest of camp to COYOTE TAIL RIDGE.
      ) This small rock outcropping overlooks the valley out of BITTER SPRINGS.
        When you are on top BOONE will talk about his job on that fateful day, and
        he will want to spend the night thinking of it. There are a dozen or so
        graves between the ridge and BITTER SPRINGS you can loot. 
      ) During the night you are awakened by BOONE, who has spotted a bunch of
        LEGION troops on the way to BITTER SPRINGS to catch slaves. Time to wipe
        out those troops. Head up into BITTER SPRINGS to take down the first 
        raider group. Once done, head down the hill towards BITTER SPRINGS REC
        AREA towards the quest arrows, and you'll encounter a 2nd group of raiders
        on their way up. Eliminate them.
      ) There is a 3rd group heading into BITTER SPRINGS now, head back up and 
        finish off the 3rd group of raiders that enter through the COYOTE TAIL
        RIDGE passage.
      ) Once finished, You can talk to BOONE again, and convince him that its time
        to move on and leave the past in the past. This will finish his quest 
      ) We have a few quests to do, so head back into BITTER SPRINGS and up to the
        NCR tents.
      ) Talk to CAPTAIN GILLES for info, and you can start a few quests with her.
      ) Talk to the doctor LT. MARKLAND to get medical supplies for the camp 
      ) Fast travel to CRIMSON CARAVAN COMPANY and talk to BLAKE when hes at his
        outdoors shop. You can buy the 2 medical books from him [STRESS AND THE
      ) Travel back to LT. MARKLAND, making sure to bring 3 [DOCTOR BAGS] with 
        you. Turn in the bags and the 2 books to complete his quests. 
      ) The next 2 quests are together. Hilight the [CLIMB EV'RY MOUNTAIN] quest
        so we can go find the sniper. Fast travel to BLOODBORNE CAVE and follow
        your direction marker east north-east way up in the hills to a cave. 
        KEEP BOONE OUTSIDE! He will auto-attack, so leave him outside. 
      ) Enter the cave to find OSCAR VELASCO. Talk to him then convince him that
        its time to move on to the new Great Khan Camp [SPEECH:50]. He gives you
        the supply keys. Search this first cave for loot and the [GREAT KHAN 
        SUPPLY CACHE] behind the locked gate.
      ) Exit, and its time to find the other 2 supply caves, both are just above
        the BITTER SPRINGS NCR tents. One cave has NIGHT STALKERS inside, plus 
        another [GREAT KHAN SUPPLY CACHE] and loot. The 3rd has radioactive 
        barrels and a few GIANT ANTS, with the 3rd [CACHE] inside.
      ) Talk to CAPTAIN GILLES to turn in the 3 [SUPPLY CACHES], and a quick
        [SCIENCE:25] check to fix the 3rd CACHE.
      ) You should be close to level 28. Pick the HAND LOADER perk and raise
        BARTER to 70, and EXPLOSIVES to 75, UNARMED to 68.
      ) The last part of the quest, getting troop support we will do later. For 
        now, fast travel to NOVAC and head east down the road. After you cross 
        over the bridge, just on the left is a small TOXIC DUMP SITE.
      125. TOXIC DUMP SITE
      ) This small container of radioactive waste has spilled in a small pile. 
        There isn't much to do here, but if you head north just over the hill near
        a little tree/billboard, there are a few bodies with misc loot.
      ) Continue east from the TOXIC DUMP SITE and in a little walk you will come
        upon a NCR blockade, led by RANGER MILO who will approach and let you
        know what's going on in the town ahead, NELSON.
      126. NELSON.
      ) RANGER MILO on the west side of town will want you to kill 3 NCR hostages
        that the LEGION troops have taken to end their misery. a [SPEECH:35] check
        lets you join up to take down the town.
      ) Well, we aren't going to kill anyone except LEGION! With BOONE in tow, 
        head into NELSON and wipe out the LEGION soldiers. Once you are done there
        is a steep hillside just west of town that leads up to a LEGION spotting
        post. Kill them and also a LEGION squad just out of town on the east side.
      ) There are a few small houses and 2 large Barracks to explore. One house
        has a [NUKA-COLA VICTORY] on the floor, and one Barracks has DEAD SEA, A
        LEGION officer who carries the unique machete [LIBERATOR]. 
      ) Finally cut down and release the 3 NCR hostages, then return back to 
        RANGER MILO for your reward. You can talk to BOONE and he might have new
        dialog choices open, even though you've already helped his guilt.
      ) Head out of NELSON and head down the road south. It will swing around
        southeast and just west of the mine PRIVATE RENOLDS. His friends were
        captured and are held prisoner. MAKE SURE to ask "are you sure they are
        still alive" for a [BARTER:45] check to get a larger reward. Head east
        towards the TECHHATTICUP MINE.
      ) Approaching the mine entrance there will be a few LEGION guards on duty, 
        make quick work of them and head up to the mine entrance.
      ) There is a hollowed-out rock right at the entrance, so grab it. 
      ) Enter the mine, which will be staffed with LEGION troops. Head left down
        the passageway and at the end you'll find the LEGION leader ALEXUS. Clear
        out and loot the lower section then head back to the entrance and go up 
        the other passage. 
      ) At the top are more troops, and a couple locked gates with RENOLDS 
        friends. Release them, finish looting the cave and head out.
      ) Outside, head east and over the hill and about half way down to the water
        is a small LEGION camp with 4 troops to kill and loot.
      ) Fast travel back to NELSON and head northeast, you will go through NELSON,
        and up and over a few hills where you will find a small manhole in a 
        depression. This is the ABANDONED BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL BUNKER.
      ) There isn't anything to do here, this is the entrance for one of the games
        add-ons. There is a hollowed-out rock southeast, so grab that while you
        are here.
      ) Now start heading northwest, and up on the bluffs you will see a large 
        military outpost of some sort. We want to start climbing up there to 
        discover CAMP FORLORN HOPE.
      ) A forward outpost of the NCR, this camp is kinda rundown and makeshift,
        a typical forward base camp. There are a few things to do.
      ) On the west side of the camp are some shacks, the JAIL, BARRACKS, and 
        MESS HALL. PRIVATE STONE usually stands outside the BARRACKS. Enter them
        and talk to PRIVATE SEXTON. He will give you caps in return for [LEGION
      ) Enter the MESS HALL where a [STAR BOTTLE CAP] sits on the table.
      ) In the center of the camp is the QUARTERMASTERS Tent, where QUARTERMASTER
        MAYES is. Talk to him and you can turn in [NCR DOGTAGS] for cap rewards.
        There is a [LOCKPICK:100] shed next to his, but we will get that later.
      ) Close by is the MEDICAL CENTER. Enter the tent and talk to DR. RICHARDS
        for info, and you can learn that someone is stealing supplies from his
        tent. More info and a [MEDICINE:50] check will supply you with info on
        what is taken and its use. 
      ) Go talk to PRIVATE SEXTON and you'll learn that STONE has been the one
        sneaking about. Talk to PRIVATE STONE, pass a [SPEECH:50] check to have 
        him confess, and another [SPEECH:60] check after you tell him to turn
        himself in. Talk again to DR. RICHARDS to finish. 
      ) Enter the COMMAND CENTER on the east part of the camp and talk to TECH
        SERGEANT REYES to start the [RETURN TO SENDER] quest to update the Ranger
        camps. There is a [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE] you can steal on the desk.
      ) Talk to MAJOR POLATLI, who will thank you for the work in NELSON. After
        more talking you can ask to help and that starts the [RESTORING HOPE]
      ) Talk to QUARTERMASTER MAYES again, and he will send you to find missing
        NCR troops. Fast travel to HELIOS ONE and talk to LT. HAGGERTY at the
        guard post. You are given a GPS tracker to hunt down the lost troops.
      ) Fast travel to SOUTHERN NEVADA WIND FARMS, watch out for CAZADORS and
        maybe FIRE GECKOS. Head northeast and you will find some NCR troop bodies
        along with a the [MISSING SUPPLY CRATES]. Grab them and a few LEGION 
        troops will ambush you.
      ) Kill the ambush then fast travel back to CAMP FORLORN HOPE and talk to
        MAYES to turn them in. Then talk to MAJOR POLATLI to finish that part. He
        then asks you to help DR. RICHARDS with the troops. 
        You should level up close to this point to level 29. Raise SURVIVAL to
        80, and LOCKPICK to 98. We want to get lockpick to 100 simply because 
        finding lockpicking temp skill books is much harder than the others, so 
        its good to have it at 100. 
      ) Talk to DR. RICHARDS and pass [MEDICINE:20] check and help his 3 patients.
        Diagnose them and heal them [MEDICINE:35/50/75]. Talk to MAJOR POLATLI 
        again to finish all the quests.
      ) Fast travel to CAMP GOLF and enter the main tent to talk to SGT. MCCREDIE
        to get troops supplied to BITTER SPRINGS. Fast travel to CAMP MCCARRAN and
        enter the Terminal, and talk to COLONEL HSU. HSU will congratulate you and
        give you the [NCR SAFEHOUSE KEY]. He will agree to supply troops.
      ) Return to BITTER SPRINGS and talk to CAPTAIN GILLES to finish the quest
        [NO, NOT MUCH]. 
      ) Lets start the [RETURN TO SENDER] quest. Hilight the quest, then you 
        want to fast travel to 4 RANGER STATIONS and talk to their COMM officers
        to update the codes. 
        RANGER STATION CHARLIE is listed, but that was destroyed so no need.
        RANGER STATION FOXTROT we will get later.
      ) Ok get your big boy weapons, we are going to head into DEATHCLAW territory
        and do some quests on the west side of New Vegas. Fast travel to SLOAN and
        head north. We are going to head left into the QUARRY JUNCTION.
      ) QUARRY JUNCTION has been taken over by a particular tough brand of DEATH-
        CLAWS, who are about 2x as strong as normal ones. You can kill them any
        way you want, my way is to snipe one at a time to lure them out solo then
        use a grenade launcher to soften them up, then head blast when they are 
        in range. MINES work amazing also. 
      ) Your goal is to kill the MOTHER DEATHCLAW and the ALPHA MALE, but we are
        of course going to kill all of them. 
      ) Loot about, a [FAT MAN] in the southeast pool, 2 [MINI NUKES] one at the
        Den, and the 2nd near the [FAT MAN], and 3 [DEATHCLAW EGGS] at the Den. 
        Keep those for a later quest.
      ) Once you have the area clear, head up the slopes on the west side and you
        will run into some GREAT KHANS, at the GREAT KHAN ENCAMPMENT.
      ) A small group of GREAT KHANS are here waiting on a shipment. Talk to 
        MELISSA about the missing shipment.
      ) Fast travel to SLOAN and enter the MINING HOUSE and upstairs search the
        SUITCASE in the office.
      ) Outside, talk to CHOMPS LEWIS who will send you to PRIMM. Also let him
        know the DEATHCLAWS are dead to finish up that quest.
      ) Travel to PRIMM and in one of the NCR tents talk to TYRONE [SPEECH:40] to
        get the shipment.
      ) Return them to MELISSA to finish her quest. Then head northwest out of
        the Quarry and down into a valley where there are probably CAZADORS and
        the small remains of a camp, MAKESHIFT GREAT KHAN CAMP.
      ) The only thing really in this camp is the hollowed-out rock you can search
        and the CAZADORS in the area you can kill. 
      ) Continue up the hill left (west) and you will soon start to see dead 
        bodies on the road. In a gully at the end of the valley is the TRIBAL
      ) A few bodies lie about the camp, probably killed by CAZADORS in the area.
        A hollowed-out rock lies near the northern path near the village, and 
        misc loot lies about the camp. 
      ) To the south, way up on a hill you can swing around southeast to get up, 
        is CHANCE'S GRAVE, which you can loot for his unique combat knife
        [CHANCE'S KNIFE].
      ) Lets continue through that northern path away from the Village. This path
        leads out of the mountains and into a large valley on the other side. 
      ) Ah, what a peaceful site. Flatland, lake by the mountains, BIGHORNERS in
        the pastures.. and GIANT MANTISES all about. Clear away all the MANTISES
        around the house ruins and around the lakeside. 
      ) You can also kill off the BIGHORNERS for meat and exp, and if you head
        west up a rocky valley it will take you up to a looping north path with 
        more CAZADORS. You don't need to go all the way up the path, its just a 
        back exit for an area we are going to in a minute.
      ) Standing at the ruined house you can look north north-east and see another
        ruined house by the entrance to Red Rock pass. At the far ruined house you
        can enter a cellar door to find the GREAT KHAN ARMOR. Unlock the cage and
        you can steal-loot some decent items and ammo. There is also an Armorer
        here along with a workbench/reloading bench.
      ) Continue up the Red Rock passage and swing a little left until you
        register RED ROCK CANYON on your map, but we will come back here later
        just get it on your [PIPBOY] map.
      ) Fast travel back to SPRING MOUNTAIN STATE PARK and now head out east, you
        will soon see a small ruined town on the right ahead. Careful, it is 
        staffed by a half dozen VIPER gang members with decent weapons. Head into
      ) This small town has been taken over by a half-dozen or so VIPER raiders.
        They actually carry decent weapons like [PLASMA GRENADES] and guns so be
        a little more careful than normal. 
      ) One VIPER leader carries an unique pair of spiked knuckles [LOVE AND HATE]
        and 2 [STAR BOTTLE CAPS] are in wooden crates on a porch. 
      ) Keep heading east out of town and follow the road southeast, and around
        the bend you'll see a gated car parking lot. Inside the toll booth is the
        entrance to VAULT 19.
      136. VAULT 19
      ) This Vault is not as in ruins as other Vaults. You'll enter the MAIN AREA
        which is populated by prisoners who escaped from NCR CORRECTIONAL FACILITY
        including the masterminds. The prisoners aren't hostile. 
      ) The top level has a cafeteria, clinic and bathrooms. There are also 2
        Overseer offices. There are 2 sectors in the Vault, blue and red and each
        Overseer controls one sector. 
      ) Find the RED Overseer SAMUEL COOKE. Talk to him to start the [WHY CAN'T WE
        BE FRIENDS] quest and agree to clear out the FIRE GECKOS. He will give
        you a [RED ACCESS CARD].
      ) Now go down the hall to the BLUE Overseer PHILIP LEM, and talk to him also
        and agree to help. He gives you the [BLUE ACCESS CARD]. Check his 
        computer and get some info and password data.
      ) Enter the RED SECTOR, you'll pass through some living quarters and take
        the elevator down to the lower area where some FIRE GECKOS are about.
        You want to find the hole in the floor, the entrance to the SULFUR CAVES.
      ) Enter the SULFUR CAVE area, it has FIRE GECKO and NIGHTSTALKER enemies.
        Explore the area, you'll notice a MICROCLINE ROCK but ignore that. At the
        back of the caverns is another subsection of the Vault, along with a
        secret elevator [LOCKPICK:75]. The elevator takes you up to a terminal 
        that opens the BLUE Overseer room.
      ) Now head to the BLUE SECTOR, and you'll enter a 2nd living area. At the
        back is an elevator taking you down to the lower level on the BLUE side,
        which ends at the entrance to SULFUR CAVE. There is a [STAR BOTTLE CAP]
        in the BLUE SECTOR living area.
      ) You should by now have killed all the FIRE GECKOS, so report back to
        SAMUEL COOK, who now gives you the task of allying VAULT 19 with the GREAT
      ) Leave the Vault and head east, you will come out of the mountains and see
        a small ruined house on the left, the WHITTAKER FARMSTEAD.
      ) There is not much outside, but 2 graves west of the house. Inside the
        house however are a small group of POWDER GANGERS. Wipe them out and loot
        the area. 
      ) Continue east, you'll pass another ruined house, and to the east-northeast
        is a small white house, usually with a few FIRE GECKOS wandering about. 
        Head there, to HUNTER'S FARM.
      138. HUNTER'S FARM
      ) Another small house with not much in it, there are though 2 [STAR BOTTLE
        CAPS] on the kitchen counter. Outside you can often spot DEATHCLAWS over
        near the hill areas.
      ) Look to the southeast, you will see a small train building near the tracks
        leading north from SLOAN. That's your next stop. Keep an eye out, your in
        DEATHCLAW territory so snipe and pick off what ever you see before they
        get close. Heading southeast you'll arrive at JUNCTION 15 RAILWAY STATION.
      ) Not much of a station, more like another "shack". Except this one has 
        about 4 DEATHCLAWS guarding it that need dealing with, along with any
        others in the area.
      ) There is misc loot littering the platform along with a [STAR BOTTLE CAP]
        sitting on a green bench. 
      ) If you look southeast you'll see the large hills leading up towards BLACK
        MOUNTAIN. Our next goal is up there. The easiest way is to head east first
        and there is a north-south path that will lead south up into the hills. 
        There you will find the entrance to NCR RANGER SAFEHOUSE.
        You should finally level to 30 around this time. Raise EXPLOSIVES to 80,
        LOCKPICK to 100, MEDICINE to 80, and if you can REPAIR 80. Pick NERVES OF
        STEEL as your perk.
      ) You have the key to the safehouse, so go ahead and enter. Often there is
        a NCR merchant at the entrance inside who will give you ammo of some type
        if you need it. 
      ) Continue into the actual safehouse shack (yes, again a shack). You can 
        rest up, and get a few misc loot items including NCR tagged armor. 
      ) Fast travel to SNIPER'S NEST and you can lockpick the footlocker now to
        get the [GOBI CAMPAIGN SCOUT RIFLE].
      ) Fast travel to HUNTER'S FARM and head northeast. You'll come upon a small
        ruined barn, with GIANT ANTS roaming about. Inside the barn is the ANT
      141. ANT MOUND
      ) This abandoned barn is surrounded with GIANT ANTS, along with about a 
        dozen searchable REFUSE PILES. 
      ) Inside the barn is an ant hole leading into a small cave area. A GIANT
        ANT QUEEN is at the back of the cave, with a couple bodies you can loot.
      ) Now go north from the ANT MOUND and right at the buildings you will run
        into FIEND raiders. When you finish wiping them out, enter the ALLIED
      ) FIEND raiders roam the area around this building, and inside you will find
        some GIANT ANTS. 
      ) 2 [STAR BOTTLE CAPS] are in one room on a desk, while a [TALES OF A JUNK-
        TOWN VENDOR] lies on the floor near the Nuka-Cola machine.
      ) When done, head out and continue west, over to a couple more buildings, 
        the right one you can enter THE BASINCREEK BUILDING.
      ) This small building also contains GIANT ANTS, so clear them out. Not much
        in the way of loot, just some minor loot and a couple Temp skill books.
      ) Head around the back of the building and looking west southwest you will
        see a large construction site past some electrical towers. Head that way
      ) On the way to the plant be careful, on the east side right at the road
        there are 3 [FRAG MINES] you can disarm and pick up. 
      ) The ROCK CRUSHING PLANT is pretty large, but there really isn't anything
        in it. Just head into it enough to register it on your map and forget 
        about exploring it. 
      ) Head north up the main road on the east side. Stay on the right side and
        we will be heading into FIEND held territory. On the right with a few 
        FIENDS roaming the area you will come to the WEST PUMPING STATION.
      ) Entering the station you will encounter 3 more FIENDS to take out. There
        isn't much except basic loot around the small building. Check the terminal
        and pass [SCIENCE:50] check to repair the network connection, which you
        can read a warning on radiation in the water.
      ) Exit the station and head west, you will see a building across the highway
        with red freight cars piled up near it. Head over there. Careful, there
        might be a trap or 2 on the way. 
      ) On the west side of the road enter the NEW VEGAS STEEL building.
      146. NEW VEGAS STEEL
      ) The NEW VEGAS STEEL BUILDING has a few hostile MR. HANDY and MR. STEEL 
        robots in it, activated by intruding FIENDS. Take down the robots. 
      ) There is a [STAR BOTTLE CAP] on a desk, and a few temp skill books that
        are scattered about in bins. Misc loot is upstairs. A computer terminal
        has something about "lucky 38 executive override" but nothing happens.
      ) Exiting the building directly north is a ruined building that usually has
        a trio of FIEND raiders. Go ahead and clear them out. 
      ) We are going to head northeast from here, back across the road and just
        over the bridge to the north is EL REY MOTEL.
      147. EL REY MOTEL
      ) As you approach this small Motel there is usually a NCR guard stationed
        in front of you. Also wandering FIENDS are usually in the area. 
      ) There are a few Motel rooms that are not blocked off, search them to find
        a [NUKA-COLA VICTORY] in one, and a [STAR BOTTLE CAP] on a bookshelf in 
      ) Leave the Motel and head northwest, you can see a gas station or diner 
        sign across the road. Careful when heading down into the lower road 
        intersection, there are about 4 [FRAG MINES] scattered about. For some
        reason it seems someone likes to put Mines in the middle of roads LOL.
      ) Continue northwest and you'll see a medium sized building with a large 
        bottle displayed in front. Head there, to the SUNSET SARSAPARILLA HEAD-
      ) This building was a bottling plant for SUNSET SARSAPARILLA drinks. Around
        the back you can find littered containers with many empty, and a couple
        full [SARSAPARILLA] bottles.
      ) Entering the HQ, there are a few MR. HANDY and ROBOTRON robots still 
        active guarding the building, but most have fallen over the years. At the
        entranceway to the left is FESTUS, a automated greeting automaton. Talk
        to him and greet him, and when prompted ask for "STAR INFO" to start his
        quest. Talk to him again to turn in 50 [STAR BOTTLE CAPS] to finish the
        quest. Now, you'll hear another story and the quest will fail. (this is
        normal). Finally, complain about the prize and he will reveal more info.
        NOTE: After this quest [STAR BOTTLE CAPS] are meaningless, so i will not
              note their locations anymore. 
      ) Go ahead and explore the building. There are a couple processing areas in
        the rear sections, with a lot of empty and a few full [SARSAPARILLA]
        bottles, but i wouldn't waste time searching. 
      ) There is minor loot in the building, but you can follow the path to a
        small room hidden in the back that contains the dead body of ALLEN MARKS
        along with a unique laser pistol [PEW PEW]. To get there, in the main
        building area there is a room with a sunken ceiling. Climb to the 2nd 
        level, and in the back you'll find a room with a hole in the floor that
        leads down to the hidden storage room with ALLEN MARKS. 
      ) You can find a MR. JANITOR robot, and when activated by the nearby 
        terminal, will roam about cleaning, then deposit some caps and misc items
        in the nearby garbage can. 
      ) Leave the area and head north, a few more buildings are ahead, the one
        on the left has a lone SCORPION raider (huh? they still alive?) the 
      ) This once plush Hotel has been taken over by the SCORPION gang. There is
        one lone guard outside, and the rest of the gang members are inside. 
      ) Its plain to see why the SCORPION gang is practically extinct. They aren't
        really that strong, you can probably kill them by throwing BB's at them.
        Clean out the building, and loot what you want, there isn't much here. 
      ) To the west is an abandoned house, the mailbox is rigged to blow up. If
        you go inside and come out 3 FIENDS will ambush you. Hehe, extra loot.
      ) Head north and you'll find a small encampment area around a few buildings,
        at a road intersection a large sign points to the manhole, THE THORN.
      150. THE THORN
      ) The THORN is a underground combat area in the sewer tunnels, for both
        betting on and participating in animal fights. The entrance is closed from
        1-6 am, so just "wait" for it to open later.
      ) RED LUCY runs the arena, you can find her in the main center area. Yummy
        yummy. Talking to her you learn you can bet on the fights, or even fight
        yourself against a variety of creatures. You shouldn't need experience or
        caps at this point, but do it if you wish. You can talk to her more to
        learn that she needs eggs from a variety of creatures, so start the 
        [BLEED ME DRY] quest and go egg hunting.
      ) Your first task for RED LUCY is to get some GIANT MANTIS eggs, and that
        is good because our next location happens to have them. Head west from
        the THORN and over the wall ram into the hills to the west. Due west you
        will find the lush and green entrance to VAULT 22.
      151. VAULT 22
      ) Wow, Resident Evil ! Crazy plants! I want to make my base here. VAULT 22
        seems to have plants exploding from it, mutant plants? Radioactive water?
        who knows, lets go find out.
      ) The vault is separated into 5 levels, accessable by stairs or an elevator
        you can [REPAIR:50]. I suggest just going down level by level, you can
        get some info that way and the levels aren't big or complicated.
      ) ENTRANCE LEVEL. A dufflebag is here along with a computer terminal with 
        a couple data entries of KEELY. 
      ) OXYGEN RECYCLING-2nd level. You will start to encounter SPORE CARRIERS
        and SPORE PLANTS, what were left of the VAULT inhabitants. A blocked off
        area which you will access later holds the 6 [HEPA 20 CARTRIDGE FILTERS]
        for HIDDEN VALLEY. 
      ) FOOD PRODUCTION-3rd level. A [VAULT 22 CAVE DOOR KEYCARD] can be found
        behind a locked door. [PILE OF GIANT MANTIS EGGS] will be in a cavern 
        side tunnel. A [FOOD ADDITIVE] can be found on a desk in one of the back
        rooms near a terminal.
      ) COMMON AREAS-4th level. More terminals with info, and a Keycard on the
        lower level that opens the doors on the FOOD PRODUCTION level. 
      ) PEST CONTROL-5th level. Many spore foes about. A side door stairway
        marked common area leads to the [AER14 PROTOTYPE] weapon. a [TALES OF A
        JUNKTOWN VENDOR] is in the upstairs control room. In the back a large
        cave area with some foes, and KEELY. Talking to her she will meet you on
        the 2nd level. Also there is a data file room that you need to download
        the spore data.
      ) Talk with KEELY on the 2nd level, then go to the 5th level near the 
        tunnel that led to KEELY. The vents are at the end of the hallway. Go back
        down the tunnel about half way and have BOONE wait. The explosion will be
        huge, so he'll be safe. Stand in the doorway facing the vents, throw a
        [FRAG GRENADE] towards the vents then run down the passage to BOONE. You
        will hear the explosion but it will not catch up to you fast enough.
      ) Return to KEELY, but make sure you have downloaded the data files for DR.
        HILDERN first. Make sure to choose the speech option "DR. HILDERN sent
        you" then pass a [SCIENCE:70] check. 
      ) Head out of the Vault and fast travel back to CAMP MCCARRAN. Enter the 
        TERMINAL and talk to DR. WILLIAMS. Now talk to DR. HILDERN, ask for more
        caps [SPEECH:50] or [BARTER:50].
      ) Go upstairs to the CONCOURSE section and give the [FOOD ADDITIVE] to the
        cook FARBER.
      ) Fast travel back to THE THORN and turn in the [MANTIS EGGS] to RED LUCY, 
        she'll give you the 2nd part of the quest, search for [RADSCORPION EGGS]
        After each turning you can pass an increasingly harder BARTER check to get
        extra caps.
      ) Fast travel to GOODSPRINGS CEMETERY and head east northeast towards the
        small mountain area. You'll encounter a half dozen GIANT RADSCORPIONS, and
        in a gully the [PILE OF RADSCORPION EGGS] and a dead body.
      ) Fast travel back to RED LUCY turn turn in the eggs. Now you have to get 
        some FIRE GECKO eggs. You might have 12 already depending on how many you
        have killed. You can skip the next part if you have them.
      ) Fast travel to CLARK FIELD and head southeast towards the hillsides. You
        will come upon an unmarked cave BOOTJACK CAVERN.
      ) This is the lair of a dozen or so FIRE GECKOS. All the way at the end
        of the right tunnel area you will find the [PILE OF FIRE GECKO EGGS].
      ) Return to RED LUCY and turn in the eggs. She now gives you the task of 
        finding NIGHTSTALKER EGGS. You probably already have these items since we
        visited BLOODBORNE CAVE. If you did not get them, you'll have to head
        back there to search the cave again. Turn them in.
      ) CAZADOR EGGS are next. Make sure you have plenty of [ANTITOXINS] and then
        fast travel to RED ROCK CANYON.
      153. RED ROCK CANYON
      ) This is the camp of the GREAT KHANS. You will appear at the longhouse of
        PAPA KHAN. Enter and "wait" until they gather for day meal. Talk to PAPA
        KHAN, and tell him SAMUEL COOKE wants an alliance and he agrees.
      ) Talk to REGIS and KARL all options for info. Go into KARL'S room and
        steal items from his footlocker including [KARL'S JOURNAL]. Return and 
        talk to PAPA KHAN and try and convince him to break his LEGION alliance.
      ) Exit the building, and REGIS meets you about switching sides to the NCR.
        Re-enter the Longhouse and talk to PAPA KHAN, showing him KARL'S JOURNAL.
        They kill KARL.
      ) Fast travel to GREAT KHAN ENCAMPMENT and talk to MELISSA and she will 
        support you.
      ) JERRY THE PUNK can be found in camp, either in his tent or at the 
        initiation pit. A [SPEECH:33] check and you can agree to talk to the 
        FOLLOWERS OF THE APOCALYPSE for him to join.
      ) Fast travel to FREESIDE EAST GATE and enter. In the first ruined building
        in the back is JACOB HOFF. Talk to him then head over to MICK AND RALPHS
        and outside is DIXON THE DEALER. Convince DIXON [SPEECH:35] to stop 
        supplying chems to the men. Talk to JACOB again and [SPEECH:50] convince
        him to clean himself up.
      ) Go to the FOLLOWERS OF THE APOCALYPSE compound and talk to JULIE FARKAS
        to get permission for JERRY to join. Fast travel back to RED ROCK CANYON
        and inform JERRY.
      ) Now head up the north pass in the middle of RED ROCK CANYON, this pass 
        leads up to RED ROCK DRUG LAB.
      154. RED ROCK DRUG LAG
      ) JACK and DIANE have set up their little drug center here. Go ahead and
        talk to JACK for info. Convince him and DIANE to side with you against the
        LEGION. You can also talk to JACK about his drug making, and to make
        medical drugs. With your Science and Survival skills you can teach him to
        make a variety of drugs which he will sell in the future. 
      ) Talk to DIANE, and she will start you on the [ABA DABA HONEYMOON] quest.
      ) Fast travel to COTTONWOOD COVE, and right near where you appear, south is
        ANDERS who is hanging on a cross. Take him down, talk to him and return
        to DIANE, and ask for more work. You want to accept her recipe for [TURBO]
        instead of caps. 
      ) Fast travel to the CRIMSON CARAVAN COMPANY and in the main office talk to
        DON HOSTETLER to give a package. Return to DIANE and ask for more work. 
        If HOSTETLER isn't there, like always simply "wait" until he shows up.
      ) Fast travel to RED ROCK CANYON and enter the longhouse and talk to PAPA
        KHAN. Since you have the support of his 4 advisors have him break the
        alliance with the LEGION. Now with a [SPEECH:75] check you can have him 
        decide to make his own glory, choose that option. Now choose option 2, 
        "as long as you aren't working for the LEGION all is good."
      ) Fast travel to VAULT 19 and let SAMUEL COOKE know of the GREAT KHAN 
        agreement, then return to RED ROCK CANYON.
      ) Go west through the GREAT KHAN camp, and a very steep hill heads into 
        the mountains west. Stay left to climb it. BOONE may not make it up, at
        the top save your game and re-load it, that should get him there. Head
        up the path you will run into a lot of CAZADORS as you follow it around
        and then north. 
      ) You will arrive at the CAZADOR nest area where you can find the [PILE OF
        CAZADOR] eggs.
      ) Continue heading north, towards JACOBSTOWN on your map. Swing right 
        around the mountain north towards the main road. More CAZADORS are about.
        At the road head west into JACOBSTOWN.
      155. JACOBSTOWN
      ) As you approach the SUPERMUTANT town of JACOBSTOWN, 2 guards await at 
        the road entrance. Right near the is a hollowed-out rock you can search.
      ) Entering the town you will meet MARCUS the leader, talk with him for info.
        The town is divided into some bungalows, and the main building. 
      ) Search the bungalows for a [NUKA-COLA VICTORY] and [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN]
        along with misc loot.
      ) Enter the main building, to pick up the [SNOW GLOBE-MT CHARLESTON] on the
        front desk. Misc temp skill books are in the upstairs rooms.
      ) In the clinic, talk to DR. HENRY and you can get the [GUESS WHO I SAW
        TODAY] quest. Head outside and talk with LILY the NIGHTKIN near the pen.
        She won't join you, but its fun to talk to her.
      ) Fast travel to JACOBSTOWN (saves walking to the entrance) and now go 
        north around the outside of the fence towards the rear of JACOBSTOWN and
        up the mountain to the CHARLESTON CAVE.
      ) At the entrance to the cave is a hollowed-out rock, usually its empty.
      ) Inside, there are various cloaked NIGHTSTALKERS, you'll have a hard time
        V.A.T.S. targeting them, so maybe whip out an unarmed or melee weapon or
        wait for them to appear when they attack. 
      ) In the southwest cavern you'll find the body of a dead NIGHTKIN, who has
        a [CHEWED STEALTHBOY] on him, and the unique supersledge [OH BABY!] lying
        next to him. 
      ) In the back area of the caves, through some radioactive water is a locked
        door, behind which is a stash of loot, temp skill books, and a [POST-WAR
        AUDIO LOG] from an old survivalist.
      ) Fast traveling back to JACOBSTOWN entrance usually has MARCUS approaching
        saying that some NCR troopers are harassing the town (this happens the
        2nd time you appear in JACOBSTOWN). Head east to the NCR troopers and with
        a [SPEECH:65] check tell them to go away. Talk to MARCUS again to finish.
      ) Return back to DR. HENRY in JACOBSTOWN with the Stealthboy, but that line
        of work is a failure. Go talk to LILY and then back to the Doctor to start
        his experiment. Afterwards, KEENE breaks in to steal the prototype
      ) Pass a [SPEECH:80] check to have KEENE back down, then pass a high 
        [SCIENCE:90] check to have the Doctor use NIGHTSTALKERS to experiment on.
        (use a skillbook for this if you want) but this isn't a necessary speech
        choice, you can simply pick another ending. 
      ) Exit and fast travel to THE THORN and turn in your CAZADOR Egg Pile to 
        RED LUCY. You now have the task of getting DEATHCLAW Eggs. If you haven't
        already gotten them from QUARRY JUNCTION go there to the MOTHER DEATHCLAW
        next and get the [DEATHCLAW EGG PILE]. 
      ) Return to RED LUCY to complete the quest. You can now follow her back to
        her room to sleep with her. When she changes into a nighty you can click
        on the bed to sleep with her. If you don't want to do this of course don't
        worry about it. You should have the unique hunting shotgun [DINNER BELL]
        in your inventory.
      ) Exiting THE THORN head north and just at the gate you'll register WESTSIDE
        SOUTH ENTRANCE. Don't go in, instead head west, exit the town over the
        barricade then head north, we will enter WESTSIDE from WESTSIDE WEST 
      157. WESTSIDE
      ) There are 2 entrances to WESTSIDE, the West and South entrance, when 
        fast traveling to WESTSIDE you can pick either location. There are a few
        buildings in the WESTSIDE area
      ) NORTH CISTERN. A small building with a clean water source. 
      ) WESTSIDE CO-OP. A small store that sells misc items and some temp skill
        magazines. Run by ETIENNE.
      ) KLAMATH BOB'S LIQUOR STORE. misc items, a [NUKA-COLA VICTORY] at freezer.
      ) Find and enter MIGUEL'S PAWN SHOP. There are a few decent weapons you
        can steal off his shelves. In the back is KELLER. KELLER is a NCR spy who
        is trying to catch SGT. CONTRERAS. Talk to him and give some passphrases,
        with an [INT/PER:7] check tell KELLER he didn't give the correct response.
        Pass a [SPEECH:70] check to bluff your way out of the situation.
      ) Leave and go across the street to the CASA MADRID APARTMENTS. A trio of
        prostitutes work there, JIMMY, SWEETIE, and MAUDE. Their pimp PRETTY 
        SARAH stands at the entrance. A few temp skill books lay about the rooms.
      ) On the first floor find SAINT JAMES and talk to him about the missing
        people. In his room take the [TEDDY BEAR] from his bed. Down the hall
        enter the room of DERMOT and take [DERMOT'S LEDGER] off the table. Read
        the ledger, then hunt down DERMOT and SAINT JAMES and confront them. They
        attack, so kill them. 
      ) Return to PRETTY SARAH and tell her what they were doing. 
      ) Fast travel to AEROTECH OFFICE PARK and inform CAPTAIN PARKER of the 
      ) Fast travel to CAMP MCCARRAN and head to the supply area and talk to SGT.
        CONTRERAS. He will want you to kill KELLER, but convince him to work with
        KELLER [SPEECH:80/BARTER:70]. Return to KELLER and convince him also
        [SPEECH:80/BARTER:80]. Return back to CONTRERAS to complete the quest and
        receive the unique rifle [THE MACHINE]. He will upgrade his inventory.
      ) Make sure you have a [STEALTHBOY] and fast travel to GUN RUNNERS. Have
        BOONE wait at the booth, while you activate the [STEALTHBOY], crouch, 
        unlock the entrance gate and enter the building. Sneak straight ahead into
        the workshop and in the back on the right access the terminal for the
        [WEAPON PLANS]. Swipe the couple guns on the workbenches and exit the 
      ) Report back to CRIMSON CARAVAN COMPANY to ALICE MCLAFFERTY and turn in the
        [WEAPON PLANS]. Exit the facility, and head north. We want to enter the
      ) FREESIDE is divided into 2 parts, north and south. The north part we have
        been in already, composed of MICKY AND RALPHS, and OLD MORMON FORT. There
        is a hidden building here also. Heading south from NORTH GATE directly
        ahead is the blue car gate into south FREESIDE. Turn right before it, and
        head northwest all the way around the rubble of FREESIDE, and in the far
        back you will come upon a RUINED STORE. It is locked.
      ) To the right of the RUINED STORE is a pile of rubble, there is actually a
        path through it, which leads into a rear hidden area that contains a 
        building, the CERULEAN ROBOTICS.
      ) This long forgotten building has a few GIANT RATS roaming about and some
        destroyed PROTECTRON robots. A [LYING CONGRESSIONAL STYLE] lies on the
        floor, and a [TERMINAL PASSKEY] is locked inside a tool cabinet. You will
        see a terminal and a PROTECTRON robot inside a case, but you cannot 
        access it...yet.
      ) Head back to the blue car gate near OLD MORMON FORT and enter the gate 
        into southern FREESIDE.
      159. FREESIDE  (south side)
      ) FREESIDE is the home of the KINGS, and right on the left you can see the
        KING'S SCHOOL OF IMPERSONATION. The main road leads south into NEW VEGAS
        STRIP, and on the right you see a big FREESIDE sign leading down a side
      ) Go ahead and head down the side street on the right, and go past the
        casinos to the last building on the right, where BILL RONTE is. Talk to 
        him, let him know DIXON THE DEALER is dead, and convince him to clean 
        himself up.
      ) Head to the KING'S SCHOOL OF IMPERSONATION. This is a 3 level building
        but there isn't really any need to go upstairs, not much in the rooms to 
        loot except outfits. Talk with PACER at the entrance, a [SPEECH:60] check
        gets you into the room to see THE KING.
      ) Talk to THE KING, and asking for work he will start the [G.I. BLUES]
        quest line.
      ) Exit, and fast travel to FREESIDE NORTH GATE and enter. Just inside is the
        mercenary ORRIS. Talk to ORRIS to hire him for 200 caps, and follow him
        south through north FREESIDE, and into south FREESIDE. He will dodge some
        shady characters only to kill them around the corner. [INT:6] ask him 
        how he killed 4 people with 3 shots, then check the bodies [MEDICINE:30]
        to see that they are not dead. 
      ) Go back to THE KING and inform him ORRIS is a fake. He gives you a 2nd 
        task to check on NCR attacks. 
      ) Head to OLD MORMON FORT and talk to ROY and WAYNE about the attacks. Now
        go tell THE KING what they said. He sends you back to OLD MORMON FORT and
        now talk to JULIE FARKAS who sends you to talk to ELIZABETH. 
      ) Go to the northwest around the rubble of FREESIDE back to the RUINED STORE
        we went past earlier. There are now 2 guards at it. Talk to the left guard
        to pass a [SPEECH:30] check to enter. Inside talk to ELIZABETH.
      ) Return to the KING'S SCHOOL OF IMPERSONATION, and inside PACER will stop
        you. Make him pay you to keep quiet. Talk to THE KING and you'll be 
        interrupted. There is fighting at the train station. Have BOONE wait with
        THE KING, go alone back to ELIZABETH. At the station head around back
        ignoring the fighting and talk to ELIZABETH near the tower to stop the
        fight. Return to THE KING to finish the quest.
      ) You can talk about his dog REX and how to fix him. Head to OLD MORMON
        FORT and talk to JULIE FARKAS, she mentions DR. HENRY in JACOBSTOWN. Tell
        THE KING, and he lets you have REX as a companion. 
      ) Fast travel to JACOBSTOWN with REX, and talk with DR. HENRY on how to 
        fix him. Now fast travel to GIBSONS SCRAP YARD and talk with OLD LADY 
        GIBSON on using REY'S brain to fix REX. [BARTER:70] to get it. 
      ) Return to JACOBSTOWN and have DR. HENRY fix REX. A nice new pet. 
         FREESIDE  (south side, part 2)
      ) Head back to FREESIDE and head down to the SILVER RUSH store. You will
        be taken of weapons while you enter. Inside, there is a ton of loot you
        can steal, all without karma penalty. Stealthily loot the store, pick
        the rear door lock and loot the back and upstairs. 
      ) Talk to GLORIA VAN GRAFF for info, and ask for work. She will make you
        a door guard, starting the [BIRDS OF A FEATHER] quest. Head outside talk
        to the door guard to start. 5 people will gradually appear for you to 
        1) Drunk guy, send him away nicely
        2) Customer, search him and let him enter
        3) Stubborn customer.. search him, pass [SPEECH:65] check and let him in.
        4) Bomber. search him, refuse him entrance and he will attack. Kill him.
        5) PACER. When asked to deliver a notice, you can agree or ask him why he
           doesn't do it himself
      ) Report back to GLORIA, she will send you east of the city to deliver a
        package. Fast travel to RAUL'S SHACK and head southwest towards the map
        marker. Once there, you'll probably have to "wait" until the mark shows
        up. Once he appears give the package then [SPEECH:75] to get extra caps.
      ) Once back at GLORIA, you'll have to talk to JEAN-BAPTISTE for your 3rd
      ) Leave and go to the ATOMIC WRANGLER casino. This is a large multi level
        building staffed with guards. They often follow you around to keep you out
        of sensitive areas. You can win up to 5000 chips before the limit. Its 
        good to gamble some, you'll get items for winning, plus reaching the limit
        of each casino is a quest. 
      ) Talk to FRANCINE GARRETT for info and to get work. [SPEECH:50] will get
        you more caps. Talk also to JAMES GARRET who will also give you work and
        a [SPEECH:50] check will get you more caps. You can also arrange JAMES to
        help with the FOLLOWERS OF THE APOCALYPSE supplies, and donate caps for
        him to increase your FAME in the area (not needed, you will already get
        idolized easy).
      ) Talk to HENRY JAMISON in the casino and have him quit his job for the
        CRIMSON CARAVAN COMPANY. [SPEECH:50/BARTER:50] will get extra caps.
      ) Exit the casino and head south near the NEW VEGAS strip, NORTH GATE. West
        of there talk to LADY JANE. [PER:7] tells shes lying and you get the caps.
        Also talk to OLD BEN nearby [SPEECH:50] to work for the casino.
      ) Head into north FREESIDE OLD MORMON FORT and talk to BEATRIX RUSSELL with
        [SPEECH:35/BARTER:35] to work at the casino. Talk to JULIE FARKAS to agree
        to the casino agreement.
      ) Exit the fort, head south and east around the back of it and talk to 
        GRECKS to get caps. [SPEECH:40] for extra caps. Don't need his clothes.
      ) Head in the back of the ruins across from MICKY'S AND RALPHS to talk to
        SANTIAGO, another SPEECH check, and the last of the 3 debts. 
      ) Go all the way around the rubble NW back to the CERULEAN ROBOTICS. Now
        enter the room with the PROTECTRON and activate the console, programming
        it for sex work. Talk to FISTO and afterwards send him to the casino. 
      ) Head back to the ATOMIC WRANGLER and talk to FRANCINE and JAMES, passing
        any needed [SPEECH or BARTER] checks and finish up their 2 quests. 
        FRANCINE now wants you to kill CALEB MCCAFFERY at the VEGAS STRIP.
      ) Fast travel to CRIMSON CARAVAN COMPANY and talk to ALICE MCLAFFERTY to
        turn in JAMISON'S part of the quest.
      ) Clear out BOONES inventory except for his weapon armor and dismiss him. 
        We are going to get a new companion for a while, CASS, so send BOONE home.
      ) Fast travel to MOJAVE OUTPOST and enter the barracks and talk to CASS. 
        [SPEECH:75] have her sell her company, then ask her to join you. Talk and
        exhaust all her speech options. 
      ) Fast travel to GRUB N' GULP RESTSTOP and head southwest following the
        power lines until you find CASSIDY CARAVAN WRECKAGE.
      ) Not much is left of this old caravan ambush. CASSIDY will comment on the
        wreckage, and suggest you check a 2nd caravan site.
      ) Fast travel to WESTSIDE WEST ENTRANCE and head northwest into the flat-
        land. CAZADORS might be about so just watch yourself. Just past the big
        billboard on the road is GRIFFIN WARES SACKED CARAVAN.
      ) Another ambushed caravan area. CASSIDY will examine it with you and 
        comment on it. A map note leads you to another area. 
      ) Before we continue we will hit a few spots in the northwest since we are
        up here. Look to the west and far up on the hillside you can see a white
        house. Head west up there, to the FOLLOWERS SAFEHOUSE. We don't have the
        key yet, so just get it registered on your map. 
      ) Head northeast, hugging the mountains to the left, and once near the road
        go north, you will run into the small farm BROOKS TUMBLEWEED RANCH.
      ) Before heading into the house, go to the cattle pen where a NIGHTKIN is
        hidden. He is trying to jip you from your caps so go ahead and kill the
        slimy monster.
      ) Inside the house you can find a [CATTLE PROD] along with a [LYING
      ) Leaving the farm head east, and you will come upon a MERCENARY CAMP. One
        of them olds the unique [YCS/186] Gauss Rifle. Take them out and head
      ) Now head to the southwest and you will find the start of the winding road
        that leads to JACOBSTOWN. Head up the road, and near a "157" road marker
        to the right is a group of BIGHORNERS you can kill, and the entrance to
      163. RUBY HILL MINE
      ) There is a hollowed-out rock to the right of the entrance.
      ) RUBY HILL MINE is a LAKELURK lair, a dozen of them are spread about the
        cavern. The entrance area has a ground and upstairs part, both eventually
        lead back to a water filled rear cavern. 
      ) At the rear area, there are some explosives crates about you can loot,
        along with a dead JACKAL gang member corpse which has [PUSHY] a unique
        Displacer Glove, a great unarmed weapon. 
      ) Under the water you can find the body of a SUPER MUTANT BRUTE which you 
        can loot usually for heavy weapons.
      ) Exit the mine and continue up the road. There are more BIGHORNERS about,
        and at another "157" sign head right towards the next mine, SILVER PEAK
      ) This mine is inhabited by cave CAZADOR, many of them, and including the
        LEGENDARY CAZADOR. A small entrance room has misc items including a
        [TUMBLERS TODAY] hidden on the floor of a locker.
      ) Enter the main cave area, the left path leads nowhere, so head right into
        the main chamber, there will be many CAZADORS about. After fighting and
        killing them all, there is another exit from the main chamber, follow it
        up to the top ledge, a storage cage is at the back. Inside is a [REMNANTS
        POWER HELMET]. 
      ) Leave and continue up the road. SAVE YOUR GAME. This area is highly
        terrain bugged, you can get stuck very easy. Head southward you'll see 2
        encounter areas up ahead. Stay right, and just over a cliff buff at the
        bottom is the entrance to REMNANT'S BUNKER. Just get it on the map you
        cannot go in yet. 
      ) Continue east up some steep rocks (this is where you can get stuck easy),
        and on the other side drop down into RANGER STATION FOXTROT.
      ) The last of your Ranger Station outposts to visit. In the tent a [DUCK AND
        COVER] is on the table. 
      ) Talk to COMM OFFICER LENK to give the final upgrade codes. You can chat
        to get a little background info. 
      ) Fast travel to EAST PUMP STATION and head northeast over the wooden 
        bridge walkway. In the middle is another caravan ambush area, the DURABLE
      ) When you get to this looted caravan site, CASS will finally make the 
        connection between the ambushed caravans. The CRIMSON CARAVAN company and
        the VAN GRAFFS have been doing it. CASS wants to kill them, MAKE SURE TO
        SUGGEST A PEACEFUL APPROACH. We will gather evidence.
      ) Fast travel to CRIMSON CARAVAN COMPANY, and enter the main office. Talk
        to ALICE MCLAFFERTY to complete the caravan quest, and she gives you
        another one. Make sure to stealth-steal the [EVIDENCE NOTE] in her safe.
      ) Fast travel to the SUNSET SARSAPARILLA HEADQUARTERS, go around behind it
        and enter the factory doors. Right in front of you is the Bottle machine,
        examine it and break down its parts. 
      ) Return to ALICE MCLAFFERTY to finish the quest.
      ) Travel to FREESIDE and head towards the SILVER RUSH. MAKE SURE TO KEEP 
        CASS OUTSIDE! Enter, quickly head to the back room and take the [EVIDENCE
        NOTE] from the safe. 
      ) Exit, get CASS and talk to her to show her the evidence. Fast travel now
        to the MOJAVE OUTPOST and enter the Headquarters to talk to RANGER JACKSON
        and give him the evidence. CASS will say her quest is complete and that
        this was the best option.
      ) Fast travel to CAMP FORLORN HOPE and report to TECH SERGEANT REYES that
        you upgraded all the codes. She need confirmation on strange reports, so
        yea to the 3 Ranger Stations noted to confirm them.
        Once done, return to TECH SERGEANT REYES and report. Seems CHIEF HANLON is
        doing something bad. 
      ) Fast travel to CAMP GOLF and enter the main building, and go find CHIEF
        HANLON on his balcony from 8am-7pm. We want to stealth-steal his [RANGER
        SEQUOIA] pistol. Steal his ammo first, exit and re-enter the door then
        steal his pistol. Give the pistol to a companion otherwise you won't be
        able to keep it. 
      ) Talk to CHIEF HANLON and tell him you know hes been falsifying reports. He
        wants to talk to you in his office on the first floor. Head down and save
        your game before you talk to him. Talk to him, and turn him in. Leave and 
        go to the main entrance, he will lock the door and get on the intercom.
        Go back to his office, once he kills himself, open the door, go in and
        you can steal a SECOND [RANGER SEQUOIA] pistol on the floor. 
      ) Ok, just kidding! I really like the old man. If you want to not kill him
        reload and tell him you'll ignore what hes doing. You get to keep his
        first pistol and he lives. If not, you can keep him dead and keep both
      ) Fast travel, and head back to FREESIDE. Whats this? Your being attacked,
        seems the VAN GRAFFS don't want to keep this peaceful. Kill any foes in
        the street then head over to the SILVER RUSH. VAN GRAFF guards will exit
        to attack you. Mow them down, then head inside and finish off the 
        murdering VAN GRAFFS. When finished, clear and loot the building.
      ) Now head south towards THE STRIP NORTH GATE. The Security robots will
        stop you asking for your pass, a [SCIENCE:80] check bypasses their 
        security protocol. Enter the STRIP NORTH GATE.
      ) NEW VEGAS STRIP is actually divided into 3 parts, separated by gates. I 
        will note them as STRIP NORTH, STRIP CENTER, STRIP SOUTH.
      167. STRIP NORTH
      ) STRIP NORTH has 2 main areas, the LUCKY 38 and the GOMORRAH casino. As 
        you enter STRIP NORTH a SECURITRON will approach and informs you that MR.
        HOUSE wants you to go talk to him. Talk to the SECURITRON robot in front
        of the entrance doors and they will retract. 
      ) Enter LUCKY 38. The abandoned casino has 4 levels. Feel free to explore 
        where you want, there is some loot in the back rooms and many misc items
        CASINO FLOOR. The cashier area has some locked items and safes to search.
                      Above the cashier cage is the VIP area where you can find
                      the GOLDEN GLOVES unique boxing weapon.
        PENTHOUSE. Talk to VICTOR who will send you up to talk to MR. HOUSE. JANE
                      is right at the elevator, she will take your SNOWGLOBES. Go
                      talk to MR. HOUSE, all dialog options for info and this 
                      starts [THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS] quest. You need to find 
        PRESIDENTIAL SUITE. You are given this area as a home if you want. It has
                      beds, containers, and you can actually keep your companions
                      here. You can use the terminal to purchase additional items
                      for your area.
        COCKTAIL LOUNGE. You can find some misc loot about the area, and there is
                      the [TEST SITE SNOWGLOBE] behind one of the cash registers.
      ) Head out and over to the GOMORRAH casino. Standing outside is MR. HOLDOUT
        who has a variety of "holdout" weapons that can be snuck into casinos. 
        CALEB MCCAFFERY is near the south gate, talk with him [SPEECH:40] to 
        convince him to pay up what he owes and get his hat as proof. 
      ) Enter the GOMORRAH. This is a vary large casino, so run about and get the
        feel of it. The main casino is 3 levels, lower levels, ground floor and
        the upper suites. Through the very back is the 2 level Courtyard. Do not
        worry about entering off-limit areas now, we can come back later.
        CASINO/ENTRY. As you enter the GOMORRAH your weapons are held until you 
                     leave. Go ahead and gamble some, like all the casinos you
                     want to max your wins for items and quests. 
        BRIMSTONE CLUB. Past the CASINO is the BRIMSTONE CLUB. Go through the
                     club and out the back into the COURTYARD.
        COURTYARD. A 2 level garden area, when you enter usually JOANA is nearby.
                     Talk to her, and [MEDICINE:50] you can diagnose her addiction
                     which will start the [BYE BYE LOVE] quest. Also in the 
                     Courtyard is DAZZLE, who you can ask about WHITE who you are
                     investigating, and she will give you new info. 
        LOWER LEVELS. Nothing to do quite yet, but you can roam about and see that
                     they are a large area.
        SUITES LEVEL. Don't worry about this area, we will thoroughly explore here
                     later, plus they might get mad if you poke about.
      ) Now head through the south gate into STRIP CENTER.
      168. STRIP CENTER
      ) 3 buildings are in the center area, the LVB STATION on the left, the 
        ULTRA-LUXE past it, and THE TOPS across the street.
      ) Enter the LVB STATION on the left. An NCR trooper will stop and have a
        conversation with you when you enter the main area. There isn't really
        much to do here.
      ) Head over to the ULTRA-LUXE casino next. You can gamble up to the house
        limit like the other casinos. Get a high enough win and you will get a 
        [BON VIVANT SUITE] key for a room upstairs. 
        LOBBY/CASINO. The entrance area, some gambling if you want. We need to 
                      talk to a man at the bar, HECK GUNDERSON, who's son is 
                      missing. Agree to help find him. Head past the cages, to the
                      lobby and left to the entrance to the restaurant. 
        GOURMAND RESTAURANT. Talk to MARJORIE at the front desk, she will inform
                      you of the WHITE GLOVE SOCIETY background. DO NOT LIE and
                      say your a cannibal also. She sends you to talk to MORTIMER.
                      Head to the lobby front desk and talk to MORTIMER. Ask about
                      the investigator and he says hes upstairs in his room and 
                      you get the key. Talk about cannibalism and you an pass a
                      [SPEECH:62] check to have him reveal his evil plans. 
                      Lie to him about helping, and he will give you multiple keys
                      to other areas. 
        ULTRA-LUXE HOTEL ROOMS. Head down the other hallway to the entrance to the
                      hotel rooms. Upstairs open the first door on the right and
                      enter the investigators room. 2 [WHITE GLOVES] come in and
                      attack. Kill them then search the dead investigator body for
                      a [MATCHBOOK]. Reading it says.. "steam room 4pm"
        BATHHOUSE. Find the bathhouse area of the hotel. SAVE YOUR GAME this area
                      is a little buggy. The Steam Room is a small room just off
                      the bath area. Wait until 4pm and talk to CHAUNCEY when he
                      appears. Talk to him, but afterwards an ASSASSIN kills him.
                      Kill the ASSASSIN.
       ) Enter the GOURMAND area again, put on your [FORMAL WEAR] and [FORMAL 
         MASK] you got from the 2 WHITE GLOVE attackers, and enter the lower
         kitchen area. Move towards the kitchen area, if you are stopped make a
         [SPEECH:55] check to bluff your way through. 
       ) At the kitchen talk to PHILIPPE the cook, you can pass a [MEDICINE:50]
         check to diagnose him. He gives you his recipes and keys. Take your 
         companions in the back room and have them wait out of sight. Click on
         the oven and cook up the recipe, then click on the intercom to call the
         Head Waiter to serve it. Hide somewhere out of sight while the waiter
         takes the food and goes up to the dining area.
       ) After he leaves, police up your companions and unlock the freezer area to
         release TED GUNDERSON. Now head up the back stairs towards the MEMBERS
         ONLY DINING AREA, save your game, and enter. If TED asks who is behind
         the attack simply respond you do not know. We don't want to alienate the
         real WHITE GLOVE members.
         MEMBERS ONLY AREA. When you enter, you want to have your companions wait
                      at the doorway so they don't wander. Stay stealthed while
                      MORTIMER makes his long speech, when hes done run up to him
                      (hes just on the right past the bar) and talk to him, 
                      loudly exposing his fake. He runs off afterwards. Now talk 
                      to MARJORIE to complete the quest for much FAME.
       ) Return to the casino with TED, and talk to his father a couple times. 
         When asked say "You do not know who did it", you will complete that 
         quest, and earn FAME.
       ) Now you can finish gambling if you want, or head across the street to
         THE TOPS casino.
         CASINO/LOBBY. Like all the casinos your weapons are taken upon entering.
                      Talk to SWANK at the front desk about BENNIE, and pass 3
                      [SPEECH:15/30/45] checks, then show him your 3 pieces of
                      evidence. Have him keep BENNY busy while your search his
         FLOOR 13. Head to the elevators on the 1st floor and head up to FLOOR 13.
                      There are numerous locked room doors, you can unlock them 
                      but not really much loot about. Enter BENNYS SUITE, and in
                      the back is YES MAN, a robot you can get info from, along 
                      with starting the [WILD CARD] questlines.
                      Return to talk to SWANK, then have him send BENNY to his 
                      room. Return to BENNY'S SUITE and "wait" a couple hours 
                      until he arrives, then talk to him for info. Refuse his
                      offers and kill the lunatic. JUSTICE IS SERVED... BABY! The
                      quest is complete. Before we head out there are a few other
                      areas of the casino, plus make sure to gamble if you want.
         ACES THEATER. On the 2nd floor of the casino, talk to TOMMI TORINI to 
                      start the [TALENT POOL] quest, and [BARTER:50] for a 5% cut.
         COURTYARD. Behind the casino ground floor, just an outdoor pool area.
         PRESIDENTIAL SUITE. Accessible from the casino floor in the back, there
                      are a few skill books and a [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED] about.
                      You get the key off BENNY'S corpse.
         RESTAURANT. Not much here except 5 [NUKA-COLA QUARTZ] in the Kitchen.
       ) Exit the casino and VULPES INCULTA in disguise approaches giving you the
         [MARK OF CAESAR] and says CAESAR wants to meet you. 
       ) Report back to MR. HOUSE, turn over the [PLATINUM CHIP] and he will send
         you into the basement to watch his SECURITRON update, and bring you back
         afterwards. You will then get the 2nd part of [THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS]
       ) Head south into the third section of THE STRIP, STRIP SOUTH.
      169. STRIP SOUTH
       ) The STRIP SOUTH holds 3 areas, VAULT 21, NCR EMBASSY and MICHAEL ANGELOS
       ) Enter the VAULT 21 gift shop door on the right. You will be in the 
         entry room where SARAH greets you. Go ahead and talk to SARAH and go 
         through her dialog choices. You can pass [SPEECH:50/75] checks to flirt
         with her, she also wants you to collect [VAULT SUITS] for her. The 
         100 locked terminal at the desk is worthless, you can get the same info
         at an easy terminal downstairs.
         NOTE: She will not accept Armored, Security, Utility, lab, or stolen.
       ) Accept her advice for a tour, and she will show you through VAULT 21. 
         Once she finishes in the lower area, go ahead and explore, there are a
         couple things to do here. [SNOWGLOBE-THE STRIP] is in SARAH'S room, and
         in the far southwest area talk to CARLITOS to continue with the [BYE BYE
         LOVE] quest.
       ) Exit, grab your store of VAULT SUITS and return, giving them to SARAH.
         If you leave and re-enter you'll have the option to sleep with her.
       ) Next head to MICHAEL ANGELO'S WORKSHOP. This small work area has an 
         upper catwalk, and the lower work area. In the rear area MICHAEL ANGELO
         is working. A [SCHEMATICS-BILLBOARD] is on a table. Talking to him you
         can pass a [MEDICINE:55] check to diagnose his condition, and more 
         dialog will get his [CLASSIC INSPIRATION] quest. 
       ) Since we have been to his places, lets do his quest right quick. Travel
         to the following 5 locations and take a picture (it will register) with
         the camera he gives you. Then return and turn in the pictures.
         1) BISON STEVE HOTEL. Take a picture of the sign on top of the building,
            not the revolving one in front.
         2) NOVAC. The Dinosaur Thermometer 
         3) HELIOS ONE. The sign over the main doors.
         4) CAMP MCCARRAN. The sign over the entrance.
         5) SUNSET SARSAPARILLA HEADQUARTERS.  The big bottle sign at the front.
       ) Lastly we will go over to the NCR EMBASSY. There are 2 buildings there,
         the EMBASSY and the POLICE HQ. Some basic loot is in the POLICE HQ so
         loot it if you want, then enter the NCR EMBASSY.
       ) In the EMBASSY just head left down the hall to the Ambassadors room, the
         other people in the building don't do much. Talk to AMBASSADOR CROCKER
         and after some info he will give you the [THINGS THAT GO BOOM] quest.
       ) Fast travel to NELLIS AIRFORCE BASE and talk to PEARL into helping fight
         the LEGION. Return to CROCKER afterwards. He will now give you the [KINGS
         GAMBIT] quest.
       ) Go talk to THE KING, he refuses, so talk to AMBASSADOR CROCKER again. 
         Head to CAMP MCCARRAN and talk to COLONEL HSU to help. Return to THE KING
         and there will be a confrontation with PACER. When he spazzes out kill
         PACER. Talk to AMBASSADOR CROCKER afterwards to clear up the problem.
       ) Lets hit a few areas out of the city now to clear up a few spots. Fast
         travel to NEW VEGAS STEEL. We are going in FIEND area so get ready to 
         take them out. Just west is the entrance into SOUTH VEGAS RUINS.
      170. SOUTH VEGAS RUINS (east entrance)
       ) SOUTH VEGAS RUINS is a contained FIEND camp located in some ruins. It has
         a few entrances, you'll enter through the SOUTH VEGAS RUINS EAST. There
         are a dozen or so FIENDS about, so clear out the ruins area. 
       ) You can enter a small building ZAPPS NEON SIGNS, which is the main area
         FIEND camp. It has a large group of raiders inside, along with trapped
         stairs and [FRAG MINES] laid about, be careful. Personally, a grenade
         tossed down the stairs will clear out a lot. 2 [NUKA-COLA QUARTZ] sit on
         a shelf.
       ) VAULT 3 entrance is also in the ruins, but we will come back to that. 
         Exit the ruins to the northwest, where you will be at the SOUTH VEGAS
         RUINS WEST entrance. SAVE YOUR GAME
      171. SOUTH VEGAS RUINS (west entrance)
       ) Right in front of you to the north when you exit is a small ruined 
         building housing FIENDS, along with COOK-COOK, one of your FIEND targets.
         Take out COOK-COOK and get his head. (try not to headshoot him).
       ) Look to the northwest, you'll want to head up the mountains there, there
         will be some CAZADORS about. Follow the encounter arrow to a small shack,
       ) A small shack, misc loot is found within. A door in the back of the
         shack leads down into the lower bootlegging area. Some weapons can be
         found along with a [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE] on the table.
       ) Exit the shack and head west towards the Ranger Station. About half-way
         there you'll see a dufflebag guarded by CAZADORS. 
       ) Fast travel back to SOUTH VEGAS RUINS WEST entrance, and head southwest.
         You'll see the a gas station, and to the left a Camper Trailer park. Go
         to the Trailer park to find your 2nd FIEND target, VIOLET. She has a 
         pack of wild dogs which will attack. 
       ) Kill VIOLET, making sure to take her head, and loot the area, most of her
         loot is on the top level area. Now head north over to the gas station
       ) Really just a marker on the map, there are a couple items in the police
         car in front.
       ) Leave and go southwest following the road. Right where the road curves
         left is a hollowed-out rock, CHANCE'S MAP.
      174. CHANCE'S MAP
       ) This is where CHANCE carved a map of the NEW VEGAS wasteland in the dirt,
         using items to represent areas of interest and groups. The hollowed-out
         rock usually contains ammo.
       ) Head southeast towards the small hill area, and in a groove over the 
         hill is NOPAH CAVE. There are FIRE GECKO'S in the area.
      175. NOPAH CAVE. 
       ) A FIRE GECKO lair, NOPAH CAVE has about a dozen FIRE GECKOS lairing in it
         and you can find the body of a dead SUPER MUTANT MASTER who carries a
         [FAT MAN]. A dufflebag lies nearby also.
       ) From the cave head east towards some ruined buildings, your 3rd FIEND
         leader is inside. Wipe out the FIENDS in the area, and take the head of
         FIEND DRIVER NEPHI. NEPHI carries a unique golf club [NEPHI'S GOLF
       ) Fast travel to CAMP MCCARRAN and talk to MAJOR DHATRI. Turn in the 3 
         heads of the FIENDS to complete his quest [THREE-CARD BOUNTY]. You can
         talk to the various named NCR troopers who thank you.
       ) We now want to find the 4 talent people to hire for the TOPS casino. 
         1) Fast travel to NOVAC and talk to BRUCE ISAAC, in his 2nd floor room.
         2) Fast travel to EL DORADO DRY LAKE and east by a billboard talk to THE
            LONESOME DRIFTER. Pass [BARTER:50] check to get [MYSTERIOUS MAGNUM].
            This cool unique gun was the firearm of THE MYSTERIOUS STRANGER! It 
            comes with its own theme music.
         3) Fast travel to FREESIDE, inside the ATOMIC CASINO talk to HADRIAN.
            Wait at the stage until 2pm until GARRETT shows up, then [SPEECH:50/
            BARTER:50] to release HADRIAN from his contract. While you are here
            talk to FRANCINE GARRETT to turn in [CALEB MCCAFFERY HAT]. 
         4) Head back to the TOPS casino, and just outside is BILLY KNIGHT.
         Once you have all 4 head in and talk to TOMMY TORINI to finish the quest
         at the TOPS.
       ) Head to the GOMORRAH casino STRIP NORTH and back at the Courtyard area 
         talk to JOANA again about leaving with her girls and CARLITOS is going
         to help.
       ) Ok rest up, repair we are heading into the main FIEND base. Fast travel
         to VAULT 3 and enter. 
      176. VAULT 3
       ) The main FIEND raider base. As you enter, a FIEND guard stops you. A
         [SPEECH:65] check lets you pass, say your delivering the GREAT KHAN 
         package. At this point, a couple FIENDS are enemies at the start, but
         the rest in the base are neutral. 
       ) Follow the guards instructions, we will work from the bottom up. Do not
         attack anyone who isn't hostile. Go through the door behind her, then
         keep going right and down until you hit the MAINTENANCE level. Far in
         the back of that level you will find MOTOR-RUNNER, the FIEND leader. Talk
         to him to turn in the GREAT KHAN package. Its now time to clear out the
         FIENDS once and for all. 
         MAINTENANCE WING. Start wasting the FIENDS, starting with MOTOR-RUNNER, 
                  his dogs and guards. Then proceed to kill every FIEND and loot
                  what you want. In a locker in MOTOR-RUNNERS room is the [REVERSE
                  PULSE CLEANER] of the BROTHERHOOD.
         LIVING QUARTERS. There are many FIENDS, many rooms and places to search. 
                  You will find numerous medicines, drugs, temp skill books, and
                  misc items through the level. A [CHINESE ARMY SPECIAL TRAINING
                  MANUAL] is on a bookshelf in a carpeted bedroom. There are a 
                  couple prisoners in the main room in a cage you can unlock.
         RECREATION LEVEL. Same, lots of FIENDS and places to loot. One storage
                  room has a [NUKA-COLA QUARTZ and VICTORY] in a box.
       ) When finished in VAULT 3, exit and fast travel to RED ROCK DRUG LAB and
         talk to DIANE to turn in her final quest. You'll learn the KHAN TRICK
         fighting maneuver.
       ) Fast travel to HIDDEN VALLEY and enter the complex. Go down to the bottom
         level and turn in your items to LORENZO. Now talk to ELDER MCNAMARA to 
         finish the quest, ask to become a member of the BROTHERHOOD, and he will
         assign you a final task. 
       ) Exit the bunker and fast travel to BLACK MOUNTAIN. We want to head around
         back and up to the 2nd level of the broadcast building, then clicking on
         the computer banks to set the device. Return to MCNAMARA after, and he
         rewards you by making you a Paladin of the BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL. You get
         your [POWER ARMOR and HELMET], ask for training, you get the SAFEHOUSE
         key, and new items in the BROTHERHOOD store.
       ) Fast travel to the BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL SAFEHOUSE and you can enter now.
         Go ahead and loot what you want from it. 
       ) Fast travel to COTTONWOOD COVE, and on the dock CURSOR LUCULLUS is in a
         radiation suit, and can take you to the LEGION FORT to meet with CAESAR.
      177. THE (LEGION) FORT
       ) This is the forward base camp of the LEGION, and where CAESAR directs the
         attacks against the NCR. Time to scout out the enemy! THE FORT covers the
         top of the hillside, you can roam about searching tents for loot if you
       ) SIRI is a slave in the kitchen area, who makes [HEALING POWDER], talk to
         her [SURVIVAL:20] skill to improve her recipe.
       ) At the top of the camp, enter the main tent and talk to CAESAR. He wants
         you to explore the VAULT under his camp, and returns the [PLATINUM CHIP].
       ) Talk to VULPES INCULATA who can give you the [FINGER OF SUSPICION] quest.
       ) Talk to LUCIUS, who will give you the [I HEAR YOU KNOCKING] quest to
         repair the howitzer on the cliff. You already have the part, you can fix
         the howitzer or not, doesn't affect anything except gaining some LEGION
         fame. Personally, the LEGION is the enemy, I wouldn't do it. He also
         can teach you the LEGION combat move.
       ) You can talk to OTHO to fight in the ARENA. This only gives LEGION fame
         so you won't need to do it if you do not want. You will have 3 foes to
         fight, armed only with [GLADIATOR ARMOR] and a [MACHETE]. Talk to OTHO
         after each fight.
         1) 2 slaves with machetes
         2) SERGEANT ANDREWS, a captured NCR soldier
         3) RANGER STELLA, captured from RANGER STATION CHARLIE. She uses fists.
       ) Now head southwest to the WEATHER MONITORING STATION, and search inside
         for the control panel to insert the [PLATINUM CHIP]. This opens MR.
         HOUSES Secret Bunker. Head downstairs to the first room to turn off the
         security in the Bunker. A door on the right can be jury-rigged to open
         into a SENTRY BOT room. 
       ) The defenses are down, you can kill off any robots to loot them. In the
         last area you can find the computer mainframe controls to download the
         upgrade program. Return to MR. HOUSE terminal to finish. 
       ) Return to CAESAR who believes you have destroyed the generators. 
       ) Well, here we are, in the center of the enemy main camp. Oh what to do,
         what to do. Of course we aren't going to help the LEGION, so.. YEP! Lets
         kill them. Head back to the starting area near the footlocker where your
         items are stored. And go on a rampage. Clear the LEGION troops, grab the
         key, get your gear, and wipe out the base. Careful, many LEGION troops 
         wear [BALLISTIC FIST] melee weapons, don't let them get close or its 
         going to hurt.
       ) Once you lessen the LEGION forces in the area (haha), fast travel to 
         GRIFFIN WARES SACKED CARAVAN in the northwest, and head northeast to the
         large abandoned farm area HOROWITZ FARMSTEAD.
       ) This large farm consists of some abandoned barns and some buildings.
         A couple CAZADORS usually hang out on the western area, while the eastern
         barn houses 3 VIPER gang members. There are some spread out [FRAG MINES]
         in the area.
       ) Continue heading east for a while, and as you stay near the mountains
         on the left, you'll come upon another ruined brown barn. Head due north
         up the hill and you'll find the NORTHERN PASSAGE.
       ) A non-descript area (used for a add-on mod HONEST HEARTS) there is a
         single grave near the entrance.
       ) Head south, going directly towards the LUCKY 38 tower in the distance.
         Further down the road south you'll run into a small building the SOUTH
      180. SOUTH CISTERN
       ) Just a building holding a watering area, not worth entering. Continue 
         northeast along the outer wall and into a small ruined town area. The 
         larger building there is the H&H TOOLS FACTORY.
      181. H&H TOOLS FACTORY
       ) This was the factory of MR. HOUSE'S half-brother ANTHONY HOUSE. ANTHONY
         kinda went nuts, various terminals have emails between workers and what
       ) There are also many traps and [FRAG MINES] laid out in the Factory, along
         with a couple Gun Turrets and a few ROBOBRAINS and MR. HANDYS. There is
         a bunch of misc loot in the Factory, nothing of any real value.
       ) Head east from the Factory and you'll encounter the entrance to NORTH
         VEGAS SQUARE.
       ) This section of the city is more of the "slums" of the area. An apartment
         called THE GREY is here, along with an entrance to the NORTH SEWERS. 
       ) Of the few inhabitants about, find CRANDON. [SPEECH:45] to start his
         quest. Find the squatters in question, and talk to SQUATTER BILL. [SPEECH
         45] will get them to leave.
       ) Talking with CRANDON again, you need to enter the NORTH SEWERS and find
         GREASY JOHNNY. [SPEECH:65] stops him causing trouble. Return to CRANDON.
       ) Fast travel to the CRIMSON CARAVAN COMPANY and head south to the
         HOSTETLER home and talk to MRS. HOSTETLER. Return to NORTH VEGAS SQUARE
         and find JULES. He says ALICE is in the GREY. You can also pass a [GUNS:
         50 and SURVIVAL:60] and he will give you the [.44 SWC HAND LOAD]
       ) Enter THE GREY apartments, and take a left to ANDY'S ROOM, you need to 
         stealth [LOCKPICK:50] and enter. If there are 2 thugs [SPEECH:70] one
         of them to leave. Take the note [HENCHMAN MESSAGE] which is under the TV.
       ) As you leave, ANDY will confront you [SPEECH:65] to lie to him. Head back
         to the HOSTETLER home, you will confront ALICE inside. [SPEECH:70 /
         INT:7] to stop her. Then [SPEECH:75] to have her make up with her family.
         Finally talk to MRS. HOSTETLER to finish the quest. 
       ) Fast travel to NCR SHARECROPPER FARM and find farmer TRENT BASCOM. Ask
         about CORPORAL WHITE and he sends you on. Pickpocket the NOTE from TRENT
         before you leave. Go talk to LIEUTENANT ROMANOWSKI close by, again learn
         info on WHITE, make sure to pickpocket the [REPRIMAND ORDER] from 
       ) Fast travel to WESTSIDE and find ANDERSON in the CASA MADRID APARTMENTS.
         [INT:6] and convince ANDERSON to turn himself in. Go talk to LT. BOYD
         at CAMP MCCARRAN to finish the quest. Talk to COLONEL HSU downstairs
         to find out ANDERS has returned, and to turn in [MOTOR-RUNNERS HELMET].
       ) Fast travel back to NEW VEGAS, and head to LUCKY 38. In the casino floor
         bug the computer terminal in the VIP section then head outside and talk
         to EMILY ORTAL standing outside. Head back in and up to report to MR.
         HOUSE, complete all dialog options to finish [THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS II]
         quest. Talk to MR. HOUSE again to start, and finish the 3rd part of the
         quest. Again, talk to MR. HOUSE and start the 4th part of his quest.
       ) Leave the LUCKY 38, and talk to EMILY ORTAL for the last time. 
       ) Go to VAULT 21 and talk to CARLITOS. Now head to FREESIDE and inside the
         ATOMIC WRANGLER casino you can find LITTLE BEARD AND BIG BEARD to hire.
         Now head to the GOMORRAH, wait until about midnight then talk to JOANA
         and prepare for the escape. When ready she will head to the lobby, just
         follow her (let her enter the areas first). At the lobby confirm and 
         have her escape (again, let her lead). 
       ) Once outside, follow her and the girls into FREESIDE, they will meet up
         with CARLITOS. Suddenly a group of Omerta thugs arrive to fight. a 
         [SPEECH:75 or 85] will trick them into leaving. Talk to CARLITOS and
         JOANA to finish the quest. 
       ) Fast travel to BOULDER CITY and follow the winding road north then east
         finally ending up at our main game objective, HOOVER DAM.
                                 FINAL ACT.. ENDING
       We are now heading into the final part of the game, where we will be
       heading towards HOOVER DAM, undertaking the last bit of quests, and then
       fighting the final battle against the LEGION.
       There are 4 basic endings you can choose for your character, depending on
       who you want to win the last fight. 
       1) Support the LEGION to win, we won't be doing this one of course, but
          you can do it in another game, maybe an EVIL walkthrough.
       2) Support the NCR to win, not a bad choice, they might be a little too
          military for you, but at least they kinda try to do good.
       3) Take over yourself. Yep, you can use YES MAN and take over NEW VEGAS
          for yourself, becoming the lord of the area.
       4) Support MR. HOUSE. For this walkthrough we will be keeping MR. HOUSE in
          charge. Of all the factions, he seems to be the one who actually knows
          what hes doing, how to do it, and where he's going. Maybe having a 
          know-it-all computer/hybrid brain leader running the show isn't your
          ideal choice, but hey, you have to admit, he has his act together.
       So lets finish up the game and give old MR. HOUSE his due, he has his city
       ready, his guardian robots ready, lets give him the resources to shoot for
       the stars.
      183. HOOVER DAM
      ) HOOVER DAM is a very large complex of course. As you approach you will
        see the main VISITOR CENTER on the right. Go ahead and enter, there is a
        [SNOW GLOBE-HOOVER DAM] on the reception desk. Go ahead and explore a 
        little if you wish.
      ) To the left of the entrance is the main doors to HOOVER DAM POWER PLANT.
        go ahead and enter, and you will be on the top of 3 floors of the main 
        power plant. Stay on this floor, and search the level. You can find 
        various loot about, and in a Radioactive Barrel storage room in a wooden
        crate are [CHINESE STEALTH ARMOR]. 
      ) Find COLONEL MOORE and talk to her. She will want you to clear up a few
        missions. First she asks you to take care of the GREAT KHANS, you already
        did that, so talk to her again to finish. Next she wants you to find out
        what is going on with the OMERTAS. Since everyone else does also, that is
        your next goal.
      ) Fast travel back to THE STRIP and enter the NCR EMBASSY. Talk to LIZA
        O'MALLEY. Head to the GOMORRAH and inside talk to the receptionist. Ask
        about "outstanding balance". Go into the BRIMSTONE club, and find CACHINO.
        Talking to him doesn't reveal much, but pickpocket his Journal off him, 
        then talk to him again. [BARTER:60] gets more caps.
      ) Head to the lower levels of the casino, and find TROIKE. Lie [SPEECH:80]
        and he reveals what is going on. Have him [SPEECH:70] plant Thermite to
        destroy the shipment. Before you leave the lower levels, find the locked
        door by the elevators [LOCKPICK:100] and loot the weapons.
      ) Leave the casino then re-enter and talk to CACHINO. Convince him that he
        needs to take out the boss's, then just follow him upstairs to the office
        room and finish off BIG SAL and NERO. CACHINO takes over and the quest is
      ) Return to HOOVER DAM and talk to COLONEL MOORE. Now you have to kill MR.
        HOUSE. Too bad we are supporting him, so that won't happen. 
      ) Fast travel to FREESIDE and head to the OLD MORMON FORT. We want to go
        ahead and release CASS and REX as companions. Pick up ARCADE GANNON and
        talk to him. Go ahead also and fast travel to PRIMM and pick up ED-E as
        a companion also. We need to visit a few locations with ARCADE to set up
        his quest, so fast travel to the following locations and let him talk
        while hes there.
        1) CRASHED VERTIBIRD.. beware, robots are about so go in weapons blazing.
        2) REPCONN HEADQUARTERS. enter the building for him to comment.
        3) THE FORT. kill a couple re-spawned LEGION. When ARCADE talks answer
           "Lets just listen to him...."
        4) DR. HILDERN in CAMP MCCARRAN. Talk to HILDERN a little, then when 
           ARCADE talks answer "Good thing there are people like you.."
        5) WESTSIDE. Once entering he talks, answer "If you say so.."
      ) Fast travel back to THE STRIP and talk to MR. HOUSE. You will now have to
        take out the BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL. 
      ) Head to HIDDEN VALLEY, making sure you are stocked up with a temp SCIENCE
        skill book (You'll need 100 science check). Enter the base, at the first
        entrance room of PALADIN RAMOS you can turn the Gun Turrets in the base
        on the BROTHERHOOD. 
      ) Let the Gun Turrets clear out some BROTHERHOOD (loot them) then at the
        2nd level enter the generator/virtual room and access the [SCIENCE:100]
        check terminal to turn on the self-destruct. Now you have to fight your
        way out of the base. You might as well clear it out and loot it since you
        won't be back.
      ) Return to MR. HOUSE to report. Fast travel to HOOVER DAM, and ARCADE will
        stop and talk. We now need to round up his old ENCLAVE soldiers to help
        against the LEGION.
      ) Fast travel to CANNIBAL JOHNSONS CAVE.
      ) We will start rounding up ARCADES group. Talk to the person in question
        saying you are gathering them together. Afterwards ARCADE will talk to
        you. You'll have 2 responses to him. Pick the first one (You want to pick
        the response that keeps things the same, not change them or suggest new
      ) Start off with CANNIBAL JOHNSON. There is a [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN] on the
        Fast travel to DR. HENRY in JACOBSTOWN and talk to him.
        Fast travel to NOVAC and talk to DAISY in her motel room.
        Travel to WESTSIDE and talk to JUDAH.
        Last, travel to NCR SHARECROPPER FIELDS and ORION'S house is nearby.
      ) Now that we have visited everyone, fast travel to REMNANT'S BUNKER.
      ) The entrance leads into a VERTIBIRD hangar with some lootable storage,
        and a door in the back leads to the meeting room. Go there.
      ) Enter and talk with JUDAH KREGER and ask them to side with the NCR. Leave
        the room and ORION talks to you, [SPEECH:80] to convince him to join in.
        Return to the briefing room and talk to DAISY. Now exit the bunker, ARCADE
        will stop you to decide what he needs to do. Make sure he fights with the
        others [SPEECH:80] in case you need to convince him. He runs off, and 
        soon returns wearing his [POWER ARMOR]. He then gives you your items back,
        and leaves your party to join his crew.
      ) Exit the bunker, and fast travel to JACOBSTOWN and pick up LILY as your
        new companion. Talk with her a bit, then fast travel to HOOVER DAM where
        you have to keep the President of NCR from being assassinated.
      ) Enter the visitor center, where you want to talk to RANGER GRANT. Ask him
        for all access to all areas. Enter the small supply closet nearby, and
        examine the pool of blood [PER:6] to deduce its meaning. At the visitor
        desk hack the computer [SCIENCE:50] to discover an unauthorized access.
      ) Exit the building, and talk to RANGER GRANT. Wait for the presidents 
        VERTIBIRD to approach and land, then climb the outside ladder up to the
        visitor center roof. An enemy ENGINEER appears, make sure to pickpocket
        the [DETONATOR] off him, then search the VERTIBIRD to discover a bomb.
        [EXPLOSIVES:50] will disarm it.
      ) If you fail to pickpocket the DETONATOR on the roof, you can try again
        when the engineer appears down below to listen to the speech. Talk to 
        RANGER GRANT about the engineer and he will have him attacked. The enemy
        Sniper tries a shot but misses, so no need to handle him yourself. Both
        enemies are killed, the President flies away, and you complete the
        mission. Loot the bodies and return to MR. HOUSE to complete.
      ) Fast travel to the EL DORADO SUBSTATION.
      ) Not much to do here, simply sneak into the building using a [STEALTHBOY]
        and activate the mainframe to override the controls. Return to MR. HOUSE 
        to report.
      ) Your ENDGAME is near. You next task is the final battle at HOOVER DAM. 
        Get your strongest gear, meds, etc. When you are ready you will be dropped
        into the middle of the final fight. Its not really a tough fight, you have
        SECURITRONS backing you up, plus there aren't that many foes for a "Final
        NOTE: Its MR. HOUSE vs everyone. If the NCR aren't enemies, they soon will
              be, including the REMNANT FORCE of ARCADE. Your only allies are the
              SECURITRONS and your companions. Kill any other enemy forces.
      ) At the final fight, head over the Dam and you'll have to enter the 3rd
        building on the right to install the override chip. There will be lots of
        fighting of all foes, both LEGION and NCR eventually. Mow them down.
      ) Once you install the override, find the door into the POWERPLANT, and on
        the top level in the far corner is the electrical switch to turn it on
        and power up the backup SECURITRON forces. Exit the building and continue
        east towards the LEGION base. 
      ) The REMNANT squad will arrive, but now are hostile to you since you turned
        against the NCR. Take them down also, Armor Piercing rounds work good 
        against their armor. Continue east into the LEGION hill. Head to the top
        of the hill, finally battling the LEGATE. 
      ) After killing him and the rest of the LEGION troops, head back towards the
        Dam, and at the gates GENERAL OLIVER will arrive with the NCR troops. Go
        ahead and kill them also, since you now have an army of MR. HOUSES 
        SECURITRONS cornering them. 
      ) MR. HOUSE will congratulate you, and the game is over. Kinda of a anti-
        climatic end, but then again, they didn't program the game well to include
        a great large battle scene.
       Well thats about it for the game. This walkthrough wasn't designed for you
     to find every area, or every skillbook, but to find and do most things in
     the game. Also how you go about the areas or kill the enemies are up to you,
     but there are many ways to go about doing things. 
       You of course will not level up exactly as I state in the walkthrough,
     because of random fights, exploring and other things, but you will be in the
     general level range. 
       Feel free to email me with problems you might catch, such as directional
     mistakes, spelling, a skill book that is in an areas that i didn't mention,
     you get the idea. Don't email me with "why did you do this first, or that".
     This is my walkthrough, not yours. You don't have to do the areas in the
     order I put them in. 
      Now that you have played and learned the game, the next time you play you
    can make it a little tougher or different. Play on hard mode. Stick with a
    unique template for roleplaying (Cowboy, Night Stalker, etc). You have to be
    careful on very hard mode, since your companions can die. Due to bad programm-
    ing, that is very easy to do. Save a lot.
      Thats about it. Hope you had fun with the game, and good luck on your next

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