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    Unique Weapon Guide by homsarrunner3

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    Fallout: New Vegas
    Unique Weapons guide by homsarrunner3
    Table of Contents:
    ---Version Info
    ---Unique Guns
    -SMGs(Submachine guns)
    -Heavy Guns
    ---Unique Energy Weapons
    -Energy Pistols
    -Energy Rifles
    -Heavy Energy Weapons
    ---Unique Explosives
    ---Unique Melee Weapons
    ---Unique Unarmed Weapons
    ---Legal/Contact Information
    Hello, and welcome to my collectibles guide for 
    Fallout: New Vegas. New Vegas is an open world 
    RPG created by Bethesda Softworks and Obsidian 
    Entertainment, and released in November 2010 in 
    the US. Contained in this guide is every unique 
    weapon in the main version of New Vegas, not 
    including any unique weapons from the Dead 
    Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome 
    Road, Courier's Stash, or Gun Runner's Arsenal 
    DLC. I do plan to make similar guides for all 
    of those add-ons in the near future. 
    But enough about that. Each entry in this guide 
    contains the name of the weapon in question, as 
    well as a short description of where to find the 
    If you have any questions or comments about the 
    guide, feel free to pop me an email using the 
    address in the Legal/Contact Info section at the 
    bottom of the page.
    ------Version Information------
    12/19/11 Version 1.00: Posted the first version 
    of the guide.
    ------Unique Guns------
    All the weapons in the following section are 
    affected by your Guns skill, and any perks that 
    refer to guns.
    ---Unique Pistols---
    -Lucky (Unique .357 Magnum Revolver)
    Lucky is found in a Hard locked floor safe in 
    the gift shop of the Bison Steve Hotel in Primm. 
    Enter the front door of the hotel, then go 
    straight, and go into the first door on your 
    left. Be careful of the many convicts lurking 
    around the hotel. The floor safe holding Lucky 
    is behind the counter in the shop, on the floor. 
    It's a Hard lock, so you'll need a Lockpick skill 
    of at least 75 before you can attempt to break 
    into the safe.
    -Mysterious Magnum (Unique .44 Magnum Revolver)
    The Mysterious Magnum is found in the possession 
    of the Lonesome Drifter, who has set up camp near 
    a Sunset Sarsaparilla bilboard just east of the 
    El Dorado Dry Lake. You can get the gun from him 
    by killing him, pickpocketing it, or through the 
    sidequest "Talent Pool". Part of this quest 
    involves hiring the Lonesome Drifter to work at 
    the Tops Casino on The Strip. Go through his 
    dialog tree, and after you hire him you must pass 
    a Barter skill check of 50. Do this, and he will 
    give you the gun.
    -That Gun (unique 5.56mm Pistol)
    That Gun is located in Novac, inside the Dino 
    Bite gift shop. There are two ways of getting 
    the pistol; you can buy it from Cliff Briscoe, 
    the shopkeeper, or it can be stolen from the 
    shop's locked storage closet. The key to the 
    closet can be pickpocketed from Cliff. 
    Alternatively, you can lockpick the door. The 
    door has a Very Easy lock, so you can attempt 
    to pick it regardless of your Lockpick skill 
    -Maria (unique 9mm Pistol)
    Maria is the pistol used by Benny, the boss of 
    the Tops casino. To get the gun, you must kill 
    Benny, or pickpocket it from him during the rare 
    occasions you see him during the main storyline. 
    You have a chance to kill Benny at the end of 
    the main quest "Ring-a-Ding-Ding!", or the 
    beginning of the main quest "Render Unto 
    Caesar". If you choose to kill Benny during the 
    latter quest, be advised that choosing to 
    crucify Benny will prevent you from obtaining 
    the pistol.
    ------Unique Rifles------
    -This Machine (unique Battle Rifle)
    This Machine is received at the end of the 
    unmarked quest "Dealing with Contreras". This 
    quest is begun by speaking with Sergeant 
    Contreras at the supply depot in Camp McCarran. 
    If you choose to turn in Contreras for his 
    crimes, This Machine will be given to you by 
    Liutenant Boyd. If you let Contreras get away 
    with it, he himself will give you the gun.
    -Abiline Kid LE BB Gun (unique BB Gun)
    The Abiline Kid Limited Edition BB Gun is 
    located in a slightly different location 
    depending on whether or not you have the Wild 
    Wasteland trait. If you do not have Wild 
    Wasteland, the gun is located in Field's Shack, 
    southwest of Nellis Air Force Base. The gun is 
    inside, on one of the shelves.
    However, if you do have the Wild Wasteland 
    trait, the gun is not found in the shack. Once 
    you have recruited Rex, a cyberdog companion, 
    you will sometimes hear him say "Aroo" when 
    randomly traveling. Quickly initiate 
    conversation with him, and follow the dialog 
    tree until you ask him if someone fell down a 
    well. Once you do this, a location called 
    "Jimmy's Well" will be added to your world map. 
    The well appears right outside Field's Shack. 
    Go inside Jimmy's Well, and you will find a Mole 
    Rat (kill it) and a skeleton with a few supplies 
    lying around it, including the LE BB gun.
    -La Longue Carabine (unique Cowboy Repeater)
    La Longue Carabine is carried by Corporal 
    Sterling at Camp McCarran. You will have to kill 
    him or pickpocket the gun from him. Also, if you 
    complete the sidequest "Three-Card Bounty", he 
    and the rest of his squad will move to Camp 
    Forlorn Hope.
    -All-American (unique Marksman Carbine)
    The All-American is located in the armory of 
    Vault 34, on an overturned table on the right 
    side of the room. If the gun is not in the room, 
    check your human companion's inventory, as they 
    have a habit of picking the gun up for 
    themselves, the greedy rascals.
    -Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle (unique Sniper 
    The Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle is found in a 
    location called the "Sniper's Nest" overlooking 
    Cottonwood Cove. The gun is in a footlocker with 
    a Very Hard lock, meaning you will need a 
    Lockpick skill of 100 to attempt to open it.
    -Ratslayer (unique Varmint Rifle)
    The Ratslayer is located inside the Broc Flower 
    Cave, on the upper level in the laboratory area, 
    underneath a desk. There are a lot of giant rats 
    in this room, so you will have to clear the area 
    out first. In addition, if you have the Wild 
    Wasteland trait, the laboratory will have 
    several Rodents of Unusual Size in it. (Oh yes, 
    they exist. Believe it.)
    ------Unique SMGs------
    -Vance's 9mm SMG (unique 9mm SMG)
    When you first hear of Vance's SMG, it will be 
    from Primm Slim, a robot in the Vikki and Vance 
    casino in Primm. He will tell you the gun is in 
    a nearby display case, but a quick glance 
    disproves this theory. You must pass a Science 
    skill check of 50 to convince Slim that he's been 
    hacked. He will then give you a memory block 
    containing the true location of the gun. It's 
    been taken to the Wins' Hideout, near Westside. 
    The gun is inside the hideout, in a safe with 
    a Very Hard lock. You can pick it (requires 100 
    Lockpick skill), or you can pass a Speech skill 
    check of 55 with Pauline Wins, and she will allow 
    you to open the safe and take anything you want 
    from it without having to pick it.
    ------Unique Shotguns------
    -Dinner Bell (unique Hunting Shotgun)
    The Dinner Bell is the final reward you get for 
    completing the sidequest "Bleed Me Dry". It is 
    given to you by Red Lucy in The Thorn after you 
    complete this lengthy and difficult quest.
    -Big Boomer (unique Sawed-Off Shotgun)
    The Big Boomer is carried by Old Lady Gibson, 
    who lives and owns a shop at Gibson Scrapyard. 
    You have to kill or pickpocket her for the gun.
    ------Unique Heavy Guns------
    -CZ57 Avenger (unique Minigun)
    The CZ57 Avenger is located in a dangerous 
    location called "The Devil's Throat". Besides 
    being highly irradiated, it is also infested 
    with powerful Evolved Centaurs. The gun itself 
    is located inside a truck in the center of the 
    crater, next to the corpse of a prospector.
    ------Unique Energy Weapons------
    All the weapons in the following section are 
    affected by your Energy Weapons Skill, as well 
    as any perks that refer to Energy Weapons.
    ------Unique Energy Pistols------
    -Alien Blaster
    The Alien Blaster can only be found if you have 
    the Wild Wasteland trait. It is located just 
    north of the Horowitz Farmstead. Once you see 
    a spaceship crashed into the side of a cliff, 
    you're going the right way. You will find 2 
    Aliens and 1 Alien Captain, all armed with laser 
    weapons. The alien blaster is held by the 
    Captain along with a large supply of ammo, but 
    he will not use it in battle. Also, if you do 
    not have the Wild Wasteland trait, you will find 
    the YCS/186 gauss rifle at the same location.
    (Note: The Alien Blaster is not a unique version 
    of any weapon in the game. Rather, there are no 
    common variants of it. Because of this, it can 
    only be repaired by merchants, though you can 
    repair it yourself with any energy pistol in the 
    game if you have the Jury Rigging perk. Also, 
    the weapon's ammo is also unique, which means 
    the alien power cells you find on the alien 
    captain are the only shots you will be able to 
    fire with the blaster in the entire game.)
    -Euclid's C-Finder
    Euclid's C-Finder is held by a boy named Max in 
    Freeside. You can pickpocket the weapon, or pay 
    him 1,000 bottle caps for it. However, if you 
    pass a Barter skill check of 45, you can convince 
    Max to part with it for 20 bottle caps. However, 
    you can't use it quite yet. See, the C-Finder 
    doesn't actually fire anything (explaining why 
    it was used by a child). Until you activate an 
    orbital satellite called "ARCHIMEDES II" at the 
    HELIOS One Plant at the end of the sidequest 
    "That Lucky Old Sun", the C-Finder doesn't do 
    anything at all. But once you *do* activate 
    it... well... I won't spoil it for you.
    (Note: Euclid's C-Finder does not have a common 
    variant, so it can only be repaired by 
    merchants. However, you can repair it yourself 
    with any energy pistol if you have the Jury 
    Rigging perk. Also, the C-Finder can only be 
    fired once every 24 in-game hours after you 
    activate the satellite, and you can't use it 
    -Pew Pew (unique Laser Pistol)
    Pew Pew is located in the Sunset Sarsaparilla 
    Headquarters, in the prize vault. The only way 
    into the vault is by collecting 50 Sunset 
    Sarsaparilla Star Bottle Caps and giving them 
    to a robot named Festus in the headquarters. He 
    will unlock the door to the vault for you. 
    Inside, you will find the corpse of a man named 
    Allen Marks. Pew Pew is lying on the floor next 
    to him.
    -Pulse Gun
    The Pulse Gun is located inside a locked chest 
    in the armory of Vault 34. The chest has a Very 
    Hard lock, meaning you must have a Lockpick 
    skill of 100 before you can open it. 
    Alternatively, you can open the chest without 
    picking it if you steal Colonel Blackwell's Key 
    from a filing cabinet in Pearl's Barracks at 
    Nellis Air Force Base.
    (Note: The Pulse Gun is a one of a kind weapon, 
    and can only be repaired by merchants. If you 
    have the Jury Rigging perk, however, you can 
    repair it with any energy pistol. I have also 
    heard that it can be repaired with Euclid's 
    C-Finder without Jury Rigging, but I have not 
    confirmed this myself.)
    ------Unique Energy Rifles------
    -YCS/186 (unique Gauss Rifle)
    The YCS/186 is located at the Mercenary Camp, 
    east of Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch, and north of 
    the Horowitz Farmstead. There are several 
    mercenaries at the camp, the one wearing 
    reinforced combat armor Mk. 2 is the one 
    wielding the YCS.
    (Note: You can only get the YCS if you do *not* 
    have the Wild Wasteland trait. If you have that 
    trait, you will find the Alien Blaster at the 
    same location.)
    -AER14 Prototype (unique Laser Rifle)
    The AER14 Prototype is located in the common 
    area of Vault 22. Take the elevator to the 5th 
    floor (Pest Control), and enter the stairway 
    door to the common area. The door is locked, and 
    the difficulty of said lock is reported to vary 
    from player to player (needs confirmation). I 
    found the door at level 15, and it was an Average 
    lock. (50 Lockpick skill required). Anyway, the 
    weapon is laying on the floor next to a skeleton.
    -Q-35 Matter Modulator (unique Plasma Rifle)
    The Q-35 is located in the REPCONN Headquarters, 
    on the first floor, very close to where you enter 
    the building. However, the room holding the 
    weapon is shut with a Very Hard locked door (100 
    Lockpick skill required). D'oh! You can also 
    open the door from the first floor by hacking 
    a nearby Very Hard terminal (100 Science skill 
    required). If you don't have enough skill in 
    either of those categories, you will have to 
    wander through the facility until you reach a 
    hole in the floor above that lets you drop into 
    the room holding the weapon. Success! 
    (Note: Another way of entering this room is by 
    exploring the facility until you find some dead 
    Brotherhood of Steel paladins. Near them is a 
    briefcase containing a pile of pre-war money, 
    and a keycard that lets you bypass the Very Hard 
    door on the first floor.)
    ------Unique Heavy Energy Weapons------
    -Tesla-Beaton Prototype (unique Tesla Cannon)
    The Tesla-Beaton Prototype is located at the 
    Crashed Vertibird, in the far southeast of the 
    world map. Be careful, as there may be several 
    Hardened Mister Gutsies and Hardened Sentry 
    Bots guarding the vertibird.
    ------Unique Explosives------
    All the weapons in this category are affected 
    by your Explosives skill, and any perks that 
    refer to explosives.
    ------Unique Explosive Launchers------
    -Thump-Thump (unique Grenade Rifle)
    Thump-Thump is located inside the Nellis Array 
    at Nellis Air Force Base. The weapon is on the 
    floor next to two broken generators and a 
    -Mercy (unique Grenade Machinegun)
    Mercy is located in Dead Wind Cavern, lying next 
    to a dead Brotherhood of Steel member at the back 
    of the cave. You should not come to this area 
    until you are very high level, as the gun is 
    guarded by various types of deathclaws, 
    including the ridiculously dangerous Legendary 
    -Annabelle (unique Missile Launcher)
    Annabelle is located near the very top of Black 
    Mountain, just outside Tabitha's headquarters. 
    There is a nightkin sniper wielding the weapon. 
    Proceed with caution.
    ------Unique Thrown Explosives------
    -Holy Frag Grenade(s) (unique Frag Grenades)
    The only 3 Holy Frag Grenades in the game are 
    located in the basement of the Camp Searchlight 
    church, which is on the eastern side of the camp. 
    Be forewarned that the basement is home to a pair 
    of golden geckos. Also, the grenades are only 
    available to players with the Wild Wasteland 
    trait. If you don't have the trait, you will find 
    two mini-nukes in the same spot.
    Operating instructions: From the Book of 
    Armaments, Chapter 2, verses 9-21:
    And Saint Atalor raised the Hand Grenade up on 
    high, saying, "O Lord, bless this thy Hand 
    Grenade, that with it thou may blow thy enemies 
    to tiny bits, in thy mercy." And the Lord did 
    grin, and the people did feast upon the lambs, 
    and shoats, and carp, and antripians, and 
    orangutans, and breakfast cereals, and fruit 
    bats, and lard. And the Lord spake, saying, 
    "First, shalt thou take out the holy pin. Then, 
    shalt thou count to three. No more, no less. 
    Three shalt be the number thou shalt count, and 
    the number of the counting shalt be three. Four 
    shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, 
    excepting that thou proceed to count to three. 
    Five is right out. Once the number three, being 
    the third number, be reached, then lobbest thou 
    thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy 
    foe, who, being naughty in my sight, shall snuff 
    it." Amen.
    ------Unique Melee Weapons------
    All the weapons in this category are affected 
    by your Melee Weapons skill, and any perks 
    relating to melee weapons.
    ------Unique Bladed weapons------
    -Chopper (unique Cleaver)
    The Chopper is located at Wolfhorn Ranch, inside 
    the main farmhouse, sitting on a stove.
    -Chance's Knife (unique Combat Knife)
    Chance's Knife is located near the Tribal 
    Village, north of Goodsprings. Up a hill near 
    the Tribal Village is a small grave. You need 
    a shovel to access the grave, which contains 
    Chance's Knife, as well as a few other items. 
    Watch out for the cazadores!
    -Knock-Knock (unique Fire Axe)
    Knock-Knock is located at Camp Searchlight, in 
    the fire station. You can't enter the station 
    until you get the key from a man living in the 
    camp named Logan. You can kill or pickpocket 
    Logan for the key, or complete his sidequest, 
    "Wheel of Fortune". Once inside the station, 
    kill the Queen Radscorpion inside (good luck 
    with that one) and search  through the stalls 
    in the upstairs restroom. Knock-Knock is in one 
    of them.
    -Liberator (unique Machete)
    The Liberator is the weapon used by Dead Sea, 
    a Caesar's Legion soldier at Nelson. To get it, 
    you must either kill Dead Sea, pickpocket it, 
    or complete the sidequest "We Are Legion". Note 
    that doing this quest will undoubtedly make you 
    hated by the NCR.
    -Figaro (unique Straight Razor)
    Figaro is the weapon used by Sergio, a gang 
    member at The King's School of Impersonation. 
    You must kill Sergio or pickpocket him for the 
    ------Unique Blunt weapons------
    -Nephi's Golf Driver (unique 9 Iron)
    Nephi's Golf Driver is the weapon used by Driver 
    Nephi. He is always hostile to you, so if you 
    want the weapon, you'll have to kill him for it. 
    He lives in some abandoned buildings southwest 
    of The Strip.
    -The Humble Cudgel (unique Lead Pipe)
    Being in the sewers, the Humble Cudgel is pretty 
    difficult to locate, so prepare for a giant wall 
    of text:
    The Cudgel is in the North Sewers, which are 
    accessed via a door in The Thorn. To get there, 
    enter The Thorn, follow the north wall, and 
    finally follow the east wall to the corner. Once 
    inside the Northern Sewers, head down to the 
    bottom center of the local map, where you'll 
    find a large pipe, which is the entrance to the 
    Central Sewers. Head straight and take a left 
    at the T intersection then look northeast and 
    see a red light in the next tunnel. That light 
    marks a door. Through the door is the corpse of 
    a man named Blind Luke. Take the key from his 
    body, as you'll need it to get the Cudgel. Next, 
    head southeast through the local map to find a 
    sandbag wall and some NCR soldiers in a tunnel. 
    Go west past this tunnel and up a couple of ramps 
    to find a large group of Fiends guarding a door. 
    Kill them, go south through the door and into 
    the next room to find a set of metal stairs. At 
    the top of the stairs is the locked door you 
    needed Blind Luke's key for. This door leads to 
    the Sealed Sewers. Inside is a family of 
    assorted ghouls. Kill them and in the first room 
    on the left will be a dead prospector. The Humble 
    Cudgel is on his corpse. Whew!
    -Oh, Baby! (unique Super Sledge)
    Oh, Baby! is located in the far southwest open 
    area of Charleston Cave. It is lying on the 
    ground near the west wall, next to a dead 
    ------Unique Unarmed weapons------
    Wait, isn't "unarmed weapon" an oxymoron? Well, 
    whatever. All the weapons in this section are 
    affected by your Unarmed skill, and any perks 
    that relate to Unarmed.
    -Cram Opener
    The Cram Opener is the weapon used by Little 
    Buster in Camp McCarran, who is often found 
    punching a practice dummy near the tents. You 
    have to kill him for the fist, but if you want 
    to do it without making anybody angry, shoot the 
    trucks closest to him. They'll explode "by 
    accident". You get the Cram Opener, and (almost) 
    nobody gets hurt! It's a win-win!
    However, if you *really* don't want to kill 
    Buster for the fist, complete the sidequest 
    "Three-Card Bounty" for Major Dhatri. Once you 
    do that, Buster will leave Camp McCarran, and 
    he will eventually wind up dead on the train 
    tracks near Freeside's north gate. You can then 
    take it from his rotting corpse with no guilt. 
    -Golden Gloves (unique Boxing Gloves)
    The Golden Gloves are located in the Lucky 38 
    Casino, on a shelf behind the bar on the casino 
    -Pushy (unique Displacer Glove)
    Pushy is located inside the Ruby Hill Mine, on 
    the corpse of a Jackal gang member lying near 
    the dry tunnel entrance in the lake area.
    -Recompense of the Fallen (unique Dog Tag Fist)
    Recompense of the Fallen is found inside the 
    office of Aurelius of Phoenix, a Caesar's Legion 
    soldier at Cottonwood Cove. The fist is in 
    Aurelius' desk.
    -Love and Hate (uniqued Spiked Knuckles)
    Love and Hate is the weapon used by the Viper 
    gang leader at Bonnie Springs. The leader is 
    always hostile to you, and the entire gang posse 
    in the town must be killed before Love and Hate 
    can be safely taken.
    -Paladin Toaster (unique Zap Glove)
    The Paladin Toaster is located inside Black Rock 
    Cave. It is on the corpse of a prospector being 
    guarded by several nightkin.
    This guide was written by me, homsarrunner3. 
    Some of the locations for weapons were found at 
    fallout.wikia.com, the Fallout wiki. Special 
    thanks to GameFAQs.com for allowing me to post 
    this on their website.
    ------Legal/Contact information------
    This guide was written exclusively for 
    GameFAQs.com as of right now. Do not email me 
    asking to put this guide on any other website. 
    I will say no. I will only post this on another 
    website *myself* if I feel like it.
    If you have any questions, comments, or other 
    feedback about the guide, send me an email at 
    homsarrunner3@aol.com, and please title the 
    subject "New Vegas weapons".
    Thank you for reading, and have a nice day.

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