Where can I find all of the tools?

  1. I already got the basic and precision tools for Cardan, and the basic for Nitro, and no tools for calibration. I would like to know the exact locations for all of the tools, even the ones I already have, in case another person has trouble finding those.

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    RyanWilliammz - 7 years ago

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  1. Location of tools

    * Rough tools
    - Sawmill building in Creek - in the attic of the small house
    - Electro anomaly train in Jupiter (parked train car south of Midsummer which has the electro anomaly running up and down it, jump on the roof and run to the end in order to gain access)

    * Fine tools
    - Creek Workshop substation, a group of Mercs have occupied the building as their base and you need to give them 6 items of any kind of food in order to get in (well that's one way)
    - In a building to the South-west of the Jupiter factory, through a large number of electro anomalies (there is also an artifact to be found here)
    Location map courtesy of slayvus.

    * Calibration tools
    - Basement of the Pripyat department store
    - Old BWC building in Pripyat

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  1. stalker.wikia.com/wiki/Calibration_Kit

    follow this link.

    it is the stalker wikia entry of all the tool kits' locations

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