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    Jade Dynasty FAQ. 
    1. Beginner's Guide <Part 1>
    2. Classes <Part 2>
    3. Crafting <Part 3>
    4. Refining <Part 4>
    5. Espers <Part 5>
    6. Pets <Part 6>
    7. Honor <Part 7>
    8. Events <Part 8>
    9. Quests <Part 9>
    10. Clans and Alliances <Part 10>
    11. Battlegrounds <Part 11>
    12. Tier 4 <Part 12>
    Alright, welcome to Jade Dynasty. I decided to write this FAQ as there were no 
    others available and I had a ton of questions that I had wanted to be compiled
    into one easy to use file, rather then randomly ssearching for each individual
    thing, sifting and lurking, from forum to forum. Insert legal info here, I own 
    this, tis my property and everyone can freely use this except for profit.
    (Unless of course I reap benefits)
    Currently I have finished the beginner's section, and will continue working on
    the classes and their respective quests as I go. I'm trying to just fill in 
    info for the other sections as well, and will update them as more info becomes
    available. I just want something on GameFAQ's now so that people have hope. I'm
    writing this at work so I get a good amount done each day lately. My e-mail is
    rt_rulz@hotmail.com but I don't check it regularly and even if you send me a
    message I may not reply, I'll read it and try to make adjustments as per your 
    request or additions etc, but depending on the amount of people e-mailing me I
    may not reply to all. Honestly, I have never e-mailed a FAQ writer before so I 
    anticipate the e-mails to be low at best.Also, I know the format I have it 
    explained in right now is not the best, I'll be refining the look of the FAQ as
    I go.
    Credits where credit is due, mostly all extra credit goes to a man named Sirk
    who does most of the experimenting and uses his hard earned gold to test things 
    like the bloodsmelting. Other then that, open debate on forums, but no one in 
    particular gave me the info. I end up figuring out what I can using the age old
    skill called trial by fire. New Credits to Alliandra for info on BG's and 
    Tier 4, that info for now is right from his exerpts on our guild forum.
    1. Beginner's Guide. <Part 1>
    Beginning of the game, time to make a character. Although gender is not life
    determining for your characters stats or development, there are some perks to 
    both sides. Being male allows you to invite females onto your mounts and you 
    must also be the leader of the group for any romance quests, whilst females 
    must be the opposite. This can make at times your sex more desirable at times.
    especially depending on the rarity on the realm. Generally speaking male and 
    female characters are about equal on the server. Sexist as it may be, tis the
    way of the romance novel inspired game. Also note that females cannot date 
    females nor males other males. 
    Ok, so once you have your character's appearance figured out and are ready to
    enter the game. At the beginning you will be in front of Tanis Ka and there are
    some tutorials which you should read. Then go get your quests from Tanis Ka; he
    has a few as I write this, which is of the time in the beta version of the game 
    "Future Heroes" - This quest is a daily which allows you to obtain starter gear
    for whichever class you wish to be, unless you are already sure of which class
    you want to be and have ample bag space, there is no need to do this right away
    but you could use the gear to practice refining them on your way up to have
    some pretty good gear at those levels. If this is your first character though 
    it is more then likely unaffordable to refine and thus of no use currently. 
    "God's Blessing" - This quest is of EXTREME importance. For one, it doubles 
    your grinding experience for 2 hours and he also gives you two gem like items 
    which increase your attack and defence by a great deal when used. These last 
    for 8 hours and the buffs are also daily, which means you should always do them
    before heading out in the world.
    "LunarShade Stone" - This quest gives you a stone which restores energy for 
    espers, as of right now energy restoration is almost completely unneccessary 
    until level 45 if you have a skysword and level  90 if you want to use esper 
    Tanis Ka  has another quest which you should get, note the color of this quest
    is different then the others and is more of a golden color, this is a 
    "mandatory quest". Now I use the word mandatoy as the game does, but as far as
    I can tell it isn't actually mandatory for any particular purpose although it
    may become so later on. The quest will send you to the blacksmith. 
    Now this is more of a skill / side note. When you receive a quest you can 
    access the quest info by pressing the "Q" button or by clicking on the fourth 
    icon on your options bar. It will list all quests you are currently on as well
    as you can track the quest so it show up on your main screen (HUD). But that's
    not all, clicking on the quest details you will see the person to return the
    quest to and, if any, the monsters to kill. They will also be written in green
    font. This font stands for auto-routing, which means basically, when you click 
    on the NPC's name you will auto-walk to wherever he is. Very handy, and a great
    thing to implement in any game I think, especially if you can't find the NPC. 
    Alright so now you make it to the blacksmith, either by auto-routing or finding
    him on your own (he's not very far). Now for multiple interactions. This guy is
    a vendor which of course means he sells things, generally poor quality things
    you can get anywhere, and also you can sell him things. But you want to talk to
    him about the quest since you have no money. So when you talk to him there will
    be multiple options, "Weapons" and "Quest Related." Picking quest related 
    allows you to complete quests. Once complete he will let you choose a weapon, 
    sword or staff. Pick whatever you want, although it won't really matter just 
    yet. Also note that the staff is actually a ranged weapon so think of it more 
    like a bow or stick that's shooting magic. 
    After that, he will give you a quest to go talk to the tailor. Repeat and get
    your armor. Now there are a lot of people with quests round here but try to do
    the mandatory ones. Eventually you will get your esper quest while most will 
    send you to meet the locals. In this game, an esper is not what you may think 
    it is. I thought an esper was going to be a huge creature of magic wielding 
    abilities. In this it's more like a mystical item/lifeform, which can cast a 
    spell but more importantly control your character while you are busy doing 
    something else. 
    Chi Beast Quest. You'll get a couple quests to kill these. Now this quest is 
    kind of difficult at times mostly because auto-routing won't exactly work but
    using your eyes won't really help either. You need to kill a chi beast, to 
    capture it's soul or something to that effect and return. Use auto-routing to
    go where the chi beast is supposed to be. Now if you are lucky it will be there
    but usually this is not the case. Stay put and wait for a huge guy called 
    Enlighenment Guru. He will eventually summon chi -beasts.
    "Esper Tutorial"
    Alright so now you have an esper, it's skills and stats suck but it's better 
    then nothing and that's not the true value of having an esper. Equip the esper
    and bind it to you, don't worry too much or think you can't sell it to someone;
    anyone can buy this esper among many others for a small fee, as a beginner 
    though, a free esper beats saving 10 silver for one. Now you will have some new
    action bars and more buttons to push. Let's look at the bottom action bar. It 
    consists of a sword to the left that will light up once your espers energy is 
    half full, simply having your esper equipped will slowly accumulate energy. 
    This sword represents a skill called "Invigorate" which every esper has. 
    Invigorate causes your esper to control your characters actions and lower brain
    functions. It can fight, heal, and loot for you, as of right now I don't see 
    many other things that can be done with invigorate as the command options are 
    minimal. However, this also means that's it is extremely easy to bot in the 
    game. In fact it's promoted, to allow casual gamers a chance to level up and 
    keep up with friends even if they don't always have time to play. 
    Invigorate is a bit more complex then that though. It's not simply click here 
    and you start doing all that. Esper settings is below and to the right of the 
    sword to get to esper settings and this allows you to pick which monsters to 
    target. Another thing about this bar is the slots that say HP SP and EN. place
    your healing items in here and your esper will use them at set intervals and 
    situations. This is initally setup at 50%. I usually at lower levels turn the 
    esper attack off and leave healing on, that way I will auto-potion when 
    necessary but only fight when I decide too. 
    The blue action bar has a hand to the right which is clickable and allows you 
    to adjust the TIME the esper will try casting that spell. This means every "x"
    amount of seconds you are invigorating the esper will try and cast that spell. 
    To get more spells in here move your skills into the blue action bar but not
    into the settings spots as it won't go in. Later on, Energy becomes important 
    as it is drained as invigorate is used but initially you can sell your 
    lunarshade stones as they waste space. The auto-loot can also be customized to
    decide what to pick up, or what not to pick up as well. 
    "End Tutorial" 
    Ok, Weapons, check. Esper, check. Pet.. wait what. That's right, Everyone of 
    every class can have pets, note the plural. You can have multiple pets, well 2
    initially but it is possible to expand upon this up to 32 pets. Ironically just
    continue the mandatory quests and it will send you to kill a chi beast to 
    complete the quest to get your first pet. This pet will always be either a 
    Woody Pig or a Dryadling, however his skills and personality will be different
    every time. This is also one of the "immortal" pets. Which basically means it 
    talks and is better then your average pet.
    Once you have the pet item in your bag go talk to the pet master beside Tommo 
    and tame your pet, after that equip the pet and you can now summon and later on
    do other things with them. Pet options are available under the "P" button so be
    sure to review them. Also be sure to notice belly and age. While most stats the
    pet have are similar to yours these ones are special. Belly is hunger, 
    basically the pet needs to be fed in order to keep it happy, and if your pet 
    age reaches max the pet dies, but not like needs revival, more like cannot be 
    revived unless you have items to reduce age or reincarnate the pet...yes 
    immortal pets can be reincarnated, hence immortal. 
    You're just about done in Sunstream. There are tons of quests here you can try
    to do but many quests will be for higher levels or require items from the cash
    shop. It may feel when first seeing this city that the game requires a lot of
    real money to play but once you leave this city and get to the next you won't 
    really see these quests around anywhere else. Just quest around a bit keep 
    trying to do mandatories until you reach level 9. 
    At Level 9, you can do a craftsman's quest which will allow you to make your 
    own gear. The quest requires a meager 5 copper blocks which by this time I had
    already aquired and was saving for unknown reasons. (It said crafting material,
    I ain't going to just vend it.) However if you don't have enough they drop off
    everything that has it's name written in white, pink or red.  Things with names
    that are green or grey have an extremely low drop rate and give less 
    experience. Complete the quest and now you can craft by pressing the "O" 
    button. You can get recipes and supplemental crafting mats from the Craftsman,
    the rest will have to be collected from monsters or players. 
    "Skill points" 
    Every time you have gotten a level you have also gotten a skill point which can
    be added into the tree, however at this level should no longer spend any points
    into initiate skills if you already used them. At maximum use 9 skill points 
    in the initiate tree, otherwise these points will be wasted because they can 
    actually be used in higher trees if saved up! 
    Other types of quests. There are tons of quests and they all have a different 
    use. Romance quests are aquired from getting tonni tokens from Tonni next to 
    Tanis Ka, then a male invites a female to his group and talks to the Elder 
    Matchmaker. Career quests are generally about crafting, pets, equipment and 
    other forms of gear/item like quests. I generally do most of these. Voyage 
    quests are about going places and usually some jumping which will require some
    skill to know how to get around town and make the jumps to the spots. These get
    easier as you get speed increasing abilities like charge, or a skysword. 
    Classic quests are completely random as far as difficulty, most quests 
    available to you are level based but a lot of classics aren't well positioned, 
    I'm not sure why they are classic, mayhaps it has something o do with the novel
    but as of right now I don't know. Allright do these basic quests, or if you 
    find it hard to find them now, look for the Dispatcher. He has repeatable 
    "Trial quests" which generally involve killing a set amount of a monster, then
    go talk to someone, which helps earn enough experience to hopefully get to 
    level 15. 
    Level 15, just about the end of the beginner's section. Once you reach level 15
    and have done most of your mandatory quests you should get a choosing your 
    faction quest. This will determine which "faction" also known as a class in 
    common gaming language and will determine all your future skills and gear 
    selection. Each class has a specific trial which you will have to overcome. 
    "Fast Travel" 
    Once you are a certain level can you speak to the skylord of any town and ask 
    them to teleport you to any other town for a nominal fee, the choices are 
    dependent on your level but it beats walking to all the new provinces 
    everytime, since it's instantaneous.
    2. Classes <Part 2> 
    So it's time to pick a class, and the 5 choices aren't exactly well explained
    in the name. Mage, Warrior, etc. classes like that are easily identifiable. But
    what's a Modo, Jadeon, Skysong, Lupin, and Vim? We'll start with a small 
    overview of each class which will include it's trial quest which is needed to 
    become said class. 
    The Jadeon represent the good and just people, and all of them use swords 
    because the founder used swords. However this doesn't make them knight or 
    warriors at all, in fact they are probably the most offensive magic class in 
    the game or at least on par with modo. So they are more like a blade mage. They
    have low health and are a apparently a tough starter class especially since you
    want to save all the skill points for the bigger badder aoes and get the small
    passive skills from the lower tiers. This makes levelling a Jadeon difficult 
    for a while but since you can auto-grind the lower levels and aoe is very nice 
    higher levels Jadeon will eventually be one of the faster levelers. The jury is
    still out on whether they are the worst or the best. Some say they are ungodly
    PvP and good PvE, others say they get raped in PvP but are the highest dps'ers
    in PvE. My assumption is of course that it may be build related as this can 
    effect your character greatly. 
    "Jadeon Quests" 
    Tier 1. The first Jadeon quest is very easy, simply head over to the Jadeon 
    province ad talk to the locals in the main city, they will send you out to 
    kill some ebony monkeys which happen to be right outside the city, and return.
    Huzzah you are a Jadeon, enjoy the sword.
    Tier 2. The second Jadeon quest becomes available at level 45. You will be sent
    to Sunstream to talk to Tanis Ka. He will send you out to get enlightenment; 
    similar to the south park montage of killing boars. Kill 250 in 20 minutes. I 
    recommend turning invigorate on and choosing quest mobs only in esper settings 
    then turning off all your skills for esper casting and let your character do 
    his auto-attack non stop. I find they can target faster then me since it's a 
    robot. Or you could find someone who has aoe and have them go level a couple 
    fields of boars at a time. 
    Tier 3. Tier 3 is extremely easy. Just do a run around through Sunstream and 
    kill 50 level 1 wolves. Not much to it at all. Congrats, Tier 3.
    The Modo represent the evil in purest form I guess, since Good and Evil are 
    fighting side by side. Modo are a Druid, Warlock combo with some warrior 
    attributes as well. They can change forms into more melee and magical specific 
    as well as cast certain skills in certain forms. Modo are commonly discussed as
    of course the most versatile class, and the possibility lying in the player to 
    be the best. A good Modo can dominate all aspects of the game. They are pretty
    much average everything with no true weakness, but the skills allow them to 
    change the stats around to create weakness' for strengths. I might also add 
    that they are very cool looking. 
    "Modo Quests"
    Tier 1. The first Modo quest is HARD, or at least it can be depending on luck
    and available people on site. You will be sent to Doom Bog to meet a Modo named
    Mr. Gho, he is just outside the local city to the west and you can generally 
    make it to the town by following the road or casting town portal once in Doom 
    Bog, but there are 2 mobs very close by that almost always aggro when someone 
    level 15 walks by to Mr. Gho. Either watch the path and talk to him when the 
    ghosts are as far away as possible or have someone protect you. You could also 
    send your pet towards one of the monsters as they come at you. 
    The Skysong are another faction for good, and represent the healers of the game
    but also have some massive attacks skills. Skysong are commonly referred to as
    the most valuable class due to healing and also one of the easiest classes to 
    level as your first character, mostly due to the fact that you can set-up your 
    esper to cast the healing spell on you at a fairly common rate and you will 
    never die, and barely spend money on pots. The less you spend on pots the more
    you make and the better things in life you can afford.
    The Lupin are the assassin, ninja, Xena type class. They have an awesome 
    looking, massive bladed circular object called a glaive in this game which once
    you see it will be obvious that it is not a glaive, more like a chakram with a 
    handle; which you throw and then miraculously catch. Lupin focus on high 
    damage, critical, good mobility, and spirit draining techniques. They are close
    range fighters mostly even though they throw the glaive it is very short range.
    A good class and although it seems limited in styles, tomes and tier skills 
    will allow you to have the caracter meet your specifications. 
    The Vim are the other evil faction. They are the Tank, Necromancer type class. 
    which is always a good combo, I will note that they are not near as broken as 
    the death knights in World of Warcraft, despite the similarites in that 
    sentence above. These are in my opinion second place for your first character 
    and are surely not a bad choice. They have the highest defense rating of all 
    the classes which means they get hit for the least damage, meaning less potion
    usage. Not as great as the SP-HP conversion of a Skysong, but still very good.
    Vim are known for being one of the far better PvP classes early on but like any
    melee class in late game, ranged seems to always have more benefits. 
    3. Crafting <Part 3>
    Remember back in the basics how we talked about learning to craft and doing the
    quest? Hopefully so because I'm not going over that part again. So it's time to
    craft and you want to make some Celestial gear. Early on crafting doesn't make 
    much sense since you could buy the item from a vendor or get it free from Tanis
    Ka at higher levels, but eventually you are going to wish you had crafting. 
    Which means you should level it as you level, otherwise accumulating the mats 
    to improve your crafting will become near impossible to gather.
    "Laws of Loot" 
    By near impossible to gather I really mean it. Once you get above a certain 
    level enemies names start turning green and then grey, once they are dark green
    or grey they almost never drop loot for you which means you never get items. 
    Now consider the first crafting items are dropped by level 1-20 monsters, you 
    can get yourself locked out of crafting pretty easily unless you want to make 
    an alternate character for farming, or buy them from the Shady Vendor for 10 
    silver a piece.
    Basically, materials come in 4 or so general types. 
    Crafting Materials - These drop regularily off mobs and usually say "Used in 
    crafting" They have 4 types as well, ore, yarns, cloths, and hides.
    Class Materials - These drop in a rarer quantity off mobs and say the same 
    thing as above but also "Used in making (class name) gear" you usually only 
    need one of these to make a piece of gear but as space may become an issue you 
    may want to only collect your personal factions gear. 
    Supplemental Materials - These mats are bought from the crafting store guy but 
    can very rarely drop from monsters.
    Rare items - Some recipes will require very rare items usually aquired through
    quests. Although most of these are for much higher level items and currently 
    many of there locations are unknown to me, but I may make a list later.
    Alright so you got a couple stacks of mats and it's time to make something out
    of yourself. But first you must know how to make the item. Recipes randomly 
    drop from all monsters but at a generally low rate, but don't worry as almost 
    all the low level crafting recipes can be bought for next to nothing from the 
    craftsman. Once you have a recipe right click to learn it, and then you simply 
    press "O" and pick the ones you want to craft. 
    There are special recipes from different places as well that can be aquired. 
    Some drop randomly from monsters, some can be bought from different vendors 
    like the Dreamland Vendor who walks around in Sunstream usually. She sells 
    Recipes for powerful charms but those charms need materials from another quest,
    which is aquired from beads from another quest. 
    Also, pets have crafting as well. Learning the pet recipes seemingly require 
    you to have a set amount of crafting skill as well the pet has to have a 
    certain amount of aptitude which can't be increased, except with civility 
    titles but it's only for crafting. I'll get more into the pet stats later for
    now we focus on the crafting aspect. You will get a set of recipes when you get
    a pet to level 60 as they can now actually start crafting. The pet master will 
    give you some start off materials as well and you simply need to gather the 
    materials you can to match the required mats to make the material by sending 
    the pet out to forage. Pet crafting works the same way, gather the mats, get
    the recipe and make the item, the only difference is pets need certain 
    aptitudes to make certain equipment. 
    4. Refining <Part 4> 
    Crafting gear is good but there are only a few pieces of gear anyone can make 
    per level. In order to increase your crafting level you are going to have to 
    make like 20 extra weapons anyways. Now you may find someone willing to buy 
    these clean weapons and they will go do the refining more then likely OR, you 
    could refine them yourself. If you  kept your special mats for your class then
    you should be able to refine some gear for yourself of a reasonable quality at
    a reasonable price.
    In order to refine/imbue you are going to need some talismans, a piece of gear
    you want to make stronger, and a small amount of cash. Talismans drop off
    monsters at a very common rate, the only ones really worth keeping are the 
    refinery ones and the stats you are looking for in particular so pick a couple 
    stats and stick with it. I usually pick Attack, Defense and Evasion, but this
     is all personal preference and will also depend on your character. 
    Refining is a dangerous process which will make a piece of gear better, to an
    extent, but at the risk of breaking it. When you refine a helmet it gives 
    additional Spirit, and the bonus is on an exponential scale, which means that
    refine +3 is almost twice as good as refine + 2, and refine +4 is almost twice
    as good as refine +3. Boots follow the same principle but with health. However
    no matter how well refined these pieces become the main stats, defense never
    The chest armor increases the defense attribute, it's not at such a grand 
    scale, but defense is better in my personal opinion. Considering the amount of
    health potions you will ingest in an 8 hour overnight grind, we'll say 600 for
    this example, you are going to receive about 216000 points of damage. the 
    health bonus is good but unless you get a percent bonus for having these extra
    health points to another stat like attack or defense (Modo's have some skills 
    relative to this for example) then the additional health is not as effective as
    say getting hit for 10 points less damage every hit. 10 defense extra while 
    getting hit for say 50 damage over night is a 20% save on potions. 
    Weapon refinement is the other piece where refining is important. I won't go in
    to the math but it's of a similar philosophy. The more damage ou do the less 
    time the monster lives and the less damage it does to you, but also the more 
    monsters you can kill in a smaller period of a time which means more xp and 
    I try to refine my Armor and Weapon to Refine +4 and the boots and helm can be
    anything doesn't matter to me. Basically the common process of elimination can
    be used to refine gear.. Craft 10 swords or however many you can, then grab 
    some talismans and go to the enchanter. and try and refine them up to +1, then 
    move to +2 and continue until you only have one weapon left. That's the one you
    use. For future atempts just try refining the new piece to match the old ones 
    refine + level. Then try and refine one of them again usually the new one since
    the old one probably will have imbuements, and if it works you have a new piece
    to work with. If not, well you still have your good piece without risking it. 
    Imbuing works exactly the same as refining except that failing doesn't cause 
    the piece to break so do imbuements after you are done refining something, also
    you can pick which stats to imbue and they require a specific talisman (Don't 
    worry though they are everywhere) If the imbue fails all imbue is removed so 
    you have to restart the imbue from scratch but that's not a huge set-back. You
    should easily get the imbue to match the refine, and I usually imbue my helm 
    and boots more then the refinery, since the stat boosts I can imbue are 
    superior to the health & spirit boost of refinery for those pieces. 
    Espers <Part 5> 
    We went over the main advantages of an esper in the beginner's guide but there
    is more to making an esper strong and powering it up. We'll go over a basic 
    explanation of what I know the esper mystic can do for you and your esper. 
    Each esper has a specific skill which can be used to increase it's proficiency,
    which is basically esper experience points. However, an esper does not level 
    automaticaly it has to be unequipped and take to the esper mystic in the local 
    town and upgraded for a petty fee. At which point the esper will gain a level 
    and it's stats will increase slightly. Your esper can level up at the rate of 
    (Your level/5 + 2) The esper cannot be higher level then this and the 
    proficiency will not go up until you reach an appropriate level. It is 
    important to level your esper as much as possible, although I wouldn't worry 
    too much about the tigram, but when you get the level 15 esper from your 
    faction quest you will want to be using that esper as much as possible.
    Upgrading can also be used on a few other things such as your skysword which 
    has a direct tie to the Espers, you can't ride a skysword without a full energy
    esper and as you fly the espers energy is drained. Every 30 seconds to 1 
    minute, the skysword will gain 5 proficiency and when it is full you can 
    upgrade the same way you upgrade an esper. Once it has been upgraded a certain
    amount of times the grade will increase, making it slightly faster. The second
    grade is about 13000, and I hear the third grade is above 65000, though this 
    is unconfirmed. 
    Eventually you are going to want to try different espers available and before 
    you know it after around 75, you may find yourself in need of levelling more 
    then one esper, but it takes a long time to level an esper. Well there is a way
    around that. Some items in the game can be catalyzed with espers to instantly 
    increase proficiency. As of right now, the only place I have seen or heard of 
    the items existing in game are from the cash shop. Buying experience seems 
    cheap but as long as you are maintaining your espers level it is really 
    unneccessary. I'm at the point now where I have to go about 3 levels where the 
    esper can't actually level at all since it's 1 level for esper for every 5 I 
    Doesn't that sound lovely? Well for one, you get experience points of some 
    sort for doing it, unlike refinery, though it would be nice if people got 
    better at refinery. I'm not sure what the experience points for Bloodsmelting 
    really do but it's a nice bonus and you get titles from it so why not. 
    You are probably caring more about what bloodsmelting actually is though, and 
    would prefer I not prattle on about the uesless information. Bloodmselting is 
    the method of taking a primary esper you want to make stronger, and fusing an 
    esper you are never going to use using a specific esper medium which can be 
    aquired from Tonni for treasures. These treasures of course can be found doing 
    a metaphysician quest called mystic treasure, bought from players, or crafted.
    I will be explaining this quest in more detail in the Events and Special Quest 
    sections later as it is something you should always be doing. 
    Now the purpose for Bloodsmelting one esper into another is to transfer 
    statistics of one into another. But it's not about what level the esper is or 
    how great it is. This is the information I have heard thus far and what my 
    Alliance (Sirk) have experimented with so it's not exactly set in stone yet.
    The general rule for beginner's bloodsmelting right now is as follows. Buy as 
    many tigramsas you can for 10 silver each. Now look over the espers and sell 
    all the ones that do not have these certain characteristics, a stat that is 
    in orange which represents the fact that this esper has a high "growth" rate 
    in that particularcategory. Another important aspect is the Esper quality stat.
    It has 3 types,Precious, Heavenly, and Divined. When fusing the tigram into 
    your main esper the game looks at orange quality "growth" rates and adds them
    to the main espers "growth" rate. increasing that stat, but precious espers 
    have relativelylow growth for other rates and will haeve negative effects if 
    you only smelt them, which is why Heavenly and Divined espers are needed. For 
    ultimate results you could look for heavenly or divined espers with orange 
    stats but they are few and far between. 
    As your bloodsmelting and esper get higher up, tigrams will no longer give 
    stats and you will need to use stronger espers, usually a faction esper.
    It seems to be once an esper is Divined it no longer receives benefits though
    as of now that may only be relative to level 75 espers, unsure for level 15
    espers. More to come as my adventure in bloodsmelting continues.
    Currently there is debate on when to do bloodsmelting, while most say 75 
    espers, the opinions on whether to do it before levelling the esper or after 
    still rage on the forums, After consistent testing, we have come to the 
    conclusion that growth rate is RETROACTIVE. Which means if you change the 
    growth rate the stats will change as if it levelled with those rates the whole 
    time. This is very useful as it means levelling your esper and playing the 
    game won't reduce the effectiveness of the esper from bloodsmelting later on 
    when the esper is already of high quality. 
     Honestly, I don't know, and haven't really seen anyone doing it as of yet, but
    from what I gather it involves moving skills or skill bonuses from one esper to
    another. I'm pretty sure they are referring to the skill bonuses certain espers
    provide, like for example some tigrams come with Heavy Blow +1 so you could 
    assimilate that skill into another esper using this, I will be testing it soon
    enough and asking around for more info and will update as I get around to it. 
    6. Pets <Part 6> 
    Rawr! Pets are pretty complex creatures in this game and there are quite a few
    available right now, seeing as how you can theoretically hold 32 pets at once.
    Although it is unlikey you are going to need that many pets at any time, I'm 
    working with 2 main pets and one pet for Jade farming. At the most you would 
    need 7 pets to run almost every forage and one to fight for main times and 
    another to level for releasing which we will get into in a bit. 
    You get your first pet from the initial quests which I explained in the 
    beginner's guide. It will always be a Pig or Dryadling, which I hear is 
    determined by the hour you complete the quest. This is just a rumor as of right
    now. What I do know is that the pet will be kind of randomized. Your pet will 
    come with a specific Star Sign, which will affect it's maximum "growth" rates 
    but luckily we can see the pets growth rates unlike with espers. The mood will 
    also be random and that will determine what verbal nonsense your pet will spew
    while you are trying to kill a boss.. The skills will also be random and this 
    is where resetting your initial pet can be of value but is really only for the
    hardcore. It only takes a few minutes and will allow you to agree with the 
    skill set your pet has. Also each pet has a seperate foraging aptitudes which
    will allow them to gather only certain types or materials. 
    "Aquiring Pets" 
    The first pet is easy to get, the rest are going to be harder unless you want 
    the freebie pets which to be honest are only for releasing later on. There are
    currently only 3 ways of getting a pet, you buy them fresh from the the Pet 
    Tamer for a small sum of 120g, that's small of course if you have a lot of gold
    bars hanging out around back your house. Another option is to buy a pet from 
    the Cash Shop which will be 10$ cash from the cash shop, or subsequently buy 
    those pets from another player. The final way of getting a pet is at level 45 
    a repeatable quest called "Free Lunch" becomes available from Pet Tamer Tommo.
    Doing this quest will give you either a frog or wolf. Although you may like 
    these new pets they have 0 aptitudes which means no foraging and are generally
    weaker. When they reach level 30 you can release them for a Jade which you can
    use later which I will explain in the next few sections. 
    "Tommo the Pet Tamer" 
    When it comes to pets, almost all your dealings will be with him and the pet 
    master beside him. Pet potions and Pet Food, as well as items to reduce the 
    pet's age, or even reincarnate your pet. Whenever you get a pet to level 30 you
    can start releasing pets, except your main pet, now it is obviously not cost 
    effective to release any pets that you paid 120g for or 10$ cash so the only 
    pets you should ever release are the ones from th Free Lunch quest. Tommo also
    has some other quests which give different rewards and uses, Mirage Spirits and
    Eera Herbs mostly. He also sells Pet crafting receipes which you cannot use 
    until your pet reaches level 60 but the materials will generally require more
    then one pet with different aptitudes to create. You can help increase those 
    aptitudes for the workshop only by increasing pet civility and giving them 
    higher ranks. 
    Which brings us to civility, now civility isn't based on any sepcific pet but 
    rather it is more like your skill as a pet owner, verytime you level a pet up 
    you gain civility, the amount is more at higher levels the lower so level 1 - 
    level 2 may only give 1 civility but level 30 to leve 31 could give 30 
    civility, I'm not sure of the exact formula but if anyone knows it by all means
    send it to me. So raising and releasing the free lunch pets will not only make
    jades for training but also civility for your main pets or crafters. 
    "Pet Master Ellan"
    Tames and trains pets and has some quests that will appear around 60 
    explaining pet workshop and crafting, but generally you will only use Ellan for
    pet taming and training. Whenever you get a new pet it must be tamed which is 
    basically saying soulbound to your character. Only after a pet is tamed can it 
    be equipped and used. Now to train a pet it has to be removed from being 
    equipped, to remove it press "P" and select the pet you wish to train and 
    select remove. The pet will now be an item in your bag, you can now train the 
    pet with pet master by using Jades or Celebeans or any other pet improving 
    items you may find. Pet training is also RETROACTIVE, but is far easier to 
    notice since the growth rates are shown directly on the pet stat screen. This
    is also useful in dealing with multiple pets if you have minimal pet space. 
    Without Cash shop items you can only carry 2 pets at a time but you can remove
    them from that and add to your inventory and basically stable them in stash or
    your bag if you want. 
    Foraging will take a lot of inventory space so you may want to make an 
    alternate character for banking purposes, especially if you plan on foraging 
    mulitple types of items, There are 6 kinds of foraging. Farming, Fishing, 
    Hunting, Woodworking, Mining, and Treasure Finding. Each foraging has a level 
    too, level 1 foraging is 30-69 for example, and each level has about 7 items 
    which can be found. For woodworking it's 3 basic woods (Pine, Birch, Redwood) 
    3 Fruits ( Cherry, Pine nuts, Berries) and 1 "Epic" material (Poplar), the same
    formula seems to follow treasure finding, hunting, and mining and I'm assuming
    it's a standard with the rest but can't confirm yet. Level 2 foraging is going
    to be all new items and no longer can gather level 1 materials. This is another
    thing which will heavily drain space. 
    Belly and Age. When your pet is out foraging , when your pet is out fighting,
    when your pet is doing anything but resting his belly will slowly empty, as the
    pet gets more and more hungry it does less and less damage. Eventually the pets
    will refuse fighting and stow itself to rest. Your pet also cannot forage while
    hungry and it drains 100 Belly everytime it does forage which is once every 
    15-30 mins when set to forage. Your pet ages 1 year every 15 mins and rumors 
    say they age faster when extremely hungry, but it may be unfounded. When the 
    pet age is maxed out the pet cannot be used and is technically dead. The pet 
    can be revived by training the charms that reduce age into the pet or by 
    reincarnating the pet. I haven't had the guts to reincarnate a pet yet, as 
    it costs 10 gold minimum, and I haven't seen any info on it yet.
    7. Honor <Part 7>
    Honor is going to cover a few things. Faction Honor, Romance, Piety, Charity 
    and Culture. Bascially forms of reputation. Also the Hall fo Excellence and 
    Honor Gems. 
    Provisions - As you do quests and kill enemies you wll receive provisions, 
    generally you will sell provisions for money because it is a min source of 
    income in the game. Sell them to a vendor or if you have time sell them on the 
    trading realm at a reasonable price. There are always people willing to buy 
    provisions for Honor. But there are also Super Provisions. These give an 
    immense amount of honor for wherever they are donated. 
    Faction Honor - I will say right away, although you can donate to numerous 
    factions it is beneficial to donate to your own faction so donate to whatever 
    class you are. The rewards are generally weapons for said faction and also 
    allow you to speak to the heralds of your faction to do Hero Scroll quests, 
    which give Esper tomes and accessories among other things for you faction. The
    only time you would donate to multiple factions would be for the Hall of 
    excellence, but I will get into that more later. 
    Piety - Is basically a donation quest where you donate provisions to a 
    monolith that will give you access to something that I am unsure of. The daily
    quest the monolith gives is not very good for the amount of XP you get at the 
    cost of so many provisions. As of now, not many people donate to the monolith 
    so it is also possible to get quite high onto the Hall of Excellence for this 
    as well.
    Romance - This is a reputation gained from doing special quests from the 
    matchmaker, A male must lead a party with a female and talk to the matchmaker 
    there are quite a few quests and most are pretty simple. When your romance rep
    is full you will be able to get married which has some beneifts like summoning
    your spouse with love wish and other things, I'm not married in game yet so I'm
    not sure, in fact very few people have gotten married on the server. There are
    25 couples or so at the most.
    Charity - Charity is a very interesting stat and I find it funny when people 
    are trying to sell powerlevelling. This is a system which promotes 
    powerlevelling by giving the charitable person points for levelling others up 
    which can then be exchanged for items and titles. So when those people are out
    trying to sell you powerlevelling they really are in it for themselves, moreso 
    even then those who do it only for the points. some charity heh. On the plus 
    side you can usually join a clan or alliance that has people willing to do 
    powerlevelling for people for these points and are more inclined for doing it 
    for free. I don't recommend getting powerlevelled with your first character 
    since there is much to learn but after the first by all means. 
    Culture - Supposedly book quest related or something to that effect. Book quest
    being a quest that can only be done on realm 15 at certain times of the day. 
    The deatils are vague and the purpose even vaguer. It seems I'm doing each 
    section and always have one part that I still don't know what it does but I'm 
    trying to get as much widespread knowledge available as possible.
    Expertise - I have done the scroll quests which are labelled as expertise 
    quests but after completion I still have not earned any expertise. Now I know 
    more about expertise but not much, It is gained through Master and Disciple 
    quests, the master gets expertise points, and the disciple gets many taichi 
    pills, the quest is daily and repeatable.
    Hall of Excellence - There are many categories in the Hall of Excellence and 
    I'm not sure what the exact conversion rate is but you get Honor Gems for being
    on the lists, this I know for sure. Some titles are also available when you are
    on the list which is a nice perk, for example. Being the top 500 in any of the
    faction reputations grants the title "Faction Herald" I'm still on the fence as
    to whether it would be best to be in the top 500 of many factions vs being the
    top say 10 in one faction. Honor Gems are used as a form of currency for high 
    level, high quality gear up to and including Deity gear, which is used after 
    you Ascend. So you will want lots and lots of these. Tons of people are always
    looking to buy them for a good amount if you prefer gold though, which could 
    get you on the most wealth top 500 and then possibly give you more honor gems,
    but I digress. Also being on the very top of a list usually provides a title 
    and buff combo. At the top of Charity is a 3% critstrike bonus, which is pretty
    sweet for just powerlevelling people.
     8. Events <Part 8>
    Events are in game big quests that are done either daily or weekly and quite 
    possible some may not be repeatble and one time events. Currently they are all 
    repeatable and most are daily. I'll go over the ones I have done but many of 
    them are still bugged a bit as this is beta.
    Crisis - Daily. 18:00 to 20:00. Level 15. This event is done in Jadeon, before
    you start this quest you should take as many talisman types as you can carry. 
    There are 10 types and you will need a random one to finish, most of the time 
    people will trade and give away talismans to those who need them, but it's 
    safer to bring your own. The quest starts with Jadeon Anan, she is located 
    south of the Local Town in the eastern corner, to auto-route open the event on 
    your calander (right exclamation mark on mini-map) select the Crisis event and
    the NPC starter Anan will be in green which means you can click for 
    auto-routing. She will send you to mount yonder head over and talk to the 
    pillar which will then ask you to kill a pillar destroyer. These guys are tough
    for a lower level so bring lots of health pots and be ready to use them 
    pre-emptively, I have been killed a few times by a quick triple hit for about 
    200 each at lower levels. It's ok if you die just trash the quest and start 
    again but it can only be done until the time expires. Then wait 5 minutes and 
    check on the pillar, note that you must stay at mount yonder, depending on your
    level, you can grind but generally people duel or rest on their skysword to 
    earn some skill while waiting. Once ready it will send you to the next pillar,
    which asks for Jadecore fragments, they are just around the base of the hill 
    you are on so walk around and get them but beware the one close to the glacial
    yeti's they aggro and will rock your socks at lower levels. Return with the 
    stones to the pillar and then wait 5 minutes as part of next quest, 
    Then go to the final pillar and start this quest. This is where a lot of new 
    peopleget stuck or suckered into a bad deal. You now need a talisman at random,
    and hopefully you brought one of each otherwise you will be like the many 
    others in common pleading for a talisman. There is usually someone selling the
    talismans as well at an unreasonable pice, which you could do as well, I've 
    done it to make some coin here and there. Once you turn in the talisman, wait 5
    minutes, check on the pillar and it's back to Anan the quest starter, she'll 
    give you 25 Taichi Pills, which is a nice boost of experience.
    Fishing Competetion - Daily. 18:00 to 19:00 Level 45. This event begins with a
    Fishing Certificate which you earn by doing the fishing quest that goes on 
    every 2-3 hours in Sunstream. It's an easy quest from Ami, and he'll send you
    to go fishing at one of the sunstream lakes, there is a small chance you will
    get a certificate. Once you have the certificate go to the line up at 18:00 and
    wait for the Roaming Fisherman to give the quest, then it's off to the Billows.
    You have to use the Fishing Competetion bait in order to activate the quest to
    use these rods unlike the one with Ami, so keep that in mind. When you get 
    there, lots of people are going to be fishing, some are even willing to portal
    charm there in order to be first since there are only 12 fishing rods per realm
    and only 5 realms (1-5) so it's going to be crowded. There is an obvious skill
    which some do not know that will make you a better fisherman, it's called 
    shift-click. When you shift-click it ignores other players allowing you to 
    click on the rods to use them instead of the players, and trust me it's going
    to be hard to get on those rods. Once you are on a rod it is a bit easier since
    you have your hand on the exact spot it spawned, and others won't be as 
    adamant to get on the rod as it's already being used, but that doesn't mean 
    someone won't ninja it right from under you so remain vigilant. Most of the 
    things you fish will be for vending for cash, but some select items serve 
    another purpose.
    Halfbreaks - Return these to the Roaming Fisherman he will take as many as you
    catch just wait for the quest to respawn, and give you10 Taichi pills, a nice 
    start and you may have gotten a Fishing Handbook, thisbook is something you can
    collect to earn a fishing title, I am unsure if the title grants benefits but 
    it is available so you should know. 
    Tuna and Moy Fish - Near the end of the tournament, 18:50, the Roaming 
    Fisherman will have a quest for Silver and Gold medals, if you turn in your 
    tuna you get silver and if you get Moy you get gold. These medals are are 
    collected and used for gear and are generally better then the 10 and 20 gold 
    you would get for turning them in.
    Wonder Mediums - You might catch some of these and think 'Level 135 esper 
    mediums? That's got to be worth something' well they very well could be if the
    guy you turn the mediums to existed in game yet. You could stock them but they
    only stack in sets of 10 and will quickly lock up your inventory. 
    Scallops - This is the secondary part of the fishing quest where more of the 
    work comes from, if you fish a scallop or two, you can activate a side quest 
    from fishing. There are quite a few scallop quests and they all have different
    rewards, mostly 5 taichi pills and one of the handbooks for a new title, 
    fishing, gambling, romance and a few others. Some are also harder then others.
    You will need to be about 60-70 to truly be able to complete most quests. I'll
    explain more about the scallops in the quest section as they aren't events or 
    daily, just interesting.
    Sky Dweller - This event is only available if you have a skysword, which you 
    can get from the Wind Fairy by doing a jumping quest. It's not an easy quest 
    no doubt but there is no fighting so learning how to do it will help in earning
    skyblades. The skyblade is going to be of more use for other things though as 
    this event is currently broken as the Sky Ranger that you are sent to is not as
    of yet implemented in the game. It is a beta after all. So you shouldn't do 
    this event. At least not yet.
    Nation's Treasure - This is another event the Sky Dweller has and is quite 
    possibly the most lucrative quest available that is repeatable up to 3 times. 
    You need to get a group together and go kill 10 Celestial Vanguards in the zone
    appropriate to your level. I tried soloing it but the mobs seem to regenerate 
    health in combat faster then I can hurt them. Not sure if it's a solo attacking
    thing or if they just do that naturally. Anyways, kill them and go back he will
    give you some gold and 30 treasure pieces which sucks. Because you need 30 
    inventory slots to complete the quest.. Which means you need to have magewool 
    which increases the bag space you have which costs 3$. In conclusion it is 
    going to cost you either 3$ or 100 gold as of 08/08/09 on Doom Bog server to be
    able to complete this quest. In the long term it would pay for itself since you
    net about 10g a run for the 60-74 bracket, 3 runs a day maximum. But it is a 
    lot of gold to drop on an investment.
    Astral Tales - This is a major non daily event, it happens on certain days only
    so check the event calendar for it, and be sure to check more then one day and
    come back to today, as there is a slight bug in calendar day changes right now.
    Astral is going to need a group as well and starts in the area of your 
    appropriate level from a guard, he will send you on your way to kill 7 bosses.
    Not all bosses need be killed but in order for them to count they need to 
    killed in a certain order. The guard will set you in the right direction to the
    first boss, but they never give an exact location so once the quest starts 
    everyone should fan out and start looking for them. Once it is discovered group
    up and down the boss, the game will update and give the next area where the 
    next boss will be in gerneral location. It is simple in description but when it
    comes to actually find the mobs it's going to take time, plus other groups may 
    be hunting for the bosses as well and they respawn in different areas, which is
    why it's good to fan out to find them. Astral gives a reward of experience 
    based on the amount of the boses ou find and defeat. Killing all 7 is best, 
    and gives a conquer title too. But if you only manage to kill a few you still 
    get some points when you turn in. Just make sure you pick the one according to
    the amount you killed, don't pick one star when you killed all 7. For more 
    advanced players this event is repeatable while active so it may be possible to
    do multiple runs, I've done 2 at the most, but may have had time for a third. 
    Break the Curse - This is yet another daily event. It's from the Spec Ops NPC 
    in Sunstream, and is called Break the Evil Curse. Basically it's a beat one 
    boss quest, the quest scales according to your level same as many of the other
    quests so the mob will be in your regular zone. When you are in the lower end 
    of the spectrum this quest is very hard, the cursed creature will be critting 
    you for more then a pot heals you for with buffs on, a bit exaggerated, but you
    get the point. Once you are closing in on the end o the zone you can easily 
    solo the cursed creature with little damage done to you. It's still going to 
    take a lot of time, but it won't cost you a fortune if you really want to solo
    it. Preferrable to be done in a group but not impossible solo. The XP is great
    for the time commitment though, It's not in taichi pill format so I'm not 
    exactly sure on a number but it seems to be about 12 or so.
    Candy Collector - This quest is rough, for one, it requires 5 lollipops which 
    are aquired only by turning in Cash shop crystals to Tonni. Clearly this is 
    best done near the end of the timer on the buff crystals since they only have
    an 8 hour duration. I'm personally not a fan of quests that require items you 
    need to pay for as it hurts the F2P mentality, but the coins which are given 
    here can also be aquired through the Winter Battle Event, and some other 
    places. After the lollipops, you'll need some esper mediums which can be 
    crafted, or traded for treasure bowls, or found but is extrememly unlikely. 
    Reward is Universal coins.
    Winter Battle - Probably the hardest event I have done so far, though to be 
    fair it is not translated yet so that adds to the difficulty. Sign up for each
    round in the last 45 mins of each hour so the time will be 45-59, and the 
    Battle will start at 00 until 45 on the hour. Once the battle starts you will 
    be RANDOMLY assigned to either team A or B, you will know which team you are on
    by who has a quest marker over their head. Now the Fairy will give all the 
    quests and they vary in what needs to be done.
    -one quest is to talk to certain people and talking to the wrong person will
    fail you, if you fail go get the quest again and try someone else. The order 
    for me was - Monk, Lupin, Kulos. 
    -find a package, this can be longevity, wealth or fortune and they all spawn 
    all around the safe zone, so as long as you are in the safe zone you will find
    them around.
    -Star of Fortune, is a guy who teleports around on a cloud just talk to him to
    complete this one.
    -Fairy questions, answer the fairies questions, pretty hard considering she's 
    not saying anything. The only set of questions I could get right was the one 
    that had a 5 and 12 covered in foreign characters in the question, the answers
    were option 1,2,3,4, and then 1. 
    Summoning snowmen is quite easy, once you complete any of the above quests you
    get an summoning scroll and a taichi pill, simply talk to the plan coordinator
    for your team and he'll have 3 options. top option summons a grunt, second 
    option summons a captain and third option summons a lieutenant. In order to 
    summon the captain you need Hare Essence which can be aquired from the rabbits 
    in the north part of town, to summon Lt. you need Ice Essence which is lying 
    around town in hidden areas.
    Should one side beat the other by smmoning more snowman and killing the enemy 
    general, that side will receive universal coins. Both matches I played were 
    draws but it was seriously 1 on 1, more then likely due to the difficulty of 
    Yasho Invasion - If Winter Battle is the hardest on the mind, this one is as of
    yet the hardest on the body, I died about 10 times doing this, maybe I'm not 
    quite ready for it, but it says 60+ so here we are. This quest begins in 
    Skysong at the local town. He sends you to the myriad temple to defend a 
    runestone, and by runestone he means the justice pillar, there are a bunch of 
    justice towers too. Here's how it works, waves and waves of monsters that as 
    far as I can tell cannot be killed by normal methods, they can only be killed
    by the towers so you must lure them to the towers and take the beating for the
    towers. when the monster dies it may drop dragon essence which can be used for
    2 things. 
    -Spirit Power, talk to the man beside the Justice Pillar and he will ask for 5 
    dragon essence to make the pillar send out a few waves of extreme damage 
    surrounding the pillar. Good if mulitple large mobs are attacking the pillar.
    -Repair, The justic towers can tank some mobs for you, but eventually they will
    get destroyed and as the only thing that really hurts them you can see how 
    losing these 4 towers would make this harder. They can be repaired for 10 
    Dragon essence so be sure to save them for this, near the end once the 
    basilisks come you can abnadon towers and go for spirit power but until then 
    keep your towers operational.
    9. Quests <Part 9>
    This section will cover some of the more important quests in the game, the 
    mandatories never have anything diffcult and should be easily followed, I may 
    make a small list and explain any minor tricky parts to it but right now we are
    filling the FAQ with the most important questions that need answering. 
    "Mystic Treasure Quest" This quest is obtainable from the Metaphysician and pay
    a small amount to start the quest he will send you to grind a couple mobs of 
    equal level to you. Return afterwards and turn in the quest and he will give 
    you a charm. Use the charm to start the quest. Now here is where it gets 
    tricky, I would also like to add that as a general rule, if the quest doesn't 
    give you an auto-track and forces you to move around on your own it is of value
    to do. The quest will send you to one of 5 places in the area you are in, to 
    open the chest so head-over and find it, I didn't get the cords when I first 
    did them but I have an alt running through to do them soon enough and I will 
    add the cords as I locate the chests. This quest is great for time and 
    effort..usually, sometimes you'll get junk but on a higher rate you will get 
    something of extreme value usually involving esper mediums and esper 
    accessories. Sometimes it's a pet item like a Wongzo Grape, but nonetheless 
    these are all rare tiems you can't get anywhere else, except from another 
    player. It seems like the quest is giving me better things as I level so I'm 
    under the impression that your level does affect the rewards at least to a 
    minor extent, when I received money in Billow's it's 60s, but in Wildlands it's
    "Dread the Doc" This quest is one of the scallop quests. You receive a key 
    which needs to go to Dread the Doc who lives in Doom Bog, you should be at 
    least level 60 to complete this scallop quest though higher is better. Head 
    over to Dread using auto-routing, he'll ask you to free his animals from the 
    cages. They are in a clockwise circle from dread. Snake is in the NE area by 
    the large tree, Fox is in the south in the valley to the west of the entrance 
    to Doom Bog, and the human is west of the complex in the bottom left of the 
    map. *Note* the quest is bugged currently you have to open the fox cage twice 
    because the human is not caged and thus cannot be uncaged. Return to Dread 
    after this and he will reward you. 
    "Set Fire" This quest is one of the scallop quests. You receive some tinder and
    are told to speak to Gyuui(sp?). He's not far at all in Laguna Collective in 
    the Billows. He will send you to burn pirate watchtowers. I can only find one 
    of them, which is on the way to the Stockade in the SE corner. Before the 
    pirate ships slighty north is a tall tower with wreally long wooden piers 
    holding it up. Burn the tower by clicking the space between the legs not the 
    legs, and it will burn it down. You can burn the same one again and again or 
    realm hop to find it faster since it has a slow respawn time. These are what 
    they look like and a few are surrounding these pirate camps. 
    "Walking Master" Yet another scallops quest. Start this one of heading to Tanis
    Ka, and for your sake I hope you have a skysword, or are a girl character, who
    knows someone with a skysword. You have to go to the billows to get some boots,
    the first piece is easy to get, it's on the turtle stone on the eastern part of
    the map. You can see the huge turtle on the map. There is a little tent up 
    there and inside the tent will cause the quest to proceed, to the stockades. 
    This has got to be close to one of the hardest jumping quests available. That 
    flag pole is hard to land on and hard to get to. You can see a tutorial online
    on how to do it, because it can be done, but a skysword sure makes this a whole
    lot easier.
    "Gambling Dice" This is one of the many Baxi Eatery special quests, this one 
    comes from a scallop, and sends you to meet greed. To get inside the courtyard 
    you must use charge or other speed boosts possibly from the hills or skysword.
    Greed is a simple one, bet 10g, and pick big stake or low stake and then he 
    rolls the dice and you may win or lose 10g. I picked Big stake and as of yet 
    have not seen low stake but this does not mean it never rolls. 
    10. Clans and Alliances <Part 10>
    "Clans" Clans are guilds, are groups of people who work together etc. When you 
    are not in a clan you are losing out, for many reasons, but I'll explain 
    shortly. First off creating a clan. If you want to create a clan simply go to 
    the Clan Master in Sunstream and choose to create a clan. Level 25 is the 
    minimum level you can be to start a clan. As a side note you cannot quickly 
    jump fom clans and clans, as their is a 24 hour declanning time where you 
    cannot join any new clan after leaving a prior one. Clans have skills related 
    to teamwork and helping each other, these skills are commonly referred to as 
    clan buffs. Everytime you use a clan skill it gains proficiency, once that is 
    at 100% the clan leader must do a quest from the clan coordinator to increase 
    the clan skill level. 
    There is also another type of passive clan buff called Shared Fortune, this 
    buff shares a small percentage of all grinding experience, this skill is only 
    improved by members of the clan doing the Shared Fortune quest which requires 
    a large amount of provisions to complete, and then the clan leader has to then
    do the quest to improve it. Currently our clan has the Shared Fortune skill at
    level 12 which means 6% of all experience any players earns is distributed 
    evenly to all other online members about every 60 seconds. Now by evenly I 
    actually mean, proportionally. Higher level people in the clan seem to get a 
    bigger piece of the experience, which makes sense considering the amount needed
    to level up. It is extrememly important to have an active clan leader, 
    otherwise the clan will suffer greatly without improving these skills.
      "Alliances" Alliances are groups of clans banded together. This can be done 
    by a Clan leader at level 35, and costs 30 gold. When your new alliance is 
    formed it is level 1 and can invite up to 2 other clans. These clans work 
    together to improve the alliances construction and power. Also alliances can 
    war each oter, though as of right now I do not know if there is value for 
    fighting the wars. Construction is gained by dontaing provisions to the 
    Alliance coordinator, he accepts all forms of provisions in stacks. This will 
    increase the Alliance construction as well as increase your renown. Power is 
    as of right now only increased by turning in beads from killing deathmark 
    gilhooks that spawn from doing the mystic treasure chest. They must be donated
    in stacks of 10, and increase the power relative to the beads. Steeling Beads 
    increase power by 1, or 10 for 10. There may be higher level beads but I don't
    know the name of them. Once the alliance powers up and has an adequate amount 
    of construction the Alliance levels up and can accept 3 new clans into the 
    alliance. This may not be 100% accurate but when Sirk has time he will write a 
    better explanation.
    11. Battlegrounds <Part 11>
    Firstly, the best thing you can possibly do, is get yourself a good pet, and 
    hit the "Fusion" button. This will fuse the pet to you, for added defense. 
    Next.. use your Earthcore beads for buffs, at the Colonel and Lieutenant on 
    your base - Demonfenta, Wildsmash and Protecta are great to save pots. 
    Demonfenta will up your defense for 45 minutes, Wildsmash converts 5% of the 
    damage your dealing into heals for 45 minutes, and Protecta will protect you 
    from injury to the equivalent of 3x your hp (recommended for vim/skysong - 
    kind of a waste for Jadeon/Lupin/Modos). There is also an Evasion one (name 
    escapes me, starts with "G" from memory), which also lasts 45 minutes. 
    Demonfenta and Wildsmash are a must, the Evasion one is a bonus, if you have 
    enough beads. If you're short on time, Soulbreak (Attack bonus) and Devasta 
    (Cristrike) are also helpful. 
    Next.. the order of the towers you attack, will play a big part. 
    In the 90-104 battlegrounds, go for the towers to the far sides first, where 
    there mobs don't go near. Next, take the ones closest to your own base, so your
    mobs move through, and fight their mobs, so you don't get the mobs on you, 
    while you're taking down the next towers. Be warned though - all the damage 
    your mobs do on the towers, takes from your exp from each tower, this guide is
    the way to do this CHEAPLY, not for the most EXP. 
    In 105-119 Battlegrounds, take one of the side paths first, from bottom to top.
    You have to be careful and run back when their mobs come down the hill, but 
    once they aggro to your mobs, or towers, you're fine to take down the next 
    tower. When you're at the top of the hill, stay behind the towers, closest to 
    their base, at a diagonal... the mobs spawn almost directly between the towers 
    at the top of the hill, and should walk right past you. Then take down the 
    towers on the other side, leaving the middle to last.. your mobs will walk up 
    the hill, and finding no towers, will go back down to the middle ones, and the
    base. If you get mobs on you, don't attack them, and run to one of your towers,
    your tower will attack them, so they aggro to it instead. 
    It takes some practice, and the 105 ones are much harder, but in the 90-104, 
    you should walk away with less than 1 stack of pots used for 3-4 battlegrounds. 
    A squad helps too, if you target the same towers, you hardly get hit. In 105 
    bgs, at the top of the hill, take seperate towers, so no one person has 3 or 4
    towers on them. 
    The War Veteran event is also a great time to do these with minimal cost.. 
    Talk to the Astral Marshall (Next to battleground deputy) and take the quest, 
    he will give you a random side, then look for a realm with people signed up on
    that side, and join them. Talk to the medic - 700k exp the first time, and 
    1.4mill the second, in level 90 BGs - Then go for it. Stay in a team, so no one
    takes much damage, and after you kill the base you hand the quest in to the 
    Astral Marshall for a neat 10 mill bonus exp (on top of what you get for 
    killing towers/base) for 10 minutes of work. You'll get less from tower/base 
    kills, since it's split between squad, but the less damage, and quest exp more
    than makes up for it. It's also a way to do it with great exp, without the 
    meditation orbs. You can usually get 3 of these handed in within the time 
    Astral Marshall is there, and take a 4th just for the Medic's exp, before he's
    12. Tier 4 <Part 12>
    So the general consensus is that the tier 4 quest is a complete nightmare... 
    but there ARE ways to make it easier on you, based on the responses to the 
    questions you're asked by Elder of Mystery. 
    Normally, tier 4 quest has 5 stages. These are: 
    First: Kill 100 Finslit Aquadins, 100 Four-eyed Terrors, and 100 Redtail 
    Wanderers in 30 minutes. You need both help for this, in the form of high 
    damage dealers and/or AoE-ers, and also portal charms to each of the mobs, 
    and back to town, to ensure you do it in time. 
    Second: Kill Emissary of Ghouls in Sunstream. 
    Third: Mystic stones (Mystic blue, white, red, and yellowspirit stones). 
    On average you need 6 each of two colours. If you get a yellow one, prepare to
    pay a LOT, as they're insanely rare, the others normally sell for 20G each. 
    Where do the stones come from? You remember those Celestial Mystery scrolls you
    picked up in Doom Bog and Wildlands, that gave you a quest you probably never 
    completed cos it had a time limit? That's what gives you the stones. So if 
    you're still grinding in those areas, make sure you do the quests when you get
    them, as often as you can. 
    Fourth: Collect flowers from Bewitching Orchids. This varies between 9, and 
    999. The average is 99. 
    Fifth: I think this one changes, though be prepared to face Elysium Sentry, in
    Now.. to make this quest much less of a pain in the ampersand and money signs,
    There is a way to make the quest have less requirements.
    For every question except one he will give you 4 choices. For all those 
    questions, choose the last option. The exception being the question with 3 
    answers, where you choose the second option (I believe it's "Bilu"). 
    This will mean no 300 mobs to kill, only 2 each of two colours of stones, and
    only 9 flowers to collect. The last question though, has 5 answers, not sure on
    this one, but Sonne chose the last one here ("Punishment"), and did okay (I 
    can't remember if this is what made him face Elysium Sentry or whether that was
    before.. but pets can tank Elysium Sentry okay). 
    Hope this makes it easier for everyone, and I'll test again myself tomorrow, 
    with any luck. 

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