How do you lengthen gameplay on my player mode?

  1. I'm stuck at 5 minutes per quarter in every game in my player mode and i want to know where i can change it to 10 minutes.

    It seems very unrealistic to me that i become a jordan player of the game and i cant even make it to the top list in the league leaders.


    User Info: jugerts

    jugerts - 7 years ago


  1. This pissed me off also....

    Here's what to do...just stick with me...I'm still new to this myself...

    Use Google to download a program called "TSEARCH"...install it...yada yada yada...

    I'm gonna copy and paste the instructions for you:


    Download and install a program called tsearch

    Open NBA 2K10 and load your player savegame. stay at home

    ALT+TAB to windows, open tsearch

    Go and Open Process "nba2k10.exe" from the list

    Add New Cheat (the blank paper icon) and put the following:

    Description: Match Time
    Address: 5443ABC
    Type: 1 Byte

    Description: Sim Time
    Address: 5443AC0
    Type: 1 Byte

    Then the Match Time & Simulation Time (for all the other matches. important for equivalent stats between you and the other rookies for example) options will appear on the list. Click and type the new value (1-12 minutes). Then activate it by clicking at the blank square (a smiley will appear)

    Do the same if you want to change the difficulty level:

    Description: Difficulty
    Address: 54439C4
    Type: 1 Byte

    The values here stands for: 0 Rookie // 1 Pro // 2 All-Star // 3 Superstar // 4 Hall of Fame

    When you are ready don't close tsearch. Restore NBA 2K10 window play at least one game, save the game and the changes will be also saved.


    Hope this helps...

    User Info: Merciless704

    Merciless704 - 7 years ago 0 0

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