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"Short single player, great potential."

Homefront offers a action packed, albeit linear, single player campaign. The drawback is in the time frame it takes to complete, roughly 7 hours on guerrilla difficulty. While engaging, it certainly ends abruptly. This game could have benefited from a sandbox mode after the main story had been complete. The multiplayer touches on this, offering various forms of defend the territory where one faction will push the other into a defensive position when winning a battle within the match.

The weapon choices are fun and include burst smg, single shot assault rifles, sniper rifles, RPGs and fully automatic belt machine guns. Each weapon type also has several makes to choose from which seem to differ slightly on fire rates, damage, accuracy and reload speeds. Throughout the single player campaign you may find yourself in several occasions where you will need to drop your current weapon in lieu of one of the fallen enemy's.

The visuals and sound are well done and can easily immerse a player into the game. The game is directx11 capable, but the tessellation is either non existent or very minute.

The multiplayer is where this game offers the most in terms of satisfaction. The multiplayer aspect is fun and immersing. You begin with the most basic of loadouts on which to expand when using certain weapons and gaining ranks through participation in matches. The better you perform the faster you excel, to the point where you may change your loadouts using new unlocked content. Once completing several multiplayer matches you can begin to customize your loadouts to better suit your style, mixing and matching weapons, armor, accessories and perks. The play style is medium speed in multiplayer, instead of breaching every room, I find it to be worth your while to take your time, stay still and listen for shooting and footsteps and cooperate with team members. This is not Black Ops, the maps are not small, and you do not always win by running through the scenario shooting like mad. If you do this, you will be shot rather quickly.

Vehicles are a welcome bonus to the multiplayer portion of the game. When you accumulate mission points in multiplayer you may purchase the use of a vehicle upon your respawn. Vehicles include jeeps, hummers, an assortment of helicopters as well as tanks. This adds a much more diverse tactic base to the large outdoor maps. The vehicle controls work well, and are intuitive for even the mouse and keyboard configuration. The gamepad however, is very favorable for vehicle control.

If you buy this game be prepared to spend most of your time in multiplayer, as the single player is very short. The mutiplayer is however, quite fun and satisfying, provided you can find a match with a nice number of players as well as a good ping. The matches have been dwindling as of late, but they do still occur. If you can find this game for under $20 I would say it is well worth your time. If you do have more than that to spend, I would recommend Battlefield 3 (slower more tactical pace), or Modern Warfare 3 (bang bang, whee dead, lol pace), depending on your play style.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/09/11

Game Release: Homefront (US, 03/14/11)

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