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                             Painkiller Resurrection
                       Tarot Card, Secrets & Holy Items FAQ
                                  by Elbryan42
                                   Version 1.1
    Welcome to my Painkiller Resurrection guide. This isn't a walkthrough (at 
    least in its current form), but it covers unlocking all Tarot Cards, and 
    lists all the secrets and holy items.
    If you think that this is merely FPS controls you're wrong. Some stuff like 
    shooting, looking, moving, and basic jumping are old news, so I won't get 
    into those. But there are a few special techniques, some due to the engine 
    and its quirky physics, as well as some hidden techniques which can help you 
    Though most secrets in the game can be accessed by normal means, using some 
    of these techniques make your life easier and expand your enjoyment of the 
    Bunny Hopping
    Quake players will know this quite well. This is a technique that allows you 
    to cover large distances at high speed, as well as jump twice as far. All you 
    have to do is jump repeatedly while running forward. Pressing jump just as 
    you touch the ground. With the large levels, it helps quite a bit, as well as 
    some secrets.
    Short Bunny Hopping
    Though it won't get you as far as a normal bunny hop would, it does help when 
    you have little space to move, and you have a hard jump ahead of you. Simply 
    jump straight up, then press forward and jump to jump a far distance quite 
    fast. This is useful when you're on a ledge and must jump around something 
    like a column or frame.
    Jump Climbing
    So, this is basically bunny hopping up an incline. Which is easier said than 
    done. Even though it's tempting, don't just rapidly push jump. Instead, keep 
    pushing jump at a regular intervals (it depends on the steepness of the 
    incline of how fast). Practice makes perfect, and once this technique is 
    mastered you can go just about anywhere in the game, whether it's intended or 
    Jump Catch
    Sometimes when you're making a tough jump, especially to a cramped place, 
    or a narrow ledge, it'll be easier to catch the ledge and jump up onto 
    solid land by rapidly tapping jump when you hit the edge. Also, repeatedly 
    pressing jump on a very narrow ledge will stop you from slipping off.
    Painkiller Jump
    This is a game engine physics thing. Using the Painkiller's alternate fire 
    on a movable object will cause you to pull the object toward you. To do a 
    Painkiller Jump, stand on an indestructible object, look straight down, and 
    fire the Painkiller, and jump right afterwards, then fire, jump, fire, jump, 
    etc. If you keep your balance, you'll push yourself to new heights. But it's 
    very hard to master, as it's hard to predict exactly which way you'll shoot 
    up. Also, a missed landing on a high ledge could mean major damage to you. 
    This technique makes some secrets much easier, but takes lots of practice to 
    master the jumps AND the landings.
    ** Level 1 - The Cathedrale **
    Tarot Card - Armor Regeneration (Silver)
    Description - Armor starts regenerating 10 seconds after the last damage
    Unlock Conditions - Finish the level using only Painkiller
    This card is sort of useful for the first few levels until you get the 
    Health Stealer card. But it's better than nothing.
    Pretty easy unlocking this one. Just don't bother even switching to anything 
    besides the Painkiller.
    Secrets & Holy Items
    Secret #1 & Holy Item #1 - In the second area (the big cathedral hall, before 
    the tunnel), just to the left when you come down the stairs, along the back 
    wall there's some barrels. Blow the barrels, and it should blow open the 
    wall. Then jump climb up the small section of wall into the hole. Inside are 
    some chests and Holy Item #1.
    Secret #2 - In the tunnel, there's a part where you drop down. After dropping 
    down, turn around (you'll see some roots), and jump climb up the steep 
    incline. There's an Ammo Chest up there.
    Holy Item #2 - In the area after the tunnel (the upside down room), on the 
    "floor", in one of the indents, is Holy Item #2.
    Secret #3 - Again, in upside down room, jump up to the "roof" on the right 
    side of the face in the rock. Now, go over to the left side of the room, and 
    get onto one of the small ledges on the side. Short bunny hop, and keep 
    hopping toward one of the upside down arches (you'll have to jump catch) to 
    get the Super Health.
    Secret #4 & Holy Item #3 - On the Stairway to Light, after you hit the 
    checkpoint, fall down, under the stairway, to get a Super Health and Holy 
    Item #3.
    Secret #5 & Holy Items #4 & #5 - Okay, a tricky one. When you get to the 
    open room of the Stairway of Light, you can go up some more. Either jump up 
    the wooden supports, then to the top of the broken bell, or jump further up 
    the Stairway of Light, starting from the side, then up to the broken bell's 
    support. From the support, climb the Stairway of Light to the very top. Now, 
    you'll see a broken wooden support across the room with a metal bar sticking 
    out from it. Short bunny hop to the metal bar, and then up the wooden beam, 
    to the secret area. This is very tricky, be sure to use quicksave if possible.
    The secret area contains an Ammo Chest. Across the room, there's a hanging 
    bell. Jump climb up onto the bell, then across the wooden supports to Holy 
    Items #4 and #5.
    Secret #6 - At the back of the main cathedral area, where there's the Super 
    Health, you can jump from the banister on the right to the small incline in 
    the wall, and to the window sill. Short bunny hop from window sill to window 
    sill until you get to the upper level. This secret area contains an Ammo 
    Chest and a huge chest full of gold.
    Secret #7 & Holy Items #6 & #7 - In the final area, there's a wooden 
    structure at the end. Go up the first level, and you'll see that the second 
    flight of stairs is broken. Jump up what's left of the banister to the next 
    level for the some Health and Holy Item #6. Go up another set of stairs to 
    get to the secret area with Holy Item #7, a Super Health and some armor.
    ** Level 2 - The Forbidden Valley **
    Tarot Card - Triple Haste (Gold)
    Description - The world moves 8x slower
    Unlock Conditions - Kill all enemies
    A pretty good card. It's useful in this game considering that the levels are 
    non-linear and it causes the enemies to be slowed down to the point of not 
    being a threat.
    Unlocking this one can be tricky. Just make sure you pick up just about every 
    piece of ammo, armor and treasure. Also, there are two ways to the end of the 
    level. First is to go to the bedroom in the ruins (past the dining room), 
    hitting the checkpoint, then going to the opened part of the cratered valley, 
    finally defeating the boss, and the enemies that spawn when you approach the 
    exit. After that, go back to the ruins, and from the first room, go through 
    the archway with the debris to the left of the kitchen. Blow up the wall in 
    the middle to the left and drop down. You'll be at an underground river. At 
    the end of the river is a ladder that comes out at the end of the level with 
    the second boss.
    Secrets & Holy Items
    Secret #1 - When you go to the room with the Crystal of Hope, there's an 
    archway to the left. Go through it and turn around. On the right side, go 
    under the wall to a secret are with a Health.
    Secret #2 - Follow the path past the above arch, and you'll come to a grate. 
    Jump climb up the left side for a Super Health, Rockets, Chaingun Ammo, and 
    Secret #3 - On the left side, beside the cemetary, there's a valley. Follow 
    the valley, around back to a secret cave with the Shotgun and a checkpoint.
    Holy Item #1 - Not a secret, but on the left side of the cemetary, you'll see 
    Holy Item #1 on the roof of a crypt. In between the buildings, there's a 
    broken sawhorse. Jump climb up the sawhorse, then to the top right corner of 
    the fence up to the roof to grab Holy Item #1.
    Secret #4 & Holy Item #2 - At the back of the cemetary (on the right side of 
    the path) there's a large crypt. Blow a hole in the small arch on the right 
    of it, and go in to collect Holy Item #2.
    Holy Item #3 - When you go into the Heart of the Cemetary (down the stairs) 
    you'll come to the Altar of Lost Souls. On the Altar is Armor, Super Heallth, 
    Chaingun Ammo, Rockets, and Holy Item #3.
    Secret #5 - On the right guardpost at the beginning of the bridge, on the 
    right side is a ladder. Climb up it and up a small ladder on the top of the 
    arch. Now go over to the left guardpost. and the left side is another ladder. 
    Go up it, and up another small ladder on the top of the arch. On the top of 
    the guardpost is an Ammo Chest.
    Secret #6 & Holy Item #4 - At the farmhouse after the bridge, jump up the 
    shed roof, then over the back of the farmhouse roof for Holy Item #4.
    Secret #7 & Holy Item #5 - Okay, a tricky one. At the ruins, there's a moss 
    covered platform. At the end of the platform, there's a broken wall. Jump 
    climb up the broken wall to the next level. Beside the health there's another 
    broken wall. Jump climb up this one as well, and over to another level. Go 
    around to the back of this level, and short bunny hop over to Holy Item #5.
    Holy Items #6 & #7 - In the bedroom in the ruins (past the dining room), in 
    the corner are Holy Items #5 & #6.
    ** Level 3 - Gloomy Mountains **
    Tarot Card - Health Stealer (Silver)
    Description - 2.5% of the damage to the enemy goes to player's health
    Unlock Conditions - Find every secret place
    This card is a must for this game. Since the levels are non-linear and the 
    checkpoints are few and far between, getting health everytime you attack is 
    crucial. Plus, attacking an enemy in demon morph mode gets you 250 health in 
    one hit! I wouldn't suggest changing from this card after aquiring it. Take 
    note, however, that damage from explosive weapons (like the rocket launcher) 
    and barrels don't work towards this card.
    The secrets for the most part are pretty easy in this game, so getting this 
    card should be a snap. A word of caution though. Get all the secrets before 
    taking on the final enemies in the tower on the top of the hill. There's a 
    glitch that gets rid of the final teleport when you encounter enemies after 
    enabling it.
    Secrets & Holy Items
    Secret #1 & Holy Item #1 - There are some planks that take you down into the 
    mountain. At the beginning of the last one, drop down to the left along the 
    corner of the wall, then follow the path back and drop down to pick up Holy 
    Item #1. To get back up, short bunny hop across the chain and then jump climb 
    up the wall to get to the platform on the left. Once there, jump climb up the 
    wall, then jump over to the left to get back onto the plank.
    Secret #2 - At the beginning of the wooden aquaduct, turn around and jump 
    around the wall back to the left for some Health.
    Secret #3 - Below the aquaduct, on the left hand side (right after the 
    fallen boulders) there's an alcove with a big pit. Bunny hop around the pit 
    on the right side for some armor.
    Secret #4 & Holy Item #2 - Behind the aquaduct, is a waterfall. Follow the 
    river from the waterfall to a ledge, and drop to Holy Item #2 below. 
    Alternatively, you can jump climb up to the Holy Item from below.
    Secret #5 - In the barn, when you first go upstairs, there's a broken floor 
    to the right. Jump around the broken floor and through the broken wall for 
    a Super Health.
    Secret #6 - On the top roof of the barn, there's a winch. Jump climb up the 
    winch, up the support, and into the roof to grab some rockets and an Ammo 
    Secret #7 - When you get into the final set of caves, you will eventually see 
    a face up on the left. Jump climb up the rock outcropping and into the mouth. 
    Inside, grab the Electrodriver when you jump up into the flames. You'll 
    teleport into the secret up on a tower. Grab the Weapon Modifier and jump 
    off the tower to teleport back.
    Secret #8 & Holy Item #3 - After you go up the final mountain, and before 
    you go into the final tower, go through the broken fence to the left and down 
    the path.  Bunny hop to Holy Item #3 on the rock platform. Be careful where 
    you land (quicksaving helps) as you can teleport off the rock into Secret #7 
    if you approach the Holy Item from the front. Circle around it to collect it.
    Holy Items #4 & #5 - On the ground floor of the final tower is a small room. 
    Holy Item #4 is in there, as well as a large chest. Destroy the chest for 
    Holy Item #5.
    Holy Items #6 & #7 - Go to the roof of the final tower to gram Holy Items #6 
    and #7.
    ** Level 4 - The Haunted City **
    Tarot Card - Iron Will (Gold)
    Description - Enemies can't hurt you
    Unlock Conditions - Morph into demon at least 10 times
    Another card that could help. The enemies in this game aren't particularily 
    tough enough to justify using this card over the other ones though.
    Here's where getting a card can be a headache. There are suicidal enemies 
    and some glitches that you have to watch out for. There's 690 souls, and 
    you have to collect 660 to demon morph 10 times. That's 30 souls you can 
    miss. Using the Stealer card on a replay can really make your life easier. 
    There are some instances when an enemy will spawn and die instantly. This 
    happens 3 or 4 times. There's 692 enemies, the mid-boss doesn't drop a 
    soul, and the final boss (which spawns over water, killing it instantly) 
    doesn't drop a soul either.
    Here's some tips on getting this card:
    -In the first area with the broken boat, the enemies will all die at the 
    same time after you kill enough of them. My solution is to get them all 
    around you, get surrounded with as many enemies as possible just below 
    the lowest skiff, and blow them up with the rocket launcher. The souls 
    should all be pretty easy to pick up before they all disappear. Don't forget 
    to try to get the ones on the stairs.
    -For the enemies in the balconies, most of them can be jumped to from a 
    higher ledge. If not, try quicksaving and then pulling them out with the 
    Painkiller's secondary attack. The higher you are, and the further away, the 
    better the chance that you'll pull them out of the balcony. Experiment.
    -In the last area, you can't get the souls of the giant Bossman (pirates 
    with cannons) enemies that are on skiffs, as getting the soul would leave 
    you on a skiff you can't get back onto land from, surrounded by deadly 
    water. This is where the Catcher card helps.
    -The Stakegun is your friend. A stationary enemy is easier to grab souls 
    from. Also, think outside the box with the Painkiller's secondary attack.
    Secrets & Holy Items
    Secret #1 - In the first bigger area (with the broken boat), jump climb up 
    the rocks opposite the stairway. You'll get to the top of a roof with a 
    couple of Ammo Chests.
    Secret #2 - Before moving into the city, there's an alley on the right. 
    You must jump from rock to rock over the water to get to it. This secret 
    contains some armor.
    Secret #3 - Before going down a winding ramp to some streets below, there's 
    a balcony with a Super Health on it. Jump over to the balcony, and then 
    go into the room for some armor, cells, and shurikens.
    Secret #4 - Before descending down to the spiral stairway, on your right 
    there will be some small ledges along the wall. Jump along these, then into 
    the alcove. Jump from the alcove across the street to another alcove with 
    some rockets and cells in it. Then break out the window and short bunny 
    hop into it for some armor.
    Secret #5 & Holy Item #1 - On the ledge below the ledge that has the key 
    on it, bunny hop to the end, and then hop across to a window with an Ammo 
    Chest and Holy Item #1 in it. You'll have to break out the window pane first.
    Holy Item #2 - In the area with all the Templar Knights, there's Holy Item #2 
    in a narrow passage with a Super Health. You can't miss it.
    Holy Item #3 - After jumping across the rooftops, you need to jump across to 
    an open window with the checkpoint. In the window is Holy Item #3.
    Holy Item #4 - Move downstairs from the above checkpoint, and up the small 
    alley on the left to grab Holy Item #4.
    Secret #6 - In the alley that holds Holy Item #4, on the left side is an 
    open window with some rockets inside.
    Secret #7 & Holy Item #5 - After the first boss, you go down into the sewer. 
    At the end of the sewer in the water is Holy Item #5.
    Secret #8 & Holy Item #6 - In the factory, go into the furnace to the right 
    and down the ladder for some health and Holy Item #6. It's tricky, but you 
    can get back out of the furnace by jump climbing.
    Secret #9 & Holy Item #7 - To the left of the furnaces (right before you 
    leave the area) is some machinery. Use the Painkiller Jump on a coffin to 
    get to the top for Holy Item #7. A bit tricky since you only get one shot 
    for the jump to work, since the coffin's destructible.
    Secret #10 - In the left back corner of the factory backyard is a very narrow 
    alley. At the end of it, you can blow away the wall for a Super Health.
    Secret #11 & Holy Item #8 - In the backyard of the factory, jump on top of 
    the broken roof and jump from shelf to shelf to get Holy Item #8.
    Secret #12 & Holy Item #9 - When you re-enter the sewers, you'll get to a 
    circular room with a tunnel in the wall. Before going into the tunnel, jump 
    climb up the wooden support that's leaning against the wall, then jump back 
    to some planks (you'll have to jump catch to get yourself up). Then jump over 
    to the pipe to the left for Holy Item #9.
    Secret #13 & Holy Item #10 - In the final area (the harbor), go to the end of 
    the warehouse at the beginning of the area and look left. There will be a 
    caged area you jump to for Holy Item #10. Don't destroy the chest in this 
    area, as you'll need it to jump back out again.
    Secret #14 & Holy Item #11 - This one's tough. Detach the hook from the crane 
    with multiple hits from the Painkiller, and get it outside the fence, just 
    beside the structure that the small control room is hanging from. Painkiller 
    jump to the top of the structure, then bunny hop over to the crane and jump 
    climb up to the top of it for Holy Item #11.
    ** Level 5 - Hangar **
    Tarot Card - Rage (Gold)
    Description - Deliver 4x more damage
    Unlock Conditions - Defeat the evil in no more than 5:00
    Much like the other two cards, it's really a matter of preference. This 
    can make short work of your enemies, but a lot of the enemies can be killed 
    with a shot or two anyways.
    To get this easy card, stick with your brand new Mr. Molotov weapon. The 
    rapid fire stakes really help with individual enemies. But don't be afraid to 
    use the the secondary fire a lot. It will destroy nearly a roomful of enemies 
    at once. Just be very clear of the blast, as it hurts a lot. I suggest using 
    either Iron Will or Triple Haste in the area after the hangar.
    Secrets & Holy Items
    Secret #1 - In the area after the hangar, jump up the back end of the fuel 
    tank for some health.
    Secret #2 - In the final area, jump up the metal girder on the right for 
    some health.
    ** Level 6 - High Seas **
    Tarot Card - Catcher (Silver)
    Description - Leach souls and gold from a distance
    Conditions - Collect at least 1500 gold
    This card is even better than before! Too bad it's the last card of the game, 
    making it kinda useless. It's nice to help getting the Tarot Card in the 
    Haunted City, and for collecting a bunch of gold, but you're better off with 
    the Health Stealer card, as it keeps you alive a lot better.
    Alrighty, the other really tough card to get. There's 1598 gold in this 
    level, so you can only miss 98 gold. That's really tough, knowing how long 
    the level is, and how many explosive barrels and enemies are around. 
    Unfortunately, much like all Painkiller games before, only the gold that's 
    already in the level counts. So bonus gold from juggling enemies doesn't 
    My strong suggestion is to destroy as little as possible, killing every 
    enemy before the end. When you start the level, 10 objects are already 
    destroyed. So keep an eye on that and don't let it change. If something 
    does get destroyed make sure you keep count of what's been destroyed, and 
    make sure you see each and every one. When you get to the end of the level, 
    there's a few buried boxes with an armor on it. Don't go past that point, or 
    you'll trigger the boss. There should be two enemies left. Now, go back and 
    collect everything at your convenience, without the distraction of enemies 
    and very little chance of any objects being destroyed without your knowledge.
    Secrets & Holy Items
    Holy Item #1 - On the far end of the pirate ship, with some crates, is Holy 
    Item #1.
    Secret #1 - Right after the pirate ship, to the left, are some masts rising 
    out of the water. Bunny hop over to them, jump climb up them, and carefully 
    grab the Super Health.
    Secret #2 & Holy Item #2 - You'll come to some rocks with deep cracks along 
    the base. Jump climb to the top of the first one for Holy Item #2.
    Secret #3 - At a point in the level, you can either go to the left across 
    some rocks to continue the level, or go straight on the island you're on. 
    Keep going on the island and eventually you'll come to a bunch of long 
    islands. At the end of the second one is the third secret with some Ammo 
    Chests and some armor.
    Secret #4 & Holy Item #3 - You will come to a ship that's jutting out of the 
    water at the end of an island (that you go right from). Bunny hop over to the 
    ship and carefully jump climb up it for Holy Item #3. 
    This Walkthrough/FAQ was created and copyrighted by Me. By Me, I mean the 
    one and only Elbryan42. You can use this for personal use, but please don't 
    distribute this without my permission. If you wish to use it somewhere, 
    message me through my YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/elbryan42) 
    for permission. No part of this this is to be taken and used as your own work. 
    All works of Painkiller Resurrection are copyrighted by Dreamcatcher 

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