Cheats not working on single player?

  1. I cant use cheats on single player and it keeps telline=g me to do the map mapname thing

    User Info: zakster197

    zakster197 - 7 years ago


  1. Go to the main menu and adjust the options to allow the developer console. Back at the menu again, enter the console and type "map" and the map name (a list of options should appear). Once you're in the map, try the console. If it doesn't work, restart the game. You may also have to disable/re-enable the console, then restart the game before entering a map. Just play around with it.

    User Info: Kellexx

    Kellexx - 7 years ago 1 2
  2. first go to the main menu then press~and type',map (c1m1or c1m2 etc(C=Campaign M=Mission))after loading press ~ again then type sv_cheats 1 then voila there comes the cheats

    (P.S=If you cheat the give smg_mp5 you must type the level again)

    User Info: Hansswordsman

    Hansswordsman - 7 years ago 1 1
  3. In the options, enable the "developer console". (I believe it's in keyboard-advanced, but I may well be wrong.)

    Now, press the "~" key (To the left of the "1" key). This will bring up the console. Type "sv_cheats 1" to enable cheats. Now, type "map <mapname>" to play a map. (Replace <mapname> with the name of the map, obviously.)

    Here is a list of map names:

    User Info: avestar101

    avestar101 - 3 years ago 0 0
  4. Haha, same problem here. I use the Steam version but I have same problem as you. Like usual, activate developer console (option, keyboard), then press ~ at main menu, type "map mapname". Example "map c1m1_hotel" (without quotation mark).

    And yes, you need to do this and can't activate cheats straight from single player campaign. Worry not, you can tune everything in your game (like difficulty, character to use) via developer console. Just find all the commands from internet.

    Anyway, after the game starts, type "sv_cheats 1" and you're good to go. The command I usually use is "sv_infinite_ammo 1" and "god 1"

    User Info: LVUER

    LVUER - 3 years ago 0 0
  5. thanks for the love of the instructions. without you I can not use a cheat, only cheat that I use for multiplayer. I also use steam left 4 dead 2 steam .. I can not use cheat turned out where the problem is in single player
    menu >> console (~) >> type mapname >> enter >> console again (~) >> type sv_cheats 1
    thanks you very much 100% successful

    User Info: ahmadmudzakkir

    ahmadmudzakkir - 9 months ago 0 0

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