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"A great upgrade to a great game"

Left 4 Dead 2 was the highly anticipated sequel to Valve's Left 4 Dead of last year, when it was announced there was many wonders at possibly a too early sequel, was the decision a good one? Plain and simply yes. With much more content added to the already enjoyable gameplay, Left 4 Dead 2 is just a brilliant game in many ways.

The gameplay like the story is much like the previous game so if you hated the last game, well chances are this won't turn you, it is a FPS with fast Zombies chasing and beating the heck out of you as well as the fact that teamwork is vital to success and survival. Some changes have been made however, there are new 'uncommon common' like the Riot Zombie, who is bullet proof from the front up and the Hazmat infected who are fireproof, these things are just ingenious and allow more challenge then just mindlessly shooting everything until you hear a SI sound. The Special Infected have also been changed, all of them have new models and new sounds plus the fact that there is three new SI, The Jockey, who can jump on someone and control where they walk, the Charger which comes charging down into the survivors separating them and lastly the Spitter which spits out acid forcing camping survivors out of a area. The witchs now walk as well which can be a good or bad thing, they can walk right out of your path and vice versa, the tank AI is also much more deadly, rather then focus one person, it will go for incaps now.

The weapons return from L4D1 however many new weapons are available as well but the main focus are the melee weapons, the melee weapons are close combat weapons which kill in one hit and are just plain fun to use, I mean whats more fun then chainsawing your way through hordes of zombies? The crescendo's (activating something to fight hordes of zombies) have been upgraded as well including now a 'gauntlet' and 'scavenge', gauntlets require you to rush off to a area to turn something off in order for the horde to stop flowing and scavenge requires you to fill something up with fuel. These are good from the generic camping and waiting it out. There are also many new things added, a Defibrilator to revive those who died, a adrenaline shot to make you run alot faster.

Brand new modes have also been added to the game, the campaign, versus and survival all return but there is a new scavenge mode which is basically a survival mode except that it is with the scavenge type crescendo so you must fill up a generator of such with fuel, the more canteens you use, the more points you get, also it is versus, there are a team of human infected trying to stop you, making a more convenient way to play as a infected. Lastly a Realism mode is added, in this mode the game has been changed to be more realistic, No more outlines for anything, less health packs, zombies take less damage to everything other than the head, witchs kill in one hit etc. All of it is very fun and expands the game even further

The game follows the core 'story' of the last game, there are 4 survivors trying to escape a zombie infested area. The four survivors are new however I did not find them as memorable as the L4D ones. The campaigns this time are Dead Center, Dark Carnival, Swamp Fever, Hard Rain and The Parish, this time however the 5 campaigns are actually linked together which is a nice little extra I liked. As for the location and setting of the campaigns, I felt they were fairly good ranging from a Shopping Center (Dawn of the Dead much?) to a swamp, it was much more diverse than L4D's IMO. With the new director however, the maps can change, while they were not major enough so that you must check every area, it was some small parts of it, I felt that it is much better this way as you will not require excess searching.

Like mentioned above, all the sounds are brand new for basically everything, the weapons sound more beefier and the SI sound more threatening. The music has the same melody to L4D however its been given a southern twist to it which may or may not sound good depending on gamer's preferences. The looks of this game is just great, it is much more gorier now, slash someone on the chest and you see a large gash, throw a pipe bomb and watch mangled corpse fly up into the air. The graphics are also improved from L4D which is always a good thing.

A Campaign itself can be finished averagely around 1 hour so basically all campaigns are done in 5 hours, however with the AI Director, this game is meant to be replayed as you will not get the Left 4 Dead experience in one playthough. With different spawns each time, no two playthroughs alike, it is just saturated with replayability.

Overall this game is brilliant and I highly recommend you buy it, it is a upgrade to a already brilliant game and it will keep you entertained for many hours and you will constantly be coming back to it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/30/09

Game Release: Left 4 Dead 2 (EU, 11/20/09)

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