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  1. Right I have not got this game yet as I have a few questions first. Seeing as I didn't like FFXI, I want to see if FFXIV has the same problems.
    Firstly: Do you have to pay in order to have more than one character? And if so do u have to pay more on the monthly subscription in order to continue using the second character?
    Secondly: Does it have a tutorial in place yet? I heard it doesn't have one so I'm wondering if they plan to put it in the future.
    Thirdly: Is it more friendly towards solo players? I didn't Like the previous one due to it making you join parties in order to do anything. I only got to lvl 3 or 5 and it took about 4 days to get there by myself. Is it still a grind fest in order to level? Its seems most korean/japanese games focus more on getting exp than levels...I get bored of that very quickly.
    Finally: this one is more of a personal preferance but can you wield two-handed swords? And if so what class is it?
    Anyway I hope these Questions can be answered and that most of them are good news :D

    User Info: Majorshepard

    Majorshepard - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. 1: You have to pay for any new character you create, I think they come with a retainer as well like your main. Retainers are just mules that keep your stuff and open a bazaar for you. I am not real sure about the price but I think it was about 1$ per character you have to pay each month
    2: No real tutorial, just a few levequests that introduce you to the very basics. I haven't heard of any official tutorial, but with the number of players complaining that might happen "soon"
    3: You can basically solo any mob that fits your level and you will gain XP and Skill Points for it. Healing your HPs goes real quick between match so you don't have to spend 5 minutes between them.
    4: Grind fest... You can solo or party, the result is the same you will have to kill 100s of things for each level (or crafting 100s of things if you are a crafter)
    5: No 2H-swords yet, but they are working on more classes for the future so probably in the future. They have 2H-axes though...

    Hope that helps ^^

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    soyokazeryouji - 6 years ago 1 0

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