Review by patrickx64

Reviewed: 10/01/10

Great Ideas, but this game needs lots of work.

Controls - [Rating: Good]:

The controls on a gamepad are not as different from FFXI, although when I started it took me a while to get used to not having some text commands that were in FFXI like /logoff, /follow, shutdown. If you played FFXI using a PS2 controller, or played the PS2, or PS3 version of FFXI, a PS2 game controller is definitely good for this game. (I'm still surprised there is actually a official FFXIV Controller.)

Graphics - [Rating: Great]

Like a PS3 game, or any HD game the graphics are great. The first time I played it, everything blew my mind. I watched the Making of Eoreza DVD I got with my CE, and was actually surprised with how hard they strived to actually get good graphics. But this is just me some parts like the windows of the ships in LL, don't show too much detail, which was a little disappointment. Loved the character design though, wish they could bring back the classic FFXI character design.

Gameplay - [Rating: Needs work.]

Just like any other game, I fall in love with I love it so much then I just don't think its that good anymore. I played this game for a week, and started being disappointed, with the fact that armor is overpriced, 100k doesn't seem like a lot of money as it did in FFXI, crafting actually is started out with errors where you are likely to fail, Armor and Weapons can break which is actually annoying, especially if you want to grind and don't have armor repair skills, you have to go all the way back to town if you have no anima to teleport, and pay around 5000-10000+ to repair if you have good armor. That's a lot of money!. No auction house, which makes items scarce, making it hard to get armor and weapons that are recommended was a big disappointment in my opinion, just as much as you can't search for other players on the server making it hard to form parties. You would think if these have been on FFXI, and FFXIV has went through 3 betas, that these would be in there. In my opinion this game would had a better launch if they considered that. In my opinion I'm actually probably finding FFXI better right now, but this game just launched, so I will give it a couple years of gameplay before deciding whether to cancel this game or not. What I like is the fact that you can change jobs on the fly, and combine job abilities. I added cure to my gladiator and that made soloing more fun, with more abilities. Crafting is ok, they need to fix the problem with it, and I haven't did harvesting too much, but leveling other jobs being able to switch them, and choosing your own physical level up attributes can make 1 ultimate character lightens and that lightens up the game more to me. This is one of the only things I like about this game so far.

Installation + Updating - [Rating: Okay]:

The reason I gave this kind of rating is because I was able to figure out to use Utorrent to update the game. I find it just sad for SE to design a very poor p2p client of their own, seeing how well the POL+FFXI viewer updated well, and seeing other stuff on the internet like windows, and 3rd party programs update so well from the server. I cannot believe they use P2P, instead of client-server. SE is too cheap, and there is no excuse for this as we have the technology, and they have the money to make it possible to update with no problems this way as they had been doing for FFXI.

Music [Rating - Good]:

I like Limsa Limonsa's field battle music as well as there battle levequest music, which I think the black mages probably composed (thats what it sounds like). There is no music that plays when your character dies, and I actually like that being that music like that rubs it in your face when you die, and nobody likes that. So far I find this decent, nothing much to say about this.

Overall [Rating - Okay game so far]:
I do sometimes think this game is terrible, but since SE actually put in a lot of effort, I'm not going to stomp on them for all the trouble they went through to make this game, but honestly I cannot accept this game in this state. SE needs to work on flaws of this game, and redesign some parts, such as hard mobs in the first zone where you level, and such. I believe the max level is 50, don't quote me on that, so that might be why its so hard, but I was hoping this was not another FFXI, where I would have to wait update after update for this game to get better, when all the mistakes in FFXI could have been learned and not repeated in another game.

If you are expecting a good MMORPG, I would suggest waiting a month or 2, for this game to improve a little, or if you are like me try it out for the heck of it. I'm a FF fan, and I played all 13 in the series, so thats the reason I got this game.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Final Fantasy XIV Online (Collector's Edition) (US, 09/22/10)

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