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"How can you mess up a FF MMO not once, but twice? Ask Square"

Let me start by saying, I love the FF series. I'm as big of a fanboy as you can get; to the point of doing to cons with my friends dressed up as the cast of the one of the games. When FF11 was revealed to the public, I was head over heels and writing almost hourly entries in my game blog about it. I downloaded the ingame clips and kept em on my phone to view whenever I wanted. Then it came out, and I become dissappointed within the first 6 hours.

Now comes FFXIV and I loved all the clips, intros and trailers released. The game looked amazing and much bigger then 11 was. However, my love ended up broken hearted very quickly into day 1.

Control Setup:
Plays amazingly well on the keypad, unlike how 11 was. Personally though, I prefer using my 360 controller as it feels more at home to me. The lack of some text commands from 11 bugs me, but overall control is tight and smooth. If you dont have access to a wired ps2 or 360 controller, get one.

The detail going into the characters and monsters in the game is epic, but the landscapes, boats, cities etc... just seem bland. Like very general models got some extras put on via copy/paste in photoshop. Really, any photoshop pro can make the city layouts in this game. Seems like a major knife in the back yes, but it's the cold sad truth. Aside from that, the "boss" battle graphics are top notch, but the spell graphical details look like rips from 11.

This is the same dull junk we put up with in 11. Stand there and attack until either you or the target is dead. Just like in games such as Everquest, you spend hours killing critters, rats and ladybugs...yes ladybugs and they can kill your whole group easily. What the heck? This is hopelessly lost and boring to the point where I wanted to go pop in Duck Hunt on the nes to get some enjoyment factor. The map while big, is not that detailed and the mini map is horrid to the point where it shouldn't even exist. How can you mess up a Final Fantasy MMO not once, but twice?

Enjoyment Factor:
Not until the mid 20s is it enjoyable in the least bit. It gets a bit better then, but not by much. You move on from bugs and critters to...sheep and boars and the random and rare actual monster; like a dragon whelp or something. At this point, I gave up, canceled my account and went back to my other games.

Overall, this isn't even worth being called an MMO. Hours turned into days on launch of servers crashing, random disconnects and just pure dull gameplay. This is what an offline game looked like, like the first Monster Hunter game years back. Save your money, or go spend it on a better title like Guild Wars 2 coming up, or back to World of Warcraft. Don't waste your time on this thing, no matter what your friends tell you; it's not the kind of MMO you wanta put your life hours into.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 10/11/10

Game Release: Final Fantasy XIV Online (US, 09/30/10)

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