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"The world of Erozea is a step up from Vanadiel"

I've been waiting on FFXIV since before FFXIII came out for ps3 and now that it has finally arrived I have been totally entertained. I had really enjoyed FFXI, and was hoping for another FF online game as good as it and SquareEnix delivered. Hopefully they will continue to expand the mmorpg and Erozea will keep developing and get better and better.

Graphics 10/10
The graphics are the best I have seen in a video game and compared to FFXI it is a definite forward progression. The maps are very fluid and really large that you half to travel for very very long distances to see a loading screen. The zone is so detailed from the city of Ul'dahn to the surrounding zone outside the gates the mountains and trees look brilliant. The first cutscene in the game that I have seen so far is absolutely incredible and there is no telling what SquareEnix is planning for this game later down the line and endgame.

Sound 10/10
The music is what you would expect from any Final Fantasy game, Nobou Uematsu did excellent work. In FFXI there was music in cities and certain zones and that was it but in FFXIV there has been music in every zone so far and on top of that seperate battle music. And the music sounds as if it was composed and played by a symphony. What more could you ask for?

Story ?/10
The story of FFXIV is very complicated and maybe too much because I really don't know the story or history of Erozea just yet. In FFXI the bad guy boss was the shadowlord but in FFXIV I'm not quite sure who the enemy is and what city-state is at conflict with the other city-state. I admit I have been just fighting beetles and rabbits so far but I hope to be fighting dragons and getting cool endgame gear from bosses. All have the races have returned from FFXI but with different names, for example the Hume race is now called Hyur. Unlike FFXI you can change the skin color which is really cool and you can choose between a Midland Hyur, which is a better spellcaster or a Highland Hyur which is a race geared toward melee.

Gameplay 9.5/10

The gameplay is excellent, the class you choose depends on what weapon you are armed with. If you have a sword than you are a gladiator, If you have a polearm than you are a lancer and at anytime if you are carrying multiple weapons you can change into that class. Not only can you level up your character but you can also level your weapon skills. This time around SquareEnix decided that instead of focusing on a party system and having people seek for 5 other members to build a party, they wanted the player to also be able to solo with their class. The quests that I have done so far have been very fun but you can only do a certain amount every 36 hours. The quest downtime really is annoying but it's ok because you can just level up without quests or work on crafting, which also gives out exp points.

Overall 10/10
Final Fantasy XIV I feel has the potential to be a legendary game and if SquareEnix could make some improvements to the game, such as conquering territory via pvp or something of that nature that would be cool but the game right now is great and if you enjoy Final Fantasy and/or mmorpgs give this game a try.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/27/10

Game Release: Final Fantasy XIV Online (US, 09/30/10)

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